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Turkish Delight Reviews

Below is a sampling of some of our very satisfied customers. Most of our customers are loyal customers that continue to come back and shop at Nuts.com.

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"My girlfriend ordered a box of Turkish Delights from here, came in the mail. But the candy is fantastic, just have one or two after a meal and it gives you that pleasant feeling of having a desert. Powder Sugar on the outside is yummy, get a few boxes and give some to friends that love sweets. One side note, my post person made me sign to get the box. Worth it."
Jul 2014 -- Randy, Baytown, tx

"You're Nuts and I love it! Packaging was Nuts, Labeling was really Nuts and I had a Cracked, Nutty Grin on my face all day! Raising a Handful of Nuts to you in appreciation of your cleverness and prompt, efficient delivery of your Nuts!"
Apr 2014 -- John, Palm Springs, California

"This company is amazing! I got my order within 24 hours of placing it. The products are top quality and everything the company promised. They have gained a customer for life!!"
Feb 2014 -- Debbie, albrightsville, pa

"I received my package today. Yippee!! The products were packaged well, and everything arrived in good shape. What fun, reading the box. You guys are 'de bomb'. The Turkish Delights are just that...delights...yummy, chocolate and pistachio. The date rolls won't last long around here. What a wonderful sweet. Lastly, the Moringa. That's a lot of product. I will load my supply of pills in the next few days and start enjoying their goodness. Thank you also for the sample (freebie) of dried cranberries. That one's mine, and I will hide it. LOL. I fully intend to reorder from you guys again. You must have a wonderful workplace. Everything about this order was fun. Thanks again."
Jan 2014 -- Kathy, Springfield, Mo

"These are great tasting treats! I bought them for myself, but if I were having company over I would definitely recommend buying these to put out as something most people haven't seen before. Well packaged and very fresh."
Jan 2014 -- Greg, Tampa, FL-Florida

"I am laughing so hard at the box my order came in...and it came so quickly I didn't even realize it had been delivered until I got an email from the Nuts gang to let me know it was on my front porch. Now that's service!!!"
Dec 2013 -- Mary Ann, Glen Rock, NJ

"These are so good. They really are a delight. So glad I tried them."
Dec 2013 -- Nancy, Rocky mount, VA

"I first tasted Pistachio Turkish Delight (Lokum sa Pistacem) 18 years ago when a friend brought a box back from a visit to Turkey. I was delighted to discover you carried it and not disappointed when it arrived. I will be introducing my children and grandchildren to it at Thanksgiving (if there is any left!) so expect to be ordering more! Thank you all!"
Nov 2013 -- Doris, Victorville, CA

"What a surprise to see your box at my door so soon! Of course my husband and I dove right into the Turkish Delights, and what a knock out they are. we were both shocked at you sample, they taste great and what a great size. the other two packages are for Christmas gifts, I can't wait to give them out."
Nov 2013 -- Milagros, Middletown, DE

"Hey, nuts.com how awesome are you? Pretty awesome I'd say!!! Besides the fact that your nuts are the best ever, so is your service!! Something that those old enough can remember from days gone by. What a pleasure it is to have a business that actually cares about its customers. Thank You so much! May you continue to be blessed with much success!!"
Nov 2013 -- Patty, Hanover, Pa.

"Thought that the reviews were too good to be true. Well, I agree with all the positive reviews before me......fast shipping, fresh products, good prices (that offset the price of shipping), easy on-line shopping, and a great sense of humor on behalf of the Nuts.com family (love the packaging!!). They seem like a good company that truly wants my business, and I plan at this point to keep this business a part of my family. Very nice job! Thanks Nuts!"
Oct 2013 -- William, Cape Coral, FL

"Just got these at work, all in perfect condition, as usual. The chocolate traveled well in the special packaging, even though I didn't upgrade to 2-day delivery as advised (took 3 days I think). Opened up the chocolate covered Turkish Delight with pistachios...heavenly! And also delicious: chocolate covered Goji Berries. I'm having to force myself to stop! Thank you as always!"
Sep 2013 -- Midge, Roanoke, TX

"I am so amazed how fast my order came. I ordered on Thursday and had my order on Saturday!! I was so happy. I had also ordered Turkish Delights for my daughter just starting college in Flagstaff and she called with great surprise as she got her order on Saturday too! It made her day too. Thanks so much ! Mrs. Cira Millman"
Sep 2013 -- Cira, Tucson, Az

"I'm not one for testimonials, especially since a think most of them are friends and family bribed to write something nice or else...Well, sigh...you've got me! I'm an official nut. I just received the delivery not even 2 hours ago. DELICIOUS!!! And how dare you provide a free sample of veggie chips; now I've got another item to add to my next order."
Sep 2013 -- Chavious, Bridgeport, CT

"My order arrived speedily and was very much appreciated. Your products are excellent and very, very tasty! Keep up the terrific work!"
Aug 2013 -- Martha, Bowie, MD

"I just ordered last night....and my order is here this morning! Awesome service. I have tried the banana chips and turkish delights so far."
Jul 2013 -- Toni, warrington, pa

"We have ordered twice now from Nuts.com and both times we have been very impressed with the entire process. Delivery is quick and the products are fresh and delicious."
May 2013 -- Will, Cleveland, OH

"I received my turkish delights in the mail today and they were AWESOME! I recommend this site to anyone."
May 2013 -- Janet, Oak Harbor, WA. State.

"Everything I've ordered has come so quickly and been so good, I probably won't buy snacks anywhere else from now on. I only wish I could afford to order things more often! I'm extremely pleased with their Turkish Delight and their extensive candy selection; really looking forward to each time I get to try something new!"
Apr 2013 -- Jenna, Buena Park, CA

"I am beyond pleased with my order! I love the prompt delivery. I ordered many items, including Turkish Delight for my niece who has wondered about how it would taste for years! She was delighted with her surprise! And her 1 year old son loves the little graham cookies :) I was also delighted to find a free gift of crystallized ginger- YUMMY! Thank You so very much and you have another loyal and satisfied customer! I'll be ordering again soon!"
Apr 2013 -- Elizabeth, Baldwin, GA

"OMG, I absolutely loved the turkish delights, the chocolate monkey trail mix, pretzels, and the samosas. You will definitely be getting more orders from me :) And I am telling my friends!!!!"
Apr 2013 -- Sachin, San Jose, CA

"I love you guys sooo much. The Turkish delights are awesome and your next day delivery can't be beat. This is my second order but not my last. See you guys soon!"
Mar 2013 -- James, Lexington park, MD

"I placed my order on Tuesday night and received it the very next day! I ordered Turkish Delight for my students and we had quite the experience eating it! I always everything I order from you guys and the free samples are always a nice surprise!"
Feb 2013 -- Jennifer, Shoreham, New York

"Turkish Delight. Wow! There's a reason 'delight' is part of the name. With such fancy nuts as pistachios and hazelnuts, this stuff is Awesome! But it's gone already! Must order more..."
Jan 2013 -- Mandy, Springfield, IL

"I've ordered from you guys before, and wanted to try something I've never had before, so I ordered the pistachio Turkish delight. It came to the house in no time and is delicious! I'm going to keep ordering from you guys!"
Jan 2013 -- Steve, Bloomingburg, NY

"Received Turkish Delight, pistachios and gift of figs yesterday. Enjoying them all."
Jan 2013 -- Jean Jaffe, Philadelphioa, PA

"I just received my Turkish delights and Turkish figs and I have to say both are delicious! The figs not having sugar on them are just awesome. You guys knocked both these products out of the park!"
Dec 2012 -- Mattash, Talofofo, GU

"Thank you for an excellent service: I got my order sent at 4PM and received it next day in the morning! One of the best services I have ever got. Congratulations!"
Dec 2012 -- Norberto, Ridgewood, NJ

"The items arrived quickly, the packaging made me laugh, they (Turkish Delight, peppermint malted milk balls) tasted great, and I don't feel I was nuts to purchase them."
Dec 2012 -- David, Costa Mesa, California

"The Nougat and Turkish Delight - delish! Difficult to find Nougat and Turkish Delight here so pleased to have come across your website - thank you for the prompt handling and shipping - Aloha from Hawaii!"
Dec 2012 -- Gary, Honolulu, Hawaii

"I ordered Turkish Delight candies, for my husband and I couldn't believe they were delivered the next day. Also, the turkish figs that were included were fresh and tasty."
Dec 2012 -- Mary, Dix Hills, New York

"I ordered early, thinking that things would be delayed due to the hurricane. Imagine my surprise when it took only the usual two days! I stocked up for Christmas baking, and got some sweets. The Turkish Delight is amazing, and the fruit slices are wonderful as usual. Dad loved the sample of the pistachios! This has become my go-to nut and candy shopping place. Not only are the prices great, the products fresh, there is a wide variety to choose from and the customer service is phenominal!"
Nov 2012 -- Rebecca, St Louis, Missouri

"Wonderful treats beautifully packaged. Rapid shipping. My friends were delighted with their gifts - especially the turkish delight. Thank you. I will return."
Nov 2012 -- jane, kansas city, missouri

"I just got my order of jelly beans, Turkish Delight and Peanut Brittle. LOVE THEM!!! I will continue to shop here. Fantastic stuff!!! (and nuts too!)"
Oct 2012 -- Lynn, San Jose, CA

"Guys....that was DELICIOUS Turkish delight, and I appreciated the sample bag of cashews, too! I was asked to put together the centerpiece for a Wedding Reception table...starring Disney Princess Jasmine...so I added your Turkish Delight to the centerpiece. EVERYONE LOVED IT! Thanks for your help!"
Aug 2012 -- Julie, Roy, UT

"I just placed my order yesterday and received it today! I ordered 3 boxes of Lokoum, My husband brought it in and a few minutes later he came by and was laughing because I already dived into a box and was munching away. Delicious! I'll have to put in another order before you know it! Excellent quality and service is great!!"
Jun 2012 -- Maureen

"Delivered on time with something extra. I have been wanting to find the turkish delight candy for twenty plus years. Thank you guys for fulfilling my wish and bringing back my childhood memories!"
Jun 2012 -- Edward Prokopchuk, Elverta, CA

"What can I say. I received my order next day, even though I placed my order the EVENING before. Super fast. My dried strawberries were fresh and are delicious. The Turkish Delights are so soft. I was most excited about the sesame and corn sticks I ordered. They are my favourite part of a peanut mix I usually get, so now have two 1lb bags of each (Cheddar Jalapeno & Cajun respectively), makes me very happy. They taste exactly like the kind in popular mixes. Thanks also, for the dried berry sample."
Mar 2012 -- Kate, Cheshire, CT

"Thanks for these delicious treats!!! The pistachio turkish delights, chocolate pretzels, mixed nuts, and the the pistachios. They are extremely delicious. Definitely will be ordering more soon."
Feb 2012 -- Sachin, San Jose, CA

"What a fun company! My daughter was so thrilled to have her Turkish Delight. She was waiting for it since we read Narnia years ago. Nuts.com has helped me give her a great birthday gift! Thank you!"
Feb 2012 -- Dominique, San Leandro, CA

"The Turkish Delight are extremely delicious. Especially the ones with the pistachios. Yummy. Thanks for delicious Turkish delights :)"
Jan 2012 -- Sachin, San Jose, CA

"Wonderful service and quality of products. This is my second order and both times delivery took just one day (without any extra charge). Even more importantly, literally everything I ordered is so flavorful and tasty that the only complaint I have is that I can not stop nibbling (would have to reoder soon :) ). I decided to try Mushroom Chips and very impressed how good are they as a snack: crunchy and sweet. Turkish delight is great too."
Dec 2011 -- Elena, Silver Spring, MD

"This turkish delight is absolutely incredible! We have had others and they do not hold a candle to this! I am so glad I found your website. We will definitely be back for more :)"
Dec 2011 -- Cherie, Bluefield, VA

"This Turkish Delight is fabulous! Turkish Delight has to be made correctly! I found it here and gifted it to a friend from the UK and he says it is marvelous! Since then, I've gifted it to many other friends and they all love it! I had the occasion to be in Turkey recently and it was really fun to be able to compare them. It is really delightful!"
Dec 2011 -- Jill, Carmichael, CA

"Luv it! So sweet and chewy! Got my order today and now I'm chewing in delite!"
Nov 2011 -- Viv

"This brings back great memories of the past when I used to lick of the powdered sugar and then pretend I was chewing gum. Such great memories and tastes like, amazing! Thank you so much! Sweet and so right down delightful!"
Nov 2011 -- Ashley, Georgia

"They did arrive today and tomorrow my students who are reading The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe, will taste turkish delight for the first time. I do not know how it will go."
Oct 2011 -- Dawna Watty, Alameda, California

"Received my goodies and couldn't be more pleased. All items received in excellent condition and as requested. Couldn't keep hungry little hands from, 'inspecting' each item as it was unpacked. All raves from the inspectors! Fresh and delectable treats, especially loved are the Dried Strawberries and Turkish Delights. We are a gluten/dairy free household so couldn't be happier to have found a company that provides good, wholesome foods that meet our needs and who stand behind their promises of freshness and shipping at the speed of light. Thank you. Will be back again!"
Oct 2011 -- Cynthia, Hamilton, New Jersey

"very fast shipment! I am so happy I went with nutsonline.com.. Thank you everyone."
Oct 2011 -- Kelly, Lockport, NY

"The children LOVED the Turkish Delight Original! Thanks so much."
Oct 2011 -- Frida

"Well all I can say is WOW! I purchased the corn nuts, Turkish delights & sour blue raspberry coke bottles. I can't get over how fresh everything was. The Turkish delights were incredible. I've never had them before. The raspberry bottles were so soft, not hard like most gummy candy are. The corn nuts were the best I've had.  I shared everything with some of my coworkers & they were all very impressed. They plan to order from Nuts online as well.  I can't get over how great your company is. You go above & beyond to make every customer feel special which you don't see anymore. I'm so glad I found your company & plan to order very soon the hard part is trying to decide what. :). Thanks so much!!! Mary Ellen P.S. Thank you so much for the sample of pistachios. It was a great surprise. They were fantastic!! "
Sep 2011 -- Mary Ellen, Indianapolis, In

"I received my Turkish Treats in one day. Wow! I think that's amazing. I love the Turkish Candy. Bought them from a local store in their gourmet section and the bag was the assorted ones. I need to ask if you all sell the assorted kinds. It's a beautiful thing to enjoy something so delicious. Thanks for the free gift of crystalized ginger. I'll order again."
Sep 2011 -- GLINDER, Hyattsville, Maryland

"I'm an HS English Teacher. We're studying The Chronicles of Narnia. Thought I'd stop and check for any Edmunds in the class. Thanks for the Turkish Delight!"
Sep 2011 -- Clyde, Donna, Texas

"Great products and extremely fast delivery. My husband and I ate half a box of the pistachio Turkish Delights after lunch today. I only ordered them Thursday afternoon and here they are on Saturday. Not only that but I just love the personal eMail. I traced down the company when my friend in England sent me a can of Divan's Turkish Delights from Harrods which were very expensive. NutsOnLine have the most reasonable prices for their products. Keep up the great work, guys! Thank you!"
Jul 2011 -- Estelle

"Nuts Online is great! They were friendly, caring, and quick to deliver! The turkish delight is very amazing, and I can't wait to order from those nuts again!! :) And you should too!!"
Jul 2011 -- Madison, Lynchburg, VA

"My friend sent these to me and I have tasted a lot of Turkish Delight, but never Pistachio Turkish Delight. I was getting up in the middle of the night to grab myself another piece or two. Super delish!!"
May 2011 -- Janice, Port Colborne, Ontario, Canada

"Just want to thank you very much for your superior service and shipping."
Apr 2011 -- George, Middletown, NJ

"The Turkish Delight was a great way to wrap up our class reading "The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe" and the students loved it!"
Apr 2011 -- Danyel, Slidell, Louisiana

"My husband has been wanting real Turkish Delight ever since he saw "Chronicles of Narnia". This is completely different from the pectin fruit gels covered in powdered sugar that they call Turkish Delight. That stuff is fine, but from what I've read this is the real deal. It almost has the taste of a gourmet marshmallow, but with a really incredibly pleasing chewy dense gummy texture. It's unlike anything we have ever had. So heavenly delicious, even the powdered sugar smells good. Wow !"
Apr 2011 -- AJ

"Love the Turkish delight. Will be ordering again. Great service and very friendly people. Yummy yummy yummy"
Apr 2011 -- alex, missoula, mt

"I ordered the Turkish delight for our cast party. I ordered it 3:00 PM and it arrived by 3:00 PM the next day. Amazing! And the Turkish delight is fabulous. It is in neat boxes and the cast is going to love it. Thank you!"
Mar 2011 -- Phoebe, Lancaster, PA

"I can't believe how fast my package arrived. Everything is deliciously awesome. I keep munching on the figs, putting them away, and pulling the bag out again for "just one more". Thank you!!"
Mar 2011 -- Andrea, Havre de Grace, Maryland

"excellent service and excellent products. Thank you."
Mar 2011 -- Jacob, ATLANTA, Georgia

"Thank you!!! The french burnt peanuts are delicious, I had not had these since I was a kid, then they disappeared, but, thanks to you I found them again. And the Turkish Delight, omg, so good I had not had these since I went to Turkey, quite a while ago. So happy, delicious candy and very fast shipping!!! I will definitely order more from you in the future.... :)"
Feb 2011 -- vivian, Miami, fl

"Great service! My order came on the third day just like it said. Everything is packed nicely and is very fresh. I will surely come back to get more products. Thank you for being so wonderful!"
Jan 2011 -- Irina, IL

"Great service, on time delivery, loved wasabi and cajun peanuts, delicious turkish delight."
Dec 2010 -- Atila, Fremont, CA

"My kids wanted to try Turkish Delight so I found this website and ordered some along with some pistachios. The pistachios were the best ever! The Turkish Delight came in a neat box and the kids and I loved it! I would definitely recommend this website to others. Thank you Nuts Online!"
Dec 2010 -- Suzie, Mt. Vernon, Indiana

"I needed a batch of Turkish Delight for my Narnia-themed Christmas party and found you on a Google search. Boy, was I ever surprised that the "delight" arrived in time for the party, EVEN during an ice storm! Plus, it's perfect for my party, and so delicious that I don't know that we can wait for the party to eat it! (It may be gone by then!) I also was very excited to receive a complimentary package of Turkish Figs, which were a lovely gift. Kudos for your customer service and high-quality products."
Dec 2010 -- Heidi, Wilmore, KY

"I bought these turkish delights as a present for my parents who grew up in Turkey and miss the authentic nutty lokumes :) they were so surprised that these were the real deal! straight from Turkey and super fresh. the problem with many of these types of product is they are always old and shriveled. our nutsonline order was so fresh, it tasted like they were made the same day! thanks again!"
Dec 2010 -- Steve, Reno, NV

"I had 3 boxes of Turkish Delight delivered, as a gift, to a young lady for her 16th birthday. She is having a "Narnia" party... first off to see the new movie and then a "Narnia" luncheon. Her mother told me she wished she knew how to make Turkish Delight and I volunteered to find a recipe. But then... I found your wonderful website and voila!!! "Narnia" Turkish Delight delivered right to her door! She called and left a message saying we are the best friends EVER!!! : ) Thanks Nutsonline.com You truly made a young ladies' wishes come true!"
Dec 2010 -- Kris

"YUMMIE!!! Hosted a Middle-Eastern dinner and served the organic walnut/date rolls as an appetizer; put together little boxes of the Turkish Delights for guests to take home; had to hide the opened bag of dates from myself because they are OUT OF THIS WORLD and I had to find a way to stop contiually snacking on them!!!!!"
Oct 2010 -- kat

"I bought this for my students as we read The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. They loved it. There was plenty in just one box for the whole class."
Sep 2010 -- Liz, San Pedro, CA

"Wow, I couldn't believe how fast I received my order! The Turkish Delights were devoured by a group of children and adults within one day and everyone gave them a positive review. Thanks for the excellent service and great product quality."
Aug 2010 -- Donna, Salisbury, N.C.

"The Turkish Delight was so nice and fresh ! Fruits look wonderful. Can't wait to tear into more of it. Delivery was fast and accurate. What more could we ask ??? Geo"
Jul 2010 -- George, Granbury, TX

"Wow, I placed an order, it got here very quickly and it tasted even better than I expected! I am very please with my entire shopping experience and will order again! Onica"
Jul 2010 -- Onica, Snellville, GA

"Well, I feel just like Edmund from The Lion, the witch and the wardrobe, because I've had the most incredible craving for Turkish Delight. My order arrived today and I'm in heaven. It's absolutely delicious. The candy comes in such a nice box, too. Thank you thank you!"
Apr 2010 -- Jeni, Baltimore, Maryland

"WOW! You are just fantastic!!!!SUPERFAST SHIPPING!! I made my second order already! I bet it will be at my door tomorrow. I will ALWAYS be coming here for any of my health food and not so health food needs ;) I am so glad I found your site! Thank you again for your SUPERB customer service and amazing site LOADED with any snack I can think possible and any snacks I never even knew existed. I love your sense of humor as well! Very friendly and down to earth- My kind of business! -Kara"
Apr 2010 -- Kara, West Babylon, New York

"It feels like I blinked after submitting my order (yesterday) and then it was here (today)...!!! and the Turkish Delights are INCREDIBLE!!! Bet the White Witch's weren't half as good. ;-) Can't wait to taste the rest! Thank you so much, very impressed!"
Mar 2010 -- Erica, Boston, MA

"We just received our Turkish Delight (in one day!) and it is perfect!! Delicious and beautifully packaged, it is much more authentic and delicious than we expected. After trying to make it, buy it, even find it nothing came close - until your delicious box arrived. Can't wait til my grandsons visit today so we can eat and smile away. Thank you!"
Mar 2010 -- Chris, NJ

"I am very pleased with the prices, the quality and the speed of delivery... I love that Turkish Delight. Thanks, Monroe"
Feb 2010 -- monroe, Rocky Hill, Conn.

"Our youngest daughter got us hooked on turkish delight (she had to try it after watching The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe)and we were well pleased with your pistachio turkish delight. Everything we ordered - pistachios, figs, mullberries and the organic energy bars are wonderful. We're so glad we took a chance and placed our first order, which we are sure will not be our last."
Jan 2010 -- Debra, Florida

"Absolutely awesome...we will definitely be ordering again in the future Honestly the best I've tasted. Keep up the good work. See you next order"
Jan 2010 -- Paul, Burlington, NC

"Uncle Sandy, Cousin David, Dad and Jeffrey, thanks for sending the Turkish Delight to my sister in Washington State USA. I am sure I will order more in the future! Many thanks Kind regards, Richard in Oxfordshire, England (PS:-it is snowing here!!)"
Jan 2010 -- Richard

"My girls and I waited for our Turkish delight and it came right on schedule. We pretended to be in the Movie Narnia, then ate our Turkish delight with much excitement. We plan to share with all our church friends on New Years Eve. Thanks so much for your service."
Dec 2009 -- michelle, Edgewood, NM

"I gotta say, you've impressed the wrinkles out of my jeans! I was skeptical about ordering thru the net. It was easy to place my order for Turkish Delights but what impressed me the most was, at the end of placing my order, the next page not only stated the date that it'll be shipped BUT the date that I can expect it also. THEN it was delivered a FULL day early "AND" you even notified me that "the package was delivered". Don't change a thing! You have a new fan! Steve"
Nov 2009 -- Steve D'Aoust, Columbus, Ohio

"Package arrived very fast! The candied ginger was a great buy...and it's delicious! The Turkish Delite...is exactly that...a Delite!!!! I will be sharing with friends and I know they'll be wanting to order some of their own ;-) Great products, Great Service!!!!"
Sep 2009 -- Denyce, clearwater, fl

"I got my Turkish delights today and I have to say I could not wait to open them! I loved how when i started to open the box with Turkish delights in them the powered sugar just flowed out with the sweet smell and my first bite was out of this world. I actually felt like I was in a different country! So thank you for taking the time and care and a lot of love into making these really Yummie treats!!"
Sep 2009 -- Janet, Eddystone, pa

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