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This is my first time I ordered a 5 lb almond for my yellow headed parrot, he loves almond. The package was deliver on time, and the almonds look fresh. I'm very happy with the service. I definitely will order from Nuts.com again. 5 stars.
, San Francisco, CA
March 4, 2015
I ordered the paper shell pecans, they were so good and fresh. Just ordered another lb.
, Chicago, Illinoisi
February 1, 2015
I have been ordering for my uncle for 3 or 4 years now and he and I are very happy with your pecans and walnuts, will try other nuts in the future. Thank you for being a trustworthy and on time delivery company. Again, thank you from my uncle and I. MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!
, Delmar, Delaware
December 16, 2014
The almonds I order are for my 6 Cockatoo. They love them and are always fresh. Thank you Nuts .com for keeping my crazy nuts happy.
, Covington, Kentucky
October 1, 2014
I have a pet squirrel I rescued six years ago when he was only a few days old. He is the second one I have raised, the first one lived to be eleven years old. This is the only way to buy nuts for him. I would definitely recommend this assortment of nuts in the shell for squirrels
, Tavares, Florida
September 14, 2014
I will order nuts from here as they are fresh and delivered on the date they say it will be here, I have a green-winged Macaw named Peabody and they are for her...I buy in 25# boxes....I know I spoil her but I want the best for her...and these are the best
, Clayton, WA
September 10, 2014
Awesome!!!! My Macaw is very happy with his 25lbs. of Walnuts that he received. We got a good laugh out of the box and e-mail that told me I had a package at the door. Nice to see someone that has a sense of humor and obviously loves their job! Thanks! : )
, NEWAYGO, Michigan
August 9, 2014
Great walnuts, nice in big, great flavor, We loved the shipping box, Also we received them quickly, I will know longer buy the leftovers at the grocery store after Christmas. Ray
, Bandon, Or
August 9, 2014
When we got Our gray bird he was shy and finicky. Our first Christmas together he developed a fancy for walnuts(just like me) we purchased locally until lone day our supply dried up. By chance I hit the google. And there y'all were. Great find. We have been so happy with your product. No bins nuts handled by everyone nuts for us. Superior product. Great price. Love ya
, Metairie, La
July 31, 2014
This is my first time ordering from you. It was cool opening up the box and seeing the big yellow bag. I took it up to my umbrella cockatoo and he was just as excited to see it. I opened it up and he literally started to climb in. (He's been out of almonds in the shell for about a month and they are his favorite.) The best thing was that they smelled fresh, unlike the ones I can only buy at the holidays from that name-brand that begins with a D. I won't buy nuts from anywhere else again.
, Portland, OR
July 8, 2014
Received order in one day. Loose packed walnuts came in great shape. My blue front Amazon is talking up a storm in appreciation.
, Westminster, MD
June 24, 2014
OH my goodness, my order of peanuts are the greatest, the dried persimmons are delicious, the pecans as usual is amazing. I've enjoyed everything I've gotten from NUTS.COM. After trying the persimmons, I will have to order more it wasn't enough. I love the fact that my order is always a day ahead of schedule, I am a customer for life. Thank you Guys for having a company like this.
, Mesa, Arizona
June 9, 2014
Thank you from all 7 of my 'too's. They love your nuts and I will be ordering again from you in a couple of weeks
, Sandia Park, NM
May 23, 2014
Wow, you guys are amazing, I really love your products and services, you get the order to your customers faster than expected. I'm very happy with my order and I'm enjoying it. I shared with the office help and they're going nuts over the pecans, they haven't been able to get any fresh nuts before. I've been on a quest to find fresh pecans for some time. Then I found out about your business and I'm sure glad I did. Thank you, you're the greatest!
, Mesa, Arizona
May 21, 2014
I have been buying nuts at the local store but they are not fresh. If they are not fresh my parrot puts them on the floor and makes a very nasty remark. (Yes he talks) My big parrot was so happy to get the nuts from your company that he said Thank you Thank you when he got the first nut and every time I give him a nut he say Thank you.. So from both of us THANK YOU!!!!!!!!
, Jacksonville, Florida
May 7, 2014
Got the nuts yesterday and opened them to taste when I got home from work. Freshest nuts I've had. I try to eat in-shell mixed nuts several times a week. They are good for me, I enjoy them, they satisfy appetite, and the shells slow consumption. The perfect healthy snack.
, St John, IN
April 30, 2014
Received my English walnuts in 3 days and they are fresh and delicious.....In fact they are better than I expected.....I will certainly recommend you to all my nutty friends......I will reorder soon!!......Best wishes........
, Valdosta, Ga.
April 19, 2014
WOW! I am so impressed. A lot of my client work focuses on dealing with the public, and how to create 'servant-leader' experiences. You have done it! I recently purchased an old-fashioned nut bowl from the 50s for a friend who said she recalled that as a part of her family tradition growing up. Alas, no fresh, unshelled nuts could be found on any shelf I searched throughout San Diego. My friend was impressed with the delivery and I am impressed with the follow-up. I will recommend you to all of my nutty friends and colleagues. P.S. I've yet to have one of the nuts that were delivered; I think she's 'hoarding' them for herself.
, La Jolla, CA
April 9, 2014
i received this big beautiful bag of pecans today. they are fantastic. it was a pleasure doing business with nutty people!
, port townsend, wa.
April 2, 2014
I had no idea I could have fresh nuts year round. No more only waiting until Christmas for me. First shipment was fresh and delicious I'm hooked. Another order coming soon!
, Two rivers, WI
March 29, 2014
Delivered on time and ate about 2lbs the first day because they are so good. Definitely going to order more from Nuts.com! Excellent product and service!
, springfield, mo
March 27, 2014
We wanted mixed nuts in the shell, but none of the stores have them except at Christmas. I ordered a 5-pound bag, as well as some peanuts and dried fruit from Nuts.Com, and we have been very happy with your products. The nuts are fresh and delicious, and the dried pluots are really wonderful. My second order was for a bigger bag of peanuts, and lots more dried fruit. I should have ordered more of the mixed nuts, but I hadn't realized how many of them my son had already eaten! Some of the fruits have been more sweetened than I really like, but the unsweetened pit fruits are wonderful. Just waiting for payday to make my next order.
, St. Paul, MN
March 25, 2014
I have 9 pet parrots and am also a wildlife rehabilitator. I have purchased mixed nuts in bulk from Nuts.com for quite some time now and have always been thrilled with the quality of the product, the cost and the quick service. Not one complaint from all of the animals here! Thank you Nuts.com!!
, Salem, NJ
March 25, 2014
I received the walnuts today in great condition, my African Grey is very happy!!
, Protem, mo
March 20, 2014
Received My package today. The birds were excited as I was opening it and of course I had to pass out nuts right away. I will be ordering more in the next couple of weeks. Always fast prompt delivery.
, Buffalo, NY
March 15, 2014
I was hesitating to write this review, because it may let my favorite products out of stock. Just kidding. I purchased 10 lbs of black sesame seeds and 5 lbs English walnuts in shell. All arrived in nice package within 3 days. Compared with similar products from other stores, Nuts.com provided better quality at reasonable price. These products look fresh and stored in good environment. No degradation at all. Our experience is to heat and stir the seeds in a pot at moderate temperature until a few seeds just start to explode, then immediately turn off range stove. You can feel the good smell in whole kitchen. As soon as my wife and I put a few seeds in mouth, we can feel very delicious smell. Definitely we are going to buy more.
, Warrenton, Virginia
March 14, 2014
We are so pleased with the quality of your walnuts. The shells are clean and the nuts are fresh tasting and delicious. We definitely will tell others about your company without reservation. In fact, we have enough walnuts to give out samples. Also, it is essential to mention the highly hilarious "nut box" in which the walnuts were delivered. The box itself is a keeper. Thank you for the wonderful surprise of a great quality product. We will be ordering more products from you in the near future.
, New Haven, CT
March 7, 2014
My husband loves his 5 lb bag of walnuts! Very fresh and delicious...he cannot stop eating them! Plus they came a day earlier than expected! Thank you!
, Columbus, OH
March 4, 2014
The walnuts are great and I love the shipping carton!
, Bloomfield Hills, Michigan
March 1, 2014
OMG! Love the nuts! Very good taste. Awesome service. Thank you. I am going to become a regular delivery. This was the first time. Love. Love. Love!!
, Winneconne, Wi
February 27, 2014
The walnuts are beautiful on the outside & tasty on the inside! I love sitting & cracking them... like when I was a kid. (I'm 70!) I adore your company's humor & lightheartedness too. Quite refreshing!
, Owosso, MI
February 22, 2014
I received my order of walnuts today. I was very pleased with the quality and the delicious taste.
, Gatesville, NC
February 18, 2014
Another prompt delivery of our 25lbs of Walnuts!! My 86yr old mother is very happy to have more nuts to crack and give to friends and family. She loves the packaging and has to show it off to everyone. (She still thinks I did the decoration, even tho we told her I didn't) I'm glad she thinks I'm so clever. :-) Thank you
, Ritzville, Wa
February 15, 2014
for buying this time of year they are without a doubt the freshest pecans I have had this year.
, Albany, New your
February 3, 2014
Great blend and variety. You have made an 88 yr old cockatoo very happy!
, Tampa, FL
January 31, 2014
Transaction was simple, shipped as promised. I ordered some hazelnuts, almonds, both in the shell, and some dried strawberries. I also received a sample or their dried apricots. I was pleased with the taste and quality of everything except the hazelnuts. Only about 1 in 10 had good flavor, or wasn't rotten inside when cracked open.
, Syracuse, Indiana
January 30, 2014
I couldn't find walnuts in the shell in my local grocery store this year so I looked on line and found nuts.com. The grocery store did me a favor. From now on I'm only buying from nuts.com.
, Frisco, Co
January 20, 2014
Love them. Most of the way through one bag already. We will definitely be ordering more.
, Holden Beach, NC
January 17, 2014
I received my pecans yesterday and I love them. You guys have a new customer for life. I can't stop eating them. until my next order keep up the good work.
, Linden, New Jersey
January 15, 2014
Again wonderful...This shipment is as fresh as the last..Definitely not disappointed these are the freshest I've seen and again equal amounts of each nut...Keep up the good work and I will be ordering when I run out...Stay Well ans Thank You
, Jersey City, nj
January 13, 2014
We gave the 5lb bags of mixed nuts as Christmas gifts for the guys in my family. They are a HUGE hit! So much better than any of the stores in our area. The only problem... trying to pace themselves so they don't eat them all in one day!
, Oklahoma City, OK
January 13, 2014
I buy a lot of raw nuts in-shell for my parrots and Nuts.com never disappoints. Only the best for my birds, and it's wonderful to be able to crack a few open and share a healthy snack with them!
, Federal Way, WA
January 11, 2014
My English walnuts are very fresh and tasty. They arrived on schedule despite heavy storms.
, Memphis, TN
January 9, 2014
I ordered 5 lbs of in-shell walnuts, which arrived in record time. The nuts are excellent -- large and fresh -- and they are nicely packaged in a resealable bag. I'm completely pleased with my order and I'm sure I'll be ordering from Nuts.com again.
, TN
January 5, 2014
Once again Nuts.com comes through with flying colours! My birds prefer your walnuts to the ones I got at the feed store as yours are always "of course" human grade and FRESH!! Thank you for the lunch bag, it's awesome! I started using it the very next day. As always, I'll be back for more & more & more...
, Garland, Texas
December 18, 2013
WOW! I am SO impressed with this fast service and for the follow-up. The Nuts are awesome and were here almost by the time I sent the order! We searched everywhere locally for whole English Walnuts and could not find them this year. THANKS for making my husband happy!
, Waxhaw, NC
December 17, 2013
I ordered two pounds of pecans and I was planning on sharing with my brother but I think I will have to order more because I want to keep these for myself because they are very good.
, Glenwood, IL
December 16, 2013
We received our paper shell pecans couldn't find this type in the grocery stores. we are already enjoying them. We will definitely be ordering again. Thank you for prompt shipping and delivery.
, Millsboro, Delaware
December 13, 2013
Fast shipping on great products. I got a 25 lb box of mixed nuts for the holidays. Want a quick hostess gift? Find a cute basket, 6-pack holder, or similar container and fill with mixed nuts. Simple and fun!
, Metuchen, NJ - New Jersey
December 10, 2013
Pecans very hearty, meaty and delicious Phillip
, Mayfield, Ky
December 9, 2013
Good job. Nuts arrived early. Kids going crazy. Told them we didn't have a nut cracker. Relented and we are enjoying Brazils and English walnuts. thx
, sierra vista, az
December 7, 2013
Best soft shell pecans I've ever had!! ***** five stars!!!!
, Candler, NC
December 6, 2013
Man, these are good! What a difference in FRESH nuts vs. the ones at the supermarket. I will be buying my nuts from nuts.com from now on.
, Crossville, Tennessee
November 23, 2013
Holy cow! A friend recommended nuts.com to me for dates and they were not kidding, at all. I ordered 3 varieties of dates--all fresh and plump and delicious! In addition, I ordered a variety of dark chocolates. I happen to be allergic to milk, so I was ecstatic to discover wonderful dairy-free dark chocolates to choose from! All delicious. And everything was reasonably priced. And the in-shell pecans? Fresh and flavorful! You have a new customer!
, West Lafayette, IN
November 19, 2013
The walnuts I ordered and had sent to my 86yr old mother in Nebraska arrived and she was thrilled. She says the nuts are tasty and fresh. She loves cracking walnuts, packaging them and giving them as Christmas gifts. The packaging was wonderful. All the fun writing on the box makes it special. She still thinks I did that and I (smile) am going to let her think it was me! Thank you, Lela
, Ritzville, Wa.
November 19, 2013
I am very very happy with how fast I got my order and how accurate it was they sent everything all at once I love it and very reasonable price :) got almonds raw in shell, hemp seeds for salads/birds chia seeds and also got a gift in my order of goji berries mmmm yummy love nuts.com website!! ..
, Peshastin, Wa
November 9, 2013
I'm completely satisfied with your walnuts very good quality no bad ones in bunch
, Countryside, Ill
November 8, 2013
There is only one problem with these Pecans I ordered... They are so addictive that I have to only take a certain amount out of the container and make that my limit or else I will kill off the whole darn bunch of them!
, Pendleton, OR
November 8, 2013
I just received my order for Walnuts in the Shell which were nowhere to be found in my area. What service!! Less than one day for delivery. Thank you so much. I will see how my son likes them when he comes to see me Anne Zamonski
, Ewing, NJ
October 31, 2013
Dear Jeffrey and the Nuts.com Family, I'm going NUTS here over the freshness of the nuts I just received! I recently bought a bag of mixed nuts from a large chain supermarket and ended up throwing them all away because they were stale, rotten, and some had bugs. I was very disappointed and angry at the waste of money. Not so with YOUR Brazil nuts and paper shell pecans! They are delicious- just what I expect in a nut! Thanks for making my fall a tasty one (and for the organic buckwheat groats- how did you know I'm going organic?! :). I'll be sure to order more in the future!
, Warwick, RI
October 26, 2013
Just want to thank you guys for delivering such quality products. The pecans are delicious and we will be back for more. Your customer service is fantastic and your shipping is fast!!! Love the box design too. Thanks for sending the generous sample! you guys really know how to make customers happy. What more can you ask for. Will leave feedback for other items ordered when I get a moment. Thank you!!!
, New Haven, CT
October 25, 2013
Not what I thought paper shell pecans are. Years ago driving to Florida stopped bought paper shell pecans - you could hold two in your hand and crack them on each other. These are no different than what I buy in the grocery store for half the price - very disappointed. Thx, Linda Price
, Cincinnati, Oh
October 23, 2013
October 17, 2013
Always fast shipping and GREAT prices. Quality is excellent
, South Lake Tahoe, Ca
October 10, 2013
Your service is outstanding! My 3 parrots love walnuts and they are are part of their daily diet. I found myself running low & my regular supplier takes 7-10 days. I knew I wouldn't have enough to last that long so I decided to Google "walnuts" & your name came up. After reading the many positive reviews I decided to give you a try. I ordered them Sunday night & they arrived Tuesday afternoon. I couldn't have been happier. I will be using you for all future purchases. Me & "the kids" thank you!
, Warrington, Pennsylvania
October 10, 2013
Perfect! Exactly what I wanted and can't believe how fast it arrived.
, Kansas City, Missouri
October 10, 2013
Lovin' those nuts; No ifs, ands or buts! To date, I've ordered pine nuts, black sesame seeds, white sesame seeds, chia, English walnuts, paper shell pecans, as well as almonds, hazelnuts and Brazil nuts in their shells, and a few other of your products. All flawless, fresh, tasty! And your service is speedy, too...
, Bonita Springs, Florida
October 8, 2013
Delivered exactly as promised. What I did not expect was to find the nut so well packaged. The 'ziploc' style bag is a VERY NICE touch. I mostly bought these for my cockatoo and parrots to have some whole nuts to work on rather than just pre-shelled nuts. I've tried some of each of them myself and found that they are by far the freshest and best tasting whole nuts I've ever purchased in my life. They birds may just have some competition when it comes to treat time.
, Summerville, South Carolina
October 3, 2013
I'm grateful that I was able to convert my wife into a very "Nutty Lady" you would not believe me if I told you that, in 30 days 5Lbs of walnuts is almost finished, and now I'm ready for another order. Thank You R/s Enrique
, Homestead, Florida
October 3, 2013
Hazelnuts are my favorite snack and I also have a 6 yr. old squirrel that enjoys them immensely. Trying to find any here in FL is impossible unless its the holiday season so I decided to research the different websites looking for a place that offered everything I was looking for. Nuts.com was the place I started and finished with. When my shipment arrived on time, I was expecting to see the same kind of Hazelnuts and Almonds I get in the stores here. I was so blown away by the size and the taste of these nuts, I realized I've never had a quality nut until now. These are the best nuts I have ever eaten and will continue to be a customer even when I have access to the holiday nuts here. These are 100% everything advertised and if your looking for greatness you won't be disappointed.
, Hudson, FL
September 22, 2013
You guys rock. Love your marketing style and speed! We're working on the parrot toy that holds the nuts and will be in business soon. But Oscar has already given the nuts the seal of approval.
, Madison, Wisconsin
September 18, 2013
This shipping was soo fast, I was amazingly able to track my package the entire time!! I ordered mixed nuts for my wedding as my married last name will be Nutty! Thank you NUTS.com your were FANTASTIC!!!
, Yorkville, NY
September 17, 2013
Thank you for your speedy service! I like the packaging. It is very humorous and fun! And the walnuts are delicious! Thanks, Amy
, New Philadelphia, Ohio
September 14, 2013
A++++ service!! Super fast delivery, I placed the order late afternoon and it was delivered the next morning! I'm a very happy customer who will be making future purchases. . Best of all you made my macaws and amazon very happy :-) Thank you also for enclosing a Quinoa sample! For those who haven't tried this grain, it it awesome. The Jones family, Honey Brook, PA
, Honey Brook, PA
September 13, 2013
I received my pecans today and was so pleased with everything! The outer packaging was nicely done and the inner bag with the nutty characters and history of the company added a personal touch. I was also very impressed with the size of the pecans and of course they are fresh and very delicious. Thanks again for more than meeting my expectation and all the best to you all and your company. Sincerely Yours, Saadiqa
, Fairmount Heights, MD
September 10, 2013
No stores anywhere carry almonds all year round. These are for my 3 Cockatoo parrots I have. The main star is Ouija. He is a nursing home therapy bird. He probably eats 10 a day. He loves them. I do too. lol I was down to his last 12 nuts and they came just in time. Thank you for the fast service. Nick
, Girard, Ohio
September 5, 2013
Another successful order. Our Parrots are jumping and squawking with joy. Mahalo for the little treat for me too. Your are truly nuts!
, Kamuela, Hawaii
August 23, 2013
The whole mixed nuts in shell are beautiful and my flock of 5 gorgeous parrots asked me to send you a thank-you note.
, Naalehu, HI
August 21, 2013
I order nuts in the shell for my 21 exotic parrots. I ordered from a different site for years until someone I met online recommended you! I must say that your prices, service and goods are superb. Delivery time is swift and the nuts are well packed (love the boxes)! Thanks so very much for keeping my birds happy and healthy. By the way, we sneak a few of the nuts to eat ourselves when they aren't looking! ( * v * )
, Massena, NY
August 21, 2013
Thank you for the very quick delivery of my almonds! My cockatoo Buddy loves almonds in the shell so he thanks you too! They are so hard to find in the store. I thoroughly enjoyed your email and yes it did make me laugh! Thank you again
, Spanaway, Wa
August 19, 2013
OMG!!!! How happy am I that I ordered from you guys and will for sure be a forever faithful client! I loved the box, whoever came up with it is a genius! I bought the hard shell pecans for my mom's visit today and the smile on her face said it all let alone the first taste sweet and buttery. Thank you, Thank you. Thank you!!!!!!
, Fredericksburg, Virginia
August 12, 2013
Could not find unshelled mixed nuts anywhere locally for my double yellowhead amazon Stella! It seems its only available at the christmas holiday! She's very happy now!!!! We got our shipment in 2 days! Got a free sample of quinoa too (which i love!!!) glad to have found you guys!!! Great pricing too!!!!!!! 5lbs. For just under 20.00!!!! Win, win!!!!
, Cheektowaga, New york
August 1, 2013
I received my order very quickly. It was package with care and my bird loves the almonds. Thanks for the extra yummy treat. I will be buying more treats from your company in the near future. Thank you. Donna and baby Taz
, Stuart, FL
July 22, 2013
Received Walnuts in shell today 10 lbs, they Are the best I have ever had , we share with our Unbrella Cockatoo or he shares with us :) Thank you for the super fast delivery . PJ , Jim & JJ
, N . Tonawanda, NY
July 19, 2013
I have NEVER received a shipment so quick! You guys are awesome! I ordered Brazil Nuts in the shell, Almonds in the shell and Walnuts in the shell. My Macaws are so happy! They would not touch the grocery store nuts & believe me they know the difference! I can not thank you enough for the most fresh, natural nuts on the market!
, Smyrna, TN
July 19, 2013
Without a doubt the most cheerful package I have ever received. The "Nuts" and the nuts are great, too.
, Rindge, NH
July 19, 2013
I've been ordering from Nuts.com for about a year and a half now. I have a squirrel we rescued about 2 years ago, and unfortunately, we are unable to find nuts in shell around here unless at Christmas. My kids love the box, and when they found out we were on the last bag of nuts, and I had to order, they were already fighting over who gets to read the box. The squirrel, he loves the nuts..as do his "parents", who are very likely to steal a few when no one is looking. The shipping and response time here are awesome. I have had no complaints. Thank you!
, Franklin, TN
July 18, 2013
Got my 5lb bag of English Walnuts today, My Bolivian Blue and Gold saw the bag and became ecstatic...the shelled nuts are his favorite treat, and, it keeps his beak worn down enough that we do not have to clip him!! Yeah, we like to shell a nut or two ourselves!!! Thanks for the added bonus...a bag of Salted Cashews..just for US!!!
, Lehigh Acres, Florida
July 18, 2013
I ordered my mixed nuts on Wednesday and received them on Friday. How fast was that!? LOL. I immediately opened up the first bag for a little taste and was pleasantly (although not totally) surprised at the freshness of the nuts. They were so good that I ate way more than I intended. Good thing I bought 2 bags, lol. Would definitely recommend to family, friends, and co-workers. Next order, I'll try something new!
July 13, 2013
super pleased with our order of filberts and mixed nuts. excited to try the generous sample of flax seed. and the bags are so cute I am going to put a book in one and send to my granddaughter.
, Butler, Tn
July 10, 2013
just received the walnuts, they were so fresh tasting and fast shipping. thanks so much, will order more items from your website. again thanks
, homestead, fl
July 7, 2013
Wow, fast delivery, and everything looks good! I tried the walnuts, because it has been a long time since I had any. Delicious!
, Hollow Rock, TN
July 6, 2013
My mother really wanted fresh walnuts and couldn't find them in any stores. I ordered them from Nuts.com and they arrived quickly and were delicious and fresh! Thank you for helping me make my mom's day!
, San Diego, CA
July 5, 2013
A few months ago, I order 15 bags of walnuts. I still have a half of bag left. They are the best walnuts I ever had. I have just ordered another 13 bags of walnuts. Try them they are fresh and not all dried up. When they say a pound of nuts, that's exactly what it is.
, Killeen, Texas
July 3, 2013
Thank you, Received the shipment very timely, and my African Grey and Seminole Parrot say Yea, Yea, Yea, we're back in the nuts. The English Walnuts in the shell are one of their all-time favorite treats, so now they don't have to wait from Xmas to Xmas!
July 1, 2013
Just got my "NUTS" box :) Just love it!The UPS man was laughing all the way to the door,lol. Super fresh,super fast ,My Birds and I will enjoy the freshest!!! And I know I will be back very soon! Again ty very much!
, Atlantic,beach, Fla.
June 20, 2013
Dad received the paper shell pecans and loves them; he also loves the packaging they came in! Thank you and looking forward to your services in the future.
, Chandler, AZ
June 19, 2013
The box was funny enough, but the nuts are so fresh and way more than I expected. Thank you for incredibly fast service!!!
, lakewood, california
June 12, 2013
I was so impressed by how quickly the nuts arrived! Also, love the packaging. And a gift of delightful figs! How sweet. My parrots, Romeo and Millie, are so happy. As am I!
, portland, me
June 12, 2013
The walnuts are delicious! Someone told me they were very good for certain health issues, but I can't remember who told me or what they were good for, but I've always loved them and only got them around the holidays, so very glad to have them now.
, PARIS, Kentucky
June 7, 2013

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