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red candy

Red candy packs a punch with hot spices or sugary sweetness. Take advantage of the candy’s vivid color when entertaining, especially when Valentine’s Day rolls around. There’s a red candy for everyone - hot atomic fireballs, refreshing starlight mints, chewy cinnamon bears, and that's just the start!

76 results

French Burnt Peanuts


Ju Ju Coins


Cherry Slices


Cinnamon Bears


Gummy Red and Black Raspberries


Gummy Peaches


Cherry Sours


Red Australian Licorice


Hot Tamales


Strawberry Hard Candy


Red Licorice Wheels


Cherry Drops


Cinnamon Buttons


Cinnamon Imperials


Watermelon Fruit Slices


Gummy Strawberries


Sundae Coco Slices


Gummy-Filled Bears


Pastel Chocolate Bing Cherries


Sanding Sugar (Red)


Cherry Fruit Slices


Jelly Belly Very Cherry


Jelly Belly Sizzling Cinnamon


Christmas Jordan Almonds


Wild Cherry Gummi Bears


Twizzler Cherry Bites


Anise Squares


Twizzlers (Strawberry)


Gummy Cherries


Red Swedish Fish (Mini)


Tongue Torchers


Watermelon Salt Water Taffy


Red Raspberry Fruit Slices


Cinnamon Drops


Sour Twin Cherries


Christmas Gummy Bears


Red Sprinkles


Christmas Spice Drops


Sugar Toasted Peanuts


Watermelon Slices


Red Licorice Scotties


Starlight Mints (Sugar-Free)


Gummy Lobsters


Strawberry Sour Power Belts


Strawberry Fruit Leather Rolls

pack of 5 rolls

Red M&M's®


Watermelon Coco Slices


Pomegranate Fruit Slices


Red Finnish Licorice


Chocolate Covered Sunflower Seeds (Red)


Organic Pomegranate Drops


Chocolate Foil Hearts (Red)


Strawberry Sour Rolled Belts


Jordan Almonds (Red)