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Hot & Spicy Mixes Reviews

Below is a sampling of some of our very satisfied customers. Most of our customers are loyal customers that continue to come back and shop at Nuts.com.

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"The name scared me a little. I don't like things that are *too* spicy, but the Southern Heat Mix is just right. It brings the heat, flavor and savor without the pain. Next order, I'm getting the five pound bag of this one. Delicious!"
Aug 2014 -- Paul, Faribault, MN

"We bought the Oriental Mix as a bar mix for our wedding, and it was a hit! Great mix of flavors, including a little spice, but not so much to scare away the more cautious among us. We played it very safe and ended up with a lot leftover... we are NOT complaining! :) Thank you for a great product, and fabulous, fun, fast service!"
Aug 2014 -- Julie, Gorham, Maine

"The freeze dried peaches were delicious and disappeared too fast! :) The rice cracker mix is awesome and I had to control myself from eating the whole bag in one sitting! :) Good stuff and will keep coming back and getting more! Thanks much! I also have told people about your wonderful site too! You gain some new customers due to it! :)"
Jul 2014 -- Traci, SF, SD

"WOW,The nuts and candy etc that I sent as gifts were the best . My family continues to rave about them. They loved all of your products, especially the cashews. My favorite is mix of champions. Will try the man mix and salty chocolate candy next. Thanks for the great service and fast delivery."
Jul 2014 -- Judith, Bellevue, NE

"Loved the Jericho Mix we had at my sister-in-law's house in Pittsburgh, so I ordered online...that was Thursday; today (Saturday) my order arrived. The packaging is lots of fun, but the eating (including the free sample) is even more fun."
Apr 2014 -- dick, little falls, ny

"When you say fast delivery, you DO mean fast delivery. I say congrats on your delivery process. I ordered the Jericho Party Mix and Southern Heat Mix. Amazing flavor. My lips were on fire when I ate the Southern but it was so good I couldn't stop eating it. I will be ordering more. My hubby loves the Jericho also."
Feb 2014 -- Ernestine, Gainesville, FL

"Rice crackers are always fresh & delicious; super fast delivery; a highly recommended snack!"
Feb 2014 -- Carl, Kissimmee, Florida

"LOVE! It is fantastic. Not to mention it arrived on my doorstep the very next day. Fantastic. Love all their products!"
Feb 2014 -- Caitlin, GRM, MD

"Thanks one more time. These rice crackers are the best. I will order again after I have my house remodeled to hold all of my NUTS orders. Thank you, Maxi"
Feb 2014 -- Maxine, Morton, IL

"This Oriental Mix is pretty good. The flavors are excellent. I'd say it's a tad heavy on the pea ratio, but otherwise, a quality product."
Jan 2014 -- David T Kim

"Delicious! I just received my shipment of GORP, Mix of Champions and Southern Heat Mix! I also got a delicious sample of veggie chips. I have never had these and they are really good! The Mix of Champions is my favorite and love -love the heat mix. Fast service and yummy product! Thanks! I will be back soon."
Jan 2014 -- Gina, Roseville, CA

"Wow! What great service and tasty products! I received my order today, and I'm impressed. My first order from you arrived in perfect shape and the Candy Corn, Peppermint Malted Milk Balls, Southern Heat Mix, and Wasabi Peas are awesome. I'll be ordering again soon, and after trying the free sample of Veggie Chips you included, will ordering them too, Great product, Great prices, and Fast Delivery....Wow!"
Dec 2013 -- Dwight, Orlando, FL

"Love the Japanese rice crackers. Beat the quality and price from the grocery store. Convenient packaging, too!"
Dec 2013 -- Mike, Galloway, New Jersey

"This is the second order that I bought the Oriental mix and just love the stuff. It is really addictive! Can't get enough of this and don't plan on stopping now! THANK YOU!!!!!"
Nov 2013 -- stewart, Hamden, Ct

"LOVE IT ...my cornnuts are great as usual and my southern heat mix is AWESOMEEEEEEEEEE!!! Gooooood stuff!!!!"
Nov 2013 -- derek, chesapeake, virginia

"I love this product, so yummy. I use to send as gift with a basket full of other goodies and nuts for my family gifts. Merci!"
Nov 2013 -- Lisa, Vaudreuil, QC

"I have placed three orders in the last few weeks because I can't get enough! I love the Dragon, Jericho, and Indian Summer mixes as well as ANYTHING Wasabi! I sit here at work and snack all day long but don't feel bad about it because everything is healthy! Definitely one of my favorite go to sites for snacks! Thank You Nuts.Com!!"
Nov 2013 -- melissa, massillon, oh

"Thanks for the super fresh shipment of your offerings. This was my first time ordering and I will be ordering again!! Packaging is so fun as well as super fresh ingredients. I am anticipating giving some for gifts this Christmas season as well. Thanks! I have already recommended your web site!"
Nov 2013 -- jeanette, gridley, il

"these are totally awesome!!! but wished they've give you a heads-up about being spicy.... i found out the hard way after tossing a small handful in my mouth"
Nov 2013 -- britty s, belcourt, nd

"Got my very first order delivered yesterday evening, & it won't be my last! FAST shipment, fresh, delicious product, entertaining packaging & overall great experience! I ordered rice crackers, oriental & bar mixes, and the southern heat sample you tossed in was an unexpected bonus. I think my fav is the bar mix. One "suggestion" I have for the rice crackers mix is to throw more spicy bits in the bunch, but otherwise I'm VERY happy with the whole nuts.com experience and will be a return customer!"
Oct 2013 -- Tracey, St Louis, Missouri

"Absolutely love the items ordered. Hubs already finished off the Southern Heat mix. The herbs and spices are definitely a great buy. Will reorder soon. PS... thanks for the Veggie Chips!! They are YUM. Hoping to save the rest of them for game day, although I don't think they'll be around that long! :)"
Oct 2013 -- HP, NY

"Very spicy!! I love the little kick the small crisps give! 100% satisfied!"
Sep 2013 -- Josephine, West Roxbury, MA

"I'm totally hooked! I tried the Asian mix and it's better than what I bought at the Asian supermarket!! I also bought the organic raw almonds and they are so fresh and delicious. My friend donated baskets of nuts.com bags and a person who won the sweet basket she made said the sea salt caramels are best sweet snack he ever had!! The bear crunch.. Yumm and the price is right. Makes great holiday gifts!!!"
Sep 2013 -- Nancy, Rotterdam, Ny

"So now that I am part of the NUTS.COM Family... I thought I would provide my overall experience, from start of my order to the end of my order... I am a Japanese rice cracker NUT, I love them and have for years. The problem? My local market was out and they said, "Come back in a few days after our shipment, we should have more in." So after doing this twice and no rice cracker mix, I talked to a clerk and he did some digging... Here is what I found out... My local market only carried this particular mix seasonally! WHAT??? Like I said before, I am picky about my rice cracker mix and this mix is by far the best I ever had! It is the Indian Summer Party mix. I love that they poofed out the chili bits and wasabi bits which makes them lighter in taste and not so harsh, blends better with the rest of the cracket mix... So, onto my quest. About a week after being told this horrible news that my rice cracker mix is seasonal at my local market and would probably have to wait until next spring, I got a craving for The Indian Summer Party mix. I decided to search the internet. Nuts.com was right there at the top. AND, for very good reason... 1. Their website is very inviting and easy/friendly to navigate, love all those pictures, made me hungry AND low and behold they have my mix in different sizes: 1. 1 LB, 2. 5 LB and 3. Was more for grocery orders, huge! So, I opted for the middle choice, 5 pounder bag. 2. So I placed my order. It would take a week and sure enough the order arrived right on the day/date nuts.com said it would. While I was thinking about my rice cracker mix order, I was hoping the packaging would come equipped with a zip lock, it does. 3. The outter box cracked me up and was decoratively covered that I literally waited the next day to show my BFF the outter box/packaging on Skype. She was busting up. The box is a keeper. 3. The packaging for my rice cracker mix is extremely durable and the zip lock zips with a breeze, sealing in the freshness and quite well. 4. So the taste test... Better than local store bought, the comparison didn't compare... nuts.com was much much fresher, every cracker was much crunchier! 5. Then I received an email that the nuts.com family acknowledged my receiving of my order and a link provided to write a review. So here I be, writing away. Why am I going through all the steps of this ordering process? Because the nuts.com family deserves it. I will order again from them, please retain MY Indian Summer Party mix, it is the best blend of rice cracker mix I have ever had and I have had a plethora of them. Thank nuts.com Family for my order and once my 5 pound bag is close to depletion, I will order another 5 pound bag, beats the local store in price, taste and freshness. Oh and I almost forgot, the nuts.com family included a smaller bag of their corn nuts mix, thanks for that! Mo P.S. Even the packing slip had some funny stuff on it. Very well thought out company and process, comprehensive. AND with years to work out the kinks :) Keep going strong nuts.com!!! Mo"
Aug 2013 -- Mo, California

"OUTSTANDING Delivery time. Ordered on a Friday, expected the package to ship out Monday but they were able to ship it on Friday and we received it Saturday. Also, the Wasabi Peas and Spicy Southwest Mix are great. Can't wait to try the other items."
Aug 2013 -- Sharon, Myerstown, PA

"Love nuts.com and the Mix of Champions is fabulous! Unlike some mixes where I have favorite bits, all components of this one are tasty and interesting."
Aug 2013 -- Michelle, Deep River, CT

"Excellent product (Asian mix), arrived fast, in excellent condition and a very good price. You are my favorite! Thank you, Carmen"
Jul 2013 -- Carmen, Montreal, QC, Canada

"This is my first time ordering from this site, and let me say!, I just ordered it last night and now about 16 hours later the box is in my lap, super thrilled about that, I got the heat resistant packing (98 degrees today) it did the trick. The products are fabulously fresh and tasty! I loveee rice crackers and these are the freshest I've ever had. Will certainly be ordering again soon!"
Jul 2013 -- Ashley, Chesapeake beach, Maryland

"I got my oriental mix and this stuff is great. I thank you for the southern heat mix, it's good too. I will be buying all my snacks from NUTS.COM. Once again thank you"
Jun 2013 -- jimmy, Elba, Al

"I have just received my order from Nuts.com and I couldn't be happier! I ordered Wasabi Soynut Explosion Mix, Oriental Mix and their Southern Heat Mix and ALL of this is terrific! My husband and I think there is just the perfect amount of heat, spices and crunch in these snacks! Much to our surprise, they also sent us a free sample package of their Veggie Chips, which, regrettably, we haven't tried yet... But I have great confidence they will be just as delicious as the other treats we have! I recommend Nuts.com for all your snacking needs! :)"
Jun 2013 -- Wendy, Beecher, IL

"My order did arrive. Thank you for your excellent customer service. I sure that I will be ordering again. Me and my family love your products."
Jun 2013 -- Mike, Salem, Utah

"The Southern heat mix is awesome! I bought a 1lb bag and ate it all in one weekend. If you like spicy this is the right mix for you."
Jun 2013 -- Mark, Stuttgart, Germany

"Impressed with the super fast delivery. Got my goodies the next day. Thank you for the generous portion of the free sample of goji berries. Delicious. Seaweed peanuts and dragon mix are very fresh. I'm on a health kick and I appreciate the chia seeds and quinoa at a very reasonable price. Thank you also for including cooking instructions. This is my second order. Very satisfied. Will order again!"
Jun 2013 -- Alice, Harrison, NJ

"This one isn't to be taken lightly! Snack with caution - the wasabi hits hard! I love it! Delicious as with everything I've ever ordered!"
May 2013 -- Seth, Morgantown, WV

"Wow, what great products, I ordered on Friday around 4pm, low and behold I received my shipment saturday before noon, and I used the standard shipping! This is my favorite shop online for any sweets or delicious healthy trail mixes. Simply the best quality around!"
May 2013 -- Theodore, Harrisburg, PA

"I normally never leave testimonials for websites but this site is fantastic. The site is easy to use, items ship quickly, and the items themselves are good quality. I have used this site a few times to sent care packages and people love them. The diverse options are a great plus!"
May 2013 -- Manisha, Herndon, VA

"These dark chocolate covered mac nuts and the Mix of Champions are indescribably delicious!"
May 2013 -- Jeanne, Weiser, ID

"My package arrived today, and it certainly exceeded my expectations. The fruits were delicious and the Hot mix was awesome. I will certainly be ordering from you again."
May 2013 -- Fernando, Hutto, TX

"OMG, just got my 1st order. I love it!!! It came when you said it would, so I was impressed by that, but when I opened it I almost passed out. Your packaging is so cute - bet no one tells you that, huh? I love the re-closeable packets, so clever. Then, I tasted my 1st treat and had to write. I haven't even tasted everything, but after writing this I'm going to order more stuff. Will you ALL marry me? Before you answer, I'd better admit that I'm 59 years old and not much to look at...lol"
May 2013 -- Teri, Starkville, Ms

"I would like to just say YUM yum. The oriental mix is how I remember it. Fresh and crisp. So thank you and I will let my friends know about this web site. Thanks again."
Apr 2013 -- John, Chula Vista, California

"Delicious, wonderful, lovely red skinned walnuts & the same goes for the mix of champions! Also thanks for the free sample of spicy mix of champions!"
Apr 2013 -- Susan, Chico, CA

"They say you get what you pay for, I'm more than satisfied.Thanks"
Apr 2013 -- Hughes, Boonsboro, Maryland

"I received my happy little order as scheduled - I am very pleased with the yeast's performance. My husband says he ate half the bag of oriental mix before he realized it, it was so delicious. :) I'll definitely be ordering again. You guys are nuts!!"
Apr 2013 -- Jennifer, Milwaukee, WI

"The shipping was quick and the product is beyond awesome."
Apr 2013 -- andrew, fort bragg, nc

"Tonight I received my order from you guys and it came just in time for movie night with my dad. I immediately opened everything and we had a "movie snack tasting". I ordered Dry Apricots, Gummy Peaches, Twizzler Cherry Bites, Hickory Beef Jerkey, Oriental Mix & Extreme Trail Mix. Everything was perfect! My Dad's favorite was the Oriental Mix, He said it was the best one hes ever had! Now as much as I love everything that I ordered, My all time favorite one was the Extreme Trail Mix. When I ordered it I was a little nervous about the strawberries being mixed in, I wasn't sure if it was going to be in "chip" form or what. Well to my surprise its like a strawberry gummy & became my favorite part of the mix, the sweetness of the candies and fruits mixed with the boldness of the almonds is perfect. 5 stars all around! Thank you so much Jeffrey, Kenny (Dad), Uncle Sandy, and Cousin David! Glad to be part of the Nuts.com Fam!"
Apr 2013 -- Marissa, Greenlawn, New York

"What a cute packing box! It put me in a good mood before I even opened the packing box with all the fun stuff written on the outside. Loved the packaging inside too! And, of course, the nuts - delicious and fresh. I will definitely order from here again!!!"
Apr 2013 -- Suzanne, Edwardsville, Illinois

"Absolutely loved it.. Came promptly. The box was quite fun to read. The rice crackers were exactly what I'd hoped for and I have completely fallen in love with the dark chocolate covered pecans. Amazing...Will definitely order from here again!"
Apr 2013 -- Maddie, Fargo, ND

"Knew our shipment was due in today. When it finally arrived we dived into goody box...Mmmmmm The coconut stacks are wonderful Southern heat mix goooood We have to pace ourselves. Everything is great."
Mar 2013 -- Terry, Az

"Oriental mix is as good or better than any I had in Japan"
Mar 2013 -- Shelia

"Holy crap that was the fastest shipping ever. I order last night and it was at my doorstep this morning! The packaging is adorable and the quality is just phenomenal! All around fantastic experience. Can't wait to try more products. I promise you will not be disappointed!"
Mar 2013 -- Sue, NORTH WALES, Pennsylvania

"I absolutely love your rice crackers and oriental mix! I am so happy I was able to find you online. Now I'll have to go shopping!!! Thank you so much for making these items available to us. We live in the middle of nowhere and it's awesome that you're only a click away. And your packaging - well now that simply speaks for itself. Wonderful - thank you!"
Mar 2013 -- Patricia, Ridgecrest

"These products are wonderful and the service is great!"
Feb 2013 -- Debboe, Shepherd, TX

"I was thrilled to see you carried the Rice Crackers so I got them and then discovered a bunch of other goodies that I just had to order! My order came today and I am not disappointed! Oh, I love the Wasabi Beans!!! The Oriental Mix is very good, too! Thank you for the sample pack of Southern Heat Mix....yummy! I will be ordering again! Everything is very tasty!"
Feb 2013 -- Debra J Garber, Palmyra, PA

"I've just received my first order from the Nuts family and I LOVE IT. The Oriental mix is so good I was tempted to eat the whole bag at once. It was really hard to put it away. I also got Edamame, Trail Mix and Dried Figs and I love them all. I will be ordering again soon."
Feb 2013 -- Diana, Rochester, NY

"Thanks for the quick delivery....great for the super bowl game! Love! love! The snacks fresh and ready to eat!!!"
Feb 2013 -- Theresa, Nashville, TN

"Wow, the nuts were great, especially the Man of the Mix and the Southern Mix. We can't get enough of them. We are also ordering those for our wedding reception. Fast delivery too! Thanks Nuts.com:)"
Feb 2013 -- Brittany, Milwaukee, WI

"Delicious products...fantastic service!"
Feb 2013 -- Jackie, Chesterfield, MO

"Hi! Wow! Fast shipping and really yummy product! Thanks so much! You far exceeded my expectations!"
Feb 2013 -- JD, Hartwell, GA

"My first order I just bought a sample pack to try. I absolutely loved it!!! So I bought a pound bag and when I want something spicy...I'm going to be grabbing for this. So good you have to eat it slow."
Jan 2013 -- Karen

"After coming across nuts.com during an internet search for dried mango I decided to give them a try. I ordered dried mango, apricot, and papaya, a few different bags of mixed nuts/dried fruit, and 2 types of oriental mix, and jasmine tea. When the FedEx delivery guy handed me the box my face lit into an instant smile. The box was covered with fun drawings and writing and I just knew what was inside was going to be just as fun. My expectations were surpassed. The packaging was so much fun I laid it all out next to the box and took a picture. Everything I ordered was exceptional and enjoyed by my whole family. It didn't last long in our pantry and I am looking forward to placing my next order to send to friends and family as a Smile-in-a-Box type gift. Thank you, nuts.com for making excellent quality food items at a very reasonable price."
Jan 2013 -- Debbie, Lompoc, CA

"Tasty. Quick service"
Jan 2013 -- Donna, Missouri city, TX

"First timer here! I ordered white hot chocolate, Espresso mix, Jericho party mix, Southern heat mix, Guacamole bites, roasted soy beans and edamame. I am soo soo pleased! Shipping to Canada was super fast and I loved the box and the products were absolutely amazing. I have already placed my second order for some different things. Everything was fresh, delicious and such a great price. You have earned yourself another lifetime customer! :D Thank you!"
Jan 2013 -- Jessica, Oshawa, Ontario

"WOW!!! I thought our family was nuts....you guys take the cake! I've been ordering online for the past 10 years, and this was, without a doubt, "the best" online ordering, receiving, quality, customer service experience I have ever had. The box my order came is is a hoot! Way to go, you guys for offering such a righteous, fun company to make our family laugh and smile. By the way, your products are amazing! Guess what? I'll be ordering again! Thanks again, you pack ah nuts... :-) xoxo fellow nut"
Jan 2013 -- Kitty, Titusville, FL

"I want to thank you very much for such a quick delivery. Everything I ordered was exceptionally good. I also want to thank you for the little surprise! I love quinoa. Thank you again. I will be ordering again!"
Jan 2013 -- Antoinette

"Everything I order was amazing. I can't wait to order again!"
Jan 2013 -- Sharon, NY, NY

"Love your customer service. Received our first shipment from you yesterday. Have sampled the oriental and southern heat mixes and found them to be quite tasty. Enjoying a cup of special coffee this AM with the hot choc mix....yum! Looking forward to making mincemeat pies with the raisins, currants and citron mix. We will be ordering in the future. So very glad we found you!"
Jan 2013 -- Mary Ann, Martin, Ohio

"A first class operation that provides tasty treats in a most personable way! I love ordering from you and love the outstanding service you provide! Thank you for your hospitable & superior service!"
Dec 2012 -- Betty, Columbus, IN

"First off, the mailing box graffiti was a riot. Second, I really liked how the snacks were bagged. Every single review mentions the short shipping time-with good reason! What, two days I think mine was? Yep, two. If I had more in the bank and less on my waist, I would have already placed another order. I got some gummy snakes for a co-worker and the Jericho blend for my dad. He tried to swipe my free sample- the southern heat mix. Pretty good! Nice and smoky. If there was a sriracha flavor of ANYTHING we'd inhale it in a heartbeat. Thank you nuts.com. What a fun buying experience ;)"
Dec 2012 -- Brandy, Hollywood, FL

"Will NEVER buy nuts anywhere else. Easy website, prompt delivery, and THEY told me when my package arrived at the house. Great service! I also loved the little thank you gift that was included...."
Dec 2012 -- Lisa, Benicia, CA

"VERY SATISFIED!!! Quick delivery! Most of all I love your products. I tried the Southern Heat Mix on a whim, and it is DELICIOUS!!! Also, thank you for the Holiday Gift. It is a plesant surprise and welcome treat!"
Dec 2012 -- Marion

"The rice crackers are great. And they arrived so fast. I didn't expect delivery for another 5 to 7 days yet."
Nov 2012 -- Jon, Kokomo, Indiana

"My coworker brought a bag of Oriental Mix to the office I took a handful and the rest is history!! By the end of the day I purchased 2 bags, 1 for myself and 1 to give back to my coworker because I ate her whole bag!!! So Good!!"
Nov 2012 -- Brittney, Scarsdale, NY

"I received my package yesterday. I order samples and thought they would only be a bite but they are not. I had some friends try the Southern Heat Mix and I think you will be hearing from them. My dog loves the Veggie Chips. The delivery was fast - it came a day before the delivery promise date. Way to go Nuts.com and the galactic delivery powers (aka Fed X)."
Oct 2012 -- lynn, Treasure Island, Fl

"My order arrived so quickly! Awesome service! Thank you! :)"
Oct 2012 -- Tina, syracuse, ny

"We love the mushroom popcorn Kernels; pops up huge and tasty! We also love the Southern Heat Nut/Snack mix for groups of friends or just a quick snack."
Oct 2012 -- Casandra, Washington, D.C.

"Started ordering from here a few months ago for a healthy snack for the office personnel. Everyone loves all the products but especially the Jericho mix & Trail Mix. The Snack Packs are perfect portions to stash at your desk. We are hooked now.. Thanks for a great product!"
Oct 2012 -- Cindy, Valparaiso, IN

"I received my first shipment of nuts yesterday and i was SO pleasantly pleased!!! :o) The packaging of the the nuts were so beautiful in color and style that I didn't want to open them! :o) And when I did open them, I couldn't believe how incredibly fresh everything was! Thank you for making me a part of your family because your company has a lifelong customer in Columbus, Ohio!! :o)"
Oct 2012 -- Jacquetta, Columbus, Ohio

"Ordered a sample of this and it was devoured by my teenaged son in minutes. Really good snack! Time to order some more."
Oct 2012 -- Jamie

"I had bought snacks on recommendation from one of my coworkers and took a pound of rye bagel chips (my personal favorite) and the "mix of champions" with me on a camping trip with friends. We all immediately fell in love with both. It arrived very quickly and was very fresh. My only regret is not buying a 5 pound bag as we were finished with both by Sunday morning. Thank you nuts.com!!! Also, we're all huge fans of your bags and peanut characters =]"
Oct 2012 -- Jack, Brooklyn, NY

"Super fast delivery and super delicious snack. Thanks so much!!"
Aug 2012 -- John, Alexandria, Va

"Another Grand shipment Only problem I've become an addict with all the wonderful products. Thanks Again"
Aug 2012 -- Alicia, Pearland, TX

"OK, last time I kiddingly asked you to ship my order faster when you did it in under an hour. This time I placed the order at 11:40am and it shipped at 11:57am. I don't think that's humanly possible! Also, I am addicted to oriental mix."
Aug 2012 -- Bob Lazar, Glen Allen, Va

"That was a big box... I got the Asian mix and they are delicious. With all the kids 25 pound will just the the 3 months their freshness is guaranteed. What a great savings by buying in bulk. You will not be sorry... Great business and quick one day shipping!!!!! I will be back again!"
Jul 2012 -- Kevin, Granby, MA

"I love these guys. always fresh, delicious products ! The shipping is immediate and the service is 100% AAA+. There is no where else I buy snacks.They are the best !!"
Jul 2012 -- Michele, birdsboro, pa

"Oh my gosh!!! Love you guys. Hugs, hugs and more hugs."
Jul 2012 -- Liza, Mesa, AZ

"My order arrived really fast and I loved the asian snack mixes. They were so fresh - much fresher than the ones at the grocery store. I will order again. Thanks!"
Jul 2012 -- Pat

"Thanks so much for the delicious treats- fresh and amazing! The cajun sesame sticks are fantastic, as is the spicy trail mix, the pepitas, and the sunflower seeds. Thanks also for the berry mix sample. Never had dried fruit that was so soft and flavorful. So glad we found you! Thanks again!!"
Jul 2012 -- Marie, Moneta, VA

"These are truly the best snacks and we love the individual packaging for snacks on the go. Thank you so much for these delicious nuts and mixes! We can't wait to order more!"
Jul 2012 -- Christine Randall, San Francisco, CA

"The nuts arrived much faster than I anticipated. They are just delicious and so fresh! I am unable to find roasted, unsalted soynuts anywhere out here. There were some stores in my area that used to carry them, but nobody carries the unsalted ones anymore. The oriental mix and Wasabi soynut explosiion mix are great snacks for me because I have to watch my blood sugar. And the southern heat mix sampler was delicious. I was so happy to find you on the internet and I will be defiintely ordering from your company again."
Jun 2012 -- Diana, Scottsdale, Arizona

"oriental mix was just as expected. great product."
Jun 2012 -- Adam, Denver, CO

"Got my order today. Wicked good mixes, be talking to you folks for my next order...Thanks"
Jun 2012 -- Jon, cochranville, PA

"It just wonderful how quickly my order arrives. It is like I order, and you immediately drive it here. In my last order, you enclosed a sample of Southern Heat Mix. Not only was it delicious, but a little goes a long way. I just ordered a regular size."
Jun 2012 -- Barbara, Mohegan Lake, NY

"I am a repeat customer and once again the product quality is there (love the rice crackers) and received delivery within 24 hours - that's AMAZING....love you guys!!"
Jun 2012 -- Andrea

"Super fast delivery!! Fun box.. and delicious rice crackers!! Love it!! Will be ordering from you again."
May 2012 -- claudia, charlestown, ri

"I have always loved buying the oriental trail mix from the grocery store. But this was the best that I have ever tasted. So fresh and spicy. I will order from Nuts.com again."
May 2012 -- Siân, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

"I bought a sample size of the Southern Heat mix to try before buying a pound because I was afraid it would be too spicy. It wasn't, it is absolutely the perfect amount of heat. It's oh so yummy! Will be buying a full pound next time around. Thanks, nuts.com!"
May 2012 -- Georgianna H Lowery, Belmont, New York

"Someone gave me this because they didn't like it, I threw it on a shelf and figured I'd never eat it. I was starving and found it and dreadfully tried it. IT WAS AMAZING. I would have thought the peas would have ruined it but they were fantastic, I couldn't stop eating it. Literally had to throw the bag across the room. Awesome product, highly recommend it."
May 2012 -- Sabrina, Meriden, CT

"I bought these for the first time and abolutely LOVE Them . The mix is great with a sweet nut, spicey etc.. I am hooked and will definetly be ordering again. It it s great healthy snack ."
May 2012 -- Arlene, Florida

"I ordered some rice crackers and some chili bits!! Not only was my ordered shipped out immediately!! It arrived fast, when it was scheduled!! My snacks taste amazing!!! So fresh and delicious!!! I've told all my friends and family where my delicious snacks came from!!! Rest assured I will be ordering again soon!!!"
May 2012 -- Sheila, Chicago, IL

"Loving my jumbo cashews and almonds (they are my comfort snack)! Thanks for introducing me to the southern heat mix, I love it!"
Apr 2012 -- Vicky

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