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The goodies arrived safe & sound. I looked for glazed lemons and glazed orange all over town. I was thrilled to find you web site. I can't wait to make my favorite ginger fruit bread. I'll keep your web site on file
, Chatsworth, Ca
January 2, 2015
WOW what a great company!!! Discovered this wonderful site about 2 years ago and we adore your products!!! This time around we got candied peels (can't start baking too soon for Xmas) as well as organic Dried Dragon fruit (super yummy) and hoorah for organic Milk Thistle seeds. What a terrific healthful addition to so many baked and cooked items!!!! Always 100%+++++!!! We're just NUTS for you guys!!!!
, conway, nh
October 17, 2014
Hi Jeffrey, I live in Canada and was searching for an online store that sells Candied lemon and orange peels. i found your web site and was impressed at the way items were presented. The prices for the items also impressed me. i decided to try the items as a gift to my sister who lives in a rural area near Port Jervis, NY. She has received the parcel today May 15th 2014. Your service was very fast and i am happy that i found your site. Keep up the good work. john
, Red Deer, Alberta
May 15, 2014
Received my order of candied lemon and orange peel VERY fast. Good quality, delicious and at a great price. I have always ordered from King Arthur Flour for my Christmas baking needs, but their prices are outrageous. I will be buying from Nuts.com from now on. Thank you!
, Chicago, IL
November 23, 2013
I found Nuts.com while trying to find a place to buy candied lemon peel. I am amazed at how fast my order was acknowledged, shipped, and arrived. I have never dealt with a company that is so dedicated to customer satisfaction. This is like finding heaven on earth, and the product was absolutely perfect. I will definitely be shopping here more in the future. Thank you for such a pleasant experience.
, Flower Mound, TX
November 16, 2013
Thanks for the quick delivery of my products, they arrived a day earlier than predicted! It is always a pleasure to open your packages, all the products are super fresh and high quality and - very affordable! Also, I get products on Nuts.com I cannot find anywhere else here in stores, like bulk packages of poppy seeds, or glazed lemon peel. Being from Europe I am happy to have found you, I can finally make my favorite cakes again!
, Houston, TX
November 6, 2013
I cannot wait to make fruit cakes. The fruit looks wonderful and very fresh. I am so happy I found you nutty people!!
, Huntersville, North Carolina
October 17, 2013
Wow! I searched online for candied peel and found you! Your product is excellent! Thank you!
October 7, 2013
Thanks for the lemon, orange and citron that are crucial for my family tradition of Lebkuchen cookies for Christmas time. It has gotten impossible to find these fresh ingredients in my City that is known for having everything and more. Turns out Nuts.com has everything and more!!! Also, it arrived quick and on time. Thank you again!
, SF, CA
September 28, 2013
Local stores have very little stock of candied fruit and currents needed for older, traditional recipes for fruitcake and mincemeat. Nuts did have what I needed to finish my mincemeat and get it marinating! 3 day shipping is just fine for these things.
, New Castle, Kentucky
September 25, 2013
My order has arrived and the candied orange and lemon peel plus glace cherries taste amazing! I was in "desperate" need!! I couldn't find a new source for my fruit cake ingredients until Nuts.com. Thank you so much for three great products. An old English tradition is to serve fruit cake at weddings. I took this one step further and every year, for the past 10 years, I have recreated the fruit cake I baked for my cousin and her husband for their August Wedding Anniversary. Everyone knows that a fruit cake lasts forever.. the hope for every marriage. With your help, the magic will continue!
, Fremont, CA
June 16, 2013
I have already bought from your company glazed orange peel, glazed lemon peel, pistachios, cocoa beans and pecans, they was the best i have ever seen and taste, you have the best quality ever in any place in the world. Thanks
, San diego, Ca
March 28, 2013
Loved the products I ordered and the service was fantastic! I will be back to order again and have already recommended you to my friends and family.
, Los Gatos, Ca
March 14, 2013
I really love the dried fruits. They are all so moist and tasty. Can't stop eating them! The citron, lemon and orange peels are great. I don't think you could find better. I bought the dried persimmon this time because I got them as a sample last time. DELISH! This time we got dried strawberries as a sample. To tell you the truth, I'm not really a strawberry fan BUT.... Guess what I'm going to order next time? :) Thanks!
, Midland, TX
March 1, 2013
I love the products, price and prompt courteous service. I will be shopping with Nuts.com again.
, St Martinville, LA - Louisiana
February 8, 2013
I ordered candied citron and candied lemon peel for baking my Christmas stollen bread; it tasted wonderful! I also indulged in a huge bag of my all-time favorite Brazil nuts. They were so good I plan to do that again soon--no more frustrating searches through the mixed nuts to find them!
, Portsmouth, Va.
February 2, 2013
I am very impressed with the freshness of the candied fruits I ordered. I haven't made fruitcakes in years because I couldn't find the right ingredients, but thanks to you, the fruitcakes are baking in the oven at this moment and I, my family and friends can't wait to taste them again! Thanks nuts,com!!!
, Montrose, CA
November 19, 2012
Thank you so much! I am very pleased and I made my cake using your peel! It was very very delicious! One last thing - I loved the packets the fruit came in! Adorable! Thank you again
, Lexington, MA
October 1, 2012
Just received my Happy order from the Nut.com family! Thankyou, it was a pleasure right from the start. I did have my reservations. Using my family fruitcake recipe, only the finest would do! Can"t wait to start our family tradition, which now includes ya"ll! Again,thankyou,the fruits are lovely and so fresh. Friends & family will be shared this secret..S. May
, Irondale, AL
September 26, 2012
Thank you so much for the great service and quick delivery. I am very happy with the quality of the candied lemon, orange and citron peel ordered from you and will definitely use your products again. HesterMc
, Sugar Land, TX
September 16, 2012
"I bless the day I found you...." I truly do. I am so excited about your products and your shipping..and best of all that adorable box they come in..You wil be hearing from me again,,I promise. BIG OLD GA. HUGS from me.
, Atlanta, Georgia
June 26, 2012
Thanks for the speedy delivery. Rec'd your Email, went to front porch ....and there was your order. Thanks, looking forward to bake with the Lemon and citron peel Thanks loads.
, Trenton, NJ
April 25, 2012
Wow Hands down the best and highest quality glazed fruit I have ever purchased from anywhere! If your a baker this should be your store-dark chocolate-marzipan-nuts-dried fruit to die for. Pastry Chefs set up an account and order today- packaged beautifully-fast shipping-fantastic prices-You too will keep coming back to Nuts.com
, Marina Del Rey, CA
January 27, 2012
Fast shipping from the galactic powers that be, great candied citron & lemon peel. Definitely will be a repeat customer for other products. I think you need to sell your citron to big box stores since they can not get any. You have my business now Uncle Sandy, Cousin David, Dad!
, Forest, VA
December 22, 2011
Wow! You guys have some awesome products. It all looked and tasted fresh. I will be sure to order again ASAP.
, Hollis, Oklahoma
December 12, 2011
Marita made Stolen using the lemon & orange peel, & citron. Delicious. The package arrived promptly and prettily packaged. As a hostess gift from me, I was very pleased!!
, Rockport, Tx
December 9, 2011
The packages of citron, lemon and orange peel just arrived. They look delicious! And so fresh! I will lose them when I make my German honey cookies for Christmas. I grind them up and add them to boiling honey and sugar and spices. Aaaah! The aroma!
, Las Vegas1, NV
November 4, 2011
Thanks so much for the fast delivery of my order. I plan on making a tropical fruit cake, with the dried fruits and nuts I purchased. I truly will be ordering more from you, because of the fast and friendly service. Thank you very much.............
November 3, 2011
Yes, the candied fruits arrived today. The local markets had no idea when they would be on the shelf. They are a "holiday" item. Now I can start my fruitcake project. I am using a recipe handed down from my mother's father's mother who died in England in 1894. Harlan Barney
, Scotia, NY
October 10, 2011
I've received my dried fruits to use for my first EVER fruitcake! The fruit looks sooo much fresher than the stuff at the grocers and I can't wait to see how my cake turns out. I will definitely be ordering again. Thanks!
, Claremont, California
October 10, 2011
Fruits received and I am thrilled. Can't wait to start on Fruit Cakes. It looks so fresh and moist. Much better than the grocery store fruits that don't arrive for sale until Thanksgiving. Thanks again. Sandra
, Spring, Texas
August 16, 2011
Dear Uncle Sandy, Cousin David, Dad, and Jeffrey: Clearly you love your work, and you do have much to be proud of...The service was speedy and your product delicious. I reconstitute the dried peaches in water overnight and then dice them into my oatmeal. And I am going to try what another customer suggested--putting a bit of dried lemon or dried orange into my tea...I promise to re-order! :-)
, Quincy, Massachusetts
July 21, 2011
Thanks the second order from you arrived prcisely on time, just like the first one, with a special treat. I had decided to bake Klöben , for the weekend, which is not possible without the candied citrus fruit peel. Thanks to you, I'll have my Sunday breakfast bread. Have a nutty day......Peter
, T or C, NM
June 17, 2011
Thank you for the fast delivery and freshest product. Always wonderful.
, Longview, TX
April 15, 2011
wow!i paid $30. per pound for chocolate dipped candied orange rinds from local "facias chocolate"so i thought i would try dipping my own-this product is excellent and a good value as well.thankyou for my big butt-i will name my cellulite after you!i mean that in a good way!-sincerely-andrea
, waterbury, ct
April 11, 2011
Yesterday I received another order I placed with yall & as always right on time and as fresh & delicious as it your products always are....Thanks again
, Roberta, GA
March 24, 2011
My order was received so quickly! When I opened the box to check everything out I saw that each product was in it's own individual packaging complete with zip-lock tops so they can stay fresh. As for the taste? AMAZING! I can't stop eating the dried sour cherries or the Turkish figs. Every night so far I've been making a nice cup of lemon tea with the dried lemons, those are fantastic. The only issue was that I had ordered blueberry jam and received black raspberry jam instead. I sent an email to them and received a reply quickly apologizing for the mixup and was told that my blueberry jam would be shipped promptly with no cost to me. THANKS GUYS! I will definitely be ordering more items from you in the future.
, New York, NY
March 9, 2011
My friend sent me an order for my birthday. Within a few days I placed another order for myself. I hope this doesn't become an addiction. Seriously though, very fresh & very good.
, Monroe, Georgia
February 5, 2011
Got my order the other day...nice packaging!! Thanks so much for the quick turn around. pb
, New Bern, NC
January 21, 2011
I have tasted my first order of candied fruit and found it to be excellent. It will soon turn into some very fine Panattone. I just placed an order for nuts. I trust they will be as good. Dr. R. A. Greiner
, Madison, Wisconsin
January 5, 2011
This is the second year I have ordered candied fruits to make fruitcake for the holidays. I was again very pleased with the quick shipping and the quality of the products. Thanks!
, Wilsonville, OR
December 28, 2010
I received my order today and was really excited. My order is a Christmas present and was prepared to have to give an IOU. Thanks for the quick delivery. Happy Holidays!!!!
December 22, 2010
First-time customer here, but will definitely be back. First-class, rapid service and great selection. What's not to like!
, annandale, VA
December 20, 2010
Absolutely the best candied fruit I've seen. Not only beautiful but delicious as well. The fruitcakes this year will superb. Nuttin more to say except THANKS!
, Albuquerque, NM
November 26, 2010
My order just arrived and I am flabbergasted! Sorry, but there is no other word. :o) The test was the glazed orange and lemon peels. I have been paying twelve dollars for seven ounces for years and grateful to find it even at that price but yours is so incredibly much more reasonable and the quality is much higher, the shipping/delivery service fantastic and you carry products I've never seen offered anywhere else. You've got me - I'm yours! Thank you, Jan
November 25, 2010
I have two words for you: YUM EEE!!! I ordered the Crystalized Ginger, Glazed Lemon Peel, Dried Lemon and Orange slices, Turkish Figs and Astronaut Ice Cream. I have been like a kid at Christmas! I am absolutely delighted with everything. Thanks for the rapid delivery and excellent communication, as well!
, Birmingham, Alabama
November 13, 2010
To think I lived so close to you until 9 months ago and did not know you existed, how much I missed! Thanks for the products ordered, I am thrilled with the service, quality etc. Have no problems recommending you to all. Until my next order. Lillian
, huntersville, nc
November 4, 2010
You guys had a wall to climb: I am comparing you to the nut sellers at my farmer's market here in nut-growing California. Received my shipment yesterday and have tasted only the roasted sesame seeds and preserved lemon. At first taste, "eh, same old, same old", but moments later into my gastronomic experience, I had to concede that they were just plain fresher and just plain better. You have scored a new customer. I'm also looking for a coffee merchant, so how's your coffee?
, Moraga, CA
July 14, 2010
Excellent service and very good products. Fast delivery, very well packaged and good products.
, Cerritos, CA
December 21, 2009
My order arrived quickly and the glaced fruit was wonderful - exactly what I needed to make a dynamite plum pudding!!!
, Arlington, VA
November 18, 2009
November 10, 2009
My order arrived and I am pleased with the citron and fruit peel. I put it in my homemade bread (my modification of Panetonne aka Italian Easter bread) that I spread my apricot jam on. I live on a working fruit farm and raise my own apricots as well as English Walnuts. Good fruit peel is hard to come by and the stuff they sell in the stores in those little containers meant for fruit cake (which I love) are dry and pitiful. Thank you for the extra -- a package of chocolate pretzels. Neither my husband or I can understand why on earth anyone would want to eat chocolate covered pretzels but I know there are plenty of people who do and someone will be happy get them. They won't go to waste. I will be ordering from you again!
, Ludington, MI
November 3, 2009
Thanks for the great service. As long as I will bake my supplies will be ordered from NutsOnLine. God bless, Eva Chastain
, Flint, MI
October 20, 2009
Fast shipping, quality products. I ordered a pound of everything practically and all of it was fresh. The packaging of each is high quality and the zip lock part of the bags are quality as well. Great prices and overall wonderful products, prices, packaging and shipping.
, San Diego, CA
October 7, 2009
I ordered the dried lemons and oranges and I think I might be in love! Being a huge tea lover, I am always searching for ways to make my favorite teas even better, and the dried lemons and oranges are a perfect way to spice up some old favorites! Thank you!
, Denver, Colorado
October 2, 2009
My order just arrived and I haven't stopped munching yet. OHHH the little tender bites of diced coconut it won't last through the week. Moist pineapple chunks and the lemon peel ohhhh myyy. What can I say I'm hooked
September 17, 2009
Thanks so much for sending my order as I asked for it. you may be assured I will order from you again. Did so last year as well. Cannot get citron or candied lemon peel for my German Christmas Stollen anywhere around here. This is great...have a wonderful holiday season your truly, barbara
, Gig Harbor, WA
December 5, 2008

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