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Below is a sampling of some of our very satisfied customers. Most of our customers are loyal customers that continue to come back and shop at Nuts.com.

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"Can not say enough Wonderful things about this company. Nuts is the absolutely Best in dried fruits!! Have been buying from the Grocery stores and Special brands stores before I found Nuts, and nothing compares to the quality and selection of Nuts brands. The wide range of options is almost unbelievable. I am the biggest fan of the dried fruits tho, and your company has mastered the art! The best in all the world! I am so Glad I found you guys or I would still be eating that crap in the grocery stores. Its almost nuts how Wonderful your products are! lol (pun intended)Thank you again for your wonderful foods and selections. I cant get enough!! You are my new Heroes!! Love it!!"
Jan 2015 -- Tasha, Waynesboro, PA

"I have been going (no pun intended) NUTS buying and buying and buying from Nuts.com. However, I have to say these Pastel Chocolate Strawberries are ABSOLUTELY TO DIE FOR!!! I guess my 3 favorites are the diced dried pineapple, these pastel chocolate strawberries and the Lemoncello Almonds!!! OMG, died and gone to heaven is almost an understatement!"
Sep 2014 -- Brenda K. McQueen, Eaton, OH

"I received my 2lb. Bag of freeze dried strawberries today! Yum - they are delicious! I eat them as a snack, put them in salads and in oatmeal & pancakes! You don't have to worry about spoilage! The shipping box is so cute!"
Sep 2014 -- Pat Wilson, Rockwall, TX

"I love dried fruit--just about any kind. Your Strawberry Rhubarb might be my very favorite. Sweet, tart, great texture... all-around wonderful. Thanks!"
Aug 2014 -- Jean, Boston, MA

"All I can say is WOW! Not only did I just place my orders yesterday and they arrived the next day, but everything I ordered was so fresh and so good, I will definitely be ordering again...the dried strawberries are absolutely incredible!!!"
Jun 2014 -- Michelle, Folsom, PA

"I LOVE nuts.com I can buy so tasty snacks and foods. I love the dried berry mix, raspberries, and blackberries. The jams are absolutely wonderful with the organic peanut butter for pb & j sandwiches!! And I could go on and on about the chocolate covered raspberries. When something is chocolate covered from nuts.com it is really chocolate covered...sinfully delicious! And the delivery...I usually receive the order in 24 hours! There are so many choices and it's all quality stuff."
Jun 2014 -- Maggie, Jersey City, NJ

"The dried strawberries, figs and apricots are perfectly dried. They are still plump and flavorful. Wonderful product."
Jun 2014 -- Claudia, Britton, Michigan

"I rarely write reviews, but I have been impressed enough times by Nuts.com to add my thanks. First off thank you for shipping to Canada!!! Secondly, the packaging and extra gift makes me smile every time. Lastly, everything I have ordered has been of the highest quality. Choosing a favourite is hard, but I think the freeze dried strawberries and chocolate covered sunflower seeds are the current winners. I am and definitely will continue to be a repeat customer. Thank you for making it a pleasure :)"
May 2014 -- Jennifer, Toronto, ON


"Try the roasted Fava Beans. Delicious. The dried Strawberries are out of this world. I ordered a sample and my grown son, after eating all of them, said, "Hey Mom, you better order some more tomorrow!" I did! Oh, and today, I got the dates, so I sampled before he had a chance to. You will be getting more orders real soon. Grazia, motto beane. (probably spelled wrong lol)"
May 2014 -- Mary, Horn Lake, MS

"First time ordering with nuts.com and will say it won't be the last.. The strawberries & kiwi are great. Look forward in the mixed berries selection.. Ordering was easy & simple and the shipping was great. Got my purchase in 4 days.. Keep up the great work!! Thanks again to all of the Nuts.com family :-))"
May 2014 -- Kevin, Wylie, Tx

"I'm back!! The Organic Strawberry Powder arrived just as you said and it is soooo good. Also I am enjoying the cashews, Bombay ranch chips, sun mix oriental rice chips and I will be sharing the turmeric with family. Once again thank you for the free sample and the great service."
Apr 2014 -- Maxine J Lalock, Morton, IL

"I have been very happy with every order I have placed with nuts.com. I just ordered the whole wheat fig bars for the first time and I was very surprised how awesome they tasted. Way better than anything at the grocery store! I also buy my cacao nibs and chia seeds here. Oh, don't forget the dried strawberries! Tastes like candy!!!!"
Apr 2014 -- Kimberly, Lubbock, Texas

"Just got my order...5 pounds of dried strawberries to feed an addiction I have to them lol! I mix them with roasted and salted pistachios, almonds and cashews and it's my go-to snack. Had tried berries from two other sources. They were good, but recently found out the company I work for has been buying the snack mix with the strawberries in it from Nuts.com. That's where I got the addiction...every time I walked through our spa, I stole all the berries. Anyway, these are the best of the berries I have tried...shocked at how big and plump they are, and tasty too. Will probably place my orders with my employer in the future. Lightening fast shipping...a good thing because I've been out of them for days..."
Apr 2014 -- Sharon, Hill, NH

"I absolutely love, love your dried strawberries and mixed berries. They helped keep me "alert" and sated on a recent long trip! I would like to know what the dried veggies were that I received as a "treat" so I can order them!"
Apr 2014 -- Susan, Winchester, Virginia

"Nuts.com has done it again. Amazing products shipped to my home in 3 days. Everything i've tried has been so good! Dried strawberries, organic banana chips, energy squares and cantaloupe have to be my favorites for sure. Thank you thank you Nuts.com!!"
Mar 2014 -- Andrew, Orlando, Florida

"My 2 year old gets so excited to see the boxes arrive from nuts.com. He recognizes the packaging immediately and squeals "Presents" as soon as I bring the boxes in. The dried strawberries are AMAZING, and the shipping is very fast. We will order again and again!"
Mar 2014 -- Shannon, West Plains, MO

"A friend game me your baby dried strawberries. Chopped them lightly and mixed with dried apricots for the filling of a Lady Baltimore Cake. Best filling ever. Know the traditional filling is figs, but loved the sweet berries next to the tarter apricots. Yum!"
Mar 2014 -- Martha, San Antonio, TX

"OMG, dried strawberries like heaven...D E L I C I O U S!!!!! EVERYTHING was absolutely scrumptious!!!! Thanks so much:)"
Mar 2014 -- Dottie, New Windsor, MD

"As always, my order arrived quickly, what I ordered was in good shape and delicious (freeze dried strawberries, freeze dried blueberries, dried shitake mushrooms for snacking, powdered cheese). You also tucked in some dried veggie chips! What a nice surprise! They were delicious! I am ordering more of the mushrooms! I found family who liked them so much that I gave them the rest of mine."
Mar 2014 -- Mary, Henrico, VA

"A Gem in My Own Backyard! What an amazing website with amazing variety. I wanted to order everything but I ordered 5 different dried fruit, shaved coconut, dark chocolate and olives. I was absolutely satisfied with everything I received. The strawberries tasted like they were just picked the day before. Again, AMAZING! I will be a repeat customer. Thank you Nuts.com!!!!!!"
Mar 2014 -- Theresa, Maplewood, NJ

"Nuts.com always delivers quality goodies! Everything is delicious and fresh! The dried strawberries and jumbo cashews are my favorite! Not to mention, THE FASTEST shipping!!! Thank you nuts.com team! Very well done!!"
Feb 2014 -- Brandi, Bloomington, In

"I received these strawberries as a sample with the spicy pumpkin seeds I ordered for my fiancé (which were awesome) and I have to say they were AMAZING! I have never been a fan of dried fruit before but I would order these in a heartbeat. Do not waste your time ordering the sample because you will eat them all up before you know it. Go ahead and get the pound-you won't regret it. The strawberries are enormous. They are jam packed with flavor and so tasty. :)"
Feb 2014 -- Melody, Petal, Ms

"Thank you for your prompt delivery service. I am enjoying the delicious strawberries and will be ordering more soon."
Feb 2014 -- Marie, Winston-Salem, NC

"This was the first time I had ever eaten dried strawberries. They are so delicious it made me think I was eating candy, so I shared with my co-workers. They loved the fruit also, maybe they will order something too. I have always had positivity from your company in regards to me receiving my fruit and candy. Im sure I will be ordering other items. Thank you, Im so glad I found you;-)"
Feb 2014 -- Darryl, Fort Wayne, Indiana

"Oh. My. Gosh. This is simply the best snack food site for college students or anyone who gets hungry but is on a budget. I've ordered everything from wasabi peas and Indian snacks to freeze-dried strawberries and caramel creams. Everything is fresh, delicious, and perfect, the service is excellent, the shipping is lightning-quick, and even the packaging is adorable! I'm in love!!"
Feb 2014 -- Maddi, Jacksonville, Florida

"Thank you much for the very fast shipment. We have already open and tasted the honey butter Just live that yummy stuff. And tried the dried strawberries and they are great. Also so happy to do business with a family owned company. :)"
Feb 2014 -- Linda, Anniston, Al

"Sorry I did not get back to you sooner but your malted balls and dried strawberries were excellent, my wife loved them. If fact they were so good I just ordered my wife more for Valentines day."
Feb 2014 -- tim furlong, lafayette, ny

"I have received my package and I love the freeze dried strawberries. And of course I definitely love the black walnuts. Looking forward to my next order."
Feb 2014 -- Sharon, North Little Rock, Arkansas

"Transaction was simple, shipped as promised. I ordered some hazelnuts, almonds, both in the shell, and some dried strawberries. I also received a sample or their dried apricots. I was pleased with the taste and quality of everything except the hazelnuts. Only about 1 in 10 had good flavor, or wasn't rotten inside when cracked open."
Jan 2014 -- Scott, Syracuse, Indiana

"I ordered these dried strawberries along with dried kiwi, blue potato chips, sea salt bagel chips, cheddar pretzels, and soy beans. The order arrived within 2 business days! They even included a free sample of dried apricots with my purchase! Everything tastes amazing! The dried fruit does have added sugar but they were perfect to have as a little snack throughout the day. I cannot wait to make my next purchase! I am so happy to have found this company!"
Jan 2014 -- Kami, Boston, MA

"You guys are sooo fun! :) Love the stuff, especially the strawberries!!!! Love your zany packaging. GO NUTS!!!!"
Jan 2014 -- Cheri, Santa Cruz, CA

"Received my order super fast, everything tasted amazing especially the dried Strawberries!!! They are incredible, my daughter and I were fighting over them since we only ordered the sample pack of strawberries. We will be ordering more!!!"
Jan 2014 -- Rhonda, Sebring, Fl

"WOW!!!!!!!!! the best ever! We love it> Thank you"
Jan 2014 -- juraj, laurel, Maryland

"I ordered the sample pack of these, I had not had dried strawberries. They are sooooo good I have eaten them all this weekend and am ordering more. If you are thinking about ordering just go ahead and get the regular pack, you will love these."
Dec 2013 -- kim, panama city, fl

"Ordered some samples as first order. Haven't tried them all yet, but loved the dried strawberries. Pkgs are perfect size for stocking stuffers!"
Dec 2013 -- Betty, Fairhope, Alabama

"These dried & chocolate covered strawberries became the answer to my sweet tooth. The fruit, nut, cracker products are all fresh and delicious. My list of ordering gets longer and more frequent as a bag of choc. strawberries becomes a gift. The bags are so cute, no wrapping is necessary. The service and fast delivery is consistently unbelievable. A real pleasure. Thank You!"
Dec 2013 -- Shirley Flaggs, Pittsburgh, PA

"Being a repeat offender on the Dried & Chocolate Strawberries, tried and found the Dried & Chocolate Raspberries as delicious."
Dec 2013 -- Shirley Flaggs, Pittsburgh, PA

"I always have to practice self control when I order from your site. The dried strawberries are always 1st on my order. Then, I have to try to make up my mind about which trail mix to select. The Extreme mix is another fave. My niece just loves the jordan almonds and hubby thinks your roasted, salted pistachios are the best! The quality is tops. Price are great. Your body can bet I will be back. Andi have told many to visit NUTS.COM Thank you,"
Dec 2013 -- Colette, South Windsor, Ct

"We love rhubarb, but it's hard to find in SoCal. Found Nuts.com online & ordered some. It's very good, both sweet & tart. I'm planning on using it in a pie for X-mas. It's really tasty as a snack, out of the bag. If you enjoy rhubarb you should try this, thank you Nuts.com!"
Dec 2013 -- Cheryl, Tarzana, CA

"OMG! Just received my order, fast as usual, and in the box, as usual, was a free sample. Dried strawberries. They were sooo good, the bag is empty and for as much as I love candy, I could give it up with a regular supply of those. Going to order some now!"
Dec 2013 -- 3cedarsfarm, New Oxford, PA

"Thank you for the GREAT Strawberries! Ashley Berry Candy Company"
Nov 2013 -- Debra, Wing, ND

"Delicious!!! Fast shipping. I'll be back for more."
Nov 2013 -- Julia, independence, Kansas

"I don't know where to start, so I'll start at the end ~ I LOVE YOU GUYS! It was synchronicity that I found your website. It is next to impossible to find the Citron that I use for baking old family recipes and when I do, its never fresh. I can feel the freshness of yours through the bag! Your ease of ordering, selections, prices and delivery are excellent. Your sense of humor is much appreciated! You packaging is fun and lastly, my husband was thrilled with the gift of cashew nuts enclosed. You did make me feel like family, you have a customer for life (and be sure I will share your site with everyone I know). PS The freeze dried strawberries are delish, they never give you enough in the packaged cereal."
Nov 2013 -- edith, litchfield, CT

"Thank you so much for the awesome sample! Not only do I love what I ordered - but I just ordered 3lbs of the delicious strawberries you sent."
Nov 2013 -- Carrie, Sacramento, CA

"Everything I ordered is amazing! I love the whole wheat bars and dark chocolate covered strawberries. Thanks for the prompt service and delivery! Can't wait to order more!"
Nov 2013 -- Erica, Equality, IL

"Super fast delivery. Jam was perfect. I haven't tasted anything like this in 50 years. The jam has that real old-time taste. Very careful packing. I'm not going to share!"
Nov 2013 -- Dorene, Wilson, N.C.

"Fast delivery, and the packaging was too cute! As soon as my daughter got home from school she opened the freeze dried strawberries and loved them!!"
Nov 2013 -- Alisa, Crandall, In

"Absolutely in love with the whole wheat fruit bars. I love that I can get the same ones they sell at the health food store for so much less on nuts.com! Will definitely order again."
Oct 2013 -- Rebecca, Grosse Pointe, MI

"One word. AMAZING! No one ever told me that dried strawberries were sweeter than candy. And the fruit bars and superfood cereals - primo for sure. I'll be ordering again."
Oct 2013 -- Josh, Live oak, Fl

"We received these in our sample package, and I was amazed!! They are delicious! I have never tasted anything like them. We are searching for red candy for my wedding, and I've decided to get the 20lb package of these strawberry cordials, I know my wedding guests will be just as pleased as I was. This is not candy you can find anywhere, it is truly special."
Oct 2013 -- Amanda, Kalamazoo, MI

"Once again you have delivered ecstasy. My daughter came home from school and grabbed the baby dried strawberries. I had already gotten into the dried cranberries which are best in the world bar none. Keep up the great work."
Oct 2013 -- Jill, Dugway, Ut

"Just received my first order from you nutty folks and am having a lot of fun trying everything out! It all passes with flying colors! The nibs and the strawberries go wonderful together! I'll be back! Thanks so much."
Oct 2013 -- Isabel, Maine

"We love your product offerings and your way of doing business. Enjoying the strawberry powder now and looking forward to ordering some of your other products! Thanks!"
Sep 2013 -- Marion, stow, ma

"I was so excited to get my package! My favorites so far are the strawberries, the Cacao Goji energy squares, and the wasabi beans. Will order more stuff soon! Thanks for my yummy treats!!"
Sep 2013 -- Rachel, Fort Walton Beach, FL

"Very pleased! I ordered bananas and dried strawberries and they arrived quickly and are delicious - they even added a free sample of dried apricots. Would definitely order again!"
Sep 2013 -- Alaina, Chicago, IL

"Love love love everything I've ever gotten from nuts.com! Super fast shipping, super yummy products, especially those dried strawberries and marshmallow coffee! I adore you guys and I promise you will continue to have lots of business from me! :)"
Sep 2013 -- Casey, Franklin, Pa

"Both my friend and I get products from Nuts.com. We enjoy what we order but we always get excited waiting to see what samples you put in the bag. I bought a bag of the dried strawberries for my Uncle to try. I know he is going to love them as much as I do. I love all of the new products that I see on the site. You do a great job. Keep it up."
Sep 2013 -- Faith, Chester, Virginia

"my package just came and I opened everybag so I could taste everything. just like last time I ordered - everything was yummy yummy yummy - now I have to find a spot to hide my snacks so the rest of the family wont eat it all like last time - tks so much for having such fresh, great snacks."
Aug 2013 -- jane, lake havasu city, az

"SO happy to find these. :) Was having an awful time trying to find them locally. Shipping was so fast I am amazed it came from so far away. Tasty Tasty!! Another home run for Nuts.com."
Aug 2013 -- Amber, Kitchener, Ontario

"I love nuts.com! This is my second time ordering from them, and each time the shipping has been great. They have exceptional customer service. The packaging was very cute and colorful. I ordered the mushroom chips, cranberry granola kale chips, dried strawberries, and coconut flour. All the items were fresh. The mushroom chips were good, the Kale chips were okay. The strawberries were delicious."
Aug 2013 -- Keyonna, Shreveport, Louisiana

"These natural dried strawberries exceeded my expectations. They were delightfully sweet, without being too sweet and nice and chewy like a dried fruit should be. I will be buying these again for sure."
Aug 2013 -- Terri, Sterling Heights, Michigan

"Honestly, when I first discovered this site, all the reviews were so stellar, I assumed it was probably mostly employees of the company posting fake reviews on everything to make the products seem better than they are. How wrong I was! I have spent a few hundred dollars on you guys in the past month or so, and I can't stop! Pound after pound of dried strawberries and philippine mangos get shoveled into my mouth a week. Seriously, thank you so much! My friends tell me that I rave about you guys so much that I should be a paid spokesperson, and I have already convinced tons of people to start ordering from you guys. Keep up the good work!"
Aug 2013 -- Chris, Decatur, IL

"Wonderful products, fast shipping, hard to find products, fantastically priced, cute reusable bags, and nice cheery corny e-mails! I love it all! Thank you!!!"
Aug 2013 -- Becky, anna, oh

"Received my order. I love the dried pears and strawberries. They taste really good."
Jul 2013 -- Nathan, Ewa Beach, HI

"I cannot get enough of these dried strawberries! They are chewy, and sweet, almost like candy. I have ordered them many times, and they are always great."
Jul 2013 -- Megan, St. Louis, MO

"Ordered on Thursday night - Surprise - @ my door Friday evening!!!!!!! AWESOME!!!!!"
Jul 2013 -- S, Phila, PA

"Oh my Goodness!!! I'm Nutty for Nuts.com!!! Everything was so yummy. The dried strawberries and veggie chips are to die for!!! I just put in my second order. Can't wait!! Love u Nuts"
Jul 2013 -- Natoya, Millington, Tennessee

"I love my dehydrated strawberries! Thank you! I'll order more "berry " soon!"
Jul 2013 -- Rhonda, San Jose, Ca

"I absolutely LOVE your delicious dried strawberries! They are such a delicious, chewy, full of flavor snack! These would make great Christmas gifts for teachers too!"
Jul 2013 -- AMBER, Stony Point, NC

"Sent to my daughter at the Naval Academy. She and her roommates loved the freeze dried fruit. Speeding shipping, friendly correspondence and good product... what more can you ask for!"
Jul 2013 -- Deborah, Lillington, NC

"I absolutely adore nuts.com. I have been buying tasty treats from you for a year or so now and I am continually recommending this amazing website to friends and family. Everything is extremely fresh, nicely packaged, and delicious, and there is such a wide variety of products. The dried strawberries, habanero beef jerky, and chocolate covered pretzels are some of my favorites. I am certainly a lifetime customer."
Jul 2013 -- Dhanya, Phoenix, AZ

"OMG I Love your products every thing I have ordered is amazing and I have ordered 3 times Thank you for being a Great Company."
Jul 2013 -- Tammy, Jacksonville, FL

"How AMAZINGLY DELICIOUS are these strawberries! They are sweet and chewy and make a great snack!! I read an article on Foods that fight inflammation, http://fxn.ws/11TVvW2 and here's what they wrote about strawberries... "Studies have shown, for example, that red raspberry extract helped prevent animals from developing arthritis; that blueberries can help protect against intestinal inflammation and ulcerative colitis; and that women who eat more strawberries have lower levels of CRP in their blood." I love how these are good for you and taste so delicious! My order was delivered so quickly! I'll definitely order again! These would make great Christmas gifts for teachers!"
Jun 2013 -- AMBER, Stony Point, NC

"I ordered your goods on Monday and received it on Thursday. The veggie chips are delicious and are of high quality. The dried strawberries are delicious also. Thank you very much."
Jun 2013 -- Lillian

"You guys were super fast in delivery. I ordered the strawberries and jackfruit. All I can say is wow. You guys keep up the good work I will be ordering again."
Jun 2013 -- ryan, mesa, az

"arrived in good order, tried a strawberry and it was great. Also, thanks for the figs."
Jun 2013 -- neil, columbus, ne

"The dried strawberries are delicious, will order again. And these fellows are a bunch of nuts!"
Jun 2013 -- Susan, Saltillo, Texas

"Awesome delivery service and delicious food, I can't even describe how great the dried fruits are. Thank you for your work, you guys are truly nuts (in a good way)"
Jun 2013 -- Arlen, Virginia beach, Virginia

"The first time I had your products was in Afghanistan about a week ago. The Strawberries and Apples were amazing. Later that night I ordered some for my family in Texas and for myself. It will be a great healthy substitute for crackers."
Jun 2013 -- Jose, Harker Heights, Texas

"got my order early this morning. the strawberries are like no other dried berry I have had before. just like candy. the acai blueberry cereal taste incredible. I'm snacking on them as I write. thank you for the free veggie chips. who knew healthy snacking could taste so good."
Jun 2013 -- mira, winston-salem, nc

"Quick delivery and great packaging! Love the free little sample that came with my order."
Jun 2013 -- Tory, Norwalk, CT

"Shazam! I like morning orders that arrive next day! Some tasty products new to me are your dried rhubarb with strawberry flavor. YUM! The older I get, the hotter I like my food, and habanero pistachios are super good! Also, I took advantage of your Mix of the Man freebie, and he may have to settle for a tie for Father's Day! If I've forgotten in the past, thank you for packaging some things in sample packets. Thank you! Thank you! from your customer over yonder. Lenore P."
Jun 2013 -- Lenore, WV

"Awesome service, selection, price, communication, packaging!! Simply the best!!!"
May 2013 -- Susan, Canton, GA

"OMG! Those dried strawberries are excellent! The jalapeno cheddar sticks rock! I had to put it away, before I ate the bag! EXCELLENT SNACKS!"
May 2013 -- Monique, South Ozone Park, NY

"OK...you've totally blown my mind (again). I ordered early last evening and my shipment was here around noon!!! If only the rest of the world could use your magic!!!! And since they arrived today I decided to give the Berry Mix and the Dried Strawberries to Mom for Mother's Day!!! Since I've had them before I KNOW they are to die for!!! I already tried the Veggie Chip sample....very yummy! Thank you! I can't wait to dive into the Dried Kiwi and the Freeze Dried Bananas. Thank you so much for the amazing products you offer and your awesome customer service. And btw....I think I read your Grandpa's name was Saul, my Grandpa's last name was Saul! And we are a really nutty group too! Have a great weekend! Sherry"
May 2013 -- Sherry, Vineland, New Jersey

"The strawberries are great. I'll be ordering more soon."
May 2013 -- James, Chicago, Illinois

"The dried strawberries are INCREDIBLY sweet. If you are looking for a strawberry jam gummies - you will love them. If you are looking for more of a natural flavor this may not be for you."
May 2013 -- Rebecca, Bowie, MD

"your hickory beef jerky is OUT OF THIS WORLD.....it was also GONE within a few hours....i tried SO hard....but just could NOT keep my hand OUT of the bag!!! and i finally have a place to get my VERY favorite farro!!! MORE freeze-dried strawberries in this order...oooooh they are sooooooooo sweeeeet and delectable!!! i tried the dried strawberries this order and they are yummy tOO (but i think i DO love the freeze-dried MORE!!).....freeze-dried spinach is waaaay tOO WONDERFUL...to add to my tomato sauce AND eat right out of the box!! the garlic romano cheese sticks went pretty fast tOO.....crunchy and deeeeeeelicious!!! so...i got this order about 10 days ago and submitted a quick delivery review that day....now this review.....and i JUST ORDERED AGAIN.......i'm goin' NUTS.....i'm trying.....i REALLY am.......i just know i'm gonna go broke (not really)......and i don't care.....LOL.... thanks SO much again all you MOST beautiful and fUn nutty nuts!!! xoxoxo"
May 2013 -- tracey, las vegas, nevada

"My first order arrived a day later than predicted. Not an big issue, we were just that much more excited when it arrived. The extra ginger sample was a nice surprise but the biggest surprise was those crispy veges. My kids just LOVED them!!!! We also loved the dried strawberries, so plump and tasty. We had to stop ourselves from ripping open all the bags to try everything. Will definitely be ordering again!!! My mom asked about the shipping costs and I just popped one of those sweet crispy carrot chips in her mouth! Now she wants her own stash! LOL!!"
May 2013 -- Lani, Honolulu, Hi

"Nuts.com is awesome. The Chocolate Covered fruit i Bought (strawberries and the mixed fruit) is absolutely amazing. I cant stop eating it. My shipment was super fast, and i even got a free sample of delicious dried strawberries!!!!"
May 2013 -- Michael, LaGrange, NC

"Love your products. Tried the dried strawberries and couldn't stop eating them. I will try the Berry Mix tomorrow. Thank you so much for the quality products and Great Customer Service! A++++++++"
May 2013 -- Mary, Wells, ME

"These products are all delicious!!!! I got shelled brazil nuts, raw cashews and the best ever dried strawberries. Swift shipping. Fantastic experience!!!!!!"
Apr 2013 -- Glinda, ga

"I just tried these dried strawberries in the berry mix. They are fantastic. My mouth hasn't stopped watering since I ate the first one. Next order I will be ordering a whole bag!"
Apr 2013 -- Jennifer, Fort McMurray, AB

Apr 2013 -- Melissa

"Once again, you proved to be awesome! Just received my box (in under 24 hours!!!) and I've already been snacking away. Surprised with the dried apricot treat (absolutely fantastic) and the baby strawberries and marcona almonds are delectable! You know I'll be back! THANKS!!!"
Apr 2013 -- Mary, Milton, MA

"We really liked our first order from nuts.com The packages are amazing and also useful!! Thank you so much!! ;-)"
Apr 2013 -- Lara, New York, NY

"Thanks for being there, I love your nuts and dried fruit. Thanks again! Thomas"
Apr 2013 -- Thomas, Angle Inlet, MN

"Just added mochi to my lexicon thanks to you guys! YUM! freeze dried spinach will be a tasty topper to my red sauce dishes, and will be added to soups and sandwiches too! I'll admit, not knowing what to expect, I had imagined the spinach to be bigger and more snack sized (think chips) instead of small little pieces, but it's still awesome. freeze dried strawberries are delish obviously. I am already thinking of my next order, speaking of - I ordered on Tuesday afternoon and got my goods on Thursday morning! Fast, friendly - I have nothing bad to say!"
Apr 2013 -- nicole, north aurora, il

"Received first order. Both my order and the gift order for my sister-in-law met and exceeded my expectations. Dried strawberries...delicious! Will be ordering again."
Apr 2013 -- Betty

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