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I fell in love with Butter Toffee and I didn't realize that is a hard candy to find. Someone suggested your website and I was happy to try your candy. I have a bit of a sweet tooth and My Mom loves Ginger candy. Thank you. North Carolina
, Greensboro, NC
February 9, 2015
thank you. Hopjes are my favorite and glad you had them. Thanks for the treat.
, tucson, Arizona
May 3, 2014
I placed my order and was very impressed with how many shipping options I had to choose from. I was equally impressed with the fast and easy shipment of my order. Nuts.com sent me confirmation of my order through every stage. I really appreciate the service they provide. I will be ordering again real soon.
, Garland, Utah
April 4, 2014
I ordered the NY Espresso Mix, Buffalo Peanuts, Cajun Peanuts, Fried Green Peas, and the Hopjes Coffee Candy and all are excellent!!! The Fried Green Peas and the preferred snack of my parrot "Benny". He simply loves them. The variety of items available should suit any nut or candy lovers needs. We love Nuts.com!
, Topeka, Kansas
July 22, 2013
good morning to a true bunch of nuts lol...i think you are a riot besides having your hopjes coffee candy out of this world...thanks for making an old lady laugh..
, ocala, florida
September 21, 2012
thank you very much for my butter toffee they was a big hit at the party now everybody want your address
, chicago, ill
May 11, 2012
Hey! Thanks for the great surprise included in our order; the dried strawberries were delicious! We have almost made ourselves sick eating the wonderful Hopjes Coffee Candy. We purchased several sample sizes of your different nuts to try and keep in the car. I can guarantee we'll be ordering again! :)
, Baton Rouge, LA
March 15, 2012
Holiday Report - I ordered a bunch of stuff for my folks for the holidays - my old man, who was raised in Hawaii, gave your macadamia nuts a big Aloha! My mother not only loved all her candies, but also loved the packaging - "My jelly beans are still so fresh!" Pistachios, toffees, and Hopjes went over big too. The big winner was the Chocolate Butter Crunch. Best they ever tasted and that ain't hay. I visited them last weekend and they had me try some that a friend sent them - a very expensive allegedly high class version. They said it couldn't hold a candle to my special "Nuts.com" Chocolate Butter Crunch. They would have liked me to compare them, but explained that they had already gobbled up all of mine!
, NY, NY
January 12, 2012
You folks are really great! Just two days - and here it is! The Hopjes candies and the macadamia nuts too - just as I hoped. Brava- Bravo! Jean
, Dayton, OH
December 8, 2011
Thanks for the speedy delivery! I had my first taste of these Hopjes Coffee Candies on a trip to NY 3 weeks ago. I found these in a little shop located in Park Slope. These are incredible. I will be back for more! Happy Holidays
, Vashon, WA
December 2, 2011
Wow! Can't believe we got our order so quickly. Thank you.
, Cicero, NY
November 30, 2011
Hopjes arrived yesterday yum, yum! Thanks.
, Berkeley, Ca
August 25, 2011
The delivery was prompt and the ordering process was simple. The package arrived to the recipient in excellent condition and the candies were enjoyed by all! Thank you, Jessica
, Wyandotte, MI
June 14, 2011
Ordered 3 lbs of Hopjes coffee candy. Received my order in 2 days! Thank You! A little background of my history with hopjes....my beloved mother-in-law (now deceased) introduced me to the candy 35 years ago and I haven't been able to find it anywhere since then, until I wandered onto your website. Thanks for bringing back cherished memories!!
, Port Jefferson Station, New York
April 1, 2011
Love your products! I can't keep enough coffee candies in my house for my son and his high school friends. Thanks for your outstanding products.
, Pittsboro, IN
March 8, 2011
I would recommend nutsonline to anyone who is ordering candy online they are very quick to get your order out and they send you and email every step of the way. I received my order within three days of placing it. They are very friendly and have wonderful products. I wish every online order was this easy. They truly are a wonderful company. Thanks for the great product.
, roseville, mi
December 10, 2010
Their product is always exactly as they describe. I will always come back to Nuts Online for my nutty needs.
, Lees Summit, MO
September 3, 2010
Thank you very much for the timely delivery! and thank you for this exuberant email! all the best, Pattie
November 17, 2009
WOW!! What fast service..am VERY pleased with your services, and will continue to order in the future!!! Thank you, Mrs Katy Korn :o)
, boca raton, Florida
November 5, 2009

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