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Hot & Spicy Beans Reviews

Below is a sampling of some of our very satisfied customers. Most of our customers are loyal customers that continue to come back and shop at Nuts.com.

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"Try the roasted Fava Beans. Delicious. The dried Strawberries are out of this world. I ordered a sample and my grown son, after eating all of them, said, "Hey Mom, you better order some more tomorrow!" I did! Oh, and today, I got the dates, so I sampled before he had a chance to. You will be getting more orders real soon. Grazia, motto beane. (probably spelled wrong lol)"
May 2014 -- Mary, Horn Lake, MS

"I ordered on Monday and delivery showed up on Wednesday! SO AWESOME! LOVED the cute little box my items were delivered in! I LOVE the packaging of each item! I tried the raw pistachios and spicy fava beans - - THE BEST EVER! So fresh and good! Cannot wait to try the popcorn! Thank you for the complimentary organic quinoa! You guys ROCK!"
May 2014 -- Denise, Streetsboro, Ohio

"Where to begin? What a great surprise, I had email saying the package was here, sure enough it was sitting at the front door. Very much appreciate that email, thank you. The box has such wittiness or is that nuttiness, had to pause to read that, prolonging getting to the goodies within! My purchase was dates, they are fresh, creamy bites of pure goodness! What a delight, the taste of buttery caramel lingers... so fantastic! I also purchased spicy roasted Fava beans. Forty years back a friend had told me about Fava beans and how great they were roasted. When I saw them on the web site I thought now was the time to give them a try! They are so good! Not over the top with the spice, for me they have just the right amount! They are really as good as I had been told! Love the product, the service, the packaging and the price. Nuts.com you guys rock! Thank you!"
Mar 2014 -- Vaneta, Goodyear, ARIZONA

"The fig jam is excellent...i am equally pleased with my other purchases!...spirulina - roasted chick peas - fried green peas - spicy fava beans - crystallized ginger - ranch corn nuts - vegetable chips..thank you for my berry mix...it was berry good..."
Mar 2014 -- Fiona, Trenton, ON

"I was so excited to get my package! My favorites so far are the strawberries, the Cacao Goji energy squares, and the wasabi beans. Will order more stuff soon! Thanks for my yummy treats!!"
Sep 2013 -- Rachel, Fort Walton Beach, FL

"I ordered the spicy fava beans and the wasabi beans, they are both fantastic! I am a satisfied customer! Thanks, nuts.com!"
Sep 2013 -- Rachel, Largo, Florida

"BEST DAY EVER!!! My captivating Nuts.com box was waiting for me as I came downstairs this morning! (Wow! on delivery time...Wow! on flavor!) Love everything in the raw sampler pack, especially the Cacao Goji Energy Squares! Going to make a green smoothie with the moringa, hemp, spirulina and hemp powders and will add some cacao nibs to it! The Chili Mangoes are delish with perfect heat! And those Spicy Fava Beans!!!....now for a nice Chianti tha tha tha and a toast to my favorite Nuts in the world!!! Love the veggie chips gift! I'll be back...gotta bolt!"
Jul 2013 -- Janet, Hickory, NC

"I love everything! I will be ordering again."
Apr 2013 -- Emily, Pittsburgh, PA

"I was thrilled to see you carried the Rice Crackers so I got them and then discovered a bunch of other goodies that I just had to order! My order came today and I am not disappointed! Oh, I love the Wasabi Beans!!! The Oriental Mix is very good, too! Thank you for the sample pack of Southern Heat Mix....yummy! I will be ordering again! Everything is very tasty!"
Feb 2013 -- Debra J Garber, Palmyra, PA

"You guys are great!!! Super fast shipping, all the products are fresh and taste awesome! My favorite - roasted fava beans, cranberry nut kale granola and mushroom chips. I can not stop eating these delicacies. Thank you so much for everything and I'm going to order more products."
Jan 2013 -- bonnie, CHICAGO, IL

"Wow! I am so impressed with your website, selection, prices, quick shipping and last but not least your shipping boxes! What a clever idea! I ordered 22 lbs. of the wasabi beans to repackage as gifts for family and friends and could not stop eating them while I was working on the packaging! They are so good! I will definitely be returning to your site for my future nut cravings! Keep up the great job!"
Nov 2012 -- Barbara A McLeod, Bel Air, MD

"A friend from work turned me on to nuts.com. There were so many choices, I ordered a bunch of samples and a bag of wasabi beans. Everything was delicious especially the wasabi beans. also the sample of Gogi berries were a great surprise. :)"
Oct 2012 -- Jenna, Nj

"I placed my order on Thursday and by Saturday at lunch time I was going through the box! I was impressed with the shipping.. Then, I opened one of my bags of the gluten free wasabi beans. They are awesome! I will surely be returning for those. I love the packaging and the variety, they even threw in a freebie with my order. I love NUTS.COM"
Sep 2012 -- Barbara, Charleston, SC

"Whoop whoop. Just received my first order and what a cute box. Had to rush over to my neighbors for a major sample session. Everything was so good. I am so impressed that I am going to send my soon to be son inlaw a box full of goodies for his birthday."
Aug 2012 -- Priscilla, Atlantic Beach, Florida

"Just placed my second order! The first came so fast and the Wasabi Edamame is delicious! Just ordered a variety of healthy snacks and I can't wait to try them. So nice to have a great source for delicious healthy snacks at a great price with super fast shipping and great service!"
Feb 2012 -- Julie, Indianapolis, IN

"I recently ordered wasabi soy nuts cause not even whole foods locally sold the product. The only place close was 125 miles in Jamesport Missouri from the Amish. So I googled and found NUTSONLINE! Thanks so much for the Veggie Chips sample I LOVED IT! Thats my next product to order!"
Nov 2011 -- kelela, grandview, missouri

"Spicy Fava Beans - Taste like dried bacon without the fat -haha. Love these and the kids do too!"
Nov 2011 -- Brooke, Jolet, IL

"WASABI BEANS - The freshest, crunchiest without being too hard beans I have had. The wasabi taste is great and since the beans aren't over dried or stale like the ones on store shelves. Great office snack to pep me up mid day and I am sure on long road trips too. Thanks"
Nov 2011 -- Brooke, Joliet, il

"Very fast shipping and the product I ordered was fresh. Will order more products in the future!"
Oct 2011 -- Gary, winter haven, Florida

"Everything is absolutely delicious!! The veggie sticks and spicy favas beans are awesome as is the dried fruit. It tastes like gummy candy! I haven't tried the pilafs or falafel but the spices smell heavenly!"
Sep 2011 -- Rose, Brooklyn, NY

"Thanks for fast shipping- all the wasabi items are very tasty (and spicy). I will definitely order again"
Aug 2011 -- Jeri, terre haute, in

"First class products and first class service. Tried several different items. Each well packed and excellent quality. Thank you. We keep coming back for more."
Aug 2011 -- Deenaz, Albuquerque, NM

"These are a great add-in to the Oriental Mix if you want some wasabi in your bar snacks. They are good by themselves of course, too."
Jul 2011 -- Peter, Ithaca, New York

"First time to order......everything looks great, first bag to open was the wasabi beans, they are great!, next the pine nuts, fabulous!.....used the almonds in baking today......all are wonderful."
Jul 2011 -- Ruth Ann, Port Richey, Florida

"I was happy with my wonderful present.. At least that's what I call them. I like that they got here so fast. I enjoyed all the things I ordered even though I have never tried them before"
Jun 2011 -- joan, New York

"My ordered arrived beautifully packaged and everything looks yummy! The wasabi beans are so delicious! Thanks for taking so much pride in your products - and awesome customer service."
May 2011 -- Lori Haden, Lee's Summit, MO

"Great prices and fast shipping. The wife loves the Pastel Creamy Chocolate Apricots and there are quite a few of us at the office that really go for the Wasabi Soy Beans."
May 2011 -- Terry, Montgomery, AL

"My husband has Parkinson's disease. The content of the fava beans help him tremendously. I have a PhD in holistic nutrition. I have researched the content. I realize you can't advertise this benefit but I want you to be aware of the advantage. Thank you."
Apr 2011 -- Norma, Palo Alto, CA

"awesome products! haven't gotten a chance to try all the goodies i bought but i'm really looking forward to it! the roasted/seasoned fava beans are an awesome crunchy snack :)"
Apr 2011 -- Nicole, raleigh, nc

"They are simply the best - so fresh and a bargain for the quantity! Love the wasabi ones."
Mar 2011 -- Deb, Fort Pierre, SD

"Unbelievably fantastic quality! Thanks for providing such a great product!"
Feb 2011 -- Seanna

"Rcvd the package in a very timely manner, very happy with the quality of the product. I would highly recommend your company to others. Rating from 1 to 10......I give you a 10!!!!"
Feb 2011 -- Shirley, Ashland, Ohio

"OMGosh, talk about speed-of-light shipping! I placed a large order on Monday, which was a holiday, and I received it on Wednesday! Color me totally impressed. The items that I have tried so far are simply delicious - the Spicy Fava Beans are wonderful, the dates are incredible, the Red Walnuts are exceptional, the bulgar is fantastic, the freeze-dried Fruit Cocktail is amazing! I still have a number or items that I have not yet sampled but I have no doubt that they will be marvelous also. I will DEFINITELY be back, and will recommend this site you my friends! Thanks so much."
Jan 2011 -- Allison, Battle Creek, MI

"Best wasabi beans I've had. Glad I found you."
Jan 2011 -- Steven, Indio, CA

"Another great batch of goodies, with the speed of shipping, I feel like I'm your only customer, and you guys are sitting there waiting for my next order :)"
Jan 2011 -- Don, Clinton, CT

"My wasabi soy nuts arrived just 3 days after order. They were fresh and full of wasabi "zing". The free sample of wasabi peas was a nice touch, too. Thanks!"
Dec 2010 -- Michael J. Funk

"Yay!for the magical cosmos! Everything I ordered is yummy! I have to say, the wasabi nuts are completely killer. If you have allergies, or a cold, or other minor sinus issues, eat a couple of these and you will clear right up! thanks for some great products, and I intend to sample most everything you've got!"
Dec 2010 -- Gail, West Linn, OR.

"I found the website by accident and now it is at the top of my favorites! I ordered the Wasabi beans and thought I would try "1 yummy sample" of the Veggie Chips. This has become my new favorite food! This sample won't last long. I can't wait to order more! Thanks for making the yummy samples! A nice inexpensive way to try something new with a lot to choose from!"
Nov 2010 -- Aleshia, Chatham, IL

"Your shipping is so fast! I received my order the next day and I am so happy with everything! I bought the gingersnap cookies for my husband and he is in heaven. I was convinced I would never find orange coated sunflower seeds and you guys had them. The wasabi beans are out of this world! I am having a cup of the black current tea and it is so delicious! I am extremely satisfied with my entire purchase."
Oct 2010 -- Kathy, Marlton, NJ

"Awesome tasting fava bean nuts (both the regular and spicey). Super quick delivery too. And thanks for the figs!"
Oct 2010 -- Sean, Bernardsville, NJ

"I love Wasabi! I just received my order of Wasabi Peas, Wasabi Beans, Wasabi Peanuts and to tone them all down a bit, Sun Mix Oriental Rice Crackers. I was so pleased with the taste and the packaging. The packages opened easily and resealed beautifully. No more stale snacks! I have only tried Wasabi Peas in the past but the Wasabi Beans are delicious and the Wasabi Peanuts?....They have a bite to them that is out of this world. Eat them slowly and don't breathe through your nose. These are all my new fav snacks! :0) I can't wait to let my family try them. Thanks for helping feed my Wasabi addiction!"
Jun 2010 -- Deb, CA

"I just received my order today and I couldn't wait until I got home I had to open them up at work and try them. Wow!...this is my first order and it won't be my last. Everything I tried was sooooo yummy (wasabi peas, wasabi beans, roasted soy beans and rice crackers). I first fell in love with rice crackers and wasabi peas from a snack mix in our vending machine, Nuts Online are soooooooo much better, the poor vending machine won't be getting any of my snack money anymore. I can't wait to try more items!!!"
Apr 2010 -- Jennifer, Redford, MI

"WOW....2 hrs after I placed my order from this fantastic web site, I had a confirmation it had processed to ship. Part of my order was the Organic Sun Dried tomatoes ( 1# just to try first). I make my own toasted garlic infused premium virgin olive oil as a pour over marinade. Shipment arived exactly on ime and all packages are ziplock resealable. Wasabi edamame was addicting and the sun-dried tomatoes are almost gone 2 days later. I'm ordering more and sharing my superior products with friends and co-workers...I should be charging cuz this stuff is TOO GOOD!!"
Feb 2010 -- Jay Harris, Gainesville, FL

"My order for wasabi beans was in here in no time at all and my nose is still watering!! They are so crunchy and what a great desk snack! You have been a delight to deal with! Thanks!"
Jan 2010 -- Eugenia, North Canton, OH

"I came on to order my brother-in-law some Christmas pistachios (which he loved) and ordered snacks for my husband and I while I was here. Oh dear--everything was *wonderful*! The Jericho Mix went especially fast, followed by the nice, fat cashews. The chocolate-covered ginger is so good! And the lower-sugar mango---ooooh! Excellent--so moist and tasty! Nice spicy fava beans are a new treat for us. I love the gogi berries, but I get to keep them all for myself =D. Everything was so good I am trying more. Shipping is fast as lightning, and the nuts that run this joint are good at keeping you updated. Whatever y'all are doing, you are doing it right--keep it up!"
Jan 2010 -- Kate, Kingsport, TN

"Speedy shipping to Toronto...Product is fresh, offer excellent value and just in time for our Christmas Party! Thanks and happy holidays!"
Dec 2009 -- Bryan Sue, Toronto, Ontario

"What I have eaten from my recent order is delicious and fresh! Some items are for gifts so will have to wait to taste them - the Spicy Roasted Fava Beans and the Gummy Bears. Thank you for the yummy chocolate pretzels."
Oct 2009 -- Janice, Baton Rouge, LA

"Excellent fast service and reasonable pricing. The Wasabe beans were the best we have had after trying various Edamame varieties on line."
Aug 2009 -- Joe, St George, UT

"I ordered the dried strawberries, and the dried pineapples for my husband, and the Wasabi Beans & Oriental Mix for myself. My husband is very pleased with his treats, and my Oriental Mix is so so good, and I love the Wasabi Beans. I will be ordering more and then some to take with me on my cruise next month."
Aug 2009 -- Darlene

"My order arrived exactly when I was told it would. Packaged nicely. And best of all, the products are WONDERFUL. The wasabi peas are delicious, different than others I've tried. They are very hot with only a hint of sweetness which makes them fantastic. The wasabi beans are SO good I wanted to eat the whole lb yesterday. :) I will most definitely be ordering from Nuts Online again."
Jul 2009 -- Ashlee, Bowling Green, KY

"My first taste of the Wasabi Soybeans is a success, they are AWESOME. Can't stop eating them. These and the raw pistachios are going to be big burst of flavors in my homemade trail mix."
Jul 2009 -- Paula

"Fast delivery. the nuts are great. I really love the wasabi edamame. Macadamias are great too."
Jul 2009 -- Albert, Fall River, MA

"Great Products....the wasabi coated edamame beans are awesome and the roasted/salted pepitas are great. Good service, quick delivery. We'll be ordering again...I'm sure."
May 2009 -- Robert, VA

"WOW-SABI! These wasabi beans are fantastic! I ordered a one pound bag to see if I'd like them, well my next order was 2 five pound bags... yep I'm hooked! I have a jar at home and one on my desk at work, it's such a healthy snack and it gives a kick in every bite!! Try em' you'll love em'!!"
Apr 2009 -- Sue, TN

"I was just notified that my order (placed on Monday) was delivered to my home today (Wednesday). I just wish all deliveries were so prompt. This was my second order (wasabi beans) from you guys and you better believe there will be more. Thanks again!"
Apr 2009 -- Janice, Baltimore, Maryland

"I have to say, my order came very quickly, and fresh. I love the Wasabi Beans i ordered and was so pleased to find them through your site. Great product, great company!"
Nov 2008 -- Michelle, Broken Arrow, OK

"I can't find wasabi peas and beans anywhere near me, so i ordered some from here. I'm absolutely addicted to them. I ordered them on a Friday and got them on a Tuesday, super fast delivery. They're delicious, hopefully i ordered enough to last me a little while."
Oct 2008 -- Mike, canfield, ohio

"These are the BEST! Once you start munching on these you seriously can't stop. They are THE perfect snack!!"
Oct 2008 -- Lisa, Dallas, TX

"I love my wasabi peas and beans, they are great, thanks, fran"
Sep 2008 -- Fran

"Yum!!! The Wasabi peanuts and the wasabi beans are delish! Really love the beans and will definitely order more. Delivered exactly when you predicted, wonderful service. Love the website and all it has to offer. Can't wait to try more new items."
Jul 2008 -- Kathy

"Loved the notice of delivery e-mail...made my day and just want to let you know that my co-workers and I love the roasted corn, the wasabi peas and the wasabi beans...they are fabulous. Thanks again!!!!!!"
Jul 2008 -- Darcie

"I have tried regular edmamae and liked it, so I thought I would try the wasabi beans and they are delicious. I love the heat of the wasabi and the crunch of the soybean. I don't feel guilty for eating them like I would potato chips and they taste much better!"
Jun 2008 -- Kris, Youngstown, OH

"Oh my heavens, bring on the wasabi soynuts. We mix them with the roasted salted soynuts and they are a big hit with us and with our friends. Our neighbor teen comes to visit specifically for the fried peas. And all the men love the "southern heat mix". I ordered today in order to have the wasabi soy nuts available as road grub for a trip to Canada. So healthy and so instantly satisfying because of the intense flavor."
Jun 2008 -- Donna, Dutchess Co, NY

"OMG! Normally I do not order anything that doesn't look so good but I decided to give it a try based on another customer's testimony, here I am placing another order of wasabi beans! It's that good! Really! I ate the first bag by myself and now I have to order 2 - one for me and the other for my husband who hasn't gotten a chance to try it. Poor guy! But it's that good!"
May 2008 -- Julia M Farrell, Waukegan, IL

"Received my first order yesterday and I honestly cannot stop eating these! They are so tasty with a nice zing! Great on their own or on a salad. I'm glad I ordered 2 bags."
May 2008 -- Sue, Broadview Hts., Ohio

Showing 1 - 65 of 65 reviews

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