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Pineapple Reviews

Below is a sampling of some of our very satisfied customers. Most of our customers are loyal customers that continue to come back and shop at Nuts.com.

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"I placed my 1st order the last week of August, then another and just now placed a 3rd order. While the diced dried pineapple isn't all I ordered, I have to say it's my favorite so far. This is great right out of the bag, by the handful or in cereal and I'm getting ready to make my grandma's pineapple pie!!! This stuff is good for you and the taste is absolutely to die for. Just a bit helps you resist eating higher calorie snacks and knowing it's healthier AND tastes great makes my day!"
Sep 2014 -- Brenda K. McQueen, Eaton, Ohio

"I opened the bag of dried pineapple slices and they are delicious. The aroma by itself, is amazing! The slice is dry outside, but moist when you bite into it. It tastes fresh! I also received a sample bag of dried apricots. They are delicious as well! Thanks, Nuts.com!"
Aug 2014 -- Persida, New York, New York (NY)

"Fast delivery! Just ordered the coconut flakes and dried pineapple and couldn't be more pleased. Will be returning for more!"
Jul 2014 -- Josephine, Houston, Texas

"I received my order of apricots, apples, figs, chocolate covered pineapple and various energy bars, and a surprise of organic almonds Thank you. Lovely packaging and such yummy organic products. The emails you receive make you feel one of the family. Definitely order again"
May 2014 -- abby, winslow, indiana

"Your pineapple jam is excellent. Most I have tried are so disappointing, they don't have a true pineapple taste. This has full pineapple flavor, with plenty of pineapple bits in it as well. Delicious on toast or waffles, but for a real treat try it on grilled ham and swiss cheese sandwiches--instantly transforms an old favorite to gourmet status!"
May 2014 -- Sammy, Ontario, Canada

"LOVE LOVE LOVE the freeze dried fruit! Pineapple is my fav. but Banana is great too!"
May 2014 -- Amanda, BUNKER, Missouri

"I ordered the Diced Coconut, chocolate covered sunflower seeds, dried bananas, dried mixed berry and dark chocolate covered pineapples and everything is GREAT. This is the first time I have ordered from Nuts.com and it won't be the last!!"
Apr 2014 -- Tina, Ruskin, Florida

"Singing the nutty praises of nuts.com! Ordered yesterday 3:20 shipped by 4:00 and arrived this morning at 9:30! Fantastic! Just digging in to the goodies now, the dried pineapple chunks are to die for. Thanks nuts :)"
Apr 2014 -- Alice, Wyalusing, PA

"I've been searching for Dark Chocolate Covered Ginger for weeks and finally came across some and some other sweets on nuts.com. I was so anxious and couldn't wait to receive it and when I finally got them and tasted it, I was in tears! It was so great! I loves it! DC Covered Ginger and DC Covered Pineapples! They were amazing. This is my new favourite sweets site! Thanks for an amazing and speedy delivery!"
Mar 2014 -- Whitney K, Cambria Heights, NY

"These were the freshest and best macadamia nuts I've tried. Dried pineapples were tart and sweet. My grandkids went gaga over the gummy bears. Very pleased with order. I will be ordering again soon."
Mar 2014 -- Angelique, Pensacola, FL

"The organic pineapple is delicious!! When I opened the bag, I was hit with the smell of toasted marshmallows. There is no need to ever buy dehydrated pineapple slices from the store that are loaded with sugar."
Mar 2014 -- Leanne, yuma, az

"Even though I have ordered from you several times, this is my first testimonial. I received my order and everything was as ordered, with a little gift, thank you! I tore into the Thai Pineapple Sprouted Trail Mix first. Oh. My. Goodness! I am probably going to have to buy this in bulk. Absolutely one of the best things I have ever put in my mouth! The balance of spice and sweet from the natural dried fruits is perfection! Now I just have to learn not to eat a lot at once!"
Mar 2014 -- Lynn, Hickman, KY

"I could not have been happier with the dried pineapples and apple sliced we received from Nuts.com! I called the company on a Friday. Our fruit arrived the next day. I was looking for an organic product that was fat free for my son who suffers from acute pancreatitis from SOD. The fruit was moist, excellent flavor and truly delicious. I can't wait to try more of their products. With sincere appreciation, Joanne from PA"
Feb 2014 -- JOANNE, broomall, PA

"The dried pineapple is the best I've ever had. I've purchased dried organic fruits at various stores and I usually end up throwing them out because they look scary."
Feb 2014 -- Terri, Scottsdale, AZ

"You guys are great! Super fast delivery and excellent snacks to boot! We really enjoyed the milk chocolate dipped pineapple ~ it was so moist and decadent not like other dried pineapple products which are leathery. These were soft, supple and sweetly enrobed in the best milk chocolate I've ever tasted. This is now our new "begging treats!""
Feb 2014 -- Yvonne, Muscadine, AL

"Wow...that was quick!...I read your email that my package was delivered so I went out to the mailbox to find your freakin cool package....made me laugh!....I am munching away on dark chocolate covered pineapple YUM!....also the dark chocolate ginger is amazing....thanks for the little surprise package of crystallized ginger...double yum! telling friends about NUTS.com <3"
Feb 2014 -- Linda, Holmdel, NJ

"These are the absolute best dried pineapples I have ever had! They aren't hard or bitter but aren't too super sweet either and best of all, no chemical taste! Wonderful! Such an amazing value too. I'm already starting another order. I LOVE LOVE LOVE everything I ordered. Everything is so fresh!"
Jan 2014 -- Asheley, Tuscaloosa, Alabama

"my daughter in law with whom i live got a huge order last week.. so far we have loved it all.. but i absolutely love the pineapple chunks.... i have just ordered myself 3 bags. they are the best i have ever had... so soft but just sweet enough... i will be getting more. much more.. and some nuts along with them !"
Jan 2014 -- barbara, ocala, florida

"I just got the Sprouted Thai Pineapple Trail Mix. I've been trying a diet of spicy food to loose weight and i love this. Spicy enough i break a sweat but not so spicy I can't eat it and just the perfect touch of sweet and salty for when I'm craving a snack."
Jan 2014 -- Lucynda, Russellville, Arkansas

"I cannot say enough good things about this company. Anything you receive from them is top quality. The ordering and shipping is an excellent experience. Pineapple is the best anywhere."
Dec 2013 -- kim, panama city, fl

"This is the most delicious organic sprouted health food it has ever been my pleasure to enjoy. I got it because I am on a real health kick lately and all the ingredients are perfect. I never expected this to taste so good. Now I have trouble only eating the one serving size amount because it is beyond delicious. The Wild Berry is wonderful as well. I LOVE Nuts.com"
Dec 2013 -- Tiffany, Clay City, IN

"Wow! What fun to receive our order in such a cool and nutty box! The banana chips were so crisp and delicious. Love the dried pineapple too. Amazingly, the dried strawberries were even a hit with kids that don't like strawberries! You NUTS rock! Thanks so much for the fresh yumminess!"
Dec 2013 -- Nicole, Bethlehem, PA

"Can't believe how quickly my package arrived. Your prices are great! Everything is well packed and perfect! I'll be returning thanks Nuts.com. Merry Christmas,"
Nov 2013 -- Kelly, Paris, TX

"Love, loved everything I purchased from you. You also did an awesome job of wrapping the jars of jam up. AND I just loved the sample of fudge I purchased. I will be buying more of that before the Holidays arrive."
Nov 2013 -- Pamela, Eugene, Oregon

"WOW!!!! You guys are FANTASTIC!!!! Everything I ordered was Great!!!! My mom ordered from you last week & everything was so fresh & tasty. I'm obsessed with the dried pineapple!!!! Thanks,"Nutty Ruth"!!! :) P.S.: thanks for the free treats!!! :)"
Oct 2013 -- Ruth, Orange, NJ

"the only thing that could be better then the dark chocolate pineapple,dark chocolate mini grahams and the supreme dark chocolate almonds was the speed at which i received the above items. If you can believe it i ordered on Thursday and ups got them to my door the next day. that's amazing like the goodies i ordered. kudos to nuts .com"
Oct 2013 -- doug, toms river, nj

"Yea! I received my mangos, pineapples, xanthan gum and wasabi veggies. My mouth is on fire from the wasabi and I like it! The pineapples are yummy yummy yummy and I'm so glad I ordered from you. The next best thing about my order is the packaging and fun family story on the back. I don't want to put the packages in the pantry cause they brighten up my kitchen counter. Fun stuff. Thanks.... barb felts"
Oct 2013 -- barb, shoreline, wa

"Just received my second order today. Free sample of Turkish Figs were a hit with the guys in the house. Thank you so much. Looking forward to making many wonderful things with the dried apricots, dried pineapples, yeast and pickling spice. Have a great day!! :)"
Oct 2013 -- Trish, Woodland, ME

"I just received my order and have never been more pleased with a product or a company! Everything I ordered was fresh, very well packaged and exactly what was described! I've always tried to back American owned family businesses, and I've finally found one that I will continue to support and give all of my business to you until I'm dead!! If you are looking for an excellent product by an outstanding company, then this is the only place to consider!"
Aug 2013 -- Dawn, Hot Springs, Arkansas

"Guys, Absolutely delicious organic banana chips, organic pineapple and also the sample bag of dried organic mango. I love them all! Thanks"
Aug 2013 -- Barry, Newark, New Jersey

"good value- quick shipping recommend this company!"
Jul 2013 -- charles e moncy

"Hello There Nuts Family, I want to let you know how much i enjoy my pineapple jam, it really taste so good. Chow-Chow from Linda Hull."
Jul 2013 -- Linda J. Hull, Saint Petersburg, Florida

"The pineapple rings are the best I ever had. Can't wait to try the Cacao Nibs. Thank you."
Jul 2013 -- Brenda, Taunton, Ma

"Even in the 90 degree weather our package of chocolate covered soy beans and chocolate covered pineapple were not melted upon arrival. Everything tasted wonderful. I will definitely be ordering again!"
Jun 2013 -- Sarah, Conway, AR

"YUM! We traveled to Greece (for those geographically challenged out there, Greece neighbors Turkey) a few years ago and had the MOST AMAZING fresh roasted pistachios from an old YaYa's cart... I have been dreaming of them ever since. I was concerned about ordering ANY online, because they are a little pricy and "WHAT IF" they were awful and disappointing??? Well... I cannot say that these Antep Turkish pistachios are "just" as good as that Yaya's fresh roasted in her yard (probably over an open fire) BUT, I must say, they at least approach the rich goodness! PLUS, they are fresh and crisp. I will NEVER buy regular old pistachios again. OH yeah! and the freeze dried fruit is awesome too! I buy some from another place when I happen to be near one of their stores (the nearest one is 10 hours drive from here), but now that I can source this flavor packed fruit goodness online... I am as happy as can be. WOO HOO! Thanks, Nuts!"
May 2013 -- Danette, Whitefish, mt

"WOW!!! Never have I had a company consistently deliver top quality products until I found nuts.com. EVERY time I have received an order it is the freshest, best tasting item I have ever ordered. To make matters even better, I ordered on a Thursday and received my shipment on Saturday. TWO DAY DELIVERY!!! Absolutely amazing. Keep up the fantastic work!"
May 2013 -- Annette, Mountain City, Tennessee

"I have now ordered from your company 3 times. Each and every time i am just blown away by the quality and value of your products. I have order dried fruit, kale chips, nut and vegetable chips. Everything is wonderful."
May 2013 -- Vicky, Godfrey, Il

"Wow, I just got my gluten free trail mix. All I can say is wow, so delicious! I love the wild berry and the Thai pineapple trail mix;) You have a new client for life;) Thank you!!!"
May 2013 -- nina, Morgan hill, Ca

"Came home, and little gift was waiting for me.... I love the organic pineapple chunks, also ordered a yummy sample of goji berries.... but oy man, was i in for a treat when i opened the Ranch sunflower seeds.... Love them.... .."
May 2013 -- cheryl, brooklyn, ny

"Wonderful products, fresh, crunchy, nicely packaged, delivered when promised, I will definitely order from your site again, and recommend this site to my family and friends. Thank you for quality products."
May 2013 -- Michelle, Geneva, Ohio

"Products arrived in 3 days - everything is great! Macadamia nuts are HUGE! and delicious. The freeze dried pineapple is quite a unique treat! Also, thank you for the free sample of Quinoa! Cant wait to try more of your products :-)"
May 2013 -- Emily, Grand Rapids, MI

"The freeze dried pineapple is beyond awesome; I can see it becoming a staple. My order got here so quickly I didn't even have time to go through almond withdrawal..."
Apr 2013 -- Alison

"The package was delivered on time. Everything was intact. Thank you for the suprise. Loved the art work on the box. Opened the pineapple chunks and they are fantastic. Actually use a few in a chicken recipe. The jerky is very good. Overall fantastic and I am looking forward to trying the other products in the order. Best wishes and look forward to more business with you."

"Got my order about 6 hours ago. I've already eaten so much of the Pineapple I'm starting Hula lessons tomorrow morning. LOLOL I've tried everything and it tastes like another order to me. Thanks, Steve"
Apr 2013 -- Steven, Green Valley, Arizona

"The dried strawberries arrived yesterday - as promised! My son asked for some for his birthday, and he enjoyed them. The dried pineapple is also delicious, and the raspberries were wonderful too. Thank you!"
Apr 2013 -- Rose, Sherburne, NY

"I would like to say how thankful I am to have received my shipment so quickly and considering I am on deployment right now. I love you all so much and the taste of everything is OUT OF THIS WORLD. God bless you all and I will be ordering more in the future."
Apr 2013 -- Amanda, Norfolk, VA

"Well where do I begin? This is Nutty Gus's Fruity Wife and I am here to tell you guys that your products are amazing! Today we received our second order from your company and we are most delighted in all of our goodies! The apricots, pineapple, cranberries, the list just goes on are all wonderfully delicious! I am so happy that I stumbled across your website. You nuts rock!! I'm sure we'll be back for more! xoxo"
Mar 2013 -- Nutty Gus, Mount Pleasant, Utah

"A friend recommended nuts.com to us, and we placed an order right away. Wonderful products, superb service, and best web site ever. Now we've got a good thing going with nuts.com."
Mar 2013 -- John, Springfield, South Dakota

"The best Sunflower seed butter I have ever tasted and the dried pineapple is to die for, I love every thing I purchased. It nice to buy from a family business too. :)"
Mar 2013 -- Teri, Darby, MT

"I placed my order on Wednesday and received it on Thursday! The freeze dried bananas and pineapple are amazing! Love your gluten free selection! This was my first order, but it will not be my last!"
Mar 2013 -- Donna

"Holy smokes!! I blinked and my order was at the door! What a treat! I just ate the most delish, and freshest organic pineapple I've ever had, and Whole Foods ain't no slouch operation! My husband said the nuts I ordered for him were great, and fresh, too! I am so happy (can you see my grin?) I found you! This is the beginning of a very long friendship!!"
Mar 2013 -- Sondra, Morganville, NJ

"I have been looking for years for some dried pineapple like I had probably 20+ years ago. I have finally found it with your unsweetened dried pineapple. Yours is even better than I remember! Also, thanks for the dried mango. When I made my order for the pineapple I could not decide between the dried nectarines and the dried mango. So, next time I will order dried mango. Also, I love the shipping box and the colored bags!"
Mar 2013 -- Teresa, PEARLAND, Tx

"What a pleasant surprise it was to encounter Nuts.com. I was looking online for lemon chips, stumbled on Nuts.com, thought the dried fruits sounded great, and placed an order. In a short 2 days my order was delivered. The fruits are excellent, the lemon chips (I have a recent craving for lemony things, do not know why) are perfect, and they added a sample of dried strawberries that are unbelievable. Thanks, you bunch of nuts!"
Mar 2013 -- Mike, Sandusky, Ohio

"LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the bags are sooooo cute. And what was inside was awesome too. I will be ordering from you a lot more now that I found you and your family. Congrates on your successful business. When I opened the bag yesterday I told everyone I work with and everyone in my exercise class. I am always talking about being healthy and eating right and often. Snacking on NUTS AND FRUITS between meals, so I hope all of the ladies in my class will look at your website and order lot of your wonderful products. Smiles Forever LORI"
Mar 2013 -- Lori, Searcy, AR

"Got my order in less than 24 hours!!!!! My daughter and I have Celiac and we are thrilled that Nuts.com has certified gluten free-only place I have been able to find nuts, pineapple chunks and chocolate covered almonds that I trust are gluten free. And they taste fantastic!!!!!!!!!! I will be a regular customer."
Feb 2013 -- Pat, Villanova, PA

"OMG!! I love you!! Ordered the all natural almond flour for gluten free baking & natural pineapple. Everything is fresh, delicious, has no additives which is what I have been looking for. The price was reasonable and we absolutely LOVE the shipping box and packaging as much as we love the product. My 6 years old twins fell in love with the box and all the happy, fun sayings on it. You're my go to source for natural and gluten free baking supplies. And now my cupcakes rock!!!"
Feb 2013 -- Patricia, brooklyn, NY

"Fast delivery and everything is awesome! You get exactly what they say you'll get and all of it tastes great! Shared some of it with friends and they asked where I got it. This stuff really sells itself!"
Feb 2013 -- Nina, St. Paul, Minnesota

"Just received my 12 pound batch of goodies and all I can say is wow! These will be used for a gathering and I have no doubt that it will all be a smash! Thanks!"
Jan 2013 -- Michael, Bridgeport, West Virginia

"Wow! Got my package today and when nuts over the packaging. But the contents in side the package has sent me over the hill. I have been nuttier than you can even imagine. This is the best I have ever had. I'm a complete nut now so happy to know where I can get my nut blessings from. Oh and thanks for my gift what a nutty gesture. Thanks again for welcoming me into the Nut family"
Jan 2013 -- La Barbara, Leesville, La

"Nuts.com has an insanely HUGE selection of QUALITY products at very fair prices. I love that I'm able to satisfy my sweet-tooth with so many healthy options and the customer service has to be the most friendly, helpful and fastest I've ever dealt with. I will definitely be a LOOOONG time customer."
Jan 2013 -- Matthew, hollis, New York

"These little morsels are amazing! They have a nice crisp, crunch to them and then they melt in your mouth. Delicious! Perfect in cereal or just out of the container."
Jan 2013 -- Blair, Montclair, New Jersey

"Thanks for the speedy shipment. My order was place 1-2-13 and delivered 1-3-13."
Jan 2013 -- Bettye, Bowie, Maryland

"You guys are great!!!! My Christmas present arrived on time and they loved everything. Thanks. I will use you again and again...."
Dec 2012 -- Helen, Montrose, CO

"Thank you!!! Haven't found pineapple jelly anywhere and they are for a friend for Christmas! They came very quickly -- in plenty of time. And they look absolutely delicious!!!"
Dec 2012 -- Judy, Pittsburgh, PA

"This company is the bomb! Superfast shipping and order completion. I will get all my goodies online from these guys. Yay!"
Dec 2012 -- Donita, Minneapolis, Mn

"I am so thrilled with everything I ordered from nuts.com! The dried pineapple and the chocolate covered orange peel are fabulous...and the Medjool dates...yummy. I could go on and on. You have a customer for life. Merry Christmas!"
Dec 2012 -- Sharon, Memphis, TN

"U guys rock! I love your product. I'm a happy customer, eager to keep coming back for more. Thanks!"
Dec 2012 -- Robin, Argyle, Texas

"LOVE IT! So glad I chose you guys. extremely satisfied and happy with the products. great news to me for finding you. Thanks!"
Dec 2012 -- Thomas, Qyeens, NY

"Oh, snap!! This is THE mix that would make me say "hot DA**"!!! You get the picture...sweet, tart, tangy, & spicy - just come on in and shut the front door 'cuz this is gonna get ugly."
Nov 2012 -- Diane, S.A., TX

"ok the goodies came today. my hubby and i have already torn into the dark chocolate pineapple. this is my umpteenth order from ya'll and every time the goodies are what i expected. keep it up.. you guys ROCK..."
Nov 2012 -- kathryn

"I absolutely Love your products! My kitchen is over flowing with bags from nuts.com. :) I think i have tried at least half or more of all of your organic and raw food products. My favorite products are the organic gummy worms, the organic dried pineapple is to die for!, organic sunflower seed butter, organic raw hemp seeds, raw pistachios, organic pine nuts, organic honey, organic turkish figs and medjool dates, heck pretty much everything! I always receive an extra sample item with my orders, which is fantastic. This is a great company with great products! Keep up the fabulous work! :)"
Sep 2012 -- Jenny Q, Henderson, Nv

"Ordered at 5:30pm on Tuesday and it was delivered at 12:15pm on Wednesday. Can't get any better than that! Thank you."
Aug 2012 -- Donna Funk, Maywood, NJ

"the quickest delivery ever! great product, great prices! i am already placing another order!"
Jul 2012 -- sherry, barrington, nj

"Once again, everything was fantastic! The barhi dates, dried pineapple, turkish figs, currants, and dried cherries were all simply phenomenal. This site really is top notch. The wide variety of choices, the high quality of the products, the reasonable prices, and the fast shipping are what makes me come back time after time. Thank you!"
Jul 2012 -- Hannah, VA

"Great dried blueberries, dark chocolate covered blueberries and dark chocolate covered pineapple. I was pleasantly surprised at how quickly they arrived and the cold packaging preserved the chocolate covered items very nicely even though it is hot here in middle Georgia."
May 2012 -- EDWARD, Fort Valley, Georgia

"Oh boy oh boy oh BOY!! I am so excited to have found a black currant supply!!! The dried ones are FABULOUS, as are the strawberries, pineapple, and puffed quinoa. Good eatings, for sure! The delivery was remarkably fast, and the free quinoa sample was a delightful surprise. Rock on, or should I say, NUTS on!"
May 2012 -- Monika, Newport News, VA

"Tasty Spicy so good!! I hid it from the kids and saved for me!!"
Apr 2012 -- Sarah, Yorkown, Va

"The best chili mangos I have ever tasted. The cherry jam and pineapple jam was delicious. I really enjoyed the chocolate covered espresso beans. I will be ordering from you guys again."
Apr 2012 -- lori, san jose, ca

"I got my order when (and as) promised. The candy was delicious. But, the Thai Trail Mix was out of this world. I love spicy foods and trial mix was not somthing I'd tried with extra spice. I may only eat it that way from now on. I an't say enough about it. Do your self a favor buy the Thai Trail Mix."
Apr 2012 -- Christiana, Charleston, MO

"The package came on time. We ripped into everything! The simply pineapple was the best- like marshmallowed pineapple! The pepitas were excellent in my lunch salad- Son thinks his sunflower seeds needed more salt ( he really went after the salted in-shell type)."
Apr 2012 -- Laila, Raytown, MO

"super easy and fast shipping to Canada. Excellent products and quality. The dried sugarless pineapple is the best!!"
Mar 2012 -- gail, british columbia, canada

"Received my order today! I was ordering sucanat and decided to throw in some dried fruit. Sure glad I did. My kids are tearing into the kiwis, pineapples, and mangos as I type. :-) Delivery was fast and y'all's nutty sense of humor is fabulous. Will be ordering from y'all again soon! Thanks for the strawberries!!"
Feb 2012 -- Emily, Victoria, Texas

"Love the dried fruit and delivery service is exceptional. A pleasure to deal with. Thanks!"

"It's my first time trying the freeze dried fruits and OMG they are amazing, especially the pineapple."
Feb 2012 -- Hedy, California

"Everything is awesome at a great price! We love the the strawberries, raspberries, pineapple, kiwi, cherries and mixed nuts. We cannot find gluten free dried fruit and nuts anywhere, let alone for such a great price. Thanks! :)"
Feb 2012 -- Robin, Sedona

"This freeze-dried pineapple is fabulous! We love the taste, the crunch, and the fact that it has no sugar added. it is a healthy, delicious alternative to sugary snacks! this diet stuff isn't so bad after all!"
Feb 2012 -- Debbie, Tigard, OR

"Third time ordering and a third box showed up at my door w/ fresh dried fruit inside! Outstanding fruit quality. Easy to order. Seamless in terms of billing and email notification that my package has arrived. I'm now a loyal customer! Thank you Nuts.com!!! Keep up the great work!!! (For anyone reading this, the natural dried pineapple is outstanding!)"
Jan 2012 -- Dominic, Los Angeles, CA

"2nd order received and another excellent product delivered! I ordered the dried (natural) pineapple and it is excellent. No added salts or sugars. Just a plain simple and healthy treat. And NutsOnline deliveries an excellent product. Product is fresh and top tier quality. THANK YOU to the NutsOnline family!"
Jan 2012 -- Dominic, Los Angeles, CA

"Well all can say is you guys are awesome!!! Shipping is so fast & received my last order a day early. I can't get enough of your freeze dried blueberries, peaches, pineapple & toasted corn. Everything is so fresh & tasty. I will be placing more orders very soon. Thanks again & Merry Christmas."
Dec 2011 -- Mary, Indianapolis, In

"These chocolate covered pineapple slices are incredible! They're not dried out like the ones you buy at the grocery store, they actually taste fresh! This is such a great product!"
Dec 2011 -- Sarah, Lake Wynonah, PA

"I would regularly purchase the natural dried pineapple rings from Trader Joe's. It is sold in 8oz packages, and I was always looking for another retailer that sold something comparable. Well, I purchased from NutsOnline! The price point is similar if not slightly cheaper (but once I include shipping, it is about the same). Quality of the fruit is excellent. I noticed the Trader Joe's product to be sliced thinner and is drier, while the NutsOnline product is sliced thicker and is also more moist. I would say that I do enjoy the NutsOnline version quite a bit more. My only fear is that I'll be consuming it far faster due to the thicker slices. (It has been only one hour since I received the bag, and half of the 1 pound bag is consumed. Guess I'll be placing another order by the end of today...). Shipping was hassle free and arrived on time. Thank you NutsOnline!"
Dec 2011 -- Dominic, Los Angeles, California

"Fantastic price, delivered as promised, and the "taste' amazing!!! Great dried pineapples, kiwi fruit, Pumpkin covered malt balls and chocolate covered pretzels...Yum, yummy. Quality, quantity, taste and great price, can't be beat!!!!!!!"
Nov 2011 -- Chris, Bear River, Wyoming

"I am addicted to the Pineapple chunks, At first I though I wouldn't Like Them but now I can't get enough. Where I shop at another brand was there but much higher, so I will stick with you. I hope you get coupons one day, Ms, Martell."
Oct 2011 -- Ruby, Hanover, MD

"What fast shipping! I ordered the chocolate covered pineapples, extreme trail mix, and healthy trail mix - and all were phenomenal! Will DEFINITELY order again!"
Oct 2011 -- ~e~, Williamsburg, VA

"It got here Sat. but I was not able to get it till today. Finally, after having to return unsweetened dried pineapple to two other distributors because they weren't right, I got the real stuff from you! I love how they are in individual bags for best storage. AND THEY TASTE WONDERFUL. The dark chocolate covered pineapple is to die for! Thanks!"
Oct 2011 -- Richard

"I am THRILLED with my goodies box! Each package I open seems better than the last. You can be sure I'll be coming back often for more!!"
Oct 2011 -- Karen, Vidor, Texas

"My order got here super fast and everything is fresh and yummy! So nice to find a web store that cares about the customers and makes sure they are happy. Thanks!."
Oct 2011 -- Marlene, Monroe, MI

"speedy delivery, and more important the order was correct"
Oct 2011 -- Larry Wayne Carnes

"Cant say it enough. you guys are great!"
Sep 2011 -- abbey, Las Vegas,, Nevada

"Great, great dried fruits! These snacks are healthy. Incredible customer service! Highly recommend your site to everyone. Very impressed indeed."
Sep 2011 -- Lana, Charlotte, NC

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