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I just placed my third order within 6 weeks' time. The sugar-free hard fruit candy by GoLightly is indistinguishable from sugar fruit candies. Colors and fruit flavors are vibrant, and the sweetness is just right. Your company is now officially my one source for sugar free treats. Thank you for doing what you do so well.
, Faribault, Minnesota
August 12, 2014
I recently order some sugar free candy, sesame sticks and guacamole bites. I am happy to be submitting my second order. I was surprised at how fast I received my order! Excellent customer service. The guacamole bites are so unique and yummy. We like to mix them with the sesame sticks and add some nuts for a very yummy treat!
, Bryan, Texas
May 27, 2014
I started buying from Nuts.com last Christmas when I ordered some Sugar plums. I placed the order and received my shipment the next day. I received some sample treats as well. I have since enjoyed energy squares, kale chips, moshi, veggie chips, pumpkin seeds, and my favorite candy - sugar free root beer barrels. Despite their sugar-free status you would never suspect it in the flavor. Every product I have ever received arrives promptly, is brightly packaged, has superior quality freshness, and is delightfully tasty. I couldn't ask for better service, or products.
, Fitchburg, MA
May 23, 2014
Wonderful sugarless root beer candy and I love the corn nuts. Great products.
, Sarasota, florida
February 25, 2014
I recently found out that i have the start of diabetes, I have always liked rootbeer barrels, i was happy to find some sugar free that i really like I think your barrels are fantastic. I also just quit smoking after 40 years the hard candy really helps.
, Wellington, Ohio
February 19, 2014
I just had to tell. I am diabetic so I order sugar free. I ordered the sugar free root beer barrels. I leave some in a candy dish on the table and everyone eats them. My adult nephew filled his pockets. They never believe me that they are sugar free. Until I show them what it says on the wrapper. Just placed another order. I keep trying new things. So glad I found your web site. Have a great day.
, Bronx, New York
January 27, 2014
Oh.My.Goodness. So many reasons to smile. Fast ship! Purchased the Assorted Fruit Hard Candy and the Creamsicle Chews. I can't even tell they're sugar-free! So good. Last, but by no means least - I just LOVED the box they came in. Thank you so very much. I shall return. :o)
January 11, 2014
The sugar free candies were so good they're almost gone. I'll need to be ordering again soon!
, Annandale, VA
December 27, 2013
I am so pleased with my order of tropical sugar free hard candy and an assortment of nuts. Awesome customer service and super fast delivery. Delicious....
, Philadelphia, PA
October 19, 2013
June 20, 2013
The sugar free root beer barrels are great! Your service is wonderful and I plan to try more of your products. As a diabetic I wish your nutritional information was in grams of carbohydrate per piece(s) not per ounce. That would be more user friendly.
, St Louis, MO
June 6, 2013
I just received my package and I must say if your candy is as good as your packaging, I know I'm in for a happy surprise. Thanks for making my day.
, Olathe, KS
May 31, 2013
Good products; reasonable prices; cute and functional product packaging and fast shipping. Does it get any better? I think not. Well done; I'll defintely be back for more coffee, snacks & candy.
, Houston, Texas
May 28, 2013
We diabetics who love candy and get the best sugar-free candy delivered to our doors in only two days from a funny, dependable candy company, certainly get my reccommendation in every way!! Delicious, fast, fresh.....I am a return customer......
, Hiawassee, Ga.
May 12, 2013
Amazed at how quickly my order was delivered. Love the choices.
, Germfask, Michigan
May 2, 2013
Great service, received in one day !! Great stuff will definitely order again
, New York
April 4, 2013
I love everything I will be ordering from Yall really soon
, chesapeake, virginia
March 5, 2013
Fantastic service with great products. Unbelievably fast delivery. The packaging the products come in are absolutely hilarious. I will definitely order again.
, Bath, Maine
February 21, 2013
Just received my first order from Nuts.com! I must say that yawl are on the ball, seems like I just ordered them and here they were at my front door! I've only tasted the root beer floats (sugar free) and they are really yummie. I can't wait to place my second order!!!
, Georgetown, TX
February 14, 2013
Your service is very quick and great...products are fresh and delicious...and...you are a wonderful company.
, Smyrna, DE
January 22, 2013
this is my 4th time ordering from you guys, and all i can say is this is the best site to order from, i don't eat a ton of sugar so the sugar free candy is amazing, the price you can't beat, i will be coming back a lot more :) , you guys are awesome !
, burlington, ontario
January 11, 2013
yummy in my tummy your sugar-free candy is awesome.
, Hampton, NJ
November 19, 2012
These sugar free candies are for Gram...just turned 97. She likes her sweets and this was the prefect gift for her...
, Arlington, Wa
November 17, 2012
To the Nuts.com family, Received the Sugar Free Candy last evening, they were totally awesome!! Will be doing business with you soon. I loved the box they came in, put a smile on my face :-) have a great day.
, Safford, AZ
October 24, 2012
Received our order today and we are very satisfied with your tasty treat. Everything we ordered was so fresh and great tasting. Thank you, Olga Sivek
, Oak Lawn, Il
October 2, 2012
This company never stops amazing me, I keep trying new things and have not been disappointed a single time. Thank you for having such wonderful sugar free items to choose from, I'm not used to having much of a selection...again, THANK YOU
, Alpharetta, Ga
September 24, 2012
I received my order today one day after I placed the order delivery was very fast. I had to break into the candy and taste it and I am very pleased with the sugar free candy I choose. The gummies were delicious and fresh and the root beer barrels taste great! Thank you so much and I look forward to doing business with nuts.com again in the near future
, east brunwick, nj
September 5, 2012
Great stuff!!! We opened it immediately and will share with a diabetic friend and I know she will love it, too! Thanks!
, Sylva, NC
August 18, 2012
So happy to have found you. I love Root Beer Barrels and to find them and sugarfree was exciting. The flavor is a little milder but still good. I am sure I will exjoy every one!
, Texas
July 15, 2012
Love my sugar free hard candies. Great flavor and arrived in just a few days. Yum!
, Richmond, VA
June 19, 2012
omg, it's like manna from heaven!! i was so depressed to think my days of indulging in sweet treats were over, but today i received my first shipment of sugar-free gummi bears, fish, licorice bites, cherry chews and rootbeer barrels and after sampling each one, i can honestly say they're delicious! same chewiness and sweetness--none of that awful saccharine taste i remember when these products first came out. thank you!
, wheaton, il
June 1, 2012
My items came today So far everything is really great. My husband is ill but loves root beer barrels, he's diabetic and should eat sugar free but usually sugar free items are awful, yours are really great Thank you I will be getting more items from you
, Lititz, Pa.
March 27, 2012
Like the Nuts O L delivery follow up. Root Beer Barrels & Starlight Mints are just like the old time ones I ate as a kid in the1950s Thanks Nuts O. L.
, Phoenix, AZ
December 28, 2011
I was impressed with the speed at which my order was processed and received as a gift by my brother. He and his family are enjoying the goodies and can't believe how tasty the sugar-free candies are! Good Job!
, Crestline, CA
December 24, 2011
I was so happy that it arrived on time. I like the idea that I now have a place that I can get sugar free because it is hard to find sugar free. Thank you so much
, Mesquite, Nv
December 7, 2011
I was looking everywhere for Quinoa to help keep my blood sugar lower in place of rice. Imagine my delight when I discovered your very reasonably priced sugar free rootbeer barrels!! I will definitely be shopping with you again!
, Phoenix, AZ
December 4, 2011
My order got here super fast and everything is fresh and yummy! So nice to find a web store that cares about the customers and makes sure they are happy. Thanks!.
, Monroe, MI
October 5, 2011
Got my order all ready .... great service! I will be back! Thanks.
, Harrison City, PA
July 20, 2011
The sugar free treats were an absolute delight! We will order again very soon. Thank you for the quick delivery!
, Carpentersville, IL
July 15, 2011
fresh fresh and just plain good. Be back later.
, Gresham O, Oregon
July 3, 2011
I ordered sugar free candy. It came quickly and it is very good. I highly recommend "Nuts On Line".
June 7, 2011
i ordered 5 different sugar free treats everything was wonderful i highly recommend you to everyone i even sent a link to some friends thanks and have a good day
May 5, 2011
Received the order 5 days after it was shipped, was very happy about this. Love the Mulberries and the sugarless candies, everything was perfect!!!
, Balzac, Alta, Canada
March 25, 2011
This is one of the most reputable businesses I have ever bought from. I love the merchandise it is delicious, the shipping is so fast its there within 24 hours of the transaction and I had a small problem with my order which was corrected Immediately no questions asked. These people are awesome and so is the merchandise!!!!!
, Cadyville, Ny
March 24, 2011
You are the ultimate best, NutsOnline! See my "like" comment (from "Pat Mills") on your wall at FaceBook! Nuts for you, Mary Theresa
, Indianapolis, IN
March 14, 2011
once again you have great products and super fast shipping. Regards Sal.
, Staten Island, New York
March 2, 2011
The sugar-free root beer barrels are great! They are very tasty and SOLID; even if you bite into them, they won't break or splinter until they are almost gone. Just one lasts a really long time (45-60 minutes! Literally! I've checked it 3 times!) so they are a great distraction from snacking.
, NJ
February 22, 2011
The old fashioned sugar free assorted hard candy is really good. It's even better because it contains no sugar alcohol(no gas ). Thanks so much! John W.
, Benton, IL
February 1, 2011
I ordered sugar free rootbeer floats, sunflower seeds, gingerbread cookies, sugar free gummies and love everything they sent!
, norfolk, va
January 27, 2011
Wow received my order and it's great. Super fast shipping. Can't wait to try everything I ordered. Will definitely order again. Amazing selection of items to choose from.
, Milwaukee, WI
January 14, 2011
Love the customer service, love the goods, and lightning quick shipping. Would recommend you guys to anyone I know. Love those bon-bons . . . and, of course, the sugar-free options as welll...lol
, Washington, DC
December 24, 2010
We loved your service and you wonderful follow up e-mail regarding our order.You are wonderful people!
August 17, 2010
received my order today and just love the sugar free rootbeer barrels. I am addicted and could not find them any where. Thanks, Kat
, Harlingen, Texas
July 23, 2010
Thank You... The order was Great... My Mom loved her Sugar Free Rootbeer Barrels. Yipppie I made her Happy!
, Long Beach, Ca
June 2, 2010
wow - placed an order at 5:30 pm on Wednesday and got an e-mail that it would arrive on Friday which is the earliest I figured it would be - to my amazement, it arrived the next day on Thursday - its like you make a wish and the candy fairy waves its wand and there it is!
, holliston, MA
April 29, 2010
Yup-- it's here. For some strange reason, sugar free root beer candy is hard to find. Look forward to doing business with you again.-- Joel
, Los Angeles, CA
March 9, 2010
Have not opened any of the spreads but the sugar free chocolate hard candy is delicious!! And your order gets here so quickly--and packed perfectly--no worries about the glass jars in this order. Thanks for excellent products and service!!!
February 18, 2010
I am a brand new customer and already love you guys..can't believe how fast the fruit and nuts arrived after placing the order. I started eating immediately.....soooo....delicious Thank you....you now have another loyal customer
, Derby, CT
February 12, 2010

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