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Carnival Candy Buffet

A carnival candy buffet is all fun and games. Mixing gummy popcorn with the real thing is surprisingly delightful. Buffet tip: It's okay to re-use the same type of candy in multiple containers. Here, rain blo bubble gum fills a large apothecary jar and also holds flagged straws in place in a small container.

pack of 9 pieces
pack of 2 pops

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Candy weights (from upper left corner): (1) 5 lbs Assorted Colored Espresso Beans (170 oz container); (2) 2 lbs Twizzlers (Rainbow) (50 oz container); (3) Caramel Corn (Sugar Free); (4) 6 Sour Mini Neon Worms (116 oz container), 4 pieces Smile Pop; (5) 5 lbs Fudgie Rolls (Sugar Free) (200 oz container); (6) 3 pieces Gummy Pop (Sour); (7) 5 lbs Tootsie Roll Minis (Flavored) (125 oz container); (8) 3 lbs Assorted Chocolate Hard Candy (Sugar Free) (116 oz container); (9) 20 pieces Tutti Fruitti Candy Sticks; (10) 6 lbs Rain-Blo Bubble Gum (140 oz container); (11) 6 lbs Fruit Marzipan (165 oz container); (12) 5 lbs Licorice Pastels (157 oz container); (13) 3 lbs Jordan Almonds (Ivory), 2 pieces Rainbow Whirly Pop, 3 pieces Red Whirly Pop (3 inches); (14) 2 lbs Twizzlers (Strawberry) (50 oz container); (15) 10 lbs Assorted Fruit Sours (165 oz container)