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Below is a sampling of some of our very satisfied customers. Most of our customers are loyal customers that continue to come back and shop at Nuts.com.

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"My husband was so happy I ordered yogurt peanuts for him. He opened them immediately and his smile said it all. They are delicious."
Jun 2014 -- Cathy, Duscovery Bay, Ca

"I ordered Roasted Virginia Peanuts, Yogurt Peanuts, Red Licorice Bites, and Salsa Corn Triangles. I have tasted the Yogurt Peanuts and the Triangles since these are new to me. Would highly recommend them. I do not doubt that the rest of the goodies are just as great. By the way, thanks for the complementary Cashews. You can believe that there will be future orders."
Apr 2014 -- Frank Agostino, Kankakee, IL

"Yay for yogurt-covered peanuts! I have never been able to find them anywhere else, and they came to my doorstep very quickly from Nuts.com at a fantastic price."
Mar 2014 -- Julie, Clearwater, FL

"Very impressed with my first order from Nuts.com. Not like your typical online company that has nuts and similar products. Ordered the Goji berries and some sugar free yogart products and so empressed with quality, efficiency and cute follow up of company. I definitely feel I got my money's worth and will be ordering again from this company!"
Jan 2014 -- Susan, Odessa, FL

"I ordered the yogurt covered almonds and I must say, they are FANTASTIC!!! Thank you thank you thank you! It only took about 3 days to get here and I just LOVE the box they came in, also thank you for the gift :)"
Dec 2013 -- Zahira, Killeen, TX

"good service, good price, good product -- doesn't get much better! I'll be back for more nuts!!!"
Nov 2013 -- Don, Athens, TN

"Very delicious, they are a little heavy on the yogurt but it makes them perfect."
Sep 2013 -- Josephine, West Roxbury, MA

"Wow! This was my first time ordering from Nuts.com and I'm so delighted with not only the absolutely *delicious* yogurt-covered almonds, but I also loved the email notifications regarding shipping and delivery of the package, and the package itself! What a fun box! I imagine that working for nuts.com must be a hoot! And thank you for the free sample included! YUM! Can't wait to order again! Y'all rock! :)"
Jun 2013 -- Sarah, Winston-Salem, NC

"Just arrived and boy are they GOOD, yogurt almonds and yogurt raisins!"
Jun 2013 -- Darryl

"Everything is delicious, and there was even a mystery free bag of cashews. The spicy pumpkin seeds are saltier than I'd like, but I suppose that's to be expected with nuts. The chocolate covered macadamia nuts and yogurt peanuts are both divine, and the shipping was great - I ordered late Sunday night, everything shipped the next day, and arrived Thursday. I'll definitely be back for more."
Mar 2013 -- Jaron, Allen, TX

"I got home from work and there was a nuts.com box on my desk. I immediatly opened the box and tore into one package. I noticed the packages have a sealing zipper , very nice. I haven't had yougurt covered almonds in a few years now. My first pound is almost gone and it's been open for only an hour, lol. I will be buying from you again. Thanks."
Feb 2013 -- Chris, Lansing, Michigan

"You guys are the best. I have ordered several times and had them delivered as gifts. My family LOVED everything! So I decided to treat myself. YUMMY. Fast shipping,great products and great prices. I'll be back!!"
Jan 2013 -- aahrn59, dunedin, florida

"My son told me about your company and how wonderful it was. Thus I ordered and wow, was he right. Delivery was the next day and freshness was the byword. Your selection is exellent and the prices reasonable. I will certainly be ordering from you many times more."
Jan 2013 -- Susan

"Thanks so much for my latest order! The sugar-free, chocolate-covered & yogurt-covered nuts are awesome (they're so good that it's hard to believe that they're sugar free)! I also ordered the black bean sticks for the first time and love them! They're not too salty...have a great crunch...and a really good overall flavor. In addition to snacking, I think they'd make a great alternative to croutons in a salad. They definitely have made my "reorder list"! Thanks again, Nuts.com, for your wonderful products! I've never been disappointed!"
Jan 2013 -- Sherri, Kalamazoo, MI

"The yogurt covered peanuts & raisins are addictive! Thanks for the sample of berries."
Nov 2012 -- sam, hollsopple, Pennsylvania

"The yogurt almonds are THE BEST !!!! Sooooooooooooooo yummy. The chocolate almonds are good. Thanks for the chocolate pretzel sample. I normally prefer my pretzels plain, but these were tasty. Thanks muchly."
Oct 2012 -- Kathy, Diamond Bar, Ca

"This company never stops amazing me, I keep trying new things and have not been disappointed a single time. Thank you for having such wonderful sugar free items to choose from, I'm not used to having much of a selection...again, THANK YOU"
Sep 2012 -- Jim, Alpharetta, Ga

"Everything is great. Fast shipping and in excellent shape. Thank you."
Sep 2012 -- Calvin, Robinson, Tx

"Received my order quickly, just as you guys had promised. To me that's super-important for an order like this. And everything is EXCELLENT! So nice to have yogurt peanuts (with real whole peanuts!, not the crunched up peanut and yogurt thing). Simply cannot find yogurt peanuts anywhere locally. Same is true for carob coated anything, which I tend to prefer over chocolate. Love the packaging too. Some products come in those bags which tear so badly that you have to transfer them to a ziplock or something. Your self-store bags are perfect. Loved the shipping container too (very cute). The main thing of course, is just how good everything tastes. Each item is perfectly fresh and delicious. Thanks so much! We will be ordering again, I'm sure."
Aug 2012 -- Harry

"Love, love, love the yogurt covered almonds. I have my whole family addicated to them and was happy to find a company that sells them by bulk. The are wonderful!! Will order from you again. Thank you"
May 2012 -- Diane, Maine

"Wow!!! Great service and speedy delivery! Plus your yogurt covered almonds are Ah-mazing!!! Wonderfully satisfied !"
May 2012 -- Lydia, Columbia, Md

"The almonds are great. Love them. Thanks"
Apr 2012 -- Sherri, Clarkston, WA

"I love the taste of these white yogurt covered peanuts. They are awesome!"
Apr 2012 -- Shellye, Irving, Texas

"You guys are the best! Such a fast order, so professional and such a great product. Thanks for being the only ones around who even sell yogurt covered peanuts. No one does anymore! Since we are practically "neighbors" I can stop by your warehouse to pick up my order. Thanks again! --T. Riley-Reid, Linden, NJ"
Mar 2012 -- Trevar, Linden, NJ

"Wow! Impressive service...delivery the next day!! And...fresh and delicious products too. So happy to have found you!! I'll definitely be re-ordering!!"
Mar 2012 -- Sherry, Wyomissing, PA

"WOW! I'm amazed at how fast my order came...in just 1 day! My hubby will be really pleased with his yogurt pretzels and peanuts. Thanks. DonnaD :)"
Feb 2012 -- Donna, Fairburn, GA

"I sure do love your products. Especially the products that are sugar free!! Thank you so much."
Dec 2011 -- Deann, Niles, Michigan

"I am so very pleased with my order. The yogurt raisins, almonds, and peanuts are great. I will be ordering more. I hope to be a customer for a long time to come."
Jun 2011 -- Harry, Adelphia, NJ

"I've ordered the Yogurt Covered Peanuts twice and just want to say YUM! YUM! YUM! They are delicious. I can't seem to find them in town, so happy to have found the Nutsonline gang. You're the best. Will definitely try other products."
May 2011 -- Suzanne, Cedar Falls, IA

"My shipment arrived right on time, in perfect shape. so far I have only tried the yogurt almonds but they are superb! Most delicious! Thanks for making a great, great product."
May 2011 -- Pauline, NY

"First off you guys ROCK!!! Super speedy delivery and your yogurt covered almonds are great and HUGE! ALso LOVE the chocolate covered sunflower seeds. Will definitely be back. Keep up the great customer service!!!"
Mar 2011 -- Catherine, Brooklyn, NY

"GREAT! and GREAT! The best Yogurt Peanuts, Pretzels and Almonds! The bags are accompanying me everywhere. Great snack to leave in car for urge moments. Delightful alternative to quick fixins with great taste! Excellent customer service and timely delivery!"
Mar 2011 -- Audrey, Waldorf, MD

"Wow!!! The quality of the product surpassed our expectations. It was fresh and delicious! I rate this 11 on a scale of 1 to 10. We will try other products in due time."
Feb 2011 -- Okei Okusogu, Nottingham, MD

"yogurt cover peanuts great flavor walnuts were perfect. Better taste than what I have bought in grocery stores."
Feb 2011 -- Shirley, Houston, Texas

"Prompt arrival of order. Yogurt peanuts in heat resistant packaging arrived in perfect condition. Taste of product, amazing. Will definitely order again!"
Jan 2011 -- Carlos, Miramar, FLORIDA

""YUM"..... "YUM"....... "YUMMY"!!!!!!!!!....... The product that I ordered is "GREAT" I am very pleased with the quality, taste, freshness. I will be ordering again. I am very, very pleased. Anyone who orders products from you will be very pleased as well............."
Dec 2010 -- Guy, Springfield, Il

"I am already enjoying my purchase. The products are fresh and they arrived on time. I love that I am able to track my order. Thanks."
Nov 2010 -- Lolita, Columbia, South Carolina

"The ease of navigation on the site as well as checking out to receiving the purchase in a timely fashion was great. Thank you, will be ordering from you in the future!!!"
Oct 2010 -- Rebecca, Ossining, NY

"Thank you for my order ! I can not find yogurt covered almonds anywhere locally ! I loved them !!"
Oct 2010 -- Sunnie, Edmond, OK

"I ordered yogurt covered almonds Monday night. I received my order very quickly on Wednesday morning. The product was fresh and yummy! I recommend Nutsonline to anyone."
May 2010 -- Tarnika

"I ordered the yogurt covered almonds for my sons wedding favors and when they arrived today, we were so excited to try them and even more excited when they tasted so good. I will order from Nuts Online again! Thank you"
Mar 2010 -- Holly, San Diego, CA

"Chocolate was wonderful, nuts were great, Loved the yogurt coating, and thanks for sending my order so fast! My husband says your note was the greatest advertising he has seen on the net!"
Feb 2010 -- Joyce, Louisiana, Mo.

"Thank you so much for my order. I got it on time."
Jan 2010 -- Robert j Castro, New port richey, fl

"As usual, order arrived fine and timely even for the distance."
Nov 2009 -- Judith L Hudson, Tinian, MP

"rec'd the order---quality is superb we will be ordering again, from time to time."
Oct 2009 -- fred l poole, mount vernon, il

"I received my almonds yesterday. They are wonderful, and you are wonderful to do business with. You are on my favorites now. Thanks, stay happy. Bertie"
Sep 2009 -- Bertie, Great Falls, Mt

"I have been craving yogurt covered almonds and have not been able to find them. Along with the almonds I ordered yogurt covered cherries and raisins. I have not opened the raisins yet but have munched on the almonds and cherries, they are great! Thank You!"
Feb 2009 -- Lori, Wheeling, WV

"I loved the Fruit Chips and Yogurt covered cherries I ordered more...they were Delicious...will be ordering more."
Feb 2009 -- Janice, Fremont, Calif

"DELICIOUS! Was fearful I wasn't going to get any yogurt almonds for Christmas so I ordered them for myself. Well, under the tree, was a pound of yogurt almonds from my mother-in-law- oh yeah! Glad I have a way to get yogurt almonds here in Florida- I'm addicted (and now my son and daughter are)to them!!!"
Dec 2008 -- Tami, Palm City, Florida

"Your order arrived before I expected it and I love the products I ordered. The trail mix is wonderful and the Yogurt covered almonds are out of this world. Thank you."
Oct 2008 -- Adeline, Troy, IL

"Yogurt almonds are grrreat!!! And super fast delivery! Thanks...."
Jun 2008 -- Gail, Dayton, ME

"My nuts got here in great shape and the ones I have tasted were delicious. The yogurt covered almonds may not last too long."
Jun 2008 -- Nancy, Emory, Texas

"You guys ROCK! I LOVE your yogurt covered peanuts and sesame sticks. I order every two weeks just about....LOVE you guys! Thanks for the GREAT prices and QUICK shipping"
May 2008 -- Trish Hedge, Mesquite, TX

"I received my first shipment from Nutsonline last night. Of course i've read the reviews and they all praised the products; this one is so different. I ordered the cinnamon apple wedges and they are TO DIE FOR!!! love them! I also ordered the yogurt covered almonds and they were much bigger than i expected. Cant wait to place my next order!"
May 2008 -- Heather, Huntington Beach, CA

"The yogurt coated almonds that I ordered arrived in no time. And the taste was AWESOME. they're the best....Thank you so much nutsonline, for giving me back a great childhood memory of a taste that can't be duplicated......."
Dec 2007 -- Glenda, Reston, Virginia

"These are really good! Plenty of yogurt coating."
Jun 2007 -- Dusty

Showing 1 - 56 of 56 reviews

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