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After weeks of unsuccessful searching in local food stores, I finally decided to look for organic cacao butter, organic cacao powder and lucuma powder online so I could try to make my own chocolate. I found you guys online and read all the testimonials, and have to agree you guys are great!! I received my order super fast, got everything I needed (and a free sample of cacao nibs THANK YOU!), love the packaging and can happily say I made my first batch of chocolate almond butter cups. You guys are great, thank you!
, Richmondville, NY
February 18, 2014
I am now a loyal customer of Nuts.com. I have been making superfood smoothies for several months and I can find all the ingredients for a reasonable price on this site. The best part is they deliver it right to your door so I don't have to spend hours searching at whole foods. Thanks so much for your amazing service!!
, Irvine, California
August 23, 2013
THANK YOU!!! LOVE your Product!!! Love your speedy, nutty service!! Everything about ordering from you has brought a big Smile to my face. I will order from you again and again and again!! Love your FUN and Amazing company!! Connie
, Rochester, Michigan
May 31, 2013
The Lucuma powder smells just like the actual fruit, amazing!
, philadelphia, pa
September 19, 2012
God, I'm so-o-o glad I found you! Delivery is insanely fast and everything is great. You are Perfection Personified. Best surprise was the sample of dried goji berries with my latest order--I had considered adding some to my chia seed, spirulina and lucuma order, but decided to wait until next time. Now I'll order them for sure. Yum. I look online at your site often (It is fun to read.) and always make lists of what I want to try next...and the list is constantly growing. You guys say you're nuts...I think you're fabulous! Keep up the great work, fantastic prices, and phenomenal range of choices. Huzzah to you!
, Maspeth, New York
June 3, 2011
Received my order yesterday, the pistachios are so fresh, yummy, can't wait to try the mesquite, lucuma and camu powder. I will definitely order again, the product is so fresh and service and speed is fantastic.
, Union Hall, VA
May 14, 2011
The lucuma is delicious - it tastes sort of like caramel. Really yummy!
, Gloucester, MA
November 18, 2010
Organic Dried Bananas. This is the real stuff. They taste exactly the same than those I used to by in Brazil many years ago. I am more than happy that I found them. They are the most delicious dessert for me!. Organic Lucuma Powder. Chile, year 1986. I tried an ice cream called "manjar con Lucuma". Never eaten a better ice cream. Guess what? Twenty four years later I found this Lucuma powder and I make my own "manjar con Lucuma" ice cream. Thank you Nuts online for making this delicacies available!
, Winchester, CA
June 1, 2010
You have great products this is the first time I have tasted Lucuma chips they taste great and the mesquite powder Oh My goodness mmmmmmmmmmm! Thanks so much for having great and affordable products. Best to you all Steve
, Louisville, Co
July 27, 2009
Hey Nutty Buddys! I tried my cacao-lucuma and maca in my hemp shakes!As Tony the Tiger says-IT'S GREAT!!I use all 3 at once-what flavor!Thanks so much for your great products and wonderful prices and superb shipping/hospitality!!:-)
, Delmar, Iowa
June 28, 2009
That was NUTS!My order was here FAST!I hope to business with my NUTTY BUDDYS again.I cant wait to try my maca-lucuma and cacao!!Have a great day- :-)
, Delmar, Iowa
June 24, 2009
Just another excited Whow!!! Tried some of your unusual dried fruit like Lucuma and the Guava. How yummy are they.Yikes!!! Can't stop eating them. Wonderful customer service, speedy shipping and delicious, fresh,Goodies, thanks so much Jerry and Danna
, Umpqua, Oregon
April 28, 2009

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