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Fast Delivery and a very reasonable price!!
, Chicago, IL
May 17, 2016
When I ordered I expected a sweetness, but these are like actual salty chips. Very good. :)
, Okemos, MI
May 17, 2016
Love everything ... excellent concept
, Birmingham, AL
May 15, 2016
Better than potato chips!
, Astoria, NY
May 15, 2016
Loved these things
, Tulsa, OK
May 14, 2016
These are incredible! Thanks for this great product and for your awesome customer service! Would recommend you to anyone!
, Fuquay Varina, NC
May 11, 2016
Very Good and chewy. Saving this for when I travel shortly.
, Chandler, AZ
May 10, 2016
sinfully delicious!!!
, Warwick, RI
May 10, 2016
Originally tried these in the trail mix and had to order them alone for my office candy dish.
, Bayside, NY
May 7, 2016
After having read your little story on the bag of banana chips, I am VERY happy that I ordered from you guys! The banana chips are perfect, and the packaging is great! The shipping was prompt, and your prices are stellar! Will definitely order from you again!! :)
, Carbondale, PA
May 4, 2016
Looking forward to trying these soon. I am sure they will be delicious!
, Astoria, NY
May 3, 2016
This is perfect have used in cereal and the cereal has been boosted i will never eat cereal without again.
, Amsterdam, NY
May 3, 2016
This is my third time ordering these delicious plantain chips, so I can surely say they are a favorite of mine!
, Astoria, NY
May 3, 2016
Clearly the best banana chips we've tasted, far and away the better of many others we've had.
, Muskegon, MI
May 2, 2016
so sweet and delicious , even my picky daughter loves it
, Williamstown, NJ
April 27, 2016
the best , I bought 1 bag and it was gone in less than a week . This time I ordered 2
, Williamstown, NJ
April 27, 2016
Ordered 2 bags this time! Delicious!
, Astoria, NY
April 26, 2016
So good. I will be ordering a lot more.
, Milledgeville, GA
April 20, 2016
crispy and wonderful so says my granddaughter who received these.
, New Port Richey, FL
April 15, 2016
These are perfect for road trips!
, Rosedale, NY
April 15, 2016
These are the freshest plantain chips I've ever had. They are PERFECT.
, Wagoner, OK
April 15, 2016
First time I have tried these plantain chips, but won't be the last! Good to have that warning on the bag! Was gobbling them up! Looking forward now to try your other savory snacks. Your customer reviews are very beneficial to me when trying out products that are new to me.
, Astoria, NY
April 13, 2016
, Bronx, NY
April 12, 2016
Fresh! great package
, Gadsden, AL
April 11, 2016
Consistently good.
, Harrisburg, PA
April 8, 2016
I Love the plantain chips! They are but crunchy and delicious. I like to eat them just plain, but they are a little bit salty. They are perfect for dipping. Definitely I will purchase it again.
, Bend, OR
April 2, 2016
so tasty!!
, Hanover, MD
March 31, 2016
Really fresh. Ordering more!
, Ft Mitchell, KY
March 28, 2016
Delicious fresh not too sweet but sweet enough
, Ormond Beach, FL
March 26, 2016
Super yummy!
, Sonora, CA
March 22, 2016
Absolutely delicious. I ordered banana chips from you guys a couple of weeks ago and loved them and told myself I must try your chocolate covered ones. I'm glad I did because I'm hooked. They're super yummy and I will be back to buy more in the future!
, New York, NY
March 18, 2016
I have bought banana chips before, and they are o.k. but there are none better then the freeze-dried bananas. They are so much better then any banana chip you purchase in the store. The store brand are so hard and tasteless, but freeze-dried bananas have this pop of fresh banana flavor, and they melt in your mouth almost. You will never go back to the store bought banana chips again after having nuts.com freeze-dried bananas. I will buy these again and a again. No question about it. Love them.
, Oroville, CA
March 14, 2016
Always have to have!
, Zachary, LA
March 12, 2016
Incredible! Perfect snack, crunchy yet soft. I try to put them down but I always just come back for more-so addictive!!!!
, Grants Pass, OR
March 8, 2016
Really good!!
, Springfield, MO
March 5, 2016
they were great thanks for the extra treat that was a great surprise thank you very much for the prompt delivery
, Vernon, NJ
February 26, 2016
Oh these are so amazing. Chewy banana goodness :) won't be disappointed!
, Chicago, IL
February 26, 2016
, North Attleboro, MA
February 19, 2016
Already 1/2.through the 1st bag ! Not easy to find a healthful snack with no sweetener or salt.
, New York, NY
February 13, 2016
VG I loved the taste and crunch. They could be cut a little thinner.
, Lakewood, OH
February 12, 2016
love that it's organic, nice flavor, not too hard to chew.
, Escondido, CA
February 10, 2016
Great sweet snack!
, Saint Paul, MN
February 7, 2016
Tastes soooo good!!!!! Yummi-licious !!
February 6, 2016
, Washington, DC
February 4, 2016
Perfect snack
, Simi Valley, CA
February 4, 2016
They are good and I will order again.
, Shenandoah, PA
February 2, 2016
Great flavor, big crunch! These are really good banana chips, wish I could get this flavor with baked chips :-) Keep up the awesome product!!!
, Niles, OH
February 2, 2016
I'm crazy picky about these guys...these are the best I've found.
, Rancho Cucamonga, CA
January 30, 2016
I bought these for my husband and he loved them. He almost out (will be back for more) and said they are the best he had ever had. Really are so good.
, Brookhaven, MS
January 28, 2016
Very tasty.
, Westerville, OH
January 28, 2016
Always order these! Amazing!
, Fort Bragg, NC
January 23, 2016
They're so fresh. It's a perfect snack for the sweet tooth.
, Portland, OR
January 12, 2016
, Birmingham, AL
January 10, 2016
Yep ... best banana chips I've ever eaten.
, Cottage Grove, OR
January 8, 2016
What to do with 14lbs of unsweetened Banana chips? Make Crunchy Cinnamon Bananna Chips (Best Snack Ever!!!) Preheat oven to 350 3 cups unsweetened Banana chips 1 1/2 tbl cinnamon 3 tbl of coconut oil (melted) 2 tbl of maple syrup Toss everything in a big bowl Spread on a baking sheet evenly & bake for 8min! Boom!!! If there's anything left store in an airtight container. Thank you Nuts Family❤️
, West Orange, NJ
January 8, 2016
just what I expected
, Delmar, DE
January 7, 2016
The best
, Manteca, CA
December 24, 2015
Unbelievable delicious. I've searched for these chocolate covered banana chips for years after I received some one Christmas. Could not believe I received these in less then 2 days of ordering them.
, McDonough, GA
December 24, 2015
Great taste
, milton, FL
December 19, 2015
We are very impressed with the quick delivery time, the care in the packaging, great customer service and the awesome quality. We're looking forward to continue doing business with you. Thank you,
, Gallipolis, OH
December 19, 2015
Always tasty and healthy!
, Nevada, IA
December 14, 2015
The best banana chips I've ever had.
, Millburn, NJ
December 12, 2015
We get these for my son who is bananas over bananas. He can't stand banana chips, and all the freeze-dried available in the store are mixed with strawberries and other fruits in packages. These are a great price and my son prefers the taste of these over the store-bought as well. They taste... fresher. I will say I'm a bit unsure about the dates listed, perhaps the 1 yr shelf life is left unopened. We buy these religiously every 3 months (storing as listed) and that's how long they last us once open. (I divide them into two gallon size bags). It's the perfect time frame for us because that's also about how long it takes to eat them. (I generally only have to toss a handful or two every batch at the end.)
, Winter Haven, FL
December 9, 2015
Great website from great people with great prices. Nothing beats ecuadorian plantain chips. No lie.
, Norfolk, VA
December 9, 2015
Best Banana Chips ever!!!! I just want to say thanks for all my wonderful goodies and to wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas and the best in the New Year!!!! Oh, thanks so much for the Dried Strawberries they are wonderful and I will order them the next time around.
, Spring Hill, FL
December 8, 2015
I haven't had plantain chips in years and didn't even know you guys had them and if I wasn't ordering the banana chips I still wouldn't know. I guess I have to go into you site and check out everything.
, Spring Hill, FL
December 8, 2015
Love these soooooooooooo much!!!!!! Addicting.
, Brooklyn, NY
December 5, 2015
, Brooklyn, NY
December 5, 2015
, Savery, WY
December 3, 2015
5lbs of Banana Chips is a lot more than you think.... mmm...
, Newark, DE
November 20, 2015
very nice
, New York, NY
November 19, 2015
I'll get this again.
, Hadley, NY
November 18, 2015
, Falls City, NE
November 13, 2015
I'm loving these more than potato or corn chips. The flavor is great and there's just the right amount of salt. The only problem is that I can't stop eating them!!
, Seville, OH
November 10, 2015
Can't stop eating them! These are a great snack
, San Tan Valley, AZ
November 7, 2015
I've been ordering these plantain chips from Nuts.com for a while now. These are really good and the best I've found. The price is great too.
, Palatka, FL
November 6, 2015
Highest quality dried bananas you can find on the planet.
, Groveland, CA
October 31, 2015
These are so great because they are not quite as sweet as other banana chips.
, Santa Rosa, CA
October 29, 2015
These are a great snack, perfect for busy students.
, Rosedale, NY
October 28, 2015
Healthy eating and delicious. Will be ordering many more. So happy I found your website.
, Newberry, SC
October 20, 2015
Great taste!
, Manitowoc, WI
October 16, 2015
Great snack. Crunchy, and if you like bananas you'll love these.
, Spokane, WA
October 13, 2015
My kids love these thanks so much Yummo!!
, Kobuk, AK
October 12, 2015
Tasty and crispy
, Arcadia, CA
October 10, 2015
Very good snack! Just the right amount of salt.
, Stockton, CA
October 7, 2015
A mainstay item here; great taste, crunchy texture...Great for dipping! (the birds dip these in their water)
, Windsor, SC
October 2, 2015
Only reason it wasn't 5 is I order for kids, I'm not much on bananas ....they loved them!
, Winston Salem, NC
September 23, 2015
Love it! I have bought it several time. Its my only indulgence!
, Ocala, FL
September 23, 2015
Simply delicious!!
, Pacifica, CA
September 14, 2015
Love them, and very inexpensive compared to the local grocery stores. I seriously underestimated how large a pound of plantain chips would be, but they definitely will not go to waste!
, Halethorpe, MD
September 9, 2015
the best . no sweetner . love it !!!!!!
, Douglasville, GA
September 3, 2015
cant wait to try these with salsa and guacamole. !!!!
, Douglasville, GA
September 3, 2015
The dried bananas are absolutely delicious. Makes me feel like I'm back home in Brazil.
, Salisbury, NC
August 27, 2015
Crunchy and full of flavor
, Conroe, TX
August 27, 2015
These are absolutely delicious. Fresh, crispy, just the right amount of salt. And the bag is HUGE! Although that's both a plus and a minus, because I may eat the whole thing myself. :-O
, Harrisburg, PA
August 26, 2015
We LOVE these! There are no chemicals added, no soy, no canola - if there were we wouldn't be able to eat them! We decided to go for the 14 lb box this time - yum!
, Davenport, IA
August 25, 2015
I just keep ordering these. I just love them. They're wonderful in a breakfast yoghurt with other fruits and nuts.
, Houston, TX
August 25, 2015
Just to let you know my 3 year old got so excited when she saw the Nuts.com Box and started dancing laughing and saying Plantain Chips over and over. She loves them
, Torrance, CA
August 21, 2015
Good quality, first time ordered, so will update later.
, Atlanta, GA
August 19, 2015
These were awesome! Yummy and Sweet! Fast Shipping!
, Burbank, IL
August 14, 2015

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