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Below is a sampling of some of our very satisfied customers. Most of our customers are loyal customers that continue to come back and shop at Nuts.com.

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"OMG. These nuts are so good and very habit forming. I gave my brother the Supreme Roasted Mixed Nuts He loved them dearly. We will be back for more of these great nuts"
Dec 2014 -- Cynthia, Orange Grove, Texas

"I did an experiment just recently. I had purchased some of these unsalted mixed nuts from you, then purchased some mixed nuts from Sams Club. They were salted so I washed the salt off and dried them in the oven. They don't even come close to yours! They were bland and flat tasting. I wound up throwing most of them out back for the squirrels to eat! Yours may cost more, but they are top quality. I have learned a good lesson. Thanks for your fine quality products."
Oct 2014 -- David, Boalsburg, PA

"I have a pet squirrel I rescued six years ago when he was only a few days old. He is the second one I have raised, the first one lived to be eleven years old. This is the only way to buy nuts for him. I would definitely recommend this assortment of nuts in the shell for squirrels"
Sep 2014 -- Betty, Tavares, Florida

"I will order nuts from here as they are fresh and delivered on the date they say it will be here, I have a green-winged Macaw named Peabody and they are for her...I buy in 25# boxes....I know I spoil her but I want the best for her...and these are the best"
Sep 2014 -- Farel, Clayton, WA

"Super fast shipping. Great price and yummy"
Aug 2014 -- Ray, Sunset, Texas

"Love everything I've ordered from nuts.com, especially the organic trail mix, raw honey, raw organic mixed nuts, soan papdi. Customer service and the care put into every package are also commendable."
Jul 2014 -- Susan, Sacramento, Ca

"These are delicious! Arrived the next day and were fresh. Excellent service and excellent products. Thank you!"
Jun 2014 -- Fadi, Keyport, NJ

"Received my 4th order! More Cheddar Cheese Sticks ~ sooo tasty! Supreme Roasted Mixed Nuts (Salted) and Roasted Virginia Peanuts (Salted, no shell)! Best ever! And... gift of Veggie Chips! THANKS! You loveable nuts are just the Best! From your website to the F A S T delivery! Milly"
May 2014 -- Milly, Charleston, SC

"I am so impressed with the items I received and how fast they arrived! Never having raw nuts before, I was not sure what to expect. The raw mixed nuts I received are amazing and I will now be a regular customer and look forward to trying more of your products. Can't wait to bake with the almond flour I received either!"
May 2014 -- Kathy, Clinton, NJ

"Got the nuts yesterday and opened them to taste when I got home from work. Freshest nuts I've had. I try to eat in-shell mixed nuts several times a week. They are good for me, I enjoy them, they satisfy appetite, and the shells slow consumption. The perfect healthy snack."
Apr 2014 -- Michael, St John, IN

"I am very impressed with your prompt service. I'm even more impressed by the quality of your products, especially the mixed salted nuts! This is my second order and I'm sure there will be more. The fruit and nuts that I got with this order will be "snack food" for an upcoming road trip. Yes, Nuts.Com goodies are off to Alaska! Wish us luck."
Apr 2014 -- Alice, Wyalusing, PA

"i really like these organic mixed nuts! have bought a few different times and am quite happy!"
Apr 2014 -- Alice, Castro Valley, California

"WOW! I am so impressed. A lot of my client work focuses on dealing with the public, and how to create 'servant-leader' experiences. You have done it! I recently purchased an old-fashioned nut bowl from the 50s for a friend who said she recalled that as a part of her family tradition growing up. Alas, no fresh, unshelled nuts could be found on any shelf I searched throughout San Diego. My friend was impressed with the delivery and I am impressed with the follow-up. I will recommend you to all of my nutty friends and colleagues. P.S. I've yet to have one of the nuts that were delivered; I think she's 'hoarding' them for herself."
Apr 2014 -- Steve, La Jolla, CA

"Delivered on time and ate about 2lbs the first day because they are so good. Definitely going to order more from Nuts.com! Excellent product and service!"
Mar 2014 -- william, springfield, mo

"I can't say enough good things about Nuts.com. The selection is amazing as is the quality of their products. I don't think that I've ever had organic raw nuts that tasted this good in my life! I don't normally take the time to leave feedback, but I felt compelled to share just how amazing this company is."
Mar 2014 -- Carla, Newark, NJ

"LOVE your organic almonds! Made a batch of almond milk and it's the best! The mixed organic mix is also GREAT! Will be trying out more of your organic line as well as some of the fun treats soon. Thanks from South Lyon, MI"
Mar 2014 -- Susan, South Lyon, MI

"We wanted mixed nuts in the shell, but none of the stores have them except at Christmas. I ordered a 5-pound bag, as well as some peanuts and dried fruit from Nuts.Com, and we have been very happy with your products. The nuts are fresh and delicious, and the dried pluots are really wonderful. My second order was for a bigger bag of peanuts, and lots more dried fruit. I should have ordered more of the mixed nuts, but I hadn't realized how many of them my son had already eaten! Some of the fruits have been more sweetened than I really like, but the unsweetened pit fruits are wonderful. Just waiting for payday to make my next order."
Mar 2014 -- Sandy, St. Paul, MN

"I have 9 pet parrots and am also a wildlife rehabilitator. I have purchased mixed nuts in bulk from Nuts.com for quite some time now and have always been thrilled with the quality of the product, the cost and the quick service. Not one complaint from all of the animals here! Thank you Nuts.com!!"
Mar 2014 -- Dawn, Salem, NJ

"I just wanted to say that I was so surprised that I would get my raw nuts the next day! I ordered them on Friday late in the afternoon and by Saturday afternoon they were sitting on my doorstep!!! but the best part as that they are DELICIOUS!!!! and I will let people know about your products!!!! thanks for the great product and the fast delivery!!!! gail"
Mar 2014 -- gail, Chicopee, Ma

"Received My package today. The birds were excited as I was opening it and of course I had to pass out nuts right away. I will be ordering more in the next couple of weeks. Always fast prompt delivery."
Mar 2014 -- Darlene, Buffalo, NY

"The mixed nuts are very good, they smell like they just came out of the shell. Love your berry mix and the apricots are truly very juicy! Thanks I'll be ordering again!"
Mar 2014 -- Angela, Smokey Mountians, NC

"Happy National Nut Month everyone! My favorite nuts have always been honey roasted soy beans, but ever since finding nuts.com, its been hard to choose my favorite nut when all of nuts.com products are so healthy, fresh and delicious!! But I will say that after some very difficult deciding my favorite nut still stands as being honey roasted soy beans (especially the ones from nuts.com)!!!!"
Mar 2014 -- E, hunterdon, New Jersey

"Got my nuts in record time! The Supreme Roasted Mixed Nuts (Salted) are magnificent! The best I've ever come across. The Roasted Peanuts (Salted, In-Shell) are everything I'd hoped for. Tasty, fresh. Harley (my cat) loves the shells! He was eatin' my shells, then he reached into the bag, pulled out a nut, ate the shell and left the peanuts! Bizarre cat, he likes french fries too... I'm wonderfully impressed, a steady customer from now on! Thanks, 'n everythin' like that right there, 'n all."
Feb 2014 -- Bacon, Richmons, UT

"First class company! From the order takers, to the shipping (which is always very quick), to the product. All of the products that I have tried, which includes their organic goji berries, organic pumpkin seeds, organic red maca, and organic mixed nuts have been fabulous! I would highly, highly recommend Nuts.com to anyone and everyone!"
Feb 2014 -- Mark Kageyama, Granada Hills, ca

"Great blend and variety. You have made an 88 yr old cockatoo very happy!"
Jan 2014 -- Jennie, Tampa, FL

"This was my second order but first review. Both were fantastic and arrived on time!! Your organic mixed nuts are the best by far compared to anyone, you give a great mix of everything, unlike others who just give a bunch of the cheapest nuts and then a little of everything else. The cashew cacao clusters, wow, so amazing and addictive, my husband and I will be making regular orders of these from now on!"
Jan 2014 -- Autumn, Chandler, AZ

"Very pleased, ordered yesterday received today. The quality and size of the nuts wonderful, the coconut chips are perfect and ginger wonderful . This company is a keeper. And will recommend to others .very nice!"
Jan 2014 -- Dirinda, Philadelphia, Pa

"Again wonderful...This shipment is as fresh as the last..Definitely not disappointed these are the freshest I've seen and again equal amounts of each nut...Keep up the good work and I will be ordering when I run out...Stay Well ans Thank You"
Jan 2014 -- Rose, Jersey City, nj

"We gave the 5lb bags of mixed nuts as Christmas gifts for the guys in my family. They are a HUGE hit! So much better than any of the stores in our area. The only problem... trying to pace themselves so they don't eat them all in one day!"
Jan 2014 -- Amy, Oklahoma City, OK

"Received order promptly, and the nuts are fresh and delicious!"
Jan 2014 -- Sara-Ann, Queens, NY

"Natural organic mixed nuts the freshest I've ever had. Delivered on time over Xmas holiday, great price, and great taste."
Dec 2013 -- Cindy, vail, co

"Like the description says...the freshest and best! Couldn't agree more. everything I get from this company is for lack of a better word, gold! If I could get all my groceries from them I would! Absolutely everything I get from them is the most delicious, fresh product I've ever had. I love their passion and their obvious dedication. Go nuts!!"
Dec 2013 -- Emily, salt lake city, ut

"The nuts I ordered were shipped to my parents on time, and arrived yesterday. My parents have already started enjoying them. I'm sending a big thank you to the Nuts.com family! It's so easy shopping with you."
Dec 2013 -- Jill, Mount Eden, KY

"I was very pleased with both the service and the products from Nuts.com. We ordered 25 pounds of mixed nuts for company Holiday gifts and the nuts came fast and they are delicious! Thanks Nuts.com!"
Dec 2013 -- Katie, Upper Marlboro, Ma

"Fast shipping on great products. I got a 25 lb box of mixed nuts for the holidays. Want a quick hostess gift? Find a cute basket, 6-pack holder, or similar container and fill with mixed nuts. Simple and fun!"
Dec 2013 -- Joe, Metuchen, NJ - New Jersey

"wow WoW WOW!!! Can't believe the package arrived in less than 24 hours from when I ordered it. All the way from NJ to the Canadian border. Santa must have the sleigh out early. Product looks exceptional and as are gifts, will have to wait on that. But will try the sample. THANKS!!!!!!! Happy Holidays...."
Dec 2013 -- Karen, Bellevile, New York

"Awesome pistachios and mixed nuts!! The size and freshness was incredible. Thanks for the sample macadamia's! ( Love the packaging as well. ) Will be ordering more for sure."
Dec 2013 -- Linda, Chicopee, MA

"I have not had a chance to sample the almond brittle yet. The nuts are out of this world. I usually order the nuts at Christmas for regular customers who have been with us for a while. I am on my third helping of mixed nuts. I guess I had better stop or I won't have enough to gift. I have never tasted nuts this good before. And to have macadamia and pistachio nuts included in the mix is what sold me on ordering from your company. I am so glad I did. Happy Holidays to you all the thank you very much! Judy"
Dec 2013 -- JUDY, ARROYO GRANDE, California

"Man, these are good! What a difference in FRESH nuts vs. the ones at the supermarket. I will be buying my nuts from nuts.com from now on."
Nov 2013 -- Janis, Crossville, Tennessee

"Once again you have made me a happy NUT...everything was GRREEAATT..even my coworkers were impressed..the mixnuts are AWESOME..and the little sample you guys enclosed of the berry mix was perfect..cant wait to order it..keep up the good work"
Nov 2013 -- dena, bronx, ny

"Simply the very best! Did not miss the salt and hubby loved since he is on a low salt diet. Can't wait to order again."
Oct 2013 -- Joan M. Remaley, Saxonburg, PA

"My father loved the nuts. When he came home from work he saw the package on the driveway. He thought it was just another "stupid" package from work, until he opened it. He was very excited and couldn't believe how big the bag was! My parents have done so much for me. I figured giving my dad a huge bad of nuts and ordering my mom some flowers, would be the perfect way to let them know how much I love them. I joined the Navy about 4 months ago. Right now I'm in Pensacola FL for my schooling. My parents live in PA and I'm glad I found your webpage. It was the perfect way to surprise my parents from a far distance. Thank you for your help and making this a memorable experience! Have a Nutty Day!!"
Oct 2013 -- Garrett, Oxford, PA

"Perfect! Exactly what I wanted and can't believe how fast it arrived."
Oct 2013 -- Shelia, Kansas City, Missouri

"Delivered exactly as promised. What I did not expect was to find the nut so well packaged. The 'ziploc' style bag is a VERY NICE touch. I mostly bought these for my cockatoo and parrots to have some whole nuts to work on rather than just pre-shelled nuts. I've tried some of each of them myself and found that they are by far the freshest and best tasting whole nuts I've ever purchased in my life. They birds may just have some competition when it comes to treat time."
Oct 2013 -- Bill, Summerville, South Carolina

"I have been ordering for a while now and have always been satisfied. Just love the decaf coffee, good quality. Wild Apricot Kernels, Supreme Roasted Mixed Nuts, Fruit Slices and the boiled peanuts are so tasty. I tried the Bee Pollen Granules this order and am very satisfied. Use it every day. Thanks for the free sample Power Mix I will definitely order next time. I also am satisfied with the sugar substitutes. Keep up the good work and I will be ordering again soon."
Sep 2013 -- Helen, Hulbert, OK

"Just received my first shipment from these Nutty folks and boy am I pleased. Ordered Supreme Mixed Nuts, some chocolate covered goodies, and some baking items and not only were they expertly packaged, they are delicious and I can't believe how quickly I received my order. FANTASTIC!!!!!"
Sep 2013 -- Vicki, Muncie, IN

"Wow! Delivered less than 48 hours after I placed my order! Now that's service! And yes, I had handfuls of yummy raw organic nuts for supper. :-)"
Sep 2013 -- Laura, Sandusky, Ohio

"This shipping was soo fast, I was amazingly able to track my package the entire time!! I ordered mixed nuts for my wedding as my married last name will be Nutty! Thank you NUTS.com your were FANTASTIC!!!"
Sep 2013 -- Hana, Yorkville, NY

"A++++ service!! Super fast delivery, I placed the order late afternoon and it was delivered the next morning! I'm a very happy customer who will be making future purchases. . Best of all you made my macaws and amazon very happy :-) Thank you also for enclosing a Quinoa sample! For those who haven't tried this grain, it it awesome. The Jones family, Honey Brook, PA"
Sep 2013 -- Lynn, Honey Brook, PA

"All that needs to be said is, "WOW"! This is my first order from Nuts.com and I will definitely be a repeat customer! I ordered a variety of items and they are all of the highest quality. The packaging was exceptional as well as the speed at which I received my order. Thank you very much!"
Sep 2013 -- Amy, Cincinnati, OH

"Don't mean to be personal, but we love your nuts!!!!! We have shared an order with a friend in the past, but this is our first order on our own and honestly, we aren't going to share! These are the best nuts ever!!!! Thanks so much for your quick service and the tasty product. We are spreading the word to all our friends that you have the best nuts in the galaxy. You'll be hearing from us again!"
Aug 2013 -- David & Kristie, Buffalo, NY

"Received my order when promised and I really like the new packaging. Great tasting snacks. Fresh and tasty. Will definitely order again soon for myself and for gifting!"
Aug 2013 -- jim, chicago, il

"The whole mixed nuts in shell are beautiful and my flock of 5 gorgeous parrots asked me to send you a thank-you note."
Aug 2013 -- Lili, Naalehu, HI

"Seriously love this site....just got another 5 lb. bag...this time organic raw mixed nuts and nuts.com never fails to deliver!! I get so excited to see the little "nut" family on my front porch!"
Aug 2013 -- Candice, Paducah, KY

"Could not find unshelled mixed nuts anywhere locally for my double yellowhead amazon Stella! It seems its only available at the christmas holiday! She's very happy now!!!! We got our shipment in 2 days! Got a free sample of quinoa too (which i love!!!) glad to have found you guys!!! Great pricing too!!!!!!! 5lbs. For just under 20.00!!!! Win, win!!!!"
Aug 2013 -- Maria, Cheektowaga, New york

"I can't believe how fast my order got here! I ordered Tuesday and it was at my door by Wednesday morning. What service. Everything I purchased is delicious! You now have another lifetime nutty customer. So much more to order."
Jul 2013 -- Johnny, Aberdeen, NJ

"Most excellent nuts and a truly fast delivery. We love you, nuts.com"
Jul 2013 -- Paula, Spring Hill, Fl

"Without a doubt the most cheerful package I have ever received. The "Nuts" and the nuts are great, too."
Jul 2013 -- Margaret, Rindge, NH

"I've been ordering from Nuts.com for about a year and a half now. I have a squirrel we rescued about 2 years ago, and unfortunately, we are unable to find nuts in shell around here unless at Christmas. My kids love the box, and when they found out we were on the last bag of nuts, and I had to order, they were already fighting over who gets to read the box. The squirrel, he loves the nuts..as do his "parents", who are very likely to steal a few when no one is looking. The shipping and response time here are awesome. I have had no complaints. Thank you!"
Jul 2013 -- Anne, Franklin, TN

"just received my first bags of nuts and have found them to be delicious. thank you"
Jul 2013 -- Jack, Land O Lakes, FL

"I ordered my mixed nuts on Wednesday and received them on Friday. How fast was that!? LOL. I immediately opened up the first bag for a little taste and was pleasantly (although not totally) surprised at the freshness of the nuts. They were so good that I ate way more than I intended. Good thing I bought 2 bags, lol. Would definitely recommend to family, friends, and co-workers. Next order, I'll try something new!"
Jul 2013 -- Monique

"super pleased with our order of filberts and mixed nuts. excited to try the generous sample of flax seed. and the bags are so cute I am going to put a book in one and send to my granddaughter."
Jul 2013 -- Anne, Butler, Tn

"Best mixed nuts I ever tasted. Best of all, no peanuts! Fresh tasting, just enough salt. They're great."
Jul 2013 -- Paula, Spring Hill, Fl

"I am nuts about Nuts.com. In a nut shell, knowing where to buy the best nuts might be a hard nut to crack--but if you know about Nuts.com, the answer is easy! Buy nuts--and other goodies--at nuts.com for superior quality, yummy yumminess, and phenomenal service."
Jul 2013 -- Marsha, Santee, CA

"thank you so much great delicious and fresh as always"
Jul 2013 -- lauren chabaud, deerfield beach, fl

"I am so impressed ! I placed my order after supper last night. My delivery came before 2 p.m. today ! My husband and I had tested my choices within 15 minutes. The very best unsalted nuts. Dark chocolate covered walnuts that he said were so good I should not have ordered them. He is a health nut; I reminded him that walnuts and chocolate are good for you. So he ate more. You sent a delicious sample of mixed berries too - yes we've sampled them too. My favorite - the strawberries. I have never had service like this and your products are the best. I'm already deciding on my next order. Thank you and do carry on the family tradition - you have been blessed. Mary"
Jun 2013 -- Mary, northwest, NJ

"I live in Canada and have now ordered from Nuts.com three different times. The products are amazing. The delivery to Canada is hassle free. I highly recommend ordering from Nuts.com."
Jun 2013 -- Gary Jacobson, Toronto, Canada

Jun 2013 -- SANDRA, PORTER, IN

"Thank you yes we have got our nuts and are enjoying them as we speak thank you for everything we will be doing business with you again for sure.... Have a great day:)"
Jun 2013 -- Charles, Fountain, Fl

"Nuts.com are the greatest. Not only do they have the best ever nuts but they also have wonderful customer service. They helped me locate my shipment and get it here in time for me to leave on a three month trip. Of course I am taking the nuts with me on the trip."
May 2013 -- Lois, Sawtooth City, Idaho

"Wow! Awesome product and quality! Will be back for more! Fast shipping great selection awesome prices! Very pleased!"
May 2013 -- Christine, San Antonio, Tx

"Fast service, and huge, fresh nuts! Love the nutcracker, too- what great innovation. Will definitely order again."
May 2013 -- Joyce, Waterford, MI

"As my first experience ordering from Nuts.com... You did surpass my expectations... An extremely rare experience to have these days... Congrats!!! I will order from you again"
May 2013 -- Lucie, Atlanta, Georgia

"Thank You so much for my shipment of mixed nuts. They are the largest, freshest nuts i have ever seen and tasted. i could not believe how quick (2 days) my shipment came. i will order from you forever i'm sold. Thanks again."
May 2013 -- Maria, Williamstown, NJ

"Although I will enjoy some of them, I got them for my macaw, Zazu. He is already tearing into them. Being hard to get nuts in the shell anytime but Christmas it was good to have an online store that had good pricing and excellent delivery. I will definitely be using you again. Call"
May 2013 -- Michael, Palmdale, Ca

"It was really hard for me to find a unsalted mix of nuts that I liked. I stumbled upon Nuts.com and read some reviews....so I decided to give it a try. I absolutely love the mix of nuts I oreded. Great taste and very fresh! New fan and loyal customer of Nuts.com. Thanks!!"
May 2013 -- Kyla, Houston, Texas

"Quality of items I ordered -- mixed nuts, pecans, macadamias and walnuts -- was excellent. I'm a first-time customer, but will definitely return."
Apr 2013 -- Fern, New York, New York

"Hi my nutty friends. Again I received them the next day. I am very pleased but my five parrots are even more pleased than I. They all say thank-you. I am sure you will be hearing from us again. Thank-You Nutty Dean"
Apr 2013 -- Dean, Red Lion, Pennsylvania

"Prompt service. Quick delivery. Great Nuts. You guys are the nuts."
Apr 2013 -- christopher, atlantic beach, fl

"Your nuts are super large. Never seen such large nuts. I bought the Mixed nuts with no salt added. It's difficult to find unsalted nuts on the grocery shelves. A superior product. My hat is off to you guys!"
Apr 2013 -- WILLIAM, Spokane, Washington

"rapid delivery, excellent quality. unsalted choices a big plus."
Apr 2013 -- Jean, Sioux Falls, SD

"Excellent selection and quality, awaiting a new purchase!"
Apr 2013 -- Edward, Enfield, CT

"I originally ordered the Ultimate Peppah Snacker for my son for Christmas, and he and his friends loved it. He asked me to order him another one. Guess it really was tops. The mixed nuts are for me and double thanks for the sample of Salted Cashews."
Apr 2013 -- Eleanor, Garfield Hts., OH

"Fast delivery, and the nuts are BIG! All the parrots are very happy with their haul, only sounds are cracking shells and yells of, "It's GOOD!"!"
Apr 2013 -- Kiti Williams, Pottstown, PA

"These are very good, and to me, well worth the price. I got one bad nut, but hell who does find one occasionally. These are super fabulous, and it's a very equal assortment. I appreciate nuts.com so much. I only eat organic, and I'm thrilled you all have such a great variety."
Apr 2013 -- Carol, Kentucky

"Just received my "Happy Box" order, which got here faster than I could imagine. I immediately broke into the organic mixed nuts, a new item for me, and they are awesome!!!!!! So fresh and yummy ..I am sorry I did not order 5 lbs instead of 1"
Apr 2013 -- marion, Port Saint Lucie, Florida

"I would not have believed until I tasted it for myself how much better these nuts are than the dried up rocks from the grocery store. So good, I almost feel as guilty as if I were eating candy, but they are so much better for you!"
Apr 2013 -- Roger, Roanoke, VA

"I got my first order today! The nuts I ordered were everything I hoped they would be and more! Delicious, nutritious, and very fresh! I will definitely be ordering more when these are gone! Thank you!"
Mar 2013 -- Becky, Phx, AZ

"I love this company I have ordered several times everything is always fresh very happy"
Mar 2013 -- Stephen, culpeper, va.

"BEAUTIFUL!! I am more than pleased with this order of unsalted mixed nuts. They are fresh and delicious, and I will be ordering more soon. I was sent a sample of the Power Mix and will be ordering the full size product today. YUM!!"
Mar 2013 -- Glenda, Houston, Texas

"Supreme Roasted Mixed Nuts (Salted). These are too good for company, or my children! Seriously, after tasting this blend of almonds, cashews,brazil nuts, filberts, pistachios, pecans and macadamia nuts, no other mixed nut product compares. Did I mention there are no peanuts in this mix, now go look at that can of "Mixed Nuts" in your kitchen- never buy that again. Great service, fast shipping and extraordinary products, thanks to the crew at Nuts.Com"
Mar 2013 -- Lawson, Pittsburgh, PA

"My pet Blue & Gold Macaw Sammy loves his nuts. Thanks."
Mar 2013 -- Dave, Salt Springs, Florida

"All my items arrived in less than 30 hours, amazing!! oh and they tasted fresher than items from local store. Thank You!"
Mar 2013 -- Albert, Colchester, VT

"I ordered a few bags of almonds, walnuts and mixed nuts in the shell. They were all very fresh and very delicious. My family ate them so quickly I had to place a much bigger order just a week later. Great company, lightning fast shipping, great products! And I love the little gift bag of nuts--pumpkin seeds with the first order and cashews with the second. Delicious!"
Mar 2013 -- Andy, Vermont

"I ordered on Tuesday afternoon, was quoted a delivery time of Thursday, and received the product on Wednesday evening (though I didn't know about it until I received your e-mail saying it had been delivered). The unsalted mixed nuts are delicious and the price is very reasonable for such quality. And thank you for the bonus trial pack of dried apricots. You've certainly made every effort to please this customer. Thank you. I’ll definitely be back when these are gone."
Mar 2013 -- Victor Maurice Faubert, Jackson, NJ

"Received the nuts. Thanks so much for a great product. I almost live on nuts and have looking for a good source of organic raw nuts that are fresh. Yours rate a 10 out of 10. You'll be hearing a lot from me in the future."
Mar 2013 -- Peter, Hereford, PA

"Great company. I'm training for a Marathon. I love nuts. During the Holidays the grocery stores stop selling nuts. I've gone through this company. The have been great. 100% they ship product out and it appears to be fresh. Love them!!!!!!!!!!!!"
Mar 2013 -- Gray Warrington, Dover, Delaware

"I have fallen in love with your products - the mochi rice is unbelievably good and the raw mixed nuts, absolutely nutty and yummy. Keep up the good work. Can't wait to try more items. Best, Ginger"
Mar 2013 -- Virginia da Costa, Phoenixville, PA

"We received our order yesterday as scheduled. Wow! Everything was just as promised. The nuts in the shell are very fresh and the bridge mix is delicious! We are very satisfied and will order again soon."
Feb 2013 -- Naomi, Okeechobee, Florida

"Glad I found you guys and am able to get salt-free nuts because I am on a salt restricted diet. The sample of Supreme Roasted Mixed Nuts (Unsalted) didn't have a chance, gone in no time. I am enjoying the Roasted Mixed Nuts (Unsalted) and Supreme Dark Chocolate Covered Cherries. I'll be purchasing more from you."
Feb 2013 -- Elmer, Aberdeen, MS

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