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Raw Energy Squares Reviews

Below is a sampling of some of our very satisfied customers. Most of our customers are loyal customers that continue to come back and shop at Nuts.com.

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"All of the items I've ordered and received have been beyond delicious. Especially the lemon pop energy squares. Eating them is like eating slices of lemon pound cake. YUM!"
Feb 2015 -- Anita, Barrington, New Jersey

"This is my third recent order. I absolutely love the cereal, the org. Chia energy squares, and the org. lemon pop energy squares. Also, the walnuts and almonds are so fresh and delicious. I've just placed another order because I can't find things as fresh, tasty, and healthy as what you offer in the stores. Please keep up the great work. A grateful customer. P.S. Thanks for the scrumptious samples!"
Jan 2015 -- Lenice, Cornville, Arizona

"I've placed several orders with your company and haven't gotten one item that wasn't fabulous. The lemon pop energy squares are my favorite; no,wait, it's the rosemary garlic pistachio almond mix. Or the power mix. I'd like to say the dried strawberries are yummy, but I can't get them away from my husband."
Jun 2014 -- Jocelyn, Washington crossing, Pa

"I absolutely love Nuts.com, great service and delicious products, especially the Organic Lemon Pop Energy squares- so tasty, I'm addicted! The fresh, sweet shredded coconut makes my truffles sing!!"
Jun 2014 -- AJ, Jacksonville, Florida

"I never write reviews, but this company desires all the accolades! The customer service and shipping is by far the best I have ever experienced, and I do a lot of online shopping. Great products! Right now I'm hooked on the dried mulberries and energy squares, but I have also tried: the salad booster, oils, cacao nibs, sun dried tomatoes, and dried fruit... All of which are magnificent!"
May 2014 -- Shaela, Framingham, MA

"Love my raw cacao goji energy squares and my Berry mix. Everything was very good!"
May 2014 -- Michelle, Camarillo, California

"Absolutely delicious! Mulberries and Goji Berries. Who knew? I was looking for Mulberries, but also ordered samples of the Goji berries, Raw Cacao Goji Energy squares and the Maca Powder. It is 11:39pm and I actually felt too tired to write this review, but after munching on this Cacao Goji Energy Square ~ I feel a second wind coming on! Lastly, Chia Seeds just for me? I feel energized and special *Batting my eyelashes*"
Apr 2014 -- Kimberly, Hayward, CA

"You guys are the best! Delivery couldn't be any quicker, and OMG your Organic Lemon Pop Energy squares are to die for! Thank you!"
Apr 2014 -- Elaine, Barnegat, NJ

"I have only ordered from you twice but each time the order are shipped quickly and the item are great. The two items that I like the best so far are the Lemon Pop Energy Squares and the Cacao Goji Energy Squares. I eat them whenever I need a snack and other that I have shared with have like them too."
Apr 2014 -- Briden, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

"LOVE my energy bars - I could not stop sharing them with the people I work with - lemon pops rule!!! you have won a customer for sure! the shipping is not cheap but the product is soooooo fresh - it is more than worth it- glad I found you------tom"
Mar 2014 -- tom, athens, ga

"Just received my order and as usual, very happy with everything. I ordered the Organic Raw Cacao Goji Energy Squares for the first time and OMW, they are DELICIOUS. I can see getting very hooked on them. I have to discipline myself not to eat the whole bag in one sitting."
Mar 2014 -- Kathy, Hampstead, NH

"Received these as a sample in my latest package. Sold on them. Love 'em. So does my husband. We'll be back for more!"
Feb 2014 -- Erin, Menlo Park, CA

"I had to come back for more! They are addicting and delicious, and I got my order within two days."
Feb 2014 -- Kelly, maynard, ma

"I ordered only a sample of these and I am sorry I did because these were GREAT! Very tasty and chewy! You won't be disappointed."
Jan 2014 -- Melody, Petal, MS

"Happy to have received our order this morning (fast as usual). My wife loves the guacamole bites and I love the energy squares. My son (4 yo) thanks you for the Goji berry sample too. They will definitely be included on our next order."
Jan 2014 -- Leonard, McGuire AFB, NJ

"I loved everything I ordered. The goji cacao squares are my favorite. I will definitely be ordering them again!"
Jan 2014 -- Kate, bethlehem, pa

"These lemon squares are AMAZING! I love the fact that they are not baked and they keep all their nutrients! Bonus!! You must try them!"
Dec 2013 -- Yolanda, Brooklyn, NY

"I was a little skeptical about these at first, but once I tried it I was instantly hooked. Perfect size snack for someone with a sweet tooth. I will definitely be ordering more soon!"
Dec 2013 -- Inbal, Brooklyn, NY

"I received my Organic Raw Cacao Goji Energy Squares and all I can say is YUM!! I shared some with a friend and it was an instant fav!! I'm ordering more NOW!! Thanks Nuts.com James"
Dec 2013 -- James, Boston, MA

"taste so so good and moist and pure, i found my new snack"
Nov 2013 -- fritz, iselin, New Jersey

"I only have one complaint. The Cacao Goji Energy squares are TOO good. I could literally eat the whole bag in one sitting. YUM!!! Thanks for making such great products!"
Nov 2013 -- Brooke, Eastern, ND

"Thanks for the sample of the Organic Raw Cacao Goji Energy Squares..... They will definitely be included in my next order..... Delicious and very filling!"
Nov 2013 -- Mary Chambers, Garner, Iowa

"Fabulous taste for a healthy snack...hoping they carry a larger size for my 7 kids & 20 grand-kids~! Yummy~!"
Nov 2013 -- Elizabeth, Richland, Wa.

"These are the best energy squares I've ever had and nuts.com is the best also. I'm hooked for life."
Oct 2013 -- Steve, Mineola, NY

"You have the best nuts and the fastest delivery! Turkish Figs, Goji Berries and Raw Cacao Goji Energy Squares are fantastic. I loved your package design as well. Thank you for your wonderful service!"
Oct 2013 -- Nad, Staten Island, New York

"The BEST! There's nothing left to be said...I'm nuts about Nuts.com. The delivery time is exceptional, the food is fresh and DELISH, and the packaging is adorable. I'm hooked!"
Oct 2013 -- Michele, New York, NY

"Best snack EVER! They are sized right for kids to take to school, have little packaging and are the perfect balance of sweet and nutty."
Sep 2013 -- Ara, Adirondacks, NY

"I was so excited to get my package! My favorites so far are the strawberries, the Cacao Goji energy squares, and the wasabi beans. Will order more stuff soon! Thanks for my yummy treats!!"
Sep 2013 -- Rachel, Fort Walton Beach, FL

"I love, Love, LOVE your company. I ordered after 3:00 PM yesterday and received my order by 12:30 today. Unbelievable. There isn't one thing I ordered that I haven't liked. You guys ROCK. And YUM on these cacao goji berry energy bars. I opened that packet up as soon as I unpacked. It's now going on my favorites list. Keep up the awesome job. Love you."
Sep 2013 -- Lisa, Agawam, MA

"These are great! the best part is-I don't have to try and make them. It's a clean and wholesome snack by a family with good energy. So in a way, these are packed with double the fun and double the energy."
Sep 2013 -- victor, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

"Wow! Awesome, I ordered all of them, first off, it was delivered in 2 days, normally that would be an additional charge! I have only had the Lemon Pop so far, very impressive! I love it, you have a very satisfied and loyal customer, cannot wait to have my friends and coworkers try them! Great job!"
Sep 2013 -- Gina

"My package arrived on time..Loved how the box and the goodies are packaged- they're so cute... The Goji Berries are great!!! and The Raw Cacao Energy squares are fantastic.. Look forward to many more orders from me and my friends.. Thanks so much, Robin :>)"
Aug 2013 -- Robin, Hilton Head Island, SC.

"They taste great! I will be ordering again."
Aug 2013 -- Rdk, Chicago, IL

"After a long day at work I was pleasantly surprised to find a box of treats waiting for me at home. Very pleased with the quality and creativity... I'm hooked and will be ordering more very soon. Especially the goji energy squares and the cilantro lime pepitas. Thanks"
Aug 2013 -- Kyle, Vail, CO

"Great service! My order arrived less than 24 hours after placing it! I can't wait to start using all my great products. One thing I REALLY couldn't wait for were my organic raw cacao goji energy squares - I opened those right away. Yum! Thanks, Nuts.com, you'll be hearing from me again soon!"
Aug 2013 -- Kate, Pomfret Center, ct

"Received my Cacao Nibs and Cacao Goji Energy Squares THE NEXT DAY and they are amazing! Thank you!"
Aug 2013 -- Selena, Boston, Massachusetts

"my son says im addicted! Got my 3rd shipment this morning,, have to dive in and try it all at once! The Lemon energy superfood squares are amazing the bits of apricot have such a bright flavor! No other way to describe your company than CONTINUAL SATISFACTION!!! Ahhh (thanks for the gift!)"
Aug 2013 -- Joanne, Lowell, Ma

"I normally do not leave reviews, but you guys are too awesome not to! You truly epitomize what customer service is. You have great, quality products that arrive in record time, not to mention the extra goodies you share. It is great to see a company that takes pride in their work. It shows! I've ordered from you three times and will continue. The red maca powder and raw cacao powder make delicious smoothies. I am also a fan of the energy squares (haven't had a bad flavor yet). I am pleased with the pricing and quality of your almond flour as well. Keep up the good work! I can't wait to try more of your products!"
Jul 2013 -- Anna, Pensacola, FL

"I love nuts.com. Their prices are great and they have a huge variety plus they deliver very fast and the boxes and packages are cute. I was intrigued by these energy squares and decided to give them a shot. If I had noticed the assorted flavors i would have bought them instead. I didn't like the taste at first but then I'm not used to food that doesn't have lots of sugar, salt, and fat so i gave it more time and its started to grow on me. I ate one for breakfast with a hand full of dried berry mix and headed out for my 30 minute morning hike and I ended up hiking an hour. Later I went shopping with the family and then came back home for a 30 minutes ride on the stationary bike. I ate another cube and it turned into an hour on the stationary bike. I think I will have a 3rd and spend some time on the treadmill. I'm ordering some more. I suspect all my new summer clothes are not going to fit when I pull them out of storage next summer. I will blame nuts.com."
Jul 2013 -- Lucynda, Russellville, Arkansas

"These squares are so amazing!! I will be ordering more in the future! Thank you Nuts.com! :3"
Jun 2013 -- theresa, CLARKSVILLE, Tennessee

"I ordered some of the Organic Energy squares on last Tuesday, and just two days later I had them! And they are DELICIOUS. I brought some into the office, and got others hooked as well, we just put an even bigger order through on Friday along with some new treats. We can't wait. Thank you! We look forward to being long-term customers!"
Jun 2013 -- Brian, Casselberry, FL

"Thank you very much! I had a pleasant surprise to get my order delivered way earlier than I expected it. Everything looks great; very nice-happy packaging! The little energy bites are delicious. Thank you for the Goji Berry sample. For sure, I will pass on to my friends some good words about Nuts.com. Thank you again!"
Jun 2013 -- Ani, Lawrenceville, Ga

"So awesome!! I usually don't look forward to writing reviews! i rather begrudge them but as soon as I tasted those goji squares, I had to get on here to hoot and holler about how good and fresh!! Next day and my goodies are here! Awesome!!"
Jun 2013 -- Beatrice, Brooklyn, New York

"The Organic Raw Cacao Goji Energy Squares are incredible! The Organic Goji Berries are a great snack. Thank You for the sample of cacao nibs. Great buisness you are running, a lot of companies could take some pointers from you folks."
Jun 2013 -- Richard, San Bernardino, Calif

"Organic Raw Cacao Goji Energy Squares are simply delicious, how can something taste so good and be absolutely healthy for you ? you can believe I will be ordering more of these, Thank you ."
May 2013 -- Maxine, Terrell, Texas

"I am so happy to have received my first order last week. I used ground shipping and it still arrived on time in Alaska! The tin of brownies that I gave as a gift were a hit; I had one and loved it. I'm a huge fan of the roasted edamame and quinoa puffs. The cacao nibs and goji energy bars are enjoyable too! I look forward to enjoying more orders in the future. Thank you for providing nutritional information on your products and for your quick response to my email."
May 2013 -- Chris, Houston, Alaska

"I really like the salad booster. It is also great in guacamole, pasta salads, even chicken salad a delicious product!!! I also really like the chia lemon and chocolate squares. One square satisfied my sweet snack craving another wonderful product. Also the healthy trail mix is delicious add honey bake for about 30 minutes cool and you have a super healthy trail mix snack. Ok that's enough raving but everyone should know how great your products are the price and quantities are excellent and shipping time wonderful!!!"
May 2013 -- Adrienne, Durham, Nc

"I love the Organic Raw Cacao Goji Energy Squares!!!! Thank you"
May 2013 -- Yvette, Atlanta, GA

"These are my favorite energy squares! They are so yummy. I keep them in my car for a quick little snack when I'm on the go! Highly recommend!"
Apr 2013 -- lauri, wichita, ks

"I have to say that I am floored by how quick my shipment got to me when the expected delivery date was set for monday the 8th of April and I just received them today friday the 5th of April... But shipping isn't what this review is about, it's about the sheer awesome'aucity of how great my products taste. I ordered the raw energy bars made from goji berries and i am sad to say that i need to order more. .they were too tasty to eat just one by myself so I had to share them. I will most assuredly be ordering from you all again.. and soon."
Apr 2013 -- Will, brooklyn, New York

"Just got my first order of the energy bars. Goodness! is the right word. Will be ordering again - what a healthy and delicious alternative to sugar-laden chocolates."
Apr 2013 -- JGH, Michigan

"The organic cacao energy squares are marvelous! I've never had anything like it. I'll never need to eat a brownie ever again! :-) Will definitely purchase again soon."
Mar 2013 -- John, Caro, MI

"I just got my first order from nuts.com and - ready!!! "I LOVE IT" Not only the packaging it's so cute and fun the food and seeds are so GOOD, I am loving this Raw Cacao Goji Energy Squares; and the Spirulina and Chlorella powders are - just perfect. I was so happy and satisfied with my order that I recommended two friends that ordered from nuts.com Where is the affiliate program LOL I'm talking so much about this site it has to be related to the awesome Goji Energy Squares... LOVE and GREAT JOB! Thanks Noe"
Mar 2013 -- Noe, Brookfield, Wisconsin

"I got my order right on time and shipping was prompt, thank you very much. I ordered some pitted dates and Turkish figs which are both delicious, it was very thoughtful of you guys to throw the medjool dates sampler in there and I think I will be ordering some very soon. Love all the products you guys have, I am very satisfied. I think you just earned one regular customer! FYI : raw cacao goji energy squares are to die for!"
Mar 2013 -- Drazen, Mentor, Oh

"I had just missed the delivery guy as i was pulling into my driveway so i turned the car around and chased him to the liquor store, it was his next stop to get my package. I guess you could say I was a little nutty to get my package. The cacao goji energy squares were delicious. The spirulina made an awesome post workout shake. I will definitely be ordering from you again!"
Mar 2013 -- Ryan, Dekalb, Il

"I ordered from nut.com relying on the wonderful reviews about their very good service and I am very glad that I did! Very fast and efficient handling and delivery! I was so happy with the "little something" of cacao goji squares and I fell in love with it after the first bite! I received my packaged on Feb 22 and on that very same day I just had to make the bigger order, IT WAS THAT GOOD! I just couldn't have enough of this I guess I should just it, I went NUTS over this snack! =) Thank you NUTS.COM for an awesome service and HIGH QUALITY products!!!"
Feb 2013 -- Meryll, San Angelo, TX

"My order arrived today. Fast delivery. The veggie chips are so good I had to restrain myself from eating the entire bag. The organic goji squares are delicious. Can't stop nibbling on the cheese pretzels. Love your packaging and the shipping box made my deliveryman and me smile."
Feb 2013 -- patricia, cleveland, oh

"The Australian licorice I ordered is fantastic! The cacao and goji energy squares were gone within a few days and all the other items were excellent quality! I'm so glad I stumbled across this site. My second order was placed today and I look forward to my happy package!"
Feb 2013 -- Kelley, Middleburg, Fl

"I ordered on Tuesday and had my nuts at my house the very next day! Delivery was quicker than it took my credit card to process the transaction! Thank you nuts.com! Organic Raw Cacao Goji Energy Squares are DELICIOUS!!!!"
Feb 2013 -- Melinda, Coventry, RI

"Nuts, You are the BEST !! I ordered on the 19th and received my order on the 20th ! Crazy awesome. No company has ever done that before !And your special little notes and packaging and FREE sample, so meaningful ! I have severe Arthritis and read about Chia seeds and how they they help with Arthritis.. so i purchased those along with your Goji energy squares and your Chia Ginger cereal. My first smoothie was awesome, and the snacks, well the very best ! I felt energized and full for so long ! You have made me a customer for life.. More companies should follow how you do business ! I want to personally just Thank You for your Kindness, professionalism, silly and quirky packaging and your wonderful and so fresh products ! I'm NUT'S for you ! :)"
Feb 2013 -- Kim, Lake Placid, NY

"Received my package today and considering there was a holiday involved...delivery was very quick!! Loved the packaging and the message regarding the history of the company on the back. I DO feel like a member of the family :-) Can't wait to try everything that I ordered!"
Feb 2013 -- Julie, Curtice, Ohio

"I just got another shipment, arriving as promised, just in time for including these goodies on our hike! I love your products, AND your wonderful service! Keep it up, it is much appreciated. Thank you!"
Feb 2013 -- Anita, Washington, DC

"I just opened my box of goodies. The veggie chips are super flavorful, I rebagged some for a friend. Love the Raw goji energy squares, just what I needed today. The perfect boost. I will be re-ordering soon and passing your info on to friends everywhere. I am nuts for nuts.com!"
Feb 2013 -- Kari, Priest River, Idaho

"Just got my 2nd order. I love the sample size goodies to try. I loved the chia seeds so ordered a full size bag and more samples! The cacao/chia energy bars are the bomb! I love chocolate and these are a great healthy way to satisfy my craving. You will hear from me again..."
Jan 2013 -- Michelle, Pendleton, OR

"As a 1st timer...you've got my vote! Super fast delivery, catchy packaging, friendly/ caring follow up AND free samples along w/my order. So worth the cost! The Cacao Goji Energy Squares are yummy. Can't wait to try the Date Flax Energy Squares. I'll be back to you. Thank you."
Jan 2013 -- nancy, west milford, NJ

"I received my first package today! Oh my! I was so excited and impressed. I had to open right away and try the Cacoa Goji Energy Squares. They are absolutely awesome. I want to thank you for the surprise, Cacao Nibs. I am not sure what to do with them, but they taste great right out of the bag. I probably will put in my smoothie tonight. I am very impressed and will be a repeat customer for sure! Thank you! Bev"
Jan 2013 -- Beverly

"Wow-- I ordered some energy squares on a Saturday evening, and they were already here Monday afternoon, a day early! MAGIC."
Jan 2013 -- Deanna, Brooklyn, NY

"I received my order today and, as usual, I immediately opened up the bags and sampled everything new. I was so ecstatic at the taste and texture of these energy squares. Not only are they healthy and delicious, but now I found a great comfort food! Right after tasting them, I went online to make sure that Nuts.com keeps a list of our past orders, because I definitely want to reorder these!"
Jan 2013 -- Claudia

Jan 2013 -- DAWN, Manheim, PA

"Delivery came a day earlier than projected! Wow! Purchased the pistachio energy squares and the raw cocoa goji berry ones-awesome! Will definitely become a regular. Thank you so much. P.S.-Love the packaging!"
Jan 2013 -- joyce, north liberty, in

"Great product and great price! Just tried the organic raw cacao goji energy squares and they're awesome. I love the coconut taste in it. I also received a free sample of goji berries which is a plus! Will order from nuts.com again. Very satisfied customer!"
Jan 2013 -- Shalou, Mobile, AL

"Received my package today. Best packaging ever seen ! Enjoyed the sample package. Tried the Cacao nibs. Being unsweetened, they definitely got my attention. Very healthy tasting and a must use for my Nutriblast mixing. The cacao and goji berry squares were absolutely delicious tasting. Will be taking them to work and offering samples. Plan on using the Maca Powder and Goji berries in my drink recipes along with the Chia seeds. Nice to have a one stop shop, best quality products and best pricing! What a nutty concept !! :-) Definitely a repeat buyer. Thanks again."
Jan 2013 -- Brian, Centerton, AR

"Amazing fast shipping!! So fresh, I ordered several items and will be again very soon!! I LOVE the Organic Raw Cacoa Goji Energy Squares, they are fantastic!! I'm so glad I found a company that cares about your well being as much as I care about my nutrition, having to be gluten free I am hooked and Love your company!! I'm so glad I found your site!!"
Dec 2012 -- Melissa, Clarksville, TN

"My family and i tried these just today, and oh my!! they are amazing. We will be buying more for sure. All my products came a day before the estimated arrival and i am very pleased."
Nov 2012 -- rachel, Sussex, Wi

"Suuuper tasty! Takes care of those chocolate cravings!"
Nov 2012 -- Christine, Los Angeles, CA

"Our order came today! As a grad student on a budget and looking for healthy 'study' foods, I am so happy that I found out about nuts.com. The Roasted Mix Nuts (unsalted) are full of flavor! The Organic Raw Cacao Goji Energy Squares have a wonderful balance--not too sweet, but just the right amount of chocolate-ly flavor. I think that they'll be great for breakfast (before running out the door!), a study snack, or a pick-me-up during the day!"
Nov 2012 -- Audrey, Detroit, MI

"You guys are the greatest. I ordered last night and I got my order today. I have just tasted my beet powder---great product. I also love my cocao goji energy squares----yum! And, your packaging is easy to get into and close again. Can't wait to try my other items. I will be a regular if your prices stay consistent."
Nov 2012 -- Eileen, Candor, New York

"Tried the Veggie chips and Berry Mix and they are delectable! Ordered more of the Organic Raw Cacao Goji energy squares....they are the best! Thanks for shipping so quickly! As always, Y-U-M-M-Y nuts.com."
Nov 2012 -- Teresa, Milford, MA

"I got the Goji energy squares as a sample, I am making a christmas list as we speak. I know my friends will like them too. Keep it coming"
Oct 2012 -- sarah, houston, texas

"These are amazing with coffee! Highly recommended. YUM!"
Oct 2012 -- Kristy

"Ok, just place yet another order because I had to order these again. OMG!! They are so yummy and such a treat to have. Who knew healthy could be so yummy!!! Love these..gonna tell other's about em!!!!"
Oct 2012 -- Kate, Yuma, Arizona

"This is my second order and the service is great. And i love the products.I Order the sample cacao energy square and the assorted energy squares. They was so good I could not stop eating them, I tried to save some for the next day didn't happen. Love Nuts.com. Until the next order love ya. Debra"
Oct 2012 -- debra, port jervis, ny

"I am so glad a friend of mine turned me on to Nuts.com. What a great company! I will never buy my powders, flours, nuts, or energy bars anywhere else. The prices and quality are excellent, not to mention that you receive your order the next day. What's not to love??"
Oct 2012 -- Audra, Chester, CT

"OK.....second order with the NUTS guys. I was really blown away by their bubbliness and receiving the package makes me smile. Here I am 2 weeks after with a new order of 9 bags of the gogi Energy squares since they got me so addicted on the sample. hahahhaha......yeah they got me!!!! YEP addictive and no guilt because they are healthy and I train 7 to 10 times a week so after weight lifting those are my rewards. THANKS guys I got some for my mother since I know she will love them and feel better after eating them : )"
Oct 2012 -- richard, Westminster, California

"OMG. I received a sample packet of these with my last order and just now opened them for a taste. There is one left. I can't believe how delicious these are and as soon as I post this, I'm ordering. These are fantastic! I'm going to send some to my sister who is a vegan and also avoids gluten. She'll probably never forgive me....;-)"
Sep 2012 -- Kat, Ukiah, Ca

"I shouldn't buy these anymore. I can't stop eating these. Help! Too delicious."
Sep 2012 -- Serge

"These are absolutely a delicious snack. Love that chocolately flavor!"
Sep 2012 -- Joseph, Woodbridge, VA

"Your Raw Cacao Goji Energy Squares are out of this world snack! Thanks for getting me to stop eating junk food."
Sep 2012 -- Brunilda, San Antonio, Texas

"The goji cacao energy bars are delicious! Also the shipping was amazingly fast. Very impressive."
Aug 2012 -- Karen, Annapolis, MD

"Got my box of samplers yesterday and of all the items received my daughter spotted the Organic raw Cacao Goji Energy Squares. She described it has a Brownie, fruity nutty bar. 2 thumbs up!! I told her to take a piece to my husband at which point a few minutes later he came down and asked me what they were and that I MUST order more. 2 thumbs up again! Looks like I'll be back at Nuts.com Thank you"
Aug 2012 -- Elizabeth, Austin, TX

"I love the raw nuts and the energy squares. I love the service and the freshness of the food. I am nuts over Nuts.com"
Aug 2012 -- Jody, MI

"You guys rock the nuts world!!! My shipment made to my door in less than 24 hours when shipped with the standard ground FedEx option. That was super fast! All the product are fresh and super tasty. We love the Organic Raw Cacao Goji Energy Squares, I ordered 10 lb case since the 8oz never was enough for my family. The Roasted Hazelnuts are very yummy! Love your products, everything is always so fresh and very yummy. I've had some of the Whole Wheat Raspberry Bars and Raspberry Hazelnut Coffee this morning these are soooooo gooooood!!! Thanks for all your great nuts and goodies!!!! For sure will be back to place an order again :)"
Aug 2012 -- Magdalena, Leesburg, Va

"Yes! I only ordered a sample, next time I have to order more."
Aug 2012 -- Frederica

"What's not to rave about? Great variety of products, very competitive pricing, and super-fast delivery. Yum! (Big fan of cocoa-goji energy squares, as well as veggie chips.)"
Aug 2012 -- Art, Midwest, USA

"I'm duly impressed by the quickness of the delivery of the goodies - the Organic Raw Cacao Gogi Energy Squares are great - just starting to enjoy all the goodies - can't wait thanks"
Aug 2012 -- Carol, Aurora, IL

"Hi there Jeffry and all the family, Yes, my shipment arrived, and I was truly impressed with, not only the packaging, but how efficiently it was delivered. Of course, I had to sample, not one, but 2 of the cocoa and goji energy squares. Simply marvelous!!!! I was referred by my dear friend, June Schamp from Dover DE, and I will definitely be ordering again in the near future. Thank you so much, Kathy"
Aug 2012 -- Katheryn P. Amato, Smyrna, DE

"Just got my package, the day after ordering it! Thanks for the gogi energy bars - delicious and I'll be ordering them next time! Everything is fresh and yummy. You guys rock!!!"
Aug 2012 -- Kathie, Northampton, Massachusetts

"The super duper cereal is to die for --maybe to live better!! and the little energy squares so perfect for me Thanks nutty people"
Jul 2012 -- MaryAnne, Kilmarnock, Virginia

"We hike mountains and the energy squares are not only delicious, they provide the energy we need to make to the next summit!"
Jul 2012 -- Robin, Globe, AZ

"I placed a large order of nuts, dried fruits, flour of various types and energy bars. All the products are fantastic! Those energy bars are by far the best I have ever eaten. The 8 oz bag includes several servings and the small squares are full of flavor and are very filling and satisfying. As a result they are a very good value for the price per bag. This is a great item to add to the lunch box. What a great find this site is. The product quality is far superior to what you find at the standard grocery chains that carry organic products. I love this place."
Jul 2012 -- Suzanne

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