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Baby Girl Shower Candy Buffet

A baby girl shower candy buffet is a sweet way to welcome your new daughter to the world. Buffet tip: Consider unusual ways to incorporate flowers into a buffet. Here, a pretty pink bouquet is assembled inside a delicate bird cage. Large ribbons make pretty decorations strewn around the table.

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Candy weights (from upper left corner): (1) 4 lbs Strawberry Puffs (165 oz container); (2) 7 lbs Strawberry Yogurt Raisins (116 oz container); (3) 8 lbs Pink Coating Chocolate Wafers (175 oz container); (4) 10 pieces Light Pink Rock Candy (Unwrapped); (5) 5 lbs Gummy Melon Patch Rings (490 oz container); **(6)**2 lbs Jelly Belly Cotton Candy (50 oz container); (7) 6 lbs Jelly Belly Strawberry Cheesecake (157 oz container); (8) 3 lbs Strawberry Covered Pretzels (290 oz container); (9) 11 lbs White M&Ms (200 oz container); (10) 1 lb Rock Candy Strings (White) (50 oz container); (11) 7 lbs Pink Jordan Almonds (140 oz container); (12) 3 lbs Chocolate Covered Sunflower Seeds (Pink) (50 oz container); (13) 4 lbs Gummy Pigs (116 oz container); (14) 10 lbs French Mints (175 oz container); (15) 8 lbs Pink M&Ms (490 oz container)