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Bubble Tea Reviews

Our Customers' Reviews and Testimonials

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Spiced Chai Tea Mix:
Just tastes great and never lasts long in my humble abode. Everyone wants a slug!
, Jamaica, NY
September 19, 2017
Spiced Chai Tea Mix:
like it a lot, one of my favorites
, Jefferson, OR
September 14, 2017
Spiced Chai Tea Mix:
I love this item
, Beltsville, MD
August 26, 2017
Spiced Chai Tea Mix:
Absolutely delicious and smooth. Great with for bubble tea.
, Taylor, MI
April 15, 2017
Vanilla Spiced Chai Mix (Decaf):
You are the people I come for decaf.
, Midlothian, VA
April 7, 2017
Spiced Chai Tea Mix:
Love it love it my whole family drinks it thanks for making it so good
, Kenosha, WI
March 26, 2017
Spiced Chai Tea Mix:
I needed some directions on what is the best way to make it: hot or cold, teaspoons or tablespoons, milk or water, etc. My first cup was with hot water, but then decided to put it over ice and add a packet of Truvia which made it taste much better and similar to the Chai Teas that I was accustomed to from coffee shops.
, Knoxville, TN
July 29, 2016
Vanilla Spiced Chai Mix (Decaf):
Great for relaxing.
, Boerne, TX
June 1, 2016
Spiced Chai Tea Mix:
, Carthage, NC
May 7, 2016
Spiced Chai Tea Mix:
Love the smooth taste......YUM
, El Centro, CA
April 28, 2016
Spiced Chai Tea Mix:
Always warming and full of flavor!
, New Castle, DE
April 15, 2016
Spiced Chai Tea Mix:
I love this tea. I'll be ordering more!
January 26, 2016
Spiced Chai Tea Mix:
GREAT... better than Starbucks!
, Mendota, IL
January 23, 2016
Vanilla Spiced Chai Mix (Decaf):
I love that there's a decaf tea mix. And it's super delicious!
, Canal Winchester, OH
January 16, 2016
Spiced Chai Tea Mix:
Yummy! Good amount of tea for the price too.
, Hollywood, FL
January 14, 2016
Vanilla Spiced Chai Mix (Decaf):
I love Chai tea, but still have yet to find a powder that I like. This is better than most, but still doesn't replace brewing a pot of tea leaves and adding cream and honey.
, Albany, VT
January 11, 2016
Spiced Chai Tea Mix:
Very yummy.
, Kansas City, MO
August 1, 2015
Spiced Chai Tea Mix:
I've ordered this wonderful tea mix several times before. It makes a delicious Chai Tea. If you enjoy Chai teas then you have to try this one.
, Long Branch, NJ
June 27, 2015
Spiced Chai Tea Mix:
Love to have a cup early in the morning
, Wilmington, DE
April 25, 2015
Spiced Chai Tea Mix:
A little too sweet mix per instructions. After adding more water, it rocked. Great spice flavor. I will order it again and again and again......
, Placerville, CA
March 18, 2015
Spiced Chai Tea Mix:
love this tea
, Philadelphia, PA
March 17, 2015
Vanilla Spiced Chai Mix (Decaf):
I didn't read clearly that it is a MIX and is 250 calories per serving. Enjoy, but watch out for the calories!
, Fredericksburg, VA
March 9, 2015
Spiced Chai Tea Mix:
Best Spiced Chai Tea in the World.
, Youngsville, NC
March 2, 2015
Spiced Chai Tea Mix:
The best
, Taunton, MA
February 25, 2015
Vanilla Spiced Chai Mix (Decaf):
I use this for work. Very tasty.
, Taunton, MA
February 25, 2015
Vanilla Spiced Chai Mix (Decaf):
, Henrico, VA
February 21, 2015
Vanilla Spiced Chai Mix (Decaf):
Very delicious!.
, Long Beach, CA
February 20, 2015
Vanilla Spiced Chai Mix (Decaf):
Love,Love it.The best Chai Tea around and it's decaf,I couldn't ask for anything more!
, Somerset, NJ
February 16, 2015
Spiced Chai Tea Mix:
I am hooked on this spiced chai tea. Soooooo good!!!!!
, Long Island City, NY
February 9, 2015
Spiced Chai Tea Mix:
, Leadville, CO
February 4, 2015
Spiced Chai Tea Mix:
Absolutely delicious and the perfect alternative to those people searching for something with the same anti-anxiety properties as matcha powder. This powder is perfect, it has taken the place of my morning coffee! Thank you again!
, Clifton Park, NY
January 26, 2015
Vanilla Spiced Chai Mix (Decaf):
Delicious and easy to prepare.
, Kansas City, MO
January 16, 2015
Spiced Chai Tea Mix:
This is my 2nd order. This stuff is addictive! yum!!!!
, Roanoke, VA
January 14, 2015
Vanilla Spiced Chai Mix (Decaf):
Just the perfect mix of spices and not overly sweet! Have ordered this mix twice its so good!
, Turlock, CA
January 14, 2015
Vanilla Spiced Chai Mix (Decaf):
Thank you so much!
, Mexico, MO
January 9, 2015
Spiced Chai Tea Mix:
Yum this is great stuff!!!
, Roanoke, VA
January 6, 2015
Spiced Chai Tea Mix:
So delish...tastes better than the starbucks chai tea...
, Houston, TX
December 27, 2014
Spiced Chai Tea Mix:
Tastes amazing, easy to mix!
, Spring, TX
December 27, 2014
Spiced Chai Tea Mix:
This Spiced Chai is a special mix I use with only a teaspoonful of it per mug of hot water. I add some additional cinnamon liquid stevia, and it goes so well with your Lemon Snaps dunked into it.
, Rome, GA
December 20, 2014
Spiced Chai Tea Mix:
Spiced Chai is one of my favorite teas to drink hot. It goes especially well with cookies or petit fours.
, Rome, GA
December 10, 2014
Spiced Chai Tea Mix:
Love the flavor am enjoying a cup while typing this. Yum
, Northfield, MN
December 4, 2014
Spiced Chai Tea Mix:
This mix is perfect! Not too sweet, not too strong. Fantastic!!!
, Newark, MD
November 26, 2014
Spiced Chai Tea Mix:
I love this tea. I even have to order a bag for work.
, Taunton, MA
November 14, 2014
Vanilla Spiced Chai Mix (Decaf):
I love this. I also used it on my oatmeal this morning.
, Palm Beach Gardens, FL
November 13, 2014
Spiced Chai Tea Mix:
Delicious!! Made mine with almond milk and it beat what I normally get at Starbucks for $5 a cup!
, Palm Coast, FL
October 31, 2014
Spiced Chai Tea Mix:
Love it love it.
, Laramie, WY
October 31, 2014
Vanilla Spiced Chai Mix (Decaf):
Already had two cups one last night and one this morning. I just love all your chai mixes.
, Laramie, WY
October 31, 2014
Spiced Chai Tea Mix:
At first I hesitated to buy this tea since I am very picky about my spiced chai. I don't like the spices to overwhelm the tea which usually means it will be bitter as well. This tea is smooth and delicious, a perfect balance of spice and tea! I will definitely be back for my Christmas shopping! You guys amazed me with your service!
, Rosamond, CA
October 30, 2014
Spiced Chai Tea Mix:
Got delivered Saturday had a cup of spiced chai it was wonderful! I ordered some thing for my mom as well love shopping here! Always fast and great quality.
, Reston, VA
October 18, 2014
Vanilla Spiced Chai Mix (Decaf):
this is my second order......love chai tea.
, Ocean, NJ
September 10, 2014
Hello Nuts.Com Family, can i just say i love your decaf Chai Tea. I have tried other brands,they where terrible. I try too avoid caffeine, so when tried Nuts.com i was so happy with the taste and price. I've ordered in the past, my tea arrived today. I look forward to a long and happy relationship, God Bless.
, Somerset, New Jersey
September 4, 2014
Spiced Chai Tea Mix:
, Swansea, IL
August 22, 2014
Spiced Chai Tea Mix:
Best Spiced Chai Tea I've found. Speedy delivery (as always) and I love my NUTS-A-LICIOUS Tee Shirt. You 'Nuts' are the best!!!
, Barberton, OH
May 21, 2014
Spiced Chai Tea Mix:
I have tried Chai tea from Adagio, Trader Joe's and other vendors; but this mix has to be the best there is. I like to have a couple of cups of this tea daily because of all the wonderful anti-oxidants. The sturdy bag it comes in keeps it fresh and is convenient to use.
, Asheville, NC
May 17, 2014
Love the cinnamon chips and I also enjoy the chai tea.
, winfield, pa
May 11, 2014
OMG, you've made me an official nuthead. The caramel puffs and decaf chai tea, oh my heavens! I'll be placing my next order soon, God Bless u and the Family.
, somerset, nj
March 23, 2014
The honey mustard sesame sticks are soooooooooo good.The rice crackers, roasted cashews and spiced chai tea are the best available on the web. Thanks for the chia seeds and the fast shipping.
, Morton, IL
March 12, 2014
I was going through leaving feedback from all of the items I have ordered and realized I was leaving feedback for a TON of things! This website is a Godsend! The chai tea is amazing. It tastes spectacular. If you are on the fence about getting it, go ahead and buy it, you will not be disappointed. It smells heavenly and taste incredible. I don't know why I associate it with Christmas but I do-it's like drinking Christmas in a cup. It will make you happy or at least put a smile on your face. And who doesn't like that?
, Petal, Ms
February 21, 2014
OH BOY OH BOY, Your chai is #1 and tied with my present supplier. One of my grand-daughters was employed at a new coffee shop downtown 5 years ago and my addiction started. 9 lbs. of chai every 6 weeks. Now I will order a case of chai from nuts. Thank you, Maxi
, Morton, IL
February 10, 2014
Great Chai Tea. Served it after dinner to my guest yesterday and everyone fell in love with the tasty, spicy drink. Thank you for being so prompt in sending it to me. Blessings, Rosa Lee
, Mesa, AZ
December 16, 2013
I ordered a lb of the vanilla spiced chai mix, a pound of the power trail mix, and a 2oz container of their freeze dried fruit sampler. Other than fed ex putting it on my neighbors steps instead of mine, this was a FLAWLESS first experience with Nuts.com! I love all of the products, including the free sample of organic trail mix I received and the shipping was SO fast. I ordered these products late Wednesday night and received them Friday afternoon. I will DEFINITELY be doing business with this fantastic family company again in the future!
, Coventry, RI
August 23, 2013
First off, the raw almonds are amazing. I bought them to make some homemade almond milk and they are perfect! Also, I definitely recommend anyone who drinks coffee to purchase it from here if you are currently just buying them from the grocery store. I love the packaging and how quickly everything ships! I love the free sample that comes with your order. We got the raw cacoa goji energy squares and sadly, my boyfriend finished them all. He thought they were delicious, which means a lot considering the fact that he's not very fond of the taste of healthier foods.This is the perfect website to get a head-start in buying all the basic ingredients you need to shift towards a healthier more nutritious diet. Oh & if you like the chai tea from starbucks, then you should stop buying it from starbucks and get it from here! You will save a lot of money, and plus it tastes so much better. Thank you so much!
, Richmond, Virginia
July 25, 2013
I've ordered from nuts.com for about 8-9 years and I have never been disappointed!!!! You and your company are a solid 10! I pass on the website to others all the time! Love your products and service!!!! And sense of humor!!!!
, Grand Blanc, Mi
June 12, 2013
Just received my first order from you "nuts" and I'm very pleased. Excited that I can now make my own green tea smoothies. Bought the vanilla chai for my friend for her birthday and she loved it. Your packaging is cute. I will definitely be trying other items in the near future. Thank you
, Endicott, Ny
May 25, 2013
This is the second time I have ordered from you. I am amazed how fast I received my order. I am so pleased with all the products. The Spiced Chai Tea Mix is so awesome!! Thank you.
, Western, NE
March 30, 2013
Ok, so I was a bit skeptical to order from another internet site, but I am so glad that I did. My first purchase was for 1 lb packages of Semolina Flour, 10 Grain Flour and Vanilla Spiced Chai Tea. Everything arrived the next day (Saturday) and each was in a resealable package. Made some bread with the Semolina (turned out great) and have had a few cups of tea - good thing it is decaf. Will try the 10 Grain Flour next weekend. I am very happy with my purchase. Thanks!
, Horsham, PA
March 2, 2013
My husband really likes this Chai Tea and I (who doesn't like chai at all) definitely both like this chai! Worth the price and very much worth using! Will order again :)
, raleigh, nc
February 21, 2013
Love you guys after just one order! The Chia seeds are wonderful. I'm excited to try the gluten-free pizza crust. The spiced chai was oh so yummy.' Thanks for fast delivery and sample of the goji berries! They are great in our oatmeal! Great products! Can't wait to order again!
, Savage, MN
February 13, 2013
Once again, order received and as always top notch products. I made a cup of the Chai as soon as the water was hot! Very, very good. Nuts.com is my favorite site to order from. Thank You, from this nutty old lady.
, Reno, NV
February 11, 2013
This was my first of what will be many, many orders!!! I ordered yesterday afternoon and received the order the next day. Less than 24 hours later. Where else are you going to get that kind of service for such high quality products?! The chocolate covered corn nuts are genius!!! Will be trying the Chai tonight..Smells wonderfully spicy, can't wait! Thanks!!!
, brooklyn, ny
February 5, 2013
I was buying chai tea at a local restaurant, but it was quite a distance to go get it. I ordered the vanilla spiced chai and the chai tea...just as good, less expensive even with shipping and delivered right to my door. Love it!
, North Haven, CT
January 22, 2013
As ALWAYS, my package came super fast and everything is delicious! My expections are always met with you guys; this is my 3rd order and can't wait till the next one!
, miami, fl
January 13, 2013
I ordered the dried fruit rolls variety pack, beef jerky, and spiced chai tea mix. I ordered them on Tuesday night, and received them Thursday! A day earlier than expected! The items I bought are delicious and I will continue to buy from nuts.com! Awesome. I would highly recommend them! Oh and I also got a free sample of the berry mix! :)
, raleigh, NC
January 10, 2013
I have made and received 3 orders in 3 weeks. Each item is great, fresh, and the prices are very reasonable. If you want it, they have it!
, Denver, CO
December 22, 2012
OK this morning i cooked the Gluten Free Pancake Mix and i had some Pumpkin Spice Coffee and yesterday i had some spice chai tea they are all good. when i made the Gluten Free Pancakes i used some Chia Seeds and Organic Quinoa Seeds and Boom a nice Healthy Breakfast. it Tasted so Good yummy
, Danville, California
May 25, 2012
I just received my order, which arrived so quickly!! The first thing I did was tear open the bag of Khadrawi dates and they are just as described, sweet, like pudding and illegally delicious. I am now a confirmed addict. I tried the Medjool dates and they are also out of this world. I am currently sipping on a cup of the spiced chai and munching the Khadrawi dates, dreaming of hot Arabian nights. I'm taking the rest of the day off, if I can eat and drink like a queen, I can have a day off like a queen, THANK YOU!!
, Ohio
May 11, 2012
I absolutley love the Chai Teas and also am trying the Chia seeds for the first time. Will be ordering again for sure. Thank you.
, Buffalo, Wyoming
February 22, 2012
One of my favorite things to do in winter is get a hot beverage and settle down with my baby girl in my lap and read a good book or watch a sappy movie. This is the perfect hot drink. Bonus my kids who love coffee and other teas enjoy sneaking sips from my cup. Thank you for the bulk sizes on this and other fabulous products.
January 31, 2012
Opened the (Sugar Free) Peanut Butter Bar right away - love the taste! Husband had the Spiced Chai Mix and gave a thumbs up. Btw, "Chai" means "Tea" so "Chai Tea" is redundant cos it would mean "Tea Tea".
, Hewitt, Tx
January 13, 2012
Your products are fantastic! I have never had a better flavored chai tea, mixed berries or organic flours! Simply wonderful - tastes amazing! Can't wait to try more!
, Meadville, Pa
December 1, 2011
this is the first order for me with Nuts Online,supper fast delivery !!! i am completely happy with the items i bought, the (decaf) chai mix is so delicious, i will definitely encourage friends and family to use this site, love it all !!!
August 17, 2011
I am very pleased with this purchase-items were shipped super fast and product ( turkish figs, chai vanilla tea & sun dried tomatoes) were fresh and delicious. The packaging is super cute too and nice message on the invoice. I would definitely order from this site again-made me smile!
, syracuse, new york
August 4, 2011
I LOVE your company and your products. You are the best. I have been buying from you for a few years now and am amazed at all the good and new products you bring to us. Keep up the good work Nora
, Triadelphia, WV
July 24, 2011
I can't believe how fast my package arrived. Everything is deliciously awesome. I keep munching on the figs, putting them away, and pulling the bag out again for "just one more". Thank you!!
, Havre de Grace, Maryland
March 23, 2011
As usual, the merchandise arrived earlier than expected and in great shape. Thanks for being such a wonderful merchant!
, Washington, DC
March 22, 2011
Thanks for the fast delivery and the free figs!!! I received my first, rather large, order from you on Tuesday and was very pleased with everything I ordered. It has been less than a week and I am placing my second, rather large, order. I'm trying some new products this time and already know of other things that I want to try at a later date so I'm sure this one won't be my last order!!!!
, Huntingtown, Maryland
March 12, 2011
Shippment was on time and we Like,all the Nuts are fresh will order again
, Sebastopol, CA
March 11, 2011

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