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Jericho's back! Tuesdays at 10 PM EST/PST on CBS.

Get fired up and help defend Jericho with this Jericho Peanut Assault Game. Win cool prizes too!

More great cast photos here

About these pages
Welcome to the Nuts.com NUTS for Jericho home page, where fans from all over the world pooled their resources and their passion to send thousands of pounds of peanuts to CBS and SAVE Jericho.

During this historic campaign, fans sent in letters, photos, and crazy, great ideas! We've worked hard to preserve all these ideas and post them for posterity. Plus, we've made a permanent place for Jericho fans to talk about how NUTS they are for Jericho!

About Our Products
We got involved in this campaign by accident. We're nut guys! We ship nuts wherever they are needed - for Father's Day celebrations, Monday Night Football parties or office snacks. We noticed that people were using our site to send peanuts to CBS, so we got involved, and made it easy for you to send FORTY THOUSAND POUNDS!

We want you to know two things:
1. Who we are: read about our family on the About Us page
2. Like our motto says... we're more than just nuts! Here are some of the most popular products that our company sells - all of them top quality, fresh and delivered FAST!


boiled peanuts



sunflower seeds

dried fruit

pumpkin seeds


goji berries


Letter from CBS

June 6, 2007

To the Fans of Jericho:


Over the past few weeks you have put forth an impressive and probably unprecedented display of passion in support of a prime time television series. You got our attention; your emails and collective voice have been heard.

As a result, CBS has ordered seven episodes of "Jericho" for mid-season next year. In success, there is the potential for more. But, for there to be more "Jericho," we will need more viewers.

A loyal and passionate community has clearly formed around the show. But that community needs to grow. It needs to grow on the CBS Television Network, as well as on the many digital platforms where we make the show available.

We will count on you to rally around the show, to recruit new viewers with the same grass-roots energy, intensity and volume you have displayed in recent weeks.

At this time, I cannot tell you the specific date or time period that "Jericho" will return to our schedule. However, in the interim, we are working on several initiatives to help introduce the show to new audiences. This includes re-broadcasting "Jericho" on CBS this summer, streaming episodes and clips from these episodes across the CBS Audience Network (online), releasing the first season DVD on September 25 and continuing the story of Jericho in the digital world until the new episodes return. We will let you know specifics when we have them so you can pass them on.

On behalf of everyone at CBS, thank you for expressing your support of "Jericho" in such an extraordinary manner. Your protest was creative, sustained and very thoughtful and respectful in tone. You made a difference.


Nina Tassler
President, CBS Entertainment

P.S.    Please stop sending us nuts :-)

Status and action items

NUTS for Jericho: Success
orders $$ weight
NY 3,687 $41,609 30,363 lbs
LA 1,104 $13,857 10,112 lbs
total 4,791 $55,466 40,475 lbs
Over 20 TONS of Peanuts to CBS!!
(that's about 8 million peanuts!!)

Jericho 1 day record:
10,000 pounds hit CBS NY on 5/29!!!
(see shipping details)

list of contributions

Your Jericho Pride: words and photos
[fan photos]

We know you're NUTS about Jericho... we are too! This is a page where you, the fans, can share why you love it in your own words... and send in photos of how you show your pride in the real world! We love all the heartfelt messages, not to mention the photos of your signs, tee shirts, dogs and cats!

Check it out, and show your love here!

$20,672 in Donations to Greensburg, Kansas so far!
Save the real world Kansas, too!
Jericho is set in Kansas, which was hit by a series of devastating tornadoes during the same week that the season finale aired. An EF5 tornado destroyed about 95% of the town of Greensburg. For every pound of peanuts shipped in this campaign, we're donating 10 cents to the Greensburg Rebuilding Fund. Plus, fans have already given $12,224 through us and we are donating another $4,040 in proceeds from the t-shirts. If you'd like, make an extra donation here!    Full Details

Rebuild Greensburg, Kansas:

[picket signs] Your action items:
  1. Watch Jericho
  2. Tell your friends to watch
  3. Speak up about Jericho
  4. Save Greensburg, Kansas
  5. Wear your Jericho shirts

Get a NUTS for Jericho tee shirt, help a great cause

So many of you have written in to us asking for a campaign tee shirt that we finally took some time away from peanut roasting and shipping to do this for you. We put our NutsOnline mascots to work on these cute one-of-a-kind shirts available in many styles, colors and sizes - including sizes for kids and toddlers!

We are donating ALL PROCEEDS from sales of these shirts to the Greensburg, Kansas Rebuilding Fund.

Brothers in arms.  <i>Jericho</i> fan Dylan and our Chief Nut Jeffrey in front of CBS sporting nice shirts.
This is just a samplng of the dozens of styles and color combinations available. Click here to shop and raise money for rebuilding Greensburg, Kansas.
Photos of Jeffrey and Dylan in the prototype shirts.

Live Blog from the NutsOnline Ground Team

11:50 AM EST Hey guys! A fan just told me that you can pre-order the Season 2 DVD of Jericho!

------ ^ Monday, 4/7 ^ ------

4:02 PM EST Jericho lovers! Looks like tonight is the season finale. Whether or not Jericho will be picked up by another network / station remains to be seen. Regardless, please enjoy tonight's episode. You deserve it!!!

------ ^ Tuesday, 3/25 ^ ------

3:10 PM EST Guys and gals, I certainly wish I had better news to offer you this holiday weekend, but unfortunately it looks like CBS is pulling the plug on Jericho. Tuesday will be the finale. "The ending that will air Tuesday night doesn't entirely slam the door on the series, but is different than the cliffhanger version, sources said. It also doesn't preclude the possibility of "Jericho" finding a second life on cable, though the economics of the production will likely prevent a continuation of the show."

Try and have a great weekend though!!! You still can look forward to Tuesday! (Glass is half full, right?)

------ ^ Friday, 3/21 ^ ------

1:42 PM EST I hate to admit it, but I had to watch Jericho last night instead of Tuesday night because it's hard for me to stay up late after running and biking. So, the verdict?!?! Wow. I enjoyed the first couple of episodes, but these last 2 have totally kicked some major butt! I can't wait for next week.

------ ^ Thursday, 3/13 ^ ------

9:45 AM EST Wow! Don't want to spoil it for anyone, but last night's episode, was...wow! Did you guys see this message from the cast and crew?

------ ^ Wednesday, 3/5 ^ ------

4:52 PM EST Happy leap day Jericho fans! Today we are shipping our Nuts for Jericho T-Shirts along with peanuts to London!!! The company in charge of UK distribution of the Season 1 Jericho DVD wanted as many shirts and peanuts to go with them to go along with the DVD promotion! :-) Awesome, eh?

Have a wonderful weekend!!!

------ ^ Friday, 2/29 ^ ------

8:40 AM EST Good morning Jericho lovers! I'm a little tired, but staying up was well worth the price! It was a bit surreal seeing Jericho back on the air, and I couldn't help but giggle. (Were these the same people I was hugging back in July in LA?!?! (Guys, don't get too jealous with this photo of Ashley Scott and me!) Haha!!!)

It feels good to have Jericho back.

And Bill eating peanuts in Jimmy's hospital room was priceless!!!

Keep on enjoying Jericho!

------ ^ Wednesday, 2/13 ^ ------

7:40 AM EST Tonight is YOUR night! You actually did it! You saved Jericho! Sit back, relax, and enjoy! Thanks for inviting us to the show!

------ ^ Tuesday, 2/12 ^ ------

6:50 AM EST One more day guys and gals!!! I woke up this morning to a few emails from friends saying they saw a Jericho commercial last night mentioning our campaign with a shot of our peanuts and our Save Jericho t-shirt!!! Haha!


------ ^ Monday, 2/11 ^ ------

1:10 PM EST 4 days until Jericho!!! But if you only count business days, that makes it 2. Hehe. Sorry, I am lame. I know. :-) Just heard from the creator of Jericho about a "kickass review in variety today.." Check out the Jericho Review in Variety Magazine (be patient- the page loads slowly). Have a delicious weekend!

------ ^ Friday, 2/8 ^ ------

8:03 AM EST Good morning Jericho lovers!!! Don't these Jericho commercials get you all fired up? Get this...I was over my parents' house the other night when I suddenly heard a shriek from my mom, "Jeffrey, Jeffrey! Come here! Come here! Look what's on TV!" Hehe...my mom got all giddy with excitement after seeing her first Jericho commercial. Ah, feels so good!!!

5 day until Jericho!!! Are you ready?!?! N.U.T.S.!

------ ^ Thursday, 2/7 ^ ------

10:06 AM EST Hey Jericho lovers! February 12 is getting closer!!!

You probably heard the news by now, but Sci-Fi has picked up the rights to Season 1 of Jericho beginning February 11 with a four-hour marathon from 7 PM to 11 PM and then on Mondays at 10 PM beginning February 18. Yippeee!!!

------ ^ Wednesday, 1/30 ^ ------

10:15 AM EST Check out the weekly high scores of our wicked Jericho Peanut Assault Game. Have a nuttily wonderful weekend!

------ ^ Friday, 1/11 ^ ------

7:20 AM EST Hello Jericho lovers! Happy New Year! Yeah, I know, I haven't had much to say lately, but I wanted to wait for something meaningful. When I met the writers, producers, and actors back in July, I was assured that the new episodes were going to be fantastic and even a notch above Season 1 episodes. Of course they're biased, but they were pretty emphatic and I wanted to believe. Well, finally, a third party confirmation...I just spoke with a TV drama journalist and here's a snippet of what she had to say, "I've now seen the first 3 episodes of the second season and all I can say is WOW!!!! My first thought was how pleased all the fans will be with these episodes. You all did not put forth those efforts in vain. They are above and beyond anything I could have hoped for - I think they may even be better than any season one episode! Oh - and the nuts got a cameo in the first episode! You guys will love it!"

Read the whole live blog (it's huge!) here.

Photos from HQ

We are updating this collection of NutsOnline photos constantly. Keep on checking back for more!
(high res versions available below)

Trying to do my part spreading the word about Jericho at the Great Wall in China.
Trying to do my part spreading the word about Jericho at the Great Wall in China.


All the videos we can find or make about our NUTS being delivered to CBS! Got one for us? Send us a link.

Peanuts are on their way to the troops! Staten Island Project Homefront followup (by Dylan)
L'Arc de Triomphe NUTS!! Campaign Victory!! (by Dylan)
The people of Jericho stand with us! Thanks to Jericho Fans from Brad, Bob and Richard... (thanks Jeff Knoll and Macadamia Mary)

6/4: West Coast Assault (thanks Jeff Knoll and Macadamia Mary)
Dylan's NUTS!! to CBS Delivery Collection is an inspiring compilation of everything so far. Check it out!
5/29: Wave 5: Dylan's masterpiece miniseries continues with NUTS!! to CBS Super NUT Tuesday! A great look at how we get from the inspiration to the warehouse to the truck to the target.

5/24: Wave 3: Come along for a ride through NutsOnline territory with Jeffrey as he gets ready to deliver 1,000 pounds of freshly-roasted peanuts to CBS headquarters in New York on behalf of YOU! (filmed by Nutty Jeff, edited by Pecany Sarah) (full size)
5/24: KFSM, a CBS affiliate in Arkansas, did a segment about the campaign, and got Jeff on the phone. Thanks to Kevin for thinking this up and getting it going with the station, and to Keith for capturing it!
5/24: Wave 3 delivery, including Jeff and the nutmobile and some commentary, filmed by Mike and his cute family of Jericho fans (full size)

5/24: Wave 3, 5000+ lbs, with Jeff and the nutmobile, filmed and dramatically edited by Dylan (full size)

5/22: Wave 1 delivery, 1200+ lbs, lots of cases, filmed and edited by Jericho fan Dylan (full size)

5/22: Wave 1 delivery, 1200+ lbs, inside, by intrepid Jericho fan Ian (full size)

Press Links: The Media is Going NUTS!

All the media that talks about our part in the fight to Save Jericho!


USA Today: Wanted: More nuts to watch CBS' 'Jericho'

Philadelphia Inquirer: Fans win the battle of Jericho

Canada Leader-Post: Bags of Nuts get Jericho Renewed

St. Louis Post-Dispatch: TV critic's pick for Friday: 'Jericho' back from the dead

North Texas Star-Telegram: The battle for Jericho

Tuesday, June 19

TV Guide: Skeet Thanks Jericho Fans

Friday, June 15

TV Guide: Jericho's Surprise Resurrection: Skeet Ulrich on the show's return and the changes ahead

Thursday, June 14

The National Enquirer: Battle of 'Jericho' (June 25 issue, on sale this weekend)

Louisville Courier-Journal:'Jericho's' resurgence questions ratings and how we watch TV

Tuesday, June 12

Variety: Jericho returns with Friday repeats

Orlando Sentinel: "Jericho" returns to CBS lineup on July 6

Ventura County Star: A nutty strategy by series' fans helps bring 'Jericho' back

WTOP 103.5 FM: CBS Chief Calls Rather Comments 'Sexist' (end of story)

Rocky Mountain News: Fans claim rare victory

Saturday, June 9

New York Times: CBS Revives 'Jericho,' With a Plea to Fans

Entertainment Weekly: 'Jericho' Rising?

Friday, June 8

Variety: 'Jericho' gets a jolt

Philadelphia Inquirer: Thanks to fans, 'Jericho' lives on

SyFy Portal: You Win Some, You Lose Some, You Go Nuts

The Stage: Nuts to Jericho!

BlogCritics: TV News: Nuts Save Jericho

PopMatters: CBS' walls against 'Jericho' come tumbling down

Pittsburg Post-Gazette: 'Jericho' resurrected

Thursday, June 7

Mediaweek: CBS' Jericho Revived for '08

Broadcasting & Cable: CBS Goes Nuts Over Jericho

E-Gear: All It Takes is Nuts

Wednesday, June 6

CBS: BREAKING NEWS: JERICHO SAVED! A message from Nina Tassler

CNET: Deluge of peanuts brings back 'Jericho' TV show

The New York Times: CBS, Bowing to Protests, Brings Back 'Jericho'

The Washington Post: Fans' Nutty Campaign May Save 'Jericho' From Tumbling

E! Online: Jericho Fans Go Nuts for Revival

New York Magazine: All Those Nuts You Sent to CBS Paid Off: 'Jericho' Might Return

Associated Press: Nutty 'Jericho' fans' peanut protest makes CBS reconsider cancellation

Tuesday, June 5

LA Times: Resurrection?: The fans might have saved 'Jericho'

Entertainment Weekly: A Return to 'Jericho'?

TV Guide: Ausiello Report: Exclusive: Jericho on Verge of Renewal

New York Post: STARR REPORT (3rd paragraph)

Orlando Sentinel: Could all those nuts save "Jericho"? We're waiting for an answer, CBS

TMZ.com: "Jericho" Back in Action? That's Nuts!

Associated Press: Fans make CBS reconsider 'Jericho' axing

SyFy Portal: 'Jericho' To Return To CBS

Monday, June 4

KFKF 94.1 in Kansas City: Lisa, one of our many Jericho heroes, in a radio interview

Friday, June 1

Toledo Free Press: Local woman nuts for 'Jericho'

SyFy Portal: Other Networks Interested In 'Jericho'

Thursday, May 31

The National Enquirer: Shell-Shock (June 11 issue, on sale this weekend)

Lower Hudson Online: NUTS for Jericho

Elmira Star-Gazette: Help fight cancellation of a favorite TV show

Wednesday, May 30

The Wall Street Journal: Aww, Nuts. Why CBS Can't Save 'Jericho' (watch the last minute of the video, it's priceless)

The New York Times: End-of-Days Fidelity for 'Jericho'

SyFy Portal: 'Jericho' Nuts Campaign Takes On New Cause

Find The Boots: Save Jericho: A Movement with a Heart

Tuesday, May 29

AOL's Blogging Stocks: CBS Jericho fans say nuts to network

Pioneer Press: 'Jericho' fans go nuts over cancellation

The Madison, WI Capital Times: Media musings (halfway down the column)

iF Magazine: 'Jericho' Fans Put Their Nuts On the Line

Monday, May 28

TVBlend.com: Jericho May Have A Chance With Nutty Protest

Hollywood.com: Angry 'Jericho' Fans Go Nuts

MonstersAndCritics.com: CBS under attack for canceling 'Jericho': Protests grow

Sunday, May 27

New York Times: Fans of Canceled 'Jericho' Mobilize With a Very Literal Protest

Saturday, May 26

Michelle Malkin: Nuts for Jericho

Slashdot: "Jericho" Fans Send Over Nine Tons of Nuts to CBS

Chatmag.com: Nuts, Social Media, and the Power of BlogTalkRadio Platform

Pittsburgh Leader Times: Kittanning man participates in protest of cancellation of CBS drama Jericho

Friday, May 25

The New Zealand Herald: Sideswipe: Friday

99.9 KTYD in Santa Barbara: A great interview!

ABCNews.com: Going Nuts: Fans Shell CBS for Canceling 'Jericho'

E! Online: Will CBS Rebuild Jericho? Get the Scoop on the Fan Fave's Future!

CBSNews: "Jericho" Fans Go Nuts

CNN: Looking out for No. 1 (and some nuts)

Newsday: Fans literally go nuts to save axed 'Jericho'

WIBW Kansas: Nuts to CBS

Metro Canada: Viewers start mission to revive shows

Thursday, May 24

Ain't It Cool News:
Now That The "Nuts" Campaign Is In Motion, What Next??

SyFy Portal: CBS Gets Personal Nut Delivery, Campaign At 7 Tons

Rocky Mountain News: Nuts to you

Buzzsugar: "Jericho" Fans are Seriously Nuts

InsideBayArea.com: 'Jericho' fans trying to save canceled show

Wednesday, May 23

Entertainment Weekly POPWATCH: 'Jericho': One Week Later

My Luxury Place: Entrepreneur of the Month Making CBS 'Nuts'!

Jersey Blogs: Blog of the Day: NutsOnline

WCBS2 TV in New York: 'Jericho' Fans To CBS: 'Nuts!' - Over 9,200 Pounds Of Nuts Ordered To CBS In Manhattan

The Newark Jersey Star Ledger: 'Jericho' fans: 'Nuts' to CBS - Show's demise spurs protest

TV Squad: Jericho fans go 'nuts' over cancellation

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: TV Notes: 'Jericho' junkies unite (second item on page)

Tuesday, May 22

Defamer.com: How to Kill Myopic TV Execs With Food Allergies: 'Jericho' Fans Call Down Plague Of Peanuts Upon CBS Tormentors

TV.com: CBS offers Jericho compromise, fans throw nuts

SyFy Portal: 'Jericho' Fans Raise Nut Profile To 7,000 Pounds

CNN Money: Angry 'Jericho' fans think CBS is nuts

Media Blvd: The Eagle Has Landed: Nuts Flowing Into CBS By The Ton in Effort to Save Jericho

Copywrite, Ink: Shipping Nuts: NutsOnline For Jericho

Monday, May 21

WebProNews: Jericho Fans Go Nuts Online

SyFy Portal: Half Ton of Nuts Heading to CBS

Ain't It Cool News: Save JERICHO Update!! Get Ready CBS - The Nut Truck Is Coming (Literally)!!

Chow.com: Jericho Fans Go Nuts

Campaign Links

If you haven't yet signed the official SAVE JERICHO petition, please jump on over here and sign.

To connect with other campaigners, visit jericholives.com , jerichorallypoint.com , CBS Message Board,

and Watch Jericho!!!! Also, Bring Jericho Back. And Tell your friends!

A letter from Jeffrey to Jericho Supporters

[picket signs]

10:10 PM EDT, May 22

Hello Jericho lovers!

From a few orders, to a few more orders, to a few emails, to a lot more emails, we suddenly found ourselves in the middle of a campaign to support a show we had never even watched before. At first I thought you were nuts, but after interacting with a bunch of you I realized how real you were and how I could easily see myself in your place. Maybe I get excited too easily, but I was impressed with your devotion and passion and decided to fully embrace your campaign. As many of you know, we totally scrambled to pull this pooled shipping page off in a matter of hours.

Now we've shipped tons of nuts and are frankly amazed at the outpouring of support. I find myself refreshing the page all the time to see the tally grow and grow and grow....Simply amazing. It's remarkable how such a motley group of people from all over the world can pull together and say "NUTS" to CBS in unison. The Internet is such a beautiful thing.

But let me tell you the most remarkable thing about all of this- the emails I have received from you. I've experienced the whole range of emotions, from laughter to tears. Although this isn't a profitable venture for us now, I do realize the publicity has the potential to do wonders for our business. So, yes, at the end of the day we might come out ahead, but the most rewarding part of all of this is being able to connect with so many nice people. Truly amazing. And for that I am grateful to become a part of the Jericho family and to watch the show online once things settle down.


~Jeffrey and the rest of the NutsOnline Family

P.S. The nut campaign will continue. I am hoping that the audience for Jericho truly grows as people like me become intrigued. I wonder if the real trick to getting this back on the air is by watching the episodes online, where CBS can see real, hard data. Ah, just my 2 cents...

For the Media

Current Press Release (post victory)

Press Release (6/5) - includes Greensburg,KS Update (6/5)

Press Release (5/25)

Forthcoming Variety/Hollywood Reporter ad

Fan-created Press Release (5/25)

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High resolution photos:
For interview requests contact Head Nut Jeffrey Braverman at media@nutsonline.com or 908-523-0333.