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Below is a sampling of some of our very satisfied customers. Most of our customers are loyal customers that continue to come back and shop at Nuts.com.

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"I've been using Nuts.com for the past 6 months now. They have great products, at great prices and reliable shipping. What else can someone ask for?"
Mar 2015 -- Christian, Montréal, Quebec

"My Maqui arrived and I will try it tomorrow.Thanks a bunch. Ursula"
Jan 2015 -- ursula, napa, California

"I live in Canada, this is my first time order, I love the quality and service. Thank you so much!"
Oct 2014 -- Linda, Calgary, Canada

"I have searched everywhere for Goji powder and finally went online to try to find it. I came across Nuts.com and ordered four bags. I just placed a second order for three more bags and wanted to say how pleased I am with my experience. Your website is well designed and easy to navigate. The ordering process is super easy as well. I immediately received a confirmation email and then another email from the team letting me know that I had a tracking number (in less than 20 minutes!). It is a pleasure to transact with you guys. I am not in the habit of posting reviews, but felt that when a company is really doing it right, it should be celebrated. Your brand is awesome, conveying personal attention from a family owned company. You are well organized, well-run and a testament to what online businesses should be. Bravo!!!"
Jul 2014 -- Marjorie, Houston, TX

"Just got my first shipment of Camu Camu Powder and Red Maca. My shipment arrived in record time! I even got a free sample! Loving this company already!"
May 2014 -- Susan, Perry, GA

"Well, isn't this nutty! I was just wondering where and how to leave feedback and I received your email! Just wanted to say great job! Fantastic customer service and prompt delivery. Plus as soon as I relieved my chlorella and spirulina and my bit of goji berry powder I made us each a smoothie! Very yummy! We will be repeat customers for sure! Thanks for a great experience! G&V (oh and our free gift was appreciated too!)"
May 2014 -- Gary, Palm Coast, Fl

"I'm back!! The Organic Strawberry Powder arrived just as you said and it is soooo good. Also I am enjoying the cashews, Bombay ranch chips, sun mix oriental rice chips and I will be sharing the turmeric with family. Once again thank you for the free sample and the great service."
Apr 2014 -- Maxine J Lalock, Morton, IL

"I love this cherry powder in smoothies. I have just read the health benefits again and will try the cherry juice for 2 weeks for inflammation. I have 9 of your powders and will enjoy making new smoothies for a few months. Thank you for having a wonderful and informative business for nuts like me. Maxi"
Apr 2014 -- Maxi, Morton, IL

"Hello Nuts Family, I just love all of your fruit powders and the recipes for them online. Also thank you for putting in what vitamins and health benefits are in each fruit. This is a great way for me to decide what to buy for different health conditions. Thank you for the "free" pretzels and they are fruit flavors!!! Have a great day,Maxi"
Apr 2014 -- Maxine J Lalock, Morton, IL

"I love the taste of moringa and the pomegranate powders and they both make me feel better."
Apr 2014 -- mary, Chattanooga, tn

"What a great experience this was- the site was easy to navigate, customer service is amazing, and the product and packaging are tops! Prices are pretty stellar too! I was very impressed with the way package tracking and delivery is handled. I stumbled onto this site through a google search for spirulina, but I will most definitely be back again and will recommend to friends. You all are just too cute!"
Mar 2014 -- Emily, Dallas, TX

"After weeks of unsuccessful searching in local food stores, I finally decided to look for organic cacao butter, organic cacao powder and lucuma powder online so I could try to make my own chocolate. I found you guys online and read all the testimonials, and have to agree you guys are great!! I received my order super fast, got everything I needed (and a free sample of cacao nibs THANK YOU!), love the packaging and can happily say I made my first batch of chocolate almond butter cups. You guys are great, thank you!"
Feb 2014 -- Jessie, Richmondville, NY

"I ordered the mangosteen powder and I tried it in my yogurt, I really like the way it did not change the flavor of it, just the color but that was okay and I have every intention on ordering more plus some nuts."
Feb 2014 -- LORRAINE, Jacksonville, Florida

"Well Hello Nuts Family I got my fast can't wait to get started ,,,I'm sure I will be ordering more ...Thanks"
Feb 2014 -- Cynthia, lewis run, pa

"Great company! Probably one of the fastest orders I ever received while shopping online. The packaging is great, the products I ordered are just as promised and the minute they were delivered by UPS they emailed me! Rather humorous and fun too~"
Jan 2014 -- Jane, Rockville, Md

"I ordered the Noni powder, Chia seeds and Maca powder. I had my products in hand within 48 hours. The packaging is awesome and it was super nice to find a surprise trial product. I'm pleased as punch, and I'll be ordering again without a doubt. Thanks so much for not only great products, but for the smile I got from the packaging!"
Jan 2014 -- Holly, Olney, Texas

"Thank you for my order! I am very satisfied and was amazed at how quickly I rec'd everything!! :)"
Jan 2014 -- Kelly, Hamburg, New York

"Fast delivery, love the packaging. As soon as I received the order I had to sample. The mulberries are wonderful to eat by themselves. I'm using the goji and acai for smoothies. The cacao nibs I will be using for cooking and ice cream. My husband went nuts over the taste of the mulberries. I will soon be ordering again. I was even sent a free sample. Awesome company*****"
Jan 2014 -- Diane, Holly, Michigan

"It's great to know all the testimonials on the site were true. It's risky buying products online, but it's where I find what I'm looking for and for the best price. Nuts.com had all I was looking for and then some for great prices. I was excited that I received my order in 2 days just like everyone else was claiming. The products were of great and high quality and boy when they say raw they mean it. They properly took care of cold products too. I have not tried all of my products, but the ones I have are superb. The organic and raw products like Spirulina and Hemp and Mangosteen are the real deal. I am overly joyous from this experience and will be a regular customer. Thank you for your quality products and service!"
Dec 2013 -- Tyler, Bossier City, LA

"First, it was the price of the Goji Berries (excellent). Then, it was the website design. Third, it was next day delivery. Fourth, they actually deliver the very next day! Fifth, the cool packaging. Sixth, and most important, the family adopted me. The adoption was important for many reasons: I am a nut; I believe in good nut-trition; and there's usually nothing good on TV (err...not a real reason). Eighth, I never could count, every aspect of this business is done the way I would do it and actually do now, because I am now part of the family. I mean, Jeff is a great guy. And, Cousin David, is a fine gent. I fit right in. My old family thinks I am Nuts. I am. And my new family, likes me this way! I am just nuts about Nuts.com. Do not hesitate to give them your business. This company is a delight in every respect. Did I mention that their product packaging blows the competition away? I kid you not."
Oct 2013 -- Mark, Canton, MA

"Excellent delivery service and product. I ordered the Moringa and Noni powders. Very fresh."
Oct 2013 -- Cheryl

"I'm a repeat customer. I love everything I have ever gotten from this site! So delicious and fresh! It's wonderful to have a place to get such healthy, high quality products. It's also a lot of fun to see what free sample you have included in my order! It's always yummy and I always end up ordering some of it or something similar. Thank you for such great service and products! -One very happy customer. :)"
Oct 2013 -- Rachel, Morgantown, WV

"We love your product offerings and your way of doing business. Enjoying the strawberry powder now and looking forward to ordering some of your other products! Thanks!"
Sep 2013 -- Marion, stow, ma

"Rec the package today and just loved the box and when I opened the box everything was great The Wild Blueberry powder I'll try for juicing first time and the Energy Squares were so great I thought I would just taste one but I went back 3 more times Yum Yum and Thank you so much for adding a little surprise You will be hearing from me again God Bless and keep up the good work Cathy"
Sep 2013 -- Catherine, Bayonne, N J

"I placed my first order with Nuts.com on Sept. 8th, 2013, and I must say I am very happy with what I received. The packaging is very fun, yet professional, and the products all seem to be high quality. I especially like the powdered acai and match green tea! As far as logistics are concerned, I received my order on the date it was estimated I would receive it. Overall, I am very happy and will be ordering from them again. Bryan"
Sep 2013 -- Bryan, Denver, CO

"Great products my mother seems to really enjoy the noni fruit leather and powder. They were delivered quickly and she also enjoyed the free sample that came with her order. Overall I will definitely be ordering again when she needs more noni products."
Sep 2013 -- Stephanie, Chicago, Illinois

"Your products are AMAZING and the packaging is too cute! Will order from you again real soon. Thanks for the awesome service!"
Sep 2013 -- Norine, Port Clinton, OH

"My husband and I used to take this in pill form and ordered from another vendor. We recently bought a Vitamix and are really into smoothies and were looking for more powder substances to add. I was surprised this came in powder format and was so glad to find it. We also use maca, tumeric, goji berry powder, cocoa discovered that these too came in powder format at a fraction of the cost that I was spending through another on line vendor and about half the cost of buying at local stores. I also received my order very quickly. They also put a sample of regular goji berries in my box, which was a pleasant surprise. Nuts.com is my new favorite place to buy smoothie additions!"
Aug 2013 -- Barbara, Streetsboro, OH

"I am now a loyal customer of Nuts.com. I have been making superfood smoothies for several months and I can find all the ingredients for a reasonable price on this site. The best part is they deliver it right to your door so I don't have to spend hours searching at whole foods. Thanks so much for your amazing service!!"
Aug 2013 -- Erin, Irvine, California

"I just received my order today. This is the third order I have placed and I am so pleased with the products you provide. Everything I have tried, so far, has been amazingly tasty. And THANK YOU for the yummy samples! I will definitely be a long time customer."
Aug 2013 -- Naudia, Red Deer, Alberta

"Just received my 2nd order. The products are great, the service is outstanding and I love supporting smaller/family companies! Will be ordering again from here!"
Jul 2013 -- Catherine, Birmingham, Alabama

"WOW! I'm thrilled that I got my goodies within days of ordering! It made me extra excited to tear into the box and make my 1st creation. I blended Almond/coconut milk with ice and cacao nibs, tart cherries and some cherry powder creating a Chocolate Cherry Super antioxidant shake!! thanks so much for delivering a high quality product with great packaging in 5th dimensional speed! Your attitude is also awesome. I'll be ordering again soon and referring for certain."
Jun 2013 -- Lena, fort lauderdale, fl

"Just received my shipment 2 days after ordering. Wonderful! When my 4 yr old granddaughter saw the Nuts.com box, she got excited and ran to get the box opener for me. Right on top was her favorite, dried kiwi. Wish I had taken a picture of her with those gleaming eyes and smile covering her whole face. She semi patiently waited while I emptied the box and let her sample some of the other dried fruit. Finally I gave her two kiwi slices and she danced, twirled and made up an I love kiwi song. I didn't film that either because I was laughing too hard! Thanks, also for the dried apricot sample. Delicious! Will have to order those next time. I was almost out of noni and goji berry powder. So today's box made my granddaughter and me ecstatic. I restrained myself from dancing and twirling, though. However, we did sing her I love kiwi song together. Keep up your fantastic customer service and exceptionally delicious products. We're hooked for life!"
Jun 2013 -- Patricia L, Pittsburgh, PA

"ordered monday, received wednesday really fast great products as well enjoying my organic chia seeds, goji berry, hemp protein powder, chlorella powder. enjoying drinking healthy. thanks nuts.com. 5 star god bless & more power to your business ."
Jun 2013 -- Eve, Indpls, IN

"I've ordered from nuts.com for about 8-9 years and I have never been disappointed!!!! You and your company are a solid 10! I pass on the website to others all the time! Love your products and service!!!! And sense of humor!!!!"
Jun 2013 -- amy, Grand Blanc, Mi

"The timing? Incredible! I got my order the same day it was shipped. The products I ordered? Powerful! Made myself a shake with the seven organic superfoods and my body went "NUTTY" I felt like a Christmas Tree, "ELECTRFIED" Keep up the "NUTTY WORK" Thanks."
Jun 2013 -- Carlos, Jamaica, New York

"What a fun company!!! will start using my seeds and goji powder tomorrow in my smoothies. Will definitely reorder!!! Thanks for the fast shipment and fun!!"
Jun 2013 -- Kelly, stoneboro, pa

"I am like in awe cause I just ordered it on wed afternoon and received it today. How awesome is that and the products is what I like as well. Good service and good stuff. I will definitely get all my products from here. Thanks again and many Blessings to all you and ur familia, Amen!!"
May 2013 -- Terrance Jostes, Lansing, Illinois

"THANK YOU!!! LOVE your Product!!! Love your speedy, nutty service!! Everything about ordering from you has brought a big Smile to my face. I will order from you again and again and again!! Love your FUN and Amazing company!! Connie"
May 2013 -- Connie, Rochester, Michigan

"Love the happy attitude of this company and the quality of products!!!"
May 2013 -- Tammy, Tn

"Placed my order late Sunday night and my box was waiting for me when I got home Wednesday evening! The Acai & Wheatgrass Powders that I purchased were very Fresh! Thanks Nuts.com till next time!"
May 2013 -- ODonna, Charlotte, NC

"Love, love, love all of your products from chia seeds- cacao- hemp-blueberry-cinnamon powder down to the kale chips and energy squares- Did I mention that I love all your products and the packaging..I am HAPPY,HAPPY - HAPPY-Yep I am.. Thanks for all the care you guys put into making sure we get high quality products... You all truly do stand above the rest...."
Apr 2013 -- desiree, talbott, tn

"Bidding the instructions on the box (Hurry up - Open me!), I eagerly unpacked my latest nutty shipment (arriving a day before I expected it). Considering I stumbled across this place while looking for bulk yeast, I can't express how excited I was to find raw organic whole unpeeled cacao beans!!!!! This is, of course, on top of all the lovely things like spirulina, chlorella, noni, moringa, maca (and other) powders and bee pollen! Holy jumpin' jehosanuts! I was literally jumping from one foot to another in the kitchen as I surveyed all my loot spread out on the counter. The free samples always delight - I'm overflowing with gratitude for the cheerful emails, packaging, shipping boxes, and generosity. The glass jar of vanilla bean honey was so well packaged it required a surgical procedure to unpack. I need to put saran wrap on my keyboard so I don't short it out with drool as I type this review... Cheers to a nutterful, nutulous day. True bodaciousnuts. Thanks for being your nutty selves!"
Apr 2013 -- Jennifer, Milwaukee, WI

"Wow! This is my second time ordering. I was impressed with just your adorable packaging on my first order. That alone makes you smile and feel good, but your products are awesome. We use the acai berry, goji berry, maca, chia seeds, and cacao powders in our morning smoothies, which are made with fruit, nuts, and greens. We are feeling great, more energy, better health all around. I am so glad that when I was searching for these powders, I lucked up and found your website!! Even give us a free treat to try. Thank you:)"
Apr 2013 -- BARBARA, Rainsville, Al

"Just order my Second bag of Goji berry powder love It ..now I am trying other Thing..shipping is Fast..so Thank You...Brenda"
Apr 2013 -- Brenda, Jacksonville, NC

"What great service. I got my order so fast and the quality is above standards. I will order from you regularly. Now it's time to make smoothies."
Apr 2013 -- Zina, Washington, D.C.

"OMG! When I saw the nuts box I could not believe your service delivery. I ordered on late monday night and received the goods on Thursday. All the 9 items are amazing and super fresh. Shipping cost is very reasonable considering that this is an international shipment. I am your number 1 fan. Nuts.com, you are my hero and sunshine!"
Mar 2013 -- Suzy, Mississauga, Canada

"I just got my first order from Nuts.com and I LOVE the packaging. The box made me laugh and I love each item's packaging too. Now for the good stuff. I immediately made my lunch shake (ViSalus) with the wheatgrass, cherry and bee pollen powders. Delicious! They blended perfectly and smelled fresh. This may have been my first purchase, but it won't be my last! And thanks for the gift of the mixed fruit! It's also delish!"
Mar 2013 -- Sharon, Everett, WA

"Outstanding customer service and great food products for healthy eats. I recommend "Nuts.com!""
Mar 2013 -- ARLEN, Afghanistan

"I really love Nuts.com. The shipping was fast and profession, and the bags they use are adorable. The chai tea mix is AMAZING, as is the green tea powder and vitamin C powder (shots for smoothies). I also go the Chlorella powder and Stevia powder. The Chlorella was strong - too strong for me to enjoy (a bit too musky), but I'm sure it's very high quality and good for you; the taste of the Stevia is a bit off for me to be a sweetener substitute. But these are my personal preferences and Nuts.com delivered a quality product regardless. Hurrah for Nuts.com!!!"
Mar 2013 -- David, Evanston, Il

"Thanks for your prompt delivery! Love the the packaging! Really makes it user friendly. You guys rock!"
Mar 2013 -- Pedro Montoya, san antonio, tx

"I got my order within the expected time frame. I'm so excited to supplement my smoothies and juiced fruits and veggies with the spirulina, chia seeds, and acai berry powder. By the way these all came in perfect condition and thank you for the free antioxidant blend sample!! Keep up the great work!"
Mar 2013 -- Colleen, Mankato, MN

"Placed an order at 1:35pm. Confirmation of order arrivded 1:37pm. Shipping notice at 2:04pm Order received 24 hours later. Adorable stay fresh packaging, incredibly fresh products, outstanding customer service ... what's not to love?"
Feb 2013 -- Donnalynn, Glens Falls, NY

"My product arrived this morning in neatly packaged individual reseable bags. I am very impressed and it just tasted wonderful in my smoothie, thank you so much. Sincerely George"
Feb 2013 -- George, Sacramento, CA

"Thank you so much for your prompt delivery. I am excited to try your product in the new Nutribullet I purchased. Happy Blessed Friday. Wendy"
Feb 2013 -- Wendy, Holly, Michigan

"I am so impressed with the service and products I received from Nuts.com. I will definitely order again and soon!"
Jan 2013 -- Gwen, Charlotte, Nc

"Awesome, outstanding, amazing, fantastic. You guys are the bomb. Super super fast shipping. And you go above and beyond in great communication updates and tracking you guys are the best. Undeniably the best assortment of healthy goodies online. Everything is so wonderful and fresh. In a world full of businesses who just don't care anymore you show just how important your customers truly are to you. Kudos Nuts.com I'm yours. I'm your life long customer:-) :-) :-)"
Jan 2013 -- Andrea, New York, NY

"Got my order in 2 days...so surprised ....prices are very reasonable...cheapest I've found....very happy with the amount you receive for the price...I definitely recommend nuts.com...."
Jan 2013 -- debbie, Cincinnati, Oh

"Quick delivery of a quality product. A co worker sent me a link to a site where she purchased a similar product to what you stock. Her 'special' price was about 40% more than I am paying. The dried fruits and seeds I purchase (acai and chia) are the best of the best. BTW, I sent her a link to your site."
Jan 2013 -- ralph, evensville, tn

"I got my noni tea, goji berry powder and such and I've started using them with my green tea for school and for breakfast and I'm really happy with the service. I can tell you guys are passionate about everything that you do because the box is just adorable and yet so creative and it really makes me happy and so does the packaging. Your products are very high quality!!! and I'll be buying from you guys again. Thank you so much, have a wonderful day :D!"
Jan 2013 -- Oliver, Freeport, New York

"You guys rock! I have ordered stuff from many online stores but nuts.com is in my book simply the best experience I ever had, ordering process, delivery and product in one word AAA +++. Jeff"
Jan 2013 -- Jdarnault, Miami

"You guys are great , i ordered yesterday before i went into work and Fedex woke me up this morning (saturday) with my order at my doorstep . AWESOME service . Customer for life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ."
Dec 2012 -- trevor, east orange, NJ

"Thank you for the excellent quality products and exceptional communication. I have ordered products from you a few times and every time I order something new and love everything. I ordered the organic mulberries and was skeptical about it but I love love them, I have eaten so many that I will have to order again this week. Also love the goji powder in my protein drinks that I order from you. Thanks again. I'm "nutty" over this company."
Dec 2012 -- Laura, New port Richey, Fl

"AMAZING service and if you can believe it, even more AMAZING products! I love all flavors of the Energy Squares - they are addicting! I love the Turkish pistachios, the Goji powder in my smoothies, and the Wasabi Peanuts are TO CRY FOR!"
Dec 2012 -- Eleanor, Hernando, MS

"I got the blueberry powder for my mother as a gift. She had a very specific muffin recipe in mind. The package not only arrived a day early but was also high quality and just what she was looking for. She bookmarked your site so i'm sure there will be more purchases in the future."
Dec 2012 -- Chloe, Royal Oak, Michigan

"Nuts.com has been a life saver for the U.S. Troops here in Afghanistan. The food choices the military offers deployed soldiers is hard to eat 3 meals a day. It is filled with grease, MSGs and who knows what else. Your stomach will definitely not agree with you if you eat all 3. So we have resorted to snacking for 2 of the meals. After we discovered Nuts.com, we have been placing orders about once a week. We have ordered everything from Chia Seeds, Coffee, Acai Berry powder, and our favorite is the 5lb bag of custom trail mix. We go through a 5lb bag of trail mix in about a week between the 3 of us in our little section. Not only does Nuts.com have awesome products, they have super fast delivery (even here in Afghanistan). We are always on the lookout for the mail truck to see if we can see our Nuts.com box in the back. Thank you for providing a great product, as well as great customer service. Sincerely, Bradley DeMass"
Nov 2012 -- Bradley, Sandy, Utah

"i love the blueberry powder, i have several others i use when making french toast, and the dried blueberries ( if you can find them in the stores are totally expensive for what you get (6 oz for 10.00$) i will be ordering all my dried fruit and powders from you from now on."
Oct 2012 -- stas', denver, co

"These guys are fast....talk about great service. I can't wait to order from them again. Thank you so much! P.S. the products appear to be of the highest quality."
Sep 2012 -- Arthur, Somersworth, NH

"The Lucuma powder smells just like the actual fruit, amazing!"
Sep 2012 -- Brigitte, philadelphia, pa

"When i fix got my package I thought the box was so cute with the saying and drawings. I was very content it arrived as scheduled and couldn't wait to try for the 1st time the Spirulina and the Vitamin C powder. Thank you for the free gift of cranberries I never had them like whole they were soo yummy we enjoy them like dessert. Thank you we will order back from your site again! :)"
Sep 2012 -- Bessy, Sunrise, Florida

"First order arrived and in record time. Been adding your Maca and Acai powders to my smoothies for a couple of weeks now. Also snacking on the yummy Goji berries, Cacao nibs and various nuts I ordered. The taste and quality can't be beat and what reasonable prices for such large quantities. So glad I found you Nutty people. Thanks"
Sep 2012 -- madimare, Torrington, CT

"I've made 4 orders so far and have loved everything I ordered. Fast. I keep going back to your sight and reading up on others things I will try next orders. Just love your site. I have lost 59 pounds,using your products. For my breakfast everyday, & walking."
Jul 2012 -- Brenda, Mamou, Louisiana

"Awesome! Love my 100% Matcha tea and organic acai powder! They even threw in some chia seeds! THIS IS NUTS! I will definetly Be back!"
Jun 2012 -- Chad, Berea, Ohio

"Everything is great. I haven't tried Maca powder or Acai powder before. I concocted a mixture of Spirulina, Maca, & Acai powders with Vanilla flavored Greek yogurt. I ate them with fresh fruit. It is wonderful."
Jun 2012 -- Pam, Flint, MI

"I would like too say, I enjoy all the Items that I order. Doing for four years, keep up the good work nut buddies."
Jun 2012 -- Craig, Canton, Michigan

"Hi, I ordered my package last night and it was delivered this morning... with a yummy sample of Chia seeds! WOW, this is amazing!!! Thank you!"
May 2012 -- Patty

"Second order I have received promptly from you...love your organic goji berries...plump and delicious..organic noni powder great to take along when I travel...Thanks for your personal touch with your customers...."
Apr 2012 -- Linda, Pickerel, WI

"You guys are the BEST! My order was accurate and delivered oh, SO FAST (delivery took less than 24 hours)! It was such a hassle getting my green tea powder and acai from different places. You guys are the one-stop shop! Seriously, I'm a new lifetime customer! Thank you!!"
Mar 2012 -- Richard, Alexandria, VA

"I just received my order and made a smoothie with the Acai, Wild Blueberry, Gogi, Strawberry,and Matcha Green Tea powder..........AMAZING! and DELICIOUS! This is a perfect way to get healthy and a great and natural energy boost! I set up everything i purchased on my counter next the blender for my very own superfood smoothie station!"
Mar 2012 -- Cynthia, Baltimore, Maryland

"As usual I am surprised how FAST my order was delivered...not even 24 hours...I don't know how you do it?!? I love everything especially the acerola cherry powder which is nearly impossible to find anywhere else. Thanks!"
Mar 2012 -- Cynthia, Nutley, NJ

"Fabulously Fast, Fabulously Fresh!!!! You guys are Nuts, but in a very tasty way. My order came lightspeedinly faster than expected. Really appreciated having the items in sturdy ziplocked bags. I ordered dried Gogi berries which I soak for 1-2 minutes to plump up before putting into my cereal or pancake batter, raw organic blueberry powder which I am using in my meringue recipe, and I also tried a sample of cacao nibs which I am still not sure what to do with. Having the opportunity to purchase sample sizes of some items is a great way to experiment with something you would ordinarily not want to purchase. So all in all, Extremely Pleased. You have made a true believer out of me and I love the fact that you are a family business! Congrats on the new baby too! Thanks."
Feb 2012 -- Judy, Staten Island, NY

"I received my Cherry Acerola Powder order just as promised. I saw Dr. Oz referring to this on his show, lots of vitamin C, good for your complexion and had to have it. Thanks for being so prompt could not wait to start on it. V. Reagan"
Feb 2012 -- Virginia, @home, Georgia

"Once again...WOW!!! I ordered all my favorites which includes raw cacao powder, goji berry powder, spirulina powder, and red maca powder. My new favorites are the energy squares! I ordered more of the raw cacao goji berry ones and this time tried the organic carob super green and organic chia energy squares! They are all high quality and delicious to the last bite! I'm an on the go stay at home mom and those little squares sure do come in handy for afternoon snacking! Of course I love that I ordered on Monday and received my box of goodies on Tuesday! Thanks for awesome products and fast service!"
Feb 2012 -- Gina, ridgefield, ct

"Wow, that was fast! Everything is fresh and delicious! Organic simply strawberries are YUM indeed. Pomegranate powder with cold water made a refreshing drink, and who knew unsweetened cacao would be such a tasty and mood lifting snack! Thanks also for the little gift."
Jan 2012 -- Deanna, Chicago, IL

"I Love the products I just received, and the shipping was super fast. Thank you!"
Jan 2012 -- Anita, St. Peter, MN

"I have order many products from Nuts online. Delivery is ALWAYS prompt. The produce line is second to none. The pricing is usually cheaper than other online sites. If this is your first time looking at this site, GO NO FURTHER. They are the BEST."
Jan 2012 -- Vincent, Tampa, Fl

"Thanks for your great products and FAST DELIVERY!!"
Jan 2012 -- Joanne, Brooklyn, NY

"Excellent service, very good products, thanks!"
Dec 2011 -- Lise, Maine

"Everything we have EVER ordered from you has come promptly, to say the least! My family loves all of the malted milk balls, we thought the camu-camu powder was superior to another company's, the raw hemp seeds, and maple walnut fudge are wonderful, and the nuts cannot be surpassed. We have ordered grains, seeds, dried fruit, nuts, candy, fudge, snacks - just about every category of item you have, and have always felt your products were exceptionally good! On the whole, we could not be happier - period."
Dec 2011 -- Emily, Bradenton, FL

"I read your story and I read some of the testimonials and I am also very impressed. The quality and the quick delivery is great. Thank you very much and will stay in touch---Randall"
Dec 2011 -- Randall, New York, USA

Oct 2011 -- Josephine, Monroe, NJ

"great service, awesome product!! :)"
Oct 2011 -- Terokesha S. Gregory, Woodbridge, VA

"Received my goodies today and I'm so happy. I had a Acai Smoothie and felt the different instantly. Thank You and Keep Smiling."
Sep 2011 -- Adrian, Winter Garden, Florida

"You guys are really great. I tell everyone I can about you're site, you're products and prices they are so outstanding and you take care of you're customers as well as have great delivery service! Thank you! Ron"
Sep 2011 -- Ron, larkspur, co.

"Great service, received my order in two days along with a free gift. Everything was just as described by seller. Thanks nutsonline! I will be ordering from you again soon."
Sep 2011 -- Dianne

"Amazing products - delicious and so good for you! Super fast ship and great packaging."
Aug 2011 -- Michael, St. Albans, VT

"The best service 10 stars ********** WOW"
Aug 2011 -- Brendella, Athens, Ohio

"Ordered yesterday, received today! All items were very fresh and top quality, I'm very pleased. Thank you for such great service, and for the free sample too."
Aug 2011 -- gina, Coxsackie, NY

"I love your store! My shipment arrived exactly when I asked for it. Thanks so much!!"
Aug 2011 -- Laura, Mansfield, Texas

"The fastest delivery ever, I ordered 7pm last night and it was here first thing in the morning, close to a twelve hour delivery time. Great prices for everything. I am hoping to get healthier from my selection."
Aug 2011 -- ivy, Baltimore, Md

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Want to try a smaller size before indulging big time? Check out our tasty samples! $2.50 a sample.

Jeffrey's Picks

USA Gummy Bears USA Gummy Bears
Jordan Almonds (White) Jordan Almonds (White)
Organic Coconut Oil (Raw) Organic Coconut Oil (Raw)
Sour Mini Neon Worms Sour Mini Neon Worms
Mushroom Chips Mushroom Chips
Veggie Sticks Veggie Sticks
Chicken Rub Chicken Rub
Toasted Natural Sliced Almonds (Unsalted) Toasted Natural Sliced Almonds (Unsalted)