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Artisanal Pasta

14 results


2lb bag


2lb bag

ABC 123 Pasta

12oz bag

Dinosaur Pasta

12oz bag

Fusilli Giganti

12oz bag

Squid Ink Gemelli

2lb bag


2lb bag


2lb bag


12oz bag


2lb bag

Hand Nested Pappardelle

12oz bag


2lb bag

Tricolor Orzo

12oz bag

Hemp Rotini

1lb bag

Our Artisanal Pastas In A Nutshell

Everybody loves pasta! But believe it or not, it’s not all the same. We specially chose our artisanal pasta supplier from a New Jersey-based, family owned business with a passion for pasta. For over 45 years, these specialty pasta makers have been carefully handcrafting their premium pastas using 100% semolina flour in every small batch.

Conventional Pastas vs. Artisanal Pastas

The last box of conventional pasta (or dry pasta) you picked off your pantry probably held shiny, golden colored noodles that were smooth in texture. When cooking pasta dishes, you actually want the opposite! Artisanal pastas are made with a bronze dye (instead of yellow) and a super-coarse grind of durgham wheat which together allows them to dry more slowly and at a lower temperature than conventional pastas. This production process makes artisanal pastas chalkier in color and rougher in texture which results in a richer-tasting, chewier-textured pasta that easily clings to sauces of all sorts. Bon appetit!