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Below is a sampling of some of our very satisfied customers. Most of our customers are loyal customers that continue to come back and shop at Nuts.com.

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"This is the second time I'm ordering your glace apricots. These are the best I've ever eaten. Family loves em!"
Feb 2015 -- Chris, Olmsted Falls, OH

"Ordered Ceci & Fava - they remind me of when I was a child and my grandfather had them in our grocery store They are delicious - can't stop eating them glad I bought several bags. The apricots are large & plump - delicious"
Oct 2014 -- Joanne, Endwell, ny

"so that is what apricots are supposed to taste like! Wow smells good and they taste great. Shipping super fast, love the light hearted humor and did I smell fresh nuts upon opening the package?... I wonder about those packing peanuts."
Oct 2014 -- Emily Phillips, Braselton, Ga

"I was so excited to receive my first nuts.com order, and was unable to keep myself from sampling from each of the 8 types of dried fruit and the walnuts I had ordered. The pluots and the freeze-dried tart cherries were my hands-down favorites--unbelievably flavorful, tart and delicious! I think I will order both of these regularly. I loved everything else except the kiwis and guava (too much sugar and I couldn't taste the natural flavor of the fruit). Seeing the 100% satisfaction guarantee, I called customer service and was so impressed by the response I received. Prices are very reasonable for the quality of the product. A wonderful company all around!"
Aug 2014 -- Michelle, Minneapolis, MN

"Apricots were good, yummy and I would like to buy more at some point"
Aug 2014 -- Llywella, DE

"The dried strawberries, figs and apricots are perfectly dried. They are still plump and flavorful. Wonderful product."
Jun 2014 -- Claudia, Britton, Michigan

"I just placed my first order. I was impressed how quickly it arrived. The quality of the products is excellent and much better than you get in a store. The cashews and dried apricots were very large and really fresh."
May 2014 -- Ann, Ellington, ct

"Love the apricots! They are the best ones around. They taste so fresh and are not dry at all."
May 2014 -- Rachel, Washington, DC

"I only ordered vegan gummy bears and dried apricots but they're sooo good! And shipping was super fast. And they even sent a free sample of Turkish figs! I'll definitely order again."
May 2014 -- Amy, Greensburg, PA

"I received my order of apricots, apples, figs, chocolate covered pineapple and various energy bars, and a surprise of organic almonds Thank you. Lovely packaging and such yummy organic products. The emails you receive make you feel one of the family. Definitely order again"
May 2014 -- abby, winslow, indiana

"Simply the BEST dried apricots I have ever tasted!"
Apr 2014 -- nancy, Bowling Green, OH

"My son in Delaware received his dried apricots on the day promised and I received my apricots and cherries the next day also as promised, with a sample of some organic almonds which are very tasty. The California apricots are delicious (can only buy Mediterranean ones here in store and don't care for those) that's why I'm glad I found the California ones at Nuts.com. Delicious, as well as the sour cherries. Great snack for work and home. Thanks!"
Apr 2014 -- ingrid, niles, IL

"Just received my order for dried California apricots and peaches. Tried many brands and types and these have to be the best, freshest, delicious and largest ever. Will surely be ordering again. Thank you!"
Apr 2014 -- Kathy, Bantam, ct

"I've never had better dried apricots. Many that you get are truly desiccated and chew like leather; not these. They are moist, flavorful and you will want to nibble them slowly in order to fully enjoy the taste."
Mar 2014 -- Robert Mann, SANDY SPRINGS, GA

"Your dried apricots are the best I've eaten in a very long time. They are soft and full of flavor with a vibrant color."
Mar 2014 -- Carol, Aguila, AZ

"We wanted mixed nuts in the shell, but none of the stores have them except at Christmas. I ordered a 5-pound bag, as well as some peanuts and dried fruit from Nuts.Com, and we have been very happy with your products. The nuts are fresh and delicious, and the dried pluots are really wonderful. My second order was for a bigger bag of peanuts, and lots more dried fruit. I should have ordered more of the mixed nuts, but I hadn't realized how many of them my son had already eaten! Some of the fruits have been more sweetened than I really like, but the unsweetened pit fruits are wonderful. Just waiting for payday to make my next order."
Mar 2014 -- Sandy, St. Paul, MN

"So I got the dried apricots as a free sample, and I was astounded. Did you know that not all dried apricots are tough like shoe leather?! I didn't! These were soft and tasted fresh (for dried fruit!)."
Mar 2014 -- Rachel, Durham, NC

"LOVE THESE! So glad to find dried apricots with no added sugar! Thrilled to have found Nuts.com!"
Mar 2014 -- DAnne, Pisgah Forest, NC

"The mixed nuts are very good, they smell like they just came out of the shell. Love your berry mix and the apricots are truly very juicy! Thanks I'll be ordering again!"
Mar 2014 -- Angela, Smokey Mountians, NC

"I, like another of your customers, was unable to find Del Monte pacific style dried apricots. I was pleased to find your California style dried apricots are BETTER!! Thank you! I will be reordering often."
Mar 2014 -- Lane, Celina, Texas

"I got the organic Turkish apricots. They're good. It's comforting to know that they are grown organically. I'm doing my best to avoid GMOs and crops with pesticides."
Mar 2014 -- Steve, West Monroe, La.

"Received my order today and am very pleased. Love the dried pears and apricots. They are so moist and delicious. I will be back for more. Thank you."
Feb 2014 -- Sandra, Cheyenne, Wyoming

"Great flavor, really plump and moist compared to others."
Feb 2014 -- Carrie, Three rivers, Mi

"Thank you, again, for your prompt delivery. The dried apricots are plump and delicious, and the dark chocolate covered almonds are a little bit of sweet and salty heaven. You have, without a doubt, the BEST products around. Thank you!"
Feb 2014 -- Denton, Ozark, AL

"I just have to tell how great your dried fruits are, pineapple, apricots, strawberries and pears are delish. I ordered the veggie chips twice and will be back for more before I run out. Thanks for the extra surprise also in the wonderfully funny box. You are the only company I will be ordering from online, as I sat here for 5 hours and saw other items I use listed on NUTS.COM. THANKS"
Jan 2014 -- Maxine, Morton, lL.

"Sent mission figs and Turkish apricots to my kids for Christmas. They arrived in a timely manner and they were delicious. Will order again in the future."
Jan 2014 -- leslie, fl

"The glaceed apricots. We got from you were nothing less than succulent! We needed ten pounds of them to satisfy our craving for them! Now, they are the apricots you need to dip in chocolate-talk about delectability! The chocolate dipped apricots we ordered were not up to our expectations, but you got definite points on the chocolate-dipped pineapple- it was outstanding. We also loved the dried pineapple chunks. You guys are good! We are a long way from you, but our order got here in pretty good time. Wish we could afford your products more often- please let us know when you are having specials. Again, those glaceed apricots are what dreams are made of."
Jan 2014 -- Joan f. Hansen, Kenai, AK

"These dried apricots are probably the most tender I've tried. Forget all the other brand names...these are the best out there."
Jan 2014 -- David T Kim, San Antonio, TX

"Thanks bunches! We grew up around Hadley's in Palm Springs and love dried apricots. They are great. We'll be in touch again and I'll share you name with all our friends."
Jan 2014 -- Marilyn, Shingletown, CA

"Love the Apricots! I got into those right away, they are sweet and tender and full of flavor. I will be getting more! Thanks"
Jan 2014 -- Louisa, Murfreesboro, TN

"My package of four different kinds of dried fruit arrived this morning, a day ahead of the estimated delivery date. I immediately opened the bags (love the packaging), and the dried pears, pluots, white peaches and California apricots are all delicious and of excellent quality. Thanks, nice people at Nuts.com! Wonderful products and fast delivery!"
Dec 2013 -- Elizabeth, Rochester, NY

"These are the BEST dried apricots I've ever had! They are very large, plump and flavorful. Every time I order, I get some of these apricots."
Dec 2013 -- Brenda, Thaxton, VA

"I ordered 10# of glazed apricots for Christmas and have probably eaten a pound already. Great value and quality. Will be ordering again next year."
Dec 2013 -- Bennett, Houston, TX

"I really like everything that I have bought from you. I especially like my apricots and candied orange peel. Great for snacking."
Dec 2013 -- Brenda, Corpus Christi, Tx

"I put in my order on Sunday, and it arrived on Tuesday. Everything looked great, and my wife loved the dried apricots. They were fresh and moist. I will be ordering again"
Dec 2013 -- bob, boyertown, pa

"Can't believe how quickly my package arrived. Your prices are great! Everything is well packed and perfect! I'll be returning thanks Nuts.com. Merry Christmas,"
Nov 2013 -- Kelly, Paris, TX

"Best apricots I've ever had, and you guys shipped so quickly! I'm really impressed. Will surely be buying more from you soon!"
Nov 2013 -- Mythili, Annandale-on-Hudson, New York

"These apricots are so moist and delicious. They taste very fresh. I eat them as a snack."
Nov 2013 -- Shari, Steubenville, Ohio

"great tasting mission figs & apricots going to use them in a compote should be great. I was so happy with the delivery time I order more items. Thanks"
Nov 2013 -- marion, downers grove, il

"I used the apricots, pecans and almonds that I purchased to bake desserts for a church concert and all were excellent and I was most happy with them. I am drinking the coffee that I purchased as I type this and it is excellent also. So glad that I found nuts.com. Will definitely order again."
Oct 2013 -- Bruce, Easton, PA

"The quality of your products in unmatched. Dried apricots were the best ever. And the Rainier dried cherries were "to die for." Almonds were plump and tasty. The Costa Rican coffee was splendid. I'll be a regular customer form here on out!"
Oct 2013 -- Terry, Kents Store, VA

"The very best dried apricots I have ever had. Thanks a million. I will ABSOLUTELY order from you again."
Oct 2013 -- Terry, Kents Store, VA

"I ordered the crystallized Ginger and Organic Turkish apricots which I had ordered before, both of them fresh. ONE DAY DELIVERY!!!! I LOVE YOU GUYS!!! AMAZING!!!! I will always buy from you guys."
Oct 2013 -- Timna, Lowell, MA

"Ok, let me first say I love this website!!!! I love how nice the site is and how it is just"nutty"! The follow up is fantastic, the emails I get are lovely and finally but certainly not least, what i got was outstanding, I bought the Organic Turkish Apricots for my husband and myself for the potassium levels , I'm not even a fan of apricots but I took a bite and ended up eating a couple. They are juicy and slightly sweet! Love 'em and love this website! Look forward to buying many more things!"
Oct 2013 -- Timna, Lowell, MA

"I came across your website while I was looking for chicory. I gave up caffeine and wanted to try your chicory based on all the reviews saying how great is was. The reviews are true. This stuff is delicious! I'm 100% satisfied with the taste and love it with some cinnamon in it also. I also loved the organic medjool dates. Never had them before and they are juicy and delectable and the organic Turkish apricots were excellent. A nice surprise in addition was the free organic raw almonds to try. Thank you, they are great! Shipping was fast and we all loved the packaging! Will definitely order again for my family and going to order gifts too. Very impressed overall."
Sep 2013 -- Eva, Whiting, NJ

"I am nuts about the organic and Chia Energy Squares and placed a second order. The dried apricots are the most plump and freshest I have ever tasted. Yes, I would be nuts not to order from Nuts.com again and again. Oh, the shipping is fast and the customer appreciation is stellar!"
Aug 2013 -- Faye, Tucson, AZ

"I got so tired of the sticky-overly sweet mashed apricots that you can find at grocery stores. They are awful. Thankfully somehow I saw your website and I ordered the California apricots...Oh, my! I never tasted something so delicious, I was so impressed by the taste and quality! I just made another order, more california apricots, but also peaches and nectarines. I love the packaging too!"
Aug 2013 -- Esteban, Houston, TX

"These Australian glazed apricots are simply "out of this world" !! Delish!! We love being able to offer them to our customers!! Your service is also superb!! Hoping we can get the glazed figs very soon too !!"
Aug 2013 -- Kristen, Traverse City, MI

"Absolutely delicious California dried apricots! Thanks. We'll be ordering more soon."
Aug 2013 -- Susi, St. Augustine, Fl

"How do you guys do this? It was on my doorstep in the early a.m. perhaps 15 hours after ordering it. Amazing. I love the apricots I get at nuts.com because they are plump and large. Those store brand ones must been on the shelves for years in comparison. Some day I will order something else in dark chocolate, but it's bathing suit season!"
Jul 2013 -- Jeannie, Branford, CT

"On time delivery of melt in your mouth moist soft organic apricots, dates and Mango. Also I am very excited to start cooking Paleo recipes with my 20 lbs of organic Almond flour at a great price, my friends and family will appreciate all the new treats from our kitchen. Thanks so much for your great products and delivery in the cool boxes, I will be reordering soon!!!"
Jul 2013 -- Bonny, Bainbridge Is, WA

"Well, just received my second order from y'all .... just as wonderful as the first one. Fast, fresh, delicious. Can't wait to start picking out things for the next order."
Jul 2013 -- Delores, Barboursville, WV

Jun 2013 -- LINDA, KAUFMAN, TX

"Thank you nuts.com for making it easier to eat healthy while deployed. The Turkish Apricots, Whole Wheat Rasberry Bars, Raw Cashews, and the Assorted Energy Squares are some of my favorites."
Jun 2013 -- Diane, Kandahar, Afghanistan

"My husband has placed a couple of orders for different items and I decided to check out your site. I had eaten some dried apricots in Turkey that tasted nothing like what the usual dried ones you get here. I saw that you had them and after reading the rave reviews, decided to get a sample sized bag. They were sooo good and were just like the ones I had eaten in Turkey. I will be ordering a regular sized bag on my next order."
Jun 2013 -- Sheri, Houston, TX

"The Australian Glace apricots arrived exactly on time and they look great. They will be dipped in chocolate and served on the 4th of July. In the meantime, I assume that I can refrigerate them. Thank you for the taste of the Turkish figs, too."
Jun 2013 -- Elizabeth, Oregon

"My order arrived this morning. I have tried everything and am so pleased with the organic prunes, figs, dates, apricots and ginger. I am going to have to hide that ginger. I cannot leave it alone. Everything was in perfect condition and the quality is exactly what I was hoping for. Thank you for being truthful in your advertising ...God bless you all. Susan"
Jun 2013 -- Susan, San Tan Valley, Arizona

"Was a gift for my dad and he said the dried apricots were the best he ever had."
May 2013 -- Shelli, Amanda, Ohio

"Extremely delicious"
May 2013 -- Jason, El paso, Tx

"Wonderful! I am more than happy. Thank you for being there. Please, never change a thing."
May 2013 -- Teressa, Tamarac, FL

"Thank you for your prompt (as always) delivery. I ordered the dried apricots for the first time. Are they ever delicious. I'll certainly be back for more. I really appreciate the little gift of the Medjool Dates. I have a recipe I've been wanting to try, that calls for them. Thanks a bunch!"
May 2013 -- Marilyn, Tualatin, OR

"Delicious products, fast processing and quick shipping. Who could ask for more? I have loved everything I've tried and plan on trying a lot more."
Apr 2013 -- Brenda, Conroe, Texas

"The apricots, dates, and raisins are amazingly fresh, plump, and sweet! Adorable packaging with eco-friendly packing peanuts! Feels like a neighborhood store even though it came in the mail!"
Apr 2013 -- Christina, San Carlos, CA

"My wife is awfully picky about her Apricots. The balance between sweet and tart has to be "just right". And, man, does she LOVE your guy's dried Apricots!!! We just had to order two more baggies... I can not thank you enough for making me a happy guy due to a happy wife..."
Apr 2013 -- Michael, Pittsburgh, PA

"Very impressed! My order shipped the same day I placed it and arrived quickly. The Medjool dates are excellent, I can't hardly wait to try the dried pluots and pears . Thanks Nuts.com."
Apr 2013 -- Laurie, Nacogdoches, Texas

"Just tasted Apricots they are so good"
Apr 2013 -- Arlene, Bismarck, ND

"Native of California now in Denver. Califorinia apricots hard to find in Denver. And when I do they are terribly expensive. I love my 'cots'. Thanks for such a great product."
Apr 2013 -- Kathleen, Denver, CO

"Dear Jeff, Uncle "Sandy", et al, My apricots finally arrived after a terrible thunderstorm tonight. WOW! Have I missed them. I can't believe that I can't get California apricots in south FL! Passover wasn't the same without them as I use them in stuffing, sweet potato pie and just eating out of the bag. These apricots are delicious! I'm very happy. Thank you very much! Shelli"
Apr 2013 -- Rochelle, Parkland, Florida

"Thank you for the prompt delivery. Just receiving the fun packaging brightened my day. Everyone has commented on the box even the FedEx delivery person. The dried apricots were wonderful, plump and flavorful, will definitely order again."
Apr 2013 -- Rita, Yellville, Ar.72687

"Thanks for sending the dried California apricots. Yours are easier to eat and taste better. I have to eat at least two a day to keep my feet and legs from cramping. Rave on."
Apr 2013 -- Franchelle, Little Rock, Arkansas

"Having made my first order with Nuts.com only last evening, and having my order arrive before noon the next day is a first with my online shopping experience!...and I order many things online. The Poppy seeds, Organic Apricots and Wild Apricot Kernals are all wonderful!! and, even got a gift of dried Mango which is also yummy! Will most surely tell friends about your Great business and wonderful products!!! I'd give this business a TEN STAR rating!"

"Y'all are AWESOME! The Turkish apricots are delish. Highly recommended."
Mar 2013 -- Mary, Seabrook, TX

"Well where do I begin? This is Nutty Gus's Fruity Wife and I am here to tell you guys that your products are amazing! Today we received our second order from your company and we are most delighted in all of our goodies! The apricots, pineapple, cranberries, the list just goes on are all wonderfully delicious! I am so happy that I stumbled across your website. You nuts rock!! I'm sure we'll be back for more! xoxo"
Mar 2013 -- Nutty Gus, Mount Pleasant, Utah

"When received the package I immediately fell in love with the packaging. Once I tasted the goods I fell in love with the whole experience. Excellent presentation, excellent quality on all products. The natural papaya and the apricots are amazing, just right not too dry. The habas out of this world. Bombay kale chips, yum!! Will definitely shop at nuts.com again very, very soon. Telling all my friends about it as well. Nuts for Nuts.com"
Mar 2013 -- Rose, Elizabeth, NJ

"You all at Nuts.com definitely provide the best and fastest service ever. As always the organic Turkish apricots and figs are my favorites (moist, full of flavor, just like the ones I became dependent on in Greece), but it's fun to try new things too. I had never had a hazelnut by itself before -- they're so good! Dried papaya is amazing too. I don't know what I'd do without you guys! I can't find such great dried fruits and nuts (especially organic) anywhere else, especially in large quantities. The free samples and the box are always fun too! Thanks. :)"
Mar 2013 -- Juliana, CT

"This is our second time ordering and both of our experiences have been great. Our order arrived the very next day! Aside from great shipping, the products are of great quality and well worth the money. The almond flour is perfect for our diet. I love the California dried apricots (worth the splurge) and the spicy mango. We had to order the ground flax seed after the sample we received with the last shipment. We used them on just about everything from smoothies to steak. Overall, we love you guys and plan on becoming part of the nuts.com family!"
Mar 2013 -- Veronica, East Greenwich, RI

"OMG! you guy are absolutey awesome, I love everything about this company, great service, even greater products. Thanks for the extra treat of almonds, I love my raw hemp seeds, coconut flour, almond flour, apricots, I am a customer for life, you guys rockkkkkkk!"
Mar 2013 -- Karla, Queens, NY

"Thanks for the fast service and the beautiful apricots."
Mar 2013 -- julie, Buffalo, NY

"All kinds of awesome organic dried fruits! The Pluots are amazing. And everything arrived exactly when they said it would. Order from this company, you won't be disappointed!"
Mar 2013 -- Stephanie, New Orleans, LA

"I was unsure avout ordering dried fruit from you because I have ordered form other companies and the fruit was not what they claimed...I was looking for dried Apricots on line again when I ran across yours..It said they were soft and plump..Boy were you right on it..I received them this morning and WOW they are the BEST. Everything you claimed them to be..I really love them. I sure will be ordering other things from you to try as well. I just can't believe I finally found them and they are so wonderful!!! Thank you so very much Flo Dudley"
Mar 2013 -- FlorenceDudley, Christmas, Florida

"Great stuff! The figs, apricots, and dates are all very reasonably priced...very fresh...and huge! I have to practically hide them from myself because they are so yummy. I know I will be ordering again soon since the quality is the best I have found on-line."
Mar 2013 -- Laura, St. Louis, MO

"I was so excited to pick up my order yesterday. First of all the graphics and writing on the shipping box put a big smile on my face as well as the packaging for the products! Oh my, the Whole Wheat Fig Bars are so yummy and very addictive. The Turkish Apricots are fresh, moist and no artifical coloring...love it! I am so happy that I found your company and really appreciated the testimonials of your customers. :)"
Feb 2013 -- Catherine, La Habra Heights, California

"Received my package today of dried apricots, apricot kernels and dried Turkish figs. Everything was delicious. Plan to order again. I am very pleased w/nuts.com. Thanks to the company for the sample pkg of Turkish figs."
Feb 2013 -- Rose, Oakland, Ca

"i typically wouldn't think to order dried any kind of fruit, but the dried apricots came as a free snack with my recent order so of course i had to try them. they are so good! i can't stop eating them, they're like candy. thanks, nuts.com!"
Feb 2013 -- shannon, churchville, pa

"All I can say is I LOVE YOU GUYS! Everyone I have shared your products with is as in love with them as I am. Thank you for making great products at a reasonable price. Keep up the good work! Lori"
Feb 2013 -- Lori, commerce city, co

"Got our order today, have tasted all the nuts and apricots. They are the best we have tasted anywhere. Thank you so much! My son came in and I said you have got to taste these walnuts, his eyes lit up! He just came home from a year long tour in Afghanistan and he said you guys had been sending them some of your products! He loves them! Thanks again!!"
Feb 2013 -- Barry

"You guys are fast and fantastic! I ordered Tuesday afternoon and low and behold here they are the very next day. The nuts and fruit are delicious, very fresh."
Feb 2013 -- Ann, Southampton, MA

"The glace apricots are a special treat, yummy. The dried fruit is excellent as usual."
Feb 2013 -- Pauline H Wallendal, FDL, WI

"Came a day early!! I ordered minutes before 4pm Monday, and it arrived by Tuesday afternoon! I'm so impressed by the excellent service! The dried apricots and pitted dates are delicious, and even got a sample of Medjool dates! YUM!"
Jan 2013 -- Julia, Virginia

"WOW! Am I glad I discovered Nuts.com! Absolutely top notch service. My order arrived the next day! Top of the line products - I ordered the Glace apricots - best I have ever had. Also ordered Goji berries also great. Looking forward to future orders!!!"
Jan 2013 -- Pam, Milford, CT

"I didn't realize how heavy 28 pounds of dried Apricots would be (28 pounds I guess). Thanks they look and taste good."
Jan 2013 -- Charles, Greensburg, Indiana

"fabulous nuts and dried fruit - the best apricots I've had in a long time - will reorder. :)"
Jan 2013 -- Kathleen

"Customer service and product quality - people consider these the two most important aspects of any business. This is what I have come to expect from Nuts.com and I have never been disappointed! Thank you!!"
Jan 2013 -- Carol, Short Hills, NJ

"WoW!! The very best "Organic" dried fruit I have ever tasted! Seriously I have consumed many years of "Organic" dried fruit & this is the very best . Delivered very quickly. A "new" lifetime customer. Thank You So Much, Mark"
Jan 2013 -- mark, citrus heights, ca.

"I was pleasantly surprised when I received my order so quickly in the mail. Terrific service. Loved the packaging and even better the freshness & quality of the products. Thank you Uncle Sandy, Cousin David & Dad!"
Jan 2013 -- Wanda, Vieques, Puerto Rico

"I ordered and my goodies were delivered the next day. A pleasant surprise when I arrived home after a night out. I couldn't wait to open and sample all that was inside. The Turkish apricots are moist and flavorful. The dates are just like eating a candy carmel. LOVE THEM, THANK YOU! p.s. had them for breakfast too!"
Jan 2013 -- Susan, NJ

"Excellent! Delicious! Especially those plump glace Australian apricots! Of course, the chocolate covered raisins & the chocolate covered peanuts are wonderful too, plus everything arrived in great shape & perfect timing, thank you!"
Jan 2013 -- Elizabeth, Bulverde, TX

"I wasn't really sure of the quality of your products at first! I couldn't believe it when I got my order three days after placing the order. Great service! The products, are without a doubt the best quality of any I have ever ordered from the big name companies, ( H&D, Swiss Colony or Figis). The dried fruits were moist and chewy, the chocolate covered banana chips were great and then there was a surprise sample in my package I never would have ordered, but turned out to be delicious Turkish figs. Will definitely order again, absolutely best quality products."
Jan 2013 -- Nelson, Fort Smith, AR

"The Turkish apricot are so yummy just ordered my second 5 pound bag. I will definitely be ordering again."
Jan 2013 -- Brandy, Lower Lake, California

"Some of the tastiest dried fruit I have ever tested, which is only surpassed by the speed of delivery."
Jan 2013 -- Roland, SF Bay Area, CA

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