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Chick-O-Stick Bites Reviews

Below is a sampling of some of our very satisfied customers. Most of our customers are loyal customers that continue to come back and shop at Nuts.com.

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"Love these, bought me back to my childhood memories. These are going to make a lot of the guest at the babyshower I'm hosting happy! Thanks."
Feb 2014 -- Tanya, Bridgeport, Connecticut

"sugar free gummy worms and peach rings are amazing. The chick-o-sticks can't be told from the regular ones. This was my first purchase. It won't be my last."
Jan 2014 -- Pat, Moore, Ok

"This is my second time ordering within one week and I am completely satisfied with my order. Nuts.com is the best and I will continue to order from them."
Oct 2013 -- Danielle, Philadelphia, PA

"My order arrived and everything is perfect and delicious."
Jul 2013 -- Harry, Skokie, Il

"Great service, great products.This is the first time i ordered from nuts.com and i'm sure it will not be the last .I"m so happy i found this company:) I ordered sugar free sweets and they are yummmy ."
May 2013 -- judit, Toronto, Canada

"I love everything I will be ordering from Yall really soon"
Mar 2013 -- sheri, chesapeake, virginia

"Omg. I finally found my childhood candies & they were delivered the very next day. Very well packaged & very fresh. Thank you Nut.com. You've made me very happy!"
Feb 2013 -- Denise, Monroe, NY

"WOW!!! I thought our family was nuts....you guys take the cake! I've been ordering online for the past 10 years, and this was, without a doubt, "the best" online ordering, receiving, quality, customer service experience I have ever had. The box my order came is is a hoot! Way to go, you guys for offering such a righteous, fun company to make our family laugh and smile. By the way, your products are amazing! Guess what? I'll be ordering again! Thanks again, you pack ah nuts... :-) xoxo fellow nut"
Jan 2013 -- Kitty, Titusville, FL

"The pkg. arrived in great condition, within 2 days of the order being placed! My wife was pleasantly surprised to receive two of her favorite sugar free candies, which she did not know I had ordered. Thanks for the speedy and efficient service!"
Jan 2013 -- ross, elgin, illinois

"We just received our order. We are doing the low carb lifestyle. The s.f. milk chocolate covered almonds are delish. The s.f .mini peanut butter cups are amazing and the s.f. chick o sticks taste the real thing. Hubby was pleasantly surprised by the free sample of pistachios. Will be ordering again and again. The fast shipping was awesome!!!!... thank you..."
Jan 2013 -- christine, columbus, ohio

"While away for a meeting, I bought some chick-o-sticks for my husband (10 in a bag) and left them in my car. The next morning when I opened the back door, there were wrappers all along the seat. Also... there was a slight tear in the bag. Only five chick-o-sticks were left. After cleaning out my car the next morning, I found a little fuzzy nest with 1/2 a Chick-o-stick along side. In telling my story to friends, I found that many folks don't know what a chick-o-stick is. Such a shame! I am about to order some to distribute to those uneducated friends! Love your product!"
Oct 2012 -- Mary Ellen, Canton, Georgia

"OMG, "superb packaging" and the candies (sugar free peanut butter bars and Chik-o-stiks) are absolutely DELICIOUS... I am so addicted.. And you all even added FREE Sugar Free Gummy Bears as well (now how Amazing is that)... I will share your OUTSTANDING service with others (but not my candy bcuz I am a bit selfish and want them all for myself... lol....) and I will do business again... I promise..... You guys are WONDERFUL, AWESOME and overall PERFECTIONISTs when it comes to pleasing the customers...."
Sep 2012 -- Linda

"OMG! I just received my order this morning, five business days door to door from New Jersey! The chicken bones taste just like I remember. Can't wait to use the gluten free stuff, I miss making pancakes and cake and bread. And yes, I ordered some things for my sweet tooth also! I will order again, everything is better than great and packed so very carefully! Thank you, Sandra"
Jun 2012 -- Sandra, Calgary, Alberta

"I got my first order on a Thursday and by Sunday my beets chips were gone! I am hooked on these delicious sweet chips! I also surprised my husband with Chick-O-Stick from his childhood! I have placed my second from many more to come. You guys are Awesome!"
Apr 2012 -- Nitza V, Jersey City, NJ

"This is my third order from nuts.com, and just like the other two, it's perfect! All of my goodies were at my door less than 24 hours after I ordered, and everything is wonderfully tasty. The Chick-O-Stick Bites are definitely the star of this order. They've always been a favorite of my Mom's, and I got hooked on them pretty young as a result. In all the years I've been eating them, though, these are the absolute freshest I have ever had. SO good! Thank you once again for a great experience -- I'll be back for more!"
Mar 2012 -- Tiffany, Gaithersburg, MD

"my step grandfather is 90 years old and this is his favorite candy of all time. I got a Double A for ordering these for him and also a reward. Thanks for carrying the chicken bone candy.. will certainly be ordering from you again"
Mar 2012 -- Jennifer, Portland, oregon

"Great, fast service and I'm SO enjoying the candy. Yummmmm!"
Aug 2011 -- Tamra, St. George, Utah

"They were so good. Very happy with my order, I ate them all up."
Aug 2011 -- Taina, PA

Apr 2011 -- (nutty) RALPH, SUGAR LAND, TEXAS

"Mmmm... I had never tried these, but they were a vegan treat that were peanutty and coconutty, and I'm so glad I tried them. They are SO GOOD, and SO DIFFERENT than a lot of candies out there. Please, try them, you won't be disappointed!!!!!!!!!!"
Jan 2011 -- Leslie G, Boston, MA

"I was looking for something special for my mom and dad. Dad loves all the old fashioned candies but can never find them. I found your website on Tues 12/21 and it was just what I'd been searching for but never thought you could really get it to Indiana on time, i was just happy I found the perfect gift. Surprise! The package made it there on Christmas Eve and Dad just loved it. Thanks so much. I think I'm the favorite kid for awhile. Kathy in Texas"
Dec 2010 -- kathy, mckinney, tx

"What a wonderful treat. I feel like I am on my way to grammar school after lunch and stopping at the candy store for my penny treats. They taste just like back in the day! I will be ordering again. Who said you can't go back? I will let my school friends know that they can! They are going to love it."
Nov 2010 -- Alinder, Martinsville, NJ

"I am hooked!! The products are wonderful, the packaging perfect, and the delivery super fast. You are definitely saved to my FAVORITES!!!"
Feb 2010 -- Katherine, Northwest, OHIO

Showing 1 - 23 of 23 reviews

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