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Below is a sampling of some of our very satisfied customers. Most of our customers are loyal customers that continue to come back and shop at Nuts.com.

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"I absolutely LOVE these Bob's Sweet Stripe Mints!! I hadn't had them for years--didn't even know their name--but was out shopping one day and Bob's Mints were in a bowl on a counter. When I arrived home, I Googled Bob's mints and up popped Nuts.com--horray!! They even arrived a day early! I love the sweet/minty taste and the semi-soft texture plus the fact that they're individually wrapped is a huge plus! I will definitely be back for more of this yummy candy!"
Jun 2014 -- Karen, Eugene, Oregon

"I had these mints for the FIRST time, 4 days ago. They are buttery, and just MELT in your mouth. DELICIOUS, never tasted an after dinner mint like this one."
Feb 2014 -- Geronimo, BELOIT, Wisconsin

"The peppermint sticks are awesome! This soft, crumbly variety is hard to find, I'm delighted you carry them. My mom was a child during World War II, when both sugar and fresh fruit were rationed. But at Christmas she and her siblings could always count on an orange in the toe of their stockings, and a handful of these peppermint sticks. They'd cut a hole in the orange peel, insert the peppermint like a drinking straw, and suck the juice out. You're helping to bring back a nice bit of American history! I prefer eating them on their own, but the only problem is they melt in the mouth so quickly and deliciously that I have to be careful or I'll munch 5 or 6 without stopping for a breath!"
Feb 2014 -- Sammy, Ontario, Canada

"Wow! Fast Shipping! Love love love the packaging! and the Peppermint sticks are awesome!"
Jan 2014 -- Carla, Lancaster, Ohio

"I have ordered from you before, and I am sure that the pecan pralines are delicious. I know for a fact that the peppermint sticks are great because I have had them before. Thanks!!!!!"
Dec 2013 -- Patty, Hagerstown, MD

"Received shipment and it very good. I got it for an old couple that I stop and see each day while on my walk. They are 90 years old and about the only thing they like is hard candy. Don"
Dec 2013 -- Donald, Petaluma, Ca

"Wow! Ya'll are super fast. My order was shipped on Nov. 20, and I received it on Nov. 22. I've only tasted the peppermint--soft, my favorite kind with just the right amount of peppermint flavor. The hard candy is a surprise for my husband who was disappointed last year when he couldn't find the Christmas hard candy mix he remembers from long ago."
Nov 2013 -- Sharon, Memphis, TN

"I am so pleased with my order of tropical sugar free hard candy and an assortment of nuts. Awesome customer service and super fast delivery. Delicious...."
Oct 2013 -- Ife, Philadelphia, PA

"great service, great products, will definitely order again!"
Sep 2013 -- missy, lowell, nc

"Great prices and super quick shipment and very informative emails once shipment was placed. You guys are amazing! Many thanks!!!!"
Jun 2013 -- Mila, Gaithersburg, Md

"I want to say thanks for actually making it really easy and a hassle free billing experience for someone outside USA to make an order, compared to other online stores. I sent some peppermint candy as a surprise birthday gift to a friend who's living in the US, and she's absolutely ecstatic and nuts over getting her favourite sweets :) So thank you for being such a charm to shop with!"
May 2013 -- Emily

"Fast service. Pleasure doing business with you."
May 2013 -- Deborah, Exmore, VA

"Excited about the tropical flavored mints! Very Tasty, it was a big hit! How NUTTY - fruity flavor mints. Love it!"
Apr 2013 -- fredell, Evans, GA

"I'm completely satisfied with your products!!!!! I opened the organic peppermints right away and WOW they're very soothing if you have a little nasal congestion. I just opened the ginger candy to taste one after I had finish my dinner it's very nice and mellow to the palate. The pecans I only ate one and placed them into the freezer until I'm ready to make some brownies and a carrot cake, the one piece was delicious. Thank-you very much Jeffery & family for your delicious products!!!"
Apr 2013 -- Sandra, Walterboro, SC

"Great service, received in one day !! Great stuff will definitely order again"
Apr 2013 -- JoAnne, New York

"I can't believe how fast I received my order. Very pleased with everything. I will definitely be ordering again!!"
Mar 2013 -- Donna, Manahawkin, NJ

"Fast delivery, wow! I love the old fashioned peppermint sticks.....they are hard to locate & nuts.com thank you for providing them!"
Feb 2013 -- Elizabeth, Bel Air, MD

"I feel so fortunate to have found your site. Not only are the products a delight eat, the packaging and box are so good that I have recycled the box as it travels to our people with gifts inside. The nuts and other items were so well received. The box makes everyone laugh. Thank you. Michelle"
Jan 2013 -- Michelle, Riverside, CA

"I received my first order from you this afternoon and I am thrilled. I haven't seen this old fashioned candy since I was a child and that was a long time ago, a really long time. I ordered the peppermint sticks, spice drops for a nephew. I am so pleased that I placed another order today and this time for myself (sugar=free). I am so glad I found your web site."
Dec 2012 -- Carole, Ft.Thomas, Kentucky

"Package got here in less than a week! Love love the candy cane sticks!! They r the soft kind and just what I really love and wanted as they melt in yr mouth just like the candy cane rounds from Sees Candies:) yum! Have not tried the dried fruit yet and my liitle free sample of dates but will closer to Christmas! Mahalo Nui and Blessings to all u Nuts!:)"
Dec 2012 -- Debra, Kauai, Hi

"I've just found the best candy store ever! Great customer service, fast delivery and most importantly, YUMMY candies! I'll be a regular for sure. :)"
Dec 2012 -- Rose, Norfolk, Virginia

"I bought 15 pounds of your spearmint starlight mints about a month ago. Not only were you a pleasure to deal with, but they were the most delicious spearmints I have ever had in my life!!! I will continue to shop with you all year 'round."
Dec 2012 -- Jamie, Mays Landing, NJ

"To the Nuts.com family, Received the Sugar Free Candy last evening, they were totally awesome!! Will be doing business with you soon. I loved the box they came in, put a smile on my face :-) have a great day."
Oct 2012 -- Linda, Safford, AZ

"My goodness these are good! By the way, after eating some of these it will be tough to go back to hard candies with high fructose corn syrup because hfcs has an aftertaste that I never noticed before."
Oct 2012 -- Martin, O'Fallon, MO

"Hi All, I wanted to express my appreciation for the quick delivery of my order and the gift bag of gummy bears. I used my tumeric this evening with my salad, it was great. I had a mint after dinner. Original !!!!!! Thanks again for the efficient service. Martha"
Oct 2012 -- Martha, Washington, DC

"Easy ordering and fast delivery. Order was correct and extra was nice. I have been looking for the starlight fruit flavored mints everywhere, finally found them here, Thanks! Service was great."
Sep 2012 -- Pat, Houston, TX

"It was great, ordered one day and had the candy 2 days later."
Aug 2012 -- Kevin Mohler, Marysville, Pa

"You guys are nuts! Oh, yeah. You already know that. Well, you've made me a believer!!! Love your tude!!!!! I showed my neighbor your box as I handed him some spearmints. He wants to cut it apart and hang it on his wall! Y'all need to put out a magazine so we know what you have! That way we can mark pages and say, "Yeah!!! I want this, - and that, - and some of those, - and them ...."
Jul 2012 -- Francine, Fort La-De-Da, Floreeda

"i used to have a teacher who would do trivia questions and give them out as Murray mints for his name Mr.Murray i finally found where to buy them i got about 20 a week they are just so delicious my kids love them"
Feb 2012 -- carol, South Hadley, MASSACHUSETTS

"Like the Nuts O L delivery follow up. Root Beer Barrels & Starlight Mints are just like the old time ones I ate as a kid in the1950s Thanks Nuts O. L."
Dec 2011 -- Joel, Phoenix, AZ

"As always the best quality products and superior service! I will always shop with nuts online! Thanks Greg"
Dec 2011 -- Gregory, Canton, Ohio

"These were the perfect accent to my Peppermint Mocha cupcakes, I got so many people complimenting on how cute they were! Thanks guys!"
Dec 2011 -- Lisa, Vermont

"The peppermint candy sticks are the freshest i have ever tasted yumm yumm...my husband loves the dried fruit mix and it is sooo fresh. good job with fast shipping too!"
Oct 2011 -- patty, ERIE, PA

"Perfect order that arrived faster than I could have ever expected! You guys made my month!"
Oct 2011 -- Raza, Providence, Rhode Island

"My husband and I love these mints, but are they addictive? We can't seem to stop eating them! Others who have tried them are saying the same thing. Is there something in them that makes eating them non-stop!!"
Oct 2011 -- Marilyn, Brick, NJ

"Thank You ! The great people at nuts online come through again. My Mom is in a nursing home far from me and every year she asks for starlight mints (Her Favorite) Not very expensive to buy but ever try shipping them? This is the second year I have used nutsonline and they actually get them there when they say they will. Love you guys!"
Oct 2011 -- Lynn, New York

"These "Sweet Strip" mints are just the best! And it got here so fast--thanks!"
Sep 2011 -- Sue, Oxnard, California

"Ordered my candy and it arrived in a couple days! Delish and no hassle!"
Sep 2011 -- Mallory, Phoenix, AZ

"This is the best company to order wedding candy from I just ordered my candy Sat 7/2 - I didn't think it would get here until 7/9 but it is already here 7/6. It is what I order and looks great to go with my party Favors for my Big Day Thank You So Much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
Jul 2011 -- Michelle, Charlotte, NC

"What I wanted at a great price and fast delivery. What more can you ask for."
Jun 2011 -- Phil, McDonough, GA

"Hello to all of you: My order was delivered today, as promised. One bag of jelly filled mints is already 1/3 gone. My assorted mints will be hit hard later. They are both delicious. Thank you for such a wonderful product. I will order again soon. Ellen"
Jun 2011 -- Ellen, Los Angeles, CA

"I love,love,love nuts online, everything is fresh and tasty . I love the resealable bags and the super fast shipping. I will definitey be back. This is my new favorite place to shop for nuts and candy. Thank you so much."
Jun 2011 -- Betsy, Grand haven, Mi

"We have been together for a long time and it is comforting to know that the quality and service remains steady and faithful to your customers. It reminds me of the days that I traveled to the lower east side with my parents to the old appetizer stores on Essex street. Stay well and stay happy."
Apr 2011 -- melvin, ocean, NJ

"We love all the products we purchased from you. Great selection on Organic products. The fastest delivery time to the Virgin Islands! Thanks for being there. Regards, Jaccar Organic & Natural Sorbet"
Mar 2011 -- gladys, Christiansted, Virgin Islands

"Rec'd my hard peppermint candy & my cinnamon. Honestly, the BEST peppermint candy I have found yet. The cinnamon is great also. You can be sure I'm passing the word on about your fantasic ORGANIC candy. Will order again."
Mar 2011 -- Judy, Ipswich, MA

"I am sooooo!!!! grateful for Yummy peppermint, they are the best tasting mints on the planet for me so far. My son loves it and when we run out of it, he is like what am i suppose to do. I have to order them in advance at my home. One time a friend ask me for a mint and when she taste mine, she is like, wants to know what is this and where did you get it. Next thing i bought her some and she gave to someone in church and they also want to know about it. YUMMY MINTS ARE THE BEST!!!!!"
Dec 2010 -- annmarie, Dover, DE

"The other day, my husband and I were in a doctors office and they had a candy dish filled with the "striped mints". I hadn't eaten and it took the edge off my hunger pains till we could have lunch. What a life saver. Yummy taste, and I like that these candies are individually wrapped. As soon as I got home, I made a mental note to check online for Bob's candies. They arrived today and I'll put them in a candy dish for my clients too~ Thanks guys! Helaine S."
Nov 2010 -- Helaine, Brooklyn, NY

"I tried some of your Bob's Sweet Stripes mints, and love them. Only thing is, I can't find anywhere around this area to buy more. But if I could, I'd get lots!"
Oct 2010 -- Sheri, Spanish Fork, Utah

"Again, a perfect transaction! Fast shipping and great service. Everything is fresh and tasty! Thanks for offering such great stuff and terrific customer service."
May 2010 -- Debbie, Pasadena, MD

"I was surprised at how quickly I received my order. I was very pleased with the packaging and quality of the candy."
Mar 2010 -- Susan, Slidell, La.

"I love these candies! They are so much better than any other peppermint candies that I've tried. And they remind of the kind my Granny used to give me. Also, they're fat free. I've lost 85 lbs over the last 9 months and whenever I've had a craving for sweets, I've grabbed 2-3 of these and it satisfies that craving and I can go on w/o messing my diet up. Try 'em, you like 'em."
Mar 2010 -- Brenda, Tucson, AZ

"These mints melt in your mouth and they are AMAZING!!!!!"
Nov 2009

"it's wonderful to do busy with a company that has fresh,great products and have it delivery so quickly.I don't know how you do it just keep it up. Thanks Sherry"
Sep 2009 -- sherry, pasadena, md.

"Just received my order, I can't believe how fast it came. Everything is wonderful. Thank you"
Aug 2009 -- Sherry, pasadena, md

Showing 1 - 54 of 54 reviews

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