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I loved the Haystack Bon Bons, treats that I make every Christmas, but it went by another name which I cannot say here. The ones I make are not as yummy as yours. I will not be making them again, I will order them from you. And there will so many more to go around and it will make my baking days so much simpler!
, Port Colborne, ON, Canada
February 4, 2015
You guys really make an impression. I can't find the coconut haystacks here anywhere. Ordered them on Tuesday. They were supposed to be here Friday, but made it here Thursday. 2 days! And the haystacks are delicious! Looks like you've gained another satisfied customer. Very impressed!!
, Amarillo, TX
January 16, 2015
nuts.com, has the freshest candy I love BON BONS. This is my second order with them in about 2wks, You're right I ordered more bon bon's I just love this place.
, canton, OH
December 19, 2014
I place my order on line late Wed night and it arrived Friday around 4 pm - WOW - Now I can start baking - my banana bread and Nuts.com walnuts are a pair everyone loves. The ginger snap chocolate covered cookies are awesome. Thanks
, Wake Forest, NC
October 17, 2014
I have always bought a well known national brand of ginger snaps. I am on my second bag of your ginger snaps. I think they must have evaporated. Yum! I will be ordering more soon. I am not a ginger fanatic, but, of the many varieties of your dark chocolate covered stuff that I have tried, the small dark chocolate covered ginger pieces are now my favorite. I always keep something dark chocolate in the house. Thanks for being nuts. Diane
, Quincy, MA
September 3, 2014
I have previously ordered your Bonbons and both orders, had been shipped to my Waltham address, as well as my address in Florida. On time as well, as correct as ordered. I can not put forth enough praise about how well your business is being operated. my friends would be very happy to order from your company. Very professional. Orders are shipped when promised, and received, without delay. I will be happy to continue ordering more product in the future. I would certainly be more than happy to recommend your company to my friends and relatives. Thank you Walter.
, Waltham, Mass
August 20, 2014
My order arrived while I was at work and I couldn't wait to get home to tear into my maple nut goodies!! I loved the box that my order came in, and they were just like I remembered them - delicious! You would think I had enough to last me for a while, but I have to admit half the bag is gone already and I don't share. So, you shall be hearing from me again very soon!
, Brooklyn, New York
July 21, 2014
I got the animal crackers for my 90 year old Father, but I must admit we all LOVED them. Took us all back to a simpler time. The cookie is crisp and fresh and the chocolate is fantastic. YUMMY!!
, Winter Park, FL
June 5, 2014
Thank you received roasted peanuts and ginger snaps delicious and yummy.
, Columbus, OH
June 4, 2014
The hystacks are great…..only wish I had known about them many orders ago. Still trying out whole wheat blueberry bars..so far so very good. Have enough goodies for now. Will definitely order again. Lots of thanks And salivation when I think of nuts.com Sincerely Barry Eckstein
, nyc, ny
May 15, 2014
Yum!! The Brookies are really delicious. The cashews are so fresh. I'll definitely be making some cookies with those!
, Shippensburg, PA
May 8, 2014
Nuts.com has the best quality nuts and snacks around! I like to mix up Jumbo Peanuts, Wasabi Peanuts, Edamame, Roasted Soy Nuts and Bridge Mix for a yummy snack! I have been buying Nuts.com for years, and I will continue to buy here. Quality and reliability, not to mention quick delivery! - cannot be beat!!! [My husband scarfed the Brookies in five minutes - no joke!!]
, York, PA
May 3, 2014
SO FAST & SO GOOD.. delivery from NJ to Long Island, Suffolk County is faster than from down the street. the "Mother's Day bonus" was delicious.. Glad I'm a mother.
, sayville, New York
May 1, 2014
I just bought these in the beginning of the month and fell in love. I like the combination of coconut and chocolate, so I had to try these. These were gone in two days and they are highly addictive. I just placed an order for two more bags. The texture is great. I thought it had crispies in them, but no... It's just coconut and chocolate. I can't wait until my order arrives. :)
, Philadelphia, PA
April 20, 2014
I ordered pecans and walnuts also haystacks and coconut macaroons. And everything was delicious. The nuts were very fresh also the macaroons and haystacks were nice and sweet. Will be ordering again.
, Matteson, IL
April 18, 2014
Love, love the chocolate covered almonds & haystacks. What a GOOD idea
, Roberts, WI
April 12, 2014
The Ginger Snap cookies arrived today 4/9 before lunch and we could not wait to try them Found them to be the best we have ever had Now to invite the neighbors for coffee and cookies
, Dixon, Illinois
April 9, 2014
Once again you are to be commended on your fast shipping and yummy products. I ordered the coconut macaroon, bagel and bits mix, bear crunch popcorn, and graham cracker cookie gem. Everything is so delicious! Thanks for your gift. I love cashews. Keep up the good work! Thanks again and God bless!
, Valley Stream, NY
April 8, 2014
Received delicious apricots, ginger snaps and roasted peanuts yummy.Thank you
, Columbus, OH
April 3, 2014
I am THRILED with the expedient service I received...and the PRICE! I shipped two pounds of macaroons to VA and they arrived the following day, as fresh as ever! I will be happy to spread the word of Nuts.Com to anyone who will listen! I thank you sooooo much!
, Naples, FL
April 1, 2014
Dark chocolate. Coconut. What else do you need?
, The Sunny Southlands, SC
March 28, 2014
They are great coconut Bon bons I love them I would buy them again again they are Deliclous. Thank you
, Trion, Ga
March 20, 2014
Ginger snaps and roasted peanuts are delicious.
, Columbus, OH
March 14, 2014
At last I've found something that tastes as good as it did when I was a kid! Yummy! I should have ordered more. Thank you for bringing a sweet childhood memory back for me. Shirley Moore.
, Bend, Oregon
March 6, 2014
Thank you for delicious ginger snaps and roasted peanuts yum yum.
, Columbus, OH
March 5, 2014
These cookies are delicious! Very crisp and full of gingery goodness. Another win from nuts.com!
, Church Road, Va
March 3, 2014
Enjoying the delicious ginger snaps and roasted peanuts. Thank you
, Columbus, OH
February 13, 2014
The coconut bon bons arrived today, and I've already eaten one of each color. Shhhhhhhhhhhhhh. I am diabetic. They are gorgeous, reminds me of years ago. Thank you so much. I plan to share mine, but I just had to sample. Thank you for the extra surprise gift, too. BB
, Citrus Hgts, California
February 12, 2014
Ginger snap cookies were the best... My family loved and ate one day. It was gone
, St. Paul, Mn
February 8, 2014
This was my first order. I am very pleased with the fast shipping. Everything I received was fresh and delicious. I will make other orders in the future so you know I'm hooked. Thank you for the free sample. I don't like cashews, but these were the best tasting ones I ever had. Oh my the coconut macaroons were coconut heaven in my mouth. SO DELISH!!! This will be my go to site for delicious snacks and treats. So glad I trusted my instincts and ordered from you guys. Btw the packaging of all the goodies and the box were super cute. I love you guys:)
, Newark, DE
February 8, 2014
Love getting my goodies from nuts.com. Never disappointed in the items they are always fresh and the best quality. My favorites are the dark chocolate cherries & the macaroons! Or is it the chia chips? Can't decide.
, Brookfield, IL
January 30, 2014
As I was looking at your delicious items, the Fed Ex truck pulled up with my treats. Right away I opened the box and found a sample of Dark Chocolate Espresso Beans. They are wonderful. Thank you so much! Then I tore into the Ginger Snaps. They are so good that I can't stop eating them!! Oh, I'm in trouble wit my diet plan. I am a happy camper. Ginger Snaps for breakfast?
, Lancaster, Texas
January 25, 2014
I love these Maple nut candies. Nuts.com has the freshest ones I've ever had so soft and tasty. I am tempted to order the large size but I know I wouldn't be rationing as I do with a smaller bag. This was my second order from Nuts. and it all arrived in the time given and packed so that things don't get smashed or broken. This time I ordered different items then the first. They have such a big selection. They are my new to go snack site. Oh and that box the items come in is the cutest!
, Escondido, Ca
January 17, 2014
I ordered on Monday and everything was delivered before 10 am Wednesday!! The dark chocolate haystacks and sugar free dark chocolate raisins are yummy. The crystallized ginger is wonderful and much better than what I can buy in the grocery store. I will be ordering again and telling all my friends what a great company this is. Thanks, you nutty folks!
, Ashburn, GA
January 16, 2014
Received a box of the chocolate covered graham crackers in a gift basket for Christmas. Had to have more -- plus chocolate covered ginger snaps, cocoa mix, and more. Package came today. Really fast delivery, and now I don't know which I like better - the grahams or the ginger snaps. I'll have to eat a few more of each one before I decide!! Ha!!!
, hoschton, ga
January 10, 2014
Coconut bon bons....INCREDIBLE!!
, Washington, DC
January 8, 2014
Coconut Bon Bons are yummy. I cannot find them in any store. It's a Christmas tradition with our family. Go Nuts. Thanks for making our holiday special.
, Milton, NY
December 17, 2013
Thanks so much for your quick delivery. Ordered for my 81 year old mother, hard to find bon bons locally. Giving as Christmas gift. Thanks again.
, Appling, Ga
December 16, 2013
Thank you! I was thrilled with the speedy service! Two days after I ordered from your company, the candy was at my door. And in the Christmas rush too. I am thrilled with the candy too. Watermelon Slices and Coconut Bon Bons. For a bunch of nuts, you work fast!
, Poughkeepsie, New York
December 13, 2013
Recently discovered you on the internet and was absolutely DELIGHTED to see the coconut Bon bons that I so loved during my childhood! They are even better than I remembered!!
December 12, 2013
'discovered' nuts.com last year for first time, needed the whole blanched almonds for biscotti, impossible to find anywhere except in tiny pkgs, was so delighted to find the medool dates, figs and all the other goodies, esp the old fashioned coconut 'bon bons' my grandfather used to carry them in his old general store, and I introduced my granddaughter to this old favorite. This year am ordering some for others who remember them from other old fashioned 'general stores' have highly recommended ' nuts.com to many others
, Virginia
December 1, 2013
Received ginger snaps taste so good thank you!!!!!!!!!
, Columbus, Ohio
September 27, 2013
I love ginger snaps and have purchased them in regular super markets; health food stores and probably every brand you can name. HANDS DOWN these are the BEST ginger snaps I have ever eaten. I love this company and the attention they give to the quality of their products.
, The Villages, Florida
September 19, 2013
Thanks for the great bonbons.
, Louisville, KY
September 11, 2013
Received ginger snaps so delicious thank you!!!!!!!!!
, Columbus, OH
September 5, 2013
I must say all your products are always very fresh and of the highest standards. You go out of your way to treat your customers to a very high standard also their is so much to choose from. Good job guys.
, Lancaster, PA
August 22, 2013
I just received the ginger snaps they are delicious. Thank you.
, Columbus, OH
August 17, 2013
the best thing ever they were so delicious will order them again real soon and your shipping is amazing :) very satisfied
, pittsburgh, pa
August 14, 2013
I just received the ginger snaps I just ate one its delicious and fresh. Thank you.
, Columbus, OH
July 24, 2013
I first received the Bon Bons as a Birthday Gift. This candy has always been my favorite but always had trouble finding availability...only around the Holidays. Has always been my favorite. With Nuts.com now I can have them year round! Just placed my first Order and lightning fast shipping and most important....so good are the bon bons...so fresh. Thanks again - You have a new customer!
, pa
July 22, 2013
The ginger snaps and the peanuts are delicious. Thank you very much. I received the package today from FedEx.
, Columbus, OH
July 12, 2013
Thanks what a fast delivery and the Maple nut goodies are fabulous....Thank you so much.
, Hanover, PA
July 6, 2013
I came across your site while looking for sesame seed candy. Oh my, I found so many goodies! The rolled date bars are the best. I have ordered honey dates, macaroons, energy bites, pitted dates, tomato jam, etc. All very well packaged and so delicious. Everything is so yummy! Sure helps my urge when I want a treat and I don't feel guilty at all. I have been sharing with my co-workers and the are going to order from you also. SO good. Thank you for the extra samples that you send. The packaging is very fun and it's a joy to open each one. Everything is so moist and fresh. I recently lost 70 lbs, and am trying to find things that are healthier. I am a customer for life. Good job!
, Hammond, In
June 27, 2013
I have gotten several orders from Nuts.com and have never been disappointed in the timely delivery and outstanding quality of the product :-) Communication is the best, I cannot say anything bad about them.....
, Northfield, NJ
June 25, 2013
I know I can count on getting the freshest and good products from you. I'm also glad that I can order in large sizes. I particularly have as my favorite the Maple Nut Goodies! My all time favorite candy and the Cashew crunch! Plus such quick delivery I can count on!
, chicago, il
June 7, 2013
Oh yes, the coconut bonbons and brazil nuts arrived in great condition. Am sure the UPS man thought I was off my rocker, I was so happy to see him and the package he was holding. The bonbons didn't disappoint...yummy. These are things that can't be found among the cornfields here. So, thanks for being online, all you Nuts.
, Pocahontas, Iowa
June 7, 2013
OMG! I don't even know where to begin! I placed my order last night and it arrived today! I placed an order for Jordan almonds for my niece's wedding a few months ago and they arrived within a couple of days, but this is even better! Everything looks sooo good and fresh! I had to taste the haystacks immediately - absolutely delish! I can't wait to try the rest of the order! The packaging is hilarious! A Maw kiss back to you all! Your nutty family is THE BEST!
, CT
June 5, 2013
as i was expecting from the last time it is a real pleasure to eat your delicious coconut macaroons, and i hope you stay in business for long time, thanks.
, sylmar, california
May 31, 2013
I sent my mom the coconut macaroons and the honey filled hard candies and she loved them. Service was excellent and product selections were unique and reasonably priced. I would order from here again. Thanks
, Oracle, Arizona
May 12, 2013
Love everything dark chocolate and the haystacks are scrumptious as is the honeycomb. Was getting worried since the weather has been warm and, after all, my order was chocolate and wasn't delivered until 7 p.m. A little soft but not melted. Thank goodness!! Thanks for the berry mix sampler. Although not too bad that is not really my cup-o-tea but I appreciate your thoughtfulness in sending it on for a trial taste test.
, Hardin, Montana
May 8, 2013
I just called home and they did arrive, right on time just like you said. The macaroons are for the admin in the office, hopefully she will share. Your macaroon reviews were so good that I ordered from Nuts.com instead of going the the Italian bakery.
April 18, 2013
Dear Jeffrey,Uncle Sandy,Cousin David and Dad, We have been looking for coconut bon bons in every store and couldn't find them. I ordered the coconut bon bons for my hubby he said they were just like he remembered. He LOVES them. He likes everything I ordered.Thanks for the nuts. Thank You, Anne and Jerry
, Baytown, Texas
April 12, 2013
I am beyond pleased with my order! I love the prompt delivery. I ordered many items, including Turkish Delight for my niece who has wondered about how it would taste for years! She was delighted with her surprise! And her 1 year old son loves the little graham cookies :) I was also delighted to find a free gift of crystallized ginger- YUMMY! Thank You so very much and you have another loyal and satisfied customer! I'll be ordering again soon!
, Baldwin, GA
April 6, 2013
I have ordered from Nuts.com several times and have never been disappointed. Everything is always fresh and delicious. I can also find things on Nuts.com that I cannot find anywhere locally. Keep up the good work! Never fear, I’ll be back for more!
, Sachse, TX
April 5, 2013
Knew our shipment was due in today. When it finally arrived we dived into goody box...Mmmmmm The coconut stacks are wonderful Southern heat mix goooood We have to pace ourselves. Everything is great.
, Az
March 27, 2013
The candies I ordered are delicious! Just what I was hoping to get! And ordering was super easy - and delivery was made much faster than I had anticipated! All in all - one happy customer! Will be purchasing again soon! :) Thank you!
, Amherst, NH
March 21, 2013
I sent these bonbons and macaroons as a gift. They arrived on time, and in perfect condition. The box was very attractive and the candy tasted delicious. My friends were very happy with their gift. I will keep you in mind for future gifts and some treats for myself. :)
, Philadelphia, PA
March 20, 2013
Fast and easy. My friend linked me to this website and it is amazing. There are so many different products you'll find here. The shipping is easy and fast! I will be back again!
, Tinton Falls, NJ
March 15, 2013
I just received the salt and vinegar kale chips...WOW! Whoever thought of making these deserves an award. What a grear and satisfying snack. I need to order more ASAP. I am so happy with everything I've ordered. The FedEx guy now wants to order his own snacks and get one of your clever boxes for himself! The free sample is a genius idea, I love that surprise as well. I love you guys!!! So many more things to try.
, San Antonio, TX
February 28, 2013
I ordered the Milk Chocolate Covered Espresso Beans and Dark Chocolate Coconut Haystacks for my girlfriend. They arrived ahead of the scheduled delivery date, which was great. She loved the packaging and thought it was adorable and the treats were delicious. I will definitely be ordering from you again and telling all my friends what a great company this is. Thank you all, very much.
, Ephraim, Utah
February 26, 2013
I soooo love this candy every since I was a kid and my mom would buy at Sears. I'm glad to see that I can purchase in bigger quantity as well!!!! Your nuts are great too! Thanks Y'all!
, chicago, illinois
February 24, 2013
Order arrived quite quickly and am truly happy with the excellent tasty coconut bons bons. Love your service, keep it up Ed
February 21, 2013
First off super fast shipping!! I ordered 2lbs coconut macaroons and 1lb dark chocolate covered marzipan and they were absolutely delicious. So I went and ordered more stuff and I can not wait to try them!
, Shingle Springs, Ca
February 17, 2013
Super Terrific products and service Thank you, Connie
, Wittenberg, WI
February 7, 2013
February 6, 2013
You guys are the best. My husband is overseas and enjoys all you goodies that I send him. Thanks
February 1, 2013
Great delivery time, arrived on date promised. Cute packaging! The ginger snaps are YUMMY! Thanks for being a down to earth company.
, Honolulu, HI
January 26, 2013
I just ordered some of your Coconut Macaroons as a gift for my Uncle and he loved them and they arrived right on time !! I was also very surprised at how reasonable your prices were..I'm excited I found your site as I will be using you as my go to place to send yummy gifts to my family out of town for all special events! Thank You!!
, Michigan
January 25, 2013
i received my order of bonbons today jan 16. i thought i was in heaven. i haven't been able to find them anywhere. but thank god i found your website. i am very happy. they were delivered just like you said. thank you again alice baldwin
, evansville, In
January 16, 2013
Received Neopolitan Pretzels,GREAT! Received coconut bon bon haystacks- (great also!) - Butterscotch Coffee- stronger than I liked, but have re-made it weaker and it's just fine for freezing nights..and a good book, and a warm cozy blanket! (I'm easy to please!). :-)
, Irvine, California
January 11, 2013
WOW...a real blast from the past. I ordered the Coconut Bon Bon's among other goodies...which when I had an extra .25 cents, I used to snack on when I was a kid back in the 1960's! They tasted the exact same and let me tell you...what a trip down memory lane! Service was fast, quality great and i will (already have) be ordering other treasures and snacks soon!
, Cerritos, California
January 9, 2013
I had the supreme nuts, coconut bon-bons, and jelly bellys sent to my son in Mississippi for his birthday. I was concerned that they wouldn't be fresh or that the amount wouldn't be generous. I shouldn't have worried because the bags were large and the contents were very fresh! Thanks so much for making online ordering a happy event!
January 7, 2013
Ordered the coconut bonbons. I love them. We always had them for Christmas and then they became almost impossible to find. I decided to check the Internet and Yoohoo, there they were. You made my day. Thanks
, Newport, DE
January 3, 2013
First of all, thank you for your marvelous cheese powder what would we do without you??? Secondly I Love my Bonbons the pink are the best you totally need to just sell a bag of pink! And my neapolitan pretzels, well the kid has hijacked those! Delicious and as always awesome delivery time!! Love you guys!!!!
, Phila, Pa
January 3, 2013
This will be my seventh order from the Nut family and everything has been just fantastic. My order is usually here in 5 working days which is super fassssssst!!!!! I am a lifer with you guys.
, Edmonton, AB, Canada
December 30, 2012
The best candy I ever had. I will be purchasing more in the future. Thanks a lot.
, N.C.
December 30, 2012
WOW she loved them! Sharing them with all the residents at the assissted living complex..quess you'll have more customers! Hey I'm a realtor and will spread the word for housewarming gift! :) thx moe in GA
, Loganville, GA
December 28, 2012
Oh my gosh, my order arrived on time, was sure it wouldn't make it :). The nuts and cookies are amazing, so glad I was led to order from you. A HUGE PLUS is your packaging enjoying that almost as much as the food. Merry Christmas
, Merritt Island, Florida
December 22, 2012
I ordered the coconut bon bons for my Dad for Christmas and received the package last night. I gave it to him early and when he opened them, his eyes lit up. He immediately tried one and was smiling from ear to ear. His words were," where did you get these, you can't find them around here anywhere. They are great! " I tried one and agree 100%, they are great. Thank you. I will definitely be ordering from there again! :-)
, Belleville, MI
December 20, 2012
I have been eating these delicious BonBon's since I was a child. I first bought them from Sears in Austin, Texas. They had bulk candy and these were the ones I choose everytime, When I moved to Burnet I found them in a Dollar store, I was so excited. Only they stopped selling them a few years ago. One day I decided to do an internet search and I found them at Nuts.com.I am so excited !! I am almost 60 years old so I have enjoyed them for many years, Thank you
, Burnet, Texas
December 19, 2012
The cashews are great quality. Today I took a pound of our coconut bon bons to my mom and she complained that she would need more to get through the holidays. I guess we will be ordering another five pounds. The kids arent even home from college and we only have a few left. Our visitors who like coconut cant stop eating them.
, Ottawa, Ohio
December 9, 2012
I absolutely LOVE your ginger snaps. All I need is a nice big tall glass of milk, as I sit there and nurse the big bag of cookies. They are always so fresh and crisp. You know it's a good gingersnap when you can actually taste the ginger, and the first bite snaps right off. :)
, Goderich, Ontario
December 6, 2012
Wow! I ordered several different nuts, maple walnut fudge and coconut stacks and the whole package arrived quickly. I tore into the cashews right off. I wish I had known about Nuts.com long before this. I will definitely be buying from them again soon.
, Richmond, VA
December 5, 2012
Hadn't seen coconut bon bons in years and my mom had been craving them so when I found your website I was elated but not as much as when I received the candy. Mom mom is happy and you all have a customer for life. Thank you
, atlanta, georgia
November 29, 2012
Hope you got my other testimonial just sent a few minutes ago. Those coconut bon bons are absolutely delicious!! Glad I ordered one for myself. The other two for gifts will be just as appreciated and enjoyed!! Thanks so much!!
, McConnell, Illinois
November 29, 2012
Rec'd the 3 lbs. of Coconut Bon Bons. Two for Christmas gifts and one for me! They are fabulous!! They will love them!! Thanks and Happy Holidays!!
, McConnell, Illinois
November 29, 2012
The mixed nuts, macaroons, and the coconut stacks are all very delish..will definitely order again.. thanks
, Havana, IL
November 18, 2012
These are the best chocolate covered animal crackers by far!!!!
, Katy, TX
November 1, 2012
Package arrived on time as stated and I was so excited knowing the Bon Bons were also in the box. I love the packaging. The last time I had Coconut Bon Bons this good was in Florida 12 years ago. I almost made myself sick from eating so many. I am a Floridian and we love our boiled peanuts and Coconut Bon Bons. I got my peanuts and Bon Bons all in one box. I will be back to order more. A loyal customer for sure. There is so much I want to try but the good stuff first. Thanks nuts family!!!!
, Monroe, Wisconsin
October 13, 2012
Nuts arrived on time, and in excellent condition. They were really fresh and yummy!
September 9, 2012

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