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Chocolate Nonpareils Reviews

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These are great I am addicted to them my new favorite candy
, Belleville, NJ
May 25, 2016
L love this a.tiny bite of candy. Also love your package
, Fairlawn, VA
May 21, 2016
These are a familiar favorite, but sometimes hard to find in stores.
, Port Richey, FL
May 6, 2016
I couldn't find these anywhere else in bulk at such a good price! They are for a baby "sprinkle" I am having. Thank you
, Phippsburg, CO
May 6, 2016
, Powder Springs, GA
May 3, 2016
Get a small dish and watch your movies at home with these. Wonderfull!!
, roanoke, VA
April 20, 2016
It seems like they get better every time. Thank you
, Lebanon, PA
April 19, 2016
, Lawton, OK
April 19, 2016
my husband loves your nonpareils!
, Jamaica, NY
April 8, 2016
So good for after dinner!
, Center Moriches, NY
April 2, 2016
Thank you for fast service and delicious goodies
, Lebanon, PA
March 30, 2016
I order these for my Christmas baking but I always have some around as I bake for birthdays as well. I don't have to worry about the quality as I have not been disappointed yet.
, Las Vegas, NV
March 29, 2016
Hubby loves these! There is enough there to keep him happy for quite a while!
, Camden, ME
March 28, 2016
Thanks guys, very tasty, shipping was fast too. Have a nutty day.
, Ripley, ME
March 27, 2016
I've ordered enuff of these that I should be bigger than a house! but they are my 'Relaxing' treat!
, Salisbury, MD
March 26, 2016
, Midland Park, NJ
March 18, 2016
Just like Hickory Farm's. Yummy!
, Bradenton, FL
March 18, 2016
I love them! Keep them in the freezer and have a handful every night.
, Chocorua, NH
March 14, 2016
They make sugar cookies look festive!
, Miami, FL
March 7, 2016
Thank you! Just what we needed for our cookies for the Saint Joseph Altar! I will be back! Great service-- high quality!
, Thibodaux, LA
February 27, 2016
Thank you for the delicious candy and excellent service,everything went perfect once again thank you and have a nice day.
, Lebanon, PA
February 19, 2016
, College Park, MD
February 19, 2016
These little chocolates are so delicious and fresh! Very, very addictive....can't eat just one handful :)
, Florence, KY
February 18, 2016
These make a great change of pace from the dark chocolate covered marzipan, our staple. Like kids, we enjoy letting these slowly dissolve in our mouths, making 2 treats out of 1. Jim C.
, Easton, MD
February 10, 2016
My husbands favorite, HE loved them so much!!
, Youngstown, OH
February 8, 2016
these are my husband's favorite
, Estero, FL
February 2, 2016
The packaging is adorable and the product is just what I wanted.
, Urbandale, IA
January 30, 2016
Now these are the best and fresh if you have ever bought these in stores or movies you would know the difference I look forward to these in my monthly order!
, Rosedale, MD
January 27, 2016
Another one of my favorites. And you folks always ship on time or early. How do you beat that ..... great products and service. Thank you
, Mukwonago, WI
January 22, 2016
, Youngtown, AZ
January 16, 2016
Love them!!! They go great in my FroYo shop and the customers LOVE them!!! Thank you for the quick delivery
, Phoenix, AZ
January 14, 2016
Love me
, Chocorua, NH
January 12, 2016
So good.
, Middletown, OH
January 12, 2016
, Jacksonville, FL
January 7, 2016
I have not had these for the longest ! So I had some at a party I went to and said let me order some. I was going to order these from candywarehouse.com but reading the reviews (TONS) with customers complaining about stale candy & having to pay for the ice pack to preserve them (Really? That should be free) I searched elsewhere. I found nuts.com , (you guys :) ) & everything came when they said they would. They even gave me a sample of nuts . The candy is fresh and delicious. Will order from you guys again and again! Thanks !
, Brooklyn, NY
December 31, 2015
, Coloma, MI
December 30, 2015
Just received them. Very fast service. Thank you
, Chattanooga, TN
December 26, 2015
Great product. Extremely fast service. Will make return visit
, Forreston, IL
December 26, 2015
Superb products, Superb price, Super fast shipping, STELLAR customer service beyond compare! THANK YOU people of NUTs.com!
, Kansas City, MO
December 26, 2015
Received the order really fast and they taste great!
, Livonia, MI
December 22, 2015
Were purchased for a gift. All time favorite!
, Brooklyn, NY
December 21, 2015
Best tasting just like when I was growing up wonderful.
, Pahrump, NV
December 20, 2015
Love these, yummy! I hope I don't get into this bag before Christmas!
, Lebanon Junction, KY
December 18, 2015
I'm a fussy chocolate eater and these are the best tasting dark chocolate ever! This is my fourth bag...I may have a problem...
, Coventry, RI
December 15, 2015
These are my husband's favorite, we both love them.
, Heppner, OR
December 15, 2015
Amazing chocolate! Will purchase again.
, Elk Grove, CA
December 15, 2015
Just the product I needed in the size that is efficiently sufficient, reasonably priced and shipped lightening fast.
, Saint Helena, CA
December 15, 2015
Can't stop eating them this is the second bag I ordered from you
, Coventry, RI
December 15, 2015
Our son-in-law will love these. We normally get the big Nonpareils but I think he will like these better.
, Charleston, SC
December 10, 2015
These are an early Christmas gift for my 101 year old mother! They came so fast!! I can't wait until she opens the box and see what she has. Thank you
, Citrus Heights, CA
December 9, 2015
Love the candy and the service.
, Toms River, NJ
December 9, 2015
My favorites!
, Inverness, FL
December 8, 2015
My dad's absolute favorite, and I can't find them anywhere! Thank you Nuts.com for allowing me to treat my dad this Christmas.
, Kennesaw, GA
December 7, 2015
What an Awesome company to do business with !!! The product is exactly as described only it tastes even more delicious than expected !!!
, Osceola, MO
December 3, 2015
, Orlando, FL
December 1, 2015
This is my second order and will not be the last. I am hooked.
, Angier, NC
November 30, 2015
best ones!!!
, Alexandria, VA
November 30, 2015
Your chocolate is the best
, Voorhees, NJ
November 23, 2015
My favorite candy and at a great price that I can buy at the same time I buy nuts! /what could be better!
, Seattle, WA
November 21, 2015
My daughter CAN'T STOP EATING!!
, North Wales, PA
November 9, 2015
These are gifts also, but given the nature of all human beings to love to eat chocolate and nuts, I would say we have a good chance of pleasing some taste buds.
, Amarillo, TX
November 3, 2015
, Stone Mountain, GA
October 30, 2015
The quality so good makes the holiday special with all the choice of all our selections.
, North Augusta, SC
October 24, 2015
, Schaumburg, IL
October 9, 2015
, Angier, NC
October 3, 2015
Great product at a great price and love the packaging!! Shipped fast!
, Fairfax, VA
September 25, 2015
Love them!
, Moscow, OH
September 23, 2015
I am in non pareil heaven!
, Greenville, RI
September 9, 2015
Your right. These are smooth. and creamy. Great for a fancy candy bowl and sharing.
, Spokane, WA
August 20, 2015
Love, love, love your packaging!!! Both the bags the items came in and the exterior box. Put a smile on my face all day. Great job. :)
, South Bend, IN
August 5, 2015
I was surprised that there wasn't a free sample included since I bought so much...
, Sequim, WA
August 1, 2015
These were very good!!
July 31, 2015
wonderful! The dark chocolate nonpareils are hard to find, and they are a favorite in this house. I think we've found our source now!
, Lenoir, NC
June 27, 2015
Great candy. You guys are first class. Will be ordering from you again.
, macomb, MI
June 25, 2015
Love that I can buy in bulk at a cheap price! Exactly as described
, Germantown, MD
June 9, 2015
Delicious! Thanks!
, Island Pond, VT
June 4, 2015
As always The best
, Atlantic Highlands, NJ
May 14, 2015
Using to decorate cakes. Great buy!
, Victoria, TX
May 3, 2015
Remember. These as a kid love them
, Brooklyn, NY
May 1, 2015
Arrived in great condition.
, Tomball, TX
April 30, 2015
We use this on cupcakes, cookies, cakes and our customers love them. They're tiny and cute!
, Bartlesville, OK
April 28, 2015
My husband and I love these especially the dark chocolate ones
, Iuka, MS
April 23, 2015
Chocolate nonpareils have always been my favorite candy, but the candy stores in my town don't carry them. Now that I know you sell them, I'll be ordering my next shipment from you.
, South Bend, IN
April 22, 2015
These are Amazing!!! My 3 yr. old Dom was so excited to see the bag was filled with Chocolates and Rainbows!
, Navarre, OH
April 10, 2015
The BEST nonpareils I have ever had! Nuts.com, you've done it again!
, Sherwood, AR
April 10, 2015
I use a lot of white nonpareils and it was great to find a HUGE bag of them at a super price. And the packaging - well, it just makes me smile, smile, smile - and you can't put a price on that!
, Homer Glen, IL
April 9, 2015
Taste great! Just as I remember them!
, Canovanas, PR
April 4, 2015
Traditional nonpareils, delicious!
, Hamilton, NJ
April 2, 2015
these are great. creamy chocolate
, Monclova, OH
March 29, 2015
Great little snack to enjoy while watching TV - quality and taste - fantastic! Long live the dark chocolate goodies!
, Fair Haven, VT
March 23, 2015
Sometimes I just feel like having dark chocolate without any nut...these are delicious!!!
, Rockaway, NJ
March 21, 2015
Now that's real dark chocolate nonpareils that needs to be included with every order I make.
, Union Beach, NJ
March 13, 2015
, Iuka, MS
March 12, 2015
Perfect! :)
, Cleveland, OH
March 11, 2015
Have ordered these before. They are a nice size to satisfy a need for chocolate and not over indulge.
, Lebanon, OH
March 10, 2015
I bought them for my mother. She LOVES them
, Skokie, IL
March 10, 2015
AH, these are as GOOD as those I was given by friends' parents when I was a child!!
, Hague, VA
March 9, 2015
I enjoyed these. I'll order again.
, Butler, PA
March 6, 2015
thanks for having a great price on these!!
, Weehawken, NJ
March 4, 2015
These are great!!
, Saint Peters, MO
February 22, 2015

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