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Astronaut Ice Cream Reviews

Below is a sampling of some of our very satisfied customers. Most of our customers are loyal customers that continue to come back and shop at Nuts.com.

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"Great service, and very good nuts, delicious candy and freeze dried ice cream. thanks"
Apr 2014 -- Darren, APPLE VALLEY, CA.

"Wow I am really impressed with your service! I placed an order on Friday late afternoon, the order arrived the following Tuesday morning, all the way to Canada, Montreal!!! Thank you so very much for the delicious berries sample! I ordered 24 items, everything arrived well packaged, fresh and delicious! Among favourites right now are okra chips, astronaut ice cream, candies, and still lots of things left to open. Thank you so much for your exceptional service, I wish more businesses were like you!"
Mar 2014 -- Rimma, Montreal, Quebec

"Just received my order.had co-workers try the astronauts ice cream. then one asked me for the web site address. i believe you will have a new customer soon."
Mar 2014 -- Stephanie, Wharton, Tx

"I LOVE every thing and the extra little touches,(the free gift), was lovely! The ice cream didn't make it through the night!! We love them...will order for camping trips!"
Mar 2014 -- Sheila, Greenfield, IN

"I am so glad that I.ordered the Astronaut ice cream sandwiches, so good and my order was delivered fast. I will order some more Astronaut Ice Cream Sandwiches soon."
Feb 2014 -- Holly, Saint Charkes, MO

"I am so happy I found this site. I am very pleased with my freeze dried ice cream that I used to have as a child. I also ordered pecans for the first time and I love the price and the amount on everything. Love me some NUTS.COM."
Dec 2013 -- Kathy, Beverly Hills, Florida

"I do quite a bit of shopping online. But only if I like the site and the products. In this happy instance I love both. Your collection of supplies for all occasions along with every day items that people love is amazing. I look forward to planning my nieces wedding and doing some more shopping on your site. Thank you so much."
Jul 2013 -- William, Melrose, Massachusetts

"Items were delivered on the date stated when ordered. Great service and items were perfect! I think I enjoyed the box that the items were delivered in even more than the items I ordered. You made my day!"
Feb 2013 -- Marian, loxahatchee, fl

"OMG! I was so surprise when I received this fun looking package. My first reaction is "I love the box." This week was so busy, I forgot about my order. I'm so thankful that Nuts.com has the sugar-free products and Peanut Butter Bars is my favorite from my childhood. It was the first bag opened and I ate 3 bars, it was soooo good. There was also a little extra surprise included, a taste of Veggie Chips. As I repeat OMG, I finished the whole container within 24 hours. Yes, I feel bad for finishing the whole thing. No, I don't feel guilty because I ate my veggies. :) I ordered the Astronaut Ice Cream which came package in the cutest orange zip lock bags. I can wait to try them and the Southern Heat Mix. Thank you for bring back great memories of my childhood."
Feb 2013 -- Cinfonie, South San Francisco, CA.

"HOLY COW!!! One of the best treats I've had in a long time Hubby loved it too. Need to hide it now! Our Akitas were drooling watching us, so they got a tiny taste! Loved it. Will tell my friends. SUPER fast shipping as always. You are the best."
Jan 2013 -- Peggy, Farmingville, NY

"My astronaut ice cream and freeze-dried strawberries were delivered super, super quick!! Thank you so much! These are going to be great stocking stuffers!"
Dec 2012 -- Anne, Akron, OH

"Tastes very good, Love the packaging. & Very fast delivery :)"
May 2012 -- Cindy, New York, New York

"The most unexpectedly delicious crunchy assortment of goodies! The space ice cream is lovely! I am even now picking out new things to try. Thank you for providing these wonder healthy things to munch on."
Apr 2012 -- Sheila m., Higganum, Ct

"First time ordering with you and very satisfied! Thanks for the speedy delivery and the yummy product. Look forward to purchasing more treats for our wedding in October! Thanks!"
Apr 2012 -- Jennifer, Portland, Oregon

"I love this company!!! Fast shipping, a quality product, what else do you need? I love the dried mimi strawberries, and I actually bought the astronaut ice cream... YUMMM!!! I love organic and sugar free foods and this is one of- if not, the best place to find these types of snacks and ingredients. Love them!!!"
Feb 2012 -- Cyn

"These were SMALLER than what i expected.. but they came in the mail REALLY fast.. ordered on Thursday came on Saturaday!! and they were really good!!"
Jan 2012 -- Diane, San antonio, TX

"It all came right on time! The astronaut ice cream was completely different than I had imaged but it still was absolutely mouth watering~ Also, thank you very much for the gift! I look forward to my next purchase ;')"
Jan 2012 -- Ngoc, California

"I am so pleased with everything I ordered from you!! It was my first time ordering and just a few days before Christmas so I doubted it would get here on time. Much to my surprise and delight my package was here the day you promised. My daughter was very pleased with her dark chocolate covered blueberries. Just for fun I ordered the pack of Astronaut Ice Cream. Everyone thought it was wonderful and different. Thanks--I will be ordering again!!!"
Dec 2011 -- Judi, Lafayette, IN

"Quick shipping! My kids and I are really enjoying all the goodies (veggie chips, fruit chips, and freeze dried ice cream sandwiches). Thank you so much for the free sample of mixed berries, they were delicious!!!"
Oct 2011 -- Mechelyn

"As soon as my package arrived I tore it opened and sampled everything! All I want to say is wow!! I can hardly believe everything was fresh, delicious and exceeded my expectations. Thank you so much for your fabulous website. I will definitely be a frequently buyer."
Oct 2011 -- Angela, Alberta, Canada

"OMG!!! We love your company!! Just got our box everything perfect and SO good!! THANK YOU!"
Aug 2011 -- Laura, Fountain, CO

"Best product ever for sure!!"
Jul 2011 -- Molly, Cartersville, GA

"I want this product and soon will get it soon. I'm so excited about getting it. :)"
Jul 2011 -- Molly, Cartersville, GA

"Great company to order from! Super fast delivery, even to Hawaii, and with the same shipping! No extra charge for not being "continental U.S." And this site is easy to explore :) Thanx a bunch!!!"
Jul 2011 -- Chandar, Kailua Kona, Hawaii

"I got my order today and was totally satisfied!! My kids never had the Astronaut Ice cream before and they loved it and my wife was extremely happy with the chocolate espresso beans! Oh and by the way thank you for the free gift that was very thoughtful!! Will be placing another order soon!! Thank,you again"
Feb 2011 -- Richard, Bridgeport, Tx

"WOW!! Loved everything! My son likes ice cream but not the cold ( weird?!?!) he loves the Astronaut Ice Cream. Thank you I will be ordering again soon and have told all my family about you."
Jan 2011 -- Laura, Fountan, CO

"ordered freeze dried ice cream as a Christmas present the kids love it."
Dec 2010 -- scott

"While deployed to Afghanistan one of my co-workers introduced me to Nutsonline.com, and I have been ordering regularly almost once a week ever since. I have been blown away by the quality, and consistency of everything I have ordered. Simply smashing! I dare anyone to order a few items, spend 20$'s on what you would normally buy at a store, and then tell me it wasnt 5 times better from Nutsonline.com. I'll be ordering from here for years to come! They have definitely found a life-long customer!"
Dec 2010 -- Dustin

"I have two words for you: YUM EEE!!! I ordered the Crystalized Ginger, Glazed Lemon Peel, Dried Lemon and Orange slices, Turkish Figs and Astronaut Ice Cream. I have been like a kid at Christmas! I am absolutely delighted with everything. Thanks for the rapid delivery and excellent communication, as well!"
Nov 2010 -- Debra, Birmingham, Alabama

"I haven't been on Nuts Online for a while but I just bought some great goodies and I can't wait to get them. I bought the Roasted Brazil nuts, Astronaut Icecream sandwiches, simple strawberries, and simple Pomegranates. YOU ROCK NUTS ONLINE and next time I won't wait so long to order from you."
Oct 2010 -- Holly, Saint Charles, MO

"I bought the sugar-free cherry gum drops. They are very tasty! I also purchased the Astronaut Ice Cream and thought it was very good as well."
Oct 2010 -- Mayra, Downey, CA

"I haven't been able to find cubed coconut anywhere, and man am I glad for that. I love this item. I can't wait to order more. Ordered the freeze dried ice cream and not only is it good but the price is the best that I have found."
Aug 2010 -- Laura, Smithville, TX

"Fabulous products, Fabulous service, Fabulous prices... will use your services again and again ! Thank You!"
Aug 2010 -- Marianne, Dade City, FL

"Fantastic service!!! I purchased the ice cream and fruit rolls for my son who is stationed in Afghanistan and will be sending it out today. Thank you and I can't wait to get his response. It takes 2 weeks for packages to get to him. Again..THANK YOU"
Aug 2010 -- Barbara, Maryland

"Great Stuff! Nut's Online ROCKS!!!! Thanks!"
Aug 2010 -- Matt, Michigan

"Astronaut Ice Cream is fabulous! Opened my front door after supper to discover my pkg. from NUTS! PERFECT FOR DESSERT, A BIT! Very good delivery! Thanks, all & Be Blessed in The Fullness of The Blessing Without Measure, in Jesus Name!"
Jun 2010 -- Jan, AR

"Guys....you've done it again....We are loving everything we got. It's all so fresh and good. We started opening it all to start sampling as soon as the box arrived. Keep up the good work !! We love you nuts!!"
Mar 2010 -- Norma, Northeast, Texas

"My 1 year old son loves this ice cream not too crazy about the chocolate cookie outside I am but I have pictures that say a 100 words or more. Awesome"
Mar 2010 -- Ann

"Remarkable inventory and prompt service. Will definitely be back"
Jan 2010 -- Christine, San Antonio, TX

"I have tried your pumpkin spice malt balls, fruit slices, and Neapolitan space food and love all of it! My order was low-priced and was delivered to me very quickly. Thanks for the great service!"
Jan 2010 -- Arielle, Columbus, Ohio

"My second time ordering, I decided to branch out and try a few new things...and so glad I did! I ordered the freeze-dried fruit cocktail. My order arrived within 24 hours of ordering and I immediately opened a container to taste it. My taste quickly turned into my almost devouring the entire container. It's like healthy candy! I also ordered a .lb of goji berries and dried pineapple. The best price, .lb for .lb I've ever found - in store or online. My only concern is that I love everything so much that I have to keep myself from eating everything the minute it arrives!"
Jan 2010 -- Jason, New York, NY

Showing 1 - 41 of 41 reviews

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