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Raw Cereals Reviews

Below is a sampling of some of our very satisfied customers. Most of our customers are loyal customers that continue to come back and shop at Nuts.com.

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"HOLY POTATOES! these are good. I had it for dinner they were so good. I loved everything I got today. I will be trying more stuff soon. It arrived early and your prices are great. If anyone is reading this trying to decide whether or not to place an order... DO IT."
Oct 2014 -- Ella, Keego, MI

"Very ....very .....very good! Did I mention very good? My advice.... stay true to the suggested serving size and the package will last longer. By the way good luck with that!"
Aug 2014 -- Reg, Flin Flon, Manitoba

"I just wanted to tell you guys that you are by far the best company around. I have been a customer of yours for a while now. First off, shipping is always superfast. The freshness of the almonds were by far some of the best I have ever had. I recently ordered the Acai Berry and Hemp Superfood Cereals, never had anything like it, but the taste was amazing. I just wanted to tell you how much I love your company, keep up the great work."
Aug 2014 -- Anne, Lafayette Hill, PA

"Along with my usual sunflower seeds order I decided to try the Maca Honrycomb and Cacao Crunch Superfood Cereal. When the box arrived the aroma of the Cacao was so apparent I couldn't wait to open the box and OMG! The Maca Honeycomb is delicious but the Cacao Crunch is AWESOME!"
Jul 2014 -- Gina, Riverside, California

"Hey Nutterz, Just wanted to send you a Texas size THANK YOU! My package just arrived today and I quickly opened it and tried my chia seed cereal! It was awesome! Thanks so much for the free sample too, can't wait to try it... The box was so funny too! Keep nuts the great work! Regards, Returning Customer"
Apr 2014 -- Michael Gonzalez, Humble, Tx

"I'm dying, this stuff is so good!!"
Mar 2014 -- Christina, Washington, DC

"This cereal is so delicious with almond milk. So grateful to nuts.com for making a decent, healthy alternative to all of the commercial cereals on the market. Really can't order enough!"
Mar 2014 -- Sean, Ny, Ny

"Received this cereal as a free sample when I ordered the Hemp and Greens Superfood Cereal and Organic Maca Powder. All I can say is I love everything about this family business and couldn't be more happy with my order and the amount of time it took to ship (only a day). cheers"
Feb 2014 -- Christopher, Boston, MA

"This is my second order and I couldn't be more pleased. The gluten free sampler is great - full of tasty treats for the person on your list who must eat gluten free. I especially love the superfood cereal and have already ordered more. Oh, and the packaging is wonderful. Thanks Nuts.com!"
Feb 2014 -- Brooke, Anderson, IN

"First, I love how fast we receive our nuts.com shipments. I just opened my box and they sent a sample of the Acai Blueberry cereal along with the other GF products I ordered. I opened the sample and let my 15 year old, who is a picky eater, try it. When I got the bag back it was almost empty. She immediately asked me to come back on the site and order her some of this cereal. I could not be more pleased. This is a delicious product. The Cacao Crunch is awesome as well."
Dec 2013 -- Sparkle Travis, Lithonia, GA

"I just tried The hemp & greens superfood cereal. I was interested in the the wheat grass mostly because of it's ability to reduce swelling & puffiness. I was shocked after the 2nd day to see that the bags under my eyes were gone. Amazing. It's pretty tasty too. crunchy & chewy at the same time. I have it with almond milk. I ordered it again along with some chlorella & wheat grass. I love Nuts.com- you guys are the best!"
Nov 2013 -- Kim, Westminster, MD

"Hey, nuts.com how awesome are you? Pretty awesome I'd say!!! Besides the fact that your nuts are the best ever, so is your service!! Something that those old enough can remember from days gone by. What a pleasure it is to have a business that actually cares about its customers. Thank You so much! May you continue to be blessed with much success!!"
Nov 2013 -- Patty, Hanover, Pa.

"I LOVE the CaCao Crunch and such a good deal for the 5lb bag! As promised my entire order arrived quickly and in adorable packaging. I'm hooked! Thank you!"
Nov 2013 -- Katie, Garland, Texas

"I just received my yummy stuff today. And I fell in LOVE! Not only with the company, but this Hemp and Greens Superfood Cereal is amazing! Never had anything like this before, it will now be my goto snack of the day. I love the happy packaging; it really lifted my spirit! And the customer service is awesome!!! I am hooked on NUTS! Thanks, Dawn"
Oct 2013 -- Dawn, Courtland, Va

"OMG I just had to write a review about my products I ordered 2 days ago and just received. The Fedex truck didn't get a chance to pull off before I had the box open and tore into everything!! Everything was so fresh and yummy(including the free veggie chips....thank you). The Hemp & Greens and Acai Blueberry Superfood Cereals are deee-licious! You can see every ingredient listed on the label in those tasty, little clusters. In the Berry and Antioxidant Mixes, the gojiberries tasted like gojiberries, the mulberries tasted like mulberries, the gooseberries tasted like gooseberries and the snozberries tasted like snozberries LOL. This is my 1st time ordering from this company but it definitely won't be my last."
Sep 2013 -- Desiree, Birmingham, Alabama

"Who knew that eating healthier could be so enjoyable. Oh my goodies, im loving my order. I order the Hemp & Greens Superfood Cereal and of my favorite Cajun Boiled Peanuts and man i'm in love with flavors! Nuts.com also threw in a sample pack of Acai Blueberry Superfood Cereal and it is awesome too! I'm not even thinking about eating the cereals with any type of milk. They are good all by themself. Also, as im typing this my suppy is going down fast! Thats how good everything is! I love Nuts.com"
Aug 2013 -- Vera, Eastpointe, MI

"So nice to have a dependable company to order from to get healthy and delicious raw squares. Quick, healthy, dependable!"
Aug 2013 -- Cari, Tawas City, Mi

"Order came fast (as usual).Thanks for the special treat of cacao beans. Husband loves the mix of the man nuts. He did not share too much. The best licorice I have ever had-too bad I only bought a sample. Oh well next order. We are addicted to the Hemp and Green superfood cereal, not only does it taste great, we know it is good for us too. Thanks again for the great service. Deb and Ken"
Aug 2013 -- Deb and Ken, cape coral, florida

"Hi Folks! I'm writing to tell you that all the positive feedback I read on your website before placing my first order last week was totally spot on. NOW I understand what everyone is raving about! The french burnt peanuts and boston baked beans were the best I've ever had from any candy counter anywhere. And your dried fruit is to die for! I still can't get over how fresh and moist and just-sweet-enough it all is. Seriously, I will never buy dried fruit from the supermarket again. The acai blueberry cereal is fabulous in milk, in yogurt or straight out of the bag. And as if all this weren't enough, you were gracious enough to slip me a couple of samples as well. You delivered quickly, in fun packaging that kept all of my purchases super fresh and now you're stuck with this customer for life!! Keep up the great work and thanks for delivering great products at reasonable prices. Love you guys!!"
Jul 2013 -- Colleen, Norwich, CT

"I've been trying to eat healthier and get more greens in my diet I found two delicious ways to do so with your Hemps and Greens cereal and energy squares. I look forward to trying the other items on the site."
Jul 2013 -- Taesha, Baltimore, MD

"Just received my first order and OMG!!! How is it that I didn't know about you guys sooner! Not only do you offer all the superfoods/superpowders that I live, but you sell them at (literally) a fraction of the cost that I am used to paying locally!! I just cannot say enough, with your great prices and huge selection people can no longer say that eating healthy and organic is too expensive. And by the way, the order of acai blueberry superfood cereal that I added to my order on a whim is AMAZING!!! Too much typing, must go eat now! Om nom nom!"
Jul 2013 -- Jessica, Regina, Sk

"Fast delivery. Your Acai Blueberry Superfood Cereal is phenomenal!"
Jun 2013 -- JoAnne, Menifee, CA

"Wow! Everything (good) that the product reviews say is true: It's all delicious, perfectly packaged, and is delivered SO quickly. My 2am-Tuesday order arrived on Thursday morning. Nuts.com is a shining example of how an internet-based business should work! The hemp & greens cereal is so crispy, it's such a great texture - not dense and hard like some granola type cereals are, and all of the date varieties are fantastic! I couldn't be more pleased with my order. Thank you for the very generous-sized sample of goji berries, too!"
Jun 2013 -- Julie, Pittsburgh, Pa

"got my order early this morning. the strawberries are like no other dried berry I have had before. just like candy. the acai blueberry cereal taste incredible. I'm snacking on them as I write. thank you for the free veggie chips. who knew healthy snacking could taste so good."
Jun 2013 -- mira, winston-salem, nc

"This is my new favourite place to buy "gluten free" products. There are sooooo many delicious things to try!!!! Not only is everything yummy and fresh; but, the staff is wonderful and available even on weekends. Krystin wrote me an email answering my question and assuring me she would pass along a suggestion to her supervisors. I felt like she really cares about all the customers. It's really refreshing to know there's a company that has the best products and the best service!!! They also include samples with each order. My favourite so far is "Acai Blueberry Superfood Cereal"!!! It's amazing!!! I'll be looking forward to trying more and more gluten free items! I also appreciate the program that Nuts.com has for sending treats to our service men and women who dedicate their lives in keeping our freedom. Thank you, Thank you!!!!!!"
May 2013 -- Vivien, San Clemente, CA

"Its official, our family is addicted to Nuts.com., and only after two orders. Funny story: I was expecting our order to arrive on thursday.and a nuts.com box arrived on wed. My son had the box, and I said, WOW our order came early. He said, this is my box,I put my own order in. I told him that I would have added his order on to mine,if i would have known. My son said No way, I am keeping this in my room, if it goes into the kitchen, it will be gone in one day. He is right it would be. We Love your products and enjoy trying new things with each order. Thanks"
May 2013 -- Lori, Saint Charles, MO

"I love your company. I can count on you to ship my order right away. The food I have ordered is out of this world. Everything is fresh, fresh, fresh and so tasty. I will be a customer for years to come. I have never been disappointed. Wonderful products and a wonderful company. Everything is packaged so nice. I am impressed. Keep up the good work guys."
May 2013 -- Chris, Ocala, FL

"Sorry, been too busy eating to give a review...just kidding! Love the cacao cereal! I was already a huge fan of the Hemp & Greens so I decided to try to chocolate. I now have 10 pounds of cereal that probably won't last a week...too good to be true. Also I love your kale chips, but had to pass on the last order because I spend all my $$$ on cereal! :) Thanks for the little cacao nibs too! I blended them with raw almonds and maple syrup in my food processor and WOW, what a treat! You guys are awesome."
Apr 2013 -- Lisa, San Diego, CA

"So perfect to mix into greek yogurt! Be aware, it's a small bag so you probably won't be eating this cereal as a bowl of cereal... But, it is delicious to eat all on it's own as a little snack or to top things like yogurt or ice cream. I even sprinkle some on top of my steel cut oatmeal to add sweetness and crunch."
Apr 2013 -- jamie, falls church, Virginia

"Fast, fast , fast service, prices are great and everything is so good. The acai blueberry superfood cereal is yummy. I'll be ordering again soon. So glad I found you."
Apr 2013 -- Pam, Red Bank, TN

"I'm addicted to the Hemp & Greens superfood cereal! It gives me energy like no other breakfast food, and is great to nibble on as a snack. Everything I've had has been fantastic, and I've gotten to try so many new things, it's exciting every time I get a new shipment! I'm so grateful for the amazing products and service, retailers like this are a dying breed!"
Apr 2013 -- Kathleen, Edmonton, AB

"Bought the hemp +greens superfood cereal purely for the good-for-you ingredients, not expecting much in terms of taste. I mean, how good can hemp taste? But I was pleasantly surprised! It's really great, and now I want more! Wish it came in a 1lb bag though. :)"
Mar 2013 -- Alisa, Reno, NV

"I love this stuff. I haven't had a crunchy satisfying granola in 2 years and this satisfied every cereal craving for me. My (bleached) sugar intolerant DD kept snitching some because it tasted great. She didn't care that it's gluten free. I dream of buying a 5 lb bag, but we'd have to ration it out so it would last longer than a month."
Mar 2013 -- Tabitha, Tx

"Can't BELIEVE how many wonderful and healthy items you carry all under one roof! Recently placed a small order along with some sample sized items and was pleased with almost everything. Not to mention the order arrived in less than 24 hrs! Couldn't have gotten it from the store much quicker than that! The Acai Blueberry Superfood Cereal is an item I would not have tried had it not been available in sample size ... but OMG was it good! Highly addictive straight from the pkg. Almost too good! Will be ordering this again: ) The jumbo Medjool dates are to die for! Seriously better than a fudge brownie! I really can't say enough. It's my new favorite food. Turkish figs were thrown in as an "extra" surprise sample and will now become a regular part of my order. They taste like you're eating a Fig Newton only better! Just wish they offered more items in sample size. I definitely like to "try before I buy". Thanks Nuts.com! You just gained a new customer: )"
Mar 2013 -- Kim, baltimore, MD

"Whenever I am doing a search for something and I come across an interesting website I add it to my favorites with hopes of ordering in the future. Well I am sorry that this site has been wasting away in my favorites for so long. I was so excited to receive my package today and once I tried some of the things I ordered (Chia Ginger Superfood, Cherry Chia Kale Granola, chocolate covered sunflower seeds, just to name a few. I ordered a lot!) I am now a customer for life and can't wait to share this site with all my nutty friends. Everything so far has exceeded my expectations. Thanks so much my new nutty friends!"
Mar 2013 -- Stacey, Beachwood, NJ

"This is easiest one of the best cereal I've ever had. My first bag only last 2 days.... I can't wait to get my hands on some more. AMAZING! Thanks guys!!"
Mar 2013 -- Lydia, Orlando, Fl

"You have a new fan!!! I LOVE the Acai Blueberry Superfood Ceral! It's a party in my mouth! Lol Everything arrived on time and the packaging is adorable lol! Thank you guys! I'll be placing another order very soon! ;-)"
Mar 2013 -- Lydia, Orlando, Fl

"Got my order on time! I love these cereal among all the orders we got. I just snack on it when I feel hungry so I won't be tempted to eat cookies! It taste really really good and my fiance loved it too! Thank you for the "little something" of Cacao squares you added free! We loved it a lot that we placed an order for the same day we got our first order! I highly recommend this over the Chia Ginger Cereal. ^^"
Feb 2013 -- Meryll, San Angelo, TX

"Nuts, You are the BEST !! I ordered on the 19th and received my order on the 20th ! Crazy awesome. No company has ever done that before !And your special little notes and packaging and FREE sample, so meaningful ! I have severe Arthritis and read about Chia seeds and how they they help with Arthritis.. so i purchased those along with your Goji energy squares and your Chia Ginger cereal. My first smoothie was awesome, and the snacks, well the very best ! I felt energized and full for so long ! You have made me a customer for life.. More companies should follow how you do business ! I want to personally just Thank You for your Kindness, professionalism, silly and quirky packaging and your wonderful and so fresh products ! I'm NUT'S for you ! :)"
Feb 2013 -- Kim, Lake Placid, NY

"I love you guys--super duper fast delivery and great products each time. I really love the boxes, too!"
Feb 2013 -- Nanette, Vero Beach, FL

"I just gotta say, I am super impressed with the overall experience of dealing with these nuts. From the excellent shipping turnaround time to the outstanding products, I am impressed. My favorite products are the sprouted cereal mixes. I have tried three of them and have to restrain myself when I open the bag. Keep up the great customer service!"
Feb 2013 -- Anne, White Bear Lake, MN

"I just absolutely love love love your bags! And box!- my husband met the fed-ex driver in our driveway & they were amused, reading & turning the box around like a rubic's cube! Priceless. Not to mention how DELICIOUS the hemp & greens cereal is- my husband is on a no sweet diet & he could have eaten the whole 8 oz bag on the spot! I love nuts.com & your humor- you make shopping online fun- a first for me!"
Feb 2013 -- sebring, fl

"Ordered after 5 PM last night. Received before 1:30 PM today...WOW! I bought the sample Acai Blueberry Superfood Cereal, not knowing if I would like it...absolutely LOVE it! The unsweetened banana chips are so flavorful w/a banana/coconutty flavor...DELICIOUS! The Rainier cherries are not overly sweet. Tastes like a cross between a cherry & a raisin...yummy! I CRAZY LOVE the triple berry super antioxidant mix! I have many food allergies, so it's awesome to find some unusual dried fruits that I know I'm not allergic to cuz I've never had them before...and SOOOO DELICIOUS...THANK YOU, THANK YOU! Thank u for the sample of Organic raw cacao goji energy squares. I tasted one (yummy), but saved the rest for my family, as I'm allergic to a couple of the ingredients in them. Family enjoyed them. Lastly, 1 week ago, I ordered some raw cashew pieces (amongst other things)...tasty, crunchy & creamy! I really appreciated the sample of mixed nuts. I'd been wanting to try a variety of your nuts, but didn't have the cash to order some of each. That sample gave me a taste of each nut I'd wanted to try. THANK YOU Nuts.com...you are totally AWESOME!"
Jan 2013 -- Belinda, Bethlehem, PA

"I ordered my box of samples yesterday, and they were here by 5pm today. I couldn't believe how timely! And the actual products: Berry mix, Raspberry whole wheat bars, and the blueberry acai cereal are OUT OF THIS WORLD. I will definitely be placing a full sized order. The goji cacao energy squares are great too, but they aren't my personal taste, so I'll be trying a different flavor. All in all Nuts.com has become my new favorite everything!"
Jan 2013 -- Jillian, Oside, NY

"The granola is wonderful, better than expected. Service was also exceptional, my order arrived in one day. I am telling friends about you, I will order again soon. Thanks Tim"
Jan 2013 -- tim, Alex Bay, New York

"I am amazed at how quickly my order arrived. The nutty stuff written on the outside of the box made me chuckle. However, my goodies inside the box took me to another place in deliciousness. I have never tasted veggie chips like yours that taste just like the vegetables only dry and nicely crunchy! Wow! Sorry I only got 2 samples. Will be ordering the gigantic bag very soon. The goji berries and acai bluberry superfood cereal samples are wonderfully delicious. I have never tasted organic cacao nibs before. The sample you gave me with my order is right up my alley. How did you know I'm a chocoholic? I mixed the goji, acai cereal and cacao nibs together and had my own trail mix. Haven't tried the nut flours yet but I am convinced I will be more than pleased. Your products are really helping me keep in line with my determination to make healthy lifestyle changes this year. Thanks for being there for us 'nutty' appreciative folks."
Jan 2013 -- Patricia

"O.M.G. these Superfood Cereals are amazing! I'm actually glad they come in small packages otherwise I would eat way more in one sitting! Definite reorder in the works!"
Jan 2013 -- Cindy, Richmond, VIRGINIA

"Excellent shipping practices! I can't believe that it arrived within three days. Love the bright pop art-ish resealable packaging as well. Last but not least, the nuts are fresh and the cereal tastes like coco-crispies yet it actually contains ingredients that are good for me. I'm a customer for life."
Jan 2013 -- Ashleigh, Princeton, Mn

"Wow! I am so super impressed with this company!!! And trust me when I say I DO NOT say that easily!!! Obviously there's a reason why they have been in business since 1929!!!!! My order arrived a day in advance, and I was well informed of my package status. The packaging is also so clever and made me smile (you'll see) as well as the free samples, the note inside wih a recipe link, and the overall stellar customer service!!! I will reorder again and again for certain and recommend to all my friends!!!! Thank you nuts.com!!!!! You made my day!"
Jan 2013 -- Betty, NC

"We are in Nut, berry, chocolate Heaven! Ordered Acai Blueberry Superfood Cereal, Antioxidant Mix, Berry Mix, Ultimate Malted Milk Balls, Whole Wheat Raspberry Bars, Malk and Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Caramels. Excellent! Keep up the good work!"
Jan 2013 -- Shar

"You Nutty Kids: It was sooooo much fun to open my Nutty box! I have been very ill for 4 months and continue to improve each day. My healthy diet/vitamins are mandatory and your Acai Blueberry Superfood Cereal is just what I need! Yummy crunch and smooooth taste! Back to try the other Nutty goodies I ordered...More to come! Good thoughts, Sher"
Jan 2013 -- Shar

"This stuff blew me away. I couldn't believe how good it is. I wanted it to be good, but it really is! Buy it now"
Jan 2013 -- Ryan, Pawleys Island, SC

"OMG! This is my first time ordering from Nuts.com. I ordered Chlorella Powder, Acai Cereal and Raspberry Tea can not believe the savings versus local retailers. The shipping was incredible I have to say. And they were so nice to include Cacao Goji Energy Squares FOR FREE as a sample. Guess who's ordering them next time (my daughter is in love with them so I had to hide it) not even 1 hour after opening the box; they are absolutely decadent folks! And the packaging is so very inviting you barely want to open it. So guess who can't wait to place their next order? Thank you Nuts.com and see you on my next order....I am SOLD and filled with gratitude for your help in making it possible to be healthy and stay Alkaline! Sincerely, The Panton Family~"
Jan 2013 -- Tala, CORAL SPRINGS, Florida

"I bought a lot of stuff. I'm trying to eat healthy. My favorite so far is Chia Ginger Superfood, I'm BIG ginger fan which is why I bought it. I can barely taste the Ginger, but whatever I taste I really really like."
Dec 2012 -- Cheryl

"It's been years since I've had granola, since I'm allergic to oats. I was really hoping this stuff would hit the spot, and OMG does it!! The best granola I've ever had. Is it still healthy if I gorge myself on this?"
Nov 2012 -- Christine, Los Angeles, CA

"This cereal is amazing. I like granola but this was beyond awesome."
Oct 2012 -- Kristy

"My order arrived before scheduled, excellent delivery. The dark chocolate supreme cherries are de-licious! I also have tried the acai berry cereal, it is great, I just wished it came in a big box. Everything was wonderful, I will order again and tell all my friends!"
Oct 2012 -- Pauline

"Thank you for such fast delivery. My son was thrilled when the order arrived (can't make his favorite amaranth pancakes without arrowroot!) - you made his day! Also, loved the acai blueberry cereal sample...everyone loved it! Will be ordering some soon....thanks!"
Oct 2012 -- Pat, Chicago, IL

"I just received my shipment and I am VERY impressed. Usually when I purchase a food product online, I am disappointed at how small the size is (despite reading weights beforehand). Not with nuts.com! Every item was meticulously packaged and much LARGER than I expected - I thought I was getting enough to stock up for a month and I most likely have two months worth of items! I am beyond pleased! The dried fruits are DELICIOUS and the nuts, nut butters and flours will go a long way in my journey toward a healthy lifestyle. Thank you nuts.com! You are AWESOME."
Oct 2012 -- Michele, Crestview, Florida

"What ever happened to sitting around the house for days waiting for your package to arrive? I ordered yesterday and all my goodies arrived today. I'm skipping supper tonight because I can't stop nibbling. The raw cacao goji energy squares are over the top. The hemp & greens cereal, acai blueberry cereal and the chia ginger cereals are all stellar, right out of the bag, I can't wait to try them with my almond milk in the morning. I don't think it would be too much to say I'm NUTS about your products."
Oct 2012 -- James, Wallingford, CT

"I got my first shipment from NUTS.COM today. They sent me a free sample of Goji Choc. squares that are wicked delish. I can't stop munching on the Chia Ginger Superfood Cereal, it is sooooo good! Also got a 5lb bag of raw almonds that should last me half a year and they are so yummy. Nuts is awesomely delish, great customer service, and such a great deal!"
Aug 2012 -- Tia, Arlington, MA

"This morningI tried the Chia Ginger Superfood Cereal, from my most recent order, . UMMM I really enjoyed it but find I like to let it soak in milk for a few minutes before eating it. I especially like the Ginger taste in it. Makes me glad I ordered 2 pkgs. Thank you, NUTTY FAMILY, for the good product & speedy service.... MS"
Aug 2012 -- Maybelle, Missouri

"Got my first order it shipped quickly and the products are wonderful especially the Raw Cacao Superfood Cereal. Sprinkle some cereal over a bowl of fresh blueberries and add some of the free goji berries and that's all you need. I'll be back for more."
Aug 2012 -- Greg, Lancaster, PA

"Where have you been all my life? I am nuts over you hemp and greens superfood cereal. It's fantastic!! I will be ordering more from you very soon."
Aug 2012 -- Zakiya

"The super duper cereal is to die for --maybe to live better!! and the little energy squares so perfect for me Thanks nutty people"
Jul 2012 -- MaryAnne, Kilmarnock, Virginia

"i am loving the energy squares, all the flavors are fabulous. this is a great site. also digging the superfood cereals. you have items i can't find anywhere else. and you ship SO fast!!"
Jul 2012 -- Erica

"I thought my kids might be skeptical about eating or even trying the snacks I ordered because they were healthy alternatives to the junk food that usually ends up on our shelves. They loved everything, especially the cacao crunch which is already gone. I'll definitely be ordering more but in larger volumes."
Jul 2012 -- Lee, Melrose Park, Illinois

"I ordered a handful of healthy snacks for my Mom instead of sending flowers. She loved them and I am so excited to have found a great place for healthy snacks!!"
Jun 2012 -- Kelly, Rochester, MN

"Go Nuts.com! Once again a fabulous delivery of great products. Always quick, easy-to-order and delicious. Thanks for being such a well-run company with a true personal touch!"
Jun 2012 -- Janet, Elgin, AZ

"My cousin has raved about Nuts.com for years so I finally made my first purchase. I could not be more pleased. It was delivered the day after I ordered it and everything I ordered was fantastic. I will be ordering again OFTEN!!!"
May 2012 -- Karyn, Hainesport, NJ

"Just tried the Hemp & Greens Superfood Cereal. Amazing. Thanks so much for carrying such a great product."
Apr 2012 -- Darla, New Orleans, LA

"Love the acai blueberry superfood cereal and I can't wait to try the quinoa puffs :-)"
Mar 2012 -- Temi, The Colony, TX

"Just got my shipment (arrived super fast!) The greens superfood cereal is simply amazing! Thanks nuts.com!!!"
Mar 2012 -- Rachel, Kalamazoo, Michigan

"Great service. Large selection. I decided to try the Acai Superfood and absolutely love it! You carry such a large selection from health food to candy... this is a great store, I will be back!!"
Mar 2012 -- Django, Seattle, WA

"I love this place!! I found it by accident looking for freeze dried mangos. I found them and so much more!! The Cacao Crunch Superfood Cereal is wonderful. I mixed it with some plain yogurt for dessert. Awesome. The nuts are very fresh, sweet, and delicious. I got a sample pack and all the different varieties are great. Veggie chip are excellent too. Shipping was fast and reasonably priced, even to Canada. And no nasty brokerage charges. Nuts.com takes care of it all. I will be shopping here again - very soon!!"
Mar 2012 -- Rachel, Langley, BC

"Very fast shipping!The chia ginger cereal is just very yammi! Thank You"
Mar 2012 -- Hilda, Shelter Island,hgts, NY

"YAY!!!!! I am so excited to have found you! Super fast shipping and free sample is such a great treat. You are so kind and I am very pleased with my purchases. Organic Palm sugar, Organic cacao nibs, and organic coconut oil have eluded me locally. thank you for supplying them. I am also IN LOVE with the Chia Ginger cereal and the O/R cacao goji energy squares"
Mar 2012 -- Elizabeth, Somers, CT

"My wife and I love this cereal, placing a second order. YUMMM! I usually can't get her to eat healthy food but she can't put the bag down."
Feb 2012 -- Jonathan, Keller, TX

"I just received my second order and i am so pleased. I'm already looking for more stuff to order. So far I'm hooked on the bing cherries, superfood cereal, and raw cacao energy squares."
Feb 2012 -- Kristen, Nutley, Nj

"Our order was on-time and so far everything has been excellent. We ordered the Cacao Crunch Superfood Cereal, Organic Raw Cacao Goji Energy Squares, Organic Cashews (Raw) and the Organic Macadamia Nuts (Raw). My honey ate the cereal this morning before going to the gym and it stayed with him through his 2 hour workout. Nuts are fresh and the energy bar is tasty. Thank you! Looking forward to placing my next order."
Feb 2012 -- Maggie, Litchfield Park, Arizona

"My third huge order just came in! I ordered late afternoon on Sat and my order was at my door on Monday! Outstanding! Before I unpacked everything, I ripped open the Mochi Rice Cakes as a new item for me. OMGoodness! Harmony in my mouth!! You just MUST try these treats if you never have. My next treat will be the Cordials (I bought four varieties), but I must earn those after I complete my weekly workouts! I know I'm going to LOVE them too! The superfood cereals are amazing in almond or coconut milk; great as a pre-workout fuel and chockful of fiber and protein!! EXTREMELY happy with my new Nutty friends!! :) :)"
Feb 2012 -- Vernetta, Alexandria, VA

"This is my new favorite site. The products were all higher quality than I expected and packaged in such a lovely, friendly way! I was most impressed with the freeze dried mullberries and hemp cereal. I'm already making another order!"
Feb 2012 -- Sam, Chicago, IL

"Okay so we all know they have fast shipping by now but do you all know how awesome this cereal is? It is amazing. I had no idea what to expect but it's nutty and sweet and the mix of crunchy and chewy is wonderful. I haven't tried it in milk yet but alone as a dry snack on the way to work or at the office is fabulous. Bonus... my kids love it! Thank you so much for introducing us to these fabulous cereals!!!"
Jan 2012 -- Brooke

"I placed an order on Monday night and had the order the next evening. Faster than they said! In my order was a free sample which was such a nice touch. I love a company that values their customers and products. I will be a lifelong supporter of nuts.com!!! Thanks for helping to make a healthy lifestyle a bit less expensive and convenient!!! BTW I munch on this hemp cereal at work and it definitely gives me that boost when I need it!"
Jan 2012 -- Michelle, Springfield, MA

"Thats fast shipping!!! Already tried the chia ginger superfood cereal and let me tell you, it was amazing! The banana chips are easy to chew and sweet. I'm a devoted follower now. Prices are better then any health food store and the selections are without contest!"
Jan 2012 -- MaryEllen, frankfort, ny

"The Chia Ginger Superfood Cereal is absolutely amazing. I just ordered 15lbs and ordering the Acai cereal too! Just add 8 oz of Almond milk (or your favorite beverage) and you have a power packed breakfast. Add a piece of fresh fruit and you're definitely ready to tackle the day. And with dried strawberries, who needs candy. The Energy bars are to die for! My order came in one day! A customer for life!"
Jan 2012 -- Vernetta, Alexandria, VA

"Dear fellow health nuts, I'm loving your awesomely healthy, incredible yummy products. I'm addicted to the Raw Cocao Goji energy squares- amazing!!! Although the Acai blueberry superfood cereal is delightfully pleasing as well. The Chia Ginger superfood cereal is great too. Tomorrow I'm making pancakes from your Quinoa flour & coconut flour. Can't wait!!! Thank you for creating a company that makes being healthy deliciously delightful!!! Your loyal nutty fan, Rita Levy"
Dec 2011 -- Margarita (Rita) Levy, Merrick, NY

"Very fast shipment, great packaging and AWESOME product! I also, LOVED the e-mail!!!!!"
Dec 2011 -- Stacey, Minong, WI

"Hi, my first time order of the Acai berry crunch cereal. I love it. I'll have to order a bigger package, it's almost gone already. Looking forward to using my gluten free almond flour for the holidays."
Nov 2011 -- Sue Ann, Plano, IL

"Tried Chia Seeds for the 1st time. They are good and I have read alot of positive benefits so I will see over time. Also Chia Ginger Superfood Cereal. Taste was great. I just snacked out of the bag. Would be great on yogurt or oatmeal as well. Products came very quick. Will be ordering again!"
Nov 2011 -- Julie, milledgeville, ga

"Products ordered are great! Delicious! Shipping speed is fantastic! Great choice of products too. Thanks for being here!"
Nov 2011 -- william, Forestville, Maryland

Oct 2011 -- Josephine, Monroe, NJ

"I received my order today. Everything is delicious!!!! I especially like the raspberry whole wheat bars. They are sooooo good!!! Also, the Acai Blueberry Superfood Cereal is wonderful. I am going to try the Pancake mix tomorrow and will let you know about it. I definitely will be ordering again. Thanks!!!"
Sep 2011 -- Charlotte, Pisgah Forest, NC

"Wowee on delivery (1 day!),fabulous roasted favas, delish chia ginger cereal, and a sample of acai blueberry cereal. Here in NYC you can get everything and anything, but these prices, service, and quality are a tough trio to beat. I'm tickled to have found you nuts!"
Sep 2011 -- Peggy

"OMG!!!The Blueberry Superfood Cereal is to die for. Instead of almond milk, this time I used yogurt..Wow!!! I'm hooked. Nutsonline is the best.... I am in Afghanistan and I got my items in 5 days and in tact. I'm going to try the Sweet Potato Butter next. The reviews have me sold."
Aug 2011 -- Debra Donnell, Afghanistan

"Just love everything I ordered so far! Getting ready to submit another one! Awesome products and service!"
Jul 2011 -- Carol, Chandler, AZ

"Amazing!! I have never ordered anything on line and received it as fast as when I order from nuts on line!! Great products!! Will continue my business and tell others! :)"
Jul 2011 -- Michelle, Cranston, RI

"I just received yesterday my first order, mainly nuts. I always make it a point to give a testimonial when I am pleased. I was very pleased with your product and pleasantly surprised with the bonus free sample. The nuts and dried berries were all very fresh, packaged nicely, and arrived in one DAY. Wow, thanks for the excellent service and count me as a new customer. T"
Jul 2011 -- Tazlin, New Jersey

"hi just wanted to let yo know the sample snacks are wonderful and i am looking forward to trying every thing else thanks again will order more soon."
Jun 2011 -- carmen, middle island, new york

"Received my first order today, and I can tell already it won't be my last! I have sampled everything except the coffee already and...WOW! If the coffee tastes half as good as it smells...mmmmmm! My order was shipped super fast - I ordered late on Monday and it was here on Friday (standard shipping) the fudge even held up well with the heat, even though I wasn't really worried about it (who doesn't like rich, gooey fudge?) With fantastic products and this kind of service, it's easy to see why your company has stood the test of time! Thanks!"
Jun 2011 -- Teresa

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