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Below is a sampling of some of our very satisfied customers. Most of our customers are loyal customers that continue to come back and shop at Nuts.com.

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"The cinnamon chips were amazing. They are our favorite addition to pancakes & waffles."
Sep 2014 -- Karen, Olympia, Wa

"Just received my first order. I was very happy to see how great they were packaged and how quickly I received them. I will order again. Thank you."
Aug 2014 -- Deb, Stone Harbor, NJ

"I am a new Nuts.com customer. I found you folks online while looking for a place to buy large quantities of mini cinnamon chips at a reasonable price. I was impressed by the quality of the chips, as well as the ease of ordering and the next-day arrival. So, when I needed a lot of poppy seeds and to restock on cocoa powder, I ordered from you again. I will be shopping your site on a regular basis in the future. And we LOVE the boxes."
Aug 2014 -- Lesley C Rowe, East Haddam, CT

"All of the items arrived quickly. Each one was fresh and had a fabulous flavor! The dark chocolate sea salt almonds were delicious! The cinnamon chips work perfectly in my scone recipe and don't have artificial colors like the Hershey's brand."
Jun 2014 -- Amy, LaGrangeville, NY

"I have been working with a nutritionist to eat more clean and raw foods. I am so happy to have your company at the top of my list for seeds, nuts and now these Organic Carob chips which are sugar free. Sugar is my enemy. I was telling someone I make these little energy balls and I thought they were almost vegan. From the looks of the ingredients in the Carob chips they are vegan wow what a delight. Love it love it love it."
Jun 2014 -- Grace, Puyallup, WA

"Hi there Guys! Just writing back to tell you that I am very happy with the yogurt chips. They are truly fresh. I am very glad that I was able to find you guys. Terrific company. I will certainly order again. I can depend on this company. Thanks so much. Elsa"
Jun 2014 -- Elsa Hernandez, Flushing, NY

"Oh, yes my order came today!! I LOVE the box!! "Well, why don't you open me up?" That was a surprise, I LOVE IT!! Oh and my Carob Bits, just as I remembered them, thank you. The dry vegetable bites were a hit with my friend who got the Moringa. She said thank you too. Thank you"
May 2014 -- Mary, Bartlesville, OK

"OH my stars!!! Happy day!!! I found you again!!! I have been hunting for Carob Bits and could not remember who I ordered them from, NUTS.com, WOW!! Now I am assisting a friend with cancer and you, in my research carry what I have been looking for, AWESOME!! Thank you!!"
May 2014 -- Mary, Bartlesville, OK

"Love the cinnamon chips and I also enjoy the chai tea."
May 2014 -- Karen, winfield, pa

"Delivery time is always excellent, arrives usually by the next day. The Greek yogurt chips are delicious, The NY espresso mix also incredible. both will be used in cookie batter in the near future! Also, the freeze-dried pomegranate seeds are quite good, as well as the fried green peas!"
May 2014 -- Jyoti, Marstons Mills, MA

"My order was on time and everything is great. I have been making smoothies with your recipes and I've been adding a teaspoon of Vit C powder in my blender which adds a lemony flavor to the watermelon and honeydew, Used the mini cinnamon chips in my bread machine and it made a big difference in the flavor. Also love your macadamia nuts. Thanks so much, Maxi"
Apr 2014 -- Maxi, Morton, IL

"Really enjoyed the smells the greek yogurt baking chips surely does compliments the chocolate raspberry baking chips. For have been using the two as a mix with the sweetdough cakes since receiving the items in the mail after ordering them on Monday received on Thursday. It is a great mixture of smells and odors that linger when adding in the Chocolate Dutch Rum ~ Cinnamon Danish ~~ Copenhagen ~~~ Java Coffees together into one 12 cup pot after pot of fresh coffee. Nothing like the combination mix of fresh made greek yogurt chocolate raspberry sweetdough cake and Chocolate Dutch Rum ~ Cinnamon Danish ~~ Copenhagen ~~~ Java Coffees. Will be back again for another order when the taste produces those mental images on what to get next in the lines of taste, odors, and smells combine to clear those thoughts of fresh goodness."
Mar 2014 -- Derek, Virginia, MN

"I am thrilled that you carry the cinnamon bits as they enhance my apple strudel muffin recipe and are so delicious! I couldn't believe how quick they came in the mail. Looking forward to trying some of your other products. Thank you so much, KJB"
Mar 2014 -- Karen, Bedford, VA

"I love everything from my order. Mangoes, mulberries, carob chips are all delicious! I was excited to get my blue popcorn, kamut, spelt, and barley as those are hard to find."
Feb 2014 -- Breklyn, Huntsville, Utah

"Thanks Nuts.com! Super fast shipping (even to AK). My carob is oh so delicious and my body loves that it's unsweetened. Also, thanks for my little roasted bag of macadamia nuts: they're huge! What a nice little complimentary treat; stellar customer service! Keep it up; I'm definitely coming back :)"
Feb 2014 -- Stacy, Douglas, AK

"I was so excited to see my vibrant package arrived super fast! I immediately opened it and was like a kid in a candy store. Beautifully packaged, delicious carob chips were instantly used. Nuts.com will now be Pup-town Bakery's go to store to help my doggie treats look & taste delicious!"
Feb 2014 -- Ruth, Fairhaven, MA

"Third huge order from Nuts.com and they are an excellent company. So many organic fruits, nuts, and seeds. We always get organic dried strawberries, blueberries, regular and sultana raisins, and cranberries. Organic pistachios, cashews, and sunflower seeds. Plus incredibly hard to find natural Greek yogurt chips (not organic, but no one sells organic ones, and these have a short and simple ingredient list, best I've found yet), and organic white baking chocolate which is also very rare. We get the honey roasted cashews because they are silly good, and I put in a request for an organic version. Until then, I just have to get these because yum. Love this site and everything about how they conduct their business."
Feb 2014 -- Roderic, Centerville, IN

"Oh my goodness! I can't believe how quickly my order was delivered and so nicely packaged. How do you do it? Do you hire elves for this magic?"
Jan 2014 -- SARA, brooklyn, ny

"Love the yogurt chips and greek yogurt chips! Perfect for baking. Yummy! Yummy for my Tummy!"
Jan 2014 -- Tracy, Honolulu, Hawaii

"Good service. Excellent quality product. My dog loves the carob chips as a treat."
Jan 2014 -- Michael, CEDARTOWN, Georgia

"I can't believe how quickly my order arrived. I am so happy with my unsweetened carob chips. They are so tasty and airy I just am SO happy! I would recommend this site to my family, friends, co-workers and anyone looking to order some really good products! Thanks a bunch! Merry Christmas!"
Dec 2013 -- chelsea, Brick, New Jersey

"The packaging was hilarious. I really like the informal presentation. I immediately made a batch of scones using your cinnamon chips. So yummy!"
Dec 2013 -- Kelli, Littleton, Colorado

"Received my order today. The sugarplums are absolutely awesome!! The chocolate almonds are delicious. I just ordered Wednesday and got these fabulous treats on Friday. Love the way your delivery is so quick! Wish other things that I order would ship that way. Oh yeah...the yogurt drops taste great...I ordered those for my sugar gliders, but they're just gonna have to share! I've actually found the best place to order my goodies from...nuts.com!! Thanks a bunch, especially the free cashews!"
Dec 2013 -- patricia, Pulaski, Va

"I bought a sample pound of these to compare with a more expensive option from another company. These are just as good of quality at a considerable savings. Thanks!!"
Dec 2013 -- Jack, Holland, MI

"I just can't believe the speedy delivery. The delivery arrived next day! Don't know how that was done but not only the speedy delivery but I was amazed at the freshness! I ordered an assortment of toppings for caramel apples! The freshness and the quality are just spectacular! I will definitely order more! Totally delighted ! Even the advertisement on the box and packages are entertaining! Love love love! Thank you for your wonderful customer service , quality of your product and speedy delivery!"
Nov 2013 -- Susan, Bronx, Ny

"Very excited to try the cinnamon chips and all the other goodies in the box. Got it a day earlier than expected. Will surely order from you again. Thanks"
Nov 2013 -- Earnestine, Manteca, CA

"I ordered the cinnamon chips to use in muffins. They arrived 2 days after I ordered them. I have used them and they are very good, not too sweet and they add the flavor I was looking for. I love your website and how casual it is and easy to use. I will be ordering again!"
Nov 2013 -- Mary St. Pierre, Attleboro, MA

"I just bought the yogurt chips and I can't say enough about these cute and yummy snacks. I plan to use them in baking."
Nov 2013 -- Tracy, Honolulu, Hawaii

"Thank you so much. I received your shipment today. was so proud to get it. I'm sure I will use all of it during the holidays. You will definitely hear from me again. THANKS, VERGIE STRINGER"
Oct 2013 -- VERGIE, Spearsville, Louisiana

"This the second time I have ordered from you. Your product, carob chips, carob powder is wonderful. Your service is excellent. I will look forward to ordering again."
Oct 2013 -- Vickie, Fort Gibson, Okla.

"As promised I got my order this morning from FedEx. I am delighted with the cinnamon chips that I ordered and will be ordering again. I am in LOVE with your packaging. I had already had a ball with looking at all the writing on the outside of the box and then again on the inside and on the shipping order. Thanks again. I love your company - keep up the good work."
Oct 2013 -- Paulette, Many, LA

"Box arrived in record time. Thanks for the gift! Gonna make the cinnamon chip pumpkin muffins today for my son in the USAF in Korea! Thanks."
Oct 2013 -- Mary beth, Reston, VA

"These arrived so fast! I am severely allergic to chocolate and so it was suggested that I try carob. I found carob chips locally at one grocery store and it was fantastic! What an enjoyable experience! Sadly, they stopped carrying them not long after I discovered them. So on a hunt I went to find nuts.com and order them here. Now I can have carob chip cookies! Thanks!"
Oct 2013 -- T. Scarlet Jory, Montreal, Quebec

"I am so happy with my carob products from nuts.com! Not only did the quality of the goods I ordered exceed my expectations, they sent a sample of another treat I will be ordering very soon because it is delicious. Thanks for being superb and swift with the delivery."
Sep 2013 -- Judi, Pittsburgh, PA

"Your service was speedy and efficient"
Sep 2013 -- Linda, Maplewood, NJ

"So this is my second time ordering in a week or 2 and has been fun, it won't be my last, they are personable and don't treat you like they send out the same mass email to everyone, they even threw in a sample of something else they offered which was a very lovely surprise and tasted great! You guys really know what to do to get people to buy more ;) oh the secrets."
Sep 2013 -- Rachael, Apple valley, Mn

"I love the site, the humor and even though I have only tried the Greek yogurt chips (which were tangy and delicious) I am impressed and am definitely going to buy more in the future!"
Sep 2013 -- Rachael, Apple valley, Mn

"Received my case of cinnamon chips late this morning, and they are yummy !! Can't wait to use them in baking ! Thanks for the excellent service as well !"
Aug 2013 -- Sally, Cortland, NY

"received my kale chips and carob chips the day after i ordered them..quality wonderful..packaging and customer service innovative and great!"
Aug 2013 -- patti, long beach, ny

"I cannot believe how quickly my order came - less than 24 hours! Same quality and taste as other sites and certainly less expensive."
Aug 2013 -- Sue, Windsor, Connecticut

"You Nutty Nuts!! I am so happy to be part of the wonderful Nutty family. I am marveling that you actually had the goodies delivered in 24 hours!! You promised and delivered! I read the box...all 6 sides and laughed delightfully. After a hard day at work you absolutely made my day!!! I am spreading the word to everyone of your wonderful service. PS the items I ordered are fresh and delicious! Thank you again!"
Aug 2013 -- Jeanne, Everett, Mass

"You all are awesome! It just made my day to see that package at my front door. And, so amazingly quick and shipped perfectly, like always. I really have never had such perfect service and experience ordering from a company. The care to which the chips were packaged was top notch. I am a loyal and forever customer. Your products are the best, and I've enjoyed the carob chips tremendously. Thanks so much! Again, thank you for the free goodie. Delicious!"
Jul 2013 -- Carolyn, Paradise, California

"I love nuts.com, and will be checking to see if they carry basically any baking items I need from now on. Shipping was fast, the items are AMAZING quality, and even the box made me smile. Just a great experience all around!"
Jul 2013 -- Amanda, Nashville, Tennessee

"I loved my experience shopping with nuts.com! Shipping was fast even though I live outside the USA! The packaging was awesome (I love the bags!!), and I am very happy with the products I ordered. Thank you so much! I will be ordering again!"
Jul 2013 -- Jen, Orangeville, Ontario

"These are great! The shipment was amazing and your customer service is the best around!! I am going to order a lot more!!"
Jun 2013 -- Sam, Ashburn, Virginia

"Thank you! What a wonderful online shopping experience! The carob chips are awesome and arrived in perfect condition. I can't wait to enjoy them. Your packaging is one of the best I've received. And, thank you for the free gift! So yummy."
Jun 2013 -- Carolyn, Paradise, California

"Just plain wonderful! You just gained a new repeat customer."
Jun 2013 -- Bubba, minneapolis, mn

"I have to say i was surprised by the little gift of nuts. As soon as I received my order of Carob chips...I dove right in and tasted them and they are Delicious and fresh. My wife is allergic to chocolate so I make goodies for her out of the carob chips. For Mothers Day..I am going to try and make A "Snickers" type of candy Bar for her...Wish me luck. The 12th is also Our 8 wedding Anniversary.....Nutty Huh :) Thanks for the prompt Delivery. Have a Crackin Day."
May 2013 -- Ronald, rocky mount, North Carolina

"Ever since I had a Cinnamon scone at a starbucks, I knew I could make ones better with the right cinnamon chips. Thanks for the right stuff!"
May 2013 -- Pam, Colorado Springs, CO

"Once again you guys are THE BEST!!! Super fast shipping and really fresh & delicious products. The organic chocolate covered almonds are incredibly tasty (yum yum yum!!!). And I use your organic dark chocolate chips in my chocolate fountain & everyone raves about it (I just thin it with canola oil and it still has a really strong dark chocolate flavor -- just AMAZING!). Can you tell that I love your chocolate??? (ha ha!) The only thing I would change is that I really want to start purchasing "FAIR TRADE" chocolate & cocoa to ensure that workers are treated fairly & can make a living wage -- please look into that. Thanks for everything!"
Apr 2013 -- Kathy, Princeton, NJ

"The toppings were exactly what I was looking for to garnish a sundae bar at my wedding. The prices were amazing and the delivery was so quick."
Apr 2013 -- Dani, Chicago, Il

"Based on previous purchases from Nuts.com, I ordered more Skor bits and toasted coconut. (Thanks for the sample of Veggie Chips, BTW. With a bowl of soup, they really hit the spot!) The pound of sweetened carob chips was a new one for me. I have had less than optimal results with other brands. They tasted strange (Yes, I know carob is not supposed to taste just like chocolate), and had a mealy texture. Yours, on the other hand, taste great right out of the bag. I used them to substitute for semi-sweet chocolate chips, because I have a niece who loves chocolate chip cookies, but is allergic to chocolate. Anyway, I was going to add about a cup of Skor bits to compensate for the anticipated bitter taste of carob, but this was not necessary. I'll definitely order more of your sweetened carob chips in the future!"
Apr 2013 -- Chris, Grapevine, TX

"Couldn't find yogurt chips in the store. Yours was only website where I could find them. Boy are they good! Everything I ordered was delicious & the free sample of Turkish Figs were delicious also. I will be ordering some of those on my next order. Delivery was made on day promised. Great experience. Thanks nuts.com!"
Apr 2013 -- Joyce, Texas

"I love how prompt you ship everything so quickly. I order carob ships from you and I love that you have these in bulk. For the first time I ordered the beet chips and have not yet tried them. But from my carob chip order, I have no doubt you guys will deliver in taste there also."
Apr 2013 -- Sabrina, Fraser, MI

"Fresh, with a flavor akin to dark chocolate. These are much stronger than the sweetened chips. Great chocolate substitution"
Apr 2013 -- Lacey, Douglasville, GA

"I received my yogurt chip order today (fast shipping!-yaaay!) and my 3 Sugar Gliders gave them their seal of approval! Thanks so much!"
Apr 2013 -- Ronda, Mpls, Mn.

"I ordered from Nuts.com for the first time yesterday afternoon. I make all natural dog treats and needed some items for baking. I was extremly happy with the website and how easy it was to use. I was even happier when it told me I could receive my product next day. I loved that they emailed me to let me know everything was shipped and that it was sitting at my door the next day when I got home. Amazing, the free sample I received as well was a sweet treat I was not expecting. Great service! So Happy!"
Mar 2013 -- Rebekah, Tiverton, RI

"White chocolate chips look yummy. Thank you for the gift of dates. Very, very, tasty. Have a wonderful day."
Mar 2013 -- Annamarie

"We love your organic dark chocolate, along with everything else we've ordered from you! All of it is very high quality, and we are so happy with your quick service and communications. We'll be ordering again!"
Mar 2013 -- Tiff, Paynesville, MN

"My shipment arrived very quickly! I am so pleased to have found the cinnamon chips that I have been looking for! The price was very reasonable. Thank you."
Mar 2013 -- Rae, Bryan, OH

"I placed my first order with you on Wednesday afternoon and received it Friday. Perfect! I bought the cinnamon chips and they are delicious! I needed them for Snickerdoodle Bread. I made it Saturday and the chips were wonderful to bake with! Thank you sooooo much! My family is fighting over the free sample of Antioxident Mix that you sent as well! :) It's a good thing to fight over healthy food, right? Anyway, I will definitely be ordering again. Once I tell my friends about the yummy bread I made, I'll be adding that they can get the best chips from Nuts.com! We may be making a combined order very soon. Again, thank you so much! Be blessed! ~Donna"
Mar 2013 -- Donna, Willard, Ohio

"everything was delivered in great shape. can't wait to try snickerdoodle bread with the cinnamon chips. and all the rest. great doing shopping with you. thanks again."
Mar 2013 -- margery

"As with all our previous orders, the whole process has been delightful, easy, and the products delivered are fresh and delicious. Thank you!"
Mar 2013 -- Susan, Raleigh, North Carolina

"I have 2 pugs Bowser and Hambone. They have received special treat forever. you can't get these any more. Hunted and hunted on line in stores every where. I had a tub with the ingredients on it. After week and weeks of searching. Lucked up on your site. Your Sweetend Carob Chips contain the same exact ingredients. Ordered 3 bags then 7 more. They now know the box and get so excited to see the bags come out They love the fact they are really little and easy to eat. The vet oked the treats and all is well. Thanks"
Mar 2013 -- Mary

"WE GOT OUR ORDER TODAY!!!!!!!! THANKS for your speediness and your oh so FRESH nuts! Yum! Loved the org. dark chocolate chips, dates, and shredded coconut, too. Love to YOU always!"
Feb 2013 -- Bonita, S. Daytona, FL

"I just received my yogurt drops and I am so impressed with them. I ordered them for my sugar gliders and decided before a treat of them I would try them. No wonder they live them they taste wonderful lol..... Fast delivery of them and I will be ordering them again!!!!!! Thanks you guys for a great product."
Feb 2013 -- Lori, Beckley, WV

"I actually work in the shipping industry and all I can say is....Holy cow you guys are good! It takes supreme service to totally amaze me and congrats, you have done it. Great job guys, you have a happy customer for life!"
Feb 2013 -- Chris, Woodstock, GA

"This was my first order with nuts.com. So far I'm very pleased. Since I can not eat chocolate, good quality carob is important to me."
Feb 2013 -- Edna

"We got our shipment in good time. all was well. and my sugar gliders love the yogurt drops."
Jan 2013 -- sharon, Wickenburg, az

"I loooved my shipment from Nuts.com. I have searched many places looking for carob chips with a lot of disappointment until I found this site. The website was easy to navigate, the prices were great and I received my yummy treats sooo fast! I even got a bonus sample to try! I was very pleased and would order again."
Jan 2013 -- Geri, Guyton, Georgia

"Wow, my package came wicked fast, just as others had said it would. The yogurt chips look wonderful. Thank you!"
Jan 2013 -- amy, wolfeboro, nh

"I Love u Guys! This is my second time ordering from Nuts. Great prices Great products Great service. I'LL BE BACK!!!"
Jan 2013 -- Lisa, lusby, md

"Your box arrived today and the kids and I immediately got into it! The raspberry chips are amazing! Wè have ordered the peanut butter and mint chips before and just love them. I hope there are enough left for cookies after we get done snacking on them!! Thanks so much!"
Jan 2013 -- Wendy, Brandon, VT

"Orders are delivered very quickly and I love every product I've ordered."
Jan 2013 -- Janice, Dumont, NJ

"Once again I placed an order and received the order the next day. I ordered for the first time in 12/12 my husband was so impressed with the quality of the macadamia nuts I had to order another 2lbs again!! I ordered another order of cinnamon chips and caramel bits for baking again and they are wonderful Your customer service is fantastic!!!! I did not think I would receive my recent order the next day this time as I ordered on Fri 1/12/13 but Guess What? I did. I can't say enough good things about your company and your great sense of humor . Well done!!!!!!!"
Jan 2013 -- Rose, PA

"I had been unable to find vanilla yogurt chips anywhere locally, so I went online and found you guys. Love the chips, the packaging, the free snack and your friendly messaging. My hubby is a gourmet cook, so he is very excited to see the variety of fresh hazelnuts and other products from your site. btw: My Dad was a WWII vet, so I appreciate your story and his legacy. He'd be proud of you guys."
Jan 2013 -- Pat, Boca Raton, FL

"The yogurt drops are very tasty and shipping was crazy fast. I will definitely recommend Nuts.com!"
Dec 2012 -- K.C., Lexington, Ky

"Got the cinnamon chips, can't wait to make the rolls. They smell good. Thanks."
Dec 2012 -- James, Buckeye, AZ

"Absolutely love nuts.com. Quality and quick delivery. So much to choose from and more. Always satisfied. A pleasure to deal with. I place an order and it's at my front door the next day."
Dec 2012 -- Carol, Southold, NY

"The dried fruits are fresh, soft and amazing. My husband especially loved the apricots. The main item I was interested was the cinnamon mini chips, which turned out to be exactly what I wanted, at much less cost than another site, I use them to make awesome scones with pecans on top. Never any left for tomorrow. So glad to find really god source ingredients. Look forward to trying more things in the future. Merry Christmas."
Dec 2012 -- Janet, St Louis, Missouri

"Stumbled upon this site by accident,and i'm glad I did. I found what I was looking for and at much cheaper prices. So I ordered and received shipment today in perfect condition, Will buy from again, Oh and love the shipping box:)"
Nov 2012 -- jennifer, Royal Oak, MI

"I have not enjoyed my P B & J sandwiches since I ran out of my favorite ingredients: Chopped peanuts & Yogurt chips! Sprinkle the chopped peanuts on your smooth peanut butter & sprinkle the yogurt chips on your jam (my fave is raspberry)--Try it--You'll be amazed how yummy & filling it is!"
Nov 2012 -- Dianne, Gibbsboro, N.J.

"I just finished a batch of bread where I used my cinnamon chips for the first time--excellent!! My grandchildren love them. I'll definitely order these again."
Nov 2012 -- Marijo, Urbandale, Iowa

"After working for 60 years to make the BEST oatmeal-raisin cooky, I created the BEST using the cinnamon chips from Nuts.com! The cooky was great to begin with, but the little nuggets of cinnamon has put them over the proverbial top! Anything from Nuts.com is GREAT! And shipping is FAST! :) Enjoy."
Nov 2012 -- Skye, Calumet, MI

"Just got my order! Nicely packaged - everything is yummy (you have to sample everything, don't you?) Carob chips are yummy, great for the two of us who can't have chocolate (migraines). So are the other non-chocolate snacks (wish you had some carob coated snacks)."
Oct 2012 -- Chris Oinonen Ehren, Saint Paul, MN

"I usually order these from King Arthur Flour. Your chips were smaller in size, but just as flavorful...and less expensive! Please don't stop selling these. They are wonderful for baking cookies, scones, muffins, sprinkling on hot cereal or adding to pancakes!"
Aug 2012 -- Lynn

"Thanks so much for the speedy service and the great Cinnamon Chips - they made our cinnamon rolls tastes great!!!"
Jul 2012 -- Erica Hurteau, McClellanville, SC

"Received my second order this afternoon. Thank you for the amazing, juicy quality of the honey dates! They are better than candy! The organic dark chocolate chips are delicious too. Love this company!"
Jun 2012 -- Sharon, Mars, MI

"I love the yougrt chips. I have been looking for three years trying to find them. Are they for sale in any grocery or othet store"
Jun 2012 -- Martha Bartholomew, Hot Springs, AR

"I ordered Carob Chips yesterday in the afternoon and received it today! It was nice coming home from work to find my package from Nuts.com. Such fast delivery that I will be sure to order from nuts.com and recommend the site to friends. Thank you!!!"
Jun 2012 -- Laisa

"i was eating your chips and i mixed them with marshmallows in my mouth. i then thought how cool it would be if you made the peanut butter chips into bars, so that you can make s'mores with them!"
Jun 2012 -- Bethany

"I am someone who loves chocolate, but chocolate does not love me (allergic). Even dark chocolate is a problem because some products that i have bought have in their information may contain traces of milk & nuts. so i decided to go back to carob.I researched & came across nuts.com. The pricing is so much cheaper then the other sites & health food stores that i have compared, and i did not believe that i would receive my order the very next day after i placed it but i did! And i love the sweetened carob! Hats off to nuts.com, I will be ordering from you again & again!"
Apr 2012 -- Lesha, brooklyn, ny

"WOW! Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No silly, its your very fast delivery from NUTS.com! Bought these to make carob chip dog biscuits for my 2 Akitas and friends doggies. Made a quick batch and the girls love them! I'll make people cookies too. Thanks for the nuttiness and the fast delivery. I'll be back!"
Mar 2012 -- Peggy, NY

"I am so Happy I found your site !! EXCELLENT service!!! I order, you ship and I get my order the next day AWESOME service.. I was very happy to find carob on your site, since I am lactose intolerant. my Husband and I also love the choice of licorice.. I will continue to order from you. Keep up the good. You are the BEST NUTS around.."
Mar 2012 -- Rose, Dover Plains, New York

"Loved the Cinnamon Chips you sent. I made Cinnamon Chip Scones with them and they turned out wonderful. The taste was perfect so THANKS !"
Jan 2012 -- Claudette, Gardnerville, NV

"I tried these for the first time and they are great. No one knew that they weren't chocolate chips when I used them in my oatmeal cookies. Love them."
Jan 2012 -- Sharon, WI

"Repeat customer, yogurt chips and carob chips for custom trail mix and not available locally. Very happy with promptness and quality. You guys are nuts with a sense of humor:)"
Dec 2011 -- Terry, Asheboro, North Carolina

"Your organic products are outstanding and your service is incomparable! Actually, the service is sooo good, it borders on the divine! I've recommended your company to many. Thanks for the excellence. I"
Dec 2011 -- Patricia, North Kingstown, RI

"I am very pleased with the quality and freshness of the items I ordered (rasberry/chocolate and cinnamon chips). Thank you!"
Dec 2011 -- Sherry, Covington, GA

"First-time customer. You offered exactly what I was searching for-- identical product to what I was buying at retail, at less than half price. Web site was easy to navigate, ordering was straightforward, snappy delivery service. Handy, resealable bag. I'll be ordering regularly."
Nov 2011 -- Perry, Asheville, NC

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