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Graham Crackers Reviews

Below is a sampling of some of our very satisfied customers. Most of our customers are loyal customers that continue to come back and shop at Nuts.com.

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"WOW!! What an amazing treat!! I'm coming back for another helping!! I tried it for the first time a month ago and I'm hooked! Arrived a lot faster than expected!! Simply an amazing company! So glad I tried them out :) word of advice, section this treat out or else it could disappear faster than it arrives!!"
Jul 2014 -- Mary, Danville, NH

"Had these yesterday for the first time. WOW, me who loves the use of words, and I am lost for them. never had the big Smores, no backyard to make them in. I was reading a book and shoved a few in my mouth. Felt like jumping up to do the Dance of Joy. Delicious for snacking and any time LOL. Ordering more now. This was sure a treat from my Nutty friends. Bless them, they really do look out for their customers. Anyone who hasn't tried these treats, must do so now. But remember, once you start munching, you can't stop!! I am proof of that LOL"
Jun 2014 -- Roberta, yonkers, New York

"I have ordered many things. Western stye beef jerky, organic sun dried tomatoes, smores snack mix, wax bottles, marshmallow coconut toasties, toasted corn nuts.....and I can`t wait until they get here. I ordered marshmallow toasties before and they are so good. I love NUTS.COM and I will always be a faithful customer."
Jun 2014 -- Holly, Saint Charles, MO

"Wow this shipment is wonderful!!! Only thing wrong is I didn't order enough chocolate graham crackers. They are by far the best I have ever had and believe me when I say I have tried a lot of them from different places!!!! Can't wait to make a smoothie after my run and workout tomorrow with some of the other items I bought. You definitely have a customer for as long as you will have me!"
Apr 2014 -- Lisa, Kansas City, Mo

"The s'mores mix is absolutely delicious. I recommend portioning off the bag so you don't eat it as fast as I did!"
Mar 2014 -- hbk2369, Boston, MA

"Second order received today and will order again. I am a "Displaced Jersey Boy" " Miserable in Seattle. It is so nice to deal with a excellent company from NJ.(I am trying my best to come back home). Excellent products with dark chocolate, what I order. I am a real "Chocoholic" and what I have ordered is delicious, great dark chocolate. I especially love the dark chocolate covered graham crackers. Prices are very good, so expensive in Seattle. \ I will be back.in NJ and to order again.\\"
Feb 2014 -- MICHAEL, SEATTLE, WA - Washington

"I am a "Jersey Boy", born & bred, out here for 4 years and want to come home very much. I am from Clifton & know Cranford well. It is always great to get something from home. Dark chocolate covered graham crackers are wonderful. Like many things that are so easy to get at home it's very difficult out here and so very expensive. Did you know dark chocolate helps you sleep?"
Feb 2014 -- MICHAEL, SEATTLE, WA - Washington

"Received a box of the chocolate covered graham crackers in a gift basket for Christmas. Had to have more -- plus chocolate covered ginger snaps, cocoa mix, and more. Package came today. Really fast delivery, and now I don't know which I like better - the grahams or the ginger snaps. I'll have to eat a few more of each one before I decide!! Ha!!!"
Jan 2014 -- ary, hoschton, ga

"My wife surprised me for Christmas 2012. We have now made it a new family tradition. They are soooooooooo good. The best I have ever tasted. I like to eat one with a good cup of coffee. Life is good. :)"
Jan 2014 -- Ed, Vero Beach, FL

"The chocolate covered graham crackers are delicious and very good quality (thick layer of chocolate) Chocolate covered blueberries are very tasty as well. We ordered both as samples for our corporate holiday baskets and will be using both items in the basket."
Nov 2013 -- Annie, Hammonton, NJ

"the only thing that could be better then the dark chocolate pineapple,dark chocolate mini grahams and the supreme dark chocolate almonds was the speed at which i received the above items. If you can believe it i ordered on Thursday and ups got them to my door the next day. that's amazing like the goodies i ordered. kudos to nuts .com"
Oct 2013 -- doug, toms river, nj

"got the chocolate covered grahams and they are perfect."
Sep 2013 -- sydney, altamont, ny

"Really fast service. I ordered one day and I felt like the candy arrived just a couple days later. Very easy and efficient. Thanks"
Jul 2013 -- Claudia, Orchard Park, NY

"You guys are amazing! I placed an order and then the NEXT day they were on my doorstep in a heat controlled box! I cannot wait to make more purchases with you and tell everyone about you!"
Jun 2013 -- Amanda, Hershey, PA

"Loved the chocolate covered grahams and pretzels. My fiancee loved the dried mango and strawberry. We will definitely order again."
Jun 2013 -- Gloria

"My friend loves the chocolate grahams I just had you send to her - very happy with them! I recently received dark chocolate covered blueberries and almonds. My comment is the same - very happy with them! I really like being able to track your packages - very efficient! Thanks for your service! Barbara Fugle"
Apr 2013 -- Barbara, Pacific Palisades, Ca

"Excellent Product Selection! I just received my first order of all dark chocolate items: chocolate covered Brazil nuts, chocolate covered grahams, and chocolate covered raspberries. We sampled them and they are delicious! You sent along a free sample package of dark chocolate almonds ... and I just placed an order for two-1# bags... one to keep and one to gift. Your prompt delivery was appreciated and everything arrived in perfect condition. I will definitely be ordering again for birthday and holiday gifts (and for myself)! I will also spread the word about your great selection of products. They all look delicious!"
Apr 2013 -- CINDY, Delmont, PA

"Wow, super fast shipping, and super great stuff. I am going to eat way too many of the yogurt covered graham crackers. I shall return to order again!! THANKS!!!"
Mar 2013 -- Rita, Denver, North Carolina

"My kids like S'mores Snack Mix very much, thank you so much for the Organic Almonds sample and fast delivery."
Feb 2013 -- May, Hacienda Heights, California

"Ordered the dark chocolate graham cookies, they are so good. Luv em."
Feb 2013 -- Charles J Barnes, GA

"Y'all. Seriously. Not only are the nuts delicious and roasted to perfection, but nuts.com has become our one stop shop for dried fruits, chocolate-covered snacks, and hard to find flours and other baking stuff."
Feb 2013 -- Josh, High Point, NC

"I love your products, your packaging and your very quick shipping! I haven't tried all of the items in my order but the chocolate covered graham crackers are great! And I love your pecans!"
Feb 2013 -- Jean

"Just received my order and forgot I had ordered the dark chocolate covered grahams - WOW, are they good. If you like the Starbuck's chocolate covered grahams then you'll love these. The chocolate is quite thick and really good. Will definitely order again."
Dec 2012 -- Beth M Powell

"Wow my order arrvied early Fed Ex delivery guy came around 7pm. All looks so good, Just hope I do not founder myself enjoying it all. Thank,s so much for your wonderful prompt service. MERRY CHIRSTMAS TO ALL!!! Don & Lisa"
Dec 2012 -- Don, Watertown, South Dakota

"The chocolate-covered graham crackers are fantastic!. Ordered both the milk and dark chocolate. Both are superb!"
Nov 2012 -- Barbara, Ann Arbor, MI

"Just wanted to say that the dark chocolate covered graham crackers are to die for!"
Nov 2012 -- Ruth, Beaverton, OR

"My company absolutely loves the nuts, sweets, and mixes I order them from Nuts.com. They in particular enjoy the S'mores mix and Monkey mix. When they see the boxes, they know something good is coming out later for snacks."
Oct 2012 -- Leigh Ann, NY, NY

"We got our package yesterday as promised with S'Mores as promised and a lagniappe of a small bag of cashews! WOW what a surprise. Thank you so much. the S'mores are wonderful and so were the unexpected cashews - notice past tense. (smile, smile). We'll definitely order again now that we know about you folks."
Aug 2012 -- Sandi, Lawrenceville, Georgia

"Once again very prompt delivery of my dark chocolate grahams; and congratulations on your new worker!"
Aug 2012 -- John S Landbeck Jr, Aberdeen, MD

"Just got my first order of the dark chocolate grams; had one right away-I think they are far better than the ones at Starbucks, which prior to this were the best I ever had. Ordered 5 packs, wish they came in larger quantities, so I could order more at one time!"
Jul 2012 -- John S Landbeck Jr, Aberdeen, MD

"The PERFECT bite-size snack with coffee in the afternoon -- or, frankly, at any time at all! Crunchy baby graham crackers enrobed in a thick layer of dark chocolate ... wonderful! Just ordered another bag today, along with a bunch of other delectable goodies!"
Apr 2012 -- HMAK

"Just as so many have said, the shipping, packaging, and products are top notch. I usually buy a lot of nuts for healthy snacking but now I tried their smores snack mix and OMG,... I will just have to run some extra laps on the track! So good :)"
Mar 2012 -- Nancy O'Neill, Cookstown, NJ

"The service here is like none other! I ordered my snack mix and received it the very next day. Will definitely be ordering some to use as gifts very soon. The packaging and prices are great too!"
Mar 2012 -- Lauren, CT

"I already know that the cashews are sensational, and I just tried the chocolate-covered graham crackers, which are great!"
Feb 2012 -- Gayle, Los Angeles, CA

"I was putting the dark chocolate covered graham crackers into smaller bags from the 5 lb bag...I proceeded to make myself sick, eating a pound by myself!! More than YUMMY!! I need to have a little control!! HELP!! This was my first bag from your nutty family!! HOORAY!!"
Jan 2012 -- sandra, northern lower, MI

"I searched everywhere in stores for s'more mix and finally looked online and found your site. This stuff is awesome! Also, very quick delivery! Thanks to my nutty friends."
Dec 2011 -- Robin, Lawton, MI

"Great service, item arrived in 3 days. Hope to order again soon. Thanks"
Dec 2011 -- Frank, Belleair, FL

"I can't believe how fast the order arrived. 18 hours after I placed it, we were snacking on monkey munch and S'mores mix. Unfortunately, we didn't order enough and need to place another order!"
Jun 2011 -- Becca, New York, NY

"hey guys, just got my goodies and all arrived yummy! thanks again,Marg"
Jun 2011 -- Margaret

"Just received my Chocolate Covered Graham Crackers- on time! Fabulous service and product. Keep up the good work1"
Apr 2011 -- nancy

"Simply extraordinary! NutsOnline never fails to deliver amazing products. Of the three orders I've made, these have been included in every one AND been the first bag finished each time. My first order was eight different, delicious choices and I planned on only opening one or two bags at a time. Needless to say, after tasting the first two treats, I promptly sliced open the remaining to sample. And of course I found everything to be incredibly delicious! NutsOnline has made me into a nut! I've spent hours at a time combing the site, searching out the next perfect order combination (if there is such a thing)."
Apr 2011 -- James, South Korea

"Chocolate covered graham crackers - there truly should be a law against anything that tastes this yummy! Follow the crahams up with pretzels and you have a double threat to sanity. Is a double yummy possible?"
Mar 2011 -- DONNA, Oak Lawn, Il

"I was so happy to find dark chocolate molasses sponge candy--they were the best I have had in years--I also treated myself to the dark chocolate covered graham crackers--yumm a blast from my past.. Thanks for the great candy and nut assortment--Next time I order I am going to get some Indian nuts--have had them since my grandfather gave them to me as a kid--can't believe you have them.."
Mar 2011 -- Ellen, Congers, NY

"I will be ordering from you AGAIN !! The order process was very easy - the order was shipped and received as promised !!The recipient told me that the cookies were beyond delicious !! WOW what a great feeling to know I can order something and it will be delivered delicious and as promised !! THANK YOU !!"
Feb 2011 -- Linda, monroe, nc

"Everything I expected. Thanks so much."
Feb 2011 -- Irv, Los Angeles, CA

"I love this website. The snack are amazing. I'm deployed to Iraq right now and my package arrived here way faster than i expected. The Smores Mix is the BEST. = )"
Jan 2011 -- Tanya K Moller, Hilo, Hi

"My order arrived when it said it would and it has been AMAZING! These are the best chocolate covered cashews I have EVER had! I promise to pass your name around and go through you forever! I ordered four different items (chocolate covered cookie dough, milk chocolate covered cashews, white chocolate toffee, and smores trail mix) I have a heck of a sweet tooth and these products sure hit the spot! Thank you so much nuts online! I LOVE YOU! ^_^"
Jan 2011 -- Shabreta, Tempe, Arizona

"I just received my order from NutsOnline.com. I got the dark chocolate covered graham crackers and are they ever super duper delicious! I am so glad I ordered 2 because I know they will go fast! The order process was easy and they arrived right on time! Hurray for NutsOnline.com! Thank you!!!!"
Dec 2010 -- Mary Ann, Costa Mesa, CA

"We love everything in our Order !! The Fruit Chips are "Amazing " and the Veggie Chips are crunchy and Fresh ! My Husband is addicted to the smores mix, honestly why make real smores when you can just eat it out of a bag . We still have a few things we haven't tried yet , but we know they will be yummy . Thanks for everything Monica"

"Just received my order today and as always it could not be better. Ordered 10 items never before ordered and have taste-tested each one! All are simply delicious. The S'mores Snack Mix and the Jumbo Medjool Dates are incredibly good. Shared the S'mores with a friend and her instant comment was "this tastes just like the real thing and it is my daughter Caroline's favorite snack". So I will take some home to her too. Always pleased with your friendly, good service, seal-fresh packaging and your happy e-mails. Thank you, Chere Payne"
Oct 2010 -- Chere L Payne, Little Rock, AR

"Excellent service and a great product. The packaging was well thought out and very secure when it arrived. I will definitely shop with you again!"
Oct 2010 -- Annette

"My order just arrived this morning. Everything tastes fabulous. Very fresh! Only one problem...keeping my husband out of them. Oh well, I can always order more :)"
Jul 2010 -- Janet, Decatur, IL

"Another overnight delivery without paying the extra money. Being so close is great. I'm helping my step daughter make favors for her October wedding and I plan on ordering items for them. My bite size chocolate covered graham cookies are the best. Tons of chocolate that is real chocolate! You're the best! Haven't tried the fudge yet, but I know it will be good."
May 2010 -- Peggy, Farmingville, NY

"I just received my first order. I found you simply because I was searching for a less expensive source for garlic bagel chips than the NY chips that are $4 for a 5 ounce bag. Being a certified snack food junkie, I couldn't ONLY order them. I ordered a nice variety. I opened everything to place in my tupperware containers and of course had a taste of all. The bagel chips are amazing!! So fresh and crisp and just as good, if not better than what I'd had in the past - at 1/4 the price! Everything else is just wonderful! The S'mores mix - HEAVEN!!! I will be back for more in the near future and I'm sure I will expand my horizons. I also was amazed at how quickly my order arrived! Thank you!"
Apr 2010 -- Sue, bethlehem, pa

"Great service and right on time. Products are great as always. Thanks"
Apr 2010 -- Cathy, Warner Robins, GA

"I just placed my order yesterday afternoon and today the most delicious dark chocolate covered raspberries, almonds and graham crackers arrived! My husband is beside himself, dark chocolate and raspberry are his favorite flavors combo - and thank you for the extra gift (!) dark chocolate mint cookies! I am so impressed with your customer service and we are happy to be new members of the NutsOnline family.Thank you!"
Apr 2010 -- Maureen, Brooklyn, NY

"Nuts Online offers a great user-friendly website, fast shipment, awesome product packaging during shipment, and excellent communication!! I ordered Smores Mix and it is FANTASTIC! Thanks so much for a super easy & friendly transaction! I'll be ordering again soon. :D"
Mar 2010 -- Deirdre, Central, LA

"A colleague recommended NutsOnline - well, actually, she walked by my desk with a tempting-looking package bursting with goodies of all kinds. Living overseas, it's often hard to find quality and delicious nuts and other snacks that aren't overpriced. The products I ordered arrived fresh, neatly packed, and in near-record time. My husband and I especially loved the dark chocolate-covered graham crackers. Along with some prized marshmallows we made our own "faux S'mores" - delicious! We're hooked and will definitely be back for more!"
Jan 2010 -- Cheryl, Santiago, CHILE

"If you are trying to stop eating chocolate then do not buy these. THEY ARE ***Bleeping*** GREAT! Addictive!!!"
Jan 2010 -- Dave

"OMG, just opening the box i was impressed! The packaging of the products are great. I did not expect the packages to be that large, when you buy the can nuts and get nuts online the difference is amazing. Oh, i should say how fresh and tasty they are. i do have 9 bags to go through. i think the ones I have in my cart for sample sizes are going into pounds!! You will not be disappointed!"
Jan 2010 -- Karen, St Clair Shores, Mi

"I ordered once last month and everything was so good and came so quickly that I ordered more this month to give as Christmas gifts. You have the best dark chocolate covered pretzels, graham crackers,etc that we have ever had. I get the feeling that ordering from you is going to become something that I do often!"
Dec 2009 -- Leslie

"My first order i ordered more things than I imagined I would use, every thing was so good. My favorite was the dark chocolate graham crackers, gone in two days, and hid them from family. dried fruit is excellent for yogurt along with granola, this was my favorite from panera for break fast now I make my own.Dark chocolate nonpareils ummm. I am a dark chocoholic. And Nuts on line has got more than enough for my fix, my husband thinks it is so funny to tell people my wife shops at nuts online for her fix for chocolate, I figure publicity is publicity. I guess this time I will buy him something"
Apr 2009 -- Nancy, INDIANA

"Hey Guys, Received my shipment in record time. One of the bags of pistachios are almost gone, so much for Easter. LOVE the chocolate covered graham crackers, they won't see Easter, either. Thanks so much for the outstanding service. Your personal touch and great products are what keep me coming back! Mary E (Former Eagles Fan)"
Apr 2009 -- Mary, Jim Thorpe, PA

"got my dark chocolate covered graham crackers and they are great. a little melted but i just threw them in the fridge and they are ok thankx"
Feb 2009 -- Phillip, Corpus Christi, Tx

"I love the dark chocolate graham cookies. I really really really like them. Thanks"
Jan 2009 -- alex, miami, fl

"I just received my package and all my items exceeded my expectations. Everything is so delicious, the cordials I haven't had since I was a child, dark chocolate grahams and nonpareils and my favorite of all is the strawberry licorice laces.Quality products with quality customer service... You have a customer for life!"
Jan 2009 -- Sandra, Manchester, NH

"I ordered a selection of your items for my son as a finals week treat for his first semester at college, instead of ordering the expensive assortment of junk food offered by the school's dining service. He enjoyed the nuts, said that the coconut dates were yummy, and was very impressed by the dark chocolate covered graham crackers. He said they were like candy bars that happened to have a graham cracker in the middle. Thanks!"
Dec 2008 -- Linda M Finne

"Your dark chocolate graham crackers/cookies are the BOMB! Your site is my new go-to place for delicious gifts. Now that I've taken care of some Holiday gifts, I will look further for ME! Very happy I found your site."
Dec 2008 -- Cathy, Levittown, NY

"Our order came in a short time and the nuts were great, but the chocolate graham crackers were outstanding. Plenty of chocolate and the dark kind that is supposed to be good for us!! I bought them for my bubby as we had not been able to find any good ones in years. He too is thrilled. I have to hold back on the nuts as I would keep eating them and ignore the green foods I don't do well with. Thanks, we will be looking through the catalog to have some more items for Christmas. The chia seeds I have not tried as we still had some left, that I paid a lot more for. I'm sure we will be happy with them. I can't say for sure but chia seeds, may be why my thyroid meds have gone down 3 times since I started on them. Thanks again for a great product. Betty"
Nov 2008 -- Betty, Sacrament, CA

"These are the best! I used to have to go to Starbucks just to get them, but they've quit carrying them, so I gave these a try. A really yummy treat. I'm back for 2 more packages."
Nov 2008 -- Marion, Overland Park, KS

"First let me thank you for getting my order to me overnight! And I also want to thank you for being my new "spot" on the Internet to find chocolate covered graham crackers!! I looked and looked and looked and I could never find them, and now I did!! I am so very pleased with my order and the quick length of time it was sent to me..(not even melted!!) I definitely look forward to turning to y'all for my chocolate covered graham cracker fix! And I will definitely recommend you guys to everyone I know..thank you, thank you, thank you!!"
Aug 2008 -- Myeisha, Flushing, NY

Showing 1 - 71 of 71 reviews

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