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Below is a sampling of some of our very satisfied customers. Most of our customers are loyal customers that continue to come back and shop at Nuts.com.

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"I have lived in Lancaster County all of my life and never heard of honey butter until within the past year. (My 70th birthday is hammering at my door ;-) I see on you container that you are based in Manheim. The supermarket where I shop has stopped carrying it and I am not a happy little camper!! I LOVE IT!!! I love to drizzle a teaspoon of it over my oatmeal each morning. It is SO GOOD!!"
Oct 2014 -- JoAnne, Willow Stteet, PA

"grew up on it loved it muchly"
Sep 2014 -- don, denver, co

"Received my cinnamon honey butter a day earlier than expected. Immediately slid 4 slices of bread into the toaster and waited to try your product. Very, very delicious. The long expired brand (McFeeters) I grew up with had much more cinnamon in the spread. It was great."
Apr 2014 -- cinnamon, Sarnia, On., Canada

"I received my honey butter today and it is wonderful. Just like the honey butter we used to get when I was a child. I have tried several others but they were not the ones. Thank You."
Feb 2014 -- Karen, Petersburg, WV

"Hey - these folks are REALLY NUTS !!! Ordered Downey's Honey Butter and it was delivered so fast I was amazed. You will love their packaging......if you are having a bad day the sayings all over the box will definitely make you smile. I am NUTS about these folks and a fan for life. Give them a try to see for yourself."
Feb 2014 -- Charlotte, Atlanta, GA

"Thank you much for the very fast shipment. We have already open and tasted the honey butter Just live that yummy stuff. And tried the dried strawberries and they are great. Also so happy to do business with a family owned company. :)"
Feb 2014 -- Linda, Anniston, Al

"As you said, got my order today and first off; many thanks for the incredibly prompt and courteous treatment of my order. More importantly, I finally got to taste again Downey's Original Honey Butter and it's exactly as I remember it from my growing up in NY and it's unknown here in Texas. Many thanks for stocking this great old favorite and shipping the order as quickly as you did. Thanks again and for the little bonus of the nuts. Yours truly, Clark."
Feb 2014 -- Clark

"Both packages arrived just in time for Christmas. The honey butter is exactly how I remembered it from 15 years ago. My only regret is that I didn't buy the case! Now I know for next time."
Dec 2013 -- Liz, Portland, OR

"I have searched many of stores in my area for the elusive honey butter. it had become an unofficial tradition with me and mom on Sunday morning to have breakfast together. Our favorite part was biting into a warm piece of toast tasting that liquid ecstasy. A many great memorable bonding moments were had at these breakfast rendezvous..but when our local markets stoped carrying Downeys honey butter. It just wasn't the same. We needed our sweetness craving. When I found nuts .com you can't believe how excited I was. After I ordered and they replied with your order we be delivered on Tuesday. I'm like a whole week. I don't know if I can take it.but when I got home Saturday. 2 days after I placed my order. And sitting there by my front door was abox from nuts.com. I said heck ya awesome. You guys are the bomb.I thank you and my mom thanks you. Let the Good times roll. Sincerely Charles E Clark"
Nov 2013 -- Charles, Dayton, Ohio


"THANK YOU Delivered in less than 12 hours after ordering. Best site on the web."
Aug 2013 -- Nora, Brooklyn, New Yoek

"Thank you for such prompt delivery. It was 90 degrees outside and the 12 containers of honey butter were still cold! I haven't been able to find this product for over 15 years and I was thrilled to stumble on it online. We love, love, love it. It still tastes exactly like we remember. I will definitely be ordering this honey butter from you in the future."
Jun 2013 -- Sandy, York, PA

"WOW! So happy to have found your site. I was seeking the Downey Honey Butter I loved so much as a kid but found such variety in your products that I couldn't help but add more things to my basket!! Since my first visit 2 weeks ago, I have been back twice already! The shipments arrive in a timely fashion and I truly LOVE your packaging and customer service follow-up. Thanks Nuts.com! I am giving your name out to all that I know."
Jun 2013 -- Jennifer, Charlotte, nc

"I grew up on Honey Butter but lost it while stationed in Korea and I never saw it again. I was saddened, depressed even! 34 years later, on the internet, what do I discover but my favorite Honey Butter on NUTS.COM!! You guys ROCK! The first taste was sheer ecstasy! This weekend I'm giving 8 other families their own container of honey butter while camping, betcha you get some orders soon, thanks you Nuts!!"
May 2013 -- tom, north monmouth, MAINE

"I received the Downey Cinnamon Honey Butter today. I have been unable to purchase it in any of the local stores so found your site on line. My sisters and I had this as children and our children enjoy it also. So there are a lot of happy people in the family. Thank you for such prompt delivery. Sincerely Denise"
May 2013 -- Denise, Fairport, New York

"Was searching the web for a nostalgic treat from my youth - Downey's Honey Butter. Couldn't find it locally for a couple of years. Found it at Nuts.com Ordered on Tuesday, it was here Thursday, packed still cold in one of their very cool - cool like neato - shipping boxes. Coolest company on the web, would have to give them an "A" for Awesome! Will be ordering again, and trying some of their other treats."
Apr 2013 -- Malcolm, Cococ Beach, Fl

"My husband has been talking about this honey butter forever. He finally decided to try and find it and, VOILA he found it. We were so excited to find it because, as kids we used to get this as a treat. We ended up buying a case of both the original and the cinnamon. All I can say is...MMMMMMMMMMMM! It took us back to way back when. We ordered it on the 19th and received it on the 22nd as promised. The box it came in is absolutely AWESOME and creative. Thank you, Nuts.com and thanks for the memories."
Mar 2013 -- Theresa, Rochester, NY

"Downey's honey butter is a great product that I've enjoyed for years, but all the local grocers discontinued it...even our local Heath food stores....I was happy to be able to purchase through nuts.com and they shipped quickly....am happy!"
Mar 2013 -- linda, Endwell, N.Y.

"It's been more than fifty years since I last tasted your honey butter. My, what fond memories this taste brings me back to. Thanks for helping me re-live my younger days!! Carol K."
Mar 2013 -- Carol, New Milford, CT

"The cinnamon honey butter is awesome. I have used it on so many things. I've mixed a little into Greek yogurt, used on toast and english muffins, mixed a little with some peanut butter for a peanut butter and banana sandwich. The most recent was on a sweet potato and oh my gosh, was it good! Will definitely buy this again."
Mar 2013 -- B. P., Midlothian, Virginia

"I am so glad to have found your site! Love the honey butter and the nuts. Thank you for both."
Jan 2013 -- Jan

"I can't believe I found this! I grew up eating this. THANK YOU!!"
Oct 2012 -- beth, old lyme, ct

"Wonderful service!! And the cinnamon honey butter was as delicious as I remember it being. I appreciated the e-mail updates with shipping info ( including the e-mail to confirm it arrived), and I also appreciated the biodegradable packing (that melts in water). Good show!"
Jun 2012 -- David

"The cinamon honey butter is great. I remember eating it on toast when I was a kid growing up in Oxford New York. I happen to think about that the other morning at breakfast and was able to find your product on line."
May 2012 -- James, Carson City, Nevada

"OK, how do you do it? How do you deliver a product to a home before I even finish placing the order? But seriously, I placed that order yesterday afternoon, with an order confirmation at 2:17PM, and had my goodies less than 24 hours later! Wow. And of course the Downey's Honey Butter, which I have craving as a child, will certainly fill the bill and have some for my whole family to share! Thanks so much will order from you again, love the selections!"
Apr 2012 -- Lee, Selbyville, DE

"Hadn't had Honey Butter in about 15 years. I tore into the package and headed straight for the kitchen. Put it on toast and almost passed out from pleasure. Completely lost control of my tongue for about 4 hours as it searched for more. My dog thought I was nuts till I gave him some....now he won't stop bugging me for more. Great Stuff, thanks for making it. Jim"
Feb 2012 -- Jim, South Boardman, MI

"I got my order as promised and was delighted to see the familiar packages of Honey Butter. I ordered the cinnamon and the regular. Just the smell of it when I opened it brought back childhood memories. The regular Honey Butter seemed like the honey had begun to crystallize. But it was still good. The cinnamon is almost gone as of today."
Jan 2012 -- Fred, Lake Wylie, South Carolina

"Your Honey Butter is great, just like what my mother used when I was a kid, and your delivery was super fast, with great care given to protecting the product in transit."
Dec 2011 -- Candy, Athol, MA

"My husband and I are so pleased we were able to locate Downey's honey butter. We live in Michigan and use to buy the honey butter when our adult children were small. It was a Sunday treat on our toast. We purchased enough to share with our family and I know we will be ordering more soon. Thank you for the quick delivery."
Dec 2011 -- Carol

"Received my order a day earlier than expected & was glad to see an old favorite, Downey's Honey Butter, that I can no longer find in my local stores. Thank you!"
Dec 2011 -- pat, New Hartford, NY

"Great service, fast delivery! Have only tried the plain honey butter so far...smooth and delicious! Can't wait to get to the cinnamon."
Oct 2011 -- Terry

"Your phone message made me smile! I ordered honey butter, to serve with popovers, on Thursday and it arrived for my Saturday dinner party! Yummy and loved the complimentary veggie chips too."
Aug 2011 -- deb, Aurora, IL

"I was thrilled to get my Cinnamon Honey Butter. I'd not had any for about 12 years and missed it terribly. I went online and found NUTS online and almost cried with happiness. Thanks a million."
Jul 2011 -- Beverly, Delray, wv

"I placed an order on a thursday....and it arrived friday morning...talk about service!!! It was well packaged, contents exactly as described...and very tasty. I will order again from this vendor."
Mar 2011 -- Andrew, Eddystone, PA

"Sorry, went out to the entrance to the Condo Complex and hidden in the corner by a planter was the box. We love your product and we are so happy that we found you so we can get that wonderful Downey's Honey Butter. We are in our 70's and when we were kids in Michigan we grew up with Downey's Honey Butter and our two boy's also grew up with Downey's Honey Butter. We ordered six containers at Christmas and gave the boy's two each. They were so surprised and could hardly wait to put some on homemade biscuits. As you can see we have gone through our two containers and now we have two more to enjoy and bring back memories of the "Good Old Days". Thank You, Claudette and Loren Bray"
Jan 2011 -- Loren, Oceanside, Ca

"I could not believe that I found the honey butter I loved when I was growing up. I love this stuff. My order arrived really quickly and everything was wrapped perfectly and even a free gift! I will be ordering again!"
Jan 2011 -- Cathryn, Orlando, FL

"One day delivery of this delicious nectar. Thank you muchly."
Dec 2010 -- Rich

"My shipment arrived on the day promised. Packaging in excellent condition. My order was there in full. YUM YUM - The Downey Honey Butter is as delicious as I remember it from 43 years ago. Thank you, thank you for making this fine product available. I shall be ordering more in the future."
Dec 2010 -- Rich, Albany, New York

"I received my Honey Butter yesterday. I couldn't wait to try it, it's just like I remembered as a kid! Thanks so much for the memories! Linda Harris"
Jun 2010 -- Linda D. Harris

"To Sandy, David, Jeffrey & Kenny: Jeeze, even your packing list makes me laugh, now I know you guys are nuts! The malted milk balls are the best I've ever had, and at 62 years old, I've had a few. My Honey Butter search is how I found you and is something that my mother used to buy when I was a kid; but none of the grocery stores around here carry it. Its tastes as great as I remember it 45 years ago. One recommendation: when you put your nutrition sticker on the top of the container, it covers the only place it tells you to refrigerate it after opening. Maybe you should stick it on the bottom or make it easier to remove. Great site and funny... I'm sure I'll be back cause I know you guys are more than nuts. Steve"
Jun 2010 -- Steve, Quincy, MA

"I have been looking for this for years my father used to buy this all the time when we were kids (I'm 50 now!)I can't wait to get my order."
Apr 2010 -- Barbara, manassas, VA

"The honey butter arrived on Saturday -- very good service indeed! I know my niece will enjoy this birthday surprise since we can't seem to buy this product in the Detroit area. Thanks - Gwen Prais"
Apr 2010 -- Gwen, Berkley, MI

"I think your honey butter is the best I have ever tasted---I'm having problems finding it---who might sell it in Bradenton?"
Jan 2010 -- Kurt, Bradenton, Fl

Showing 1 - 43 of 43 reviews

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