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Freeze Dried Vegetables Reviews

Below is a sampling of some of our very satisfied customers. Most of our customers are loyal customers that continue to come back and shop at Nuts.com.

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"i am so impressed. I just received my freeze dried corn and a complimentary pack of cranberries. Fantastic stuff! Pricey but well worth it. I'll be coming back. Many thanks."
Jan 2015 -- Wendy, Ottawa, Ontario

"So so delish! And so reasonable compared to the freeze dried peas from Whole Foods. Amazing, fast delivery, and just a pleasure overall. Thank you!"
Sep 2014 -- Julia, Phila, Pa

"I'm so happy with my order! The spirulina and matcha are both of excellent quality and (by far) the best prices I've ever seen. The freeze-dried spinach is surprisingly addictive (who knew?) and I've been sharing chocolate covered banana chips with happy colleagues. Everything else is also, truly, excellent. Happy to say that shipping to Canada was quick! Thanks for another great order."
Jul 2014 -- Emma, Vancouver, BC

"GREAT flavor with these mushrooms, HUGE slices, we took them on a BWCA trip a couple weeks ago, and they were a hit! One hint, they take a little longer to absorb water than the spinach or other freeze-dried veggies. We liked them best when we added the water at least an hour before using, or even overnite for use with scrambled eggs in the morning. We plan to order more of these and vacuum-seal them for longer term storage."
Jun 2014 -- cheryl, midwest, USA

"Thank you, Nuts.com for my order. It was shipped out to me in a very timely manner. Thank you for that. I also have to say thank you for your products. The Cheesy Kale Chips were wonderful, I was not sure of what to expect as this was my first experience with Kale chips. The dried Asparagus is addictive I did not expect it to have so much flavor. I also have to say thank you for the sample veggie chips. I will definitely have to put in an order for those as I never knew that it would have so much flavor. I now have to have those over potato chips. Thank you, Nuts.com for making my transition to eating healthier and better a happier experience."
Jun 2014 -- Nicole, Olathe, Ks

"I got my shipment of broccoli, honey mustard pretzel bits, freeze dried vegetables and chia today, less than 24 hours after ordering. I needed to exercise every bit of self control not to eat all of the broccoli (my favorite vegetable). Thanks…waiting for Punjabi mix to become available."
Apr 2014 -- Gina, Brooklyn, NY

"I'm sooooo excited...!!! I ordered on Sunday and just received my order today. Super fast delivery since I live wayyyyy out in the country. I opened every bag and tasted every item I purchased. WOW!!!!! I'm hooked. I love all that I purchased and the freeze dried corn is my favorite...I'm placing my next order as soon as I finish this review. Thank you so very much for providing such amazing products and awesome customer service, two things that are hard to find these days. Sending hugs and kisses to the family. :)"
Mar 2014 -- Barbara, Wray, GA

"As always, my order arrived quickly, what I ordered was in good shape and delicious (freeze dried strawberries, freeze dried blueberries, dried shitake mushrooms for snacking, powdered cheese). You also tucked in some dried veggie chips! What a nice surprise! They were delicious! I am ordering more of the mushrooms! I found family who liked them so much that I gave them the rest of mine."
Mar 2014 -- Mary, Henrico, VA

"I loved getting my package from you. Thanks so much. The medjool dates are wonderful as are the freeze dried cherries and blackberries. The freeze dried spinach, carrots and mozzarella cheese are an unexpectedly delicious snack. Wow. The figs were good but not great (especially since all your other items were so great!). Your customer service and packaging are wonderful. I will certainly be ordering again!"
Jan 2014 -- Stacey, CAMBRIDGE, MA

"Incredible service, the order was marked ready to be shipped half an hour after I placed it! Fun packaging, and seems to be a sales team that is at peace and happy. I got the freeze dried corn and the freeze dried peas- the corn I will probably buy again (so sweet, I can't believe it's just corn!) and the peas were much better than any other peas I've eaten in my whole life. Nutritional, tasty product, good service. :) yipee!"
Jan 2014 -- Kels, Vancouver, WA

"The first box of goodies I ever ordered went to my beloved niece recovering from major surgery. Despite being knee deep in gifts just like this to wish her a speedy recovery, she said her nuts.com box of goodies was the best of all! So I just sent one to my own daughter as a congratulatory present. Having opened the box, we are now drowning in deliciousness and joy. Everything is so fresh and scrumptious - dried cantaloupe, choc covered rice krispies and gummy bears, and cookie dough, even freeze dried corn - unbelievably good. Who needs to look good in a bathing suit? This is so worth it (though we did order the low-cal healthy trail mix - yum too). Thank you for another amazing box of treats. Wish every company had such a commitment to excellence in what they do!"
Jan 2014 -- Nedda, skillman, nj

"Super quick delivery. I was very pleased with all the items I ordered. The unsalted chickpeas, freeze dried peas, freeze dried carrots, organic cacao nibs raw, organic chia energy squares, and the free sample was a wonderful surprise. I can not find unsalted chickpeas anywhere. Thank you for providing your customers with top quality, salt free healthy snack food. Keep up the good work. I also love your fun box and great updates via e-mail."
Nov 2013 -- Kathleen, Franklin, MA

"Received package yesterday, and couldn't be more pleased with everything. Anxious to put the items in a recipe. Spinach is better than frozen or fresh. Yum!"
Oct 2013 -- Susan, Orlando, fl

"Only one word can describe the product, service and shipping - Wow. The sweet corn was incredibly delicious, everything I could have expected and more. Very fast shipping to Canada (though pricey)."
Sep 2013 -- Tarah, Courtenay, BC

"Such fast. service. Thanks :)"
Sep 2013 -- Terry, Frankfort, IL

"My goodies arrived today, within 36 hours after I put my order! Just tried Dry Roasted Soy Bean Halves, Organic Roasted Soybeans, Freeze-Dried Peas, Sprouted Spinach Pesto Mix, Salted Roasted Golden Chickpeas, and Freeze-Dried Pomegranates, and everything was fresh and tasty. I especially love the chickpeas and soybeans-- they are surprisingly good; the best I have ever had! Thank you so much, Nuts.com!"
Sep 2013 -- Yu-Chieh, Philadelphia, PA

"Fantastic!! I bought freeze dried carrots and corn. Really great crunchy snack that is a lot healthier than candy or potato chips or the buzzillion other bad snacks I've eaten. Great price and fast delivery. Can't wait to snack on these tomorrow at work!!"
Sep 2013 -- Teresa, Duluth, MN

"Received my first order and i was like a little kid at Christmas. I loved the organic freeze dried mixed veggies. the corn is so sweet. The vegan cheese kale chips are wonderful. I'll have to try the other items soon. I can't believe how quickly the package arrived. i love the packaging. Thank you for the free organic cacao nibs. i love them. I'll be adding them to my homemade banana based ice cream. Thanks for the great snacks and i know i will be ordering again soon."
Jul 2013 -- Debbie, Troy, New York

"I loved everything! The freeze-dried broccoli and freeze-dried veggie mix was great for snacking! The Jumbo raisins were extremely flavorful and juicy! And they even threw in free veggie chips with my order which were also very yummy!"
Jul 2013 -- Julia, Key Largo, Florida

"DELICIOUS!!! I just received my order and shall order more tonight! Just shared with family and they'll be ordering too!! So glad I found your website."
May 2013 -- krista, Twinsburg, OH

"your hickory beef jerky is OUT OF THIS WORLD.....it was also GONE within a few hours....i tried SO hard....but just could NOT keep my hand OUT of the bag!!! and i finally have a place to get my VERY favorite farro!!! MORE freeze-dried strawberries in this order...oooooh they are sooooooooo sweeeeet and delectable!!! i tried the dried strawberries this order and they are yummy tOO (but i think i DO love the freeze-dried MORE!!).....freeze-dried spinach is waaaay tOO WONDERFUL...to add to my tomato sauce AND eat right out of the box!! the garlic romano cheese sticks went pretty fast tOO.....crunchy and deeeeeeelicious!!! so...i got this order about 10 days ago and submitted a quick delivery review that day....now this review.....and i JUST ORDERED AGAIN.......i'm goin' NUTS.....i'm trying.....i REALLY am.......i just know i'm gonna go broke (not really)......and i don't care.....LOL.... thanks SO much again all you MOST beautiful and fUn nutty nuts!!! xoxoxo"
May 2013 -- tracey, las vegas, nevada

"I ordered a variety of organic products from freeze dried veggies to candy and of course I tasted eat one upon delivery. I cannot get over how wonderful everything tastes! Thank you for providing organic candy. My fav was the organic chocolate covered raisins. Yum!"
Apr 2013 -- Amy, Leander, TX

"Just added mochi to my lexicon thanks to you guys! YUM! freeze dried spinach will be a tasty topper to my red sauce dishes, and will be added to soups and sandwiches too! I'll admit, not knowing what to expect, I had imagined the spinach to be bigger and more snack sized (think chips) instead of small little pieces, but it's still awesome. freeze dried strawberries are delish obviously. I am already thinking of my next order, speaking of - I ordered on Tuesday afternoon and got my goods on Thursday morning! Fast, friendly - I have nothing bad to say!"
Apr 2013 -- nicole, north aurora, il

"Everything I have ordered has been delivered quickly, exactly right, fresh and delicious! You have a customer for life, Nuts!!! Love you guys!"
Apr 2013 -- Irene

"I can't believe how fast my order arrived:) Loved the freeze-dried veggies. I am very impressed with the products and service and plan to be a regular customer!!!!! Thanks for the surprise of veggie chips!!!!"
Apr 2013 -- SusieQ, Fredericksburg, PA

"This is my second order from Nuts.com and I finally strayed from the Scottish Oatmeal that started my ordering. Wonderful dehydrated vegetable and seeds that I can use for healthier snacking! The vinegar and salt Kale is nothing short of addictive. Have always loved salt and cheese flavors together, now I get it in a healthy snack with the Kale."
Mar 2013 -- Louise, Virginia

"The "Cheese" Kale Chips are to die for!! The Oranic freeze dried veggies are fresh and crunchy! Dried veggies are delicious! Honey candies are great!"
Feb 2013 -- Sweet, Westchester, NY

"I LOVE the freeze-dried asparagus as a snack. It's really filling and has a bit of a crunch. Tastes great :)"
Feb 2013 -- Janna, Toronto, Ontario

"I am very happy with the time at which my order arrived and I am very very satisfied how good the products are. Thank you very much."
Feb 2013 -- James Olivera Jr, Denair, CA

"I love your company! I have twins that aren't much for vegetables (which I'll admit neither am I) but they will totally eat the freeze dried carrots, corn and peas. I just ordered the vegetable snack mix which I wanted to try and it is fantastic. I am so pleased with the quality of your products and the QUICK shipping. Just under 24 hours from clicking "send order" to the fedex person knocking on the door. Amazing. Thank you so much. I will definitely be back when we eat up what we just received. I tell anyone who listens how great you guys are. Thanks!"
Jan 2013 -- Kim, NJ

"WooHoo!!! Pleased again! I'll be back!!"
Jan 2013 -- Sharon, Danville, Il

"Yes, these ARE as good as all the reviewers state. I bought a pack from Target, which were more expensive, and there is a NOTICABLE difference in size (nuts.com are MUCH bigger). Oh so good!"
Jan 2013 -- Heather

"Try a package of dried peas in you next batch of crockpot stew. AWESOME! 6 hours is better than 7 hours"
Jan 2013 -- Carl, Ambridge, PA

"I rarely write reviews, but Nuts.com deserves an excellent review! I LOVE the freeze dried veggies and fruits for snacking! They are of premium quality and are shipped unbelievably fast with obvious TLC! The surprise samples are fun, too! I will be watching for more organic freeze dried products, especially crunchy veggies with nothing additional added. Many thanks for such wonderful quality products and an awesome online shopping experience! Nuts.com is every bit as splendid as the organic dark chocolate covered almonds you sell!"
Jan 2013 -- Orysia, Blossvale, NY

"My order was delivered so fast I couldn't believe it! It was great. I have been looking for sweet peas for forever!! Thanks Nuts.com. I will be ordering again from you!!!"
Nov 2012 -- Rose, Orland Park, Il

"I received my first order ,but NOT my last, today and boy am I HAPPY!!!!! I am a diabetic and recently had a heart attack , so the peas, mixed veggies and veggie chips are only the start of healthy snacks. I will be a regular customer . THANKS, Barbra"
Oct 2012 -- Barbra, Erie, Pa.

"I love the veggies! Corn, peas and carrots are my particular faves! Thanks for the quick shipping and awesome snacks!"
Sep 2012 -- Marianne, Lexington, KY

"This is hands down the best site on the internet. Great products, good prices, fast delivery, A1 customer service. It does not get any better!"
Aug 2012 -- JLee, Alameda, CA

"I heart nuts.com! Thanks for a speedy and delicious box of joy. What a selection! I'm loving the nuts, the tea, the chlorella. But the freeze dried veggies were the biggest surprise. What a good, crunchy gluten-free treat. Thanks for being so nutty and tasty and eclectic."
Aug 2012 -- Lisa, Baytown, Texas

"First time ordering and simply love the Roasted Chickpeas, dried mix veggies, and sunflower seeds..I plan to oder more..and thanks for the free choc covered espresso beans you threw in as a bonus!"
Aug 2012 -- Theresa

"You have very fast service and very nice products. I received my order today, I ordered some sugar free candy and 2 pounds of your dried mushrooms. Although I haven't tried the mushrooms, the candy is delicious,and when I opened the bag of mushrooms, they smelled really good, can't wait to try them. I had bought some dried mushrooms from Sam's once, I had never tried them before but dried ones are the way to go. They have so much more flavor than fresh ones and I am so glad I found you. They were also very pretty mushrooms to be dried. I really appreciate it and I will definitely be back. Because of your cute packaging when my UPS guy delivered them to me today,as he handed me the package he said," I always knew you were nuts!" He's such a smart alec. Ha Ha, Thank you again, Judy"
Jul 2012 -- judy, collinwood, tennessee

"The shipment arrived quickly, and everything is delicious! The veggie chips are the best I've ever tasted, and the freeze-dried veggies are fantastic as well. The free sample of goji berries was a nice touch. I love those!"
Jun 2012 -- LIsa, Marietta, GA

"Everything came exactly the day it was supposed to (early in the morning, too!) and it lived up to all the positive reviews on the site! The soy nuts and dried peas were full of flavor and the lemon pop raw energy bars gave me one of my best workouts ever! Thanks guys, and I will definitely be ordering from you again!"
Apr 2012 -- Lauren, Grandy, NC

"My twin 3 year olds love the organic freeze-dried mixed veggies. Would love to see the green beans organic too : )"
Mar 2012 -- Alissa, Park City, Utah

"WOW! yummy ginger, ooh, roasted fava beans & roasted soy beans, and those lovely vanilla beans. I have never had more than 2 of them at one time before. Such marvelous dried peaches, ooooh, and the dried apple slices, and the dried spinach is beautiful, & dried asparagus & broccoli. Another bag of that delicious butterfinger coffee mmmmm. And Fed Ex brought it early this morning. They have renewed my faith with all these nutty gems. Oh, and the seaweed peanuts are a real treat! I do like nuts! Thanks, Nuts.com family:)"
Mar 2012 -- georgia, Odem, Texas

"Everything came so quickly, I was am so impressed!! More importantly, everything is extremely delicious and I especially love the freeze dried veggies!! You guys are awesome!!"
Mar 2012 -- Elizabeth, NYC, NY

"I'm picky. I only eat most vegetables fresh. I don't eat most canned or cooked vegetables. That said, the Simply Peas are great. They're a nice soft texture and great for snacking."
Mar 2012 -- Josh, Bayville, NJ

"Seriously?! I am far from a lover of veggies. I am sitting here munching broccoli and asparagus. I love it. I finally found a way to really enjoy veggies. This was my first order but it won't be my last, I'm hooked and will be a regular customer for life, I didn't get a sample this time. oh well maybe next time"
Mar 2012 -- Kim, Donald, OR

"Since I am on a strict eating plan, eating the freeze dried vegetables is very healthy, helpful, convenient and yummy. And the prices are very affordable. I will definitely come back and order more as well as browse the other items and gift ideas. :-) Thank you NUTS!! :-P"
Mar 2012 -- Danielle, CT

"Received my first shipment yesterday. Was impressed how fast it arrived. Packaging very nice. The dates are incredible as well as the figs. The dried mixed veggies are quite different, but very good. I will be ordering and trying new things in the future!"
Mar 2012 -- Kathy, E. Islip, N.Y.

"I started with small containers of your dried Broccoli and dried spinach. I liked them so much that I ordered two pound bags of each. I just love to munch them raw right out of the bag. They are healthy, and they satisfy my urge to have a nice crunchy snack. And thanks for the free sample of Organic raw cacao gogi energy squares. I never would have gotten them on my own, and they were really good!"
Feb 2012 -- Suzanne, Bronx, NY

"WOW ordered last night and the package was here this morning !!! THAT is better than fast! The dried asparagus are an experience , the hazelnuts are the best !! In 2 weeks the poppyseed filling will be used THANKS for your great service and ever greater products"
Feb 2012 -- gary, York, PA

"Yes, Thank you for the funny note that my package arrived. I sampled almost every thing from the raw pkg last night. The okras are about done. The corn is so sweet. Today I will be doing smoothies. I am presently working on my next order."
Feb 2012 -- Janis, ocoee, FLORIDA

"I LOVE the dried veggies, which I eat right out of the containers! Spinach, carrots (nice and sweet), broccoli, peas, and another slightly sweet treat, asparagus. I also enjoy the dried bananas...It is always such a pleasure doing business with your company! Thanks!"
Feb 2012 -- suzanne, Bronx, NY

"Thank you for another prompt delivery. I was satisfied with everything; the turkish apricots were big and sweet, and so were the persimmons. The freeze dried vegetables were surprisingly delicious, which will make it easier to incorporate them into my otherwise veggie-less diet. Thanks again guys!"
Feb 2012 -- Nina, Crystal, MN

"These freeze dried vegetables are surprisingly great! Thought we'd give them a try for a healthy, all natural snack and are thrilled! Delivery was very fast. Will definitely be ordering again."
Feb 2012 -- Carol, Leavittsburg, OH

"I got my favorites - the Chia Energy Squares and my white chia seeds PLUS the Simply Carrots and Simply Spinach. Those are really great - love 'em!"
Feb 2012 -- Kate, Fort Worth, Texas

Oct 2011 -- Josephine, Monroe, NJ

"Great for backpacking! Just add to couscous, mashed potatoes, beans or whatever other delicious instant food you've got. This one was our favorite."
Oct 2011 -- Sarah, Eureka, CA

"Yeah, my order (2oz tub of freeze dried green beans and 2 oz jar of freeze dried carrots) arrived in 2 days as promised. And here I am 2 days later, ordering more, because I polished off everything!!"
Oct 2011 -- Lia, Philadelphia, PA

"WooHoo! Talk about happy! This was my first order with "Nuts Online". The prices are really good and I was a bit nervous as to the quality. WOW! Impressed :) Fantastic product freeze dried and faantastic rehydrated. Very pleased and will definitedly buy from again!! Thank you!"
Sep 2011 -- kathleen, Bowling Green, KY

"Thank you, my order came quickly. I tried everything at once and it all was great. The Bing cherries were great, all the nuts were fantastic and the dried vegetables very good. Will recommend your site to my friends."
Aug 2011 -- Phyllis, Laramie, WY

"I recently ordered the black walnuts, simply bananas, peaches and green beans and the organic apple chips. This was my second order and it arrived less than 24hours after I placed the order! The first order was equally timely. I sampled everything already and they were all delicious! Thank-you!"
Aug 2011 -- Diane, Sewell, NJ

"Good prices, fresh product, excellent customer service, and fast shipping. Need I say more? :)"
Jul 2011 -- Stacey, Toronto, ON

"I love your veggie snacks!! I just tried the Okra it was Great! All of your goodies I have tried are incredible! So glad I found you!"
Jun 2011 -- Tammara, Springfield, MO

"I read all the rave reviews but wondered if people were exaggerating just a little bit. They definitely were "not". I ordered at least ten different items on a Sunday night and had every one of those delicious items by Tuesday! You guys must have hired some disgruntled "Keebler Elves" to help you process these orders so quickly. The veggie chips were a huge hit! And for even more veggie goodness, I added the "simply broccoli" and "simply peas" to the chips, then sprinkled them with your wonderful barbecue seasoning...delicious! Your spirulina powder was so fresh and I like the resealable pouch. In fact everything was packed nicely in resealable containers. Well, now I'm starting to sound like everyone else. So I'll gladly join all the other "nuts" online and become a regular customer!"
Jun 2011 -- A., Brooklyn, New York

"I adopted a legume-heavy diet in my life (think slow-carb), and I was looking for a snack to break the monotony of cooked beans all the time. These are awesome! They are sweet and have all of the tasty pea flavor, without the juice. They are also high in protein. They are a little pricey, but these have found a place in my regular snack regimen."
Jun 2011 -- Mark, Newark, Delaware

"I love these! They are addictive like tobacco. I wanted to eat the whole container, but I restrained myself. I'm going to have my 3-year old give them a try when he wakes from nap, but I'm sure he will love them too. They are sweet and crunchy, but not chew at all. Fantastic product."
Jun 2011 -- Mark, Newark, Delaware

"I'm a vegan who hates vegetables, and think I've hit the jackpot with you freeze-dried veggies! Who knew that broccoli was sweet? And your crunchy peas have become my snack of choice. Thanks Nutsonline!"
May 2011 -- Christine, Redding, CT

"Got your order today within 48 hrs! Tried your Simply Sweet Corn and it is incredibly delicious. So, so sweet and crunchy. There is no salt and you don't need it. This is a great healthy snack alone or added to a snack mix. Corn lovers must have! I'll be back..."
May 2011 -- Magda

"I made a vegetarian lasagna using these dried spinach leaves. Just layered them in the middle, dry, and it turned out great."
May 2011 -- Mar, Tampa, Fl

"Awesome fruit and vegetables: crisp and flavorful - we will be back for more!"
May 2011 -- Handy, Pittsford, NY

"We ordered the dried corn and peas and were very pleased. We will divide this up into small mason jars and give as gift to our staff at our employee appreciate brunch. Will definitely order again."
Apr 2011 -- connie, Etiwanda, CA

"Quality,price and very fast, friendly service. What more can I say...you're the BEST!! I will be a loyal customer for ever."
Apr 2011 -- Sharon, Roanoke, Virginia

"I love your friendly writing style! The fun tone of the emails and site, along with low prices, and turning me into a customer for life."
Apr 2011 -- Chelsea

"Just got my very first order of Simply Spinach....I am soooo happy I ordered 2 containers!!! Ate almost the entire container while putting my order away! Yet another awesome product I have found here ~ Thanks so much!!!"
Apr 2011 -- Kristine, Agawam, Ma

"I LOVE this site. Not only do they have an amazing assortment, but every time I order, they ship the same day. Prices are good and product is fresh. I'm hooked!"
Apr 2011 -- Leslie, West Hempstead, NY

"Thank you so much for your great products. I have been telling everyone I know about your freeze dried veggies and fruits. I am planning on giving some of them for Christmas this again this year. Congrats to the newly weds!"
Apr 2011 -- TJ, Jefferson, Texas

"Loved getting the BIG BOX so well packaged and know I will continue to be healthy by eating/using my purchases from your family. Your sense of who you are is fun and healthy for your customers too. Thanks."
Mar 2011 -- Clarissa, Chandler, AZ

"I mixed 1 yummy pound of dry roasted edamame (salted) with 1 yummy pound of dark chocolate covered soy beans. It's sooo good! When I ordered the simply green beans, I thought it would be a little snack size bag. I was very surprised that 2 oz was a TUB of green beans! I keep 1/2 cup containers of simply green beans or simply peas or any of the simply fruits in my desk as a snack. It's a much healthier snack than anything in the vending machine!"
Mar 2011 -- John

"I bought the freeze dried strawberries, peaches, cherries, grapes and mixed veggies. Eating the fruits is just like eating candy they are so good! I'm going to do like one of the other posters and add fruit pieces to some tea. And I also plan to add them to my oatmeal. And my budgie Perky loves the dried corn and peas! Yummy! Thanks!"
Mar 2011 -- Trishie, ny, ny

"Howdy, You Nuts(online), I've been ordering from you for a year now(10 orders) and am very HAPPY with your products and delivery timeframe. Just received simply peas, sweet corn and spinach. Normally I wouldn't eat spinach, but I love yours!!!!! Very Good!!!!! I'll be getting more to use on sandwiches instead of lettuce. YUM...Thank you for being there."
Mar 2011 -- Dustin, Northern Panhandle, Idaho

"As usual quick shipping and eveything is just fantastic! I love your selections and packaging. I love the prices! I will always buy from this site."
Feb 2011 -- starla, newark, ohio

"Have to let you know that your company has surpassed my every expectation. Not only did you keep the shipment schedule and delivered the morning after I placed my order via FedEx for the same charge as the typical five day USPS service, but I've tried each of the freeze dried vegetables and the cherries that I ordered and found them all amazing! I also tasted and loved the Veggie Chips sample that was included. I'm probably your greatest fan at this moment and I am looking forward to checking out the rest of your products for personal use and gifts. Thank you very much!"
Feb 2011 -- Marianne

"I ordered from Nuts Online yesterday afternoon, and received my shipment today at lunchtime! Everything was well packed, and they even included a free sample. Of course I had to sample a little bit of everything that I had ordered, and everything was DELICIOUS!!! Thanks for a quick, yummy, and nutritious delivery!!"
Jan 2011 -- Michelle, Swarthmore, PA

"I LOVED the Simply Sweet Corn and the Dried Strawberries! They're DELICIOUS! I shared some with my sister, badd idea! We've eaten almost all of it and i only got them 2 days ago! NutsOnline is YUM YUM FANTASTIC! I'll be placing another order soon!"
Jan 2011 -- Jennifer, San Jose, CA

"Just got my fourth order and am thrilled. Love the freeze dried spinach, put a handful of it into a pot of soup and it is delicious. Such an easy way to add extra nutrition very easily."
Jan 2011 -- Kathleen, Gloucester, MA

"Wonderful dried veggies and fruits. Arrived quickly. I am giving some of the freeze dried fruits for Christmas. The grandkids love the dried fruit. Thanks to all of you at NutsOnline!"
Dec 2010 -- Theda, Texas

"Thank you so much for the corn! We will be ordering again in the near future! Thanks!"
Dec 2010 -- Carol

"I found ingredients not available in local stores. Fast, efficient shipping. Thank you."
Nov 2010 -- Frances, Oxford, Ohio

"WOW - the service is super fast, but these are the best dried apricots I have ever eaten - my mom thinks the same also. And I have never eaten dried peas and had absolutely no idea how marvelous they are as a snack! Thank you very much - I will be a repeat customer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
Nov 2010 -- Laura, Dayton, OH

"Awesome! Ordered the carrots, peas, green beans, edamame, broccoli & chickpeas as healthy snacks. Everything is excellent for snacking and would be good in soups."
Jul 2010 -- Virginia, Lansing, MI

"My first order just arrived in excellent condition in good time. Everything is very good quality, but the veggie chips are fantastic! I wish I'd ordered a full bag, rather than just the sampler! The freeze-dried green beans are also very tasty as a snack food."
May 2010 -- Kate, Normal, Illinois

"I order the mixed veggies and they literally arrived the next day. Crunchy & delicious, perfect to sprinkle on salads or just spoon in your mouth as a snack instead of salty bad-for-you alternatives. I will definitely re-order!"
May 2010 -- Mary Ann, Sellersville, PA

"This is the second time I've ordered from you, and the second time I've gotten my order the very next day! You just can't beat that kind of service. Also,your prices are very good, the pistachios were the freshest I have ever eaten, and the dried fruit is soft, moist and wonderful. You can expect many repeat orders from me. I do have one suggestion though, please offer a wider range of products in sample sizes so that we all can "taste before we buy" larger orders. I tried a sample of your figs and your apricots and will be ordering more of both, but I like that option of sample sizes for first time buys. P.S.- my mother LOVED the freeze-dried corn, so that will be a repeat order too."
Mar 2010 -- R.M.

"Wow, what terrific service and products. You have changed the way I shop. Whether it is the baking goods (flours, yeast, oils, agave) or the simply sweet corn (which my kids love - they call it candy corn), everything has been wonderful. I will recommend you to everyone."
Jan 2010 -- Julie, Hoboken, NJ

"product is GREAT and the shipping was Fast and the price is Great and I shopped around. I will buy here again. Thanks Garry"
Dec 2009 -- Garry, Wallingford, Vt

"I love you guys. Don't ever change!"
Nov 2009 -- Paula, Carrolltown, PA

"This is a perfect whole food to help potato chip addicts quit and start eating healthfully."
Nov 2009 -- Stephanie, Ocala, FL

"You guys are NUTS ... and I love it! Got my second order yesterday, and I was pleasantly surprised that the simply broccoli and simply spinach were better than I'd even expected. Crunchy, tasty -- AWESOME way to get my veggies."
Nov 2009 -- Amy, Birmingham, AL

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