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I LOVE everything I ordered! I brewed two pots of Chocolate Banana Nut coffee for co-workers right away... they love it too so I was sure to hand out your web address! The dried pears are so fresh... they're perfect... Thank you so much!
, Rockford, IL
July 22, 2014
Our sampler of samples arrived today and we couldn't wait to dive in! Of all the items we ordered, the dried pears were the hands down favorite. Great texture, fresh pear taste, no added sugar... I'll be getting a pound next to try out some cake recipes!
, Highland Park, NJ
March 13, 2014
second order with you guys. the raw organic almonds make incredible nut milk. the dried pears are not too sweet, very plump, & clean tasting—pretty amazing. the walnuts, too, are chubby and delicate & fresh—best i've ever had. thank you.
, Brookline, Massachusetts
March 13, 2014
Received my order today and am very pleased. Love the dried pears and apricots. They are so moist and delicious. I will be back for more. Thank you.
, Cheyenne, Wyoming
February 26, 2014
I was so bummed when our local grocer stopped carrying dried pears, but didn't seek out another supplier until I was 7 months pregnant and had to have some! They arrived way faster than I expected, especially considering the winter storms going on. To top it all off they were better than the ones I was getting before! Thank you for such a great product!
, Houston, TX
February 14, 2014
I ordered last year and everything was yummy. However, as much as I love your dried pears I can't order them any more. They are addictive! I ate the whole bag in a week!. Hugs to a good company.
, Huntsville, Al.
January 30, 2014
Thank you! The dates are sooooo good! Moist and sweet. The dried pears are delicious. I look forward to trying the pancake mix on Sat.!
, Ankeny, Ia
January 7, 2014
Outstanding!! Thanks for the sample of apricots they are delicious. The dried pears were the best I have ever eaten. Moist yes, but so flavorful I had to stop eating them, because I was going to run out of what I needed for my pumpkin, pear bread. Thanks for such fine products
, Palm Beach Gardens, FL
November 21, 2013
Thanks for the little something extra! I'm enjoying the pears, and those little Turkish pistachios are delicious. They are tender and rich; they remind me of pine nuts. Tomorrow I will be making some boiled peanuts. I acquired a taste for them while living in Louisiana years ago. Of course, the packaging is adorable. I will be ordering again.
, Las Vegas, NV
October 17, 2013
I'll be ordering again soon but just wanted to tell you how fabulous everything I've ordered has been. The walnuts, peanuts, pepitas, dried pears, cacao butter, and dried sour cherries are all fantastic and fresh. The dried watermelon is something I've never tried, and I'm smitten!
, Essex, CT
October 10, 2013
I am so thrilled. The dried pears were amazing and I love the lemon chips. I am so glad that I found you!
, Woodland, WA
October 9, 2013
They've done it again. This time I ordered dried fruit (pears, peaches, apricots), and like the nuts, they are to die for. Once again, a free gift (figs). The products, the packaging, the marketing, the follow-up are all impressive. I'll keep coming back, for sure!
, Springfield, IL
October 5, 2013
My dried dates and pears arrived in great shape. I've already been digging into them, they taste delicious. Will definitely order some more fruit, and nuts too.
, Huntsville, Al.
September 14, 2013
I am a repeat customer to nuts.com and love all the products you have to offer. My new favorite are the dried pears, just ordered a 5lb bag!
, Cheyenne, WY
September 6, 2013
Gorgeous Pears! and wonderfully tasty! I ordered these to make my mother-in-law her favorite "Pear Kuchen" but when my husband saw the pears - he immediately made plans (he's got a LONG back pack trip coming up) for a large portion of them for his trip .... I told him he would have to arm-wrestle his mom for them! -- seriously wonderful product. Thank you! you are "bookmarked" for future orders!
, Chico, California
August 1, 2013
Received my order. I love the dried pears and strawberries. They taste really good.
, Ewa Beach, HI
July 31, 2013
Delicious products, fast processing and quick shipping. Who could ask for more? I have loved everything I've tried and plan on trying a lot more.
, Conroe, Texas
April 23, 2013
Very impressed! My order shipped the same day I placed it and arrived quickly. The Medjool dates are excellent, I can't hardly wait to try the dried pluots and pears . Thanks Nuts.com.
, Nacogdoches, Texas
April 12, 2013
The dried pears I ordered arrived within 3 days of placing the order. They are the biggest, freshest, and juiciest dried pears I have ever had. The package also arrived with a complimentary bag of dried apricots that were equally good. Will definitely be ordering again when I finish these and will tell my friends about you too.
, Chester, VA
April 6, 2013
the nectarines and pear are delicious!!! I look forward to trying the white nectarines but there was a back order. Best I have ever had, so moist and sweet!!!
, Rockville, Md
March 19, 2013
pears best in 60 yrs
, rogersville, mo
March 4, 2013
The whole family has fallen for the products we've tried from Nuts.com. The friends we've shared with are raving as well.
, Lumberton, MS.
February 27, 2013
Everything I have ordered from Nuts.com is wonderful. I love the Kale granola and the dried fruit the pears are the best. I shared it with the girls I work with and I believe several of them are going to order. Thank you for having such an awesome site for us to get great products delivered to our door.
, Greensburg, Indiana
February 9, 2013
Second order and everything is great, will keep on trying different things and will order soon again. Thanks again for very yummy treats.......
, Stamford, CT
February 5, 2013
outstanding love dried app and dried pears had to quit planters when they went to sea salt ruins the taste
January 17, 2013
Wow--delivered fast. But that's not the best part. The white almond bark is creamy with plenty of nuts. And I had despaired of ever finding dried pears again. The only problem is now I have to control myself so they'll last until Christmas. I'll be ordering again soon. Thank you, thank you.
, albuquerque, nm
December 7, 2012
I received my order of dried pears and candied walnuts. I am so impressed with how fresh the order is and delicious to boot. Thanks Nuts.Com Adele
November 8, 2012
I was just looking to buy dried pears but decided to try several things... The jumbo Medjool Dates are creamy smooth, just as the others have mentioned...I call them "Nature's Caramel" Turkish figs are great, sweet and not too dry. (unlike some from a local store that were like leather and not edible...) The dried Strawberries, KIWI and cantaloupe are amazing... There is just the right amount of sugar added to make them a wonderful natural candy like treat... Oh, and as for the pears... Just what I wanted! Thanks for the free sample included with my order Nuts.com...
, Boerne, TX
August 30, 2012
I just received my very first order and couldn't wait to make some pancakes. They were great. I also tried the dried apricots and pears, also very good. Can't wait to make some corn bread. Thanks for having recipes to use. Congratulations on your new addition to the family. Count me in as a new customer from now on.
, Mc Cormick, South Carolina
August 16, 2012
First time customer and I must say what a speedy delivery with a nice little free bonus compliments of nuts.com I want to say thank you for 1 day delivery! Again simply delicious currants, dried pears, and figs. Excellent deal on the pound of Moringa anywhere on the planet.
, New York, NY
August 11, 2012
This is the second order I have placed. I received my order by the promised date. Such great customer service.
, Fayetteville, North Carolina
June 13, 2012
Bought another bag of these-they're THAT good.
March 6, 2012
The pears are especially delicious, with true pear flavor. The pistachios and figs are much better than what is available in the grocery store. I can't wait to try more!
, Lebanon, Oregon
February 28, 2012
My daughter had been looking for pears for a long time. One of my co-workers orders from here all the time. I was so happy that you have pears! They are wonderful ! We keep ordering them!
, Kingsport, Tennessee
February 12, 2012
My daughter absolutely loves the pears and would eat the whole bag in one sitting unless I rationed her! They are chewy and wonderful. The crimson raisins have a meaty juicy taste and a little zing at the end, fabulous! We haven't tasted anything we don't love. Thanks so much.
, VA
January 26, 2012
I got these as a sample in my first order and could not believe the taste! Even though they are dried they are moist and chewy....absolutely delicious! This time I went for the big bag so I can share with the family....maybe!
, Lindenhurst, New York
January 13, 2012
received my order in one day.excellent service. my wife and i both like dried fruit so we ordered peaches,pears.and whole cranberries. could not believe how fresh and moist everything is..what were we eating all those years from the grocery store, never again. we love your products .will be back to order again. thanks.
, Coaldale, PA
December 28, 2011
My son loves the dried pears. He had told me he would love me forever if I could find just a bag of dried pears no other fruit. He loves them. I will be sending him some more the next time he deploys in September. So yes you will hear from me again. Thank you. Lori
, Hugo, MN
December 22, 2011
My husband requested that I make cookies from a recipe that included dried pears, dried apples and dried cherries as ingredients. I thought I knew where to buy the cherries and apples but had never seen dried pears. So I googled and found your company. Your next day delivery is fabulous and you've saved me at least an hour of shopping time during this busy season. Plus I love the cheerfulness of all your communications. I have added your site to my bookmarks.
, Lancaster, Pennsylvania
December 7, 2011
Looked everywhere for packages of dried pears; tried health food stores and supermarkets. Even had a relative look in Washington, D.C. None found. Not until I discovered nutsonline! The pears are absolutely wonderful-sweet, soft (not chewy chewy) and large-sized pieces. I could not be more pleased.
, Dover, Arkansas
November 9, 2011
Just received my first order! Can't believe I was fortunate enough to run across this website! Loved EVERYTHING I got - especially, the whole, dried bananas and dried pears! Sooooo yummy! If everything on the website is this tasty, I may have to order one of each?! Who knew one could get so excited over a dried strawberry?! Nuts Online has become my very favorite website! Love, love, LOVE!! Thanks for a fabulous experience! I'll be certain to order again, AND often!! : )
, Kaysville, UT
October 21, 2011
I got a sample of these on a whim because I've never had dried pears before, but I am so glad I did! They are wonderfully sweet and smooth. I will definitely get a big bag of these for trips!
July 24, 2011
All I can say is yum yum yum yum YUM! Everything came in fresh, tasted great and I'm here to order more!
, Columbia, IL
July 8, 2011
You guys are AWESOME!! We love all of the yummy stuff.
, Columbus, Ohio
May 11, 2011
Just received my samples...ooh so good, I'm ordering the full pound. Thank you for making such great tasting and healthy snacks.
, Haleiwa, HI
April 26, 2011
My package arrived as you have promised. I sampled the dried pears, figs, dates and the goji berries. They are delicious! This is my first order and as you can see, I am already a very satisfied customer, thank you! Margarita
, Charlotte, NC
April 5, 2011
Thanks. I am enjoying the dried fruits. They are of excellent quality. Will continue to shop with you.
, St. Thomas, VI
March 23, 2011
Fast delivery and the dried pears are unbelievably yummy! Soft, sweet, melt in your mouth goodness. Can't wait to try the other fruit.
January 27, 2011
I have never had dried pears before and i am not a dried fruit person, but OMG! Thats all i can say! These pears are soft and chewy, but not too sweet either. The pears also look better in person then in the picture. I have to say again that i have never like Store bought dried fruit but NutsOnline has changed me for good.
January 6, 2011
You guys are GREAT! I couldn't be happier with your service. Top Notch in my book!! Love your goji berries. Have been eatin these little guys for 3 yrs. now and yours are the best! Price wise also. Love your dried pears. Another favorite of mine. Thanks again, and keep up the great customer service!!!!
, Dallas, Oregon
December 23, 2010
Just got my dried pears and peaches yesterday. They came the next day, just as promised, even though it is a holiday season. The fruit was juicey, tender an delicious. I could not be more pleased. I will definitely be ordering again. Happy Holidays to everyone at nutsonline.
, Wallingford, CT
December 15, 2010
Excellent job -- email confirmations and timely delivery! Appreciate your service. Will order again.
December 6, 2010
After buying from another vendor found nutsonline. Your dried pears and cantaloupe are better hands down !
September 23, 2010
This was my first order. I was really impressed with the pears. They were fabulous and am looking forward to trying other products!
, Olathe, Kansas
March 10, 2010
This is my 2nd time ordering. After my first order, my daughter stated the dried pears are "amazing". I ordered them again and tried the peaches, too. She was very pleased. I ordered the chocolate covered cookie dough for my other daughter. She said the cookie dough is absolutely "delicious". I am sure I will be ordering again! Thanks Nuts Online!
, PA
January 20, 2010
hi ya! just received my second order today, as expected every thing was great. loved the pears and the veggie chips,haven't gotten around to everything yet but am sure i will soon. thanks for the great service and products.
, brownsville, tn
December 30, 2009
Just opened the medjool dates, and the dried pears,,,they are delicious!!
, Potosi, WI
December 14, 2009
Wow! What service and what beautiful, delectable pears!! I am so happy to have found you, and will order again next year. Or maybe before.
December 13, 2009
My daughter loves dried pears. I sent 2 lbs of them to her as a surprise. I received a text message the day they were delivered, the "pears are amazing!". Thanks nuts on line!
, drum, pa
December 12, 2009
Just received my order - the pears taste like fresh pears! Unbelievably good!
, Johnson City, TN
November 29, 2009
I appreciate the friendly service and super-fast delivery. Everything was wonderfully packed and yummy (as promised!). Great experience for a first-time customer.
, Montezuma, GA
November 5, 2009
I just reordered the dried strawberries and pears. They are so-o-o-o good and juicy. I can't believe the strawberries are so sweet; just like eating candy.
, Absecon, NJ
September 1, 2009
Received dried pears. Great product, quick delivery, great service. I may be nuts but love the product.
, New York
July 30, 2009
Are you aware of how HARD it is to find really good, dried pears that don't taste like plastic?? Apparently you are, because you have THE best! This was our first order and we will be back for more! They exceeded my expectations and that is hard to do! Thank you for making my gift a success! You have no idea how important it was for this order to be perfect and it was just that... perfect! Much success to you and your wonderful family! Leenie B. Steeler Nation
, Pittsburgh, PA
March 3, 2009
My order arrived quickly and on time. I was so excited to open it up and try the fruit I had ordered! The organic Turkish Figs were delicious! I already knew I'd love the organic Papaya and the organic Pears were so very good too. Thank you so much! I'll definitely be ordering more dried fruit from you guys in the future!
, Houston, TX
February 4, 2009
I loved my pears, they taste so good, and are very fresh. The delivery was just on time. Thank nutsonline!!
, Vacnovuer, Wa
January 30, 2009
The dried pears arrived safe and sound. They are wonderful---best dried pears I've ever tried. They're soft, moist, and perfect for my recipe. Thanks for great service
, Duluth, GA
October 5, 2008
The best dried pears I've found anywhere!
, Seattle, WA
July 24, 2008
I have loved almost everything I have received from you. The organic papaya is delicious. The dried peaches and pears are wonderful. The almonds are so fresh and delicious. The organic quinoa is very good as a substitute for rice and macaroni. That is also very good. I have really loved how fast everything arrives.
, Akron, NY
June 27, 2008
My pears & peaches are simply GREAT!!Glad I overcame my hesitation to order online. Is the first of many orders to come, I am sure. Thank all of you.
, Shreveport, LA
June 3, 2008
I remember when i was younger and i had tried a dried pear once and loved it, and then after that one pack of dried fruit my mom and i couldnt find it anymore. So this year for christmas my mom ordered some dried pears off of your website and let me tell you its so nice to have them again. I love them so much! Also unlike other dried fruit i love how there is no sugar added and also i need to have a died high in fiber and these provide me with it! thanks so much
, Virginia
January 23, 2008
Wow! I am really impressed. Not only was the online experience great - very customer focused, efficient and professional, the dried fruit and nuts that I received were absolutely delicious! Dried pears are difficult to find in stores and very expensive. Not only were yours reasonably priced, they were soft(most are dry and hard) and tasted great. Even your web site is entertaining, easy to navigate and fun. You sure know what you are doing and what you're doing is absolutely great. No wonder you've been around since 1929! You've made your ancestors proud, I'm sure.
, Somerset, NJ
March 27, 2007
I recently ordered dried pears and cranberries. Let me say the cranberries were awesome. Whole dried fruit! Great for snacking, wonderful in recipes. The pears were great too. They are one of my favoite snacks and I have a hard time finding them locally. Thanks for the great products and service!
, Bainbridge Island, WA
November 29, 2006
I have been ordering products from Nuts Online for a few years now. I have NEVER been disappointed in their products and find them superior to the conventional store brands. We have recently tried their dried pears and found them to be soooo good. You will not be sorry for trying and, of course, ultimately enjoying the products available on Nuts Online products. I can't wait for my next shipment!!
February 28, 2006

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