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Jericho Messages

Below are all contributions to the pooled order, and all individual orders sent to CBS.
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$87.20 -- Thomas, New York, NY -- 2/5 5:00 PM (individual)

$78.24 -- Scott, Alabaster, AL -- 1/24 9:45 AM (individual)

$25.96 -- Jerilynne, Culver City, CA -- 1/11 5:03 PM (individual)

$135.84 -- John, Bethesda, MD -- 10/27 2:27 PM (individual)

$56.33 -- Scott, Alabaster, AL -- 10/22 1:21 PM (individual)

$46.44 -- ingrid, new york, NY -- 10/9 3:03 PM (individual)

$6.49 -- Gregor, Hoboken, NJ -- 9/21 3:12 PM (individual)

$74.50 -- Eddie, Brooklyn, NY -- 6/11 3:51 PM (individual)

$71.10 -- Eddie, Brooklyn, NY -- 6/11 3:43 PM (individual)

$1.99 -- CONSTANCE, MONTGOMERY, AL -- 6/8 9:36 AM (individual) Thanks for putting up with all my letters. I appreciated your support. Connie

$5.00 -- LAURA, Miami, FL -- 6/6 5:48 PM (pooled) Please bring JERICHO back! The Verdecia family: Husband and Wife age 62 2 daughters ages 27 & 29 Miami, Florida

$10.00 -- Barry, Castro Valley, CA -- 6/6 5:42 PM (pooled) I'm a 37 yr. old male located in the San Francisco Bay Area with a household income level above 100k. I enjoyed Jericho and really felt that it improved over the season. I'm sure hoping that you bring the show back!!

$5.00 -- Albert, Miami, FL -- 6/6 5:38 PM (pooled) Please bring JERICHO back! Laura & Debbie in Miami

$15.00 -- wallace, vancouver, WA -- 6/6 5:28 PM (pooled) make room for a full reason of Jericho, it would be a big improvement over all those tired csi and reality shows.

$20.00 -- Nathan, Troy, OH -- 6/6 5:25 PM (pooled)

$5.00 -- William, Lakewood, CO -- 6/6 5:12 PM (pooled) Save Jericho! Or nuts to you and all the suits at CBS!

$5.00 -- Shannon, Omaha, NE -- 6/6 5:12 PM (pooled) nuts!

$15.00 -- David, Dover, TN -- 6/6 5:11 PM (pooled) I am a retired professional who watched each episode of Jericho at least once. I feel more at home in Jericho than I did in Mayberry. Please don't take "our town" away. These are all quality, relevant issues; not to mention spellbinding. GIVE US OUR TOWN BACK! Please.

$31.95 -- Sharon, Waynesboro, PA -- 6/6 5:04 PM (pooled, individual)

$5.00 -- Ryan, Chesterfield, MO -- 6/6 4:55 PM (pooled) "Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about the things that matter." -Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. NUTS! Please Save Jericho!

$5.00 -- Robert, Naperville, IL -- 6/6 4:54 PM (pooled) Bring back Jericho!

$110.00 -- James, Boynton Beach, FL -- 6/6 4:48 PM (pooled)

$20.00 -- Jennifer, Falson Heights, MN -- 6/6 4:44 PM (pooled) Mr. Kahl, I strongly urge you to renew Jericho for another full season. At the very least renew Jericho as a midseason replacement. I want to be clear that I am not a teenager. I am an adult working full time and going to law school part time. And yet I still make it an appointment to watch Jericho every Wednesday evening. Please bring it back! It was the best written and acted show during the 2006-07 season. And when you do renew Jericho, please don't put it on a midseason hiatus again. Sincerely- Jennifer; 32 yrs old; Female; St. Paul, MN; earning $45,000/yr; part-time law school student

$5.00 -- Saowanee, Indianapolis, IN -- 6/6 4:35 PM (pooled) Enjoy.

$20.00 -- Jennifer, Falson Heights, MN -- 6/6 4:33 PM (pooled) Ms. Tassler, I strongly urge you to renew Jericho for another full season. At the very least renew Jericho as a midseason replacement. I want to be clear that I am not a teenager. I am an adult working full time and going to law school part time. And yet I still make it an appointment to watch Jericho every Wednesday evening. Please bring it back! It was the best written and acted show during the 2006-07 season. And when you do renew Jericho, please don't put it on a midseason hiatus again. Sincerely- Jennifer ; 32 yrs old; Female; St. Paul, MN; earning $45,000/yr; part-time law school student

$10.00 -- Sallie, Gambrills, MD -- 6/6 4:31 PM (pooled)

$20.00 -- Frank, Dallas, TX -- 6/6 4:29 PM (pooled)

$15.00 -- Tom, Newport Beach, CA -- 6/6 4:29 PM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Shawn, Easton, PA -- 6/6 4:28 PM (pooled) Ms. Tassler, My wife and I were discouraged when we heard that JERICH was cancelled and we sent emails to CBS in NY. We hear now that you are "this close" to bringing the drama back to TV. We would like to send you this gift to hopefully push you over the edge and bring the program back. We feel your network should reconsider these 3 month hiatuses and relying on data from an antiquated rating system. Many people now use other methods to view their TV programs. My wife and I are in our 30's and trying to raise two girls that are in school. There are several after school activities that keep us out until after 8pm. We DVR everything and somtimes watch it on the web. We are loyal viewers but your numbers are distorted. Please consider this the next time you pull a show off the air. Look at all the numbers. I understand you might bring the show back for 8 episodes. Please consider more episodes and a season 3. Also, Please bring back THE CLASS! Shawn & Brenda

$10.00 -- Preston, Ashland, NH -- 6/6 4:25 PM (pooled) We are keeping Hope alive that you will bring back the show!

$15.00 -- Lindsey, Germantown, MD -- 6/6 4:19 PM (pooled)

$25.00 -- Daniel, Washington, DC -- 6/6 4:11 PM (pooled) Bring back Jericho!!!!!

$20.00 -- James, Issaquah, WA -- 6/6 4:07 PM (pooled)

$10.00 -- Stuart, Manakin Sabot, VA -- 6/6 3:56 PM (pooled) SAVE JERICHO!

$15.00 -- Jennifer, Cincinnati, OH -- 6/6 3:52 PM (pooled) nuts...i am a 37 year old, married nurse in cincinnati, OH with 2 teenage children. Not a Nielson family and primarily watched on innertube. Please bring back Jericho

$10.00 -- Kaaren, Houston, TX -- 6/6 3:47 PM (pooled) Bring back Jericho!! I'm heartbroken it is cancelled!!!

$5.00 -- Brad, Iuka, MS -- 6/6 3:38 PM (pooled) Dear Mrs. Tassler: Please Bring Jericho back. You guys have something special here. Long live Jericho!!!! NUTS!!!! Brad Iuka, MS

$10.00 -- Mary, Roswell, GA -- 6/6 3:38 PM (pooled) Enjoy the Nuts and bring back Jericho :<) Mary - age 39 from ATL, GA

$20.00 -- Ryan, Suwanee, GA -- 6/6 3:33 PM (pooled) Jericho Rocks My buddy was a loyal watcher from day one, I ended up buying the season on ITunes and have recruited many other faithfull viewers who would love season 2! Thanks!!

$10.00 -- Tricia, Raeford, NC -- 6/6 3:32 PM (pooled) Please bring Jericho back! As 30 somethings, my husband and I faithfully watched the show and were extremely disappointed to hear it won't be back! Listen to the fans-bring JERICHO back!

$10.00 -- Robert, Fort Wayne, IN -- 6/6 3:31 PM (pooled) 37, M, $85,000 household income, family of 5 (37,30,9,7, and 5)everyone watches the show, Fort Wayne, IN

$10.00 -- Franziska, New York, NY -- 6/6 3:31 PM (pooled) CBS is NUTS! Save Jericho!!


$10.00 -- Amy, Oxford, GA -- 6/6 3:21 PM (pooled) Bring back Jericho for a full season, or the fans will keep driving you nuts!! Amy, 32, GA $125,000

$10.00 -- Michelle, Nashville, TN -- 6/6 3:19 PM (pooled)

$10.00 -- Colleen, Grand Forks, ND -- 6/6 3:14 PM (pooled)

$10.00 -- Nathan, Canonsburg, PA -- 6/6 3:10 PM (pooled) Do the right thing. Bring back Jericho!

$10.00 -- Jill, Huntingdon Valley, PA -- 6/6 3:08 PM (pooled) Save Jericho!!

$5.00 -- Lori, Parker, CO -- 6/6 3:08 PM (pooled) Please save Jericho!

$5.00 -- Casey, Oakland, CA -- 6/6 3:07 PM (pooled) I'm a 52 year old African-American actress. I can honestly say that Jericho was better than 24 this year. Please give this show a chance. It was fabulous! If I didn't have TIVO I wouldn't have been able to watch during American Idol. Please take this kinds of things into account. This show is one of three that are the quality of what's on good cable(HBO,F/X,etc.

$10.00 -- M, ABINGDON, MD -- 6/6 3:03 PM (pooled) Renew Jericho for Season 2. M. Brent, A.S.A. Age 41, Income $185K AVP, Investment Planning and Analysis, OMFN Baltimore, MD

$20.00 -- Bladen, Atlanta, GA -- 6/6 3:03 PM (pooled) Bladen, 25, $75,000, M, Atlanta, GA

$10.00 -- Lee, Houston, TX -- 6/6 3:02 PM (pooled)

$10.00 -- Terri, Lompoc, CA -- 6/6 2:15 PM (pooled) Thank you for a wonderful show, Jericho!!!

$15.00 -- James, Everett, WA -- 6/6 1:59 PM (pooled) JERICHO !! NUTS !!

$10.00 -- shannon, Exton, PA -- 6/6 12:53 PM (pooled)

$10.00 -- Jason, Faucett, MO -- 6/6 12:40 PM (pooled) NUTS NUTS NUTS

$10.00 -- Terry, Forest Grove, OR -- 6/6 12:36 PM (pooled)

$10.00 -- Brittany, Lompoc, CA -- 6/6 11:43 AM (pooled)

$30.00 -- Doug, Perkasie, PA -- 6/6 11:42 AM (pooled) To Whom It May Concern: My Name is Doug Wilson, and I am one of your target demographic. I am a 22 year old middle-class male from the Philadelphia area of Pennsylvania. I am sending these "Nuts!" as part of the Jericho Lives campaign at and am doing so to show my support for the CBS drama "JERICHO" which I would like to see returned to the air waves. Please consider this request and those of the many thousands of others like me. Reknew "JERICHO" Today! Thank you!

$10.00 -- Trevor, Ottawa, Ontario, NJ -- 6/6 11:40 AM (pooled)

$30.00 -- Barbara, Springfield, VA -- 6/6 11:30 AM (pooled) Give Us Back Jericho!!!

$10.00 -- Justin, Saint Paul, MN -- 6/6 11:22 AM (pooled)

$5.00 -- William, Chattanooga, TN -- 6/6 8:28 AM (pooled) Bring back Jericho

$10.00 -- William, Chattanooga, TN -- 6/6 8:18 AM (pooled) Bring back Jericho

$15.00 -- Carolyn, Linden, NJ -- 6/6 7:57 AM (pooled)

$30.00 -- Roy, Anchorage, AK -- 6/6 7:49 AM (pooled) Jericho is the only primetime show I watched (via TiVo and iTunes, since I work nights). It has great writing, a compelling story line and some terrific acting. You've got our nuts. Bring back the show. -- Roy, 52, $45,000 a year, Anchorage Daily News, Anchorage, Alaska

$5.00 -- Matthew, Salem, VA -- 6/6 7:46 AM (pooled) Save Jericho! NUTS!

$40.00 -- James, Mentor on the Lake, OH -- 6/6 7:33 AM (pooled) Bring Jericho back with a full 22 episodes, all cast members and a full budget!

$5.00 -- Barbara, Greenfield, MA -- 6/6 7:30 AM (pooled) I just discovered this wonderful program and can't beleive you're canceling it. DON'T PLEASE!!!!!!

$10.00 -- Shanelle, Woronora Heights, Australia, AA -- 6/6 7:20 AM (pooled) Please bring Jericho back. Sitting in the land Down Under waiting for you to start season 2 !! Shanelle, 34, New South Wales, Australia

$25.00 -- Owen, Linden, NJ -- 6/6 7:18 AM (pooled) Owen Nelson, from Nova Scotia Canada, would like to say: NUTS!!

$10.00 -- Chris, Bremerhaven, LA -- 6/6 7:03 AM (pooled) Greetings from Germany - the show just started airing here and only after the first two episodes, I find it really sad it has been cancelled, especially leaving the end open. (I'm 25, male, living in Bremerhaven, Germany, annual household income is about $56.000)

$100.00 -- Glory, Harrison, OH -- 6/6 6:47 AM (pooled)

$10.00 -- James, Linden, NJ -- 6/6 6:34 AM (pooled) Are you realising yet that your decision to cancel Jericho was a poor decision? Not just poor in terms of the quality of the decision, but also poor for your profits! This show has an audience, and our campaign is showing this! Bring back Jericho for a new season!

$50.00 -- Bryan, Powell, TN -- 6/6 6:05 AM (pooled) Please bring Jericho back! And please don't just throw away the nuts.

$10.00 -- Sarah, Linden, NJ -- 6/6 5:38 AM (pooled)

$30.00 -- Deborah, Winter Springs, FL -- 6/6 5:24 AM (pooled)

$10.00 -- Jerome, Los Angeles, CA -- 6/6 4:46 AM (pooled) 43 year old international marketing professional - annual salary $92K - massive online purchaser - you gotta find cleverer ways to target me! Keep Jericho! Keep me entertained!

$5.00 -- William, manassas, VA -- 6/6 3:41 AM (pooled) I believe in Jericho so strongly that I wanted to send you these nuts. Please don't replace Jericho with reality crap. My family loves Jericho and wants it to continue. By the way, my wife and I are both 34, so there goes your demographic.

$20.00 -- Ari, Watsonville, CA -- 6/6 3:36 AM (pooled) 35-44 years old. TIVO owner and Internet viewer. I hope these nuts find you concluding talks to put Jericho back on the air. Know that if CBS follows through, they will have a loyal audience and advertisers will have loyal consumers. NUTS!

$5.00 -- Bethany, Phoenix, AZ -- 6/6 3:13 AM (pooled) Please save Jericho!

$10.00 -- Larry, Sun City, CA -- 6/6 2:48 AM (pooled) Jericho ROCKS - we want it back!

$10.00 -- Angelique, Foster, WV -- 6/6 2:38 AM (pooled) CBS, We're hoping to be given the opportunity to promote Jericho throughout season 2.... and beyond. :) Thankyou! Stephen , 40 and Angelique, 39 WV

$110.00 -- Marcos, Lenexa, KS -- 6/6 2:14 AM (pooled)

$5.00 -- randal, camas, WA -- 6/6 2:05 AM (pooled) Professional multi millionaire loves jericho! 40 and retired!

$5.00 -- Lynda, Denver, CO -- 6/6 2:03 AM (pooled)

$7.99 -- Nathan, Dublin, CA -- 6/6 2:02 AM (individual) PLEASE!!!! Bring back Jericho for Season 2! You guys are NUTS if you don't! Nathan

$5.00 -- Jill, San Diego, CA -- 6/6 1:45 AM (pooled) We're nuts about Jericho! Please bring it back for another season. Thank you!!! Dave & Jill, ages 29-30 San Diego, CA

$10.00 -- Tanya, Longview, TX -- 6/6 12:48 AM (pooled) Save Jericho!!!!

$25.00 -- Ilya, Kirkland, WA -- 6/6 12:35 AM (pooled) Dear CBS, please reconsider your decision to cancel one of the higher quality shows on television. I am a demographic you want - 34, male, and with a very high disposable income (I've worked for Microsoft for 13 years). This is one of the few CBS shows I still watch. By canceling Jericho you are pushing me more and more to HBO and online content. Please bring Jericho back!

$5.00 -- Brittany, Lompoc, CA -- 6/6 12:29 AM (pooled) please bring back Jericho. I'll love you forever. I will even start watching Survivor again :)

$20.00 -- Wesley, Martindale, TX -- 6/6 12:26 AM (pooled) Nina, Thanks for taking the time to reconsider Jericho's place with CBS. And thank you for putting up with all the nuts (the real nuts; the big, smiling plastic nuts; and the nuts working from their home computers to rally support for this excellent television program). Sincerely, W. Scott "Douva"

$5.00 -- Scarlet, Neenah, WI -- 6/6 12:09 AM (pooled) Save Jericho - bring back high quality TV! Enough said!

$10.00 -- CAROL, Emmitsburg, MD -- 6/5 11:56 PM (pooled) NUTS! Bring Jericho back!

$30.00 -- William, Clayton, NC -- 6/5 11:54 PM (pooled)

$10.00 -- Guy, Glen Ridge, NJ -- 6/5 11:43 PM (pooled)

$15.00 -- kathy, San Juan Capistrano, CA -- 6/5 11:38 PM (pooled) Second full season of Jericho. Kathy, 51 y.o. San Juan Capistrano, CA

$10.00 -- Stephen, Colorado Springs, CO -- 6/5 11:27 PM (pooled) Hi Nina, I'm a 45 year old married male, Masters degree, annual salary of $130,000, live in Colorado Springs, CO. Thanks for putting Jericho on the air. Steve Colorado Springs, Colorado

$5.00 -- Bill, Kalamazoo, MI -- 6/5 11:27 PM (pooled)

$10.00 -- Miguel, Austin, TX -- 6/5 11:22 PM (pooled) You're NUTS!!! Bring back Jericho! My Sister and nephews also love this show, they're in elementary and middle school. It is a beautiful show about family, love, survival, and hope. Please don't cancel it. Give it at least one full season to wrap up all the story lines and arcs. Thank you.

$10.00 -- Matthew, Painesville, OH -- 6/5 11:22 PM (pooled)

$30.00 -- jeff, highland, IN -- 6/5 11:20 PM (pooled) hoping this pushes you towards a second season!!!!

$20.00 -- William, Boston, MA -- 6/5 11:17 PM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Melanie, Olathe, KS -- 6/5 11:14 PM (pooled) Nuts!!! Save Jericho! Melanie B. female, age 39 Olathe, KS

$5.00 -- Joseph, Fort Worth, TX -- 6/5 11:12 PM (pooled) Leslie and Kelly Cancelled the best series CBS had..MAKE IT RIGHT!!! And after all the cards and letters Im sending you dont write back..dont you love me??

$15.00 -- miranda, ADELAIDE, NJ -- 6/5 11:09 PM (pooled) we want a whole season 2, if not a season 3 and 4!!! location: adelaide, AUSTRALIA age: 23 occupation: teacher and PhD student income: $25k

$20.00 -- Donna, Columbia, SC -- 6/5 11:07 PM (pooled) Hoping the rumors are true! David and Donna Columbia SC

$20.00 -- Jennifer, Florissant, MO -- 6/5 11:05 PM (pooled)

$10.00 -- Travis, Gig Harbor, WA -- 6/5 10:43 PM (pooled)

$20.00 -- Mr, Liskeard, CORNWALL -- 6/5 10:34 PM (pooled)

$20.00 -- David, Los Angeles, CA -- 6/5 10:09 PM (pooled) From the wife of a viewer - you really upset my husband when you cancelled the show. He's an engineer in West Los Angeles, making > $100K, we're both UCLA grads, and I'm a filmmaker. We have an HD Tivo (DirecTV), buy shows from iTunes and Amazon Unbox, and have hundreds of DVDs including box sets of shows we like, and now HD-DVDs too. We host friends every week to show things in our home theater (to help spread the word about good shows), and Jericho Season 1 was on the list for the summer until you cancelled it. Bring it back, and we'll bring you new viewers over the summer! Oh, and we actually watch many commercials, especially the funny and unique ones. Thanks for your time, Rhonda

$5.00 -- Bruce, Ellicott City, MD -- 6/5 10:01 PM (pooled) Jericho was the first show since Seinfeld to make me a faithful viewer. It was insane to remove this show.

$10.00 -- Kristin, Sterling, MA -- 6/5 10:00 PM (pooled) Bring back Jericho!!

$20.00 -- Bonita, Margate, FL -- 6/5 9:58 PM (pooled)

$10.00 -- Raul, Orange Park, FL -- 6/5 9:55 PM (pooled) More Nuts for CBS!! :-} Please renew Jericho for season 2 on CBS. Thanks!!

$10.00 -- Joshua, Sheridan, MD -- 6/5 9:48 PM (pooled)

$20.00 -- FRANCES, OJAI, CA -- 6/5 9:45 PM (pooled)

$10.00 -- Nicholas, Mt Pleasant, MI -- 6/5 9:36 PM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Mary, Las Vegas, NV -- 6/5 9:36 PM (pooled) Thanking you in advance for renewing Jericho! Hooray!!

$10.00 -- Tony, Bourg, LA -- 6/5 9:35 PM (pooled)

$10.00 -- mark, london, ON -- 6/5 9:33 PM (pooled)

$10.00 -- Rebecca, Phoenix, AZ -- 6/5 9:32 PM (pooled)

$20.00 -- Kerry, Columbia, SC -- 6/5 9:20 PM (pooled)

$10.00 -- Leslie, Lexington, KY -- 6/5 9:13 PM (pooled) We are going to drive you nuts. At least find a way to send it into syndication or to a cable network that will appreciate us. Demographics: MWF, age 42, Over $100K income, KY, faithful watcher, but admittedly via DVR.

$10.00 -- Matt, Canandaigua, NY -- 6/5 9:04 PM (pooled) PLEASE LET US KNOW WHAT HAPPENED!!! THE SHOW WAS GETTING GOOD!!! Don't put it opposite American Idol, sort of, b/c people only wanted so much TV. It could kill anything on Tuesday!!! We love the Hawkins Character, maybe a spin off!! Give us something. We don't watch 24, or Lost or Desperate Housewives, this is our Soparanos. And we are sad Johnston died!!

$5.00 -- Judy, Aurora, IL -- 6/5 9:04 PM (pooled)

$10.00 -- Mary, Beaufort, SC -- 6/5 8:45 PM (pooled) I hope the rumors are true! A second season would be great!

$5.00 -- Patricia, Valley, AL -- 6/5 8:28 PM (pooled) Save Jericho!

$10.00 -- Caren, Charlotte, NC -- 6/5 8:27 PM (pooled) Bring JERICHO back for a second season! Please don't leave us in suspense! It was our families favorite show! Please! Chad & Caren Charlotte, North Carolina

$5.00 -- linda, columbus, OH -- 6/5 8:25 PM (pooled) im inspired by the article in the los angeles times that CBS is rethinking its Jericho decision. way to go CBS. i will add you back to my tivo the minute it starts recording Jericho again!!! Linda Columbus ohio

$10.00 -- Jonathan, Hopedale, MA -- 6/5 8:17 PM (pooled) Nuts - imagine our power promoting your show!!!!!

$5.00 -- Wendy, Bishop, CA -- 6/5 8:02 PM (pooled) Bring back Jericho

$10.00 -- Brian, Lebanon, IN -- 6/5 8:00 PM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Donna, Rossville, KS -- 6/5 7:51 PM (pooled) Hoping to be watching Jericho (new episodes, that is) very soon!

$10.00 -- Allison, Millbury, MA -- 6/5 7:51 PM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Christopher, Bradley, IL -- 6/5 7:46 PM (pooled) I hope the rumors of a renewal are true and I'm looking forward to 8 episodes and more in the coming years. We will keep fighting until an official announcement is made. NUTS for Jericho!

$20.00 -- Mary, Los Angeles, CA -- 6/5 7:37 PM (pooled) I hope th rumors are true! Thank you for hearing the fans!

$10.00 -- John, Fort Lauderdale, FL -- 6/5 7:32 PM (pooled) JERICHO, JERICHO, JERICHO

$20.00 -- Scott, Marstons Mills, MA -- 6/5 7:26 PM (pooled) Awesome, Nina...maybe CBS does care after all. We'll be here for you when you need us; that's a promise. Thank you.

$25.00 -- Ian, Hoboken, NJ -- 6/5 7:24 PM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Michele, orlando, FL -- 6/5 7:23 PM (pooled)

$10.00 -- Michael, Williamstown, NJ -- 6/5 7:22 PM (pooled) Hey CBS NUTS!! Save Jericho!!

$5.00 -- Deborah, burlington, KY -- 6/5 7:20 PM (pooled) Please give us Jericho back! You killed it when you brought it back against American Idol.Not many shows could or would survive that.

$10.00 -- Christine, Portland, OR -- 6/5 7:20 PM (pooled) My husband and I would be so grateful if you would bring back Jericho! Please make this wish for us and so many other fans come true! F 24, M 33, Portland, OR, college-educated professionals

$20.00 -- Melissa, Holt, MI -- 6/5 7:07 PM (pooled) Waiting with baited breath... Bring Jericho Back Melissa, Female, 41, Michigan

$15.00 -- Natalie, Apple Valley, MN -- 6/5 7:03 PM (pooled) Turn these nuts into candy and flowers - renew Jericho for at least 16 episodes!

$15.00 -- CHRIS, EL MIRAGE, AZ -- 6/5 6:53 PM (pooled) BRING JERICHO BACK!!!!!!!!

$5.00 -- Charles, Ocean, NJ -- 6/5 6:53 PM (pooled) Jericho Bound!!!

$15.00 -- Jennifer, Los Angeles, CA -- 6/5 6:49 PM (pooled) Thank you for reconsidering the decision to cancel Jericho!

$10.00 -- Jeff, emporia, KS -- 6/5 6:48 PM (pooled)

$15.00 -- Delana, Highlands Ranch, CO -- 6/5 6:39 PM (pooled)

$10.00 -- Madhu, Emporia, KS -- 6/5 6:35 PM (pooled) PLEASE BRING BACK JERICHO!

$120.00 -- Steve, Newport News, VA -- 6/5 6:33 PM (pooled) NUTS FOR JERICHO!!! Hope you enjoyed your flowers.

$80.00 -- Kimberly, Hutsonville, IL -- 6/5 6:21 PM (pooled)

$30.00 -- Sonya, Manning, SC -- 6/5 6:15 PM (pooled) If the rumor is true, THANK YOU and we will do everything we can to make Jericho the most watched show for season 2.

$20.00 -- Kathleen, Manchester, NH -- 6/5 6:06 PM (pooled)

$20.00 -- Andrea, Greensboro, NC -- 6/5 6:03 PM (pooled) Give Jericho another chance, and I'll give CBS another chance, too!

$10.00 -- Angela, Renton, WA -- 6/5 5:52 PM (pooled)

$10.00 -- Brian, Shoreline, WA -- 6/5 5:45 PM (pooled) Nina, if you renew Jericho for a second season, you'll have a loyal viewer for life. Brian

$5.00 -- Pete, Austin, TX -- 6/5 5:42 PM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Azfar, Vienna, VA -- 6/5 5:34 PM (pooled) Nina: Hope you enjoy. Best Regards. I cancelled my Showtime and don't watch anything on CBS as a result of your decision. I am 37, father of three, married, lawyer, and have an income of $300,000. I am the demographic you should be pursuing.

$10.00 -- Josh, Stevenson Ranch, CA -- 6/5 5:25 PM (pooled)

$10.00 -- Kelley, O Fallon, MO -- 6/5 5:23 PM (pooled) Henry Ford once said,"Whether you think you can or you think you can't, you are right!" Ms. Tassler - We believe you CAN SAVE JERICHO!! Please do! McBride and Wolff Families

$40.00 -- Pat, Sandy, UT -- 6/5 5:20 PM (pooled) SAVE JERICHO!!!!

$10.00 -- Robert, Atlanta, GA -- 6/5 5:00 PM (pooled)

$15.00 -- Bernd, Munich, KS -- 6/5 4:52 PM (pooled) I want Pro7 (German TV network) to buy a second season.

$35.00 -- Jonathan, Odenton, MD -- 6/5 4:51 PM (pooled)

$15.00 -- Tracy, Parker, CO -- 6/5 4:42 PM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Sherry, Dansville, MI -- 6/5 4:41 PM (pooled)

$15.00 -- Cindy, Monroe, LA -- 6/5 4:34 PM (pooled) NUTS to you Nina!! We Want Season 2 Nothing Else Will Do!

$20.00 -- Christine, Portland, OR -- 6/5 4:30 PM (pooled) SAVE JERICHO!

$5.00 -- Margaret, Los Angeles, CA -- 6/5 3:54 PM (pooled) Renew Jericho, you imbeciles!

$40.00 -- Jeffrey, Pacific, MO -- 6/5 3:52 PM (pooled)

$10.00 -- Leslee, Jonestown, PA -- 6/5 3:52 PM (pooled) Give us a chance to show you that we truely care about Jericho...bring it back and let us prove to you that it is a great show with a huge following. Save Jericho....Save the World

$20.00 -- Jon, ANaheim, CA -- 6/5 3:40 PM (pooled) Save Jericho! I am 32, make 100,000.00+ a year, male and I live in OC! Use your brain people - renew Jericho! If you don't, you're nuts.

$30.00 -- Chris, West Des Moines, IA -- 6/5 3:37 PM (pooled) Nina, Please bring back the best show on TV! Chris

$15.00 -- Shawn, Greenbrier, TN -- 6/5 3:36 PM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Ronald, Lusby, MD -- 6/5 3:34 PM (pooled)

$10.00 -- Christian, Regensburg, NY -- 6/5 3:31 PM (pooled)

$10.00 -- Sarah, arlington, VA -- 6/5 3:28 PM (pooled) 8 Episodes is a GREAT start! But we want season 2!! SAVE JERICHO!! DON'T GIVE UP THE FIGHT!! JERICHO FANS UNITE!!

$30.00 -- Melinda, Charlotte, NC -- 6/5 3:22 PM (pooled) Ms. Tassler, Please return Jericho to us. Thank you. 61, 35k, female, Charlotte, NC, in graduate school.

$100.00 -- George, Sayreville, NJ -- 6/5 3:20 PM (pooled) Ms. Tassler: I am a 32 year old male homeowner from New Jersey, married with no children. Our household income is ~$100k and quite a bit of that is disposable income. I work in the IT field and my wife works in the health insurance field. Companies we buy from include Best Buy, Blockbuster, Procter & Gamble (Gillette, Pantene, Tide, Charmin, Bounty, Old Spice, Dawn, Febreze, Swiffer, just to name a few of the products in our home), Unilever (Vaseline, Slim-Fast, Lipton, Hellmann's, Wishbone, Betolli, Country Crock), Ford, Hyundai, GMC, Dell, J&J (Acuvue, Band-Aid, Listerine, Tylenol), AMEX, Delta Airlines, Continental Airlines, DirecTV, Cablevision, Research in Motion, Cingular, Verizon, Panasonic, Pioneer, and FedEx. I cannot fathom how you could even consider cancelling such an amazing, thought provoking, and emotional show like JERICHO! I implore you to bring this show back!!!

$20.00 -- Carl, Linden, NJ -- 6/5 3:18 PM (pooled) 25 Years old, 50?000$, male, Sweden. Sweden wants more Jericho! My best regards from IKEA and VOLVO. And all the Swedish blond babes!

$40.00 -- David, St. Louis, MO -- 6/5 3:05 PM (pooled) Nina, I hope you enjoy your vacation after Jericho is renewed. You deserve it.

$15.00 -- John, Lexington, MA -- 6/5 2:37 PM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Brian, Mount Vernon, WA -- 6/5 2:30 PM (pooled) Bring back Jericho!

$30.00 -- Denise, White House, TN -- 6/5 2:24 PM (pooled) Surely this demonstration has proven that the ratings system is antiquated and needs to be updated. Bring JERICHO back and we will only increase its viewership. We are loyal; we are dedicated; and we are committed to this show, its characters, and the actors that play them.

$10.00 -- Lynda, Denver, CO -- 6/5 2:22 PM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Roger, San Francisco, CA -- 6/5 2:06 PM (pooled)

$15.00 -- Patrick, Midlothian, VA -- 6/5 2:03 PM (pooled) Dear Kelly, I appreciate your programming. I appreciate your industry. I do not appreciate investing the past nine months in a TV show to have it unceremoniously dumped like last week's garbage. Please, I beseech you to renew Jericho. Your UPS driver will thank you. As a 25 year old, college educated male, I am your target demographic. Please me to please your advertisers. Sincerly, Patrick

$10.00 -- Jennifer, Hershey, PA -- 6/5 2:02 PM (pooled) CBS your channel is blocked till we get Jericho back!!NUTS!!!

$10.00 -- Kathleen, York, ME -- 6/5 1:56 PM (pooled)

$20.00 -- Denise, Brookline, MA -- 6/5 1:54 PM (pooled) Please Save Jericho!

$40.00 -- Harley, Santa Paula, CA -- 6/5 1:52 PM (pooled) Nina - Want flowers? BRING BACK JERICHO!!!!!!

$5.00 -- Ragan, Mableton, GA -- 6/5 1:46 PM (pooled) NUTS!!! Our house is quiet without CBS on... Please give us back Jericho so we can watch CBS again...

$5.00 -- John, Springfield, VA -- 6/5 1:44 PM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Joshua, Robertsville, MO -- 6/5 1:42 PM (pooled) Dear Ms. Tassler, I am a 28 year old history teacher from Missouri who loves Jericho. I can not believe you would cancel the most brilliant show TV has produced in a long time. If you want me and many others to remain viewers of CBS you must reconsider your decision to cancel Jericho. Sincerely, Joshua

$25.00 -- Christine, Linden, NJ -- 6/5 1:40 PM (pooled) Dear Nina Tassler, I am writing from Canada. My husband (30) and I (28) and sometimes our toddler watched (when we just couldn't outwait his bedtime to watch) the shows religiously. We recorded them on DVR so that we could watch undisturbed (as often as possible) after our son was asleep, and also so that we could rewatch and even decipher the morse code in the introduction every week. We are shocked that CBS even considered cancellation, much less announced it! We could not disagree more with the manner in which the program was sabotaged (read: mid-season hiatus) and then the online/multimedia fanbase completely overlooked. Our viewing would most likely be overlooked in your viewership numbers, but we are about as devout as fans come. The outcry from your fanbase cannot be overlooked. This thing is bigger than you think. Please accept our contribution of nuts as the act of protest that it is. Bring back Jericho! Sincerely, Brian and Christine

$5.00 -- Alexis, Falls CHurch, VA -- 6/5 1:22 PM (pooled)

$40.00 -- Jennifer, Mount Airy, MD -- 6/5 1:20 PM (pooled) Are you Nuts? Please bring Jericho back; our whole family loves this show! This is the only show that we are really excited about. The Wetsel Family of Mount Airy, MD

$20.00 -- MIchelle, Avondale Estates, GA -- 6/5 1:17 PM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Jason, Keller, TX -- 6/5 12:56 PM (pooled) Please bring back Jericho for another season

$20.00 -- Brian, Spokane, WA -- 6/5 12:56 PM (pooled) Nina, CBS LA has got to be overrun by squirrels by now! :) Seriously, thank you for putting up with our "message" to you and the other execs at CBS. We really value Jericho and have been putting our money where our mouths are for some time now. This has got to prove to you that Jericho has a loyal, dedicated fan base. Please bring the show back to us! Very respectfully, Brian H. Spokane, WA

$10.00 -- Dawn, Boca Raton, FL -- 6/5 12:51 PM (pooled) Please give us more Jericho. It was an awsome show and I want to see it play out over years.

$5.00 -- Chris, Orion, MI -- 6/5 12:46 PM (pooled) Save Jericho, you know you want to!

$10.00 -- Guanyao, San Francisco, CA -- 6/5 12:42 PM (pooled)

$10.00 -- Raymond, Pompton Lakes, NJ -- 6/5 12:37 PM (pooled) demographic info: 34 y/o white male, family income over $100,000, Pompton Lakes, NJ. Jericho is an excellent program. The casting was wonderful, the acting great, and the story was really REALLY getting interesting! Plus, I have heard that CBS was looking to increase their presence on the web. Well, Jericho or some other cult show is your best bet. Just look at what has grown-up on the web around ABC's "Lost". (BTW, "Lost" switched air times so it didn't have to compete against "American Idol.") Personally, I think that the show did very well, considering how long it was off-the-air. Also, after taking that break, it was airing against American Idol. So, I think it did pretty well, considering!!! PLEASE BRING BACK JERICHO!!!

$5.00 -- Paul, Burley, ID -- 6/5 12:31 PM (pooled) We're still "NUTS"... and so is CBS if Jericho is not renewed. :D

$20.00 -- Mary, Glen Gardnet, NJ -- 6/5 12:25 PM (pooled) Please Bring Back Jericho!! It was one of the best shows this year. My husband and I never missed it!!

$5.00 -- Lynn, Melrose, MA -- 6/5 12:10 PM (pooled) We want season 2 - Bring back Jericho

$15.00 -- Erin, West Trenton, NJ -- 6/5 11:51 AM (pooled)

$10.00 -- Sarah, Middleburg Heights, OH -- 6/5 11:11 AM (pooled)

$15.00 -- Kelly, Somerville, MA -- 6/5 10:54 AM (pooled) Save Jericho! Nuts to CBS!

$15.00 -- Arthur, Buffalo, MN -- 6/5 10:50 AM (pooled) Please bring Jericho back

$10.00 -- Ryan, Spokane, WA -- 6/5 10:35 AM (pooled) Dear Mrs. Tassler, I have to admit I'm not a big CBS fan other than CSI. I heard about Jericho from a friend at work and watched all the episodes online. I have become a HUGE FAN of the show and would like to see it back on air. Sincerely, RYAN Spokane, Washington Local CBS: KREM-2

$10.00 -- Dean, Lindenhurst, IL -- 6/5 10:10 AM (pooled) Ms. Tassler: Please bring back Jericho for a real second season. This show was the gem of the 2006-07 season and the only reason I ever watched CBS. Please do the right thing and re-think the decision to cancel. Dean

$10.00 -- J, Nolanville, TX -- 6/5 9:59 AM (pooled) I'm a 29 yr old married woman with a child. I have a college education, income is $65,000/yr and we live in central TX. And we love Jericho. Please bring it back for season 2. Don't punish us for your mistake. CBS killed Jericho by allowing it to stay off the air for 3 months and then bringing it back against American Idol. Plus, you are the ones who made it available online and for why would you punish us for watching it in those very places just because you don't know how to measure those ratings? BRING BACK JERICHO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

$10.00 -- Erika, Brooklyn, NY -- 6/5 9:57 AM (pooled) SAVE JERICHO!!!

$10.00 -- Stefan, Linden, NJ -- 6/5 9:51 AM (pooled)

$10.00 -- Jessica, Fayetteville, NC -- 6/5 9:51 AM (pooled)

$10.00 -- Tammy, Weatherford, OK -- 6/5 9:49 AM (pooled)

$10.00 -- CONSTANCE, MONTGOMERY, AL -- 6/5 9:44 AM (pooled) f/59 Defense attorney Alabama

$25.00 -- Jennifer, Rohnert Park, CA -- 6/5 9:40 AM (pooled) Please bring back Jericho! I promise that I will eat all of my vegetables if you bring it back!

$20.00 -- Daniel, Linden, NJ -- 6/5 9:36 AM (pooled) Save Jericho! 33Yrs male Queensland Australia 60K I watch on television channel 10.

$10.00 -- David, Middletown, IN -- 6/5 9:07 AM (pooled) BRING BACK JERICHO!!!!!!!!!!

$10.00 -- Marlene, Cincinnati, OH -- 6/5 9:04 AM (pooled) Please give us a second season!

$10.00 -- Harold, Rudy, AR -- 6/5 9:00 AM (pooled) Bring back Jericho!

$10.00 -- John, Rochester, NY -- 6/5 8:59 AM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Roland, Winnipeg, ME -- 6/5 8:54 AM (pooled) Save Jericho!

$15.00 -- Morgan, Fort Monroe, VA -- 6/5 8:44 AM (pooled)

$10.00 -- Tony, Alexandria, VA -- 6/5 8:43 AM (pooled) Second season for Jericho! Otherwise, more nuts. I am your target demographic! (33 yr old, college educated single male living in the metro DC area with disposable income)

$15.00 -- Kenneth, FRAMINGHAM, MA -- 6/5 8:12 AM (pooled) Please bring back our favorite show. I am 34 and my wife is 42, we would always have friends over and we would never think of missing an episode. I also purchased the entire season on i tunes. Thank you, Ken

$5.00 -- Beth, monson, MA -- 6/5 8:09 AM (pooled) Beth from massachusetts, age 41 , health care worker, mother of 3 teenage boys.

$20.00 -- Mychal, St. Louis Park, MN -- 6/5 8:06 AM (pooled) We are still NUTS for Jericho!!!!!!

$10.00 -- Elan, Brooklyn, NY -- 6/5 8:04 AM (pooled) Please bring back Jericho. It was too cool. Have never missed an episode. How can you take it off. Bring it back please. I am 59 years old, and live in Brooklyn NY.

$50.00 -- Carolyn, New Hartford, NY -- 6/5 7:20 AM (pooled) Only season two will do!

$20.00 -- Julie, Ceresco, MI -- 6/5 7:15 AM (pooled) Only season 2 will do, keep Jericho!

$20.00 -- Charles, Laurel, MD -- 6/5 5:57 AM (pooled) Bring Back Jericho! There must be room in your TV schedule for quality.

$20.00 -- Andrew, Seward, AK -- 6/5 5:09 AM (pooled) PLEASE BRING BACK JERICHO. It's the one thing that brings my family together in the same room. Pleaaassseeee!!!!!

$5.00 -- Anja, San Francisco, CA -- 6/5 4:22 AM (pooled) NUTS!!!!

$5.00 -- Gerald, Friendswood, TX -- 6/5 3:00 AM (pooled) Ms. Tassler, I am a 41 year old male in Houston Texas. I am an avid Jericho fan and I think CBS is NUTS for cancelling the show!! Bring it back (please)!

$10.00 -- william, allston, MA -- 6/5 2:17 AM (pooled)

$5.00 -- David, Denver, CO -- 6/5 1:49 AM (pooled)

$5.00 -- gary, middltown, OH -- 6/5 1:45 AM (pooled)

$20.00 -- JAMES, TUNKHANNOCK, PA -- 6/5 1:17 AM (pooled) Keep Jericho ALIVE

$10.00 -- Dan, Woburn, MA -- 6/5 1:01 AM (pooled) Great show!! Please renew Jericho for a season 2... =)

$50.00 -- jeff, highland, IN -- 6/5 12:43 AM (pooled) we will keep up the fight!!!!!

$10.00 -- Brenda, Jacksonville, FL -- 6/5 12:19 AM (pooled) Jericho deserves to be renewed. The fans deserve to be rewarded with its renewal. Please deliver Jericho back to us.

$10.00 -- Chris, Franklin, WI -- 6/5 12:14 AM (pooled) I find it completely unacceptable that you cancelled Jericho for the reasons you did and then replaced it with the upcoming lineup that you did. Of course Jericho had a tough second half of the season... it was up againt Am. Idol. Jericho had 9mil+ viewers on tv alone? How many watched it on your website? I did! I watch two shows on CBS, and that's all now adays; Jericho and How I Met Your Mother. I loved both shows. Now I refuse to watch CBS at all. And what new shows are you bringing in??? Moonlight, Cane, and Kid Nation... are you kidding? I mean are you serious? Kid Nation... I've read the synopsis of the show and it sounds worse than National Bingo night. Please restore my respect for CBS and bring back Jericho for at least one more season. Chris S. $35,000 25m Milw, WI

$5.00 -- Lesley, Andersonville, TN -- 6/4 11:34 PM (pooled)

$10.00 -- Ralph, Jacksonville, FL -- 6/4 11:25 PM (pooled) Sent by a concerned JERICHO fan. 33 y/o, professional, 80k/yr income. Boycotting CBS (even the sports) Renew JERICHO!

$25.00 -- Hayley, Sherman Oaks, CA -- 6/4 11:20 PM (pooled)

$50.00 -- John, Parsippany, NJ -- 6/4 11:17 PM (pooled) I am a 32 old year male who is into Sci Fi and good dramas. I am tired of these reality shows during night time TV. They get boring after the second season. The only CBS other show is ?The Price is Right?. Once Bob leaves on June 15th, then CBS would be the ?Can?t Be Seen? network in my eyes. This would change if Jericho gets the renewed for a Second season.

$15.00 -- Michael, Ringoes, NJ -- 6/4 11:09 PM (pooled) Hi, I am a 38 yr old married male, highly educated, income in the six figures and I wouldn't be caught dead watching fake reality shows. Jericho had me hooked from the first episode, and now, I can't imagine myself watching Kid Nation, who thinks that is a good idea.

$15.00 -- Shannon, Haw River, NC -- 6/4 11:09 PM (pooled) I don't watch TV. My life consists of skydiving, rock climbing, scuba diving, and work (only because I have to work to afford my hobbies). TV (to me) is an enormous waste of time. However, I will cease any and all adventures, just to watch one episode of "Jericho." You people at CBS have no idea what you have on your hands. If you don't realize it, it will ultimately be your loss.

$5.00 -- Philip, Ypsilanti, MI -- 6/4 10:59 PM (pooled) Come on Kelly, the people of Michigan want Jericho back too!!! -Phil ..... Ann Arbor, Michigan.

$10.00 -- Lillian, Maple Glen, PA -- 6/4 10:49 PM (pooled) Bring Jericho back, it's the best show on CBS.

$20.00 -- Susan, Pittsburgh, PA -- 6/4 10:39 PM (pooled) Season 2! No Surrender!

$5.00 -- Lynda, Denver, CO -- 6/4 10:32 PM (pooled) Please, please, please bring Jericho back!!!

$20.00 -- Jon, Nashville, GA -- 6/4 10:26 PM (pooled)

$30.00 -- Kathy, San Juan Capistrano, CA -- 6/4 10:26 PM (pooled) LUCAS, 22 y.o, Male, Dallas, TX, watches JERICHO on itunes,, or TIVO (friends). SECOND SEASON OF JERICHO

$10.00 -- Brandi, El Cerrito, CA -- 6/4 10:01 PM (pooled)

$40.00 -- Rachel, Brookline, MA -- 6/4 9:57 PM (pooled)

$10.00 -- Bonita, Margate, FL -- 6/4 9:56 PM (pooled) We support CBS in its decision to bring Jericho back for another season.

$10.00 -- Michael, Claremont, NH -- 6/4 9:49 PM (pooled) Nuts! You must be to cancel this show. What! Reality TV? Are we stupid? Most are I guess, but a few of us are fed up with that variety of cheap entertainment. Our household income is over 120K and we are both HOOKED on Jericho, signed 30 somthing in NH.

$10.00 -- David, Burley, ID -- 6/4 9:38 PM (pooled) Please rethink Jericho. David Burley, Id 47 yr Male

$5.00 -- Sarah, San Jose, CA -- 6/4 8:13 PM (pooled) Please don't nuke Jericho!!!

$5.00 -- Therese, hull, MA -- 6/4 8:00 PM (pooled) please please please bring back jericho 38 female boston very liberal democrat

$10.00 -- Jason, Brockton, MA -- 6/4 7:01 PM (pooled) My name is Jason, I live in MA, I'm 33 years old. Now that I've got the boring stuff out of the way, lets talk about Jericho. It has taken me a bit to figure out why I got so upset when Jericho was canceled. Most of what is on TV these days is cruddy, too much "reality tv", teen drama's, etc... Jericho to me is a show about not taking things for granted and taking responsibility for your actions, it is also really entertaining. I believe if given the chance it would have done well, especially if you stop taking all these mid-season breaks. Anyway thanks for listening. Please bring back my show.

$40.00 -- Don, Avalon, PA -- 6/4 6:56 PM (pooled)

$10.00 -- Doreen, Livonia, MI -- 6/4 6:13 PM (pooled) Please bring back our family's favorite show. We have fans from the age of 12 to 61 who haven't missed a single episode, either live, on DVR, or the internet.

$10.00 -- Michelle, Las Vegas, NV -- 6/4 6:11 PM (pooled) 43 yr old female from LV, NV annual household income $50k. I'm NOT a Nielsen statistic. I view TV only via DVR and internet downloads. Jericho is one of the few shows offering quality, family value programming. Please return it for it's deserving second season!!!

$10.00 -- Craig, Cumberland, RI -- 6/4 5:50 PM (pooled)

$75.00 -- Jodi, New York, NY -- 6/4 5:44 PM (pooled) Good shows are hard to come by! Give Jericho a reprieve.

$15.00 -- Kathy, Topeka, KS -- 6/4 5:39 PM (pooled) I am a white female 47 years old living in Topeka,KS and I am truly disappointed in CBS for cancelling a great show. Nuts to you. Sincerely, Kathy

$20.00 -- Peter, Media, PA -- 6/4 5:29 PM (pooled) NUTS!

$5.00 -- Joanne, Houston, AL -- 6/4 5:23 PM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Maik, Wadersloh, AP -- 6/4 5:19 PM (pooled)

$15.00 -- Terri, West Monroe, LA -- 6/4 4:03 PM (pooled) Jericho would wfit nicely on Friday at 9:00pm or Monday@8:00pm....CBS is NUTS...This is "why We Fight"

$5.00 -- Laurie, Coon Rapids, MN -- 6/4 3:24 PM (pooled)

$20.00 -- Christopher, Philadelphia, PA -- 6/4 3:16 PM (pooled) SAVE JERICHO!!!!!

$10.00 -- Grzegorz, Linden, NJ -- 6/4 3:02 PM (pooled)

$10.00 -- CRISTY, FRANKFORT, KY -- 6/4 2:53 PM (pooled)

$5.00 -- David, Kansas Cit, MO -- 6/4 2:47 PM (pooled) Bring back Jericho or NUTS!

$40.00 -- lynn, tallmadge, OH -- 6/4 2:18 PM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Charlotte, Southaven, MS -- 6/4 1:56 PM (pooled) Renew Jericho, please. 55 year old Caucasian female from Mississippi.....

$20.00 -- Rob, Lansdale, PA -- 6/4 1:52 PM (pooled) Nina - please accept these tasty nuts and get Jericho back on the air!!

$20.00 -- Bonita, Margate, FL -- 6/4 1:50 PM (pooled) Please rescind the cancellation of Jericho. It's the only CBS program that could ever inspire such a dedicated outpouring from fans. Can you imagine any fan protest over the cancellation of CSI?

$5.00 -- Travis, wintersville, OH -- 6/4 1:47 PM (pooled) My family values our time watching JERICHO. This is the only family show we all watch. Please, do the right thing and save JERICHO!

$5.00 -- Travis, Wintersville, OH -- 6/4 1:44 PM (pooled) My five children and I value watching JERICHO. Please, do the right thing and save JERICHO!

$5.00 -- Ryan, Alburtis, PA -- 6/4 1:37 PM (pooled) Hope you like my NUTS!

$10.00 -- Steven, New Providence, NJ -- 6/4 1:31 PM (pooled) Please bring back this great show.

$10.00 -- Nicole, Durham, NC -- 6/4 1:28 PM (pooled) It's time to demonstrate that you will not let the lowest common denominator dictate your programming.

$10.00 -- Clint, Spring, TX -- 6/4 1:27 PM (pooled) Please renew Jericho for a 2nd season!!!

$5.00 -- Jana, Floeha, Germany, NJ -- 6/4 12:59 PM (pooled) PLEASE SAVE JERICHO ! Only Season 2 will do !!! If it's not possible during the fall season, then please bring it back as a mid-season replacement ! With all this free promotion made possible by the fans (New York Times, Wall Street Journal, CNN Money, Variety, Hollywood Reporter...) - something you couldn't seem to do with all your resources - imagine how the show could take off now, with just a little help on your part !!!

$10.00 -- Susan, Charlestown, NH -- 6/4 12:39 PM (pooled) The fans won't quit! Bring back Jericho! Susan, age 38, NH

$5.00 -- PATRICIA, SANFORD, FL -- 6/4 12:35 PM (pooled) Patty 39 year old mother of two Masters Level Counselor near Orlando, FL YOUR RATINGS MISSED ME!!! NUTS!!!!

$70.00 -- The, Marina del Rey, CA -- 6/4 12:32 PM (pooled) Be bold. Be different. Be grateful when fans love a show. Put Jericho back on the air.

$15.00 -- Lisa, Winchester, VA -- 6/4 12:31 PM (pooled) Bring back Jericho! Bring Back Jericho! NUTS to CBS! L.Torreyson, 41 AF, 31K W.Torreyson, 36 WM, 40K L.Haun, 38 WF, 58K D.Campbell, 40 WM 56K

$10.00 -- Robin, Vestavia Hills, AL -- 6/4 12:24 PM (pooled)

$15.00 -- Eric, South Euclid, OH -- 6/4 12:16 PM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Dr, Bronx, NY -- 6/4 11:32 AM (pooled) Please don't cancel this very wonderful show about the strength of humanity. Thanks.

$10.00 -- Myra, Rapid City, SD -- 6/4 11:18 AM (pooled) It's such a shame to see good programming cancelled for more 'reality' programming. Also, why are you losing such a good show for such poor new dramas (ie. Cane?!?!?!? WHY?!?!?!) It's sad to know that the money I spent purchasing my episodes of Jericho online (because I wanted to see it before the series became available in the UK) count for nothing!

$5.00 -- Kelley, O Fallon, MO -- 6/4 11:16 AM (pooled) Ms. Tassler - We are not stopping. Respectfully, all that will do is Season 2! Please Save Jericho! The Wolff Family - Missouri

$10.00 -- Robert, West Palm BEach, FL -- 6/4 11:11 AM (pooled) Mrs. Tassler its time for CBS to show its support for its audience as we have showed our support for CBS. Bring Jericho back.

$30.00 -- Justin, Saint Paul, MN -- 6/4 10:38 AM (pooled)

$10.00 -- William, Longmont, CO -- 6/4 10:34 AM (pooled) Colorado Loves Jericho

$10.00 -- dana, cape coral, FL -- 6/4 10:07 AM (pooled) give jericho a chance with a better time slot...everyone i know was watching (once it was away from american idol) JERICHO IS A GREAT SHOW !!!! corey 35 male & dana 36 female from cape coral florida

$10.00 -- Anne, Beaufort, NC -- 6/4 9:56 AM (pooled) Dear Nina, we're married, 35 and 40, professionals, living on the East Coast. We loved being a part of Jericho every week. Thanks for bringing it to us...please bring it back! It's not too late for a mid-season renewal!

$30.00 -- Susan, Tucson, AZ -- 6/4 9:39 AM (pooled) Jericho for a second season! Thanks, Susan

$10.00 -- Therese, Blue Springs, MO -- 6/4 9:27 AM (pooled)

$45.00 -- Debra, Fordyce, AR -- 6/4 9:19 AM (pooled) Ms Tassler, Please do not cancel Jericho it is an awesome program with a terrific story line and wonderful cast. CBS is my favorite network, because Jericho is my favorite program. Debra

$20.00 -- David, Leesburg, VA -- 6/4 9:19 AM (pooled) Bring Back Jericho

$20.00 -- David, Leesburg, VA -- 6/4 9:14 AM (pooled) Bing back Jericho

$5.00 -- Brenda, Lawrenceville, GA -- 6/4 9:01 AM (pooled) Ms. Tassler, You took a chance on JERICHO once, please do it again! We love the show and look forward to seeing it back on the screen. ~The McNultys

$15.00 -- Kerry, Elmira, NY -- 6/4 8:58 AM (pooled) We won't give up on this show. We won't stop until you bring-back Jericho

$25.00 -- Shannon, Haw River, NC -- 6/4 8:50 AM (pooled) Please bring back "Jericho!" I have never been so caught up in a TV show! I plan my schedule around Jericho on Wednesday nights!

$30.00 -- JOE, BROOMALL, PA -- 6/4 8:40 AM (pooled)

$10.00 -- Frank, Warrenton, MO -- 6/4 8:27 AM (pooled) Consider these nuts more support for Jericho

$5.00 -- Danny, Keizer, OR -- 6/4 7:24 AM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Kim, Pleasantville, PA -- 6/4 7:19 AM (pooled) We're not letting go without one hell of a fight !!! NUTS !!! N - Never U - Underestimate T - The S - Strength (of loyal fans!) Jericho is one of the best shows that CBS has put out in many years, Cancelling it is a big mistake on CBS's part. Your line up is pretty crappy to begin with ... With out Jericho all you have is CSI, Criminal Minds & Two & A Half Men, and as much as I like those other shows, if you insist on cancelling Jericho, I'll no longer watch CBS ! I sincerly hope that enough others feel the same way & that they ALL quit watching CBS all together ! I'm sure that some other network will gladly take your ratings away ! Perhaps USA or SciFi ! Keep your Reality shows, lose Jericho ... lose your ratings ! The choice is yours ..... Kim Pleasantville, PA. 16341

$20.00 -- Benny, Pearl, MS -- 6/4 6:52 AM (pooled) I really hope that after some of the reviews I have seen for your "new shows" that you change your mind and bring back Jericho.

$10.00 -- GORDON, Binghamton, NY -- 6/4 6:47 AM (pooled) Dear Ms. Tassler, Everyone makes mistakes, now its time to fix it and we want to help. Bring Jericho back for season 2 and it will be supported like no other show on television. Thank you, Gordon Belmore

$5.00 -- Philip, Staten Island, NY -- 6/4 4:29 AM (pooled) BRING JERICHO BACK! SEASON TWO ALL THE WAY! Age: 19 Gender: Male Location: Staten Island, NY

$10.00 -- Joshua, Temecula, CA -- 6/4 3:23 AM (pooled)

$20.00 -- Dustin, San Clemente, CA -- 6/4 3:23 AM (pooled) No Jericho = NO CBS

$10.00 -- Michael, Miami, FL -- 6/4 2:43 AM (pooled) NUTS! SAVE JERICHO!

$10.00 -- Ruth, Newark, DE -- 6/4 2:35 AM (pooled) Please save Jericho!

$5.00 -- Angelique, Foster, WV -- 6/4 1:51 AM (pooled) CBS, Just doing our part to keep you aware of our dedication to Jericho. If our show is renewed for a second season, or returned as a mid-season replacement, (if a second season is not a viable option), we will do everything possible to further expand Jericho's already sizable viewership. Thankyou! Stephen and Angelique 40 and 39, respectively. WV

$40.00 -- Robert, High Point, NC -- 6/4 1:31 AM (pooled) Joe 36, male Wilmington, DE Upper middle class

$5.00 -- Dana, Augusta, KS -- 6/4 1:20 AM (pooled) Please save Jericho! It was a high quality program, with years of viewing potential left. In my opinion, it was the best program on television last season.

$100.00 -- jeffrey, El Cajon, CA -- 6/4 1:07 AM (pooled) This is a great show with a far larger following then you likely though. Please reverse this wrong cancellation and renew Jericho. Jeffrey Corcoran, 34, San Diego California, studend and small business owner (25000-50000/year)


$5.00 -- Kenneth, Lincoln, NE -- 6/4 12:44 AM (pooled) I am a 40 year old male living in Nebraska, and I have watched a lot of tv over the years. One burning question I have is... Why would you cancel the best show you have had in years??? Instead of Jericho, please give us more CSI: This, CSI: That, The Amazing Race: Run for Your Life and Survivor: This Is Your Pathetic Life! We need more shows that provoke thought about real world possibilities. No more "reality tv"!!! Do the best thing for your viewers and BRING BACK Jericho!!!

$15.00 -- Nicole, Columbia, MD -- 6/4 12:18 AM (pooled) Jericho is the best show I've seen in awhile. Please, please, please reconsider its cancellation. Nicole, Columbia MD

$30.00 -- Diane, Vancouver, WA -- 6/4 12:17 AM (pooled) Please renew Jericho

$5.00 -- Judy, Aurora, IL -- 6/3 11:56 PM (pooled) Nina - When you get tired of nuts, e-mails, snail mails, and phone calls, perhaps you will give it up and tell us you will renew Jericho. BTW, I am a 51 year-old single female living in a western Chicago suburb. I work part-time as a grocery store cashier to supplement my SS Disability that I must have due to MS. This is a nationwide and worldwide campaign, Nina. Please don't let the 8-10 millions viewers who have left CBS remain gone. I assume you don't want CBS' reputation to be one of a major network that has no interest in what the public viewer wants.

$100.00 -- Chris, Las Vegas, NV -- 6/3 11:52 PM (pooled) BRING BACK JERICHO!!!!!!!

$5.00 -- Amanda, Topeka, KS -- 6/3 11:45 PM (pooled) I'm a 26 year old professional and a loyal fan of the show. I watch the regular broadcast so I see all of the commercials. Please save Jericho, support quality television!

$10.00 -- Wendy, Norristown, PA -- 6/3 11:38 PM (pooled)

$10.00 -- Tracie, Denver, CO -- 6/3 11:30 PM (pooled)

$15.00 -- Courtney, Irvine, CA -- 6/3 11:29 PM (pooled) I'm a female, 25, from Irvine, CA and my household income is $75,000. My family loves Jericho and wants a second season!

$20.00 -- Michael, Englewood, CO -- 6/3 11:24 PM (pooled) I'm a 39 year old professional from Denver, CO and I hope you'll reconsider bringing back Jericho. Dont make the same mistake as when Star Trek was cancelled in 1969 becasue the ratings were 'poor'; BRING BACK JERICHO!!

$5.00 -- Margaret, Germantown, MD -- 6/3 11:24 PM (pooled) I am a 42 year old female from Germantown, MD and have been a loyal viewer of Jericho since the beginning. Please listen to the fans and don't cancel this wonderful show.

$15.00 -- Margaret, Germantown, MD -- 6/3 11:21 PM (pooled) I am a 42 year old female from Germantown, MD and am a loyal viewer of Jericho and have been since the very beginning of the show. Please listen to the fans of this wonderful show and don't cancel it!

$30.00 -- Kathy, Hickory Corners, MI -- 6/3 11:17 PM (pooled) NUTS to CBS - we want to keep Jericho!! Kathy West age 41 Kalamazoo, MI

$5.00 -- Holly, Guys Mills, PA -- 6/3 11:13 PM (pooled) hi I am a 55 year old female from NW PA. Please reinstate Jericho!!!

$20.00 -- Barney, braintree, MA -- 6/3 11:07 PM (pooled) Bring back Jericho for a full Second Season and Beyond!

$10.00 -- Carl, dallas, TX -- 6/3 11:00 PM (pooled) Nuts....

$25.00 -- Kathy, San Juan Capistrano, CA -- 6/3 10:59 PM (pooled) Matthew Kleine, Male, Daytona Beach, FL, college student who watches on CBS.COM, Itunes, or TIVO! SECOND SEASON FOR JERICHO

$25.00 -- Adeanna, Port Orchard, WA -- 6/3 10:53 PM (pooled) 36 y.o. femaile in the Pacific Northwest. $50,000 yearly income. Please renew this show. It is thoughtful, compelling and thought provoking. The viewership is there. It's just that you created online options and web-savvy viewers have been there and viewing by DVR. Thank you for your time.

$5.00 -- Jana, North Richland Hills, TX -- 6/3 10:43 PM (pooled) The only intellegent solution is to give Jericho a second season in which to prove itself. This show is vastly more entertaining than most of the senseless drivel that is found on network and cable television in recent years.

$10.00 -- Ted, Castorland, NY -- 6/3 10:39 PM (pooled) Mr. Kahl, i urge you to reconsider bringing back Jericho. I am 23 years old, male and from northern new york. My entire family watches this show as well as dozens of my friends. I understand you run a business however you must know that we are loyal customers whose loyalty remains when our shows remain.

$10.00 -- Tony, Alexandria, VA -- 6/3 10:29 PM (pooled) Bring back Jericho! (33 yr old, male, college grad, DC Metro area with disposable income.) I am your target demographic!

$5.00 -- Neil, Vancouver, BC -- 6/3 10:23 PM (pooled)

$20.00 -- Dyan, Cuyahoga Falls, OH -- 6/3 10:20 PM (pooled) CBS is making a huge mistake letting Jericho go. You're just NUTS. Please reconsider and show that CBS CARES.

$15.00 -- Paul, Willimantic, CT -- 6/3 10:15 PM (pooled) Please renew Jericho so that I can continue to enjoy my other favorite CBS shows such as Survivor, CSI and Criminal Minds.

$5.00 -- David, Anderson, IN -- 6/3 10:14 PM (pooled)

$10.00 -- Susan, Pittsburgh, PA -- 6/3 10:12 PM (pooled) Save Jericho!

$30.00 -- Michael, Cantonment, FL -- 6/3 9:57 PM (pooled) 34 yr old Fla fan. I've used Jericho in my science classes and our social studies teach has spoken about it as well. This show really needs to continue. It has uses beyond those of entertainment.

$35.00 -- Anthony, Dayton, OH -- 6/3 9:52 PM (pooled) Ms Tassler, Bring Jericho back! I am 51, father, grandfather, and the Director of Manufacturing in Ohio. I'm an Alumni of Southern Illinois University, BS in Industrial Technology, Air Force veteran. I'm an avid fan of Jericho. I'm sure you have a very impressive resume and feel that you worked hard for your position. We all feel that way about our careers. Who should decide what we watch on TV? Major networks like CBS have been losing viewers to other cable channels over the last few years. Wonder why? Network executives who think they know more than the viewers/customers they are supposed to be trying to attract. The measure of a good executive is the ability and courage to admit when they make a mistake. Are you a good executive Ms. Tassler? I hope so.

$15.00 -- Sonya, Indianapolis, IN -- 6/3 9:35 PM (pooled) Hope you enjoy the nuts. Bring back family television. ONLY SEASON 2 WILL DO!!!!!!!!

$10.00 -- Ed, Easton, CT -- 6/3 9:09 PM (pooled) SAVE JERICHO-please

$10.00 -- Paul, Larchmont, NY -- 6/3 9:08 PM (pooled) Save Jericho!!

$15.00 -- Lynda, Danville, CA -- 6/3 9:06 PM (pooled) I am a 53 year old RN, live in Northern California and LOVE JERICHO!!

$10.00 -- Tracy, Asheville, NC -- 6/3 9:05 PM (pooled) Ms Tassler, Jericho was the only CBS show I've watched in a long time.Please help me continue to support CBS and its advertisers by giving Jericho a second season. Also just an FYI, I'm one of your star demographics, in Western NC

$20.00 -- K., Du Bois, PA -- 6/3 8:54 PM (pooled) Please -- resurrect Jericho!

$20.00 -- laura, TAYLOR, MI -- 6/3 8:54 PM (pooled) Hey NINA!!! Show some respect for the fans of Jericho!! WE NEED OUR SHOW BACK!!

$100.00 -- William, sewaren, NJ -- 6/3 8:47 PM (pooled) PLEASE BRING BACK JERICHO THANK YOU!!

$10.00 -- Natalie, Apple Valley, MN -- 6/3 8:32 PM (pooled) Renew Jericho! Only a second season will do.

$25.00 -- Kelly, Spokane, WA -- 6/3 8:29 PM (pooled) Not Understanding Term Surrender

$25.00 -- Charles, Laurel, MD -- 6/3 8:22 PM (pooled) There must be a place in your schedule for a QUALITY program! Bring back Jericho! 36 y.o. male in MD.

$140.00 -- Nancy, Greenville, SC -- 6/3 8:06 PM (pooled) Bring back Jericho!

$10.00 -- Pamela, Louisville, KY -- 6/3 8:03 PM (pooled) This is my third time sending NUTS to CBS! Come on Nina renew Jericho!

$15.00 -- Pam, Kimbolton, OH -- 6/3 8:01 PM (pooled) I can only echo the sentiments of all the others. Please bring back Jericho! Sincerely, Pam R Southeast Ohio, 49 year old head of household, disabled/fixed income

$5.00 -- Lea, Paris, NJ -- 6/3 7:34 PM (pooled)

$30.00 -- Sonya, Manning, SC -- 6/3 7:33 PM (pooled)

$10.00 -- Sharon, Long Beach, CA -- 6/3 7:15 PM (pooled) Dear Nina, Please renew Jericho (or give to another station). Thanks, Sharon Long Beach CA

$5.00 -- Molly, Ludlow, MA -- 6/3 7:14 PM (pooled) Save Jericho!!! It is my husbands and my favorite show. Save Jericho!!!!

$10.00 -- Roy, Webberville, MI -- 6/3 7:12 PM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Michael, Auburn, MA -- 6/3 6:56 PM (pooled)

$30.00 -- Eldon, Lowell, MA -- 6/3 5:39 PM (pooled) Please renew Jericho, it is the best how you have had in years. My wife and are in are early 50's and our 3 sons in their 20s and we all watch the show. You might consider me old but I am an early adopter of technology and we have 8 computers in the house. Our combined family income is close to $200k. I would say that makes us worthwhile to your sponsors!

$15.00 -- Arlene, Montclair, NJ -- 6/3 5:03 PM (pooled) Please bring back Jericho for another season!!

$40.00 -- Kathleen, West Hills, CA -- 6/3 4:57 PM (pooled)

$40.00 -- John, Houston, TX -- 6/3 4:54 PM (pooled) Please, please, please bring back JERICHO!

$150.00 -- Rachel, Brookline, MA -- 6/3 4:52 PM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Amber, Nashville, TN -- 6/3 4:48 PM (pooled) Ms. Tassler, Be a someone who stands up and actually support a show that fans love. Money is tight around the nation..and times are rough. For people to spend even a dollar to save this show should tell you something. Amber Female 28 Nashville, TN

$20.00 -- Sylvia, Hartsville, SC -- 6/3 4:30 PM (pooled)

$70.00 -- Greg, Plymouth, MN -- 6/3 4:26 PM (pooled)

$30.00 -- Shaun, Rossville, GA -- 6/3 4:17 PM (pooled) Ms. Tassler, I heard you don't like serial drama's. Well most people without common sense don't either.

$30.00 -- Susan, Dover, DE -- 6/3 4:16 PM (pooled)

$10.00 -- Cristian, Linden, NJ -- 6/3 3:58 PM (pooled) It would be a great mistake not to renew Jericho for another season. Please, SAVE JERICHO !

$20.00 -- Phil, Melbourne, FL -- 6/3 3:48 PM (pooled) Nina Nuts to cbs....How could you all cancel a show with great family values,community,friendship and the American/human will to survive? Until Jericho comes back for a 2nd season you will lose 5 viewers in your target demographic. NUTS to you!

$5.00 -- christopher, huntington, IN -- 6/3 3:48 PM (pooled)

$20.00 -- Jacqueline, Random Lake, WI -- 6/3 3:31 PM (pooled)

$10.00 -- Jerry, Lockhart, TX -- 6/3 3:31 PM (pooled) Please bring our show back.

$5.00 -- Daniel, Linden, NJ -- 6/3 3:19 PM (pooled) Watching In the UK , Brought all my episodes form itunes Age 20 , Male Please bring the show to UK tv it would be really popular

$10.00 -- Kevin, Pilot, VA -- 6/3 2:55 PM (pooled) Please Bring Back Jericho!

$100.00 -- Timothy, Troy, IL -- 6/3 2:25 PM (pooled) Only season 2 will do. This was the ONLY show my wife and I watched together!~Age 45, Male, Southern Illinois, $175K

$20.00 -- Cecilia, Corpus Christi, TX -- 6/3 2:25 PM (pooled) Bring back Jericho! It's up to CBS to do the right thing.

$30.00 -- Craig, Dewitt, MI -- 6/3 2:15 PM (pooled)

$40.00 -- Christopher, South Bend, IN -- 6/3 2:07 PM (pooled)

$20.00 -- James, Budd Lake, NJ -- 6/3 1:59 PM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Loretta, Leominster, MA -- 6/3 1:59 PM (pooled)

$30.00 -- Amy, Alachua, FL -- 6/3 1:58 PM (pooled) We want a second season of Jericho. This NUTS to you, CBS.

$10.00 -- David, Richmond, VA -- 6/3 1:47 PM (pooled) NUTS 2 U, CBS BLINK YOUR BIG EYE FROM VA

$10.00 -- Tammie, champaign, IL -- 6/3 1:42 PM (pooled) Bring back Jericho please! I now have nothing to look forward to on TV. 36 year old female from Rantoul Illinois my entire schedule revolved around Jericho! Thanks for your time.

$10.00 -- Karen, Topeka, KS -- 6/3 1:34 PM (pooled) Nuts to CBS from Kansas. Family with income in 6 figures, 2 adults in upper 40's and young teenager all want a second season!

$10.00 -- Dawn, Kennesaw, GA -- 6/3 1:25 PM (pooled)

$10.00 -- Holly, Valley Center, CA -- 6/3 1:23 PM (pooled) Jericho is an amazing show with so much potential. My entire family watches it and we were so upset when it was cancelled! PLEASE reconsider, CBS! (24yr old female from San diego, CA)

$25.00 -- Kathy, San Juan Capistrano, CA -- 6/3 12:47 PM (pooled) SECOND FULL SEASON OF JERICHO

$40.00 -- Jeff, Auburn, WA -- 6/3 12:10 PM (pooled)

$20.00 -- James, Carmichael, CA -- 6/3 12:07 PM (pooled) Nuts to you Nina! Bring Back Jericho!

$20.00 -- Joseph, Milwaukee, WI -- 6/3 11:59 AM (pooled) We will never back down! Bring Back Jericho! NUTS to you CBS!


$70.00 -- James, Lake St Louis, MO -- 6/3 11:15 AM (pooled) Please bring Jericho back!!!

$20.00 -- Andrea, Greensboro, NC -- 6/3 10:25 AM (pooled) Jericho, and its fans, deserve another season. Bring it back!

$5.00 -- Nadia, Linden, NJ -- 6/3 10:03 AM (pooled)

$100.00 -- jeff, highland, IN -- 6/3 9:56 AM (pooled) bring back jericho

$40.00 -- JEANINE, BROOKLYN PARK, MN -- 6/3 9:54 AM (pooled)

$10.00 -- Mandy, St. Louis, MO -- 6/3 9:39 AM (pooled) Show us CBS cares about its viewers and recognizes a quality show! Bring back Jericho! Todd (28) Williamsburg, VA

$150.00 -- Joanna, Shorewood, MN -- 6/3 9:38 AM (pooled)

$15.00 -- Thomas, Parkesburg, PA -- 6/3 9:17 AM (pooled) Nina, Jericho is a great show with great potential. You've got an excited, loyal fan base made up of bright people. The premise for this show is a great one and the unfolding storyline has a lot to say about America and its heart in the face of tragedy. Keep showing that heart. Thank you.

$5.00 -- ahern, aichi japan 470-1131, CA -- 6/3 8:46 AM (pooled)

$30.00 -- J, Neath, WEST GLAMORGAN -- 6/3 8:43 AM (pooled)

$15.00 -- Brenda, Fairbanks, AK -- 6/3 3:55 AM (pooled) Nina, Thanks for bringing the great program Jericho to us. Please bring it back! I am a 48 year old female in Alaska who owns a business. Your advertisers might like to know that combined with my husband's income we make well over 6 figures. Hate to mention that as it is extremely tacky but I want this kind of info to get to your advertisers.

$10.00 -- Michael, Linden, NJ -- 6/3 3:53 AM (pooled)

$10.00 -- Stephen, Peachtree City, GA -- 6/3 3:15 AM (pooled) Sink the Pirate's. Save Jerico. From A 36 white male 65k a year in Peachtree City Ga. Nuts--Stephen

$10.00 -- Elisabeth, Lynden, WA -- 6/3 3:09 AM (pooled) Hey Nina, It's me again. Please renew Jericho for another season. It is the only show that I waited with baited breath for every week. It is the only show that I download on iTunes (I don't live in a country where we get Jericho on TV). Please RENEW!!!!! It really is the only decent thing to do. It has great stories, great actors, and great visuals. I wasn't counted, so count me now. By the way I WILL be back in America for the fall ratings. RENEW JERICHO!!!

$40.00 -- Aaron, Racine, WI -- 6/3 3:01 AM (pooled)

$15.00 -- Stephanie, Wilmington, NC -- 6/3 2:58 AM (pooled) From a former fan of CBS, continuing fan of Jericho - 31 year old female lawyer, former LA resident, now enjoying the relatively corporate-free air of North Carolina... breathe deeply the smell of roasted nuts, and for pete's sake, SAVE A SHOW ACTUALLY WORTH SAVING!

$20.00 -- Nathan, Mounds View, MN -- 6/3 2:43 AM (pooled) Please Bring Jericho Back!

$10.00 -- Angela, Elberta, AL -- 6/3 2:26 AM (pooled) Please DO NOT cancel Jericho

$10.00 -- Shirley, Duarte, CA -- 6/3 1:51 AM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Michael, Haverford, PA -- 6/3 1:22 AM (pooled) Isn't time to admit that CBS made a mistake by cancelling Jericho? CBS puts the show on hold for 6 weeks and runs it against American Idol... then wonders why Jericho averages 5.0 Neilsen rating. It's like putting a prize fighter in the ring and tying both of their hands behind their back. Jericho is the best show on your network. If you want to cut costs, dump Katie Couric's show. Lower ratings and 2-3 million less viewers Of course, since Jericho isn't a reality show or a crime scene show, maybe it's too hard to understand why so many people absolutely love this show. And I'm sure the religious-minded folks will love the reality show (yet another one) about kids living on their own. That really promotes family values, huh? I guess my mother is right: CBS stands for Canned Boring Shows after all. Please do the right thing and put Jericho back on. Or at least sell the rights to it to another network. Sincerely, Michael

$5.00 -- David, Denver, CO -- 6/3 1:07 AM (pooled)

$10.00 -- Terrie, Leechburg, PA -- 6/3 12:30 AM (pooled)

$60.00 -- George, N Las Vegas, NV -- 6/3 12:27 AM (pooled)

$10.00 -- Yvonne, Norfolk, VA -- 6/2 11:40 PM (pooled)

$15.00 -- Susan, Linden, NJ -- 6/2 11:18 PM (pooled) I'm a 29 year old mother of 2 in Canada, with a yearly household income of $80k +. Me and my household want you to bring Jericho back!

$5.00 -- CAPTSCOTT, LITTLETON, CO -- 6/2 11:18 PM (pooled) Howdy From The War, This show makes a difference! Please kindly reconsider. Thank YOU!!!! Regards, Capt. Scott

$10.00 -- Laurelee, Valdosta, GA -- 6/2 11:11 PM (pooled) I will watch Katie Couric if you bring Jericho Back

$200.00 -- Randall, mission viejo, CA -- 6/2 10:57 PM (pooled) Save Greensburg and Jericho! Viewers with a HEART!

$40.00 -- Joseph, Petersburg, VA -- 6/2 10:55 PM (pooled)

$15.00 -- Shana, Mokelumne Hill, CA -- 6/2 10:54 PM (pooled) Save Jericho!

$20.00 -- Kate, Denver, CO -- 6/2 10:40 PM (pooled) Hello to Lynda from Denver, backing you up a little here! We want Jericho back for season #2.

$10.00 -- Jennifer, North Ridgeville, OH -- 6/2 10:39 PM (pooled) I am 35 years old, single and educated. I watch Jericho as it was broadcasted and on my DVR.Shame on CBS for cancelling Jericho to replace it with a reality show. I want a SECOND SEASON of JERICHO! Please donate nuts to your local zoo or shelter. Jennifer

$5.00 -- Darin, North Mankato, MN -- 6/2 10:38 PM (pooled) Save Jerico

$30.00 -- Paul, Union CIty, CA -- 6/2 10:11 PM (pooled)

$70.00 -- LORI, BROOMALL, PA -- 6/2 9:45 PM (pooled) Do the right thing!

$20.00 -- Jessica, Fayetteville, NC -- 6/2 9:38 PM (pooled) JERICHO ROCKS!

$10.00 -- Theresa, New Milford, NJ -- 6/2 9:25 PM (pooled) Listen to the fans. Please give Jericho another chance!! You won't be dissapointed I'm sure!!! Theresa Age 34 from New Milford, NJ

$10.00 -- Janet, Springfield, MO -- 6/2 9:18 PM (pooled) Please don't cancel my favorite show!! It's the only reason why I watch CBS. Please!!!!

$5.00 -- Neil, Vancouver, BC -- 6/2 9:13 PM (pooled) Let common sense prevail! Bring Back Jericho!

$25.00 -- Jill, Santa Monica, CA -- 6/2 8:41 PM (pooled)

$40.00 -- Shaun, Las Vegas, NV -- 6/2 8:12 PM (pooled) Ms Tassler: You can regain some of the 7-10 million viewers that CBS is at risk of losing in the coming season, by either picking Jericho back up or doing whatever you can to get it on another network.. The fall lineup of CBS hangs in the balance of what you decide.

$5.00 -- Matt, Emporia, KS -- 6/2 8:11 PM (pooled) I am shocked that you have not renewed Jericho for a second season. Give it a better timeslot, when it is not competing against American Idol. Personally, I can't stand "reality TV" and was actually glad for something decent to watch. This show DESERVES a second chance! Give it another try, it WILL surprise you. Thank you for your time, Matthew

$5.00 -- Consuelo, Union City, CA -- 6/2 7:58 PM (pooled) 30, F, SF BAY AREA, CA Never has there been a series that made us think and wonder what would happen IF. Since 9/11, there is a constant in our minds of what life could eventually BE. Keep us thinking. God forbid, it becomes a reality, let our minds be open and clear, knowing we have lived it before through Jericho. C. Jacobs, Oakland, CA

$5.00 -- Consuelo, Union City, CA -- 6/2 7:56 PM (pooled) 30, F, SF BAY AREA, CA Never has there been a series that made us think and wonder what would happen IF. Since 9/11, there is a constant in our minds of what life could eventually BE. Keep us thinking. God forbid, it becomes a reality, let our minds be open and clear, knowing we have lived it before through Jericho. C. Jacobs, Oakland, CA

$70.00 -- Donna, Columbia, SC -- 6/2 7:50 PM (pooled) My husband and I just watched the online video of Les Moonves on talking about Jericho. What an insult to us, the viewers! Laughing about dumping our emails without reading even one. He says he listens to the viewers, he reads the ratings every morning. I am 53, my husband 54. We have watched TV our entire lifetime. We have never been included in a Nielsen rating, or however you get those ratings. I guarantee most of the fans supporting Jericho also have never been asked. If I had the ability to add something to this order it would be chicken feathers.

$30.00 -- Demitrios, Chicago, IL -- 6/2 7:40 PM (pooled)

$100.00 -- Raul, Orange Park, FL -- 6/2 7:20 PM (pooled) CBS may be able to stick the virtual thumb in my eye by maintaining the status quo regarding the cancellation of Jericho or ending Jericho with "closure." While CBS may do that one time to me, I will not enable CBS to do it again to me. I will choose to not watch CBS programming and certainly not in any manner that contributes to the CBS-preferred Nielson rating scheme. Please note that Jericho not only attracted loyal and resourceful fans in the Untied States. Jericho resonates with many real people from around the globe. It is difficult for me to understand how any global business can write-off and ignore their global audience. Imagine if CBS was as passionate or cared about their viewers as the viewers are about Jericho. If CBS wants to know who these people are, we are here as we have been throughout the first season of Jericho. CBS may engage us directly in thoughtful and meaningful dialog rather than delete posts or censor e-mails from the viewers. Cheers, Raul

$60.00 -- Charles, elyria, OH -- 6/2 7:15 PM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Amy, Del City, OK -- 6/2 7:03 PM (pooled) Jericho is a wonderful and compelling television show!!! Please listen to Jericho's loyal fans, and save this show. We want to see Jericho next season, even if you have to put it in your mid-season lineup. NUTS - SAVE JERICHO!!!

$10.00 -- David, Middletown, IN -- 6/2 6:59 PM (pooled) SAVE JERICHO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

$5.00 -- Robert, Port Charlotte, FL -- 6/2 6:39 PM (pooled) There are 1200 petitions in Florida alone, do the right thing and give this show an opportunity to grow..please

$150.00 -- Timothy, Byron, GA -- 6/2 6:30 PM (pooled) Please save Jericho!!

$25.00 -- Fredric, Philadelphia, PA -- 6/2 6:10 PM (pooled) C'mon Nina! Please fix this problem and bring back "Jericho." Fred 45/W/M Philadelphia, PA

$35.00 -- Alexander, Munich, AA -- 6/2 5:40 PM (pooled)

$10.00 -- Janine, Linden, NJ -- 6/2 5:35 PM (pooled) Jericho is loved around the world. Please bring it back, either for a full season or as a mid-season replacement. Thanking you in anticipation, Janine from New Zealand

$10.00 -- Brenda, Jacksonville, FL -- 6/2 5:24 PM (pooled) Come on Nina, we know ya want to say "YES"

$20.00 -- Kay, Surprise, AZ -- 6/2 5:17 PM (pooled)

$30.00 -- Gale, Peoria, AZ -- 6/2 4:44 PM (pooled) CBS: Greetings from Arizona fan of Jericho. Please return Jericho to its rightful owners, US, your viewers and supporters.

$5.00 -- Michael, Altoona, PA -- 6/2 4:35 PM (pooled) Please reconsider bringing Jericho back for a 2nd season. This show well deserves it. Give it a new day or time with even a half season order to see how it does in a new day/timeslot. Please don't throw away your BEST show! Thank You!

$5.00 -- Rick, Broken Arrow, OK -- 6/2 4:26 PM (pooled) CBS - Do What is Right Save Jericho!

$5.00 -- Jessica, Tupelo, MS -- 6/2 4:15 PM (pooled) We Want Jericho Back!!!!!

$10.00 -- Pete, Pennsburg, PA -- 6/2 4:11 PM (pooled) NUTS to you CBS..Bring back Jericho!! Pete Pennsburg, PA

$20.00 -- Shannon, Newport Beach, CA -- 6/2 4:01 PM (pooled)

$15.00 -- les, linden, NJ -- 6/2 3:55 PM (pooled) Canadians are nuts for Jericho too!!! Save Jericho, save the WORLD.

$15.00 -- Kimberly, Cape Coral, FL -- 6/2 3:46 PM (pooled)

$5.00 -- David, Lincoln, CA -- 6/2 3:46 PM (pooled)

$10.00 -- Kimberly, Cape Coral, FL -- 6/2 3:43 PM (pooled)

$110.00 -- Phyllis, Nesconset, NY -- 6/2 3:42 PM (pooled) Dear Ms. Tassler: Please at least give us a conclusion to Jericho. It's not fair to leave us dangling! Thank you. Paul & Phyllis

$5.00 -- Lisa, Ogden, IL -- 6/2 3:32 PM (pooled) Bring back Jericho! Lisa 34 Ogden Il

$30.00 -- Larissa, Eden Prairie, MN -- 6/2 3:19 PM (pooled) Nina, how many nuts must we ship before CBS responds? Here's my latest contribution for Monday Madness. WE ARE NOT GIVING UP -- EVER! Who dropped the bomb? CBS did.

$10.00 -- Leanne, Livingston Manor, NY -- 6/2 3:15 PM (pooled)

$20.00 -- Judith, Rochester, NY -- 6/2 3:14 PM (pooled) We are a family who just fell in love with Jericho this past season. It had something for everyone in our family and we couldn't wait to sit down and view it together each week. Our ages range from the 50s to the early 20s and live in upstate New York. This series was written and acted so well, it would be a shame to end it now. Please reconsider your decision and bring it back as a mid-season replacement to continue the story. You won't be sorry that you made this decision, as is evidenced by the huge outcry the cancellation of the show has produced. Such loyel fans not to mention the people affiliated with the series deserve much better than CBS has delivered so far.

$5.00 -- Wayland, Lyons, OR -- 6/2 2:58 PM (pooled) SECOND SEASON!

$10.00 -- Molly, North Port, FL -- 6/2 2:52 PM (pooled) 48 yr.old female 48 yr.old male College Degrees North Port, FL Double children Own 2 businesses The fans of Jericho are intelligent and aware of the importance of sponsors. Why not use some product placement of sponsors? Please bring Jericho back for at least a second season!

$10.00 -- Lynda, Denver, CO -- 6/2 2:43 PM (pooled) Bring Jericho back Please!

$40.00 -- Diann, Lubbock, TX -- 6/2 2:22 PM (pooled) Please bring back Jericho. It has literally been years since I've watched network television. I happened across the website that allowed me the opportunity to preview the Jericho pilot online before it aired on television. It immediately captured my imagination. So much so, that I made sure to watch the television premiere, & I watched every episode thereafter. Jericho is a wonderfully creative program that allows your imagination to run wild. It also brings home the age-old story of good vs. evil, & how good always triumphs but triumphs often take time and are not without cost, which is very timely today. Jericho was the reason I resumed watching network television. I started watching several other CBS programs, but they do not inspire me to beg for their return or to even keep me watching CBS. I missed the Jericho characters terribly during the long mid-season hiatus & while I appreciate your suggestion of closure, I want continuance. You were weaving a fantastic story.

$40.00 -- Brent, Trempealeau, WI -- 6/2 2:16 PM (pooled) Just another fan who refuses to give up on Jericho. Please renew the show for a second season.

$20.00 -- Denise, Quincy, MA -- 6/2 2:06 PM (pooled)

$15.00 -- Megan, Saint Paul, MN -- 6/2 2:03 PM (pooled) Please give us fans some type of conclusion to our beloved show Jericho!!! At this point, even the promise of a 2 hour conclusion special would be better than nothing. Like most of my friends in their early 20s, I'm a DVR user. I work in the evenings so I'm not able to watch tv "live." I know Nielsen is just beginning to figure out how to incorporate DVR views into their stats. Please don't make a huge mistake in the meantime!

$20.00 -- William, Gladwin, MI -- 6/2 2:03 PM (pooled) Watching Jericho online! Self-employed male. Age 36. BRING BACK MY SHOW PLEASE!

$10.00 -- Lester, Toledo, OH -- 6/2 2:01 PM (pooled) My name is Lester, 33, father of 5, $30,000+ a year, in Toledo, Ohio. I work evenings, so I always watched Jericho on Innertube. I guess that makes my money and my family's viewership mean nothing.

$10.00 -- Jaye, Oak Harbor, WA -- 6/2 1:53 PM (pooled) Bring back our show, or we'll take our 8-10 million viewers elsewhere! No Jericho, No CBS!!

$10.00 -- Jayne, North Falmouth, MA -- 6/2 1:45 PM (pooled) Bring back Jericho! It was an interesting show.

$25.00 -- Jeffrey, Kansas City, MO -- 6/2 1:41 PM (pooled)

$10.00 -- john, hewitt, NJ -- 6/2 1:32 PM (pooled)

$30.00 -- Margaret, Santa Monica, CA -- 6/2 1:32 PM (pooled) The world needs Jericho. The world needs this powerful, hopeful, visionary portrayal of a post-collapse civilization. We need the assurance that there will be love and snacks in the event of the kind of disaster we have been warned of since 9-11.

$35.00 -- Jonathan, Hopedale, MA -- 6/2 1:30 PM (pooled) Hi Nina! Thanks for supporting Jericho!

$10.00 -- Keith, Madison Heights, MI -- 6/2 1:21 PM (pooled)

$15.00 -- Jacqueline, Odenton, MD -- 6/2 1:01 PM (pooled) We are a Jericho family of 4 with 2 teens 2 parents 42 & 44 & income over $150K in DC suburbs. Jericho is the best show on TV. Save Jericho. Enjoy the NUTS!!

$5.00 -- Gary, Gurnee, IL -- 6/2 12:38 PM (pooled) Hey Kelly, Have you gotten the message yet? The fans have spoken, and you guys are NUTS! Bring Back Jericho!!!!! Gary Gurnee, IL

$20.00 -- Patricia, La Harpe, IL -- 6/2 12:27 PM (pooled) You must bring Jericho back!!

$30.00 -- Leesa, Frederick, MD -- 6/2 12:26 PM (pooled) SAVE JERICHO!! NUTS TO CBS!!

$10.00 -- Richard, Los Angeles, CA -- 6/2 12:12 PM (pooled)

$15.00 -- Darlene, East Syracuse, NY -- 6/2 12:07 PM (pooled)

$10.00 -- Amy, Zephyrhills, FL -- 6/2 12:06 PM (pooled)

$5.00 -- JACQUELINE, SYCAMORE, IL -- 6/2 11:51 AM (pooled) Dear Ms. Tassler, I am a 39 year old white collar working female, live in Illinois, and would like to see "JERICHO" returned for a second season. I watch a good number of CBS shows, and regularly purchase DVDs sets for gifts, as well as my personal DVD library. My most recent CBS purchases include seasons of NCIS, CSI, CSI:NY, Without A Trace, and Criminal Minds. I am holding out on watching the season finales of all the above shows until "Jericho" is retuned for a second season. And if that doesn't happen, well then, I guess I will no longer be watching some of my favorite programs in the fall. I thank CBS for bringing "Jericho" and it's citizens to us this past season, and respectfully request you consider reversing your decsion and bring "Jericho" back to it's faithful viewers - perhaps as a mid-season replacement? Thank you very much for your time, Jacqueline

$40.00 -- julie, chesapeake, VA -- 6/2 11:51 AM (pooled) NUTS to CBS

$15.00 -- Natalie, Apple Valley, MN -- 6/2 11:50 AM (pooled) Show that CBS CARES - renew Jericho for a second season.

$5.00 -- Jennifer, Clearwater, FL -- 6/2 11:47 AM (pooled)

$10.00 -- Donna, Totowa, NJ -- 6/2 11:39 AM (pooled)

$20.00 -- Sarah, Linden, NJ -- 6/2 11:02 AM (pooled)

$25.00 -- rachel, pacific Palisades, CA -- 6/2 10:45 AM (pooled) Save Jericho!

$15.00 -- Lisa, Overland Park, KS -- 6/2 10:32 AM (pooled) Nuts to you CBS! YOU bring MY JERICHO back and I'll bring YOU more viewers!!! JANUARY IS GOOD FOR ME!

$25.00 -- Rebecca, Seattle, WA -- 6/2 10:32 AM (pooled) Please bring back Gerald McRaney!

$15.00 -- Charles, Laurel, MD -- 6/2 10:26 AM (pooled) Please bring Jericho back for season 2!

$10.00 -- Cynthia, Jasper, GA -- 6/2 10:21 AM (pooled) Dear Ms. Tassler, I am sending you these delicious nuts with a request from Jericho fans in Georgia...please renew Jericho for another season! Enjoy! A Loyal Jericho Fan from Georgia

$5.00 -- Elizabeth, Linden, NJ -- 6/2 10:18 AM (pooled) BRING BACK JERICHO! NUTS TO CBS!

$10.00 -- Mary, Muncie, IN -- 6/2 10:11 AM (pooled)

$10.00 -- Isabelle, linden, NJ -- 6/2 10:11 AM (pooled) You won't look less powerful if you admit you made a mistake cancelling Jericho !! BRING IT BACK !!! Please...

$10.00 -- Laura, Havana, FL -- 6/2 9:57 AM (pooled)

$15.00 -- Lori, Missouri City, TX -- 6/2 9:31 AM (pooled) NUTS to CBS, please bring Jericho back. It is the best show to come from CBS in years. Don't ask it to surrender.

$20.00 -- Laura, Fenton, MO -- 6/2 9:21 AM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Keith, Jacksonville, FL -- 6/2 9:06 AM (pooled) RENEW JERICHO!!!!!!!!!

$20.00 -- Valerie, Riverside, CA -- 6/2 8:59 AM (pooled)

$25.00 -- Sharon, Dacono, CO -- 6/2 8:51 AM (pooled) Please bring Jericho back for a second season. 8-10 Million Fans and growing.

$10.00 -- Kelly, Arnold, PA -- 6/2 8:39 AM (pooled) NBC saw the quality spark in low-rated "Friday Night Lights" and kept it. You should see that same quality spark - no, quality FLAME - burning in Jericho.

$5.00 -- Nadine, Yorktown Heights, NY -- 6/2 8:29 AM (pooled)

$110.00 -- Judith, Honolulu, HI -- 6/2 8:24 AM (pooled) Please do not disregard your viewers literal display of outpouring of support for your t.v. show "JERICHO." My household values you and your stance on this subject means alot to us. Please clarify where you stand as soon as possible. One love.

$15.00 -- Theresa, Barre, VT -- 6/2 8:22 AM (pooled) Save Jericho!! Thanks

$10.00 -- Steve, Altoona, PA -- 6/2 7:55 AM (pooled) Please renew Jericho

$15.00 -- Kenneth, Framingham, MA -- 6/2 7:53 AM (pooled) Please brin back our favorite show! I am 34yo and married from Framingham MA. My wife is 42 and we would never miss an episode.

$20.00 -- Nick, Linden, NJ -- 6/2 7:20 AM (pooled) Dear Ms Tassler & CBS, On behalf of viewers on this part of the world (Malaysia, Singapore and the Southeast Asian region), I'd like to implore you to keep your wonderful show JERICHO alive. Never has a show that isn't reality tv, doesn't have a laugh track, and isn't of the sci-fi, fantasy or supernatural genres so captured our attention and touched our hearts. JERICHO is all about humanity, about survival, about compassion and struggling to cope in times of desperation, and its themes are relevant with people all over the world. JERICHO deserves a season 2, and much, much more. Again, you have created a spectacular, engaging, life-impacting show -- please keep it alive so that more people around the globe will be able to experience the depth of its characters, its writing and its ingenuity. Thank you very much, wishing you all the best. With warmest regards and in good faith, ~ NC Kuala, Malaysia

$20.00 -- Susan, Hesperia, CA -- 6/2 5:17 AM (pooled) Save Yourselves and Save our show! We will never give up this fight!!

$10.00 -- Michael, Kent, WA -- 6/2 5:11 AM (pooled) Please give us a second season of JERICHO.

$10.00 -- Patricia, Daly City, CA -- 6/2 4:45 AM (pooled)

$20.00 -- Michael, surrey, WA -- 6/2 3:54 AM (pooled) you know the drill, I'm 37, my kids are 15, 16, 16, (twins) and 5 years old and my wife is 37 and we all watched JERlCH0! Some of us online (not at inner tube because we're from Canada-) but still we watched (2 of them on usenet), so if you allowed my daughters to watch on innertube from Canada you could still sell the same advertisers to them, they're white young teens, with jobs at Starbucks/Safeway and money to spend..they don't pay rent, all they have is disposible income! Get Mature,CBS. Catch up with the times.. Grow with the new opportunities, don't get lost in new media.. there's no 'countries' with ip masquerading - we are all able to access innertube if we really want to, but you choose to make it tough and it's easier to download off usenet. check this link: tv rips for you and your competition.. posted minutes after you broadcast, with no commercials..sounds like lost revenue.

$5.00 -- Tonje, linden, NJ -- 6/2 3:24 AM (pooled)

$10.00 -- PARK,, South Korea, NJ -- 6/2 3:00 AM (pooled) Dear Kelly Kahl, There're so many people who's watching Jericho out there. Some of them live in US, but remember, many of them are not US people. Like me. I live in South Korea. Every week, I can watch CSI series in network TV in South Korea. Yes, good shows can reach everyone and everywhere. But thesedays, there're too many cop shows, even to me who's crazy about them. I love Jericho because it's about people and family, not individualism in so many cop shows. I love the actors and stories and scences that other shows don't have. So I really want to watch Jericho in TV in MY country, without illegal downloading I'm doing now because Korean network TVs don't import TV show which got cancelled after only one season. Remember, cancelling a show doesn't affect only US people. So please change your former decision about cancelling Jericho. You'll not disappointed. Jericho is a good show. As I said, good shows can reach everyone and everywhere. Jeanue in S.Korea

$10.00 -- William, Austin, TX -- 6/2 2:37 AM (pooled) Save Jericho! From a fan in Austin, Texas. Second season needed - do something good with these. Thanks. W. Starks

$10.00 -- Tim, Fair Oaks, CA -- 6/2 2:11 AM (pooled)

$20.00 -- Lynn, Tucker, GA -- 6/2 1:42 AM (pooled) Dear Ms. Tassler, I hope CBS will reconsider their decision to cancel Jericho. You have a lot more viewers than you originally thought. This is also a great opportunity for CBS to rake in some terrific publicity as truly the network who cares! I understand the fall lineup is probably set in stone, but please renew Jericho as a mid-season replacement. With a little promotion and the proper time slot, it will rake in the viewers, leading to a fabulous May conclusion, which could then lead to successful re-runs in the summer (to help catch up and hook new viewers), feeding off the buzz generated by our Save Jericho campaign and the outstanding show itself! (sorry for the tremendous run-on sentence, I'm just excited about the possibilities!). Thank you for your consideration, Lynn

$20.00 -- Arthur, Fremont, CA -- 6/2 1:30 AM (pooled) I love Jericho. You should too. - Art, Fremont, CA.

$15.00 -- Pat, Parma, OH -- 6/2 1:22 AM (pooled) SAVE JERICHO! NUTS TO CBS! From Lynn Age 51 Female Cleveland, OH Quite wealthy, thank you!

$10.00 -- Clint, Spring, TX -- 6/2 1:18 AM (pooled) Please bring Jericho back for a 2nd season!

$5.00 -- David, Denver, CO -- 6/2 1:12 AM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Michael, Sacramento, CA -- 6/2 12:40 AM (pooled)

$10.00 -- PARK,, South Korea, NJ -- 6/2 12:38 AM (pooled) Dear Nina Tassler, There're so many people who's watching Jericho out there. Some of them live in US, but remember, many of them are not US people. Like me. I live in South Korea. Every week, I can watch CSI series in network TV in South Korea. Yes, good shows can reach everyone and everywhere. But thesedays, there're too many cop shows, even to me who's crazy about them. I love Jericho because it's about people and family, not individualism in so many cop shows. I love the actors and stories and scences that other shows don't have. So I really want to watch Jericho in TV in MY country, without illegal downloading I'm doing now because Korean network TVs don't import TV show which got cancelled after only one season. Remember, cancelling a show doesn't affect only US people. So please change your former decision about cancelling Jericho. You'll not disappointed. Jericho is a good show. As I said, good shows can reach everyone and everywhere. Jeanue in S.Korea

$10.00 -- Mary, Bixby, OK -- 6/2 12:28 AM (pooled) Please save Jericho and give us a second season. We will not settle for anything less. Mary Oklahoma Ranger

$15.00 -- Remi, Linden, NJ -- 6/2 12:07 AM (pooled) Nina, please bring back Jericho. There are so many fans from around the world that want to see Jericho continue on, either with your network or another. Whatever happens thanks for listening, and enjoy the nuts!

$10.00 -- Loretta, Leominster, MA -- 6/1 11:12 PM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Ralph, Harrisburg, OR -- 6/1 11:01 PM (pooled) PLEASE SAVE JERICHO!!!!!!!!!!

$10.00 -- Whitney, Oklahoma City, OK -- 6/1 10:29 PM (pooled) My name is Whitney, I'm seventeen years old and I live in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma with my parents, ages 46 and 47. We are on the above average scale of income and are all avid supporters of the fantastic drama, "Jericho". I speak on the behalf of my family when I beg you to please reconsider this tragic decision. It is an amazing show in a world where our televisions are dominated by sex, violence, and stupidity. "Jericho" is one of a kind and I cannot imagine life without this show in it. Please reconsider this. We won't stop fighting until you do. NUTS.

$5.00 -- Mark, Lansing, MI -- 6/1 10:27 PM (pooled) Ms. Tassler, it's not too late to rectify your mistake! SAVE JERICHO!

$5.00 -- Joseph, Fort Worth, TX -- 6/1 10:23 PM (pooled) OK Nina, its my 5th shipment, more to come. we are fighting for Jericho and rebuilding a destroyed town. What did CBS do today?

$35.00 -- Alethea, Sugar Hill, GA -- 6/1 10:03 PM (pooled)

$15.00 -- Darren, Linden, NY -- 6/1 9:41 PM (pooled)

$25.00 -- Matthew, Phillipsburg, NJ -- 6/1 9:21 PM (pooled)

$10.00 -- Jill, Palmyra, PA -- 6/1 9:15 PM (pooled)

$20.00 -- Brad, Madera, CA -- 6/1 8:50 PM (pooled) Nuts to CBS! Save Jericho!!!

$5.00 -- Dave, Fridley, MN -- 6/1 8:09 PM (pooled)

$15.00 -- Diana, Tarzana, CA -- 6/1 7:51 PM (pooled)

$20.00 -- John, Bolingbrook, IL -- 6/1 7:39 PM (pooled) NUTS is right!!!! Bring Jericho back for another season!!! Jericho is the only bright spot in another year of dismal TV offerings!!! The Benton Family Bolingbrook, Illinois 40-50 Age Group!!

$10.00 -- Nathaniel, Huntsville, AL -- 6/1 7:33 PM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Christopher, Boca Raton, FL -- 6/1 7:26 PM (pooled) From the Jericho fans in Saint Louis, Missouri!

$20.00 -- Kevin, West Palm Beach, FL -- 6/1 7:25 PM (pooled) BRING BACK JERICHO

$40.00 -- PATRICIA, Glenwood, IL -- 6/1 7:25 PM (pooled) Nuts to CBS Save Jericho

$20.00 -- Kelly, Watkinsville, GA -- 6/1 7:24 PM (pooled) Please give Jericho another season. It's a well-written, thought-provoking show that's also entertaining. There are not enough of these types of shows on TV.

$10.00 -- David, Richmond, VA -- 6/1 6:56 PM (pooled) Nuts to CBS! Semper Fi! fifteen-year-old fan in VA

$15.00 -- Carol, Columbia, SC -- 6/1 6:56 PM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Susan, Dillon, CO -- 6/1 6:52 PM (pooled) Do the right thing - RENEW JERICHO! Joe and Susan Dillon, Colorado

$20.00 -- Andrea, Greensboro, NC -- 6/1 6:51 PM (pooled) Please bring back Jericho for another season!

$30.00 -- Jonathan, Keller, TX -- 6/1 6:41 PM (pooled)

$10.00 -- Tiago, New York, NY -- 6/1 6:40 PM (pooled)

$60.00 -- Scott, Houston, TX -- 6/1 6:36 PM (pooled) NINA- WE ARE NOT GOING AWAY! BRING BACK THE SHOW! AGE 48 INCOME: $100K+ WHITE MALE HOUSTON, TEXAS

$10.00 -- William, Weehawken, NJ -- 6/1 6:30 PM (pooled) Kelly, It's Nuts that CBS did not renew Jericho for season 2. We all make mistakes but you still have time to correct this one. You have something unique here...Hold a meeting, green light seanson 2 and have some nuts! Bill - Weehawken, NJ

$10.00 -- Kimberly, Orange Park, FL -- 6/1 6:25 PM (pooled) Dear Nina, I am a loyal fan who never missed an episode, thanks to Tivo. Like millions of other Jericho fans, including the cast and crew of the show, I was totally shocked and saddened at the cancellation of one of the best shows on television---Jericho. It taught so many great lessons and morals that the world really should learn from. I'm sure there is another night you could move it to first since you now see how many people really love the show. Just please read some of the heartfelt e-mails/comments on the Jericho websites. How can you not listen to your own viewers? There would be a much more positive reaction to CBS in the future, I think, if you chose to listen to those who have been so loyal to CBS during this wonderful series. We want Jericho to return for a second season! Please listen to our phone calls, e-mails, peanuts, snail mail, ads,etc. We want you to renew Jericho for a second season or sell it to a network that will. Please listen to your viewers. Kim

$10.00 -- Alan, Enumclaw, WA -- 6/1 6:07 PM (pooled)

$10.00 -- Elizabeth, Washougal, WA -- 6/1 5:58 PM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Bonita, Margate, FL -- 6/1 5:46 PM (pooled) Hi Nina....please bring back Jericho.....

$10.00 -- Bonita, Margate, FL -- 6/1 5:44 PM (pooled) More nuts for Jericho!! Please renew!!

$40.00 -- Victoria, Lawton, OK -- 6/1 5:31 PM (pooled) Nina, Tell those Bean Counters that killed our show that you were right and renew Jericho!!!!

$50.00 -- Linda, Middle Village, NY -- 6/1 5:26 PM (pooled) Please do whatever is in your power to renew Jericho. As you know it is a wonderful show and I truly believe it can be the cornerstone for CBS broadcastsing for years to come. Thank you. A avid 46 year old Jericho Fan from NYC

$15.00 -- Robert, Grand Chain, IL -- 6/1 5:23 PM (pooled) Ma'am, I am a 35 year old male from Southern Illinois. I love Jericho and know several people that were disappointed in it's cancellation. Please consider bringing it back or at least making a movie finale. You won't regret it. Thank you, Rob K

$10.00 -- Nancy, Lutz, FL -- 6/1 5:10 PM (pooled) Gender:Female Profession: Marketing Age: 36 Married Status: Single Income $50,000+ Disposable income: LOTS $$ spent on CBS advertisers: 0 Hours spent watching CBS since Jericho was cancelled: 0 Conclusion: CBS is NUTS!

$25.00 -- William, Getzville, NY -- 6/1 5:09 PM (pooled)

$40.00 -- FRANCES, OJAI, CA -- 6/1 5:07 PM (pooled) Howdy Nina- We want Jericho back NUTS for cbs

$5.00 -- Philip, Independence, KS -- 6/1 4:55 PM (pooled) Kansas says NUTS to CBS, We HAD cbs watch parties here on Wed. nights for Jericho.... HAD being the operative word. Regards, Jericho Fans of Independence, Kansas - Phil, Prez.

$30.00 -- Brian, Spokane, WA -- 6/1 4:53 PM (pooled) Nina, N - Now is the time to do what's right! U - Unless you renew Jericho, we'll keep sending more! T - This is SO MUCH FUN! S - Season 2 of Jericho - nothing less!! Brian, Spokane, WA

$5.00 -- Philip, Independence, KS -- 6/1 4:52 PM (pooled) Kansas says NUTS to CBS, We HAD cbs watch parties here on Wed. nights for Jericho.... HAD being the operative word. Regards, Jericho Fans of Independence, Kansas - Phil, Prez.

$5.00 -- Brittany, Lompoc, CA -- 6/1 4:41 PM (pooled) CBS Please return Jericho to it's fans. I believe we larger than you think. Reconsider and bring back our show.

$10.00 -- J, Fort Lauderdale, FL -- 6/1 4:37 PM (pooled) I am a 32 year old male living in New York in the $75,000+ salary range, so I think I fit the target demographic. With this in mind I ask you to reconsider Jericho's fate, the show was going strong until the break and should be given a chance at having a full continuous season, preferably at the 9pm time slot where I think it would do best. It is a great show and perhaps the only one on CBS that could be considered innovative, especial since the CSI franchise has become the standard in crime drama.

$15.00 -- Audrey, Andover, MA -- 6/1 4:36 PM (pooled) I am a 47-yr.-old female middle school teacher, live north of Boston, and watch JERICHO with my three kids. Please bring back JERICHO! Nuts to CBS for canceling this great series!

$5.00 -- Sarah, Garden Grove, CA -- 6/1 4:32 PM (pooled) NUTS TO CBS! SAVE JERICHO!

$10.00 -- Catherine, Schertz, TX -- 6/1 4:28 PM (pooled) More NUTS to CBS! Please renew Jericho!

$40.00 -- Elizabeth, Albuquerque, NM -- 6/1 4:26 PM (pooled) Please reconsider the cancellation of "Jericho". Thank you kindly.

$10.00 -- Brian, Shoreline, WA -- 6/1 4:20 PM (pooled) Nina, please un-cancel Jericho. Do you really think Kid Nation will do better in the ratings?

$5.00 -- Sarah, Arlington, VA -- 6/1 4:18 PM (pooled) SAVE JERICHO!! DON'T GIVE UP THE FIGHT!!

$10.00 -- James, Stewart, MN -- 6/1 4:14 PM (pooled) Please Bring Back Jericho!!!

$20.00 -- K6FEJ, Concord, CA -- 6/1 4:09 PM (pooled) Nuts for Jericho

$5.00 -- JENNIFER, FRANKLIN, OH -- 6/1 4:07 PM (pooled) Please consider this gift as a peace offering! Your return gift would be appreciated in the form of a return of my JERICHO!

$20.00 -- Barney, braintree, MA -- 6/1 3:47 PM (pooled) Jeff and Dave pick one of my flyers I sent

$10.00 -- Matthew, Galveston, TX -- 6/1 3:42 PM (pooled) You can't leave us hanging, at least have a 1/2 of season to tie things up. Matthew J. Hay, MD, Galveston, Texas, age 40

$20.00 -- Kenneth, Hixson, TN -- 6/1 3:34 PM (pooled) Please bring back Jericho for a 2nd season! Late 30s and plenty of cash to spend for your advertisers! It's a Win-Win!

$10.00 -- Corey, Odenville, AL -- 6/1 3:32 PM (pooled) The Squirrels have joined the fight CBS ("see CBS Boards post"Bombers Spotted") Seriously, You might as well renew it We are not going away 34yr old male 30 yr old wife, kids 17-11-5 all girls, Don't make me send my 5 yr old to sinfg her song to you.

$20.00 -- Teresa, Nicholasville, KY -- 6/1 3:31 PM (pooled)

$10.00 -- David, Granger, IA -- 6/1 3:29 PM (pooled) Please bring back Jericho. It was the ONLY network show I watched on ANY network. You finally get one right and cancel it. I am a 53 year old white collar worker. Household income is +$200K. I live in Central Iowa. PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

$20.00 -- Rob, Lansdale, PA -- 6/1 3:27 PM (pooled) Bring back Jericho Kelly!! Only you, Nina and Les can prove that "CBS Cares"!

$20.00 -- Rob, Lansdale, PA -- 6/1 3:26 PM (pooled) Nina - This is your chance to show that "CBS Cares".

$25.00 -- Sverre, Spring, TX -- 6/1 3:23 PM (pooled)

$10.00 -- Jennifer, Morrisdale, PA -- 6/1 3:18 PM (pooled)

$10.00 -- Lynda, Denver, CO -- 6/1 3:16 PM (pooled) Please bring back my favorite show - JERICHO! Only season 2 will do!

$10.00 -- CRISTY, FRANKFORT, KY -- 6/1 3:14 PM (pooled)

$15.00 -- Lisa, Winchester, VA -- 6/1 3:10 PM (pooled) Lisa, 38 WF, 58K, VA Dwight, 40 WM, 56K, VA Laurie, 41 AF, VA William, 36 WM, VA We love Jericho and want it back! Re-new it or give it to another network! We are boycotting CBS until our show comes back! NUTS to CBS!

$10.00 -- Erika, Stockton, CA -- 6/1 3:05 PM (pooled) I am a 21 year-old female who discovered Jericho AFTER it was cancelled. All the hype that has been generated because of the fan uproar drew my attention to the show, and I watched the entire first season in less than a week. What a brilliant, fascinating show! The same hype that brought me to the show will surely bring millions others as well: ratings will be exponentially increased come Fall if you give the show a second season. Please give Jericho the chance to grow!

$10.00 -- Gayle, Santa Barbara, CA -- 6/1 3:02 PM (pooled)

$10.00 -- Kenneth, Puyallup, WA -- 6/1 3:01 PM (pooled) Please return Jericho for a second season. Ken Puyallup, WA (suburb of Seattle)

$10.00 -- DOREEN, OAKDALE, NY -- 6/1 2:58 PM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Julie, Richmond, KY -- 6/1 2:56 PM (pooled) Bring back Jericho... the best show on television! Name: Julie Gender: Female Age: 32

$10.00 -- Sara, Friday Harbor, WA -- 6/1 2:46 PM (pooled)

$10.00 -- Paul, Burley, ID -- 6/1 2:34 PM (pooled) This group is not gonna give up! We know you'd rather be promoting the new season. Once you announce Jericho's renewal we can let you get on with that! :D

$15.00 -- Mary, Rockville, MD -- 6/1 2:23 PM (pooled) Age 40, female, HHI>$200,000, Rockville MD

$5.00 -- Kat, Sedro Woolley, WA -- 6/1 2:18 PM (pooled) Please bring Jericho back! The show is wonderful, the characters and storyline compelling. My daughter (age 25) and I consider it one of this seasons best shows. Kat age: 51 income: $48,000 female location: Sedro woolley, WA (98284)

$15.00 -- Cindy, Kansas City, MO -- 6/1 2:18 PM (pooled)

$10.00 -- Dan, Indiana, PA -- 6/1 2:14 PM (pooled)

$10.00 -- Debra, Vacaville, CA -- 6/1 2:10 PM (pooled) CBS-if you haven't gotten the message yet you are nuts! This is one of the only shows other than NCIS that my husband and I watch together. Everything else is just a soap opera in his eyes. Please bring it back!!

$5.00 -- Timothy, Coral Springs, FL -- 6/1 2:06 PM (pooled)

$40.00 -- Lara, linden, NJ -- 6/1 2:06 PM (pooled)

$10.00 -- JEFF, SIMI VALLEY, CA -- 6/1 2:04 PM (pooled) SAVE JERICHO! From a proud family of six in Ventura County, CA

$10.00 -- Frederick, Mansfield, MA -- 6/1 1:58 PM (pooled) To CBS, Please bring back Jericho! It is one of the very few quality shows on TV and the only reason I watch your network. Thank you. (My demographic info is: age 41, income 45k, male, and I reside in Mansfield, Massachusetts)

$20.00 -- Deborah, Simpsonville, SC -- 6/1 1:53 PM (pooled) CBS Bring back Jericho. Mark and Debby

$15.00 -- Cnristopher, Sturtevant, WI -- 6/1 1:48 PM (pooled)

$10.00 -- Tulita, Rio Linda, CA -- 6/1 1:45 PM (pooled) Nina, I have an idea.... bring back season 1 during the summer so new people that have been hearing about this will become new fans. Then bring back season 2 and watch what happens! Its a sure winner!!! No to kid nation - how stupid! Yes to Jericho.... love it and want it back.

$15.00 -- Terri, Lewis Center, OH -- 6/1 1:39 PM (pooled) Save Jericho or NUTS to you!

$20.00 -- Robert, Flint, MI -- 6/1 1:11 PM (pooled) I am a 48 year old college professor with a household income over 130K living in Michigan. CBS if banned from our TV until Jericho returns.

$20.00 -- Amy, Granite Falls, NC -- 6/1 1:09 PM (pooled) Please bring back Jericho! You can make it happen!

$10.00 -- Morgan, Fort Monroe, VA -- 6/1 1:06 PM (pooled)

$15.00 -- James, Massapequa Park, NY -- 6/1 12:56 PM (pooled) Please keep Jericho on the air! Remember M*A*S*H did not great rating for CBS at first!

$10.00 -- Kathy, Crestview, FL -- 6/1 12:56 PM (pooled) Only a season two will do! CBS, bring back our Jericho!!!

$20.00 -- Ellen, Linden, NJ -- 6/1 12:42 PM (pooled)

$50.00 -- Carolyn, New Hartford, NY -- 6/1 12:37 PM (pooled) Only season 2 will do!

$10.00 -- Stephanie, Pittsburgh, PA -- 6/1 12:30 PM (pooled) Save the BEST thought provoking, family shared show on television - SAVE JERICHO!!! In the meantime, these NUTS are for you!!! Love - Stephanie, 35 from Pittsburgh, PA

$10.00 -- Gina, Rio Linda, CA -- 6/1 12:28 PM (pooled) Please bring back Jericho! My family and I are so sick of reality TV taking over network televsion! Pretty soon no one will be watching network television any longer. How could you even consider cancelling a show as great as Jericho? This is a show with an actual story to be told for a change. My husband and I looked forward to every episode. Who gets selected for Nielson ratings anyway? Last I checked I don't have a device on my television that calculates what I watch? Where is my vote in all of this? I will no longer tune into CBS if this is what I can expect from your network. CBS Cares??? Nuts to you!

$25.00 -- Tami, PITTSBURGH, PA -- 6/1 12:26 PM (pooled) SAVE JERICHO!!!

$20.00 -- Ann, Chicago, IL -- 6/1 12:24 PM (pooled) Are you NUTS? Number #2 in the ratings against American Idol, and you DUMPED it? Jericho deserves a second season... it deserves another shot! F/43 - upper-mid income - Chicago

$50.00 -- Callisto925, Linden, NJ -- 6/1 12:10 PM (pooled) Age: 30-35 Gender: F Income: Well above average I am your audience. I am the the kind of person your advertisers and sponsers love. Look at what you are losing by cancelling Jericho. Do the right thing. Callisto925

$25.00 -- Tami, PITTSBURGH, PA -- 6/1 12:09 PM (pooled) Gotta love those NUTS FOR JERICHO!!!

$30.00 -- Mark, Portland, OR -- 6/1 12:08 PM (pooled) Bring Jericho back!!

$20.00 -- Jonathan, Huntington, WV -- 6/1 12:03 PM (pooled) With Jericho the only show I watched on CBS, I see two options. Renew the series, and place it in a time slot in which it can survive (saving some viewers), or let it go. The choice is yours. As an employee, I can always just buy some TV series on DVD, or just download them to my TiVo, and skip CBS, and their ad revenue all together. This is my humble plea to save a show I really loved. Will you listen to the fans, or make a corporate decision? Advertisors will always be around, but will your viewers?

$20.00 -- Dennis, Downers Grove, IL -- 6/1 11:51 AM (pooled) 53 Y.O. male from Illinois Was on the edge of my seat at the end of the season finale....thinking I couldn't wait fot the second season premiere....only to find out it was canceled. NUTS TO YOU FOR A LAME DECISION!!!!

$10.00 -- BENJAMIN, WICHITA FALLS, TX -- 6/1 11:44 AM (pooled)

$15.00 -- Robert, Wilkes-Barre, PA -- 6/1 11:41 AM (pooled) NUTS TO YOU WITHOUT LOVE

$30.00 -- John, Tulsa, OK -- 6/1 11:40 AM (pooled)

$50.00 -- Spencer, West Kingston, RI -- 6/1 11:38 AM (pooled)

$45.00 -- Kathy, San Juan Capistrano, CA -- 6/1 11:33 AM (pooled) Second FULL season of Jericho! Kathy, 51 yo, female (CA) Matthew, 22 yo, male (FL) Lucas 22 yo, male (TX)

$5.00 -- Steve, Lilburn, GA -- 6/1 11:23 AM (pooled) looking for that 2nd season of Jericho............ Nuts to CBS until that is done...... Steve Sacramento, CA

$5.00 -- Jennifer, Lilburn, GA -- 6/1 11:19 AM (pooled) A 2nd Season for Jericho is deserved - I'll settle for nothing less from CBS.

$15.00 -- Jose, Annandale, VA -- 6/1 11:16 AM (pooled) CBS should not make the type of unforgivable error that deprived fans of Star Trek and Firefly.

$5.00 -- Scott, Brooklyn, NY -- 6/1 11:13 AM (pooled) Save Jericho! Bring it back midseason! It's a great alternative to all the other cops & robbers procedurals on your network! Please I have to know what happens to Hawkins, the most awesome character CBS has served up in ages!


$20.00 -- Jennifer, Thornton, CO -- 6/1 11:11 AM (pooled) Dear Nina - Please reconsider your decision to cancel Jericho. For the first time in a very long time, my husband and I can relate to something in a television drama and we were so moved by the characters and the stories in Jericho. You see, Jake Green LITERALLY channeled my husband, right down to losing his father and not being able to fly anymore, and his time in Iraq. To have that ripped away from us at the pinnacle of survival has broken our hearts unbelievably. I refused to watch the remaining episodes of Shark (another favorite) or NCIS - the only other television shows we watch on network tele. So PLEASE, on behalf of the 8 million dedicated viewers that Nielsen reported and the millions more that purchased through iTunes and whatever else... SAVE JERICHO!!!!! CBS IS NUTS!!! Thank you, Jho , Denver, CO

$15.00 -- Heather, Auburn, ME -- 6/1 11:02 AM (pooled) Please SAVE OUR SHOW!

$10.00 -- Michael, New Ulm, MN -- 6/1 10:54 AM (pooled) Please bring back Jericho 38 year old Male in New Ulm MN

$10.00 -- Adam, Flowery Branch, GA -- 6/1 10:53 AM (pooled) CBS will lose 5 more viewers if Jericho does not come back...Please bring Jericho back!!! 28 yr. old male - Georgia - married

$10.00 -- Sandra, Bigfork, MT -- 6/1 10:51 AM (pooled) Save Jericho or it will be "NUTS TO CBS" for me & my family

$5.00 -- Carol, Ponder, TX -- 6/1 10:48 AM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Albert, Miami, FL -- 6/1 10:46 AM (pooled) CBS Please bring JERICHO back !!!

$5.00 -- Jennifer, Allenotwn, PA -- 6/1 10:36 AM (pooled) Allentown,PA supports the show Jericho! THIS CAN REALLY HAPPEN TO US. One more season please?!

$10.00 -- Michelle, Genoa City, WI -- 6/1 10:31 AM (pooled)

$15.00 -- Denise, Pompano Beach, FL -- 6/1 10:26 AM (pooled) Dear Nina, You have a gem in Jericho, please reconsider keeping it at CBS. And if your station doesn't want to keep it, PLEASE let Jericho live at another station. Thank you for listening.

$100.00 -- Rebecca, Hattiesburg, MS -- 6/1 10:24 AM (pooled) Please renew Jericho.

$30.00 -- Denise, White House, TN -- 6/1 10:11 AM (pooled) Please listen to your viewers; while they still are your viewers. JERICHO was a wonderful show. Please give it and us another chance to show you what an asset it is to CBS. Thank you for your consideration.

$20.00 -- DANIEL, BALTIMORE, MD -- 6/1 10:07 AM (pooled) BRING BACK JERICHO!!!!!!!

$25.00 -- Kathleen, Charlotte, NC -- 6/1 10:03 AM (pooled) Save Jericho!

$30.00 -- Justin, East Lansing, MI -- 6/1 10:02 AM (pooled) Nina, we love you, you love us. Fight for the show :)

$10.00 -- Christine, St Petersburg, FL -- 6/1 9:53 AM (pooled) Finally, programming comes up with an original series, and CBS cancels it! Nuts to you! Bring back Jericho!

$5.00 -- sandra, coconut creek, FL -- 6/1 9:49 AM (pooled) SAVE JERICHO!!!!

$5.00 -- LORI, BROOMALL, PA -- 6/1 9:45 AM (pooled)

$20.00 -- Larry, Dayton, TX -- 6/1 9:32 AM (pooled) Nina, Evidently you never watched Jericho. If you did it still would be on. So why don't you sit down this weekend, kick off your shoes, get some snacks and watch the best thing that has come along to television in years. Give the people what they want. You can make this something great.

$10.00 -- jason, essex, MD -- 6/1 9:29 AM (pooled) MY WHOLE FAMILY IS "NUTS" FOR JERICHO!!!!!!!!!!

$30.00 -- Kay, Akron, OH -- 6/1 9:28 AM (pooled) Ms. Tassler: Please reconsider the decision to cancel "Jericho". I do NOT watch reality shows and this is a quality drama that does more than entertain, it makes you think. Not only that, I discuss this show all the time with family and friends across the country. Most all of us re-watch or download the episodes from the internet, too. Please do not disappoint the loyal fans of this show. CBS needs to show it truly does care about it's viewers. Thank you, The Staudt family

$15.00 -- Brian, moorefield, Ont. Canada, NJ -- 6/1 9:20 AM (pooled) Nina: Please it's time to say a mistake has been made. Bring back Jericho. You want devoted fans you have them, just give them a great show to watch. Kid Nation will fail. Save Jericho. Ontario CANADA ages 49 and 56 income approx 100k

$10.00 -- Jennifer, Hershey, PA -- 6/1 9:02 AM (pooled) Bring back jericho or sell it to another network please!

$20.00 -- Kathleen, Manchester, NH -- 6/1 9:01 AM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Kathleen, Taylor, MI -- 6/1 9:00 AM (pooled) Please don't cancel Jericho. If you do, I can never watch CBS again! Katie Taylor, MI

$30.00 -- Wes, Salina, KS -- 6/1 8:55 AM (pooled)

$10.00 -- Justin, Saint Clair Shores, MI -- 6/1 8:54 AM (pooled) Please Save Jericho! I am a 22 year old graduate student from Michigan who loves Jericho. Please consider reinstating the show for a second season!

$10.00 -- Jeffrey, Acworth, GA -- 6/1 8:51 AM (pooled) Please reconsider the cancellation of Jericho. I am a 38 year old white male outside of Atlanta, GA, and I consider Jericho to be one of the best shows on TV and it should be renewed.

$25.00 -- Scott, Marstons Mills, MA -- 6/1 8:39 AM (pooled) Nina, if I could send something from the other 3 basic food groups, I would!

$20.00 -- william, allston, MA -- 6/1 8:24 AM (pooled)

$10.00 -- Mychal, Minneapolis, MN -- 6/1 8:15 AM (pooled)

$20.00 -- JOE, BROOMALL, PA -- 6/1 8:14 AM (pooled) Nuts!!! Do the right thing!!

$10.00 -- June, Fort Lee, NJ -- 6/1 8:04 AM (pooled)

$5.00 -- linda, columbus, OH -- 6/1 7:33 AM (pooled) please reconsider Jericho. we have stopped watching CBS for now. Columbus Ohio Fan

$5.00 -- Jeffrey, San Jose, CA -- 6/1 7:25 AM (pooled) Hi Nina, Not sure what you're thinking by canceling Jericho. Jericho is a great show with a lot of room to grow. As you know Cheers and MASH took some time to grow their audience. These days the networks make it as hard as they can for anyone to get into a show. You (the networks) move shows on a whim or cancel a show like Jericho because the ratings are not what you forecast. If you don't give shows time to find their audiences then there will never be truly great shows on TV again. Sometimes success takes time to develop and courage to see it through. Lets see if you have the courage to stick with Jericho, and make it a big success. Jeff Age: 48 Income: 175,000 + Location: San Jose, CA

$30.00 -- Andrew, Winchester, MA -- 6/1 7:12 AM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Earline, Washington, DC -- 6/1 7:09 AM (pooled) Bring back Jericho! I know you must be NUTS for taking it off before it actually even ended. Earline Linkins Washington, DC

$10.00 -- Suzanne, Derry, NH -- 6/1 7:07 AM (pooled) The fans have sent a strong message. We are waiting for CBS to show that they care and listen. BRING JERICHO BACK!!!

$10.00 -- Paul, Lorton, VA -- 6/1 6:59 AM (pooled)

$15.00 -- Charles, Laurel, MD -- 6/1 5:51 AM (pooled) Please bring back Jericho for season 2! 36 yo male in MD

$25.00 -- Thomas, Patchogue, NY -- 6/1 5:13 AM (pooled) "Do the right thing"

$5.00 -- Harald, Vienna, ID -- 6/1 4:51 AM (pooled) Jericho hasn't even reached my home country... but I already

$25.00 -- Jessica, Chicago, IL -- 6/1 4:33 AM (pooled) Sending these to show my support of Jericho please bring it back! Age 32 Chicago Female

$10.00 -- Christopher, Sparks, NV -- 6/1 4:14 AM (pooled)

$15.00 -- Jeff, Beaverton, OR -- 6/1 3:13 AM (pooled) Have some more nuts - convinced yet? Your fans are waiting for the good word! NUTS to CBS! Bring back Jericho!

$20.00 -- James, San Diego, CA -- 6/1 3:00 AM (pooled)

$10.00 -- Matthew, Omaha, NE -- 6/1 2:38 AM (pooled) Male, 30, Pharmacist, $80k+ Omaha, NE Save Jericho.Save Network TV.

$5.00 -- Jason, Gulfport, FL -- 6/1 2:23 AM (pooled) Jericho is the most Thought-Provoking show in modern times. Enough of the teen shows, and reality T.V. crap is out there, please allow this show to grow. It is truly the most unlikely of hit t.v. shows, and it will continue to grow!!! Also, I know you get your numbers etc. for ratings, but I hope you are taking into account those of us who don't have time to watch it on t.v., and catch it on the internet!!!!! Thank you for your time, please reconsider.... Jason

$10.00 -- Lynda, Denver, CO -- 6/1 2:03 AM (pooled) Please, please bring Jericho back or let another network take it. Thanks, Lynda 39 years old Denver, CO

$10.00 -- Sean, Hillsboro, OR -- 6/1 2:01 AM (pooled)

$10.00 -- Peter, Greendale, WI -- 6/1 1:55 AM (pooled) I'm expressing disappointment in CBS's Jericho cancellation. Jericho was the best-written show on tv;asking real questions,/moral dilemmas/offered consistent performances/plot/production quality/character development. CBS?s decision used flawed info&outdated ratings sources, excluding viewing habits of the demographic you wish to reach. TIVO/DVR recordings/iTunes allow viewers to watch a show beyond the TV. I ask Jericho be renewed for 2nd season next fall to bring desired audience, or produce enough episodes for midseason replacement?CBS is flexible enough to adjust programming to meet audience needs, listens to viewers, and stands behind intelligent, quality programming.

$10.00 -- Joseph, Boulder, CO -- 6/1 1:34 AM (pooled) Please bring Jericho back. If it is too late for the fall, then as a midseason replacement. Nielsen's are so dinosaur! There is plenty of money to be made from Jericho- DVD SALES! Video games- web maze tie ins. Joseph & Caroline Van (Affluent 35 year old viewers from Boulder CO)

$20.00 -- Sandy, Los Angeles, CA -- 6/1 1:32 AM (pooled) Ms Tassler, You couldn't ask for better proof that there is a large and passionate audience for Jericho. The rating went down after the show was put on hiatus and the network had practically no advertising to announce it's return. You have a built-in base waiting to help publicize the series bring the show back, in vast numbers. Listen to your audience and they will prove you right in bringing the show back for season 2- Sandy

$50.00 -- michael, colorado springs, CO -- 6/1 1:32 AM (pooled)

$15.00 -- Hayley, Sherman Oaks, CA -- 6/1 1:31 AM (pooled) Nuts to CBS!! Bring back Jericho!!

$10.00 -- Brian, chester gap, VA -- 6/1 1:17 AM (pooled)

$30.00 -- Daniel, Montpelier, OH -- 6/1 1:08 AM (pooled) Dear Nina, I am a fan and die hard supporter of the great show "Jericho". I watched most of the first season online and I know others did too. I believe the rating system you are using is outdated for this digital age. Please reconsider the cancellation and renew "Jericho" for a second season.

$80.00 -- jeff, highland, IN -- 6/1 1:03 AM (pooled) Please bring back our beloved show. It means the world to so many. I know you can do the right thing be bringing this back. Look at the people that want this show back on. thanks jeff

$20.00 -- Wendy, Fremont, CA -- 6/1 12:50 AM (pooled) Please Save Jericho!

$110.00 -- Christina, Katy, TX -- 6/1 12:45 AM (pooled) Female; 44; Houston; Jericho Rocks!! Neilsen ratings aren't accurate. Please rethink the cancellation. Thank you!

$25.00 -- Roxanne, Schererville, IN -- 6/1 12:36 AM (pooled) "Hey There G/F We need your Help" Save our Show! We Love it! Season 2!

$10.00 -- Shane, Chandler, AZ -- 6/1 12:34 AM (pooled) Do not do this! I don't know what your reports are showing you, but they are wrong. Have you ever seen support like this? Bring back Jericho!!! M - 34 - AZ - $165K

$25.00 -- Kimberly, Beaverton, OR -- 6/1 12:29 AM (pooled) John & Kimber - Portland, OR - Give us Jericho Jake fought the battle of Jericho, Jericho, Jericho, Jake fought the battle of Jericho, And CBS' walls came tumblin' down. You may talk about your kings of Survivor, You may talk about your men of Pirates, There's none like good old Jake At the battle of Jericho. Up to the walls of Jericho, He marched with gun in hand. "Go blow that tank", Jake cried, "'Cause the battle is in our hand". Then the guns shot and the tank Began to blow, Roaring began to sound, Jake commanded the townspeople to shout, And CBS' walls came tumblin' down. That afternoon Jake fought the battle of Jericho, Jericho, Jericho, Jake fought the battle of Jericho, And CBS' walls came tumblin' down Ah Nuts!!!

$50.00 -- Elliott, Poulsbo, WA -- 6/1 12:21 AM (pooled) Save Jericho! This is the best show I have ever seen!

$20.00 -- Julia, Watertown, TN -- 6/1 12:21 AM (pooled) Season 2 For Jericho Nothing Less Will DO!

$10.00 -- Nathaniel, Plantation, FL -- 6/1 12:12 AM (pooled) Please reconsider the Jericho cancellation!! It wasn't given a fair shot... especially up against American Idol. You don't put a drama up against a reality!! Nathaniel Miami, FL

$10.00 -- NONIA, Tucson, AZ -- 5/31 11:33 PM (pooled) Please do not cancel the best show to hit your network in years!!!!!!!!!!!! If you must cancel it because of pressure from those who only use the rating to determine the fate of a show? Then please sell it to a station who will use it. The stars, directors, writters, and fans deserve that chance of a future. By the way, we do not want "Closure" to the story line-we want it to continue. I for one will not be wasting brain cells watchcing "Kid Nation" Thankyou for your time. Nonia

$5.00 -- Deborah, Burlington, KY -- 5/31 11:30 PM (pooled)

$15.00 -- Sara, Mason City, IA -- 5/31 11:29 PM (pooled) Nuts to you, CBS. My boyfriend and I love to watch CBS. I even got my mom to watch it. NUTS!!!!

$30.00 -- Linda, Haverford, PA -- 5/31 11:23 PM (pooled) It's apparent...after all this time we are not even close to giving up. Saving a show like Jericho is worth the effort. Do the right thing. Bring back Jericho. Boycotting CBS until Jericho returns.

$10.00 -- Shirley, Duarte, CA -- 5/31 11:20 PM (pooled)

$10.00 -- judy, Peoria, AZ -- 5/31 11:14 PM (pooled) Nina, you have the ability to bring back Jericho!! I'm not watching CBS, don't you think 3 CSI programs are a little much? As far as all those medically programs? Well, I'm a nurse and have been for 40 years, I've lived real life medicine and what is on TV is not accurate, it is what it is TV. I think most intelligent individuals are fed up with the reality programs. Be a "real stand up guy" and bring Jericho back or do you also belong to the "good old boys" club of the last century?

$10.00 -- Robert, Sammamish, WA -- 5/31 11:13 PM (pooled) Nuts for Jericho! Please renew Jericho - I love that show!

$5.00 -- Elisabeth, Kent, OH -- 5/31 11:10 PM (pooled) Dear Ms. Tassler, Please reconsider the decision to cancel "Jericho", and bring it back for a second season. Thank you.

$5.00 -- Daniel, Glencoe, AL -- 5/31 11:05 PM (pooled) We will not be defeated!

$10.00 -- Kelly, maysville, OK -- 5/31 11:05 PM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Adam, LaGrange, KY -- 5/31 10:46 PM (pooled) 23/Male/Louisville, KY/Finishing up Bachelors degree. Bring it back!!!

$20.00 -- bradford, waukesha, WI -- 5/31 10:42 PM (pooled)

$15.00 -- Hans, Geneva, NY -- 5/31 10:40 PM (pooled) Dear Kelly, I live in geneva Ny (upstate) My family was very upset when we heard Jericho was canceled. We have a mid size commuity about 20,000 and the talk around town is to boycott CBS. Please reconsider your stand on Jericho. Thank You, Hans

$25.00 -- Jeannie, Saugus, CA -- 5/31 10:30 PM (pooled) I'm putting my money where my mouth is with $20 worth of N.U.T.S. to you CBS. We are all boycotting CBS and your sponsers until Jericho is returned.

$10.00 -- William, Daleville, VA -- 5/31 10:22 PM (pooled) RENEW JERICHO!!!!

$25.00 -- Paul, Belle River, Ontario, NJ -- 5/31 10:18 PM (pooled) My wife and I would like you to reconsider the cancelling of Jericho from the fall schedule. It was one of the most refreshing and intriguing shows to come along in years. We are fans of quite a few CBS programs but will have to look elsewhere for entertainment if Jericho is not picked up again. This is one story that needs to keep being told.

$20.00 -- CONSTANCE, MONTGOMERY, AL -- 5/31 10:04 PM (pooled) Don't punish us because you under-estimated our presence. This is a show the best show that has aired on any channel in a long while. it is definitely worth saving! Thanks! 59/F $90,000+ Montgomery, AL

$5.00 -- Emil, Exton, PA -- 5/31 10:00 PM (pooled) Please bring back Jericho

$10.00 -- Brian, Cumming, GA -- 5/31 9:58 PM (pooled) From Heather & Brian, 22 and 26 female and male respectively--living in Atlanta, GA and huge fans of Jericho from day one! Think of this campaign like the Nielson ratings systems--only a small sample of the total population of Jericho lovers! We, in conjunction with the many other fans participating in this campaign, urge you to reconsider your decision to cancel one of the finest pieces of television we've ever seen! Surrender and let it happen? NUTS!

$10.00 -- Lillian, Maple Glen, PA -- 5/31 9:55 PM (pooled) BRING BACK JERICHO PLEASE!!!!!

$5.00 -- Sherri, North Attleboro, MA -- 5/31 9:53 PM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Sherri, North Attleboro, MA -- 5/31 9:50 PM (pooled)

$10.00 -- charity, eagan, MN -- 5/31 9:47 PM (pooled) Jericho is a fantastic, thought provoking show. Please bring it back!

$10.00 -- Craig, Fallbrook, CA -- 5/31 9:42 PM (pooled) Listen to the fans!!!!

$20.00 -- Kay, Surprise, AZ -- 5/31 9:41 PM (pooled) YOU HAVE OUR NUTS, NOW GIVE US BACK JERICHO!

$5.00 -- sandra, port richey, FL -- 5/31 9:39 PM (pooled)

$110.00 -- Debra, Columbia, MD -- 5/31 9:33 PM (pooled)

$15.00 -- Noelle, Mount Vernon, NY -- 5/31 9:31 PM (pooled) Save Jericho!

$10.00 -- Jana, North Richland Hills, TX -- 5/31 9:24 PM (pooled) My wife(45) and I (52)are in the 6 figure income level in the DFW market. We both agree that CBS has a very marketable product with Jericho. It is one of the most compelling shows on television in many years. We ask that you please reconsider.

$5.00 -- Nicole, Tracy, CA -- 5/31 9:23 PM (pooled)

$15.00 -- Valinda, Topeka, KS -- 5/31 9:21 PM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Russell, Hendersonville, TN -- 5/31 9:21 PM (pooled) Bring back Jericho! It can succeed, you just have to give it a chance! I can guarantee that I will never watch CBS again if Jericho does not comeback.

$15.00 -- Sean, Norfolk, VA -- 5/31 9:14 PM (pooled)

$20.00 -- stephen, Richmond, VA -- 5/31 9:14 PM (pooled) SECOND SEASON OF JERICHO OR ITS NUTS TO CBS FOREVER

$25.00 -- Valerie, Riverside, CA -- 5/31 9:12 PM (pooled)

$30.00 -- Kevin, Las Vegas, NV -- 5/31 9:01 PM (pooled)

$10.00 -- Daivd, Middletown, NY -- 5/31 8:56 PM (pooled) NUTS TO YOU NINA!!! BRING BACK JERICHO!!!

$20.00 -- K., Du Bois, PA -- 5/31 8:55 PM (pooled) We are not giving up. Bring back Jericho!

$30.00 -- Lydia, Raleigh, NC -- 5/31 8:55 PM (pooled)

$5.00 -- David, Denver, CO -- 5/31 8:50 PM (pooled)

$10.00 -- Keegan, Annapolis, MD -- 5/31 8:49 PM (pooled)

$10.00 -- Donna, Sunnyvale, CA -- 5/31 8:49 PM (pooled) Hi Nina, Put Jericho back on and we will work for free to promote it for you! :-) Donna in San Jose, CA

$5.00 -- Jeremy, Deerfield, IL -- 5/31 8:39 PM (pooled) Renew Jericho! Only Season 2 will do! NUTS to CBS!

$20.00 -- Jeremy, Bangor, ME -- 5/31 8:35 PM (pooled) Stop cancelling good shows!

$10.00 -- Heather, Indianapolis, IN -- 5/31 8:26 PM (pooled) Save Jericho, renew it or give it to a network that will.

$10.00 -- Stephanie, Harker Heights, TX -- 5/31 8:26 PM (pooled) I really loved the show Jericho. It gave me hope when I needed it most. Save Jericho and save humanity. Nuts to CBS from Fort Hood

$10.00 -- Damian, El Cerrito, CA -- 5/31 8:23 PM (pooled) Nice try with the Vegas propoganda attack! We are UNITED!!!

$100.00 -- Mori, Wintersville, OH -- 5/31 8:18 PM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Matt, Udall, KS -- 5/31 8:17 PM (pooled)

$5.00 -- joey, montezuma, IA -- 5/31 8:15 PM (pooled) bring back jericho. Joey, age 26, male, iowa, income 40,000

$25.00 -- Sharon, Dacono, CO -- 5/31 8:09 PM (pooled) We are not giving up. Save Jericho!!! Sharon 53, Ty 56, Robert 60,Jeremy, 34, September 32, Tyanna 20, Jeff 15.

$10.00 -- Lynda, Denver, CO -- 5/31 8:07 PM (pooled)

$15.00 -- Danielle, Seminole, FL -- 5/31 8:06 PM (pooled)

$20.00 -- Dustin, sandston, VA -- 5/31 8:04 PM (pooled)

$10.00 -- Patricia, La Harpe, IL -- 5/31 8:02 PM (pooled) We must have Jericho back for a second season!

$5.00 -- micah, Prosser, WA -- 5/31 8:00 PM (pooled) i have set aside 5$ a week and i will not only send you 5$ worth of nuts a week until you bring jericho back but i will send one everyweek that kid nation is on the air.

$15.00 -- Marlene, Cincinnati, OH -- 5/31 7:59 PM (pooled) NUTS!

$20.00 -- Mary, Los Angeles, CA -- 5/31 7:51 PM (pooled) Save Jericho!

$80.00 -- Carole, Somerville, MA -- 5/31 7:42 PM (pooled) Bring back Jericho! NUTS to CBS. I'll come back to the network that "cares" when you start caring about your viewers! Demo: 30 year old, female, Somerville, MA, $100k+ income

$5.00 -- Beaux, EDMONDS, WA -- 5/31 7:35 PM (pooled) Hi Nina, My Name is Beaux Bartron, 40 yrs old. married w/2kids, homeowner, graphic designer ex-rockstar wannabe from Edmonds WA 98026 household income between $100K-$125K. Please enjoy this single solitary little package of NUTS from me and my wife. We can't believe you pulled the plug on the 2nd best show on TV (CSI is #1). Are you trying to make us watch FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS?

$20.00 -- Richard, Inverness, FL -- 5/31 7:31 PM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Adam, weymouth, MA -- 5/31 7:29 PM (pooled) NUTS! Please, keep a smart, fun serial drama on the air! Please help CBS make the right decisions.

$20.00 -- Christine, Portland, OR -- 5/31 7:18 PM (pooled) SAVE JERICHO!

$5.00 -- Vicki, Eugene, OR -- 5/31 7:15 PM (pooled) Hello, I am a 55 year old woman from Oregon. I have obviousely been around awhile, and Jericho is one of the best programs I have seen in a long time. Please show your viewers you do care about them.....bring back Jericho!

$10.00 -- Michael, Franklin, MA -- 5/31 7:14 PM (pooled) Jericho is a WONDERFUL show. Please give it another chance. 20 year old male College Student Franklin, MA

$25.00 -- Clayton, Hesperia, CA -- 5/31 7:03 PM (pooled) Remember "Cagney & Lacey"? Another major mistake that was fortunately undone and went on to make you people at CBS proud! You have another chance at that...take it!! Susan (Female) 60 and lovin' life & Jericho!! Hesperia, Ca

$15.00 -- Bryan, Glenburn, ND -- 5/31 6:55 PM (pooled) Open mouth, remove foot, enjoy.....

$10.00 -- Bunnie, Taylor, TX -- 5/31 6:43 PM (pooled) Jericho Rangers have, so far, donated $8,365 to Greensburg, KS. The Cummings Family of Taylor, TX, Triple-Dog Dares CBS to match it! (And to bring back Jericho!) Save Jericho, Save Greensburg!

$20.00 -- Jaquelin, Asheville, NC -- 5/31 6:39 PM (pooled) Dear CBS, I think you?d find that the fans would forgive your Jericho cancellation blunder if you brought the show back for a full second season (or mid-season, if necessary). Then let the ?new? Nielson ratings and so-called media experts on your staff earn their paychecks by keeping up with the internet, DVR, TiVO, and ITunes demand for Jericho -- and all the other shows that are now being watched that way. Our nuts campaign is about much more than just saving this one, very worthy show. It is about making you and the rest of the television industry *wake up* and realize that there is a revolution going on RIGHT NOW. If you want to keep your viewers, then you need to keep up with it. And that?s ?Why We Fight?! -- Jaquelin P. Age 34

$10.00 -- Norma, Rowlett, TX -- 5/31 6:20 PM (pooled) Please bring back Jericho as a mid-season replacement. A two-hour wrap up just won't do. There is so much more story to be told, and it needs to be told. Jericho is thought provoking, intelligent, well-written and very well acted. It was your only competition against Lost. Jericho's fan base encompasses much more than the desired demographic. Signed, female, age 61, male, age 51, income $72K, midwest, kids grown; money to spend. Thanks.

$20.00 -- Jeanne, Kansas City, MO -- 5/31 6:19 PM (pooled) Save Jericho!!!!!

$50.00 -- Dan, Mattawa, WA -- 5/31 6:12 PM (pooled)

$10.00 -- Aaron, Wyoming, MI -- 5/31 6:10 PM (pooled) CBS, I am 25 year old male and live in Grand Rapids, MI. I do not watch ANY reality shows. I watch SERIAL DRAMAS, and JERICHO was one of my favorites. This campaign should illustrate to both you and advertisers what a dedicated fan base Jericho has. Show the advertisers that fans of the show spent over $40,000 JUST ON A CAMPAIGN TO SAVE THE SHOW! Imagine how much Jericho fans would be willing to spend on the advertisers products whose commercials air during JERICHO! I think you FAR underestimate JERICHO'S fan base. You still go by the antiquated Neilsen rating system, but it fails to account for the people that TIVO, WATCH ONLINE, DOWNLOAD VIA P2P, DOWNLOAD VIA ITUNES AND SIMILAR SERVICES, AND OVERSEAS VIEWERS! Neilsens just don't accurately measure viewers anymore, as is well evidenced by the number of people outraged by this cancellation. In one article I read, Nina said she did not think viewers cared when CBS shows were canceled with no resolution. Well let me tell you, WE DO!

$10.00 -- Kendra, Cary, NC -- 5/31 6:00 PM (pooled)

$10.00 -- Jason, Aledo, IL -- 5/31 5:54 PM (pooled)

$30.00 -- Sarah, LINDEN, NJ -- 5/31 5:32 PM (pooled) We are not giving up, you need to make the most of this publicity for a great show and admit you have made a huge mistake.....otherwise CBS is going down!

$10.00 -- Chuck, Firestone, CO -- 5/31 5:26 PM (pooled) My family (ages 41, 39, 16, 14) have become enthralled with this drama. Please reconsider the decision to cancel this show.

$5.00 -- Kathleen, Westlake Village, CA -- 5/31 5:22 PM (pooled) Please keep Jericho for the loyal fans. Don't cancel, please reconsider. We love it. Enjoy the nuts, and please donate what you don't eat. Save TV dramas!

$5.00 -- Charlene, Jackson, MS -- 5/31 5:22 PM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Neil, Vancouver, BC -- 5/31 5:14 PM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Kimberlee, Springfield, MO -- 5/31 5:06 PM (pooled) Save Jericho!

$20.00 -- Brian, Spokane, WA -- 5/31 5:05 PM (pooled) Spokane, Washington LOVES Jericho! Give us season 2!!!

$5.00 -- Michael, Coventry, CT -- 5/31 4:59 PM (pooled) Hopefully, you're figuring out by now that this protest is nor just a "flash in the pan." We'd like a second season please.....31M

$25.00 -- Andrea, Greensboro, NC -- 5/31 4:58 PM (pooled) Jericho has the viewers; Nielsen just didn't count right. We're here, and we're telling you now that we want another season of Jericho!

$30.00 -- Tammie, ELDorado, AR -- 5/31 4:54 PM (pooled) please bring back Jericho,,,you and cbs won't be sorry, if you do and i'm sure CBS, will be very glad you did.. and so will millions of FANS... Jericho Fan, Tammie Smith(Bucki)age 41, married husbands 41, two kid, 11, and 14 all watch jericho,,,live in EL Dorado AR.... big,big fans of Jericho

$5.00 -- Christopher, Lansing, MI -- 5/31 4:42 PM (pooled)

$15.00 -- Wendy, Pasadena, TX -- 5/31 4:28 PM (pooled) Wendy Davis Age 36 Female Houston, Tx area Do you only pay attention to Nielson rating? I watch many shows online inlcuding Jericho and many times re-watch online after viewing on the television. After the CSI's became so repetitive the only show on CBS I was even interested in was Jericho. I am so sick of "reality" shows!

$10.00 -- Ellen, Appe Valley, MN -- 5/31 4:27 PM (pooled) The cancellation of Jericho was a major mistake. Jericho has a huge number of viewers and we want the show back.

$10.00 -- Richard, Edgewood, MD -- 5/31 4:25 PM (pooled) Baltimore Loves Jericho !!!!!

$10.00 -- Cara, Baltimore, MD -- 5/31 4:19 PM (pooled) Save Jericho !!!!

$20.00 -- Tania, Sunnyvale, CA -- 5/31 4:16 PM (pooled)

$10.00 -- Michael, Elburn, IL -- 5/31 4:16 PM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Jennifer, Baltimore, PA -- 5/31 4:15 PM (pooled) Please bring back Jericho. I was watching it on Comcast On Demand, unaware I was not contributing to the ratings. I won't do that again!

$5.00 -- Paul, Cary, NC -- 5/31 4:13 PM (pooled) Another Donation! Save Jericho! Bombard LA with Nuts!

$20.00 -- Garianne, Halringen, TX -- 5/31 3:37 PM (pooled) JERICHO LIVES NUTS TO CBS BOYCOTT TILL SEASON 2 JERICHO

$5.00 -- Carol, North Hollywood, CA -- 5/31 3:34 PM (pooled)

$50.00 -- Alex, Charlotte, NC -- 5/31 3:30 PM (pooled) BRING BACK JERICHO

$5.00 -- Carol, North Hollywood, CA -- 5/31 3:29 PM (pooled)

$10.00 -- Erin, Oakland, NJ -- 5/31 3:28 PM (pooled) Please do not cancel Jericho!!!!

$5.00 -- Michele, Arcadia, CA -- 5/31 3:28 PM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Randall, Fort Worth, TX -- 5/31 3:28 PM (pooled) You cancelled Jericho????? Eat my nuts!

$10.00 -- Trevor, Auckland, New Zealand, NY -- 5/31 3:23 PM (pooled)

$10.00 -- Lynn, Tucker, GA -- 5/31 3:22 PM (pooled) Just another abandoned viewer in your prime demographic: 41 years old female $120k + Realtor Atlanta

$15.00 -- christopher, huntington, IN -- 5/31 3:21 PM (pooled)

$10.00 -- Charles, Forty Fort, PA -- 5/31 3:21 PM (pooled) Let Jericho live!!!! 24 year old male from Pennsylvania

$10.00 -- James, Rancho Palos Verdes, CA -- 5/31 3:20 PM (pooled)

$10.00 -- Stephen, Raceland, LA -- 5/31 3:20 PM (pooled)

$5.00 -- stephen, richmond, VA -- 5/31 3:18 PM (pooled)

$20.00 -- Patrick, Lisle, IL -- 5/31 3:16 PM (pooled) Do the right thing...Bring back Jericho

$10.00 -- Alexandria, Tempe, AZ -- 5/31 3:15 PM (pooled) Hello, Hi, I am a 28 year-old teacher in Scottsdale, AZ. I love Jericho and want you to keep it on CBS. Please reconsider and give the show one more year to catch on. I use DVR to record the show each week. It has wonderful actors and derserves to stay on the air! No more reality shows or 1/2 sitcoms. Thank you, Alexandria

$10.00 -- Heather, Plymouth, IN -- 5/31 3:00 PM (pooled) You created the online fan base for Jericho and we will not let you slam the door on us!! Bring back Jericho for Season two!! NUTS!!

$10.00 -- James, Taylor, TX -- 5/31 2:49 PM (pooled) My reaction to the CBS decision to cancel "Jericho"? NUTS!!!! Please reconsider bringing the show back as a midseason replacement, because you'll surely need one as the one which has been announced as taking the time slot of "Jericho" won't last....

$10.00 -- Katrina, Lincoln, NE -- 5/31 2:48 PM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Jennifer, Coatesville, PA -- 5/31 2:48 PM (pooled) Please bring back Jericho!

$5.00 -- Lynzee, Wichita, KS -- 5/31 2:45 PM (pooled) NUTS to you CBS! Save Jericho

$30.00 -- Kimberly, Carmel, NY -- 5/31 2:43 PM (pooled)

$10.00 -- James, Taylor, TX -- 5/31 2:35 PM (pooled) My reaction to the CBS decision to cancel "Jericho"? NUTS!!!! Please reconsider bringing the show back as a midseason replacement, because you'll surely need one as the one which has been announced as taking the time slot of "Jericho" won't last....

$20.00 -- Troy, Salem, IL -- 5/31 2:35 PM (pooled)

$10.00 -- Matt, Cockeysville, MD -- 5/31 2:34 PM (pooled) Renew Jericho!!!

$10.00 -- Caarmen, Beaverton, OR -- 5/31 2:32 PM (pooled) Ms Tassler, I am hoping CBS realizes that Jericho fans are serious about wanting a second season of the show. We're not some fringe group of nuts (pardon the pun) but real fans of a show in which we became vested. We felt for the characters, and the story line was believable! Jericho was original, plausible, and often I couldn't wait until I could watch it on my DVR (I work nights) and would watch it on online on my lunch break. I stand with millions of other viewers when I say, "Bring back Jericho!!" Carmen Beaverton, OR

$20.00 -- Irene, Plymouth Meeting, PA -- 5/31 2:22 PM (pooled)

$15.00 -- Jonathan, Warrington, PA -- 5/31 2:16 PM (pooled)

$10.00 -- Wayland, Lyons, OR -- 5/31 2:16 PM (pooled) Give in for once! America has spoken and you're ruddy deaf. Nuts to CBS!

$10.00 -- William, San Carlos, CA -- 5/31 2:05 PM (pooled) Please enjoy these nuts! While you are at it... do me a favor... please bring back Jericho! Finish the story in a mini series at least.... It is insane to leave everyone hanging like that. Of course you upset people.... it's going to get worse before it gets better.

$20.00 -- Joseph, Milwaukee, WI -- 5/31 2:05 PM (pooled) Please help us save a real town in Kansas...Greensburg. It was blown away by a tornado. Fans of Jericho are contributing to the rebuilding effort...Please match are dollar amount. Oh Yeah NO JERICHO....NO CBS NUTS to you CBS.

$5.00 -- Debra, Goshen, KY -- 5/31 1:56 PM (pooled)

$20.00 -- Chris, Beaverton, OR -- 5/31 1:46 PM (pooled) Save Jericho for us Nuts.

$5.00 -- Clarence, Lancaster, OH -- 5/31 1:44 PM (pooled) Would you have cancelled DALLAS a week after the Who Shot JR episode? SAVE JERICHO

$15.00 -- Dennis, Dedham, MA -- 5/31 1:42 PM (pooled) PLEASE SAVE JERICHO!

$10.00 -- Rob, Lansdale, PA -- 5/31 1:41 PM (pooled) Come on Kelly - just admit it - you, Les and Nina were wrong. All will be forgiven with Season 2!!!

$5.00 -- Brittany, Lompoc, CA -- 5/31 1:40 PM (pooled) Nina please renew Jericho as a mid season replacement. I feel this would be in yours and ours best interest. Thank you

$10.00 -- Rob, Lansdale, PA -- 5/31 1:39 PM (pooled) Come on Nina - just admit it - you, Les and Kelly were wrong. All will be forgiven with Season 2!!!

$5.00 -- Kim, Pleasantville, PA -- 5/31 1:38 PM (pooled) Will we stand down? NUTS! N - Never U - Underestimate T - The S - Strength (of loyal fans!) Jericho is one of the best shows that CBS has put out in many years, Canceling it is a big mistake on CBS's part. Your line up is pretty crappy to begin with ... With out Jericho all you have is CSI, Criminal Minds & Two & A Half Men, and as much as I like those other shows, if you insist on canceling Jericho, I'll no longer watch CBS !(not even my local news!) I sincerely hope that enough others feel the same way & that they ALL quit watching CBS all together ! I'm sure that some other network will gladly take your ratings away ! Perhaps USA or SciFi ! Keep your Reality shows, lose Jericho ... lose your ratings ! The choice is yours ..... Kim Pleasantville, PA.

$5.00 -- Charles, Springdale, AR -- 5/31 1:38 PM (pooled)

$20.00 -- Sharon, Dacono, CO -- 5/31 1:34 PM (pooled) Please save Jericho and Greensberg Kansas - CBS - I challenge you to match the Jericho fans! Sharon, 53, Female, Colorado, $55,000/yr.

$15.00 -- Cynthia, Alexandria, VA -- 5/31 1:33 PM (pooled) Ms. Tassler: Please be smart- your choice - do you want this massive amount of fans/viewers/consumers/customers ON YOUR SIDE or AGAINST YOU??? SECOND SEASON OF JERICHO and we will do you PROUD!!

$10.00 -- Sarah, arlington, VA -- 5/31 1:32 PM (pooled) NUTS TO CBS!! SAVE JERICHO!!! DON'T GIVE UP THE FIGHT!!

$10.00 -- McCoy, Gainesville, FL -- 5/31 1:27 PM (pooled) BRING BACK JERICHO!

$50.00 -- Ryan, St. John's, NL -- 5/31 1:22 PM (pooled) NUTS to YOU CBS

$15.00 -- J., Lansing, MI -- 5/31 1:20 PM (pooled) Please Save Jericho! 36, male, Michigan. Just do it! Thank you!

$10.00 -- Charles, Ocean, NJ -- 5/31 1:19 PM (pooled) Save Jericho!!!

$15.00 -- Gayle, Santa Barbara, CA -- 5/31 1:17 PM (pooled)

$20.00 -- Denise, Brookline, MA -- 5/31 1:17 PM (pooled) CBS is nuts to cancel Jericho. Please give us Season 2! Please do not disregard your loyal fans. Thank you.

$100.00 -- Lawrence, Huntingon, NY -- 5/31 1:15 PM (pooled) Please renew Jericho for a mid season replacement

$10.00 -- Rebecca, Lakeside, CA -- 5/31 1:11 PM (pooled) Please keep one of the most entertaining and well-written shows on the air! -Rebecca San Diego, CA

$5.00 -- Jennifer, Groton, CT -- 5/31 1:07 PM (pooled) I'm 20, earning under 20,000, in S.E. CT; and I am NUTS for Jericho!!!

$5.00 -- Dustin, Lexington, KY -- 5/31 1:06 PM (pooled) You are NUTS!

$25.00 -- Kelly, Colorado Springs, CO -- 5/31 1:05 PM (pooled) Please reconsider your decision to cancel Jericho. I religiously watched Jericho every week via DVR. I do not believe that the Nielsen rating system is accurate. Especially since everyone that I know no longer watches their programming live since getting DVR. 32 yr old Female Colorado Springs, CO $45K

$5.00 -- Elizabeth, Clatskanie, OR -- 5/31 12:58 PM (pooled) You created a great show, and I want you to know I am "nuts" about Jericho! Please don't give up on it--I certainly haven't. Sincerely, Elizabeth age 43, Clatskanie, OR

$60.00 -- Michael, Pine Bluff, AR -- 5/31 12:58 PM (pooled)

$15.00 -- Courtney, Irvine, CA -- 5/31 12:56 PM (pooled) Mr. Kahl, thanks for bringing us a great first season of Jericho. I am 25, F, Irvine, CA and my household income is approx. $75,000. My family watches Jericho and we all hope for a 2nd season!

$5.00 -- Bonita, Margate, FL -- 5/31 12:50 PM (pooled) Bring back Jericho.

$10.00 -- Bonita, Margate, FL -- 5/31 12:49 PM (pooled) Please rescind the cancellation.

$150.00 -- Rachel, Brookline, MA -- 5/31 12:47 PM (pooled) Bring back JERICHO! Count the alternate viewers you forgot about-including the international & overseas military you forgot about. Age: 36 Income: 60K Location: Boston, MA Gender: Female See- all types of viewers watch JERICHO

$30.00 -- Paul, Union City, CA -- 5/31 12:46 PM (pooled) Bring back Jericho! PLEASE!

$5.00 -- Kitty, Vilonia, AR -- 5/31 12:46 PM (pooled) Age52,female,college degree,above 100,000 income from Arkansas. Cannot imagine what you were thinking by not renewing this show for another season.

$5.00 -- lynn, Holland, NY -- 5/31 12:44 PM (pooled) Jericho all the way

$15.00 -- Kevin, Aurora, CO -- 5/31 12:40 PM (pooled)

$40.00 -- Andrew, Toronto, ON -- 5/31 12:40 PM (pooled) Jericho is one of the best shows on CBS. There must be a way to bring the series back that will be profitable for CBS. Jericho fans will help.

$5.00 -- Alexander, Linden, NJ -- 5/31 12:39 PM (pooled) these nuts R 2 U from me, an 29 year old german lawer who downloads (besides other us-tv shows) jericho on i-tunes, spending some buck doin? so!!!

$20.00 -- Kathy, San Juan Capistrano, CA -- 5/31 12:37 PM (pooled) Second season of JERICHO!

$50.00 -- Melissa, Holt, MI -- 5/31 12:36 PM (pooled) Nuts! N ever U derestimate T he S trength (of loyal fans) Bring Back Jericho!

$10.00 -- Marilynn, Chula Vista, CA -- 5/31 12:31 PM (pooled) I'm a 61 year old retired teacher in Chula Vista who loved the show. Please bring back the series!!!


$5.00 -- Laura, Charlotte, NC -- 5/31 12:28 PM (pooled)

$10.00 -- LEZLIE, CARSON CITY, NV -- 5/31 12:27 PM (pooled) Please bring Jericho back! We are a family from Carson City, Nevada and love the show.

$5.00 -- Chris, Orion, MI -- 5/31 12:27 PM (pooled)

$10.00 -- Edward, brimfield, MA -- 5/31 12:26 PM (pooled)

$25.00 -- William, Du Bois, PA -- 5/31 12:23 PM (pooled) Not Understanding Term Surrender Bring Back Jericho, be a leader in new media.

$20.00 -- Kathleen, York, ME -- 5/31 12:22 PM (pooled)

$10.00 -- Abigayil, Placitas, NM -- 5/31 12:22 PM (pooled) I am a 27 year old female attorney in Albuquerque, NM. My husband is a 39 year old engineer. We have plenty of disposable income to spend on your advertisers. We both love the show! Please don't cancel it!

$10.00 -- Jayne, North Falmouth, MA -- 5/31 12:21 PM (pooled) Bring back Jericho!

$25.00 -- Hidenori, South San Francisco, CA -- 5/31 12:19 PM (pooled)

$30.00 -- Arlene, Montclair, NJ -- 5/31 12:15 PM (pooled) Please bring back Jericho for another season!!

$10.00 -- William, Longmont, CO -- 5/31 12:15 PM (pooled) CBS is NUTS

$10.00 -- Cynthia, Plantation, FL -- 5/31 12:13 PM (pooled)

$25.00 -- Jacqueline, Gill, MA -- 5/31 12:05 PM (pooled) Bring Back Jericho!!!

$50.00 -- roberta, tucson, AZ -- 5/31 12:03 PM (pooled) CBS...RENEW JERICHO FOR A SECOND SEASON !!

$5.00 -- Philip, Cordova, TN -- 5/31 12:02 PM (pooled) Please bring back Jericho.

$10.00 -- Brenda, Lawrenceville, GA -- 5/31 12:00 PM (pooled)

$25.00 -- Jody, Milwaukee, WI -- 5/31 11:59 AM (pooled) To whom it may concern- Consider this my contribution to the "Save Jericho" movement. I was very disappointed with CBS's decision to cancel this show. Please consider bringing it back- this is a show unlike anything else on network TV, and it deserves a second chance. (And apparently, I'm not the only one who thinks so!) If it helps, the following is some demographic information about myself: Age:37 Gender: Male Location: Milwaukee, WI Occupation: Mechanical Engineer Income: $80,000+ Thank you very much! Jody

$5.00 -- Thomas, Ostersund, NJ -- 5/31 11:56 AM (pooled)

$15.00 -- Sylvia, Hartsville, SC -- 5/31 11:54 AM (pooled) Please bring back the best show that was on TV. Thank You!! I am 35, middle class household, South Carolina.

$15.00 -- Mary, Muncie, IN -- 5/31 11:41 AM (pooled)

$40.00 -- Lewanna, Clovis, CA -- 5/31 11:38 AM (pooled) For Jericho!

$5.00 -- Sharon, Carlsbad, CA -- 5/31 11:35 AM (pooled) BE THE HERO RENEW JERICHO FOR SEASON 2 F, 39, san diego w/family of four viewers in our house!

$10.00 -- Timothy, Coral Springs, FL -- 5/31 11:35 AM (pooled)

$10.00 -- Darla, Cincinnati, OH -- 5/31 11:33 AM (pooled)

$10.00 -- Caroline, Linden, NJ -- 5/31 11:28 AM (pooled)

$25.00 -- Matthew, Raleigh, NC -- 5/31 11:28 AM (pooled) NUTS to CBS! Save Jericho!

$10.00 -- Theadra, Reading, PA -- 5/31 11:27 AM (pooled) Bring Jericho Back as a Mid-Season replacement.

$5.00 -- Joseph, West Roxbury, MA -- 5/31 11:19 AM (pooled)

$10.00 -- Scott, Courtice, NJ -- 5/31 11:12 AM (pooled) Nina, It's time to listen to reason, and the millions of fans that want Jericho back for season 2. Jericho is solid programming. Jericho has amassed, and continues to amass, a large and dedicated following. Not bringing Jericho back for a second season will be a HUGE mistake from both a financial and creative standpoint. Otherwise, I say nuts to CBS!

$5.00 -- Ross, Muncie, IN -- 5/31 11:06 AM (pooled) NUTS TO CBS! BRING BACK JERICHO! SEASON 2!

$20.00 -- Stephanie, Peachtree City, GA -- 5/31 11:04 AM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Lee, Raleigh, NC -- 5/31 11:00 AM (pooled) Jericho lives on whether you bring it back or something for the us something - Lee from Raleigh, NC

$15.00 -- Randall, Bonaire, GA -- 5/31 10:59 AM (pooled)

$25.00 -- kelli, parachute, CO -- 5/31 10:57 AM (pooled)

$10.00 -- Stephen, Topeka, KS -- 5/31 10:52 AM (pooled) It's natural the ratings declined after the hiatus. Obviously that is going to cause viewers to go elsewhere plus by the second half people had caught on to the fact that the episodes were offered at the CBS website. I was one of them. MY FAMILY IS NOT COUNTED IN THE RATINGS.

$10.00 -- PAUL, Rosemount, MN -- 5/31 10:43 AM (pooled) SAVE JERICHO!

$5.00 -- Brandon, Loganville, GA -- 5/31 10:40 AM (pooled)

$40.00 -- Michael, Knoxville, TN -- 5/31 10:17 AM (pooled) If we are willing to spend this much on NUTS to save Jericho, think how much we would have been willing to spend to actually see more episodes! Do things like DVD episode sales ever cross your mind? If CBS is too myopic to produce Jericho at least release the show to another network that will. There are many cable networks out there that would die to have a 5.x Nielson show!

$5.00 -- Karen, Cartersville, GA -- 5/31 10:17 AM (pooled) Les Moonves you are "NUTS" for canceling our favorite show! We will not stop! We will continue to bombard you with NUTS, and with our e-mails, letters, faxes, and our internet campaign. WE WILL NOT SURRENDER, SIR! My teenage son & I watch JERICHO every week. We have never missed an episode. Please put our show back on your FALL 2007 Schedule! THANK YOU! Karen (age: 47, Female, Cartersville, GA, Income: above $50,000.00)

$10.00 -- Dawn, Arlington, MA -- 5/31 10:06 AM (pooled)

$10.00 -- Lynda, Denver, CO -- 5/31 9:57 AM (pooled) Please bring back your best show - JERICHO!

$20.00 -- Clint, Spring, TX -- 5/31 9:54 AM (pooled) Please renew Jericho for a 2nd season. You ratings system did not count me and my friends!

$40.00 -- michael, memphis, TN -- 5/31 9:48 AM (pooled) Michael from Memphis, Tn. I'm a physician and make 300K per year. I don't fill out nielsen surveys but I watch TV and I buy things advertised--pay attention to people like me--we're out there.

$5.00 -- Robert, MIAMI, FL -- 5/31 9:48 AM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Lesley, Andersonville, TN -- 5/31 9:43 AM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Frederick, Shelby, OH -- 5/31 9:37 AM (pooled) Frederick Age: 23 Location: Shelby, OH Occupation: Faithful Jericho Watcher

$10.00 -- Robin, Key Largo, FL -- 5/31 9:17 AM (pooled) NUTS TO CBS SAVE JERICHO

$10.00 -- Shawn, Bolingbrook, IL -- 5/31 9:13 AM (pooled)

$10.00 -- Pamela, Newnan, GA -- 5/31 9:09 AM (pooled) I loved Jerico and wish that you would not leave us wondering what happened to all of the characters and the town.

$20.00 -- Patricia, Houston, TX -- 5/31 9:07 AM (pooled)

$10.00 -- Nancy, Saint John, AA -- 5/31 8:54 AM (pooled) Nina, You know what these are for. Bring back our show!!!

$5.00 -- Shawn, Tavares, FL -- 5/31 8:52 AM (pooled)

$10.00 -- Morgan, Fort Monroe, VA -- 5/31 8:45 AM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Michael, Auburn, IN -- 5/31 8:27 AM (pooled) Bring back Jericho!

$5.00 -- Jason, Keller, TX -- 5/31 8:19 AM (pooled) Bring back Jericho

$40.00 -- Andrew, Toronto, ON -- 5/31 8:17 AM (pooled) A Passionate Jericho viewer who did watch the entire series and have been a lifelong CBS supporter (45+ years) hopes you will reconsider your decision and find a way to bring back Jericho. I know with creative effort, it can be done in a way that will remain profitable for CBS. Perhaps some thinking outside the box.

$10.00 -- Karen, Annville, PA -- 5/31 8:12 AM (pooled) I am a fan of Jericho. I am female, 42 years old from PA

$15.00 -- Nicole, Knoxville, TN -- 5/31 8:08 AM (pooled) SAVE JERICHO!!! Go Jake Go!

$5.00 -- John, Clark, NJ -- 5/31 7:58 AM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Trent, Deerfield Beach, FL -- 5/31 7:48 AM (pooled)

$20.00 -- Wayne, Bentleyville, PA -- 5/31 7:46 AM (pooled) Nuts to CBS! Bring Back Jericho!

$20.00 -- James, Mentor on the Lake, OH -- 5/31 7:37 AM (pooled) 31/M/Cleveland - You've got your publicity - now bring Jericho back.

$5.00 -- Vera, Linden, NJ -- 5/31 7:34 AM (pooled) I am a 26 year old girl from Norway. I work as a TV-editor and have high standards in what I watch in my spare time. But "Jericho" is a very bold and special show. I watch it from Norway on the channel "Zebra" with reruns on "TV2". Please bring it back. The World needs this amazing show!

$20.00 -- Daniel, Linden, NJ -- 5/31 6:55 AM (pooled)

$20.00 -- Dalia, Munich, Germany, NJ -- 5/31 4:17 AM (pooled) Dating white female - 27 years old. Save Jericho. Best rated show up against American Idol. Ratings where not the cause of cancellation. At least be honest and let us know why it was cancelled. ENJOY THE NUTS!

$25.00 -- Thomas, Seattle, WA -- 5/31 4:04 AM (pooled) Please bring back jericho. This first of many nuts shipments. Demographic: Microsoft Employee, 150k, Male, 29, Seattle - WA.

$60.00 -- Frances, Brooklyn, NY -- 5/31 3:46 AM (pooled) C'mon. Do we really mean nothing to you? Is it always about the bottom line? Are you so obtuse that you don't realize the fan base is online???? WAKE UP!!! YOU are NUTS to cancel this show. Is this really worth losing ALL OF US? You know we will hold it against your future shows don't you?? Bring back the show, and you will let everyone know that the people who watch television actually have a say in what you air. Wouldn't that be not only groundbreaking but really really smart? Nina, do it. By bringing back the show, EVERYONE will tune in! This is a great Opportunity!!! If you don't, well I hope someone else on a different network has the clarity and reason to see what is going on here. Do the right thing SAVE JERICHO NINA!!!!!

$5.00 -- Scott, Buffalo Grove, IL -- 5/31 2:47 AM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Nadia, Linden, NJ -- 5/31 2:42 AM (pooled)

$10.00 -- Glenda, Houston, TX -- 5/31 2:23 AM (pooled) Please restore Jericho to the CBS lineup. Thanks, Glenda Shannon

$150.00 -- Joe, Studio City, CA -- 5/31 1:18 AM (pooled)

$10.00 -- Charles, New London, CT -- 5/31 1:09 AM (pooled) Please bring back Jericho. I am 26, middle income, male from New London, CT.

$100.00 -- jeff, highland, IN -- 5/31 1:03 AM (pooled) Please bring our beloved Jericho back. It means so much to me/us. Thank you for reading this. Jeff indiana 29

$10.00 -- Jennifer, Cedar Hills, UT -- 5/31 12:59 AM (pooled) Please answer the Jericho us that CBS Cares as they claim. Make a decision!!!

$5.00 -- Dennis, Fremont, CA -- 5/31 12:56 AM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Cathy, Pleasant View, TN -- 5/31 12:39 AM (pooled) Your CRAZY!!! I love this show. So does all of my friends. PLEASE do not cancel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cathy Nashville, TN

$35.00 -- Lynn, Rapid City, SD -- 5/31 12:39 AM (pooled) Jericho is one of the best series I have ever watched! Please rethink your decision to cancel the next season. This is a thought provoking and thrilling program worthy of further development! Please continue this program! I am a 60 year old female literacy teacher from the midwest who enjoys one night of TV a week and would really like to be able to see how you develop the story line.You are NUTS to even THINK about cancelling! Please bring Jericho back!!!!!

$20.00 -- JAMES, BOSTON, MA -- 5/31 12:38 AM (pooled)

$1.99 -- Beverly, Senatobia, MS -- 5/31 12:37 AM (individual) To the folks at CBS-are you "NUTS"? You have taken away one of the few reasons myself and a lot of others have for watching network tv. It's bad decisions like this one that are forcing many people to cable (non-network) tv. With all the uproar over the cancellation of Jericho, you must realize what a mistake this decision was. All the nuts, letters, packages emails etc. that you have recieved are from people who did watch, and will continue to watch Jericho when you bring it back for season two. With all the publicity the show has gotten, think what a fan base it will have when it returns. So please come to your senses, folks and make a LOT of CBS viewers very happy by bringing Jericho back for season two. You will be glad that you did!!! Thank you for your time Scott

$10.00 -- Shanna, Albuquerque, NM -- 5/31 12:35 AM (pooled) Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeese save Jericho!!! 23 yrs old, Graduate student, female, New Mexico


$10.00 -- Jason, port saint lucie, FL -- 5/31 12:29 AM (pooled) 29/m 30,000 a year Port st lucie Florida You continue to underestimate the demographic you're going after by cancelling a show like jericho. CBS has been out of touch with the mainstream for awhile now and I thought that was changing with shows like Jericho. Obviously, I was wrong as it seems to be the same old CBS with out of touch fossils running the show. SAVE JERICHO!!! Jason

$25.00 -- leigh, fredericksburg, VA -- 5/31 12:26 AM (pooled) Please revive Jericho! It deserves to be given a chance...unlike the first time around.

$10.00 -- James, Stewart, MN -- 5/31 12:25 AM (pooled) Please bring back Jericho!

$15.00 -- Jane, London, AE -- 5/31 12:19 AM (pooled) More nuts to you, CBS! This is the second load from little ol' me... and they're gonna carry on coming, til you guys stop burying your heads in the sand and listen to the fans. Bring back Jericho!

$5.00 -- Kristina, Olympia, WA -- 5/31 12:06 AM (pooled)

$20.00 -- Aaron, Atwater, OH -- 5/31 12:03 AM (pooled) Put Jericho back on the air!

$35.00 -- Jeremy, Columbus, GA -- 5/30 11:59 PM (pooled) No CBS until Jericho has a second season...Nuts!!!

$10.00 -- Chris, Gig Harbor, WA -- 5/30 11:58 PM (pooled) 30,000lbs... What do you do with all of those? I hope you have loads of water, my mouth is dry all ready. I and all of my friends (mid 20's) watch and enjoy this show very much. Also, the cult video game hit Fallout (being remade by fans have a tenancy to go nuts for Jericho as well... There is a BIIIG market there otherwise, zenimax would not be so interested. BRING IT BACK!

$5.00 -- Vanessa, Hornsby, NSW -- 5/30 11:47 PM (pooled) Best show I've seen in a long time, and one that shows huge promise for your network (or did, at any rate). The acting, writing and directing were all superb, and will be sorely missed.

$15.00 -- Susan, Cohasset, MA -- 5/30 11:43 PM (pooled) Please renew Jericho. Susan, Boston

$20.00 -- Amy, Van Nuys, CA -- 5/30 11:42 PM (pooled) Please put Jericho back on for a second season. I am a 37 year old female. I am a teacher and I live in California.

$5.00 -- Deborah, Wheeling, WV -- 5/30 11:28 PM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Ralph, Harrisburg, OR -- 5/30 11:26 PM (pooled) Please save Jericho!!!!!!!

$10.00 -- Charles, Centennial, CO -- 5/30 11:16 PM (pooled) Nina, Please reconsider the cancellation of Jericho. The future of CBS may depend on it. Really!!! Chuck

$20.00 -- Audrey, Gresham, OR -- 5/30 10:53 PM (pooled) Ms Tassler, Jericho fans will never give up. Please consider putting Jericho back on as mid season replacement if a full season is not possible at this time. Think of the ratings this show will pull now! We will never give up the fight, Jericho was the best show on tv and we won't rest until it's back!

$5.00 -- Brittany, Lompoc, CA -- 5/30 10:43 PM (pooled) Along with these nuts is my plea to please pickup Jericho for a second season.I will hold out for a mid season replacement if need be. Jericho is the best show I have watched in years. CBS will no longer be watched in my home, until Jericho is returned for a second season.

$30.00 -- Melissa, Charlotte, NC -- 5/30 10:38 PM (pooled)

$10.00 -- Chris, Raleigh, NC -- 5/30 10:34 PM (pooled) 22, Male, North Carolina. NUTS!!!! Please Renew Jericho, I would love to have a 2nd season

$20.00 -- Justin, Lakeland, FL -- 5/30 10:27 PM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Drew, Bloomington, IN -- 5/30 10:27 PM (pooled) Jericho is the only TV series I go out of my way to watch as it airs (rather than TIVO'ing it). I think this is a wonderful show with real character development and meaningful stories. I will continue to watch it and the advs which sponser it if you renew this great show for a second year. With much thanks, Drew Bloomington, IN

$10.00 -- Pamela, Louisville, KY -- 5/30 10:25 PM (pooled)

$20.00 -- Yvonne, Linden, NJ -- 5/30 10:25 PM (pooled) Save quality television. Save "Jericho". CBS "NUTS!!!"

$10.00 -- Mychal, St. Louis Park, MN -- 5/30 10:21 PM (pooled) NUTS to You CBS. Bring back Jericho. Mike, Attorney Ranger, MPLS, 28.

$5.00 -- Michael, Boise, ID -- 5/30 10:19 PM (pooled) Demographic info: Age: 30, Income: 80K, Gender: Male, Location: Boise, Idaho. I normally don't care about this type of thing but I really want Jericho back.

$10.00 -- Doug, Denver, CO -- 5/30 10:07 PM (pooled) So here's a smart drama and you cancel it. Nuts to your reality shows. Nuts to you.

$10.00 -- William, Clayton, NC -- 5/30 10:07 PM (pooled)

$10.00 -- j, halesworth, OH -- 5/30 10:06 PM (pooled) Nuts from the UK!

$60.00 -- Kay, Surprise, AZ -- 5/30 10:02 PM (pooled) NUTS TO CBS, NINA! BRING BACK OUR JERICHO.

$15.00 -- Doreen, Livonia, MI -- 5/30 9:59 PM (pooled) Please don't leave us hanging! We want to find out what happens to the characters we've grown to love! 41/female, Michigan, $80,000

$10.00 -- William, Lexington, NC, NC -- 5/30 9:58 PM (pooled) Dear CBS, Please give "Jericho" another season. Shows like this take time to build a fan base. You wouldn't want to look like Fox with "Firefly", would you? Thanks.

$25.00 -- Sylvia, Edmonds, WA -- 5/30 9:53 PM (pooled) Please thoughtfully reconsider the cancellation of this television series. We never miss it and do watch the commercials and buy their products! We are retired Boomers with lots of $$ to spend.

$5.00 -- John, Andrews, TX -- 5/30 9:52 PM (pooled)

$230.00 -- Margaret, Austin, TX -- 5/30 9:51 PM (pooled) NUTS to CBS if you don't save Jericho and great TV shows across the board!!

$10.00 -- Logan, Durham, ME -- 5/30 9:49 PM (pooled) We are the devoted fans of Jericho and we say NUTS! PLEASE Bring Jericho Back!

$5.00 -- Charles, Laurel, MD -- 5/30 9:49 PM (pooled) Please bring back Jericho!

$10.00 -- Leslee, Jonestown, PA -- 5/30 9:49 PM (pooled) Hey Nina.....Please bring back Jericho! You do have a huge fan base for Jericho....Save Jericho! No Jericho....No CBS!

$5.00 -- Charles, Laurel, MD -- 5/30 9:47 PM (pooled) Please bring back Jericho!

$15.00 -- Erika, Brooklyn, NY -- 5/30 9:46 PM (pooled) Oh Ms. Tassler! The nuts will keep on coming! Please appease us!

$40.00 -- Sheila, Boise, ID -- 5/30 9:32 PM (pooled)

$10.00 -- Yvonne, Norfolk, VA -- 5/30 9:30 PM (pooled)

$30.00 -- Kevin, Las Vegas, NV -- 5/30 9:28 PM (pooled)

$15.00 -- joseph, argyle, TX -- 5/30 9:27 PM (pooled) from jericho with love

$10.00 -- SuzanaLee, Ambridge, PA -- 5/30 9:26 PM (pooled) We are a family in Pittsburgh PA 40/f - 39/M -14/f -13-f 10/m please bring back Jericho

$10.00 -- Susan, Dillon, CO -- 5/30 9:24 PM (pooled) Do the right thing, Nina. Don't waste all the investment in Jericho, the media buzz, the guaranteed audience. RENEW OUR SHOW! NUTS, CBS! Joe and Susan, Colorado

$15.00 -- Darlene, East Syracuse, NY -- 5/30 9:21 PM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Jonathan, West Chester, OH -- 5/30 9:16 PM (pooled) Please bring back Jericho. It's the best show CBS has come out with in a long time.

$20.00 -- Edward, Stuart, FL -- 5/30 9:16 PM (pooled) Thank you for giving us Jericho. NUTS! to you for taking it away. Finally, a show worth watching... intelligent writing, compelling stories, and an unrivled plot. But who would want to watch that when there are countless reality shows and sitcoms with the same old plots? Jericho is the only show that I go out of my way to watch. I counted down the days to Wednesdays, anxiously awaiting the next episode. There's no chance I'll watch the garbage that's in the same time slot this fall. Jericho fans don't want to know how the Jericho story would have ended. We want to witness it. We want to be a part of it. I am a 34 year old male, college educated, with a household income over $100k. You had my attention, but you are about to lose it. Bring back Jericho, and you bring back me...and millions like me. Follow through with the cancellation it, and lose us. Please, bring back Jericho!

$10.00 -- Travis, Gig Harbor, WA -- 5/30 9:13 PM (pooled) Save Jericho!!! I'm a 32 year old professional. Every other 30-something I know watched Jericho. We are your key demographic. Renew it and They Will Come!!!

$15.00 -- Deborah, Memphis, TN -- 5/30 9:07 PM (pooled) CBS, now that you're on top, plz don't forget how you got there! Fans like us are what's pushed you to the top of the ratings. Shows like Jericho have made it easy to select CBS over NBC and ABC. Don't make us regret our allegance; BRING BACK JERICHO!!

$5.00 -- Tammy, Glen Arm, MD -- 5/30 9:04 PM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Michelle, Bradford, PA -- 5/30 9:04 PM (pooled)

$30.00 -- Pamela, Forty Fort, PA -- 5/30 8:58 PM (pooled)

$40.00 -- Jacqueline, Random Lake, WI -- 5/30 8:56 PM (pooled)

$20.00 -- Lauren, Downingtown, PA -- 5/30 8:52 PM (pooled)

$20.00 -- K., Du Bois, PA -- 5/30 8:48 PM (pooled) We're Soooooo not giving up...

$10.00 -- Christopher, Emmaus, PA -- 5/30 8:47 PM (pooled)

$20.00 -- Brian, Humble, TX -- 5/30 8:44 PM (pooled) "SAVE JERICHO" From Houston, TX

$10.00 -- Jason, Pompano Beach, FL -- 5/30 8:44 PM (pooled) SAVE JERICHO!!!!!!!!!!!

$10.00 -- Therese, hull, MA -- 5/30 8:41 PM (pooled) BRING BACK JERICHO RIP MUPPET

$80.00 -- Greg, Plymouth, MN -- 5/30 8:40 PM (pooled) -. ..- - ...

$15.00 -- Diana, Tarzana, CA -- 5/30 8:35 PM (pooled) SAVE JERICHO!!!!

$15.00 -- Florenda, Kansas City, MO -- 5/30 8:32 PM (pooled) Please consider bringing back Jericho! It is quality programming and deserves a second chance to find its place in a fair time slot. The fans of Jericho will be there to watch and will work hard to assure the best ratings to date!

$25.00 -- Charles, Hackettstown, NJ -- 5/30 8:29 PM (pooled) Take CBS into the 21st century. Say NUTS to the outdated Nielsens and renew Jericho. Partner with the movement in promoting the show and it will become one of the most profitable ever for CBS. CBS has a rare opportunity to be ahead of the curve and to make industry history while making tons of money. Lead the broadcast industry into the digital age and renew Jericho. 42 M/ NJ/ $ 130 K household income.

$15.00 -- Delana, Highlands Ranch, CO -- 5/30 8:28 PM (pooled)

$10.00 -- Cynthia, Jasper, GA -- 5/30 8:26 PM (pooled) Hello Mr. Kahl, Please enjoy these delicious nuts from a loyal JERICHO fan in Georgia. All I ask is that you please bring back Jericho for another season! Thank you and have a nice day!

$100.00 -- Joanna, Shorewood, MN -- 5/30 8:26 PM (pooled) I am a 33 year old married mom of 3. I live in Minneapolis MN. I am also a committed Jericho fan!

$5.00 -- jennifer, virginia beach, VA -- 5/30 8:22 PM (pooled) Season 2 will only do! Jenn 35, VA

$15.00 -- Sean, Bethesda, MD -- 5/30 8:22 PM (pooled)

$5.00 -- jennifer, virginia beach, VA -- 5/30 8:20 PM (pooled) Season 2 will only do! Jenn 35, VA

$10.00 -- Danny, Tampa, FL -- 5/30 8:20 PM (pooled) Thanks for ruining my every wed jericho friends gathering. All 5 of us are not watching anything cbs any longer. your nuts

$20.00 -- John, Fort Lauderdale, FL -- 5/30 8:13 PM (pooled) CBS - Send some of these Nuts to Greensburg. Also, when 8:00pm came (Jericho should be on) I turned OFF my tv. Nuts to you. Bring it back.

$10.00 -- Jennifer, North Ridgeville, OH -- 5/30 8:10 PM (pooled) I am 35 years old. A College Educated Female who wants a Second Season of Jericho! I use a DVR To RECORD Jericho. My Neilson Rating was Never Counted! Please donate these nuts to your local zoo or shelter. Thank You, Jennifer

$10.00 -- shawn, cleveland, TN -- 5/30 8:08 PM (pooled) Please please please save jeicho it's better than NCIS or Criminal Minds or the Unit maybe if they called it CSI Jeicho it would help save it

$10.00 -- Judy, Aurora, IL -- 5/30 8:07 PM (pooled) NUTS to CBS for cancelling Jericho! I am a 52 y/o female from Aurora, IL. Jericho and THIS IS A GREAT SHOW! PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE give us our second season! We will NOT go quietly into the night!

$15.00 -- Dana, Los Angeles, CA -- 5/30 8:03 PM (pooled) SAVE JERICHO!!!!! This show is COMPELLING storytelling. Such a RARE thing on the TV these days. We're sick & tired of the DUMBING down of our society. Reality TV is the bane of our existence. How dare you spoon feed us that crap! Give JERICHO the SUPPORT it deserves! Dana Los Angeles, CA

$10.00 -- Shane, Virginia Beach, VA -- 5/30 8:03 PM (pooled)

$20.00 -- Patricia, La Harpe, IL -- 5/30 8:02 PM (pooled) Do the right thing, CBS - give Jericho back to us for another season!

$20.00 -- Tracey, Kiln, MS -- 5/30 7:59 PM (pooled)

$25.00 -- Larissa, Eden Prairie, MN -- 5/30 7:59 PM (pooled) Who dropped the bomb? CBS did. We're not stopping until you give us Season 2. Believe me, there's a lot more nuts where these came from!

$5.00 -- Jennifer, Wichita, KS -- 5/30 7:43 PM (pooled) I am a 30 year old female in Kansas that never watched Jericho live because of my young kiddo being up and around, but I DVR'd every episode and watched sometimes on the Innertube. PLEASE reconsider the Jericho cancellation and take into consideration the TRUE fan numbers, not just what was reported by Neilsen!

$100.00 -- Mori, Wintersville, OH -- 5/30 7:43 PM (pooled)

$80.00 -- Raul, Orange Park, FL -- 5/30 7:35 PM (pooled) Hi Nina, Les, and Kelly, If a full season of Jericho longer practical for this fall on CBS, my family requests that you please renew Jericho as a mid-season replacement. We don't simply want closure or cancellation. We'd appreciate it if CBS continued to air Jericho. Thanks for starting us all down the Jericho path. CBS was right for bringing us Jericho in the first place and we hope that CBS will continue to produce Jericho for all the fans for many years to come. Thanks for your time and consideration. Best regards, Raul and Family

$5.00 -- Aimee, Avon Lake, OH -- 5/30 7:34 PM (pooled)

$15.00 -- Paula, Seattle, WA -- 5/30 7:34 PM (pooled) Paula 35, from Seattle: You can't cancel Jericho with a season finale like that. It's not nice. Will you start publishing 1/2s of books soon that never have an ending? Can't wait to start buying those! Please don't let it end!!

$5.00 -- Jonathan, Wake Forest, NC -- 5/30 7:32 PM (pooled) Please reconsider giving a second season to Jericho!! The ratings will be MUCH higher if you give it another season, due to all this free publicity. Also, Leslie Moonves' comments made on his recent 5/30 interview (regarding Jericho) are outrageously upsetting. If you could pass that along, I would appreciate it!!

$20.00 -- Gale, Peoria, AZ -- 5/30 7:23 PM (pooled) CBS: You are NUTS to cancel this loved show. Bring it back.


$15.00 -- Jennifer, Folsom, CA -- 5/30 7:18 PM (pooled) Dear Nina, Please reconsider and bring Jericho back. Jennifer Folsom, Ca

$5.00 -- Stephen, Tucson, AZ -- 5/30 7:10 PM (pooled) Jericho Season 2!! WHERE IS IT

$10.00 -- Adam, Houston, TX -- 5/30 7:06 PM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Terry, Lakewood, CO -- 5/30 7:03 PM (pooled) Nuts to CBS -- Bring Back Jericho! Please give me my Wednesday night back -- from an adult woman in Denver, Colorado.

$100.00 -- Judith, Tiburon, CA -- 5/30 7:01 PM (pooled)

$10.00 -- Paul, Albuquerque, NM -- 5/30 6:59 PM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Cindy, Topeka, KS -- 5/30 6:53 PM (pooled) I just wanted to say you would be "nuts" to cancel just a good show. Let another network pick it up, we don't want just another couple of shows. You know how hard it is to get a show people like, and face it, the CSI's is about all you have. Nuts to You!!!

$10.00 -- Elisabeth, Kent, OH -- 5/30 6:47 PM (pooled) Dear Mr. Kahl, Please reconsider and bring "Jericho" back for a second season. The fans, your customers, aren't asking for much: just continuation of a quality show. Thank you.

$20.00 -- Lynn, Tucker, GA -- 5/30 6:45 PM (pooled) Dear Ms. Tassler, I am a 41 year-old college educated single mother of a teenage son. We enjoyed spending time together watching Jericho and couldn't wait for the next week's episode. We did not watch it at 8:00 pm Wednesday nights. We recorded it on our DVR and watched it after my son finished his homework. Please respect your viewers and bring back Jericho. Your stats are erroneous, as I'm sure you have realized by now. Assuming that 2/3rd's of your viewers boycott CBS if Jericho is not renewed, that would mean CBS loses 10 million viewers, forever! Or you can keep this huge fan base (isn't that what networks are always searching for?) and feel the love! In general, we are a group of educated, affluent, good-natured people who just want the fair and reasonable thing to be done - renew Jericho! Thank you for your time, Lynn

$100.00 -- Kenneth, East Stroudsburg, PA -- 5/30 6:41 PM (pooled) Hi. I'm an upper middle-class 45 year old male from northeast PA and think you are making a hugh mistake! Save Jericho!

$20.00 -- Daniel, Davidsonville, MD -- 5/30 6:38 PM (pooled) Hello, my name is Dan and I am a 20 year old white male college student in Maryland. I really only watch about 3 or 4 TV shows regularly. Last season, "Jericho" was the only show on CBS that made my list. Please bring back this excellent show, which in my opinion was the best thing going for your network, as well as one of my favorite television shows of all time. If it's not there this fall... I guess I won't be watching CBS at all then, will I?

$10.00 -- James, Troy, OH -- 5/30 6:23 PM (pooled) Do you realize how many shows in the past (including ones on CBS) took more than one season to catch on? Remember the first year ratings for MASH? Not so good. Yet went on to become one of the all-time greatest shows. Give Jericho a chance. It really is that good.

$10.00 -- James, Everett, WA -- 5/30 6:20 PM (pooled) Good shows are few are far between, keep Jericho !! NUTS !!

$20.00 -- Kristine, Blue Mounds, WI -- 5/30 6:19 PM (pooled) Please give Jericho one more chance!! My family really enjoyed watching together each week! Thanks!

$5.00 -- Rick, Whitehorse, CA -- 5/30 6:10 PM (pooled) I have loved every single minute of Jericho, the people, the story it has captivated me during some of the roughest times of my life. Please give Jericho a shot, give Jericho a second season and if the rateings or DVD sales dont meet up to your standards than thats fine. Jericho has touched my life more than I thought a tv show could. Enjoy the nuts

$10.00 -- Mary, Taylorville, IL -- 5/30 6:07 PM (pooled) CBS needs to listen to its fans. We want another season of Jericho. Enjoy these nuts from a 45 year old female teacher from Illinois.

$25.00 -- Ian, Hoboken, NJ -- 5/30 6:05 PM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Robert, Tucson, AZ -- 5/30 6:00 PM (pooled) Do the right thing, bring JERICHO BACK!!!!

$15.00 -- John, Orlando, FL -- 5/30 5:58 PM (pooled) Bring it back -- don't be nutz!!

$10.00 -- Kevin, Cincinnati, OH -- 5/30 5:56 PM (pooled) Nina, please keep one of the best on the air! Save Jericho!

$10.00 -- Justin, San Antonio, TX -- 5/30 5:50 PM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Joseph, Fort Worth, TX -- 5/30 5:45 PM (pooled) Nina, My 4th donation of nuts now goes to you...Oh and I bought a T-shirt in support of the cause with a $5.00 donation..How much has CBS contributed to rebuilding a small town in Kansas? BRING BACK JERICHO!

$10.00 -- Patricia, Snellville, GA -- 5/30 5:38 PM (pooled)

$10.00 -- Douglas, Brookfield, MA -- 5/30 5:31 PM (pooled) SAVE JERICHO!

$10.00 -- Jason, Frisco, TX -- 5/30 5:29 PM (pooled)

$20.00 -- Julia, Watertown, TN -- 5/30 5:28 PM (pooled) Bring back Jericho please for season 2 and beyond! No more reality shows! Jericho is a keeper!

$25.00 -- Amy, Highland, IN -- 5/30 5:27 PM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Debra, Goshen, KY -- 5/30 5:03 PM (pooled)

$20.00 -- Kathy, San Juan Capistrano, CA -- 5/30 4:58 PM (pooled) Second season of Jericho! Kathy


$5.00 -- Angelique, Foster, WV -- 5/30 4:55 PM (pooled) Ms Tassler, Please renew Jericho for a second season? If this is no longer feasable, then please renew our beloved Jericho, on CBS, as a season replacement. We will continue to voice our discontent and disappointment until Jericho is reinstated to the CBS prime time line up. Thankyou. Angelique 39 years of age, WV Stephen 40 years of age, WV

$10.00 -- Lukasz, London, -- 5/30 4:53 PM (pooled) Save Jericho!

$5.00 -- Alexis, Keller, TX -- 5/30 4:44 PM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Jaye, Oak Harbor,, WA -- 5/30 4:43 PM (pooled) Hi Nina, I hope you're enjoying all the nuts. We, the fans of Jericho urge CBS to renew it for a second season. It's the best thing on tv. Please do the right thing, listen to the fans! SAVE JERICHO!!! Thank you! J, Proud military wife, stay at home mom of two, 28yo ollege grad.

$5.00 -- roberta, tucson, AZ -- 5/30 4:35 PM (pooled) Bring back Jericho for a second season !!!!!!

$30.00 -- Gina, Naples, FL -- 5/30 4:34 PM (pooled) We are yet two other people who would like to see Jericho back on the air. Here's our proof!!!

$10.00 -- matt, garland, TX -- 5/30 4:31 PM (pooled)

$15.00 -- Andrea, Greensboro, NC -- 5/30 4:23 PM (pooled) Please bring back Jericho for another full season!

$10.00 -- Jsaon, Aledo, IL -- 5/30 4:21 PM (pooled)

$10.00 -- Diane, Vancouver, WA -- 5/30 4:15 PM (pooled) Only Season 2 Will Do Please renew Jericho!

$10.00 -- Lynda, Denver, CO -- 5/30 4:07 PM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Beverly, Cleveland, OH -- 5/30 4:04 PM (pooled) Bring back Jericho!! CBS is making a huge mistake in cancelling such a quality show. It has a great premise, great acting, and is thought provoking and family friendly!!

$10.00 -- Shirley, Duarte, CA -- 5/30 4:01 PM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Robert, Melrose, MA -- 5/30 3:59 PM (pooled)

$10.00 -- Amy, Alachua, FL -- 5/30 3:58 PM (pooled) I am a 26 year old female from Gainesville Florida. I watched Jericho online. Please reconsider cancelation of Jericho. We really want a season 2 and won't give up. It doesn't take much time to campain this way, because there are so many of us.

$40.00 -- roberta, tucson, AZ -- 5/30 3:58 PM (pooled) Dear Nina...Please bring back Jericho for a second season !!!!

$5.00 -- Gregory, Rochester, NY -- 5/30 3:57 PM (pooled) Another fan for Jericho!

$15.00 -- James, Rancho Palos Verdes, CA -- 5/30 3:55 PM (pooled) Bring back Jericho! NUTS TO CBS!

$30.00 -- John, Phoenixville, PA -- 5/30 3:55 PM (pooled) Bring Jericho Back!

$10.00 -- Andrew, South Charleston, WV -- 5/30 3:51 PM (pooled)

$15.00 -- Jeffrey, Burbank, CA -- 5/30 3:36 PM (pooled) Bring Jericho back!

$5.00 -- Alex, Columbus, OH -- 5/30 3:31 PM (pooled) Household Ages 30M & 31F - Married Couple - 100K+ Annual

$10.00 -- Chris, West Des Moines, IA -- 5/30 3:28 PM (pooled) Nina, I'm a 25 year old man who lives in Iowa. I make over $75000 a year dealing with a very hectic schedule. I made time in my schedule every Wed. to watch Jericho and I would like to continue to do so for a very long time. Please bring back this amazing show! Thank you. Chris

$10.00 -- Emily, Kansas City, MO -- 5/30 3:25 PM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Timothy, Coral Springs, FL -- 5/30 3:19 PM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Christopher, Topeka, KS -- 5/30 3:18 PM (pooled) NUTS from Kansas! Male 37, Female 38, children 5 & 7. $60K/Yr.

$5.00 -- NAZ, LINDEN, NJ -- 5/30 3:17 PM (pooled) FROM JERICHO FAN FEMALE, 31 TORONTO, CANADA

$10.00 -- Steve, McKinney, TX -- 5/30 3:11 PM (pooled) Nina, you'd be nuts not to listen to CBS viewers. If you think you can afford to lose us, then that's your gamble to make; but just may be gambling your job, too.

$50.00 -- Carolyn, New Hartford, NY -- 5/30 2:59 PM (pooled) Do the right thing CBS - RENEW JERICHO!!

$20.00 -- Carl, Strangnas, NY -- 5/30 2:57 PM (pooled) Carl Nordin from Sweden would like you to reconsider cancelling the show JERICHO, SAVE JERICHO.

$20.00 -- Cnristopher, Sturtevant, WI -- 5/30 2:56 PM (pooled) I loved Jericho. I watched every week. Nuts to you CBS. 30 year old male from Wisconsin

$10.00 -- Tiffany, Henderson, NV -- 5/30 2:53 PM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Patricia, Harrison, OH -- 5/30 2:53 PM (pooled) Please bring back Jericho!

$20.00 -- John, Glen Burnie, MD -- 5/30 2:46 PM (pooled) MWM, 41, lives near Baltimore, loves Jericho, wants Season 2 very badly. Enjoy this gift or share with others. NUTS to CBS!

$5.00 -- Wesley, Joshua, TX -- 5/30 2:46 PM (pooled)

$60.00 -- David, Churubusco, IN -- 5/30 2:46 PM (pooled) Please give us Season 2 of Jericho!! I am male, 39 years old from Churubusco, IN.

$10.00 -- John, Merrick, NY -- 5/30 2:45 PM (pooled) Name: John Bedell Costa Gedner: Male Age: 26 Education: Master's Degree: (MPA) ----------------------------- Dear CBS: For once in your blind lives make a SMART programming decesion: BRING BACK JERICHO or else N-U-T-S to your network, your shows and your advertisers! Sincerely, John Merrick, NY USA

$10.00 -- Mary, Muncie, IN -- 5/30 2:44 PM (pooled) We love Jericho!

$10.00 -- NAZ, LINDEN, NJ -- 5/30 2:43 PM (pooled)

$10.00 -- Christina, Florence, SC -- 5/30 2:40 PM (pooled) Jericho is a great and refreshing show. Please renew for a 2nd season. A wrap up show is not acceptable,unless you like nuts. Enjoy. The Hill Family Florence, SC

$10.00 -- steph, warrington, PA -- 5/30 2:32 PM (pooled) Bring back Jericho!!!!!!!!!

$20.00 -- Mike, South Riding, VA -- 5/30 2:32 PM (pooled) 35 year old husband and father of 2, all who were avid fans of the show and whose yearly family income is in the six figures. No Jericho? if that's so no way I'm buying thing one from your advertisers in fact I will try and avoid thier products as much as I am able.

$15.00 -- Karen, Linden, NJ -- 5/30 2:26 PM (pooled) if you are America's Number One Network, you have a responsibility to listen to the viewers and respond to us accordingly - please bring back Jericho. Signed Respectfully, Karen in Toronto (Canada)

$40.00 -- Robyn, Alamogordo, NM -- 5/30 2:26 PM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Justin, West Chester, PA -- 5/30 2:24 PM (pooled) Ms. Tassler, Jericho is a show worth saving! If its marketed well you could still bring it back as a mid-season replacement next year. If not, please seriously consider selling the rights to another network. It could be a profitable venture for both parties. If this campaign has done anything, hopefully it has shown you guys how much dedication this show has. Save Jericho! -Justin West Chester, PA

$100.00 -- Ted, Creve Coeur, IL -- 5/30 2:23 PM (pooled)

$10.00 -- Jason, Faucett, MO -- 5/30 2:21 PM (pooled) CBS, Your Nuts for cancelling Jericho. Please bring it back for a second season.

$10.00 -- Thomas, Boston, MA -- 5/30 2:18 PM (pooled) If Jericho does not return my watching of CBS - all of CBS will cease. I am not kidding. I'm tired of this contempt of viewers.

$15.00 -- Robert, Sand Springs, OK -- 5/30 2:17 PM (pooled) NUTS to CBS! Save Jericho! All our Love, the Jericho "Green" Berets. Sand Springs, OK

$5.00 -- Robert, Little Rock, AR -- 5/30 2:14 PM (pooled) Give us back our show! Enough reality crap, bring back Jericho!

$15.00 -- Dawn, Kennesaw, GA -- 5/30 2:12 PM (pooled)

$25.00 -- Dustin, Rancho Cucamonga, CA -- 5/30 2:09 PM (pooled) Nina Tassler, Put Jericho back on. Stop being a complete sell out. Holy Requiem

$10.00 -- Teresa, NEW CASTLE, DE -- 5/30 2:03 PM (pooled) Okay CBS...Bring Jericho Back. SEASON TWO ~ Teresa ~ Delaware

$10.00 -- Robert, Yonkers, NY -- 5/30 1:50 PM (pooled) I can't believe you cancelled the best new show on TV for '06/'07. Please bring it back - or, at least end it with a series finale.

$15.00 -- Janeane, Indianapolis, IN -- 5/30 1:48 PM (pooled)

$10.00 -- Sarah, Middleburg Heights, OH -- 5/30 1:45 PM (pooled)

$5.00 -- PATRICIA, SANFORD, FL -- 5/30 1:43 PM (pooled) Patty 39 year old mother of two Masters Level Counselor Orlando Florida Your ratings system missed me! NUTS!!!

$10.00 -- Sarah, Linden, NJ -- 5/30 1:42 PM (pooled) Don't worry, Nina, we haven't forgotten about all of you out in LA. And to prove it, here's an order of nuts from a 27-year-old female Canadian. Long live Jericho!

$60.00 -- Subrina, Glendale, NY -- 5/30 1:41 PM (pooled) Renew JERICHO!!

$5.00 -- VIET, HOUSTON, TX -- 5/30 1:35 PM (pooled) This is one of my favorite shows. Please bring it back!

$5.00 -- Christopher, Eden Prairie, MN -- 5/30 1:35 PM (pooled) Thanks for cancelling the best show on TV last year. 55 yo male, 100k +, Minnesota

$10.00 -- John, Chantilly, VA -- 5/30 1:29 PM (pooled)

$40.00 -- John, Corona, CA -- 5/30 1:21 PM (pooled) JERICHO RULES!!

$5.00 -- Steven, Auburn, NY -- 5/30 1:20 PM (pooled)

$15.00 -- Roberta, Upper Darby, PA -- 5/30 1:19 PM (pooled)

$5.00 -- David, Dayton, MN -- 5/30 1:19 PM (pooled) Save Jericho!!! Bring it back midseason! Age 42, income $100,000k, Male, Mpls, MN.... also a 33 y.o. female, 16 y.o. boy, 14 y.o. boy and 12 y.o. girl watch the show

$10.00 -- Joshua, Hoffman Estates, IL -- 5/30 1:16 PM (pooled)

$10.00 -- Rhedda, Colbert, OK -- 5/30 1:08 PM (pooled) Jericho is a wonderful series, that inspires so many people to make it through everyday life challenges. Heck if Jericho can do it we can. Please CBS don't make a mistake, admit you messed up and fix it. I am a 34 year old female and my boyfriend is 40 and a fan as well, so we meet your desired demographics and are HUGE fans.

$25.00 -- Laura, Taos, NM -- 5/30 1:03 PM (pooled)

$10.00 -- Cindy, Monroe, LA -- 5/30 12:55 PM (pooled) Come to your senses - BRING BACK "JERICHO"!!!!

$5.00 -- Gordon, East Hampton, NY -- 5/30 12:55 PM (pooled) Please renew Jericho!!!!! It is great show. Give it another chance.

$15.00 -- Peter, Chicago, IL -- 5/30 12:49 PM (pooled) Finish what you started or NUTS to CBS. Peter

$5.00 -- Jonathan, Portland, CT -- 5/30 12:46 PM (pooled) Jericho was the best new show of the season last year. Please give it a chance. At least close up all the open plot lines. This was an insult to your fans to end it like it was.

$10.00 -- rob, ault, CO -- 5/30 12:46 PM (pooled) Please rethink the cancellation of Jericho. I think the Nielson family method of Ratings and rankings is flawed. 41 yrs old Male Colorado 52K/yr

$5.00 -- Stacey, Glen Burnie, MD -- 5/30 12:45 PM (pooled) Please bring Jericho back as a mid-season replacement!! Be the network that truly cares!!

$5.00 -- Doug, Cotati, CA -- 5/30 12:44 PM (pooled)

$10.00 -- Matthew, Haskell, NJ -- 5/30 12:43 PM (pooled) In these troublesome times we live in , Jericho gave people hope that even if something terrible happens, we will survive. Do not take that hope away. I believe I speak for all Jericho fans when I say it is a huge mistake to take the best new show on TV and cancel it. I am a 24 year old male with a college degree and a job, and find that intelligent and innovative shows like Jericho only come along once in a very long time. If you do not have the courage to bring Jericho back as you should, then at least put it on one of your other networks, or sell it to another network who actually cares about its viewers. I personally will never watch another show on CBS having the knowledge that I could watch a whole season of something and then you could just dump on us and cancel it. SAVE JERICHO!! NUTS to CBS!!

$10.00 -- Timothy, Coral Springs, FL -- 5/30 12:43 PM (pooled) Still Heeeeeere! Got nuts??

$25.00 -- Eric, Manhattan, KS -- 5/30 12:42 PM (pooled) Enjoy the nuts. Please bring Jericho back. It was a good show and did not deserve cancellation. I do not want a wrap up or closure. I want a second season.

$5.00 -- Daniel, Saint Paul, MN -- 5/30 12:41 PM (pooled) This is my second contribution, this time for the LA nuts. I've spent over $60 downloading HD episodes of Jericho via Xbox Live Video Marketplace. When my 360 crashed, a big reason I paid Microsoft $140 to fix my console was so I could see the final 3 episodes of Jericho. And now you're taking it away? I'm 25 and make a whopping 20K/year. So yeah, I'm pretty invested in this show.

$100.00 -- Linda, boston, MA -- 5/30 12:40 PM (pooled) NUTS TO YOU!!! BRING JERICHO BACK!!!! LINDA LENOIR, BOSTON, MA AGE-42

$5.00 -- Brad, Louisville, KY -- 5/30 12:39 PM (pooled) BRING BACK JERICHO! The ratings dropped because of YOUR decision to take a winter break. People like watching new episodes each week and when you throw re-runs in, you alienate your loyal viewers. Jericho is the BEST SHOW ON TV. Why would we spend our money on peanuts if we weren't going to watch?

$5.00 -- Russell, Indianapolis, IN -- 5/30 12:38 PM (pooled)

$10.00 -- Brandi, Sioux Falls, SD -- 5/30 12:37 PM (pooled) Jericho is a great show! The story lines held the interest of both my husband and I. We are from SD and in our 20's, the all important 18-49 range. When we were unable to watch on the tv, we would download the show from iTunes or watch online at CBS. Only season 2 will do!

$15.00 -- Amy, Linden, NJ -- 5/30 12:36 PM (pooled) Please Bring back Jericho. I love this show! Nuts to you CBS you've made a mistake! Its not too late to bring back Jericho.

$30.00 -- Lisa, Overland Park, KS -- 5/30 12:30 PM (pooled) NOTHING LESS THAN SEASON 2 WILL DO! JANUARY 2008 IS AWESOME! DEMOGRAPHICS 16 PEOPLE AGES 66-13, 12 OF WHICH FALL INTO 18-49!!! NUTS TO YOU NINA/CBS!!!

$5.00 -- Steven, New Providence, NJ -- 5/30 12:29 PM (pooled) Please bring back Jericho. It is a great show that deserves more time to tell its compelling story. I am 32, $100K male who lives in NJ.

$10.00 -- Matthew, Haskell, NJ -- 5/30 12:29 PM (pooled) In these troublesome times we live in , Jericho gave people hope that even if something terrible happens, we will survive. Do not take that hope away. I believe I speak for all Jericho fans when I say it is a huge mistake to take the best new show on TV and cancel it. I am a 24 year old male with a college degree and a job, and find that intelligent and innovative shows like Jericho only come along once in a very long time. If you do not have the courage to bring Jericho back as you should, then at least put it on one of your other networks, or sell it to another network who actually cares about its viewers. I personally will never watch another show on CBS having the knowledge that I could watch a whole season of something and then you could just dump on us and cancel it. SAVE JERICHO!! NUTS to CBS!!

$15.00 -- Gerald, Mead, WA -- 5/30 12:26 PM (pooled)

$20.00 -- Rob, Lansdale, PA -- 5/30 12:24 PM (pooled) Ms. Tassler - Please enjoy the nuts and please consider bringing back Jericho for a second season.

$20.00 -- Yvonne, Havre de Grace, MD -- 5/30 12:23 PM (pooled) Please save Jericho! I am a 49 year old woman from Maryland and I love the show. I'm a HR professional with a college degree. Please do not cancel Jericho.

$50.00 -- Jason, Chester, MA -- 5/30 12:20 PM (pooled) NUTS

$15.00 -- Sharon, Long Beach, CA -- 5/30 12:17 PM (pooled) Please renew Jericho. We've got the momementum. This TV show could be huge with the right promotion. Sharon Long Beach CA

$15.00 -- Lillian, Maple Glen, PA -- 5/30 12:08 PM (pooled) BRING BACK JERICHO IT'S THE BEST SHOW YOU HAVE ON T.V.

$40.00 -- Barney, braintree, MA -- 5/30 12:07 PM (pooled) I will send an attachment via email

$10.00 -- Christian, Albuquerque, NM -- 5/30 12:06 PM (pooled)

$15.00 -- Justin, South Jordan, UT -- 5/30 11:58 AM (pooled)

$10.00 -- Gene, MOUNTAIN HOME, NC -- 5/30 11:54 AM (pooled)

$35.00 -- Denise, Quincy, MA -- 5/30 11:50 AM (pooled)

$10.00 -- Erin, Savage, MN -- 5/30 11:48 AM (pooled) We, the Jericho fans, respectfully request that you bring back Jericho for a mid-season replacement. This unique show grabbed me from the first episode and never let go. I know millions of other fans share my views. JERICHO DESERVES A SECOND CHANCE!

$5.00 -- Randy, Schenectady, NY -- 5/30 11:39 AM (pooled)

$15.00 -- Shannon, Vienna, VA -- 5/30 11:36 AM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Jason, Keller, TX -- 5/30 11:32 AM (pooled) Bring back Jericho

$15.00 -- PATRICIA, NEW YORK, NY -- 5/30 11:30 AM (pooled) I am a female New York investment banking professional who is a great fan of Jericho. In fact, one of the few CBS series I did watch. What a shame - CBS, you blew it. Enjoy the nuts!

$5.00 -- Theodora, Louisville, KY -- 5/30 11:29 AM (pooled) To Whomever receives this delivery: I am writing this in response to the news that Jericho has been cancelled. Let me tell you a bit about me. I am in your key target audience, as I am a female, aged 35. I live in Louisville, Kentucky and I am a tax accountant for a national payroll company. I have disposable income and I support the advertisers of my favorite shows! I am who you want to watch your network! Jericho is special. As dark as it is, it celebrates the things that make America great. Our courage, our intelligence, our determination even our sense of fair play gets seen as important values for the residents of this town rebuilding their lives without help from the outside world. That doesn't happen much on network television anymore. I am not willing to give up on Jericho. If you are worried about the hiatus, perhaps you could schedule it for the spring with all the episodes playing in a a row like 24 or Lost. Thank you, Theodora Louisville, Kentucky

$120.00 -- Bridget, South Orange, NJ -- 5/30 11:28 AM (pooled) For our friends at CBS, Just a little something to chew on while you're figuring out how to announce Season Two! NUTS to CBS! SAVE JERICHO!! Bridget W. & Peter L. South Orange, NJ

$5.00 -- Bernadine, Tallahassee, FL -- 5/30 11:08 AM (pooled) I am boycoting CBS until Jericho is back. I am 57, make $90,000 per year, am female and live in Florida.

$5.00 -- Oakley, Brooklyn, NY -- 5/30 10:45 AM (pooled)

$20.00 -- Jon, Upper Marlboro, MD -- 5/30 10:39 AM (pooled) Nina, please let us know when the Season 2 premier is. :o)

$10.00 -- Brian, Aurora, IL -- 5/30 10:38 AM (pooled) NUTS!

$10.00 -- Sara, Austin, TX -- 5/30 10:33 AM (pooled)

$10.00 -- Brandon, Dallas, TX -- 5/30 10:13 AM (pooled) I am a 33 year old male from Dallas, TX. with a household income of $150,000 a year. I watch Jericho primarily online and off my DVR. My wife and I also watch several other CBS shows. Don't look like the fools NBC did for canceling Studio 60. I'm an early adopter and alpha consumer, whose opinion matters and influences others.

$40.00 -- Susan, Camden, DE -- 5/30 10:06 AM (pooled) Please resurrect Jericho. A mid-season replacement would do. Did you read the NY Times article today? Susan E Daily, 57, 70K, comcast subscriber, you tube viewer, former CBS viewer

$30.00 -- Richard, Sewell, NJ -- 5/30 10:01 AM (pooled) Nina, don't go NUTS! Save Jericho!!!

$5.00 -- Kenneth, Plantation, FL -- 5/30 10:00 AM (pooled) I have waited and waited for an answer to the Jericho cancellation. I think your blatant decision to ignore this large and passionate fan base in unfair and cruel. If Jericho is not renewed I sincerely don't think I can watch another show on your network and trust you the executives and your decisions. Sincerely, A Disappointed and Angry Fan

$5.00 -- Robyn, Centennial, CO -- 5/30 9:50 AM (pooled) Jericho was the only program I watched on CBS, now there are none. My viewing options just got a lot easier, I no longer even need consider CBS.

$5.00 -- Charles, Springdale, AR -- 5/30 9:50 AM (pooled)


$10.00 -- Renee, Hicksville, NY -- 5/30 9:38 AM (pooled) Female, mother of 2, firefighter, healthy income.Intelligent enough to recognize a program worth preserving.I hope the cancellation of Jericho haunts your career ad infinitum...viewership can no longer be measured by the lame Nielsen method.Adapt or expire.No more, will I waste my time watching network programming ,you insult our intelligence ad nauseum and fail to support those programs that have actual value ,storytelling , character development,compelling situations...honest, intriguing entertainment should be enough for you and your advertisers, if it is enough for your viewers.Bring back Jericho today!!!!!!!!

$10.00 -- Chris, Stanberry, MO -- 5/30 9:36 AM (pooled)

$10.00 -- Kenneth, Clearfield, UT -- 5/30 9:35 AM (pooled) I will boycott CBS because of their cancellation of Jericho.

$10.00 -- Shannon, Tamarac, FL -- 5/30 9:35 AM (pooled)

$10.00 -- Jared, Murfreesboro, TN -- 5/30 9:33 AM (pooled) Please save Jericho, it's the only show on CBS my wife and I watched.

$20.00 -- Carole, Somerville, MA -- 5/30 9:31 AM (pooled) Please bring back Jericho! NUTS to CBS for canceling a great show!

$10.00 -- Rebecca, Hoboken, NJ -- 5/30 9:31 AM (pooled)

$10.00 -- Tony, Alexandria, VA -- 5/30 9:25 AM (pooled) Nothing Under Two Seasons! Bring back Jericho! (Demographic: 33yr single male in one of the largest tv metro areas, BA degree, and have disposable inc. I AM YOUR TARGET AUDIENCE!)

$20.00 -- Audrey, Linden, NJ -- 5/30 9:25 AM (pooled) I am a 28 years old Canadian female, income 45 000$ +: Please bring back Jericho. This show is unique and so compelling. For once, you had a winner, something different. Great cast, great storylines. "Nuts"

$10.00 -- Thomas, Hawley, PA -- 5/30 9:22 AM (pooled) Jericho is a great show and if you keep it going I will keep watching. Demographics info - I am a 30 year old single man in Northeastern PA earning $50,000 a year.

$20.00 -- Justin, East Lansing, MI -- 5/30 9:12 AM (pooled)

$10.00 -- Frank, Garland, TX -- 5/30 9:09 AM (pooled)

$15.00 -- Theresa, Kentland, IN -- 5/30 9:06 AM (pooled) Normally, I don't watch a drama in its first season, because I become invested and the network cancels it. Instead, I wait until a drama is in its second season, watch the first season on Netflix, knowing I can begin to love the characters without getting them ripped away from me. I made an exception for Jericho--and now I'm paying the price of unfinished plots and lack of closure. Jericho has created a passionate fan base. Of that, you should be proud. Balance that moment of pride with responsibility and don't cancel dramas after one season. Eventually, everyone will realize the game you're playing and nobody will watch shows on your network until they've been on awhile.~~Married 36 yr old female with children (income $50,000) in Indiana.

$5.00 -- John, Virginia Beach, VA -- 5/30 9:04 AM (pooled) I don't know if CBS recalls a little show that in 1972 was going to be canceled. This show wound up running 11 seasons and is still seen daily around the globe. Do you remember it's name? Does M*A*S*H ring a bell?!? First Joan of Arcadia and now Jericho! What, does CBS not want QUALITY television? I am a 42 year old, middle class male from Virginia. My wife (41), daughter (16) and son (12) enjoyed the family time watching Jericho. In today's busy times, a show that actually brings the family together is one worth keeping. You almost dropped the ball in '72, don't make the same mistake in '07. Reconsider and bring back Jericho. Your motto is CBS Cares - apparently this isn't the case. Prove me (and the viewing population) wrong. Until then, CBS will be at the bottom of our already spare viewing time.

$15.00 -- Richard, Frederick, MD -- 5/30 8:56 AM (pooled) Jericho was a show stressing community and family values and that hope can prevail under very bad circumstances. Right the wrong and bring back Jericho to T.V. 36 yrs old, 80,000 a year Maryland.

$10.00 -- LORI, BROOMALL, PA -- 5/30 8:49 AM (pooled) NUTS TO YOU!!! Bring back Jericho!

$80.00 -- Laura, Fenton, MO -- 5/30 8:40 AM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Peggy, Del Rio, TX -- 5/30 8:38 AM (pooled) I love Jericho - please bring it back - even if it is mid season. My 22 year old son (theater major in college), myself (47 year old) and my husband (49 year old professional).

$20.00 -- Kathleen, Manchester, NH -- 5/30 8:26 AM (pooled)

$10.00 -- Tracy, Marshall, NC -- 5/30 8:21 AM (pooled) Ms Tassler, As one of your target demographics I urge you to consider renewing Jericho. This would garner much good will and publicity for CBS, as well as the support of a VERY loyal group of fans.I for one will heavily patronize sponsors that advertise during a renewed Jericho !! Thanks Tracy Fairbrother Asheville, NC Sarasota, FL

$10.00 -- Rebecca, McAlisterville, PA -- 5/30 8:17 AM (pooled)

$5.00 -- James, Linden, NJ -- 5/30 8:05 AM (pooled) Ms. Tassler, this is a fight that we will not surrender! NUTS to CBS; give us a full new season or a mid-season replacement! Bring back Jericho!

$5.00 -- Wayne, Ewing, NJ -- 5/30 7:58 AM (pooled) Please save Jericho or at least sell the rights. Thanks, Wayne Lieberman

$5.00 -- Mark, Linden, NJ -- 5/30 7:33 AM (pooled) Dear Mrs. Tassler, as you have experienced in the last couple of days, the fans of your great TV show 'Jericho' are numerous, creative and obviously have some dollars to spend even for something as seemingly futile as a 'Save Jericho' campaign. In other words, the ideal audience for your advertisers! Please rethink your decision and give us more 'Jericho'. Please hurry, we don't want the options for the actors and crew to expire, do we? Best regards, Mark H.

$15.00 -- Lisa, verona, NY -- 5/30 7:23 AM (pooled) Yes you guys are NUTS. Maybe FOX or FX will be smart enough to pick this show up !!! Lets hope

$5.00 -- Jay, Vista, CA -- 5/30 7:21 AM (pooled) Ms Tassler, A suggestion, When you cancel one of the new shows. Put Jericho back on. You will have a preset audience of 8+ million people. What better way to start a show off. I also believe you could turn this into a marketing plus. People would want to see this show and find out what all the fuss is about...Think about it. Jay (40yo Male/San Diego,Ca)

$20.00 -- Karen, Davie, FL -- 5/30 7:21 AM (pooled) Dear Ms. Tassler, My family and I really wish you would bring us Season 2 for Jericho. It deserves resolution. I don't think a 2 hour movie could handle it. But I know your writers are creative enough to wrap things up, get Jericho and the US back on the road to recovery before ending the series. Release the 2 season set on DVD and you'll have even more reason to celebrate having a creative, thought provoking show under the CBS eye. I watch CSI and NCIS, but I'm getting a little tired of them. Jericho was refreshing and interesting (and unlike ABC's Lost, it KEPT our interest). Please reconsider! Thanks very much, Karen (single mom / administrative professional, just turned 50, $75k+) Ryan (veterinary intern, 26, $50k) South Florida

$10.00 -- joseph, argyle, TX -- 5/30 7:19 AM (pooled) season 2 or bust

$10.00 -- paul, cincinnati, OH -- 5/30 7:17 AM (pooled) if you -CBS- does not reconsider the renewing of the 2nd season of "jericho" ---then you guys are NUTS!!!!!!! and i will make an effort not to watch any tv shows from cbs----especially "kid nation" -----WTF!!?????!???? paul cincinnati, ohio "NUTS" TO CBS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

$25.00 -- Patrick, San Marcos, CA -- 5/30 6:47 AM (pooled) Dear Ms. Tassler, I hope that these nuts can in some small (and maybe not so small) way let you know that there are more than just "ratings" and "shares" involved in producing and airing a show. As you can see... there are millions of PEOPLE that actually WATCH the show. Jericho exemplifies everything that makes a show great. You certainly understand that Jericho was handicapped by the long hiatus, and was not allowed to reach it's true potential. I mean no offense... but the world does not need another reality based replacement. Reality TV has become nothing but noise. Jericho was special, and it had a heart. Please give it a chance. I have already emailed Jericho's sponsors to thank them for supporting Jericho, and a few million of my friends feel the same way. Please don't be afraid to change your mind. Jericho is worth saving. Thank you for your time, and enjoy the nuts! Demo. data: -38 year old male -33 year old female -combined income $82K

$10.00 -- Marcus, Linden, NJ -- 5/30 6:30 AM (pooled)

$25.00 -- Charles, Laurel, MD -- 5/30 6:20 AM (pooled) CBS, please bring back Jericho. All of these devoted fans could be working FOR you, not against you! 36 y/o male in Maryland.

$5.00 -- Alex, Fort Lauderdale, FL -- 5/30 4:29 AM (pooled)

$5.00 -- abby, Middletown, RI -- 5/30 4:16 AM (pooled) KID NATION?! ARE YOU KIDDING ME>? NO MINISERIES, NO FINALE! WE WANT SEASON 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

$20.00 -- Matthew, Melrose, MA -- 5/30 4:10 AM (pooled) NUTS to CBS! Nina PLEASE realize what a great show Jericho is- the ratings AND the fans are there, and we WILL make our voices heard!

$10.00 -- Tracie, Denver, CO -- 5/30 3:35 AM (pooled) CBS, I am a married 36 year old,black Male from Colorado. My household income is 57,000 per year. I would just like to ask if you could bring back Jericho for atleast a midseason return. I love the show and your network. Thank you, Walt

$10.00 -- Carlos, El Centro, CA -- 5/30 3:29 AM (pooled) Ms. Tassler, We have neglected to send you a care package of nuts. Mr. Kelly Kahl has already received a few care packages from us, and we would like to include you. Please consider the renewal of Jericho as a mid-season replacement if not a fall run. Please let us know your thoughts. We feel that our packages, emails, letters, calls have fallen on deaf ears. While a kind "thank you" would suffice, we prefer a renewal of Jericho instead. thank you, The V Family Carlos, Angela & B'Elanna Demographics: age group 27 Income $140,000/year Gender: Male and 2 Females Location: El Centro, California

$10.00 -- Lynda, Denver, CO -- 5/30 3:28 AM (pooled) Ms. Tassler, Please reconsider renewing the great show you brought us this year - Jericho. One of your loyal fans, Lynda

$10.00 -- Elisabeth, Lynden, WA -- 5/30 3:19 AM (pooled)

$25.00 -- Jason, Las Vegas, NV -- 5/30 2:40 AM (pooled) Personally, I'd be happy with a miniseries to wrap up the story. Even if you don't want to bring back the series, give me some closure! Married WM, 35yo, 85k annual household income, Las Vegas, NV.

$15.00 -- Kristina, Olympia, WA -- 5/30 2:36 AM (pooled) 31/f/Washington State Jericho is the best show that I have ever seen. No other show even comes close to the quality of the story, the characters, the actors. It is beyond me why you would cancel such a show. It still seems like some absurd joke. It's obvious that it has a strong audience, so why give it up without any effort to help it succeed? I don't think you realize how antiquated the Neilsen ratings have become. They obviously did not give you an accurate measure of the true success of this show. Jericho gave me renewed hope in network television. Now, with the shows I see replacing it, it seems you are trying to push the Jericho audience off your network. Do you really think your key demographic will watch Kid Nation? Honestly? Because they won't. I don't have to work in network television to know that. Please bring back the best show I ever watched.

$5.00 -- Jill, San Diego, CA -- 5/30 2:34 AM (pooled) Please bring back Jericho! This is our favorite show!!! Dave & Jill San Diego, CA

$5.00 -- Graham, Los Angeles, CA -- 5/30 2:33 AM (pooled) I live 2 blocks from CBS on Fairfax and Melrose so I see people waiting over night to get in for shows. Why? I don't know. I generally don't care for any programs on CBS but Jericho hooked me and I love the show. Why not give it another season? It's the best thing CBS has put on the air since..... well, EVER.

$20.00 -- James, West Wendover, NV -- 5/30 2:32 AM (pooled) Please accept these nuts to enjoy while you rethink your decision to cancel Jericho. Please bring Jericho back for a second season! Sincerely, James , male 41, West Wendover, NV Executive

$5.00 -- JIM, Minneapolis, MN -- 5/30 2:12 AM (pooled)

$5.00 -- David, Linden, NJ -- 5/30 2:07 AM (pooled) Hi! It's your turn now :-D Enjoy the nuts, it's OK to admit we're wrong sometimes... Please bring our amazing show back!

$20.00 -- Ari, Watsonville, CA -- 5/30 2:05 AM (pooled) Okay...What are you guys thinking? LOVE the show. LOVED that CBS was smart enough to respect their audience by airing 'Jericho.' What's with you people? Am in the 18-35 age bracket....with a college degree...Aren't I your market consumer? C'mon-put Jericho back on your line-up for next year.

$40.00 -- Mary, Los Angeles, CA -- 5/30 1:38 AM (pooled) Save Jericho!

$5.00 -- Fraser, Linden, NJ -- 5/30 1:30 AM (pooled) Nuts from Scotland!! Save Jericho

$10.00 -- William, APO, AE -- 5/30 1:28 AM (pooled) NUTS TO CBS! Renew Jericho!

$10.00 -- Elisabeth, Kent, OH -- 5/30 1:10 AM (pooled)

$50.00 -- Karen, Las Vegas, NV -- 5/30 12:43 AM (pooled) Dear Nina, bring back Jericho for another season. I am a 39 year old female with a household income over $75k out of Nevada. This show was well-written and acted, and the most original one on any network. Save Jericho!

$10.00 -- Patrick, Lowell, MA -- 5/30 12:37 AM (pooled) Save Jericho

$10.00 -- Jaquelin, Asheville, NC -- 5/30 12:28 AM (pooled) Maybe you thought that all the nuts rolled down to Florida, but I think you'll find that quite a few are making their way to LA. Bring Jericho back for season 2. Pretty please. Jaquelin P. Age 34

$10.00 -- William, Edgewater, MD -- 5/30 12:26 AM (pooled) It's been five years now and people still are asking "What was Fox thinking when they canceled Firefly?!?" If CBS is trying to be more like Fox, canceling Jericho is a step in that direction. A bad one. WN Lucas

$10.00 -- Janine, Linden, NJ -- 5/30 12:17 AM (pooled)

$20.00 -- nester, huntington, WV -- 5/30 12:16 AM (pooled)

$20.00 -- Anne, Philomath, OR -- 5/30 12:12 AM (pooled) BRING BACK JERICO! Age: unimportant, income $150K+, female, Oregon. LOVE THE SHOW.

$10.00 -- Martin, Mt. Pleasant, MI -- 5/30 12:05 AM (pooled) This is the only tv show I've ever watched every episode in sequence. I will not be likely to ever watch another network drama ever again if you don't bring this back. Age: 28, Gender: Male, Household Income: 90,000, Town: Mt. Pleasant, MI

$15.00 -- Sonya, Manning, SC -- 5/29 11:59 PM (pooled) It is only good business to bring back Jericho for another season.

$20.00 -- maribeth, alamo, CA -- 5/29 11:55 PM (pooled) I'm a 48 yr old woman who lives in calif. My whole family loves this show and wants it to continue!!

$10.00 -- Jemma, Eads, TN -- 5/29 11:55 PM (pooled) I'm a 39 year old mother of 2 in Tennessee. My husband and I just love this show and BEG you to reconsider your decision to cancel.... Please, this show appeals to such a broad demographic, but with a 7pm (central) timeslot, it's hard to watch live (dinner, kids bedtime). Luckily I have a DVR, and like sooooo many others, this is how we watched Jericho. Does Nielsen count viewers who watch on Tivo, online, or on their Ipods ???? Please don't let an antiquated rating system be responsible for one of the most innovative shows being put off the air.....

$10.00 -- Kelley, O Fallon, MO -- 5/29 11:55 PM (pooled) Kelley - 36 Bruce - 47 Sasha - 15 Valik - 16 State: Missouri Values: Family Dislikes: Kid Nation and reality fluff - also things like "Swingtown" or whatever it is coming......ugh Likes: JERICHO!! (the ONLY network show we watch) PLEASE SAVE JERICHO!

$10.00 -- Kati, Spokane, WA -- 5/29 11:54 PM (pooled) Dear Ms. Tassler, My husband and I are both loyal fans of the show Jericho and were extremely disappointed and upset when we learned it had been canceled. We looked forward to the show each week, as it was something different than anything else on TV. Neither of us can stand to watch any of the so-called ?reality? shows on TV and were both pleased and excited to find a good quality show we could watch together and whole-heartedly enjoy. We also loved all the interactivity associated with the site, including the website ( and everything on it and being able to watch the episodes online or download them from our Comcast Cable On Demand if we missed one (which rarely happened). In closing, we are sending you these nuts as a way of sending you our message, which is (most respectfully of course) ? ?NUTS to you CBS!? Regards, Kati

$20.00 -- Debra, Bettendorf, IA -- 5/29 11:51 PM (pooled) Please reconsider and give us another season of Jericho!

$15.00 -- Donna, Sunnyvale, CA -- 5/29 11:46 PM (pooled) Dear Ms. Tassler. When you renew Jericho you will get everyone on the Save Jericho Campaign to promote the show for free! You'll have the biggest viral marketing campaign around! Save Jericho! :-) Donna San Jose, CA Real Estate Sales and Services

$10.00 -- Jeremy, Wilmore, KY -- 5/29 11:30 PM (pooled) I would like to encourage you and the other executives at CBS to bring Jericho back, as it is far more creative and inspired for its time than any other show currently on the air.

$20.00 -- Hayley, Sherman Oaks, CA -- 5/29 11:20 PM (pooled)

$20.00 -- Scott, Linden, NJ -- 5/29 11:19 PM (pooled) The dawn of a new media era is here, and CBS can either walk into the sunlight of a glorious future... or cringe in the darkness of the past. The nuts are coming. Demo: 41 / SWM / $50K+

$5.00 -- Brittany, Lompoc, CA -- 5/29 11:18 PM (pooled) Dear Nina, Please renew Jericho. My husband and I watched this show every week. I need my Jericho. I am 30 and he is 31. Your NUTS if you don't

$30.00 -- Thomas, West Chester, OH -- 5/29 11:17 PM (pooled) CBS -- wake up and commit to quality Television programming...

$5.00 -- Krystal, Medford, OR -- 5/29 11:16 PM (pooled) Canceling Jericho is NUTS! Please listen to the 9+ million fans who have tuned in weekly to see what will happen next (that is not including the uncounted masses who have watched this show through CBS's Innertube, or those who have DVRed/Tivoed it). Anything less than a second season just won't be enough to tie up all the loose ends or satisfy the fans of the show.

$5.00 -- Amoreena, Lawrenceburg, IN -- 5/29 11:06 PM (pooled) My father (age 56), my sister-in-law (age 47), my husband (33), and myself (29) all live in suburban communities in the Greater Cincinnati area - and we all WANT JERICHO BACK!!! That's not including the co-workers, friends, and online community members that are also pushing to bring this incredible show back to TV.

$10.00 -- Sarah, San Diego, CA -- 5/29 11:00 PM (pooled) Nina - please reconsider your decision to cancel Jericho!! I am 28 years old, with a Master's degree, and I love JERICHO! I watch faithfully live every week. The characters have touched me like no tv show ever before. I was utterly devastated to learn of its cancellation. In these tough times, Jericho provides hope, inspiration, & strength. I think the world needs this show more than CBS realized! You have seen how large the fan base is, and how dedicated. We will not rest until season 2 of Jericho is granted! Thanks so much for listening to us - now do the right thing and bring back Jericho!

$10.00 -- Jeanette, Barrie, Canada, AA -- 5/29 10:55 PM (pooled)

$5.00 -- gerardo, ijamsville, MD -- 5/29 10:54 PM (pooled) Please renew Jericho for a second season :)42 old male, Maryland, household income 80,000 dollars 25 yr old female also

$25.00 -- William, Clayton, NC -- 5/29 10:51 PM (pooled)

$10.00 -- Chris, Beaverton, OR -- 5/29 10:50 PM (pooled) I love Jericho. Bring it Back. The viewers will come. Chris A Dedicated Jericho Fan :)

$20.00 -- Charles, grasonville, MD -- 5/29 10:41 PM (pooled)

$10.00 -- Bryan, Lake Forest, CA -- 5/29 10:40 PM (pooled) Bring back Jericho. This is one of the few shows I watch on CBS. Bryan (30) in Orange County, CA

$5.00 -- Brendan, Huntington Station, NY -- 5/29 10:36 PM (pooled) Please accept this package as a request to bring back Jericho. I am a 21 year old father of 1 and both myself and my wife work two jobs to make ends meet, yet every Wednesday, we sit and watch Jericho together. Please bring it back. Brendan Long Island, NY

$30.00 -- Keith, Folsom, CA -- 5/29 10:27 PM (pooled) Nina, Please bring back Jericho! I am a busy, single, homeowning, 33 year old, white male Californian working in the technology field and can't rush home to catch a TV show during its live showing due to my busy schedule. I, like most everyone in my age bracket and other demographics, have my DVR programmed to record my favorite shows, which I will then watch later that night or a few days later when I have time to do so. The Neilsen ratings are not properly tracking DVR usage in the public by people like myself... it is a different world now. Please don't let Nielsen's deficiencies be the downfall of the best drama on TV. If you must have proof, find some other way to track the techie viewers of this era (there's lots of us and we spend lots of $$$) via web-polls, web-only content hits, or the interactive options provided by the cable/satellite vendors. You would be suprised by the results. Thanks for your time and enjoy the nuts! Keith Folsom, CA

$20.00 -- Jason, Little Rock, AR -- 5/29 10:25 PM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Scott, Minneapolis, MN -- 5/29 10:22 PM (pooled)

$10.00 -- kevin, berryville, AR -- 5/29 10:22 PM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Nathan, Troy, OH -- 5/29 10:12 PM (pooled)

$10.00 -- Marilyn, Novato, CA -- 5/29 10:11 PM (pooled)

$10.00 -- Kari, Arlington, VA -- 5/29 10:08 PM (pooled)

$20.00 -- Laura, Stafford, VA -- 5/29 10:06 PM (pooled) HUGE Jericho fans! LOVE the Show. It is a primer for our times and future, please, give our show back! Laura, 52, Stafford,Virginia Jennie, 26, Stafford,Virginia

$15.00 -- Thomas, Greenville, NC -- 5/29 10:01 PM (pooled) 50 yo male physician in North Carolina with gross income in 6 figures. Watched every episode of Jericho live and also turned on others to the show. By far the best show on TV hands down. I was severely disappointed to hear the show was cancelled and hope you will reconsider. Enjoy the nuts.

$5.00 -- Julia, Watertown, SD -- 5/29 9:57 PM (pooled) Jericho: Bring together families since 2006.

$5.00 -- Roman, Springfield, NJ -- 5/29 9:57 PM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Aleatha, Houston, TX -- 5/29 9:54 PM (pooled) Age 31, $25K, Female, Houston TX. Apparently your rating system needs to be overhauled. There are many fans who view this series online or via iTunes. Maybe you should take us a little more seriously. Do the right thing. Either release the rights so Jericho can move to another network, or bring them back yourselves. The smart thing would be to bring them back yourselves and take the marketing more seriuosly this time. Pay more attention to your cyber viewers. We're the way of the future.

$10.00 -- Jared, Opelousas, LA -- 5/29 9:54 PM (pooled) NUTS TO CBS! Please consider brining Jericho back for at least a second season! I am a 20 yr old college student from Louisiana and I was a loyal viewer of Jericho and am deeply disappointed with the cancellation and not knowing how the story ended. Please bring it back!

$10.00 -- Joseph, Smithsburg, MD -- 5/29 9:51 PM (pooled) Please, bring back Jericho. You can put it on Saturday night instead of re-runs. Thanks Joe Hawkins 33 yr old Male MD

$5.00 -- Colyn, Tampa, FL -- 5/29 9:49 PM (pooled) Age 23, Income 33,000/yr, Tampa, FL 33634..... NUTZ!!!!

$5.00 -- Darren, brockton, MA -- 5/29 9:49 PM (pooled) You've made a mistake cancelling Jericho. Please reconsider. I'm a 41 yrs old father of three and have never followed a show like Jericho before. I think you owe your 8 million fans something.

$50.00 -- Raul, Orange Park, FL -- 5/29 9:45 PM (pooled) Hi Nina, If possible, my family would like to see Jericho renewed for season 2 on CBS. If not, would you please consider dealing Jericho to another network as soon as possible? Given a choice, the status quo or a closure episode is not acceptable. Going forward, we'd really like to see some positive action from CBS to continue to engage audiences regarding Jericho in the Internet, Tivo, cable, satellite-TV age. Thanks for your consideration. Cheers, Raul and Family

$10.00 -- Heather, El Cajon, CA -- 5/29 9:39 PM (pooled) Nuts Heather 30 years young > 60k income San Diego, CA

$5.00 -- D., huntington, NY -- 5/29 9:35 PM (pooled) BRING BACK JERICHO!!!!

$5.00 -- David, Chaska, MN -- 5/29 9:30 PM (pooled) Please reconsider- it is the only show that my family and I watched on a regular basis- 2M/2F, ages 45, 44, 20 and 15. No movie or mini-series- season 2 will prove there's many seasons in this plot!

$5.00 -- Lisa, Greenwood Lake, NY -- 5/29 9:24 PM (pooled) Save Jericho

$5.00 -- Kelley, Tonganoxie, KS -- 5/29 9:20 PM (pooled) Bring back Jericho! Acknowledge the support Jericho has received from its many fans then announce its renewal. Everyone will see how magnanimous you really are. Imagine the positive press! The feel-good aspect alone will increase CBS's viewership!

$100.00 -- Lawrence, huntington, NY -- 5/29 9:17 PM (pooled) please save jericho

$40.00 -- Cindy, Monroe, LA -- 5/29 9:05 PM (pooled) LONG LIVE "JERICHO" Down with CBS!!!!!!

$10.00 -- Kyle, San Francisco, CA -- 5/29 9:01 PM (pooled) Johnston Green may be dead... but don't let this great show die!

$5.00 -- Jana, Floeha, Germany, NJ -- 5/29 8:59 PM (pooled) SAVE JERICHO ! Greetings from a disgruntled german fan. Nowadays the percentage of your profit that you generate from DVD sales, syndication and the international market is continuously growing. But thru cancelling Jericho so early, you take away this shows chance to gain enough momentum in those markets to become truly profitable for you in the long run (and isn't that your goal in the first place?). And more than once during the last weeks I have heard people say (Jericho starts next monday over here): "Don't watch that show, it got cancelled after Season 1 with a HUGE cliffhanger!" or "Oh no, another one of those dead shows. I don't want to get burnt again, I won't watch it." See what you're doing? You are scaring away your international viewers (no matter how good the show is, and we all know Jericho is exceptional)! Now let's hope that your international buyers don't read comments like that, or an important part of your profits might be cut sooner(and more rapidly)than you think.

$30.00 -- Sally, Millersport, OH -- 5/29 8:52 PM (pooled) I hope you listen to the people and bring back Jericho. The fall lineup looks pretty bad on CBS, guess it will be more discovery channel for our family this fall....unless you make the right call and bring back of the best shows that has aired in years.

$15.00 -- scott, philadelphia, PA -- 5/29 8:50 PM (pooled) Nina, Jericho needs season 2. I am male, 36, sucessful banker. This show is so different that the stories deserved to be told. More folks were watching this; 'hiatus' was a huge mistake. Tell the story, bring back Jericho!!

$5.00 -- Elizabeth, Mountlake Terrace, WA -- 5/29 8:48 PM (pooled) Please reconsider your decision to cancel Jericho.

$15.00 -- Christine, Waterbury, CT -- 5/29 8:33 PM (pooled) I'm so very proud to be a small part of this. Let's help get Greensburg back on their feet and let's get "Jericho" back on the air. C'mon CBS, it'll give you a good feeling!

$5.00 -- Russell, Indianapolis, IN -- 5/29 8:30 PM (pooled)

$10.00 -- Jessica, Fayetteville, NC -- 5/29 8:28 PM (pooled) You made a big mistake canceling a quality show like Jericho. 27 year old female and 30 year old male here in NC. BRING JERICHO BACK!

$5.00 -- Fredrik, Linden, NJ -- 5/29 8:27 PM (pooled) Please revoke the seriously ill-considered decision to cancel Jericho!

$20.00 -- Debra, Omaha, NE -- 5/29 8:25 PM (pooled) NUTS, CBS!!! ****SAVE JERICHO*****

$140.00 -- Nancy, Greenville, SC -- 5/29 8:20 PM (pooled) We want Jericho back!

$10.00 -- Richard, Firestone, CO -- 5/29 8:18 PM (pooled)

$10.00 -- Jane, Centreville, VA -- 5/29 8:16 PM (pooled) Bring back Family Home Evening and quality TV. BRING BACK JERICHO!

$40.00 -- Erik, Pepper Pike, OH -- 5/29 8:14 PM (pooled) Save Jericho !!!! Erik 26 years old Arlington, Virginia

$5.00 -- Jonathan, New Britain, CT -- 5/29 8:13 PM (pooled)

$10.00 -- JEFF, SIMI VALLEY, CA -- 5/29 8:09 PM (pooled) save Jericho! Family of six in Simi Valley, CA

$30.00 -- Russell, Indianapolis, IN -- 5/29 8:06 PM (pooled)

$15.00 -- Pamela, Louisville, KY -- 5/29 8:04 PM (pooled) I'm a 40 year old, college educated, married, professional woman from Louisville, KY that wants CBS to renew Jericho! NUTS! to CBS.

$15.00 -- Susan, Pittsburgh, PA -- 5/29 7:57 PM (pooled) SAVE JERICHO! 37, over $60k, female, Pittsburgh, PA

$10.00 -- Brian, Spokane, WA -- 5/29 7:53 PM (pooled) Nina, Jericho is a wonderful, thought provoking program! Please bring back this show! Respectfully yours, Brian Spokane, WA

$20.00 -- Josh, Vancouver, WA -- 5/29 7:47 PM (pooled) Please Save Jericho! In this case I just can't believe the data you've received. Place us on another night not against American Idol and see how much revenue we generate! Male, 28, $75-100K, Vancouver WA.

$100.00 -- Jonathan, Keller, TX -- 5/29 7:37 PM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Valerie, Anchorage, AK -- 5/29 7:37 PM (pooled) Don't cancel Jericho!

$5.00 -- Nichole, Bagley, WI -- 5/29 7:34 PM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Michelle, South Windsor, CT -- 5/29 7:33 PM (pooled) Are you nuts? Why would you cancel such an awesome show. My boyfriend and I watch this every Wednesday night. It was just starting to get so good. Please bring Jericho back for a 2nd Season. I am a female. I live in CT and I am 31. My boyfriend is 30.

$20.00 -- Janet, Southington, CT -- 5/29 7:33 PM (pooled) Dear Kelly Kahl- I am writing in response to the canceling of Jericho. When I found out of its cancellation, I was shocked and very upset. Jericho is my favorite show and I looked forward to each week's episode. Please do not cancel the show! I loved the characters very much and loved the story line. SAVE JERICHO!! Janet, Southington, CT

$10.00 -- Douglas, Nashville, TN -- 5/29 7:30 PM (pooled) I'm a 43yo DINK (Double Income-No Kids) I have disposable income. Save Jericho! Do not let this great show leave the airwaves yet! WHAT ARE YOU THINKING? In fact, I've been wondering this for years...what are all the networks thinking? You can't build an audience when shows stay on hiatus for most of the viewing season!! For now, I've blocked CBS from my TV. SAVE JERICHO!!!!

$10.00 -- Diane, Vancouver, WA -- 5/29 7:29 PM (pooled) Please, Please, Please Let us have Jericho for at least one more season. Until you do...NUTS to you!

$20.00 -- Tracy, Parker, CO -- 5/29 7:28 PM (pooled) Save Jericho! From Parker, CO

$20.00 -- Michael, College Point, NY -- 5/29 7:27 PM (pooled) Jericho was an amazing show about when one moment changes everything forever, and how you cope and live on...don't cancel the most precious show on your network...nurture something special and let it succeed! Michael

$5.00 -- Mary, Burlington, NC -- 5/29 7:22 PM (pooled) Here are some nuts. When you guys bring Jericho back, I will send some homebrewed nut brown ale to go with them. Thank you to all of the CBS receptionsits and mail room workers. As for the rest of you- NUTS! SAVE JERICHO!

$20.00 -- Jason, Edmond, OK -- 5/29 7:18 PM (pooled) "Nuts!" Jason Rains 38 yrs old, Male, Oklahoma City, Ok 250K yr. How about just having 50 CSI's on? It worked when ABC ran the "Who Wants to be a Millionair" show 24-7 didn't it?

$15.00 -- Chris, Looneyville, WV -- 5/29 7:17 PM (pooled) To Kelly: More NUTS! We want a second season! To Nana: NUTS! We want a second season! To whom eats these nuts: Tell CBS to save Jericho and help rebuild Greensburg. To Greensburg: We'll help you if you help us, tell CBS to save Jericho, we'll send more money!

$20.00 -- K., Du Bois, PA -- 5/29 7:12 PM (pooled) Lest you think New York last having all the fun... here are some nuts for you! We're not giving up! Bring backJericho for season 2!

$10.00 -- K., Du Bois, PA -- 5/29 7:09 PM (pooled) We're not giving up. Bring back Jericho for season 2!

$5.00 -- Maureen, Clarkston, MI -- 5/29 7:09 PM (pooled) We have been avid fans since the first episode of Jericho. Please reconsider your decision to cancel Jericho. Enjoy the nuts!

$10.00 -- Jonathan, West Chester, OH -- 5/29 7:06 PM (pooled) Are you NUTS!?!?! Bring back Jericho!

$5.00 -- roberta, tucson, AZ -- 5/29 6:58 PM (pooled) Kelly, I sent some nuts to Nina and did not want you to be left out. My message to you is the same...BRING BACK JERICHO FOR A SECOND SEASON !!!!!

$10.00 -- Bonita, Margate, FL -- 5/29 6:57 PM (pooled) Please reconsider your decision to cancel Jericho. When was the last time you saw such an amazing display of fan loyalty? C'mon, the show was great....rescind the cancellation.

$5.00 -- Robert, Sammamish, WA -- 5/29 6:56 PM (pooled)

$5.00 -- roberta, tucson, AZ -- 5/29 6:56 PM (pooled) Dear Nina, BRING BACK JERICHO FOR A SECOND SEASON !!!!!!!!!

$15.00 -- Jeffrey, Connelly Springs, NC -- 5/29 6:56 PM (pooled) Just a friendly reminder from a 37 year old male Network Administrator in rural NC. BRING BACK JERICHO! (pretty please?)

$10.00 -- Marlene, Cincinnati, OH -- 5/29 6:47 PM (pooled) Please reconsider and give Jericho another season!

$50.00 -- Mori, Wintersville, OH -- 5/29 6:46 PM (pooled)

$10.00 -- Ann-marie, Norristown, PA -- 5/29 6:45 PM (pooled) Please renew Jericho for another season.. This show is like a great novel and deserves another season to tell the story 44 yr old woman Norristown, PA 50-65K a year income... also watched by 16 year old son

$5.00 -- Ryan, Parker, CO -- 5/29 6:38 PM (pooled) Please reconsider the canceling of my favorite show Jericho. It was left unresolved in so many ways, we as fans need answers and conclusions to this great new show. I am 34, male, and live in Denver, CO.

$70.00 -- Donna, Lynchburg, VA -- 5/29 6:32 PM (pooled) Please bring Jericho back for another season!!!

$25.00 -- Gayle, Santa Barbara, CA -- 5/29 6:31 PM (pooled) Please bring back Jericho. F 40, CA.

$10.00 -- Brian, Lexington, KY -- 5/29 6:27 PM (pooled) Renew Jericho!!!

$5.00 -- Mary, East Syracuse, NY -- 5/29 6:27 PM (pooled) From Mary (45) RN and Len (44) video tech, Syracuse NY. Please renew Jericho for another season. It's the best new show this year!

$10.00 -- Remi, Linden, NJ -- 5/29 6:17 PM (pooled) Bring back Jericho! Its a great show, and its also got many fans in Canada and around the world. P.S. Enjoy the nuts.

$30.00 -- Debra, Columbia, MD -- 5/29 6:17 PM (pooled)

$10.00 -- jason, bristow, VA -- 5/29 6:14 PM (pooled) age 37 inc. $150,000 loc. metro wash. d.c. my name is jason....and i am not a neilsen family...and i love jericho

$10.00 -- Dan, Indiana, PA -- 5/29 6:14 PM (pooled)

$10.00 -- Natalie, Apple Valley, MN -- 5/29 6:05 PM (pooled) Show the fans CBS cares - Renew Jericho!

$10.00 -- James, Woodbridge, CT -- 5/29 6:03 PM (pooled) Save Jericho On CBS

$10.00 -- Myles, Austin, TX -- 5/29 6:02 PM (pooled) BRING BACK JERICHO!

$20.00 -- Larry, Tampa, FL -- 5/29 6:02 PM (pooled) I must say that I am disappointed that such a good show has been canceled, but I hope that the "NUTS" campaign will show how much the show is loved. Please bring back Jericho and good TV programming! NUTS FOR JERICHO!!!

$10.00 -- Diana, Tarzana, CA -- 5/29 5:56 PM (pooled) BRING BACK JERICHO FOR A 2ND SEASON

$5.00 -- Renee, Lees Summit, MO -- 5/29 5:55 PM (pooled)

$10.00 -- Jeffrey, Longmont, CO -- 5/29 5:55 PM (pooled) Save Jericho!

$20.00 -- Frances, Knoxville, TN -- 5/29 5:51 PM (pooled) Save Jericho! My husband and I love the show!!! We want more Jericho!!!

$5.00 -- James, Phoenix, AZ -- 5/29 5:50 PM (pooled) Please return Jericho as a continuing series.

$10.00 -- Jason, Biloxi, MS -- 5/29 5:50 PM (pooled) NUTS TO JERICHO

$5.00 -- Dennis, Raytown, MO -- 5/29 5:48 PM (pooled) 2nd season or bust! No wrap-up, no mini-series! This is why we fight! Do not continue to contribute to the dumbing down of America!

$40.00 -- Laura, Des Plaines, IL -- 5/29 5:45 PM (pooled) MS. Tassler, You have made a grave mistake cancelling Jericho based on Neilson ratings. We love Jericho and it deserves a 2nd season to at least properly wrap up the best show you've had on CBS in decades-Please reconsider and Save Jericho! L.Wolff-Des Plaines, IL

$5.00 -- Robert, Covington, LA -- 5/29 5:41 PM (pooled) This 28 year old male engineer in Louisiana is very disappointed in your job performance. I will not watch your network again until Jericho is renewed for a second season. Enjoy the NUTS! Robert

$50.00 -- Brenda, McAlpin, FL -- 5/29 5:40 PM (pooled) Please accept my gratitude for bringing a quality show like Jericho into my life. It's a wonderful show suitable for the entire family and has given me a 'starting point' in discussions with my Daughter. We often discuss the episode after it finishes and we've both learned a lot about how we would handle the "what if.." aspect that Jericho presents. As such, I feel that a continuation of this show is a very needed and positive thing. Needed by not only my family, but every family. Now I hear that it's been Cancelled! How can that be? This was the MOST important show in a lot of households. A lot of viewers (myself included) not only were glued to our sets on wednesday nights, but have watched each episode repeatedly since the 'season finale'. Hey! I need my Jericho fix even in summer! Please reconsider. There are millions of fans who are devoted to this show. Enjoy all the nuts. Please give us season 2. I believe seasons 3-10 will come naturally after this. ~Brenda

$10.00 -- David, Thornton, CO -- 5/29 5:36 PM (pooled)

$15.00 -- Jeffrey, Kennesaw, GA -- 5/29 5:35 PM (pooled) Bring back the best show on TV

$10.00 -- Sharon, Dacono, CO -- 5/29 5:32 PM (pooled) Please decide to return Jericho for a second season. My whole family watches the show. We need Jericho and more quality TV programs.

$30.00 -- LORI, BROOMALL, PA -- 5/29 5:32 PM (pooled)

$20.00 -- Patricia, Castro Valley, CA -- 5/29 5:30 PM (pooled) Please reconsider the Jericho cancellation decision. Thanks,

$40.00 -- Marianne, Oro Valley, AZ -- 5/29 5:28 PM (pooled) Save Jericho today!!

$10.00 -- David, Middletown, IN -- 5/29 5:22 PM (pooled) SAVE JERICHO!!!!!!!!!!!!

$5.00 -- Geri, Sparta, KY -- 5/29 5:20 PM (pooled) I can't believe your actions. We are finally given something with substance that doesn't insult our inteligence with mindless dribble and you cancel it. Perhaps you should rethink your decision.

$20.00 -- David, Mesa, AZ -- 5/29 5:18 PM (pooled) I am a 34yr old who enjoys watching Jericho with my family (wife, 31, and son, 9). I cannot belive your decision and HOPE you please reconsider. No one I know did NOT enjoy Jericho, and we are all STUNNED at your decision to can it. Please, reconisder. Thank you and enjoy the NUTS!

$5.00 -- Anne, Rochester, NY -- 5/29 5:17 PM (pooled) 24/f/Rochester,NY. Bring back Jericho!

$10.00 -- Susan, Shalimar, FL -- 5/29 5:17 PM (pooled) Jericho is a gem! Save Jericho!

$5.00 -- Ronald, Glenwood, IA -- 5/29 5:17 PM (pooled) Nuts!

$50.00 -- Trevor, Rochester, NY -- 5/29 5:17 PM (pooled) Dear CBS and Ms. Tassler, I just want to personally say that Jericho has touched the lives of me and my family/friends. I want to ask you to re-evaluate your discussion to cancel this great show. I know you have realized over the last couple of weeks just how many fans and cast members love this show. Me and my fellow fans will not stop we will fight in what we believe is the right thing to do like our show taught us. So NUTS to you! PS. Enjoy the NUTS. Thanks for your time. - Trevor

$15.00 -- Sam, Los Angeles, CA -- 5/29 5:15 PM (pooled) Nina, The viewers are speaking. Please renew Jericho!

$5.00 -- Robert, Jackson, MN -- 5/29 5:06 PM (pooled) So you know, I'm a 37 year old male from Minnesota with a household income of $100K/yr. Other than that, I think YOU'RE NUTS for canceling "Jericho". Personally, I hate the reality trend that dominates T.V. today. I think it is "dumbing down" American viewers. CBS has an interesting and thought-provoking idea in "Jericho". Please rethink the decision to cancel the show. Enjoy these nuts as a reminder while you mull it over. ---Rob Jackson, MN 56143

$5.00 -- KENNETH, FRAMINGHAM, MA -- 5/29 5:06 PM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Matthew, Erlanger, KY -- 5/29 5:05 PM (pooled) I do you you take notice CBS. You are of course "NUTS" if you still think cancelling Jericho was a good idea.

$20.00 -- Tammy, Weatherford, OK -- 5/29 5:03 PM (pooled) Nuts to CBS! Please save my favorite show Jericho!

$10.00 -- Kathleen, Chicago, IL -- 5/29 5:02 PM (pooled) Bring Jericho Back! It was the best thing on T.V.

$10.00 -- Joe, Tempe, AZ -- 5/29 4:54 PM (pooled) I am a 24 year old male from Arizona who never watched at 7pm but saw every episode through Xbox live, DVR, or

$10.00 -- Susan, Lacon, IL -- 5/29 4:54 PM (pooled) We are BEGGING you not to get rid of this show!! Never in my life have I seen such an outpouring from the fans of a show, and I truly think CBS is NUTS if they cancel this show!! WHAT MORE DO YOU PEOPLE WANT FROM THE FANS?? We are a family of 7 and we NEVER missed a single episode all year long. I think your replacement programming is ridiculous, and I don't think CBS will find any success with these new programs. Please, PLEASE bring back Jericho for another season!!!!!! Susan

$10.00 -- Joseph, Milwaukee, WI -- 5/29 4:49 PM (pooled) NUTS!...CBS. From Jericho fans... 10 million strong and growing

$5.00 -- Jayne, North Falmouth, MA -- 5/29 4:44 PM (pooled) Bring back Jericho

$5.00 -- Marcus, Medford, NJ -- 5/29 4:44 PM (pooled) Marcus 31 years old Male Medford, NJ $75K annual salary I think I fall into your key demographics. An 18-34 year old male with plenty of disposable income. Please bring JERICHO back!

$10.00 -- Robert, El Paso, TX -- 5/29 4:43 PM (pooled) Save Jericho. NUTS to CBS!

$10.00 -- Tom, Warrington, PA -- 5/29 4:41 PM (pooled) really don't have to many other compelling programs...bring Jericho back

$10.00 -- Casey, Afton, TN -- 5/29 4:40 PM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Kristopher, Norman, OK -- 5/29 4:38 PM (pooled) PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE bring back the best show on TV!!! With almost 7 million current viewers and 2-3 million new viewers from the recent publicity we will be the #1 show on television. Don't punish all of the innocent loyal viewers. We love Jericho and will keep fighting to get it back!!!!!!

$20.00 -- Tami, PITTSBURGH, PA -- 5/29 4:37 PM (pooled) Nuts....and MORE NUTS from a Demographically Correct Family-

$10.00 -- Tiffany, Henderson, NV -- 5/29 4:34 PM (pooled) T. Hamilton, 40 years old, Henderson, NV. Bring back Jericho!

$10.00 -- john, huntington beach, CA -- 5/29 4:31 PM (pooled) 31 male, family income of 100k +, dont chase the idiots...keep something intelligent on network tv...

$5.00 -- Michael, Babylon, NY -- 5/29 4:28 PM (pooled) Mike Babylon, NY Age 36 Married Says " Bring back Jericho "

$25.00 -- Alan, Snoqualmie, WA -- 5/29 4:27 PM (pooled)

$10.00 -- Arlene, Montclair, NJ -- 5/29 4:26 PM (pooled) NUTS to CBS! Bring Jericho back for Season 2!!

$10.00 -- Trevor, Linden, NJ -- 5/29 4:21 PM (pooled) Making two donations, one to Greensburg and one to the renewal of Jericho.

$10.00 -- Lynda, Denver, CO -- 5/29 4:17 PM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Bill, Georgetown, TX -- 5/29 4:10 PM (pooled) I am/was aloyal fan of the Jericho series. It is shame to cancel the show. I would hope you would reconsider the decision. I will offer my services to the network as a program guide. I work cheap and could bring you all out of the red!!! Sincerely Bill Age 49 Enigneer Georgetown, Texas 78626

$5.00 -- Ruth, Owosso, MI -- 5/29 4:04 PM (pooled) I am a 58 year old woman from Michigan and I think what CBS did to it's viewers was NUTS!! Leaving us hanging was not a fair ending for loyal viewers. Return Jericho to the lineup and I will return to CBS as a viewer.

$10.00 -- David, Saraland, AL -- 5/29 4:02 PM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Michael, Hudson, NH -- 5/29 3:58 PM (pooled) You guys are crazy for canceling such a brilliant show.

$10.00 -- Rosario, Corpus Christi, TX -- 5/29 3:49 PM (pooled)

$20.00 -- Garianne, Halringen, TX -- 5/29 3:47 PM (pooled) SAVE "JERICHO". Season 2 will do. NUTS TO YOU CBS

$10.00 -- steve, rancho cucamonga, CA -- 5/29 3:47 PM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Crystal, Tuscaloosa, AL -- 5/29 3:44 PM (pooled) You are NUTS for canceling such a great show.

$5.00 -- Stephen, Wenonah, NJ -- 5/29 3:43 PM (pooled) NUTS to CBS bring back JERICHO!!!!!!!!

$5.00 -- charles, louisville, KY -- 5/29 3:42 PM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Brian, Shoreline, WA -- 5/29 3:40 PM (pooled) Are you NUTS? Do you really think I'm goint to watch KID NATION? Bring Back Jericho. Only Season 2 will do! Brian

$10.00 -- Sally, Gulf Breeze, FL -- 5/29 3:38 PM (pooled) What are you thinking? Jericho is the best new show of this season. Finally, my husband and I found a show that we both really enjoy, and what do you do--cancel it!! Shame! Shame! Jericho is a smart, well written, and enjoyable television series! Please, continue producing it! YOU have the power to "Save Jericho"! Sincerely, Sally (61 yrs. of age) Gulf Breeze, FL

$10.00 -- Rob, Lansdale, PA -- 5/29 3:30 PM (pooled) It's so easy CBS - give us Season 2 of Jericho, and we will all love you again.

$20.00 -- Melissa, Charlotte, NC -- 5/29 3:29 PM (pooled) Please renew Jericho!

$20.00 -- Paula, Port St. Lucie, FL -- 5/29 3:29 PM (pooled) I am a 27 year old middle class working mother of 2 from Florida. The two shows I looked forward to on Wednesday were Lost and of course JERICO! These are also the only two shows my husband will actually sit down and watch with me. Please let us have our Jerico back.

$30.00 -- Laura, Fenton, MO -- 5/29 3:28 PM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Lesley, Andersonville, TN -- 5/29 3:22 PM (pooled)

$10.00 -- Fernando, Warrenville, IL -- 5/29 3:18 PM (pooled) CBS made a BAD DECISION!! SAVE JERICHO!!!!!

$10.00 -- Leslie, Oakland, CA -- 5/29 3:17 PM (pooled) I am a 32 year old, African American woman from Oakland, California who is a loyal fan of Jericho. You've allowed me the opportunity to get to know and love the characters on the show - with Hawkins being my favorite. It is a story of how we as humans would behave in the event of something catastrophic happening to our town/city. Please don't dare to take away such a powerful show in the midst of it's development. I realize the difficulty in your decision, but the numbers will increase - believe me. This is a great show, please don't lose it.

$5.00 -- KITCHA, RIVERSIDE, CA -- 5/29 3:16 PM (pooled)

$10.00 -- Jen, Madison, AL -- 5/29 3:12 PM (pooled) This is the watercooler show at my office. We're 3:1 men to women, aged 25-50, 45K-90K annually in Huntsville, AL. We even had a "Jericho's Back" party when it returned from the long break. This show has everything: action, intrigue, family, and heart. Bring this show back and give it better treatment on your schedule!

$10.00 -- David, Denver, CO -- 5/29 3:12 PM (pooled)

$10.00 -- Kelly, Port Arthur, TX -- 5/29 3:05 PM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Edward, Calgary, AB -- 5/29 3:03 PM (pooled) BRING BACK JERICHO

$5.00 -- jerry, monroe, MI -- 5/29 3:03 PM (pooled) Ms. Kahl, I think these tons of nuts speaks adequately for my thoughts. SAVE JERICHO!!!!! Jerry

$10.00 -- Greta, Dayton, TX -- 5/29 2:58 PM (pooled) I am a 50yo teacher who loves Jericho. There is so much "chuffer" on tv, and then you take off a quality show like this one? Wednesday was the one day I looked forward to watching tv. BRING BACK JERICHO!

$10.00 -- Monica, Claymont, DE -- 5/29 2:48 PM (pooled) SAVE JERICHO!

$20.00 -- Katie, Lynn, MA -- 5/29 2:42 PM (pooled)

$10.00 -- Jeffrey, Laurel, MD -- 5/29 2:36 PM (pooled) Bring back Jericho!! You're the NUTS if you don't!

$5.00 -- Diane, Knoxville, TN -- 5/29 2:36 PM (pooled) I am a 37 year old female who watches Jericho with her 39 year old husband EVERY Wednesday and again on the web. We have told all of our friends about Jericho and they have all started watching the show as well. Please hear the requests of all Jericho's fans and give us our second season!! You have a proven fan base with this show, so instead of replacing it with something these millions of fans will NOT watch, give us our Jericho back and watch your numbers for season two soar even higher. Again, put Jericho back on the air!! Beth Blanchard, a loyal Jericho fan forever!!!

$20.00 -- Melanie, Quincy, IL -- 5/29 2:27 PM (pooled) CBS--Please reconsider this decision to cancel Jericho. This is my second order for you. I am a 18-49 age 50,000+ a year income. I can afford $20 per week in nuts and will continue to do so until your PR team helps you eat crow properly and renew Jericho for a second season. I have given up every moment of my free time in two weeks to follow and fight with the Jericho Rangers for our cause. Think about how much our efforts can help others in need when you meet our demands. Read the boards..We are willing to support Red Cross, and other organizations in the name of Jericho on CBS. Help us help others.

$5.00 -- Colleen, Victorville, CA -- 5/29 2:23 PM (pooled)

$10.00 -- Brenda, Jacksonville, FL -- 5/29 2:22 PM (pooled) CBS - we're still here and will keep fighting until we get Season 2

$20.00 -- Michael, Issaquah, WA -- 5/29 2:18 PM (pooled)

$20.00 -- Siroth, St. Charles, MO -- 5/29 2:18 PM (pooled) Husband & wife, both age 35, both professional, disposable income. Need we say more?

$5.00 -- Bev, Wesley Chapel, FL -- 5/29 2:15 PM (pooled) Bring back Jericho!!!!!!!!! It was a great show & it is not too late. Stop cancelling shows that are better than the new crap you put on the air.

$5.00 -- Ryan, Stephens City, VA -- 5/29 2:12 PM (pooled) Here are some NUTS from a loyal 24 year old male Jericho lover!

$10.00 -- Bob, Toronto (CAN), NJ -- 5/29 2:02 PM (pooled) I'm Bob. 27. From Canada. I watched every week. Great show, bad decision.

$5.00 -- Sandy, Simi Valley, CA -- 5/29 1:56 PM (pooled) Female, 48 years old, So.Cal: We hope you will reconsider the cancellation of Jericho and BRING ON A 2ND SEASON!!! Not only Nuts to CBS...but NUTS to the Nielsons...!!! Sandy & Richo

$5.00 -- Laura, Simi Valley, CA -- 5/29 1:54 PM (pooled) SIMI VALLEY, CALIFORNIA IS "NUTS" OVER JERICHO!!

$20.00 -- Cameron, Manhattan Beach, CA -- 5/29 1:53 PM (pooled)

$10.00 -- Jason, Little Rock, AR -- 5/29 1:52 PM (pooled) demographic info: male, age 27, living in Arkansas Save Jericho! It was the greatest show on CBS this season. I often talked to others about it and promoted it frequently.

$5.00 -- Angelique, Foster, WV -- 5/29 1:52 PM (pooled) Dear CBS, I would like to thank you for the first wonderful season of our beloved Jericho. We're asking that you'll listen to the voices of your viewing audience. Please bring Jericho back for a second season? Anything less is unacceptable. We will continue to fight until you reconsider your decision!

$5.00 -- Timothy, Coral Springs, FL -- 5/29 1:51 PM (pooled)

$5.00 -- George, Morrisville, PA -- 5/29 1:51 PM (pooled) Bring Back Jericho

$20.00 -- Rebecca, Jacksonville, FL -- 5/29 1:36 PM (pooled) Please bring Jericho back! I am probably not your typical viewer - 32 year married woman with an MBA from Jacksonville, FL. I loved this show and was hooked by the end. Please give it a chance!

$20.00 -- Cathy, Whittier, CA -- 5/29 1:36 PM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Rosanne, Olin, IA -- 5/29 1:33 PM (pooled) Please give Jericho another chance in a different timeslot!! Rosanne Brown Age 41

$5.00 -- Craig, Melbourne, FL -- 5/29 1:28 PM (pooled) Just say no to reality TV and countless versions of CSI and CSI-type shows...SAVE JERICHO!

$30.00 -- Terry, Syracuse, NY -- 5/29 1:25 PM (pooled) I live in Syracuse, New York, I'm retired, comfortable financially, female and I WANT A RENEWAL OF JERICHO!!!! NOT A TWO-HOUR WRAP-UP BUT A FULL SEASON(S) IN A TIMESLOT THAT GIVES JERICHO FANS A CHANCE TO PUT THIS SHOW AT THE TOP!!! SAVE JERICHO! BRING BACK THE SHOW!!!

$10.00 -- Diane, Buffalo, NY -- 5/29 1:19 PM (pooled) Save Jericho. Give us Season 2! Age/Gender: 53,Female Income: Plenty of Disposable Income... Buffalo, NY

$10.00 -- Carolyn, Linden, NJ -- 5/29 1:18 PM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Andrew, Hoboken, NJ -- 5/29 1:14 PM (pooled)

$20.00 -- roberta, tucson, AZ -- 5/29 1:12 PM (pooled) Bring back Jericho for a second season !!!!

$10.00 -- Marisa, Newark, NJ -- 5/29 1:11 PM (pooled)

$20.00 -- sue, Claymont, DE -- 5/29 1:05 PM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Valerie, Bellwood, IL -- 5/29 12:49 PM (pooled) BRING BACK JERICHO!!!! Valerie Bellwood, IL age 37

$5.00 -- Michael, Claremont, NH -- 5/29 12:47 PM (pooled) Cancel some reality TV shows instead!

$20.00 -- william, allston, MA -- 5/29 12:45 PM (pooled)


$30.00 -- james, philadelphia, PA -- 5/29 12:21 PM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Raymond, Tucson, AZ -- 5/29 12:15 PM (pooled) Enough cops, CSI's doctors, lawyers, and those stupid, stupid reality shows. Jericho was well written, acted and actually held my interest past the first 3 or 4 shows. With the mastermind in charge of scheduling, it was difficult to find. Good family entertainment and better ratings than Catie Couric. Whats not to like? SAVE JERICHO

$5.00 -- Elena, Lumberton, TX -- 5/29 12:07 PM (pooled) You people have to be NUTS to cancel a great show like "Jericho." It wasn't even doing badly in the ratings. Number 43 out of ove4r 100 shows is in the top third. What in the world are you thinking??? Bring back "Jericho," put it at a definite time on the schedule, DON'T put it on hiatus, and show it some respect, for fans' sake. Don't cancel one of the best shows CBS has ever aired. Elena & Kent

$10.00 -- Michael, Cypress, TX -- 5/29 12:03 PM (pooled) Bring back Jericho!

$10.00 -- Justin, South Jordan, UT -- 5/29 12:03 PM (pooled) Hello, again, I'm very happy that CBS is finally listening and deciding its options with regard to the show Jericho. Please return it to the airwaves. This 36 year old man with disposable income to spare will be watching if this happens, and I will be predisposed to try other CBS shows as well. The Nielsen ratings system you used to justify the cancellation is outdated and does not capture many viewers in today's global economy where many work outside the normal 8-5 hours (such as myself). Also, Jericho can educate many on the need for emergency preparedness. After I started watching the show, I got motivated to make basic emergency preparations with the help of the show's Web content. Regards, Justin

$5.00 -- Heather, Auburn, ME -- 5/29 11:59 AM (pooled) SAVE JERICHO! Please renew this show for a second season.


$5.00 -- Olga, Orlando, FL -- 5/29 11:46 AM (pooled) Please bring back Jericho! CBS will lose another viewer if they don't bring back Jericho. Olga Orlando, FL

$5.00 -- roberta, tucson, AZ -- 5/29 11:43 AM (pooled) CBS - WE WANT ANOTHER SEASON OF JERICHO !!

$5.00 -- Richard, Tulsa, OK -- 5/29 11:43 AM (pooled) SAVE JERICHO!!! Please don't cancel such a great show!!!

$5.00 -- Tracy, Stowe, VT -- 5/29 11:32 AM (pooled) CBS is Nuts! Time to change the way television programming is decided. Bring back Jericho!

$20.00 -- Mark, Massillon, OH -- 5/29 11:30 AM (pooled) CBS......Certified BS!!! Age 38, male, married, Massillon, OH. Nielsen Viewer: No!! (whoops, guess you missed me!)

$10.00 -- Stacy, Littleton, CO -- 5/29 11:29 AM (pooled) CBS is NUTS! Renew Jericho for another season, or pass it on to a network who will!

$5.00 -- Bunnie, Taylor, TX -- 5/29 11:28 AM (pooled) Tomorrow's mighty oak is today's nut who held her ground! Bring Jericho back!

$5.00 -- Nathan, Centreville, VA -- 5/29 11:26 AM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Paul, Burley, ID -- 5/29 11:22 AM (pooled) We appreciate your donating these nuts to worthy causes. We'd really appreciate you saying "Nuts, we screwed up." and BRING BACK JERICHO!

$5.00 -- David, Bowling Green, KY -- 5/29 11:09 AM (pooled) Bring back Jericho! Why do you always cancel quality entertainment!?!

$10.00 -- Todd, Longview, TX -- 5/29 11:09 AM (pooled) Texans are Nuts for Jericho.

$5.00 -- cheryle, cleveland, TN -- 5/29 11:01 AM (pooled) please save jericho I know CBS is capable of saving this quality program. Thanks

$20.00 -- Austin, St. John's, NL, Canada, A1G1K2, NJ -- 5/29 10:59 AM (pooled) Aid from Canada. Cancel Jericho? Nuts!!!!!

$10.00 -- Win, Landenberg, PA -- 5/29 10:57 AM (pooled) Please bring back Jericho...we do not need another reality TV show. This is one 14 year old male who won't be watching CBS next year...and neither will my parents.

$10.00 -- Thomas, Van Nuys, CA -- 5/29 10:53 AM (pooled)

$20.00 -- Christopher, Warwick, NY -- 5/29 10:51 AM (pooled) Nothing short of Season two will do! NUTS!

$10.00 -- Michael, Knoxville, TN -- 5/29 10:44 AM (pooled) Save Jericho! I haven't missed an episode yet and don't plan to if you bring it back! Tell that to your advertisers!

$5.00 -- Shawn, Endicott, NY -- 5/29 10:41 AM (pooled) You must be nuts to cancel Jericho

$5.00 -- Mary, Culleoka, TN -- 5/29 10:37 AM (pooled) Jericho is a show that is both Intelligent & gripping. Of course you cancelled them. I am a 45 year old female small business owner, with an income of $175,000 a year. I also make all buying decisions in my home & Jericho was 1 of 4 shows I watch each week. My loss is also your advertisers loss!

$20.00 -- Jenny, Sycamore, IL -- 5/29 10:36 AM (pooled) save Jericho!!!!!!!

$10.00 -- I., Amsterdam, CA -- 5/29 10:23 AM (pooled) Pls return the show

$30.00 -- Jessica, Fayetteville, NC -- 5/29 10:17 AM (pooled) Save JERICHO!!!!

$10.00 -- Pete, Pennsburg, PA -- 5/29 10:17 AM (pooled) Bring Back JERICHO!!! Pete

$10.00 -- Vicki, Haysville, KS -- 5/29 10:12 AM (pooled) NUTS to CBS!!! Bring Jericho Back!!!

$5.00 -- james, cana, VA -- 5/29 10:10 AM (pooled) bring back jericho

$30.00 -- Carolyn, New Hartford, NY -- 5/29 10:07 AM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Joshua, Pittsburgh, PA -- 5/29 10:03 AM (pooled) NUTS! Bring back Jericho!

$30.00 -- Frank, Garland, TX -- 5/29 9:48 AM (pooled)

$10.00 -- Marcy, Humble, TX -- 5/29 9:48 AM (pooled) Please let Jericho live! Marcy Houston, TX

$5.00 -- Steven, Coeur d'Alene, ID -- 5/29 9:39 AM (pooled) I know you're getting a lot of NUTS, but we appreciate what you have done for CBS. Please do the right thing and REVIVE JERICHO! Thanks!

$5.00 -- Sophia, McAllen, TX -- 5/29 9:37 AM (pooled) Save Jericho! Season 2--Nothing Less Will Do!

$10.00 -- Darlene, Titusville, FL -- 5/29 9:36 AM (pooled)

$10.00 -- Robert, Faucett, MO -- 5/29 9:33 AM (pooled) This is the very first time I have ever tried to save a show I liked. After talking with my son and my wife (who have bought nuts for cbs) I believe that this show is worth saving. There is something special about Jericho. I guess it is that during hard times, everyone comes together. It doesn't matter if your black, white, republican or democrat, we all unite. That was what was so nice about Jericho and that is what unique about this effort to save Jericho. It comes down to the very core of our existence, it's about humanity. NUTS to CBS for trying to take that away from us!

$5.00 -- Gabriel, Knoxville, TN -- 5/29 9:25 AM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Dustin, Lexington, KY -- 5/29 9:17 AM (pooled) NUTS to you CBS from a 25 y/o viewer from Central Kentucky.

$5.00 -- Shannon, Muncy Valley, PA -- 5/29 8:47 AM (pooled) Please bring back JERICHO!!! This is the ONLY show that my family would sit down to watch together every week. I think this campaign says it all... (Household income $85,000+; 1 male age 32, 1 female age 36, 1 male age 11, 1 female age 2)

$5.00 -- Marna, Candler, NC -- 5/29 8:39 AM (pooled) Please bring back "Jericho"-at least have enough respect for the fans who hung in there to end it satisfactorily. I know CBS was disappointed with ratings-but do you really have another show you think will do better against "Idol" next year than "Jericho" (that has a fan base that was dedicated and increasing)? CBS has a reputation as the "old people" network and as the "guts and gore CSI" channel. "Jericho" offered something different-and then you pulled it-saying it struggled with ratings after a too-long hiatus that was CBS's fault. SAVE "JERICHO"!!

$5.00 -- Keith, Kissimmee, FL -- 5/29 8:35 AM (pooled) Hello. I am very disappointed in CBS for canceling Jericho. I am a 34-year-old professional, Household Income $95,000. And I am boycotting CBS for the 07-08 season. Nuts? You bet!

$5.00 -- Cindy, Monroe, LA -- 5/29 8:27 AM (pooled) We don't have a Nielsen box, and we watch on the computer or TiVO it...bring it back you NUTS!!!!

$5.00 -- Charles, Springdale, AR -- 5/29 8:12 AM (pooled)

$20.00 -- Lara, linden, NJ -- 5/29 7:52 AM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Julie, Ashburn, VA -- 5/29 7:15 AM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Kim, Pleasantville, PA -- 5/29 7:07 AM (pooled) Jericho is one of the best shows that CBS has put out in many years, canceling it is a big mistake on CBS's part. Your line up is pretty crappy to begin with ... With out Jericho all you have is CSI, Criminal Minds & Two & A Half Men, and as much as I like those other shows, if you insist on canceling Jericho, I'll no longer watch CBS ! I sincerely hope that enough others feel the same way & that they ALL quit watching CBS all together ! I'm sure that some other network will gladly take your ratings away ! Perhaps USA or SciFi ! Keep your Reality shows, lose Jericho ... lose your ratings ! Kim Pleasantville, PA. 16341

$10.00 -- Gerald, Columbia, TN -- 5/29 5:52 AM (pooled) I am a 54 yr. old male from a small town in Tennessee. Jericho was the only TV show that I never miss. Please reconsider and give the rest of the viewing public a better chance to see this fine show. I think it could become a really huge show.Thank you, Gerald

$20.00 -- miranda, linden, NY -- 5/29 5:49 AM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Clay, Sacramento, CA -- 5/29 5:38 AM (pooled)

$5.00 -- christopher, midlothian, TX -- 5/29 5:04 AM (pooled)

$10.00 -- Richard, Winter Park, FL -- 5/29 4:35 AM (pooled) Dear CBS, way to go. you now consist of less than 2% of my DVR programming. Luckily you kept Shark or you'd be off completely. I am a 26 year old male with an income in the upper 20's living in Winter Park, FL. Sincerely, Rich p.s. from what I hear, your choice to replace Jericho, Kid Nation, isn't going to make it very far. I hope you're proud of yourselves.

$15.00 -- louise, linden, NJ -- 5/29 4:05 AM (pooled)

$5.00 -- John, Bloomington, IL -- 5/29 3:56 AM (pooled) My name is John and a devoted Jericho fan. Please bring the show back- I usually don't get behind many shows but this one really hit home. C'mon CBS do the right thing here!!! The fans are speaking......

$5.00 -- Christopher, Orlando, FL -- 5/29 3:42 AM (pooled) Instead of canceling good shows, try being more successful at adapting your business model to the new age of digital media. I watched every episode of Jericho, but never once saw it on television.

$5.00 -- Scott, Rockville, MD -- 5/29 3:05 AM (pooled) Please put Jericho back on the air. The massive response can be turned into a marketing coup for the show! Scott, 36/M/Rockville, MD My wife and three kids would also like to watch CBS again, but not until Jericho is back on the air.

$5.00 -- Kent, Auckland, AP -- 5/29 2:53 AM (pooled) Please bring back Jericho. It's my favorite show - the only show I just can't miss. Kent, 38, rich, spends lots of money on advertiser's products.

$5.00 -- Scott, Houston, TX -- 5/29 2:37 AM (pooled) NUTS! To those who think they should cancel good show in favor for more of the mind sucking reality cr**!

$5.00 -- Shirley, Duarte, CA -- 5/29 2:24 AM (pooled)

$10.00 -- Frank, Feasterville, PA -- 5/29 2:20 AM (pooled) Chatter Says NUTS to CBS! Bring Back Jericho!

$10.00 -- RICHARD, BLOOMFIELD, NM -- 5/29 1:59 AM (pooled) SAVE JERICHO

$5.00 -- Lynda, Denver, CO -- 5/29 1:20 AM (pooled)

$10.00 -- Sandy, Los Angeles, CA -- 5/29 1:07 AM (pooled)

$10.00 -- John, Chantilly, VA -- 5/29 12:54 AM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Michael, Joliet, IL -- 5/29 12:50 AM (pooled) What were you Thinking? Jericho is a Great Show.

$10.00 -- Weston, Mobile, AL -- 5/29 12:34 AM (pooled) Please Bring Back Jericho for a Second Season! Demographic Info: Age: 40 Gender: Male Location: Mobile, AL Income: $70,000 Age: 44 Gender: Female Age: 14 Gender: Female Age: 10 Gender: Male Age: 7 Gender: Male

$30.00 -- Sonya, Manning, SC -- 5/29 12:25 AM (pooled) BRING JERICHO BACK FOR ANOTHER SEASON !!!!!

$5.00 -- Christina, Portland, OR -- 5/29 12:19 AM (pooled) Jericho was the first CBS show I watched in years, and it may be the last CBS show I ever watch if you do not bring it back. - An outraged 27 year old female graduate student from Portland, Oregon.

$5.00 -- Lori, Burns, TN -- 5/29 12:16 AM (pooled) Bring Jericho back for a second season! Jericho is quality programming! -From a viewer who is a 25 year old female small business owner in Middle TN...

$10.00 -- Jack, Corinth, TX -- 5/29 12:13 AM (pooled) I am 54 and a practicing Internal Medician physician in Grapevine Texas. This show is one of the few shows I really enjoy.

$50.00 -- Joshua, Temecula, CA -- 5/29 12:00 AM (pooled) Kelly Kahl, Please allow "Jericho" to return, I beg you!! My entire family watched the show:MOM,51...WIFE,30... SISTER,19...BROTHER,29... SISTER,25...DAD,53... All of us live in TEMECULA, CALIFORNIA. ALL OF US COMBINED: $220,000

$20.00 -- Mike, Oklahoma City, OK -- 5/28 11:59 PM (pooled) What are you NUTS????? What an awesome show... our whole church group watches this show. We all sit around and discuss each episode and all the different plots and scenarios....Please do NOT continue with your original course of action: cancelling Jericho... Thank For Listening, Mike and Laura Oklahoma City, OK

$10.00 -- Andrew, Oklahoma City, OK -- 5/28 11:59 PM (pooled) Andy - 27 year old male in Oklahoma City

$10.00 -- Randy, Madera, CA -- 5/28 11:56 PM (pooled) NUTS!! Bring back Jericho. I'm a 47 year old medical professional, husband and father of two college age kids. Our family income is well into 6-figures. We are what you would call "major consumers". Our affiliate here in Central California is KGPE. Finally, I know one thing for certain, if Jericho is not back on the Fall schedule...CBS will not be on ours.

$20.00 -- George, N Las Vegas, NV -- 5/28 11:51 PM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Myron, Commack, NY -- 5/28 11:48 PM (pooled) Save Jericho! from 60+ from Long Island

$10.00 -- Joseph, Palmetto, FL -- 5/28 11:38 PM (pooled)

$20.00 -- Charles, Seymour, CT -- 5/28 11:38 PM (pooled)

$10.00 -- Joshua, Edwardsville, KS -- 5/28 11:36 PM (pooled) You are NUTS to cancel this show!

$20.00 -- Carolyn, Mount Prospect, IL -- 5/28 11:28 PM (pooled)

$10.00 -- Sharon, Dacono, CO -- 5/28 11:21 PM (pooled) Another Season of Jericho - Nothing less will do!!!

$10.00 -- Jaquelin, Asheville, NC -- 5/28 11:18 PM (pooled) Hi, CBS -- Why the nuts? We want a second season of Jericho, with the citizens of Jericho right where they belong: on our television, computer, or even IPod screen. Large as life. Fighting for their very existence. We want to know the answers to all the questions already posed, and the millions of others that are waiting to be asked: Will Hawkins drive the tank into the train to stop it? What does the bizarre flag that Heather saw really mean? Will anyone get radiation sickness? Will Alison Hawkins turn into a little Sydney Bristow now? Where *was* Jake for five years? What are other parts of the country going through? How is the rest of the world reacting? We can't possibly let you just up and cancel our show with Jake shouting "Now!" and a hail of bullets and a fade to black. We need another two, three, four years of these characters growing and developing. And we need you to recognize that Jericho was much more that a bunch of dusty Nielson ratings. - Jaquelin P. Age 34

$5.00 -- William, Potomac, MD -- 5/28 11:16 PM (pooled) season 2, please!

$10.00 -- Sara, Mason City, IA -- 5/28 11:07 PM (pooled) My boyfriend and I loved Jericho. Wednesday night was date night for us. We would make dinner together & then sit down to watch Jericho (I played hooky from my Wednesday night women's club meetings every time a new episode aired - shhh!)This was the only show we could both agree to watch together. You can't just leave us hanging on the plot line... --Sara B. Age 32 Mason City, IA

$20.00 -- Jeremy, Broken Arrow, OK -- 5/28 11:01 PM (pooled) Please do the right thing. I am a 31 year old father living in Broken Arrow (just outside of Tulsa), OK.

$10.00 -- Drew, Prattville, AL -- 5/28 10:57 PM (pooled) Please bring back Jericho!

$30.00 -- Suzanne, Tuscaloosa, AL -- 5/28 10:46 PM (pooled) Please bring back Jericho for a second season! Suzanne 45 female Tuscaloosa, AL household income over $125,000

$5.00 -- Josh, Hermitage, TN -- 5/28 10:39 PM (pooled) My name is Josh (30 y/o white male), and I'd like to say that my wife (30 y/o white female) and I watched as much as we could. It was tough to watch at 7pm, and I watched EVERY episode online as well. I never missed one. I hope it can move to a better time and come back! Save Jericho!!!!

$20.00 -- Sylvain, Linden, NJ -- 5/28 10:35 PM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Ken, Mansfield, MA -- 5/28 10:31 PM (pooled) I am Ken Lee , a 44 year old male from Boston Mass....please keep Jericho on's one of the most original shows in years....and it deserves to stay on the air.

$50.00 -- jeff, highland, IN -- 5/28 10:27 PM (pooled) 2nd season only!!!! bring Jericho back!!!! jeff 29 highland in 46322

$10.00 -- Sarah, Linden, NJ -- 5/28 10:19 PM (pooled) It's a strange way to fight, but just to show that Canadians love Jericho too, here are some nuts from a 20-something Vancouver woman.

$5.00 -- Kenneth, Toms River, NJ -- 5/28 10:10 PM (pooled) I am a 28 year old male algebra teacher from New Jersey (Klondregan). Who was the dingbat that decided to cancel Jericho one of the best shows on television, and at the same time, develop a show called Pirate Master? Is it me or does CBS really stand for Crummy Bad Shows? Whatever you guys are getting paid there at CBS, its too much!

$10.00 -- Erik, Centreville, VA -- 5/28 10:06 PM (pooled) SAVE JERICHO!

$20.00 -- Mary, Okemos, MI -- 5/28 10:04 PM (pooled)

$20.00 -- Troy, Salem, IL -- 5/28 10:03 PM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Pamela, The Villages, FL -- 5/28 9:56 PM (pooled) We love this show and enjoy discussing each episode with the kids. We're in our fifties, they're in their twenties.

$5.00 -- Christopher, Gravette, AR -- 5/28 9:55 PM (pooled) 32-year-old professional male, Arkansas, our household income is about 45,000. PLEASE BRING BACK JERICHO FOR SEASON TWO!!!

$20.00 -- Devon, siasconset, MA -- 5/28 9:34 PM (pooled) Bring back jericho please.

$10.00 -- Daniel, Tampa, FL -- 5/28 9:33 PM (pooled) BRING BACK JERICHO! ONLY SEASON TWO WILL DO! SAVE JERICHO!

$5.00 -- Craig, Sherwood Park, AB -- 5/28 9:25 PM (pooled)

$10.00 -- Bill, Great Falls, VA -- 5/28 9:22 PM (pooled) Give Jericho a shot. It's a well-written, excellent show and should be allowed to continue. Keep it alive! Demos: Bill F., 35, $200k, M, 22066

$5.00 -- Greg, Macon, MO -- 5/28 9:06 PM (pooled) Bring back JERICHO!!!!

$10.00 -- Carolyn, New Hartford, NY -- 5/28 8:59 PM (pooled)

$10.00 -- Deborah, Hurdle Mills, NC -- 5/28 8:24 PM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Jeanette, Hornell, NY -- 5/28 8:23 PM (pooled) Dump Katie! Keep Jericho!!

$5.00 -- Josh, Saint Charles, MO -- 5/28 7:47 PM (pooled)

$10.00 -- ShirleyAnn, Linden, NJ -- 5/28 7:23 PM (pooled) Bring Jericho back for season 2! Age: 41; Income: $70,000+; Gender: Female; Location: Canada.

$20.00 -- Anna, Houston, TX -- 5/28 7:13 PM (pooled) CBS - Be heroes and make millions of fans happy by RENEWING JERICHO FOR A SECOND SEASON!!!!! Anna Houston, TX 65 yr/old & Anamari Phegley Houston, TX 38 yr/old & Russell Phegley Houston, TX 36 yr/old & Richard Phegley Houston, TX 72 yr/old

$10.00 -- judy, Peoria, AZ -- 5/28 7:12 PM (pooled) I'm a 58 year old nurse in Phoenix, I never missed an episode of Jericho.

$10.00 -- Andrew, Yosemite, CA -- 5/28 7:04 PM (pooled) Please save one of the best shows on TV. We need a conclusion to the story! We need a new way of looking at the ratings too! What about all the internet viewers? Andrew California

$10.00 -- Steven, lake stevens, WA -- 5/28 6:48 PM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Rachel, Winnemucca, NV -- 5/28 6:45 PM (pooled) Save Jericho!!!!! Chris & Rachel, 32,31 Winnemucca, NV

$10.00 -- Audrey, Gresham, OR -- 5/28 6:42 PM (pooled) Show us that "CBS Cares". Please bring back Jericho. Be the hero to millions of fans. We will never give up.

$5.00 -- R., Crystal, MN -- 5/28 6:39 PM (pooled) I have enjoyed Jericho very much and am sorry to hear it will no longer continue. Age: 43 Income: > 75000 Location: Minnesota

$5.00 -- Nadia, Linden, NJ -- 5/28 6:22 PM (pooled)

$10.00 -- Eileen, Geneva, IL -- 5/28 6:20 PM (pooled)

$20.00 -- Carolyn, Maryville, TN -- 5/28 6:16 PM (pooled) I am a 60-year old female fan of Jericho in. My very large family all get together on Wednesday night to watch Jericho. Bring back family night to the Smokey Mountains!!!!!

$5.00 -- barry, Linden, NJ -- 5/28 6:10 PM (pooled) Nuts to you Sincerely, Barton(Dublin, Ireland)

$5.00 -- Mychal, St. Louis Park, MN -- 5/28 6:09 PM (pooled) Please bring back this wonderful show.

$5.00 -- Elizabeth, Linden, NJ -- 5/28 6:07 PM (pooled) NUTS TO CBS! SAVE JERICHO!

$30.00 -- Sheila, Boise, ID -- 5/28 6:06 PM (pooled) SAVE Jericho...only Season2 will do!!

$20.00 -- kathy, san Juan Capistrano, CA -- 5/28 6:06 PM (pooled) Second FULL season for Jericho

$20.00 -- John, Granite City, IL -- 5/28 6:03 PM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Kenneth, Corryton, TN -- 5/28 6:02 PM (pooled)

$10.00 -- Marilyn, Cohoes, NY -- 5/28 6:00 PM (pooled) PLEASE RECONSIDER YOUR DECISION TO CANCEL JERICHO, ONE OF THE FEW GOOD SHOWS ON TV!!! I am a 53 year old married female from upstate NY with a middle-class income and a husband & 2 sons who also love Jericho.

$5.00 -- William, Newark, DE -- 5/28 5:58 PM (pooled)

$20.00 -- Tony, Haverhill, MA -- 5/28 5:58 PM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Bobbi, Red Wing, MN -- 5/28 5:57 PM (pooled) NUTS! RENEW JERICHO!

$5.00 -- Jeppe, Gentofte, Denmark, AP -- 5/28 5:56 PM (pooled) Just some NUTS from Denmark. I'm an 18 year old male, from Denmark. I URGE you to reconsider the cancellation of Jericho! I watch it on the Danish channel "TV2"

$50.00 -- Jonathan, Keller, TX -- 5/28 5:55 PM (pooled)

$20.00 -- Bonnie, Rockville Centre, NY -- 5/28 5:46 PM (pooled)

$10.00 -- Mary, DuBois, PA -- 5/28 5:39 PM (pooled)

$10.00 -- Jessica, Portland, OR -- 5/28 5:38 PM (pooled) This show kept my wife and I from getting a divorce. We are 29 and 30 in Portland, Oregon. Please bring back Jericho so that we can have something to talk about.

$5.00 -- Stephen, Salt Lake City, UT -- 5/28 5:31 PM (pooled) Ms. Kahl, Jericho is one of the few unique shows to arrive on television in years. So much more than a bland sitcom or redundant and boring reality shows, Jericho has heart. People of all ages can relate to the characters and those of us that lived through the Cold War have had our fears restoked. It is good television. As I'm sure you've heard from millions of other people, I believe that canceling Jericho was a bad idea. I watched it from the pilot and was anticipating watching it for several more seasons. Every television show has a natural lifespan, please let Jericho live out its. I'm sure that you will be pleasantly surprised by the results. Regards, Stephen Salt Lake City, Utah

$20.00 -- Larry, Linden, NJ -- 5/28 5:26 PM (pooled) Jericho is one of the best shows on the tube. I make time out of my schedule to see it. Believe me, no one else gets that sort of commitment from me.

$10.00 -- Randy, Lewisville, TX -- 5/28 5:02 PM (pooled) NUTS!!! to CBS SAVE JERICHO!!!

$5.00 -- Chris, Salem, OR -- 5/28 4:59 PM (pooled) Keep quality programming, bring back Jericho!

$5.00 -- Jenny, Eielson AFB, AK -- 5/28 4:56 PM (pooled) I am from Kansas but currently live in Alaska and I just love this show!! Please bring it back!!!!!

$5.00 -- jennifer, taylors, SC -- 5/28 4:56 PM (pooled) South Carolina is NUTS for Jericho!

$10.00 -- Jsaon, Aledo, IL -- 5/28 4:35 PM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Pamela, Moore haven, FL -- 5/28 4:30 PM (pooled) 36yr old housewife from Florida here. Jericho was a great escape for me and I watched faitfully, never missing an episode. I used to watch your other programming that came on after Jericho just because it was easy. I will not watch any more of your programming, my disappointment at being left hanging over the Jericho story was so great.

$5.00 -- John, Decatur, IN -- 5/28 4:20 PM (pooled) My wife and I both are young 30's. She is a homemaker and I am in insurance sales. We have found Jericho to be one of only a few programs that is unique and stimulating. We would ensure that in one way or another, we would see each episode. If we could not watch it live, we would record it or watch it online. It appears that decisions were made that affected the programs ratings. Who made those decisions? It was not the viewing public. It was the leadership at CBS. Despite those decisions, this program was sucessful in the ratings, especially in compairison to the other networks. Also, the fans it cultivated are die hard, hard core, to the end fans. CBS leadership, why don't you use this opportunity to spin this to your favor. You could bring back the program for another season while appearing to be the cutting edge hero of it all. Used wisely, this fan base could double the ratings next season. Use this as an opportunity to grow your network and increase your profits!!!!

$5.00 -- David, Denver, CO -- 5/28 4:16 PM (pooled) Reverse this nutty decision to cancel Jericho, we want to see it this Fall!!

$30.00 -- Thomas, Bountiful, UT -- 5/28 4:04 PM (pooled) SAVE JERICHO! Give it a second chance!

$5.00 -- Kathy, darien, IL -- 5/28 3:49 PM (pooled) Please bring back JERICHO!!!! (from 41 y/o female Chicagoan TV viewer)

$20.00 -- ray, st. petersburg, FL -- 5/28 3:48 PM (pooled)

$10.00 -- Susan, Laurel, MD -- 5/28 3:37 PM (pooled) Jericho was one of only two shows my husband and I made a point of sitting down and watching, or taping if we couldn't be home when it was on.

$5.00 -- Matthew, Saint Charles, MO -- 5/28 3:32 PM (pooled) CBS your nuts!!! Im a male 20 years old and was always looking forward every week for jericho to come on. Me and all my friends!! you just broke are hearts by canceling jericho!! You should reconsider your actions and give it another try!! Advertise a little more for the show and move it into a different time slot!! away fro m that stupid show american idol!. Please bring back jericho!! if not at least alow another tv station to buy the rights from you!! Please Please. Sincerely, A really big Fan of Jericho!!

$5.00 -- Elisabeth, Kent, OH -- 5/28 3:27 PM (pooled) Please reconsider your decision to cancel "Jericho", and renew it for a second season. Beth: female, age 34, Ohio viewer.

$5.00 -- Kristine, North Fond du Lac, WI -- 5/28 3:21 PM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Harrison, Gastonia, NC -- 5/28 3:14 PM (pooled) Bring Jericho back. Enjoy these nuts! :)

$10.00 -- Tracy, Astoria, NY -- 5/28 2:51 PM (pooled) Best wishes & keep Jericho! TJ NY, NY

$5.00 -- Jason, Lawrence, KS -- 5/28 2:46 PM (pooled)

$10.00 -- Joyce, Burns, TN -- 5/28 2:45 PM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Nicole, Albany, NY -- 5/28 2:34 PM (pooled) I am a 37 year old, business professional from Albany, NY. Due to working late hours I am not able to watch TV during it's normally scheduled times. I watch using my DVR or OnLine, which is how I watched Jericho. Nielsen may not see me, but you have heard my voice. Bring Back Jericho - Season 2

$50.00 -- Kay, Surprise, AZ -- 5/28 2:33 PM (pooled) NO JERICHO = NO CBS IN MY HOME! BRING IT BACK.

$10.00 -- Michael, Elk Grove, CA -- 5/28 2:21 PM (pooled) Cancelling Jericho? You're nuts. Jericho is one of the most innovative and interesting shows in years. I am outraged that you would just cancel it and leave the story line hanging. You owe it to the loyal Jericho viewers to finish the story, a tie up episode a TV movie, something.

$5.00 -- Laura, Havana, FL -- 5/28 2:13 PM (pooled)

$10.00 -- Alison, Sandwich, MA -- 5/28 2:10 PM (pooled) Thank you CBS for bringing us Jericho. Please consider bringing us Season 2.

$10.00 -- Susan, Thorntown, IN -- 5/28 2:09 PM (pooled)

$10.00 -- Dorian, Ashland, KY -- 5/28 2:01 PM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Joseph, Goshen, NY -- 5/28 1:53 PM (pooled) Long Live Jericho! A faithful viewer and his entire family say bring it back! We intend to boycott the remainder of the lineup if you don't do the right thing. Stop canceling shows without giving them a decent chance. Enjoy the nuts!

$5.00 -- Nancy, Grapevine, TX -- 5/28 1:30 PM (pooled) How can you expect anyone to watch a CBS show with a serial story if you disrespect viewers by cutting off a show without any resolution?

$5.00 -- Lynn, Tucker, GA -- 5/28 1:27 PM (pooled) Please bring Jericho back! You'll look good and the fans, advertisers and shareholders will be happy. A movie won't do. There is room for character development and story line to continue for years, and your millions of fans (more closely estimated to be at 14-15 million) will faithfully watch your show year after year. Isn't that the elusive golden goose networks are reaching for - a devoted fan base? Well, you've certainly got one here - don't be foolish and throw them away! Thank you very much! Lisa

$5.00 -- Stephanie, Cocoa, FL -- 5/28 1:19 PM (pooled) Age: 25 Income: 12,000 Occupation: Retail Gender: Female Location: Florida I've followed Jericho since it first aired. Some nights I cannot watch it due to work so I record it instead. I do not know if your rating system includes people who record with VCRs, DVRs, TiVo or any other method of recording. What I do know is that there is an audience for this show whether they are watching it live or a recording. Bring back Jericho or give it to another broadcast company who is willing to continue it!

$10.00 -- Marjorie, Charlotte, NC -- 5/28 1:16 PM (pooled)

$10.00 -- Maureen, Doraville, GA -- 5/28 1:14 PM (pooled) Please bring back my beloved "Jericho".I gave up "LOST" & became a dedicated "Jericho" fan.I am a 32yr old female that is self-employed.I reside is Atlanta,GA.This is the first CBS show I've ever been dedicated to.If "Jericho" is gone forever after only one season of trying I will be "LOST" to your network forever.Please reconsider your decision.Our effort is perfect for convincing advertisers to stick w/ "Jericho".Many thanks for your consideration and I hope that you enjoy the "NUTS"!!!! Maureen

$5.00 -- Richard, Hornell, NY -- 5/28 1:02 PM (pooled) NUTS! Not Understanding Termination Stupid! Couple, 50's, $80,000/year, Hornell, NY

$5.00 -- Cristian, Linden, NJ -- 5/28 12:57 PM (pooled) Please give this show another chance! (Two fans from Romania among many others).

$10.00 -- Leigh, Santa Maria, CA -- 5/28 12:51 PM (pooled) Dear CBS - You cancelled one of the best shows that has been on tv in a long time. My husband and I finally agreed on a show and looked forward to Jericho every Wednesday night and you took our enjoyment away from us. Our kids had marching orders and knew that speaking wasn't allowed during the Jericho hour. Our kids were crushed that the show was cancelled because they new how much enjoyment Mom & Dad got out of this program. I'm boycotting CBS and I refuse to watch any primetime show on CBS. It makes my cry to see a show this good taken away to be replaced by (how would Frank Barone say it - oh yeah) CRAP! Please bring Jericho back! This show was new and a refreshing change from the CSI's and Survivor type shows. PLEASE BRING OUR JERICHO BACK FOR A SECOND SEASON!!!! PLEASE - PLEASE - PLEASE - PLEASE - PLEASE - PLEASE - PLEASE - PLEASE - PLEASE - PLEASE - PLEASE - PLEASE - PLEASE - PLEASE - PLEASE - I'M BEGGING YOU!!! PLEASE - PLEASE - PLEASE - PLEASE - PLEASE - PLEASE!!!

$10.00 -- Shane, Coshocton, OH -- 5/28 12:45 PM (pooled) Shane & Brandy Tilton Age: 29 & 31 income $42,500/year (combined) Gender: m & f location: Coshocton, OH education: M.A. (earning Ph.D) & B.A. television hrs/ week: 21 HUGE fans of Jericho. It is the best show on the CBS lineup.

$5.00 -- David, Denver, CO -- 5/28 12:41 PM (pooled)

$30.00 -- Judith, Honolulu, HI -- 5/28 12:33 PM (pooled) I don't know what your reasons for canceling Jericho are but I'd imagine it's due to something massively tragic - I say this because it's an awesome show and you should renew it.

$5.00 -- Elina, Mahopac, NY -- 5/28 12:29 PM (pooled) CBS - TAKE A CHANCE! C'MON - LET'S GET JERICHCO BACK!

$5.00 -- Mary, Beaufort, SC -- 5/28 12:18 PM (pooled) Please listen to all of these viewers. I hate reality tv. Can't the rest of the world have a show we can enjoy?

$10.00 -- Keven, Brighton, MA -- 5/28 12:10 PM (pooled)

$20.00 -- Marshall, Wichita Falls, TX -- 5/28 12:08 PM (pooled) What were you thinking? The only reason that ratings fell was because someone at CBS made the decision to put the show on such a long "hiatus". Shame, shame, shame on you. Bring it back, one of the best shows of the season. Marshall, age 57, Wichita Falls, TX.

$20.00 -- Nancy, Greenville, SC -- 5/28 11:56 AM (pooled) Nuts to CBS!

$10.00 -- D, Wimbledon, LONDON -- 5/28 11:52 AM (pooled) Enjoy.

$5.00 -- Elizabeth, Lincoln, CA -- 5/28 11:52 AM (pooled) 61,female,California, You losers! I was going to stop watching it, then you had a long break. After the break it got really good, then you cancel. What is wrong with you people?

$10.00 -- Frank, Medina, OH -- 5/28 11:42 AM (pooled)

$10.00 -- Delana, Highlands Ranch, CO -- 5/28 11:42 AM (pooled)

$5.00 -- linda, columbus, OH -- 5/28 11:15 AM (pooled)

$10.00 -- Trevor, Linden, NJ -- 5/28 11:07 AM (pooled) Up here on the sunny beaches of Canada there's not always a lot to do, particularly during the week. So having Jericho to watch on Wednesday nights was always great. Please save Jericho!

$5.00 -- SHYAMAL, Dingley, VIC -- 5/28 10:54 AM (pooled) NUTS!

$10.00 -- Stacey, Cohoes, NY -- 5/28 10:35 AM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Eddie, Darien, CT -- 5/28 10:22 AM (pooled) If you cannot bring this show back please pass it on to a network that will. Then I can watch that network and not yours.......... Male 47 Northeast 50k

$10.00 -- Maggie, Jersy City, NJ -- 5/28 10:16 AM (pooled) Take some time to enjoy these nuts while you rethink your position on the fate of one of my favorite shows. We need to know how it all ends. You can't leave us hanging like this. Thanks. Maggie

$10.00 -- Laurie, Brockton, MA -- 5/28 10:16 AM (pooled) Dear network people, please bring back Jericho. We will never watch another show on your network again, if you don't. Why waste time watching a really good show for it to be canceled after 1 season. NUTS to you.

$5.00 -- Monique, Chicago, IL -- 5/28 10:14 AM (pooled) Nuts! That's what cancelling the best show on CBS. Please, no more reality shows or CSI spin offs. Save Jericho! Monique Chicago, IL

$5.00 -- Stefan, Linden, NJ -- 5/28 10:11 AM (pooled) Germany supports the Save Jericho Campaign!

$5.00 -- Louis, Marietta, GA -- 5/28 10:07 AM (pooled) Please bring back Jericho. Louis Parker Age: 30 Male Atlanta, GA Income: $96,000/year

$10.00 -- Lister, Lamar, MO -- 5/28 10:02 AM (pooled) Season 2... Season 2... Season 2... Season 2... Season 2... Season 2... Season 2... Season 2... Season 2... Season 2... Season 2... Season 2... Season 2...

$5.00 -- Mandy, Sikeston, MO -- 5/28 10:01 AM (pooled) My husband and I are loyal viewers of Jericho. Please bring back this smart and compelling drama - the only show of its kind on television. It's the only show we absolutely could not miss! Debby and Jerry Sikeston, Missouri (Over 49 but still working and spending money! Baby boomers count for something too!)

$10.00 -- Christian, Clinton, NY -- 5/28 9:56 AM (pooled) For what it's worth, I admire you for making a tough choice. But, you made the wrong choice. This campaign should be proof. You guys made a bad call. We all do that sometimes. But you have a chance to fix it. C'mon. CBS once stood for quality TV. JERICHO is the way back. And frankly, changing course now would be the kind of thing that would get you all some really great buzz. Give us our show back. Please.

$10.00 -- Jennifer, McHenry, IL -- 5/28 9:50 AM (pooled) I am a 33 year old litgation paralegal from Chicago, IL that is extremely disappointed in your decision to end Jericho knowing that there are so many loyal fans. How could you cancel such a great show? Listen to the people and bring Jericho back for a second season! I am sure you have had someone give you a second chance and it worked out for the best. If you cancel Jericho I will have no reason to watch CBS just like I no longer watch the CW. Sincerely, NUTS for Jericho

$20.00 -- Andrea, Greensboro, NC -- 5/28 9:46 AM (pooled) Show viewers that CBS really means it when you say "CBS Cares" -- bring back Jericho!

$10.00 -- Curtis, East Helena, MT -- 5/28 9:32 AM (pooled) R. U. kidding. Why cancel this very unique series? I am in my late 30's and can't remember when the last time I enjoyed a TV show as much as Jericho. Being from Montana we realize that premium entertainment is not so readily available and the buzz on the street is this show has so much potential. GET SMART and continue to show this amazing series! Curtis Computer Systems Analyst East Helena, MT

$20.00 -- R, Ottawa, ON -- 5/28 9:31 AM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Mary, Burlington, NC -- 5/28 9:29 AM (pooled) I am a 32 year old mom from NC.I used to be impressed with CBS. In the midst of the other networks filling up with reality TV and shows like Desperate Housewives, CBS stuck to providing a variety of scripted, dramatic shows. Jericho was my weekly appointment to watch TV. Now it is gone and I have no reason to watch CBS, as it is being replaced with the same drivel I avoid on the other networks. SAVE JERICHO!

$5.00 -- Brian, Linden, NJ -- 5/28 9:19 AM (pooled) My wife and I are very upset with the cancellation of Jericho. I have called, sent letters, and even emailed, and now the nuts! I have never done any of this for a tv show before, but Jericho is worth the effort. We are Canadian aged 56 and 49 with a family income of approx. $100,000. Please bring back Jericho

$10.00 -- Anders, Tyres, KS -- 5/28 8:58 AM (pooled) Please bring back Jericho! I'm 24, male, from Sweden, income of 300k SEK. Jericho kicks ass!

$10.00 -- Thelma, Faucett, MO -- 5/28 8:46 AM (pooled) CBS, your NUTS for cancelling Jericho. It was a show that my entire family watched together. Which in this day and age is VERY rare. Bring Jericho back for a second season.

$10.00 -- Thomas, Lewiston, NY -- 5/28 8:16 AM (pooled)

$10.00 -- Talia, Guaynabo, PR -- 5/28 8:15 AM (pooled)

$10.00 -- Donald, Edison, NJ -- 5/28 7:55 AM (pooled) BRING BACK JERICHO!!!!!!!!!

$5.00 -- Tracey, Ellicottville, NY -- 5/28 6:57 AM (pooled) I am a Canadian fan of Jericho (there are lots more like me!) and want to express my disappointment at your cancellation of this original and compelling show. Please bring it back!

$5.00 -- Kenneth, Austell, GA -- 5/28 6:54 AM (pooled) Bring Jericho Back for many years!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

$5.00 -- James, Linden, NJ -- 5/28 6:34 AM (pooled) When we say "we won't give in", DO YOU BELIEVE US YET!? CBS, this is still only the beginning!

$20.00 -- Daniel, Linden, NJ -- 5/28 4:47 AM (pooled) Hi, My name is Daniel, I live in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. I have never before fought to keep any television show alive, but I believe that Jericho is worth as many seasons as it takes to end this fantastic story. I buy many television shows on DVD and Jericho will be no exception. I truly believe that you are on to a good thing with this show, and will be recommending all my friends that love the show to show their support too. I hope this helps to change your minds. SAVE JERICHO!

$5.00 -- Sam, Australia, AP -- 5/28 4:29 AM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Patrick, Omaha, NE -- 5/28 4:11 AM (pooled) You made a horrible decision in cancelling Jericho. Its ratings decline was *entirely* your own fault. For CBS managment to think they could put a brand new show on hiatus in the middle of its first season, and then *not* expect a noticable decline in ratings is pure arrogance. Had you not made this mistake, the ratings would not have declined. You will realize the mistake you made when the DVD sales for this show go through the roof as soon as they hit the market. I am a 23 year old who makes $60,000/year and I split my time between Nebraska and Minnesota. I hope you and your advertisers enjoy missing out on my money, because that is exactly what will happen if you don't bring Jericho back.

$10.00 -- Shawn, Kent, WA -- 5/28 4:09 AM (pooled)

$10.00 -- Valerie, Riverside, CA -- 5/28 4:01 AM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Jackie, Las Vegas, NV -- 5/28 3:19 AM (pooled) I am a 33 year old female and my boyfriend is 32. We live in Las Vegas and we love Jericho! CBS IS NUTS FOR CANCELING THE BEST SHOW ON TELEVISION!

$5.00 -- Amanda, Topeka, KS -- 5/28 3:16 AM (pooled) Save Jericho! Renew for a 2nd season or let it move to another network that will appreciate it!

$10.00 -- William, Las Vegas, NV -- 5/28 3:11 AM (pooled) Please don't cancel Jericho! With all of the mindless garbage on the air, this is truly one of the last original and thought provoking shows my wife and I always watch! Demographic info: I'm 32, my wife is 29. We live in Las Vegas, NV and our combined yearly income is $200,000+

$20.00 -- CHRISTOPHER, HOUSTON, TX -- 5/28 2:43 AM (pooled) CBS is truly NUTS for canceling this show. It has vastly improved since first starting.

$15.00 -- Gabriel, Lakewood, WA -- 5/28 2:24 AM (pooled) I'm a young male from the Seattle area with an annual income over $100,000. Remember who your audience is and remember who has supported CBS. BRING BACK JERICHO!

$10.00 -- Patrick, Arlington, VA -- 5/28 2:13 AM (pooled) Big mistake, Mr. Kahl. What do you expect if you put a brand new show on haiatus for three months in the middle of the season and then bring it back to run against American Idol? This public reaction ought to show you that Jericho has much greater potential than your programming decisions have allowed the show to realize so far. Please give it a fair chance. Patrick 33 yrs. old Arlington, VA

$20.00 -- Diane, Edwardsville, IL -- 5/28 1:58 AM (pooled) Give us at least one more season of Jericho!!!

$5.00 -- Shawn, las vegas, NV -- 5/28 1:49 AM (pooled) Are you nuts?. You have a winner like jericho. And yo going to let it go. shame on you. Shawn Las Vegas NV

$10.00 -- Florenda, Kansas City, MO -- 5/28 1:34 AM (pooled) I am writing on behalf of my entire family. We are a middle class family that loves to watch Jericho! Please bring back Jericho for a second season!

$5.00 -- michael, methuen, MA -- 5/28 12:49 AM (pooled) wake up and smell the nuts

$5.00 -- Terrie, Leechburg, PA -- 5/28 12:47 AM (pooled)

$10.00 -- Christopher, Detroit, MI -- 5/28 12:31 AM (pooled)

$5.00 -- roberta, tucson, AZ -- 5/28 12:25 AM (pooled) CBS...GIVE JERICHO A SECOND SEASON !!

$5.00 -- David, st petersburg, FL -- 5/28 12:20 AM (pooled) America doesn't need another CSI show. America doesn't need any more "Reality" Tv. America needs quality programming like Jericho. Thanks for reading, -Ferret

$100.00 -- anthony, lakeland, FL -- 5/28 12:19 AM (pooled) BRING BACK JERICHO!

$10.00 -- Matthew, La Porte, TX -- 5/28 12:16 AM (pooled) Hope you like your NUTS! A jumpin mad 18 year old in Texas!

$5.00 -- Victor, Clarksville, TN -- 5/28 12:09 AM (pooled) Jericho is awesome.

$10.00 -- James, Newport beach, CA -- 5/27 11:57 PM (pooled) I can't wait to see what happens in season two.

$50.00 -- gwendolyn, sherwood park, AB -- 5/27 11:55 PM (pooled)

$10.00 -- Dan, Crestview Hills, KY -- 5/27 11:48 PM (pooled)

$20.00 -- Susan, el cajon, CA -- 5/27 11:47 PM (pooled) 18-49 was 49 until the end of March, $50,00,F,San Diego, Have you seen the movie "Idiocracy"? That is not me. I will not dumb down, but I will not watch dumb shows. Keep this show on, it shows us all how circumstances can change decent people better and worse.

$10.00 -- Alex, Linden, NJ -- 5/27 11:36 PM (pooled) from a Jericho fan in Melbourne Australia... surely this publicity alone would make a season 2 profitable.

$5.00 -- Jayne, north Falmouth, MA -- 5/27 11:34 PM (pooled)

$10.00 -- MARTIN, Raleigh, NC -- 5/27 11:29 PM (pooled)

$10.00 -- Matthew, Largo, FL -- 5/27 11:24 PM (pooled) Bring Back Jericho Now!!!!!!!

$20.00 -- Cathy, Manhattan Beach, CA -- 5/27 11:23 PM (pooled) To: CBS Re: Jericho I hope that you are starting to see that the old fashion way of counting viewers is no longer valid. More than that, I hope you know that I am serious when I say "No Jericho; No CBS." I would hate to give up The Unit and NCIS, but if you'd do this to Jericho, you might do the same to those shows. The choice is really simple: admit that you miscalculated, and proceed with Season 2 of Jericho or lose viewers. Demographics: female, married, one child, living in L.A. beach suburb with $$ to spend on sponsors other than yours, if necessary. Cathy

$5.00 -- PATRICIA, SANFORD, FL -- 5/27 11:00 PM (pooled) Save Jericho!!! Your ratings information is flawed!!! NUTS!!!! Patty 39 year old mother of two Masters Level Counselor Orlando Florida

$10.00 -- Janice, Middletown, OH -- 5/27 10:56 PM (pooled) TO CBS Exec's: Back in the fall when Jericho ended I was so disappointed, then thrilled to find out that it was coming back in February. That was such a long wait, however, I did not forget about your show and checked weekly until it started again. I never missed watching any of the shows. The longer the show went on, it became more exciting and a much better story line. I will tell you right now, I will not be watching your new show Swingtown. What a cheesy, immoral show that sounds like. You had a real winner, and you blew it. One sad fan of Jericho in Middletown, OH. Please bring it back and I will be one of your most loyal fans. Jan

$20.00 -- Isis, Escondido, CA -- 5/27 10:55 PM (pooled) Dear executives of CBS, I am a woman that works long hours and the only time I ever watched television was when Jericho was on. It was the one show that always kept me on the edge of my seat. If you could bring Jericho back for one more season it would make not only myself but all the Jericho fans happy.

$20.00 -- Brian, Humble, TX -- 5/27 10:33 PM (pooled) And the hits keep coming. Here it is a Holiday weekend and I am still ordering nuts! SAVE JERICHO!! HUMBLE, TEXAS

$200.00 -- Nicole, Aachen, AK -- 5/27 10:27 PM (pooled) JERICHO LIVES! PLEASE BRING BACK JERICHO!

$5.00 -- McKenzie, Wichita, KS -- 5/27 10:24 PM (pooled) Jericho was one of the best shows on television. Bring it back you retards!

$20.00 -- William, Clayton, NC -- 5/27 10:08 PM (pooled) Please reconsider

$5.00 -- Douglas, Brookfield, MA -- 5/27 9:49 PM (pooled) NUTS!

$5.00 -- Lisa, Linden, NJ -- 5/27 9:45 PM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Robert, Puyallup, WA -- 5/27 9:43 PM (pooled) I wanted to make sure YOU HEAR ME CBS!!! Save Jericho !!! Robert, Platoon Leader Elm Street Jericho Militia

$5.00 -- christopher, crawfordville, FL -- 5/27 9:41 PM (pooled)

$30.00 -- Matthew, Seffner, FL -- 5/27 9:40 PM (pooled) Sometimes i wonder where you people learn your trade. Everyone in your business thinks that every show is supposed to be a blockbuster hit. 5 networks plus cable, 3 hours of primetime, 5-7 days a week. You think that if one show becomes a smash, that the best course of action is to copy it. I know it isnt all your fault, the world is filled with the lowest common denominator. Record numbers of people will watch washed up stars learn how to dance, or people picking suitcases, and it is much cheaper for you to produce. I get that. However, as this effort suggests, there are also people that watch different programming. I will admit, i haven't watched CBS for a long time, your programming has never been geared towards my demographic. Before Jericho, the last show i watched on your network was Early Edition. So before you role the dice on another cop show, game show, or reality series, consider these nuts as a cry against mind numbing television. (32 yr old, $70,000 a year, male in FL)

$20.00 -- William, Gainesville, FL -- 5/27 9:33 PM (pooled) Will & Rupa -- Gainesville, FL

$10.00 -- Kevin, Rochester, NY -- 5/27 9:33 PM (pooled)

$10.00 -- Alan, Simi Valley, CA -- 5/27 9:26 PM (pooled) I'm getting very tired of shows being cancelled before giving us the answers needed for closure.

$20.00 -- Linda, Haverford, PA -- 5/27 9:25 PM (pooled) 40year old professional female from suburbs of Philadelphia. Bring back Jericho!!!

$10.00 -- Sam, Fairfax, VA -- 5/27 9:21 PM (pooled) If you can't bring the show back, please finish the story. Sam Fairfax, VA Male, 44, >$200K per year

$5.00 -- Robert, Puyallup, WA -- 5/27 9:20 PM (pooled) What are you "Nuts" for killing off Jericho ??? WE DEMAND JERICHO COMES BACK ON THE AIR!! WE WILL NOT STOP!!! Signed: Robert, platoon leader Elm Street Jericho Militia

$5.00 -- Ashley, Austin, TX -- 5/27 9:17 PM (pooled) I'm a 25 year old male from Austin, Texas. My girlfriend got me to start watching Jericho and I'm hooked. I would watch a second season religiously!

$10.00 -- Sally, Baltimore, MD -- 5/27 9:15 PM (pooled) Please save Jericho! It deserves (as do we) a second season. Thank you! My demographic info.: age 41, $94k per year, female, Baltimore.

$10.00 -- John, laurel, MD -- 5/27 9:08 PM (pooled) Please reconsider. This is by far the worst decision CBS has ever made. You are nuts to cancel Jericho - if it didn't get you the top rating maybe it could be put on another night. This was one of the first shows in the past 15 years that my family has rallied around to watch together. The biggest mistake you made was the "mid" season break - I do like 2 other CBS shows that are staying, but I will not watch Jericho's replacement. If our demographics will help: White female - 39 White male - 42 white female - 16 170+ income Christian We live in the Baltimore/DC corridor.

$10.00 -- Lisa, Overland Park, KS -- 5/27 9:01 PM (pooled) BRING BACK JERICHO FOR A SECOND SEASON! WE ARE NOT GIVING UP!

$10.00 -- Tim, Phoenix, AZ -- 5/27 8:56 PM (pooled) Please reconsider. Canceling arc type series may create some reluctance to watch future CBS arcs.

$10.00 -- david, decatur, IL -- 5/27 8:44 PM (pooled)

$20.00 -- Jon, Jacksonville, FL -- 5/27 8:41 PM (pooled) You'd have to be nuts not to renew Jericho.

$5.00 -- Kenneth, Riverview, FL -- 5/27 8:27 PM (pooled) NUTS!!! I am a 35 year old male with roughly 125K annual income. I am a homeowner, have two late model american cars and a Harley Davidson Softail: simply put I believe I am the number one demographic you advertise to: and one of the ONLY shows (other than My Name is Earl and Scrubs) that I tuned into regularly was Jericho. Don't cancel this show!

$5.00 -- Jason, Linden, NJ -- 5/27 8:14 PM (pooled) Give Jericho a Second Chance!

$5.00 -- Michael, Rcohester, NY -- 5/27 7:56 PM (pooled) I am 29 married male and this is far and away my favorite show. I make over 40K/ year and I do NOT watch much TV. But this show I came back for each and every time. NUTS to CBS for canceling the show. Bring us all season 2!! Save Jericho!

$5.00 -- Michael, Troy, OH -- 5/27 7:52 PM (pooled) Greetings CBS! As a 25 year old Graduate Student/Instructor, I'm really disappointed you would chose to cancel such a great show. I urge you to give this show another season and GIVE IT THE SUPPORT IT DESERVES. It was always exciting, well written, and enjoyed by nearly 9 million viewers each week. I believe if you give it another chance with some support and proper scheduling, it will do incredibly well. All this buzz by we, the fans, have created more interest around it and this would more than likely get the show more viewers. Again, I urge you not to cancel JERICHO as it was one of the best shows on TV and one of the more original and exciting dramas on your network. Thank you for your time, - Mike

$20.00 -- K., Du Bois, PA -- 5/27 7:41 PM (pooled) SAVE JERICHO! This show is too good to drop!

$5.00 -- Roslyn, Linden, NJ -- 5/27 7:39 PM (pooled) Save Jericho! The show is too good to cancel, and would be a great success if the hiatus problem didn't happen again. And bring back Heather! Sprague Grayden made the show even better.

$20.00 -- Jacqueline, Random Lake, WI -- 5/27 7:38 PM (pooled) SAVE JERICHO!

$5.00 -- Terry, Nacogdoches, TX -- 5/27 7:32 PM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Sara, Sunnyvale, CA -- 5/27 7:29 PM (pooled) This was the only show I watched on CBS. I HATE reality shows and I certainly won't be watching the one slated to replace Jericho. Please bring the show back.

$5.00 -- Laura, Somerville, MA -- 5/27 7:02 PM (pooled) I am a 30yo female in Boston MA making $72,000 and I watch Jericho. Sometimes I watch it when it airs, sometimes I record it via DVR and sometimes I watch it online. I recently booked a trip to Sweden and will be staying in the Hilton Malmo City. I would not have thought to look at Hilton Hotels overseas had I not repeatedly seen the ad for Hilton Hotels while watching Jericho online. I am very disappointed that Jericho will not be returning next year. I just wanted to let you know there are many people like me watching the show that do not get counted by Nielsen Ratings.

$20.00 -- Zana, Seahbeck, WA -- 5/27 6:58 PM (pooled) Save our show!!! You people are NUTS to cancel Jericho!!! Bring it back, PLEASE!!!!

$5.00 -- Jill, Linden, NJ -- 5/27 6:55 PM (pooled)

$20.00 -- Cheri, Hurricane, UT -- 5/27 6:51 PM (pooled) Nuts to CBS Bring back Jericho 42, female, $40,000.00, UT

$5.00 -- C, London, -- 5/27 6:27 PM (pooled)

$10.00 -- Gregory, Little Rock, AR -- 5/27 6:23 PM (pooled)

$10.00 -- Jason, Faucett, MO -- 5/27 6:23 PM (pooled)

$10.00 -- Teresa, Patterson, CA -- 5/27 5:50 PM (pooled) Bring back Jericho! No new CBS shows will be watched in the fall by my family.

$20.00 -- Todd, Orlando, FL -- 5/27 5:44 PM (pooled) Jericho is one of about four shows I watch on TV. I am 36, Male from Orlando FL. Please bring back Jericho.

$10.00 -- Steven, Victoria, TX -- 5/27 5:37 PM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Mark, Winston-Salem, NC -- 5/27 5:33 PM (pooled) I really think cancelling Jericho's a mistake! Amy, 21, Cleveland OH

$10.00 -- Delores, Huntington, WV -- 5/27 5:32 PM (pooled) "BRING BACK JERICHO"

$10.00 -- Carole, Boothwyn, PA -- 5/27 5:23 PM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Sherri, manchester, NH -- 5/27 5:21 PM (pooled) Save Jericho. We are not giving up.

$5.00 -- Paul, West Milford, NJ -- 5/27 5:18 PM (pooled) Don't be like ABC!!! Our family has given up trying out any new shows on ABC because we know they'll probably just cancel them as soon as we get into them and we can no longer stand the disappointment. If Jericho is canceled, we're going to do the same thing with CBS! Please bring Jericho back in the fall!

$10.00 -- Clint, Spring, TX -- 5/27 4:25 PM (pooled) We love Jericho! Please bring it back for a 2nd season. My wife and I really enjoy watching it. We are mid-30's.

$5.00 -- JAMES, Rincon, GA -- 5/27 4:14 PM (pooled) I'm Nuts for Jericho!

$5.00 -- Kathy, Las Vegas, NV -- 5/27 4:13 PM (pooled) It's your fault as programmers that ratings for shows slip..don't take a six week break in the middle of the season!!! Bring Jericho back!!!!

$10.00 -- John, Seattle, WA -- 5/27 3:39 PM (pooled) Save Jericho! I am a 20 year old male computer science college student. My girlfriend is a 25 year old sociology college student. We both LOVE Jericho!


$50.00 -- ricardo, mansfield, TX -- 5/27 3:21 PM (pooled) I am 33 I have 5 kids and a hubby, I am in TX and I make lots of money. DO NOT TAKE MY FAVORITE SHOW!!!!!!!!!! I only watch JERICHO, CSI MIAMI AND XFILES************************

$10.00 -- julia, martinsville, IN -- 5/27 3:19 PM (pooled) Bring Jericho back you idiots Julia,39 Indiana

$20.00 -- Bart, Helena, MT -- 5/27 3:17 PM (pooled) We're willing to spend this much on nuts, how much are we willing to spend on DVDs and other merchandise? Don't make the same mistake FOX did with Firefly. Restore Jericho!

$10.00 -- Adi, Bellevue, WA -- 5/27 3:06 PM (pooled) Dear Kelly, Please reconsider the cancellation of Jericho. With so little quality programming on TV these days, can you really let this one go? CBS made a mistake putting the show on hiatus mid-season. Please do not compound this error by punishing the viewers for your mishandling of an amazing show! Sincerely, A demographically relevant (18-49) viewer.

$5.00 -- Aimee, Avon Lake, OH -- 5/27 3:04 PM (pooled)

$20.00 -- James, Carmichael, CA -- 5/27 3:00 PM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Aaron, Dallas, PA -- 5/27 2:56 PM (pooled) NUTS to you, CBS!!

$5.00 -- Brian, Los Angeles, CA -- 5/27 2:48 PM (pooled) We want Jericho! We want Jericho! We want Jericho! PLEASE BRING JERICHO BACK!!!! Age: 38, 80K Per Year, Silverlake, CA

$5.00 -- Laura, Edgewater, MD -- 5/27 2:34 PM (pooled)

$10.00 -- Stephanie, Johnstown, PA -- 5/27 2:25 PM (pooled) bring back one of the best shows on television!

$5.00 -- Joanne, Virginnia Beach, VA -- 5/27 2:24 PM (pooled) TiVo users and itunes subscribers don;t show up in ratings. You sabotaged your ratings by how you scheduled this show and the hiatus in mid season. The people have spoken- please don't take away Jericho!

$20.00 -- Stephen, Lawrence, MA -- 5/27 2:23 PM (pooled) Renew Jericho please!!!

$40.00 -- kathy, San Juan Capistrano, CA -- 5/27 2:14 PM (pooled) SECOND FULL SEASON OF JERICHO! Kathy

$10.00 -- Anita, Semmes, AL -- 5/27 2:09 PM (pooled) SAVE JERICHO!

$5.00 -- Kathryn, Charleston, SC -- 5/27 2:07 PM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Heather, Fairless hills, PA -- 5/27 2:04 PM (pooled) i watched jericho since the pilot episode. i rarely get into a show, but this one had me wanting to watch it all the time. i watched the seasons on demand over and over. the last episode had me onm the edge of my seat! such a well done show. the directors, actors and everyone else did an awesome job. and now you, the a-holes at cbs have decided to replace my favourite show with what...reality television???? you should be fired. THESE NUTS ARE FOR YOU! (insert many profanities)

$5.00 -- Erick, Lake Forest, CA -- 5/27 2:01 PM (pooled)

$20.00 -- Charles, Laurel, MD -- 5/27 1:37 PM (pooled) CBS, please bring Jericho back for another season! Age: 36 gender: Male Location: Maryland Income: Enough to spend on nuts for CBS!

$5.00 -- Jennifer, San Diego, CA -- 5/27 1:35 PM (pooled) Dear CBS, I hope you enjoy these nuts as much as I enjoyed watching Jericho this past year. I was shocked that the program wasn't picked up for a second season, and hope that these nuts tell you just how crazy I think the decision to cancel Jericho is. Jenn - San Diego, CA

$10.00 -- Susan, Raleigh, NC -- 5/27 1:18 PM (pooled) i have been a fan of the Jericho from the pilot, never missing an episode. This is one of the rare shows that i still watched live because i couldn't bear to wait for the dvr to spool enough to skip commercials. You might like to know that i am a married 37 year-old woman with a household income of ~$80,000. We have no children, and we live in Raleigh, NC. In the past year, we have made several significant purchases (two vehicles, a laptop computer, mutual funds investments, a digital camcorder, and a DSLR still camera). Most of our friends who watch the show are in the 25-45 age range with no children and tech sector jobs (and related disposable incomes). i just thought you should know that. Sincerely, Susan

$5.00 -- Cynthia, Marina Del Rey, CA -- 5/27 1:09 PM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Michael, Perryville, MO -- 5/27 1:04 PM (pooled)

$10.00 -- Jonathan, West Chester, OH -- 5/27 1:01 PM (pooled) Nothing but a second season of Jericho will do. Renew it!

$20.00 -- Jennifer, Brentwood, TN -- 5/27 1:00 PM (pooled) Bring Jericho BACK!! Skeet Ulrich is one of the best actors on TV these days, and the scripts for this show were more unique than the other humdrum crap on other networks. JERICHO is part of the reason CBS is the "Most Watched Network!" GET REAL Facts about me: Jenny Female, 37 Brentwood, TN Income: $50K/annually Watch CBS because you have a variety of shows - but will be GLAD to boycott if Jericho is really cancelled and if Sarah dies on CSI. Got it?

$100.00 -- Russell, Indianapolis, IN -- 5/27 12:56 PM (pooled)

$20.00 -- Dale, Fort Calhoun, NE -- 5/27 12:54 PM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Charles, Livonia, MI -- 5/27 12:54 PM (pooled) Like the American soldiers at Bastogne, WE WON'T GO AWAY! RENEW JERICHO

$5.00 -- Beverly, Nashville, TN -- 5/27 12:45 PM (pooled) When so many people are hooked on a show, shouldn't the network give this some consideration? You had a winner and you screwed up. Now please fix it.

$20.00 -- Jennifer, Rohnert Park, CA -- 5/27 12:42 PM (pooled) We are a married college educated couple in our 30's. Each week we would have a little mini-date where we would throw a video on for our kids and watch Jericho On Demand then Ghost Whisperer and later Numbers. By cancelling Jericho you have not only taken it away, but have also taken Ghost Whisperer and Numbers away as we no longer wish to watch any show that your network provides. Please come to your senses soon, I don't know wat will happen if we have to give up the NFL games that your network airs!!!!!!! Matthew and Jennifer Rohnert Park, California

$30.00 -- michael, ocean city, MD -- 5/27 12:20 PM (pooled)

$10.00 -- Tina, Pittsburgh, PA -- 5/27 12:19 PM (pooled) Hi My name is Tina and I live in the Pittsburgh Pa area, and with all the Horrible reality Television that we are forced to endure on a daily basis, I can't understand WHY you would cancel a show that Millions of people LOVE!! Please reconsider and remove the Garbage, mind Numbing shows, not the Quality television that we have grown to love. We are Truely Nuts for Jericho!!! Thank You, Tina

$5.00 -- Lance, Pinellas Park, FL -- 5/27 12:16 PM (pooled) Please don't do this to us! This is why it is so hard to want to try new shows.....

$10.00 -- Kristin, Pearland, TX -- 5/27 12:14 PM (pooled) This is our favorite new show - we look forward to it every week. PLEASE DON"T CANCEL IT!!! Kris and Kevin, Houston, TX

$5.00 -- Erin, Roebling, NJ -- 5/27 12:13 PM (pooled) Kelly, These nuts will stop coming when the CBS Executive team does the right thing & renews Jericho or lets it move to another network. I am a 31 year old female located in New Jersey who much prefers Jericho to reality shows, etc. I am not the only person in this demographic who feels this way. Thank you! Erin Roebling, NJ

$5.00 -- Jordan, Hubbardston, MA -- 5/27 12:08 PM (pooled) The show did lose viewers during the second half of the season, but for the majority of that time it was up against the juggernaut that is "American Idol". It appears that your network intentionally destroyed any chance that "Jericho" had in developing a larger fan base when you put it on hiatus and scheduled it against "American Idol". The fact that it kept better than 70 percent of that audience is a testament to the shows quality and the loyalty of its viewership. Further, the lack of repeats during the winter hiatus hurt the show by not allowing casual viewers the chance to sample a quality product. You also have to take into account that millions of people have to DVR "Jericho" (my family), because of other things going on in their lives from work, to family situations. I hope you will reconsider the cancellation of "Jericho," and bring it back for season 2 with no mid season breaks. Finally, I am going to quote a famous soldier and one of your characters. "NUTS!"

$20.00 -- John, Pittsburgh, PA -- 5/27 12:03 PM (pooled)

$20.00 -- Sonya, Moreno Valley, CA -- 5/27 11:59 AM (pooled)

$10.00 -- Jennifer, Cedar Hills, UT -- 5/27 11:59 AM (pooled) Please renew Jericho for another season and give it a chance. It is a wonderful show and it will be greatly missed. I have already stopped watching your network and have no plans to start until Jericho is renewed. I am a 36 year old college educated mother of five with income to spend....I guess it just won't be on your advertisers' products!!! We are not giving up the fight. Save Jericho!!!

$10.00 -- Andrew, Windsor Mill, MD -- 5/27 11:53 AM (pooled) Cancel the finest show CBS has developed since the original CSI??? NUTS!!!

$10.00 -- M.Thordarson, Linden, NJ -- 5/27 11:52 AM (pooled) Save Jericho! Nuts to CBS!

$5.00 -- Ed, Easton, CT -- 5/27 11:46 AM (pooled)

$20.00 -- lynn, tallmadge, OH -- 5/27 11:37 AM (pooled) my whole family gets together to watch. range in age from 22 months to 102 years old. ohio business owners, income 50,000 and up

$20.00 -- Brian, Spokane, WA -- 5/27 11:27 AM (pooled) We're NUTS about Jericho! Please-Please-Please bring this show back!

$10.00 -- Beverly, Louisville, KY -- 5/27 11:23 AM (pooled) I'm a 37-year-old female who makes most purchasing decisions for a family of four with a large discretionary income. (Over 100 K) Bring back Jericho!

$10.00 -- Tyler, liberty township, OH -- 5/27 11:12 AM (pooled) hey you probably wont read this but you have to bring back this tv show it was the best on tv right now. please i am begging you rebuild jericho!!!!!!!! TYler

$5.00 -- Renee, Euclid, OH -- 5/27 11:04 AM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Jennifer, Overland Park, KS -- 5/27 10:56 AM (pooled) Save Jericho! It's a great show!!!!

$20.00 -- Nancy, Orlando, FL -- 5/27 10:54 AM (pooled) Age: 59, Female, Florida, Teacher. Having been a fan of "Lost," Jericho was "Lost" without all the insane flashbacks and "Lost" was easily replaced by Jericho. A "Made for TV Movie" will not satisfy.

$5.00 -- Leonard, Chicago, IL -- 5/27 10:48 AM (pooled) My name is Leonard. I am a 23 year old African American Male living in Chicago, Illinois. I really would like to have Jericho come back. It is honestly a win-win situation. One of the new shows this fall will almost certainly fail *cough* Kid Nation *cough*; and then you can slide Jericho in it's place. A show with an already established fanbase, and probably an increase in viewership from those watchers who would be grateful to CBS for bringing the show back. And you get great Positive PR. Just bring Jericho back and you won't be getting any more silly Nuts!

$5.00 -- Steven, Owings Mills, MD -- 5/27 10:38 AM (pooled) CBS is nuts for not giving Jericho a second season.

$5.00 -- Kelly, New York, NY -- 5/27 10:34 AM (pooled) Nuts to you CBS....Bring back the best show on t.v. my husband and I are 33 and 39 and have children who watch the show also....Never missed an episode

$10.00 -- Lee, Silver Spring, MD -- 5/27 10:31 AM (pooled) Demographics: 27 years old; $38400 per year, Silver Spring, MD, Caucasian). Please, bring Jericho back!

$20.00 -- Rasmus, Linden, NJ -- 5/27 10:30 AM (pooled)

$20.00 -- Karen, Davie, FL -- 5/27 10:29 AM (pooled) Dear Mr. Kahl, Why would CBS cancel the only ORIGINAL show they have? Everything else is a cookie cutter franchise and/or reality show (that we don't watch). I tape it for my son to watch (and I re-watch with him). Sometimes he catches it on InnerTube - he's got erratic working hours this year and catches up on the Internet version. Aren't WE part of your demographics? Karen, single mom, just turned 50, administrative professional Ryan, age 26, first year veterinarian (living at mom's house to pay off vet school loans before he sets up his own home next year) South Florida PLEASE bring back Jericho!

$5.00 -- Richard, Bellingham, WA -- 5/27 10:28 AM (pooled) You took it off the air for a long hiatus & ran it up against American Idol. Give Jericho another chance to succeed.

$5.00 -- brunet, TOULOUSE (FRANCE-europe), AK -- 5/27 10:16 AM (pooled) It's time to bring jericho back, it's time to give up to people what they want, have a good moment into their tv watching a good tv show like this! Jericho power on all about us! message from a french spectator

$10.00 -- Louis, North Bellmore, NY -- 5/27 10:13 AM (pooled) My wife and I are in our mid-50's, living on Long Island, NY with an income of over $200,000. Don't want our viewership?????

$20.00 -- Christina, Brookfield, WI -- 5/27 10:13 AM (pooled) Save Jericho!

$5.00 -- Kenneth, Kristiansand, NY -- 5/27 10:07 AM (pooled) Please keep the show running, you're dissapointing thousands of fans here in Norway with your cancellation..!

$10.00 -- Olafur, Reykjavik, -- 5/27 9:55 AM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Amy, Zephyrhills, FL -- 5/27 9:55 AM (pooled) Dear CBS - please bring back Jericho! It's one of the few shows on TV that is well written, well directed and well acted. It's also one of the few shows on TV that the whole family can watch. Please don't end this show simply to replace it with reality TV. NUTS to CBS!

$20.00 -- William, Rushville, IN -- 5/27 9:49 AM (pooled)

$20.00 -- Andrea, Greensboro, NC -- 5/27 9:18 AM (pooled) Don't be misled by Neilsen's flawed rating system. Jericho has millions and millions of loyal fans. And we want another season of Jericho!

$5.00 -- Robert, Albuquerque, NM -- 5/27 8:56 AM (pooled) Bring Back Jericho!

$20.00 -- Denise, Naples, FL -- 5/27 8:12 AM (pooled) Dear Mr. Kahl, My husband and I are avid fans of the show Jericho and would like to see it returned to the air next fall. I am 37 and my husband is 45, we are not a Nielson family, please add us to the list, as we meet that 18-49 group that you are looking for in a fan base. Thank you for your time, Bring Jericho back. Denise and David Naples, Florida

$5.00 -- Christopher, Pebble Beach, CA -- 5/27 7:57 AM (pooled) 32 years old - CBS, NUTS!

$10.00 -- Leslie, Glendale Heights, IL -- 5/27 7:49 AM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Thomas, Parkesburg, PA -- 5/27 7:29 AM (pooled) Bring Back Jericho for at least another year. Bring Back Johnston! I often watch it with several friends, between the three of us that represents over 500K in income! Screw Nielsen they are so out of touch with the the way people watch.

$5.00 -- Michael, Bradenton, FL -- 5/27 7:22 AM (pooled) Nuts! Bring back my Jericho! Michael Male, age 34 Income 100k+ Bradenton, FL 34205

$20.00 -- Kathleen, Charlotte, NC -- 5/27 7:14 AM (pooled) Save Jericho!

$20.00 -- Kathleen, Charlotte, NC -- 5/27 7:08 AM (pooled) Save Jericho!

$20.00 -- Paul, Belmont, CA -- 5/27 6:44 AM (pooled) SAVE JERICHO!!!! 26 Yr old Male, 32 Yr old female, San Francisco.

$5.00 -- Lilian, Lyon, AA -- 5/27 6:10 AM (pooled) Cancel CSI, NCIS, Ghost whisperer or any other of your shows but NOT Jericho, I want mo' 27 years old, male, France

$50.00 -- Mr, Sharpthorne, WEST SUSSEX -- 5/27 6:02 AM (pooled) NUTS TO CBS

$10.00 -- Thomas, Ostersund, NJ -- 5/27 5:48 AM (pooled) As a swedish viewer I must stay that Jericho was the only CBS show I watch. With Jericho gone why would I ever watch a CBS show again? You will just cancel it in the middle of the run... The nuts will keep coming til you realise your mistake and bring Jericho back! We will forgive you when this happens and become your most loyal advertisers and fans! Bring back Jericho and NUTS to you CBS!

$10.00 -- Peter, Australia, AA -- 5/27 5:27 AM (pooled) Im 23yo Software Engineer enjoying the first season of Jericho being aired currently in Australia - very saddened to hear the news that there wont be a second season, especially given the popularity the show has had here. Hope you reconsider. Peter

$5.00 -- DAVID, MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA -- 5/27 5:01 AM (pooled)

$10.00 -- Jeffrey, Milwaukee, WI -- 5/27 4:42 AM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Mary, Las Vegas, NV -- 5/27 4:19 AM (pooled) SAVE JERICHO!!!

$10.00 -- Yvonne, Wyoming, MI -- 5/27 4:09 AM (pooled) CBS, I hope you read this letter. Just look at how much money fans of JERICHO have spent to show you how much we love the show and how many fans there are out there. This shopuld really illustrate to both you and advertisers what a dedicated fan base Jericho has. Show the advertisers that fans of the show spent well over $30,000.00 JUST ON A CAMPAIGN TO SAVE THE SHOW! Imagine how much Jericho fans would be willing to spend on the advertisers products whose commercials air during JERICHO! Not only this, but I think you FAR underestimate JERICHO'S fan base. You still go by the antiquated Neilsen rating system to measure viewership, but it fails to account for all the people that TIVO, WATCH ONLINE, DOWNLOAD VIA P2P, DOWNLOAD VIA ITUNES AND SIMILAR SERVICES, AND OVERSEAS VIEWERS! Neilsens just don't accurately measure viewership anymore, as is well evidenced by the number of people outraged by this cancelation. Get with the times, make your viewers happy, and SAVE JERICHO CBS!!

$50.00 -- Marc, San Francisco, CA -- 5/27 4:08 AM (pooled) I find it hard to believe that CBS would even consider dropping a fantastic show like "Jericho" from its programming lineup. This shows deals with a true possible "reality" that could happen in our country one day, rather than the stupid "reality shows" like "The Bachelor". "Survivor", etc which is just about a bunch of people making fools of themselves to win money at the cost of their fellow competitors without any caring for what happens to them. The overall intelligence level of the average American continues to drop and yet networks continue to air stupid shows with absolutely no intellectual content. Please bring "Jericho" back and make the effort to help improve the intellectual level of America. I am a 49 year old male from San Francisco.

$10.00 -- Tracy, Blaine, WA -- 5/27 4:01 AM (pooled) My daughters and myself would watch every week, why did you have to take it off for so many weeks and then not give it any sort of advertising or announcement that it would be back? we missed the first week after the break, and had to download it. That's another thing, is neilson the only thing that matters? we watched two episodes online -do those count at all? It was the thursday 'watercooler show' at my work, you really need to second think the cancelling of it. I'm going to have to write the people who had commercials on during jericho as well, they need to know how displeased I am that it was cancelled.actuallyI think I'll tell the new 8pm CBS show's advertisers that I'll boycott their products. It'll be easy, and much more satisfying than spending money on a nuts campain. sincerely, Tracy Dickison

$20.00 -- Patrick, Amarillo, TX -- 5/27 3:40 AM (pooled)

$20.00 -- David, Monroeville, NJ -- 5/27 3:35 AM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Edward, Wellington, NJ -- 5/27 3:28 AM (pooled) I watch Jericho here in New Zealand and is my favourite show in the weekly line up. I am male in a well paying professional job and I think Jericho should continue because the premise is interesting and provides an interesting reflection on our society.

$5.00 -- Egil, Kongsberg, NJ -- 5/27 3:22 AM (pooled)

$20.00 -- Jeremy, Sacramento, CA -- 5/27 3:21 AM (pooled) I'm a 27 year old college grad student in California who watches each episode on comcast on demand. Please for the love of god give a show enough time to build an audience for a change. Hell, most shows do not hit their stride until a few seasons into them.

$5.00 -- lisa, gaithersburg, MD -- 5/27 2:41 AM (pooled) PLEASE SAVE JERICHO!!! Lisa M, Gaithersburg, MD - $250K+/annum household!

$5.00 -- Kristina, Olympia, WA -- 5/27 2:31 AM (pooled)

$20.00 -- Quimbie, Springfield, MO -- 5/27 2:30 AM (pooled) Save Jericho! NUTS from the Virtual Rangers of Second Life! ages from 18 to 45, all of the fine USA and international contributors ((If you could on the list of contributors you post on your site put from the Virtual Rangers of Second Life as this was many of us who pooled to get these))

$20.00 -- Peter, Saugus, CA -- 5/27 2:29 AM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Gina, Charlotte, NC -- 5/27 2:15 AM (pooled) After 10 yrs CBS finally got my family watching network tv again- then you shut-down the one show that hooked us: JERICHO! What a huge disappointment to learn it was for just another boring reality show! I'm a 50yr old accounts mgr in a major corp in Charlotte. Per the water cooler talk, you really have ticked-off a lot of fans. The Geneaux family, Charlotte, NC

$100.00 -- Mac, studio City, CA -- 5/27 2:09 AM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Russell, Chicago, IL -- 5/27 2:00 AM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Jason, Sherman Oaks, CA -- 5/27 1:58 AM (pooled) Age: 22 Income: $30,000-$40,000 Gender: Male Location: Los Angeles I've only watched one episode of Jericho, but this campaign will change the TV industry forever. I hope. C'mon CBS!

$5.00 -- Jacky, San Francisco, CA -- 5/27 1:56 AM (pooled) SAVE JERICHO! i'm a high school student and all my friends love the show!

$5.00 -- Montie, Mt. Vernon, IL -- 5/27 1:44 AM (pooled) Save Jericho

$5.00 -- Jason, Malad City, ID -- 5/27 1:42 AM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Jascha, Jerome, ID -- 5/27 1:36 AM (pooled) Save Jericho, PLEASE

$5.00 -- Michael, Kentwood, MI -- 5/27 1:20 AM (pooled) NUTS!!!!!!!!

$5.00 -- jennifer, hemet, CA -- 5/27 1:16 AM (pooled)

$20.00 -- John, Kenosha, WI -- 5/27 1:10 AM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Stephen, Royal Oak, MI -- 5/27 1:06 AM (pooled) Bring back Jericho

$20.00 -- Jody, Red Lodge, MT -- 5/27 12:59 AM (pooled) This show is incredible!! The first time in years that I actually looked forward to watching tv! Please Please Please bring it back!

$10.00 -- Brasten, Kirkland, WA -- 5/27 12:58 AM (pooled) Come on... CBS killed this show with a bad time slot and huge mid-season break... Give it a real chance, it's too good.

$20.00 -- Alan, Lynnwood, WA -- 5/27 12:55 AM (pooled) Jericho... ;-) Save it!

$5.00 -- PATRICIA, SANFORD, FL -- 5/27 12:53 AM (pooled) Save Jericho - 39 year old mother of two, professional counselor, near Orlando, Florida! NUTS!!! Patty

$5.00 -- Ryan, Savannah, GA -- 5/27 12:52 AM (pooled) CBS ... I am a huge fan of Jericho and want a second season. I am a "prime viewer", I am a 24 year old middle class male in Savannah, GA. Both me and my family of 4 watch Jericho . We watch it live, we watch it on DVR and we watch it on NUTS!!! Ryan Savannah, GA

$5.00 -- Christopher, Ringgold, GA -- 5/27 12:50 AM (pooled) Jericho was the one show on all the networks that I absolutely had to watch. No matter what went on I was sitting in front of the TV on Wednesday night when the opening credits started. I have since started a debate on whether or not I will continue watching CBS programing because of the cancellation of the number 1 show this season (in my book). Christopher Demo Information Age: 29 Income: $45,000 Gender: Male Race: Caucasion Location: Northern Georgia

$20.00 -- Paul, Larchmont, NY -- 5/27 12:49 AM (pooled) Bring Back Jericho, please!!

$10.00 -- Bonita, Margate, FL -- 5/27 12:49 AM (pooled) Do the right thing and be our hero, CBS.

$5.00 -- Donald, Miami, FL -- 5/27 12:17 AM (pooled)

$10.00 -- Jason, Raytown, MO -- 5/27 12:13 AM (pooled) Hi my name is Jason, 23 year old graduate school student from Kansas City, Missouri. My income is in the 40,000-45,000 range. Take this demographic into consideration when addressing the situation. Save Jericho or I will go NUTS!

$10.00 -- mark, San Jose, CA -- 5/26 11:51 PM (pooled) Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor, Hell no Nothing is over until we decide it is. When the going gets tough...........................The tough get going Now get going on renewing Jericho please and stay my favorite network Thanks

$10.00 -- Blaine, Colrado Springs, CO -- 5/26 11:44 PM (pooled) Please save a great show

$5.00 -- Turner, Athens, GA -- 5/26 11:42 PM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Nick, brooklyn, NY -- 5/26 11:40 PM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Lindsey, hermitage, TN -- 5/26 11:31 PM (pooled) Save Jericho!!!

$5.00 -- Isabelle, Scotts Valley, CA -- 5/26 11:21 PM (pooled) Female 36, 100K, Santa Cruz, CA. Bring back Jerico. Don't bite the hand that feeds you! And don't cancel shows you leave in cliff hangers! At least you could wrap them up!

$5.00 -- Scott, Pleasant Hill, CA -- 5/26 11:20 PM (pooled) Demographic Info: Married couple ages 41 & 39 Household Income > $100,000 Male and Female Pleasant Hill, CA KEEP JERICHO ON THE AIR! Shows like this come along very rarely. YOU DON'T REALIZE WHAT YOU HAVE HERE!

$20.00 -- Christina, Florence, SC -- 5/26 11:20 PM (pooled) Six Reality Shows Five Forensic Shows Four Medical Shows Three Cartoons Two Music Shows One Jericho - Priceless Jim & Tina, Florence SC.

$10.00 -- Mladen, Kirtland, OH -- 5/26 11:17 PM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Mary, Chula Vista, CA -- 5/26 11:11 PM (pooled) "We" the fans are asking that you listen to us!! Jericho for many seasons to come! Otherwise "NUTS"

$5.00 -- Douglas, Chula Vista, CA -- 5/26 11:07 PM (pooled) SAVE JERICHO!!! Please listen to the fans!! Loyal fan from So California

$5.00 -- David, Middletown, IN -- 5/26 10:39 PM (pooled) SAVE JERICHO!!!! DON'T CANCEL THE BEST SHOW ON TV AND PUT ON SOME CRAPPY REALITY SHOW!!!!!!!!!

$20.00 -- Kristine, Flushing, NY -- 5/26 10:31 PM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Marlene, Chicago, IL -- 5/26 10:28 PM (pooled) Please give Jericho a second season. Marlene Febo

$20.00 -- Charles, Locust Grove, GA -- 5/26 10:24 PM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Paul, Willimantic, CT -- 5/26 10:21 PM (pooled) NUTS FOR JERICHO!!!!! (43/M/Willimantic,CT)

$5.00 -- Terri, Haverhill, MA -- 5/26 10:04 PM (pooled) PLEASE bring back Jericho! I am F-51, in MA.and I love the show! Send these nuts to our soldiers. Support our troops!

$5.00 -- Donna, Columbus, MT -- 5/26 9:59 PM (pooled)

$10.00 -- Amy, Venice, CA -- 5/26 9:59 PM (pooled) I am SORELY disappointed at your cancelation of one of the only inventive, imaginative, compelling and heart-filled shows on TV. A show of this quality deserves a time slot that does not compete with the annoying phenom of "American Idol" (which I personally have NEVER watched, by the way). I'm an extremely busy person, and as such, have been forced to watch most of my "Jericho" episodes online. I have in fact watched many of them twice. If you bring "Jericho" back, I will make a point of at least turning on my TV, even if I'm not home, if that's what it takes. If you replace "Jericho" with yet another witless reality show, or worse yet, another forensic, law, or cop drama, you are going to lose many viewers forever - especially if the show moves to another channel that can be counted on for inventive programming. Please reconsider this extremely unsatisfactory decision. Thank you.

$5.00 -- kenneth, kinston, NC -- 5/26 9:53 PM (pooled) you finally get a show that holds your interest, then attempt to sabotage with winter break from show, fans still tune in and then you pull it right as the suspense heightens. nuts to you cbs.

$100.00 -- Carolyn, Banner Elk, NC -- 5/26 9:53 PM (pooled) I am a consumer who owns a Lexus, two homes, multiple computers, cell is insulting to me for you to not consider me a consumer because I am over 35. Nuts to have missed the game on this one!

$20.00 -- Dale, Santa Barbara, CA -- 5/26 9:51 PM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Adam, South Setauket, NY -- 5/26 9:49 PM (pooled)

$100.00 -- Carolyn, Banner Elk, NC -- 5/26 9:48 PM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Debra, Omaha, NE -- 5/26 9:42 PM (pooled) We are husband & wife, 60's & 50's, in NE. This is one of only 2 shows we watched together. NUTS, CBS! Save Jericho!!!!

$5.00 -- Jessica, Joppa, MD -- 5/26 9:41 PM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Thomas, Los Angeles, CA -- 5/26 9:29 PM (pooled) I am a 33 year-old, 50K income male living in Los Angeles. You network people are constantly getting it wrong! Crap shows stay on, but ones that do well get cancelled? It's not our fault you bungled it and waited so long to finish the season! Idiots! I'm finding it harder and harder to watch your network because of these kind of moronic decisions. Bring back Jericho!!!!

$10.00 -- Kevin, Cherry Hill, NJ -- 5/26 9:21 PM (pooled) For the pea"NUTS" sake, don't cancel Jericho!!!! Mr. and Mrs. White of NJ 33 Software Engineer & 32 Project Engineer (Our 65+ parents love it too!)

$10.00 -- Kay, Akron, OH -- 5/26 9:16 PM (pooled) We will settle for nothing less than a second season of "Jericho". Make sure to read this week's (June 1, 2007)Entertainment Weekly: "Are You Killing TV?" It explains in great detail how and why the Nielsen ratings are antiquated. Do the right that CBS DOES care. Thank you, The Staudt Family Akron OH

$10.00 -- Lynn, Tucker, GA -- 5/26 9:05 PM (pooled) I am a 41 year-old female from Atlanta. I have plenty of discretionary funds from my annual income of over $120,000. However, my preference is not to spend it on nuts, but on all the products your advertisers are trying to sell. I have had my cell phone service with only one company, Cingular (AT&T) for over 7 years but I would not hesitate to change companies if you do not renew Jericho, and I mean soon. There are lots of good phone deals out there right now......

$5.00 -- Cindy, Monroe, LA -- 5/26 8:47 PM (pooled) NUTS to CBS!! Long Live "Jericho"...

$10.00 -- Christopher, Temecula, CA -- 5/26 8:36 PM (pooled) Please save Jericho! It is the only show I watch on television!!!! It is an amazing drama that has touched my family and I. 23,$75,000/yr, Male, Orange County, CA

$5.00 -- Paul, Papillion, NE -- 5/26 8:33 PM (pooled)

$10.00 -- Annie, Tecumseh, MI -- 5/26 8:20 PM (pooled) Do not dump this show. I've been an English teacher for 30 years (female, white, 55, Ann Arbor, MI) and watch this show avidly and use it in my teaching. Give it a fair shake with a decent time slot and consistent, well-executed exposure and episode schedule. There will be absolutely NO reason to tune to CBS again...first thing I have watched on your network in years!

$10.00 -- Brian, Warren, NJ -- 5/26 8:15 PM (pooled) CBS, with all the hype and love this show has how can you honestly think it hasn't done well? Do you only look at the Nielsen ratings and not how many fans enjoyed the show? There's been others with less viewers that have continued for another season to see what happens, I wish Jericho would be one of those shows. I hope this outpouring has shown you how much we enjoy Jericho and I for one would've hoped that Jericho would've had more luck then Threshold did.

$20.00 -- Sharan, Northbridge, MA -- 5/26 8:14 PM (pooled)

$5.00 -- rebecca, brooklyn, NY -- 5/26 8:11 PM (pooled) please keep jericho on the air!

$5.00 -- Jeanne, Forest Hills, NY -- 5/26 8:11 PM (pooled) I am a 26 year old who has seen every episode of Jericho on TV. This is the first non-reality TV show I have liked on CBS in a long time. Please consider renewing it.

$5.00 -- Jennifer, Wichita, KS -- 5/26 8:08 PM (pooled) Nuts for Jericho! That's what I am! Please renew this terrific show! My husband and I are in our early 30's (34 & 30 respectively) and we absolutely LOVE the show! We were devestated that it was cancelled!

$5.00 -- Martin, linden, NJ -- 5/26 8:07 PM (pooled) EAT DUTCH NUTS CBS :D

$5.00 -- joseph, waxhaw, NC -- 5/26 8:01 PM (pooled) I hope you arent as stupid as i fear you are. Im a 31 year old male who thinks you are a retard.

$100.00 -- Mary, Salt Lake City, UT -- 5/26 8:00 PM (pooled) I already watch few enough shows because most stuff on TV is crap and you want to take away yet another show that I actually plan my schedule around? Congratulations, you're well on your way to losing quite a few viewers. As it is, I don't think there's anything else on your network that I watch. Demographic information: 26, female, military, student, located in both Utah and Germany. I hope NBC doesn't decide to be as stupid and cancel "Heroes". Food for thought: "Family Guy". Need I say more?

$5.00 -- Jennifer, Raleigh, NC -- 5/26 7:58 PM (pooled) NUTS to you, CBS!

$25.00 -- John, Granby, CO -- 5/26 7:52 PM (pooled) I'm a 38-year-old male in the mountains of Colorado. Please don't make Jerico another Firefly =)

$5.00 -- Lisa, Canton, GA -- 5/26 7:50 PM (pooled) Nuts for Jericho! We want another season. It's the only show on CBS I will watch! Please! Lisa Haughton - Atlanta, GA

$35.00 -- Bradley, Santa Monica, CA -- 5/26 7:44 PM (pooled)

$10.00 -- Colin, Schaumburg, IL -- 5/26 7:42 PM (pooled) Please spare us another crime drama or reality show. Bring back Jericho!

$5.00 -- christopher, huntington, IN -- 5/26 7:40 PM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Lainey, villa park il, IL -- 5/26 7:29 PM (pooled) Nuts to CBS! The fans have spoken. Give us season 2 of Jericho!

$10.00 -- Brian, Signal Mountain, TN -- 5/26 7:22 PM (pooled) Please SAVE JERICHO....I work in TV and to have a show that millions loved not even properly resolved, is NOT RIGHT. BRING IT BACK Male Chattanooga TN 28 years old

$5.00 -- Beverly, Thornton, AR -- 5/26 7:19 PM (pooled) DON'T CANCEL JERICHO!!!! With all the crappy shows on tv - don't take away one of the few good ones!! It's great to see Gerald McRaney and Pamela Reed in good shows again. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!! Loyal fans are begging you.

$5.00 -- Crystal, Auburn, WA -- 5/26 7:11 PM (pooled) Save Jericho! We need to know that good will triumph over evil once more!!! Crystal, 44, Auburn, WA

$5.00 -- MARGARET, LEBANON JUNCTION, KY -- 5/26 6:59 PM (pooled) Jericho is the best show on tv. It's different. You can tell your advertisers that I have spent several thousand dollars in the past several months because of advertisement on the show--the Embry-Riddle / Jake Green connection. I will spend much more over the next several years, at least, and some of it may even go to Embry-Riddle. Seriously. Jericho is good. It doesn't take the parochial USA IS GREAT attitude that causes so much trouble, but takes the premise PEOPLE ARE AMAZING, SOMETIMES SCARED, SOMETIMES SCARY, GENERALLY TRYING TO DO THEIR BEST GIVEN THE WORLD IN WHICH THEY THINK THEY LIVE. C'mon.

$20.00 -- Don, Mountain View, CA -- 5/26 6:53 PM (pooled) Please save Jericho!

$10.00 -- Homero, Laredo, TX -- 5/26 6:45 PM (pooled) MALE 35 Laredo Tx 75K/Y

$50.00 -- Eric, Kent, WA -- 5/26 6:40 PM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Russell, Tonganoxie, KS -- 5/26 6:36 PM (pooled) Nuts to you! We're nuts for Jericho!

$5.00 -- Sandra, Portland, OR -- 5/26 6:35 PM (pooled) I am a 34 year old woman with disposable income that loves this show. I am your most desired demographic! Save Jericho!

$5.00 -- Debra, Goshen, KY -- 5/26 6:32 PM (pooled) Please reinstate Jericho

$5.00 -- Scott, Clermont, FL -- 5/26 6:29 PM (pooled) PLEASE BRING BACK JERICHO!! We the viewers respectfully ask for the renewal of the JERICHO series for a second season, or to have the rights given to another network that is willing to continue it. PLEASE BRING JERICHO BACK!

$5.00 -- Greg, Yorktown, VA -- 5/26 6:27 PM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Michael, New York, NY -- 5/26 6:25 PM (pooled) Save JERICHO!

$10.00 -- Paul, Albuquerque, NM -- 5/26 6:18 PM (pooled) Save Jericho! Demographics: White male, 32 yrs old, military pilot, household of four, income <$75k...all fans

$5.00 -- Sean, Temecula, CA -- 5/26 6:15 PM (pooled) SAVE JERICHO!

$5.00 -- Robert, Sammamish, WA -- 5/26 6:00 PM (pooled)

$5.00 -- scott, clarkston, GA -- 5/26 6:00 PM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Jason, Fountain, CO -- 5/26 5:59 PM (pooled) Jericho is the only show I watch on CBS, just like most of my friends. Nuts to you! Jason, IT professional 30 year old in Fountain, Colorado.

$5.00 -- Bryan, Westford, MA -- 5/26 5:53 PM (pooled)

$15.00 -- Emmett, Goleta, CA -- 5/26 5:42 PM (pooled) Wake up! This is the 21st Century - not 1970. You no longer understand your consumers and how they watch your shows. Fire your staff and executives - not Jericho! I don't watch Jericho on the TV. I download it from iTunes and watch it at 1:00 am on my PC. Thousands of us don't show up on Nielsen but we spend $36.00 each to buy your show directly, download it on the Internet and watch it on our computers. The entertainment world is changing. How we consume your product has changed. If CBS can't sell its horse and buggy and buy a car maybe we consumers need to cancel CBS entirely. "Nuts!" Bring back Jericho.

$5.00 -- Kathryn, Alabaster, AL -- 5/26 5:41 PM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Don, Lincoln, NE -- 5/26 5:41 PM (pooled) Jericho was my favorite show this season - the only TV I really looked forward to. Please give it another chance! I am 36, male, single and from Lincoln, NE.

$100.00 -- Daniel, Westminster, CO -- 5/26 5:39 PM (pooled) SAVE JERICHO!

$5.00 -- Kelly, Spokane, WA -- 5/26 5:37 PM (pooled) In memory of fallen Jericho Ranger Zach. God Speed.

$10.00 -- Jason, Faucett, MO -- 5/26 5:33 PM (pooled) I always looked forward to Jericho each week. CBS Please don't take that away from me. NUTS to You. Bring Jericho back for a second season!!!

$5.00 -- Ruben, Rockwall, TX -- 5/26 5:30 PM (pooled) Please do not cancel Jericho. The show was finally coming into its own. You cannot have a long hiatus with a serial show. Take a cue from ABC and FOX who are going to show Lost and 24 every week next season until the end of the season. Don't make a mistake by cancelling one of the better shows on TV!! Thanks, Ruben

$10.00 -- colleen, little falls, NJ -- 5/26 5:19 PM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Glenn, Aliquippa, PA -- 5/26 5:18 PM (pooled) You knuckleheads simply don't understand that you can't put a show as good as this one on vacation for weeks and expect great things. Some of us need structure. (I understand the ADD generation is in charge there these days, however!)

$10.00 -- Stephen, Kippens, NL -- 5/26 5:15 PM (pooled) Nuts to CBS, we want Jericho Back.

$50.00 -- Susan, Chatham, NJ -- 5/26 5:08 PM (pooled) One of the only shows I make an effort to see! Please at least one more season!

$5.00 -- Tracey, Winchester, CA -- 5/26 5:06 PM (pooled) Save Jericho!!!! Tracey 33 Female

$10.00 -- Raul, Orange Park, FL -- 5/26 5:04 PM (pooled) To whom it may concern: Perhaps it is time to reform and reconsider how to better gauge TV audiences in the age of the cable, satellite, off-the-air HD, Internet, Tivo, iTunes, etc.... My family would like to see Jericho renewed for a second season on CBS. If CBS truly sees no value or future in Jericho and prefers Kid Nation instead, we hope that CBS would then deal Jericho to another network rather than kill it off in a "closure" episode or movie. Clearly, the fans would like Jericho to continue. It seems there's got to be a better way going forward than the status quo or a "closure" tactic resulting in the end of a significant relationship between CBS and Jericho viewers. Given the viewers preference to continue the Jericho story for many years to come, it seems that the status quo or closure may both lead to a lose-lose situation for CBS and viewers alike.

$100.00 -- Deborah, Los Angeles, CA -- 5/26 4:59 PM (pooled) The best show I've seen on network TV!! And one with strong positive family messages, how rare is that? I'm female and make over $80,000. I'm the main purchase decision maker for most of the house and spend a lot of money in the marketplace - advertisers should love me.

$5.00 -- Eros, Ft. Lauderdale, FL -- 5/26 4:49 PM (pooled)

$20.00 -- Ed, Rialto, CA -- 5/26 4:42 PM (pooled) Age: 50 Gender: Male Location: Southern California Income: $100,000+ YES, Jericho is my favorite show!!!

$20.00 -- Geoffrey, Corvallis, OR -- 5/26 4:38 PM (pooled) This has been an outstanding show. Too often of late television networks cancel shows after one season (or less) despite the fact that the shows are powerful, good stories and have already developed a loyal fan following. I truly hope that you reconsider canceling Jericho and add it back to your Fall line up. I have watched every single episode of the first season and have purchased them from iTunes. I also suggested that my parents watch this show, and they were hooked on it after just one episode. This show is worth having on the air. Please don't cancel it. Sincerely, Geoffrey Corvallis, OR Mechanical Engineer 34 yrs old.

$5.00 -- Shahrzad, Los Angeles, CA -- 5/26 4:38 PM (pooled)

$10.00 -- les, linden, NJ -- 5/26 4:35 PM (pooled) NUTS!!!!!!!

$5.00 -- andrew, huron, TN -- 5/26 4:33 PM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Rich, Tucson, AZ -- 5/26 4:23 PM (pooled) Renew Jericho this was one of the best shows this season. I am 59 with an income of 120,000+

$5.00 -- Jill, Holt, MI -- 5/26 4:11 PM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Debra, Gainesville, FL -- 5/26 4:07 PM (pooled) Bring back Jake! Gainesville, FL

$10.00 -- Mr, Colchester, ESSEX -- 5/26 4:03 PM (pooled) Save Jericho. We love Jericho! Save Jericho. We love Jericho! Save Jericho. We love Jericho! Save Jericho. We love Jericho! Save Jericho. We love Jericho! Save Jericho. We love Jericho! Save Jericho. We love Jericho! Save Jericho. We love Jericho!

$10.00 -- Marilyn, Saratoga, CA -- 5/26 4:00 PM (pooled) From two 50-something Silicon Valley techno-geek fans of Jericho... We wish you would reconsider your cancellation of one of the few halfway interesting shows on TV. While it is true that it got off to a shaky start, the writers finally seem to have developed a feel for the situation, and it can only improve. (Although we think you made a mistake with killing off Johnston, who was the heart and soul of the town.) And you want to replace it with - ugh - yet another "reality" show? What on earth are you thinking?

$20.00 -- Brent, Trempealeau, WI -- 5/26 3:58 PM (pooled) Jericho was a welcome break from the endless parade of crime dramas, "reality" shows, and sitcoms. It was one of only two shows that was actually worth the effort to watch online, when I couldn't watch it on TV. It's time for CBS to admit they made a mistake, and bring Jericho back for a second season.

$10.00 -- John, New York, NY -- 5/26 3:53 PM (pooled) From 70 yr old Piano Teacher in NYC

$10.00 -- Micahel, San Pedro, CA -- 5/26 3:50 PM (pooled) Please don't cancel Jericho.

$5.00 -- Jason, Copperas Cove, TX -- 5/26 3:49 PM (pooled) These nuts are for you... because you are NUTS if you do not keep Jericho.

$10.00 -- Steven, Hot Springs National Park, AR -- 5/26 3:48 PM (pooled) Jericho is a fine show. Give it the chance it deserves and put it in a slot that isn't against a proven juggernaut like American Idol. You say the ratings fell in the second half of the season... well of course it did because of American Idol! Give it at least another season! Everyone I worked with watched Jericho. We would even record shows for one another if for some reason one of us was going to miss an episode. We all looked forward to Wednesday evenings because of the show. It was the first show, in a long time, in which my entire family would stop everything, come home from anywhere, just to watch Jericho. We of the Jericho community cannot surrender! In agreement with Jake... "NUTS"!

$20.00 -- Clint, Parker, CO -- 5/26 3:48 PM (pooled) Jericho is the only show in CBS' portfolio that attracted me, a 27 year old viewer to your network. Once again you have proven that crime dramas and reality show drivel are the only things that your network is interested in airing. My parents watch a lot of CBS, and if the geriatric crowd is your target audience, you're continuing to excel. However, if you're interested in attracting advertisers prime demographics, the 18-49 crowd, I'd highly recommend you bring back Jericho and continue to put thought-provoking shows like it on your network.

$5.00 -- Betty, Hayes, VA -- 5/26 3:45 PM (pooled) Here you have a quality show and kill off a favorite character in the finale and now you are going to cancel it altogether????!!!! Let shame rain down upon you.

$5.00 -- cynthia, puyallup, WA -- 5/26 3:40 PM (pooled) Please reconsider canceling Jericho. It is the only show that our family watches together (Ages 15 to 70) Why replace a great family drama with yet another mind numbling reality program? We expect better from CBS. Thank You

$10.00 -- Greg, Pensacola, FL -- 5/26 3:31 PM (pooled) Bring back Jericho! (Age: 34, Household Income: $130k, Male, Pensacola, FL)

$5.00 -- Joseph, Milwaukee, WI -- 5/26 3:23 PM (pooled) No Jericho... No CBS! NUTS!!

$30.00 -- peter, Honolulu, HI -- 5/26 3:23 PM (pooled) Jericho is great drama, Enjoy the snack

$10.00 -- Brenda, Jacksonville, FL -- 5/26 3:22 PM (pooled)

$5.00 -- John, Nashville, TN -- 5/26 3:18 PM (pooled) Bring back Jericho!

$10.00 -- James, Nashville, TN -- 5/26 3:05 PM (pooled) Bring back Jericho or let it go to another network. 38 year old male in Nashville, TN

$20.00 -- Michael, Austin, TX -- 5/26 3:01 PM (pooled)

$10.00 -- Stephen, San Jose, CA -- 5/26 2:59 PM (pooled)

$10.00 -- Deborah, santa Monica, CA -- 5/26 2:43 PM (pooled) Bring Back Jericho, PLEASE. Ralph & Debbie (52) Santa Monica CA 100K

$5.00 -- Thomas, Ostersund, NJ -- 5/26 2:24 PM (pooled)

$20.00 -- Al, San Carlos, CA -- 5/26 2:19 PM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Aron, Silver Spring, MD -- 5/26 2:12 PM (pooled) bring jericho back... 27, $60k, male, dc metro area

$10.00 -- Scott, Eugene, OR -- 5/26 2:09 PM (pooled) CBS please bring back! We appreciate your response but Bring Jericho back for a 2ND SEASON NOTHING ELSE WILL SATISFY! This show has touched lives and cancelling it has brought people together like never before, ironic isn't it? Just like in Jericho people came together in away like never before! We are in it for the long haul! NUTS AWAY!! Male 38yrs roasted,50,000 per year,Eugene,OR

$10.00 -- Shannon, Vienna, VA -- 5/26 1:59 PM (pooled) Please keep Jerico on the air -- Shannon, 37, Male, Virginia

$5.00 -- Frank, Garland, TX -- 5/26 1:54 PM (pooled)

$10.00 -- Craig, Potomac Falls, VA -- 5/26 1:44 PM (pooled) Age 37, $85k annual income, Northern VA. CBS: You've done well embracing the internet age... time to ditch the Neilsons. Jericho's audience is the future of TV.

$5.00 -- Jayne, North Falmouth, MA -- 5/26 1:43 PM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Gerald, Flower Mound, TX -- 5/26 1:35 PM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Catherine, Levittown, PA -- 5/26 1:32 PM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Cheryl, Grayslake, IL -- 5/26 1:31 PM (pooled)

$10.00 -- Katherine, Littleton, CO -- 5/26 1:25 PM (pooled) You are NUTS to cancel Jericho! Tom (34yo male) and Katie(29 yo Female)

$5.00 -- Sharon, Carlsbad, CA -- 5/26 1:24 PM (pooled) Please bring it back for season 2!!! I am 39, female, in San Diego and have a family of four that love the show!

$5.00 -- Tony, Ravenna, OH -- 5/26 1:19 PM (pooled) Save Jericho! 25/M/OH

$10.00 -- Sandra, Chicopee, MA -- 5/26 1:10 PM (pooled)

$10.00 -- Gail, Auburn, ME -- 5/26 1:05 PM (pooled) SAVE JERICHO! It is one of the finest shows on network TV, not just CBS. I am a college educated teacher from ME. My husband and I watch Jericho faithfully every Wednesday night. If Jericho can pull him away from NESN, you better believe its a quality show. I have not missed a single episode, and counted the weeks during the winter hiatus. Please save Jericho, don't nuke it, or Nuts to CBS.

$5.00 -- Donna, Garland, TX -- 5/26 12:51 PM (pooled) My family (3 adults) believe it is not too much to ask for you to simply wrap up the show by telling fans the ending and what happened in the first place. We're vowing to never watch any TV series again until it's on DVD--with the ending!

$10.00 -- Jay, Linden, NJ -- 5/26 12:50 PM (pooled)

$10.00 -- Jeanine, Oak Grove, OR -- 5/26 12:45 PM (pooled) We are just 3 of thousands who are FANATIC about Jericho. Please don't cancel the BEST show of the 2006-2007 season after getting us addicted to it! Demographics: Ages 47, 48, 83...1 male, 2 females...income of $105,000

$5.00 -- shirley, westminster, CA -- 5/26 12:44 PM (pooled)

$10.00 -- Dee, Austin, TX -- 5/26 12:39 PM (pooled) From married mid-30-somethings in Texas, a plea for you to keep the only show that we watch on CBS!

$20.00 -- William, Houston, TX -- 5/26 12:33 PM (pooled) Let Jericho live Male, 47, Houston TX, $100K+

$10.00 -- Michael, Dublin, CA -- 5/26 12:32 PM (pooled) Have we gone "Nuts" enough yet to encourage CBS to rethink this decision? As a young father in a $200k income household, I certainly am a desired demographic, and although I rarely choose to participate in "civil disobedience" type of actions, this one is SO NUTS it just calls for action.

$10.00 -- Derek, Torrington, CT -- 5/26 12:28 PM (pooled) RENEW Jericho! The Best new show on television! 35y.o Male >40K/year Northwest CT.

$20.00 -- Jeffrey, Olney, MD -- 5/26 12:28 PM (pooled) CBS - Jericho was the ONLY show on CBS I wanted to watch - over $100K bracket, male, DC area, 48. Big mistake on your part in canceling Jericho - if you don't bring it back I won't watch CBS.

$10.00 -- Shannan, Snohomish, WA -- 5/26 12:27 PM (pooled) Please save the best show on TV! My whole family and many friends love the show. Cancel survivor instead--it's old and tired. Thank you, Shannan, Chalaina, Amy, Brandon, Amanda & Jezi--yes even our dog loves the show and family time spent talking about it.

$20.00 -- Andrea, Greensboro, NC -- 5/26 12:25 PM (pooled) Please give us another full season of Jericho!

$5.00 -- Chris, Fairborn, OH -- 5/26 12:22 PM (pooled) 30 Male - OH Save Jericho!

$10.00 -- Denise, White House, TN -- 5/26 12:22 PM (pooled) Listen to the REAL public; not just the precious few Nielsen people. We are strong, dedicated, internet and media knowledgable and totally devoted to the show and the cast. We will not give up. We will just come up with new and creative ways to get you to change your mind. If this hasn't proven to the networks that the Nielsen system is unreliable - I don't know what will. SAVE JERICHO! CBS and all other networks, stop toying with us by giving us a taste of something wonderful and unique and then ripping it away from us. Go ahead and cancel Kid Nation now. It will never work. I have 8 of my own and they won't even pick up their socks! Watching them attempt to create doesn't sound remotely interesting to me.

$10.00 -- John, The Villages, FL -- 5/26 12:18 PM (pooled) Bring Jerico back

$5.00 -- Mark, Lawrence, KS -- 5/26 12:15 PM (pooled) Please keep Jericho alive! Mark age: 46 income: 75,000+ gender: male location: Lawrence, KANSAS!

$10.00 -- David, Freeport, NY -- 5/26 12:14 PM (pooled) SAVE JERICHO!!!!!!! BRING IT BACK ON THE AIR!!!!!!!

$5.00 -- Lynda, Denver, CO -- 5/26 12:14 PM (pooled)

$10.00 -- ALCYONE, TUSCALOOSA, AL -- 5/26 12:13 PM (pooled) "Jericho" is filled with well rounded, albeit, mysterious characters with families and pasts. The directions their storylines could take seem infinite. Please keep one of the very few good shows alive. Thanks for your time. And good for CBS for passing these 'grudge-gifts' along to the needy and our beloved, beleaguered troops. Sincerely, Alcy Part of a 'Jericho-hooked-household' of two full-time working, voting, tax-paying adults in Alabama.

$5.00 -- Eddie, Lindale, TX -- 5/26 12:12 PM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Benjamin, Northridge, CA -- 5/26 12:08 PM (pooled) Bring it back. One more season!

$5.00 -- glenn, gainesville, GA -- 5/26 12:00 PM (pooled) SAVE JERICHO!

$5.00 -- Marshall, Herriman, UT -- 5/26 11:57 AM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Alicia, Fayetteville, AR -- 5/26 11:56 AM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Jimmy, Abilene, TX -- 5/26 11:55 AM (pooled) Im a 32y/o Network admin with little time for TV but Jericho changed all that with its plot lines. Please bring the show back.

$10.00 -- David, Raleigh, NC -- 5/26 11:51 AM (pooled) By far the best new show of last fall. Please bring it back!

$10.00 -- Nicholas, Sunbury, PA -- 5/26 11:50 AM (pooled) PLEASE SAVE JERICHO. Everyone makes mistakes, but it is the truly strong person who steps up, admits they made a mistake, and rectifies. So, please do so in this case, and SAVE JERICHO Thanks age: 28 sex: Male Graduate Student at Penn State Location: Pennsylvania

$10.00 -- Cody, Warwick, RI -- 5/26 11:50 AM (pooled) I'm sure Stephen Chbosky had an amazing vision for Jericho when he thought up the idea. Please allow him to fully realize it. If you're ever in the mood for good reading pick up Chbosky's (most famous) book, The Perks of Being a Wallflower. The fact that it's sitting on my desk is part of the reason why I watch Jericho.

$5.00 -- Robert, Metairie, LA -- 5/26 11:45 AM (pooled) We want Jericho back. Otherwise no more CBS watching for us.

$10.00 -- K., Du Bois, PA -- 5/26 11:44 AM (pooled) We're not going to stop until we get Season 2!

$20.00 -- Daniel, Montpelier, OH -- 5/26 11:42 AM (pooled) Please bring back Jericho! I started watching the show with my dad half way thru the season and went online to watch all the shows I missed and now I am addicted! Bring it back CBS... do the right thing... NUTZ

$10.00 -- Kristopher, Kansas City, MO -- 5/26 11:34 AM (pooled) Bring Jericho back you idiots! Nielson rates don't work in the 2000's! CBS needs new programming and don't let the new good ones go!

$20.00 -- Sandra, Warren, MI -- 5/26 11:16 AM (pooled) I'm so tired of turning on the TV and seeing nothing but reality TV, terrible comedies, and soap like dramas geered toward teenagers and people in their 20's. I'm a 42 year old femaile, who busts her butt at work all day and justs wants to sit down after cleaning up from dinner to watch a truly innovative TV series. Seriously, don't our opinions matter anymore? One day soon, American Idol, Survivor, The Amazing Race, etc. aren't going to be so amazing anymore, and then what do we watch on CBS? Nothing if we're in our 30's & 40's with 1/2 a brain. BRING JERICHO BACK! CBS will be banned in our home until that time, even my beloved Dave Letterman. I"LL MISS YOU DAVE :0( but somthings are worth the sacrafice. JERICHO RULES. NUTS TO YOU CBS.

$10.00 -- Bob, The Colony, TX -- 5/26 11:12 AM (pooled) CBS is NUTS to forget about your viewers, there are other choice and I say NUTS TO CBS!! A loyal viewer of Jerico in Dallas TX.

$5.00 -- Rachelle, Lutz, FL -- 5/26 11:12 AM (pooled) PLEASE SAVE JERICHO!! I am a 19 year old girl from Florida, and I LOVE watching this show!! My entire family and I look forward to it every week. We love the plot line, the characters, everything about this show. I've even gotten some of my friends at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University to start watching. We LOVED it when it was mentioned that Jake went to our school in one of the episodes!! We all love this show and would be BEYOND disappointed if we won't be able to watch it again in the fall!

$10.00 -- Marisa, Baltimore, MD -- 5/26 11:08 AM (pooled) I am a single, 29 year old female from Baltimore, MD who makes $85,000/year. I enjoyed this show immensly. The last thing we need is more ridiculous reality tv shows. Jericho was a thought provoking, heart warming show that at times made laugh, at times made me cry, but always kept me on the edge of my seat. Your decision to cancel this show is, well... just plain NUTS.

$20.00 -- laura, taylor, MI -- 5/26 11:03 AM (pooled) Please Rethink Jericho. It is asd good as LOST, maybe better. Everyone who watches Lost watches Jericho. I never would stop Jericho. I am a 45 year old mom whom watches this with her family. Even my mom watches it from Heaven!! Please, yes I am begging!!! Laura Detroit MI

$50.00 -- Catherine, Woodbury, MN -- 5/26 10:59 AM (pooled) Dear CBS, Please don't cancel Jericho! There are so few quality shows on TV. Thanks Cathy St. Paul, MN

$5.00 -- Patrick, Lynnwood, WA -- 5/26 10:47 AM (pooled) Save Jericho!

$5.00 -- Eugene, Doylestown, PA -- 5/26 10:43 AM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Phillip, Topeka, KS -- 5/26 10:35 AM (pooled)

$20.00 -- peter, Castro Valley, CA -- 5/26 10:32 AM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Jason, Oyama, BC -- 5/26 10:30 AM (pooled)

$10.00 -- Joel, hackensack, NJ -- 5/26 10:29 AM (pooled) NUTS FOR CANCELLING JERICHO! BRING JERICHO BACK!

$5.00 -- Troy, Lester Prairie, MN -- 5/26 10:26 AM (pooled) Bring JERICHO back next year. It is one of only three new shows I refuse to miss, the other two being NCIS & The Unit. You have a real winner hear, don't let it slip silently into the night. Let it be a voice for the immaginations for those of us who are bored to death with all of those HORSESHIT "Reality TV" programs. KEEP JERICHO ALIVE!!!

$30.00 -- Leticia, El Paso, TX -- 5/26 10:24 AM (pooled) Please reconsider your decision to cancel Jericho. I think you have underestimated the level of audience support which the show already has, and the level of audience support which it could someday garner, if given the chance. Thank you.

$20.00 -- Jean, Omaha, NE -- 5/26 10:21 AM (pooled) Nuts for Jericho, baby.

$5.00 -- Remington, Naperville, IL -- 5/26 10:15 AM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Christopher, Lansing, MI -- 5/26 10:13 AM (pooled) Bring back Jericho!!! This is only the tip of the iceberg of people who support the show!!!

$5.00 -- Susan, Exeter, PA -- 5/26 10:11 AM (pooled) Please save Jericho! My husband and I (We are in our 30s) LOVE this show!! It's so clever and well-written. Far better than all the reality shows popping up. Susan in PA

$20.00 -- Henry, Newark, DE -- 5/26 10:03 AM (pooled) NUTS! I am a 52 year old father of 5 boys living in the mid-Atlantic region of America. I am an executive in the Biotech industry with a mid six figure salary-I travel frequently and when I come home the family has always recorded the next Jericho so we can watch it together. We are shocked and dismayed at your decision to cancel the program. Many fellow execs talk about this show both in the office and on the road. I wonder what's on NBC tonight?

$5.00 -- Aimee, Avon Lake, OH -- 5/26 10:00 AM (pooled) Please please please...I'm begging here...bring back our show!

$5.00 -- robert, Astoria, NY -- 5/26 9:55 AM (pooled) Nuts is right!!! Bring back our show!!!

$5.00 -- JOE, BROOMALL, PA -- 5/26 9:48 AM (pooled) NUTS TO YOU CBS!!!!!! The people have spoken!!

$20.00 -- Tim, Raymond, NH -- 5/26 9:47 AM (pooled) Please keep jericho on the air as my father and I watch the show every wednesday night. We put of many things in our daily lives to watch this show. We both think in our opinion that it is one of the best shows on tv at this moment. Please do not cancel jericho!

$5.00 -- Paul, Somerville, MA -- 5/26 9:41 AM (pooled) Please consider bringing Jericho back during the upcoming season. Viewers of the show care about the characters, and they have been captivated by the intriguing story. We have kept up our commitment to watch this complex, serialized drama every week that it has been broadcast. Won't you make a commitment to keep the show in production for enough additional episodes to resolve the story?

$10.00 -- Kevin, Renton, WA -- 5/26 9:41 AM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Dawn, New Port Richey, FL -- 5/26 9:34 AM (pooled) Bring Back JERICHO - Fan from Tampa Bay

$5.00 -- Richard, Great Falls, VA -- 5/26 9:31 AM (pooled) Bring the show back!

$10.00 -- lori, dallas, GA -- 5/26 9:27 AM (pooled)

$10.00 -- Thomas, Burleson, TX -- 5/26 9:25 AM (pooled) Im a 36 year old from Texas. I think by now CBS you should realise you made a mistake. BRING IT BACK!!!

$30.00 -- Andrew, Winchester, MA -- 5/26 9:23 AM (pooled) NUTS TO YOU CBS! SAVE JERICHO!

$20.00 -- Charles, Hackettstown, NJ -- 5/26 9:22 AM (pooled) Please renew Jericho. CBS has a chance to change the industry by redifining how audiences are measured and networks relate to their customers, while profiting handsomely in the process. NJ, M 42, Quality Manager for a Fortune 100 and F 49,RN, $130 K + household income.

$5.00 -- JEFF, HIllsborough, NJ -- 5/26 9:21 AM (pooled) Live in Jersey, work in the Financial Industry, Male, 37 married with kids. I like the show Jericho. Please save the show.

$10.00 -- Sharon, The Villages, FL -- 5/26 9:16 AM (pooled) Bring back Jericho

$5.00 -- susan, Freehold, NJ -- 5/26 9:08 AM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Jeffrey, Sicklerville, NJ -- 5/26 9:05 AM (pooled) Bring Jericho back!!!!

$5.00 -- HARVEY, Nashville, TN -- 5/26 9:00 AM (pooled) Please continue Jericho. I am a 67 year old physician.My wife and I enjoy it.

$5.00 -- Bill, Birmingham, AL -- 5/26 8:43 AM (pooled) We Jericho viewers may not be your target demographic, but we're

$10.00 -- Scott, Columbus, OH -- 5/26 8:31 AM (pooled) Please bring back "Jericho". I believe the long winter hiatus hurt the show and it deserves another chance. Scott

$5.00 -- James, Southaven, MS -- 5/26 8:31 AM (pooled) Save Jericho!!!

$100.00 -- Christopher, Cincinnati, OH -- 5/26 8:08 AM (pooled) NUTS!

$5.00 -- James, Crystal Lake, IL -- 5/26 8:04 AM (pooled) My sons and I watch Jericho and are very disappointed. Not going to watch CBS anymore.

$10.00 -- nester, huntington, WV -- 5/26 7:30 AM (pooled) The boycott of CBS will only grow until JERICHO is back for season 2. You should realize the huge advertising GIFT that we have laid at your feet. Take it and run with it. JERICHO season 2 will have huge crowds watching it. No other television show has EVER been handed all the free advertising that WE, the fans, have given you. Now, it is CBS' chance to give back to the fans.

$5.00 -- JAMES, DAVENPORT, IA -- 5/26 6:47 AM (pooled) Basically, ALL network executives are NUTS. They can't seem to see that these kinds of shows (like Jericho) have given use all so much food for thought as well as exhibit good values and provide us with such entertainment. Shame on CBS for cancelling this wonderful show!

$5.00 -- Terrence, Guyton, GA -- 5/26 6:45 AM (pooled)

$10.00 -- Jonathan, Tauranga, New Zealand, AK -- 5/26 5:48 AM (pooled) Please don't cancel Jericho!

$10.00 -- joel, hudson falls, NY -- 5/26 5:10 AM (pooled) Bring Back Jericho.

$5.00 -- Kelly, New York, NY -- 5/26 5:08 AM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Michelle, Las Vegas, NV -- 5/26 5:07 AM (pooled) NUTS to CBS!!! Bring back Jericho!!! I'm a 43 yr old female living in Las Vegas, NV. Jericho was one of only 3 shows I DVR'd this season. Survivor was one of the other 2. I would hate to quit watching Survivor, but without an acceptable response to your viewers requests, I will begin boycotting your network and your advertisers.

$20.00 -- Daniel, Saint Paul, MN -- 5/26 4:48 AM (pooled) Please reconsider your decision to cancel Jericho. -Daniel

$5.00 -- Alexis, Tampa, FL -- 5/26 4:20 AM (pooled) Please reconsider your decision to cancel Jericho. This TV show became a staple in mine and my fiances lives. It was the 1st TV show in a long time that we were able to sit down together and become emotionally invested in the show. This show lead to many meaningful conversations full of insight on our daily lives. This was a great show and for CBS to leave us standing like this is unjust. Please look into all that is being done by fans of the show and reconsider bringing this fantastic show back on the air. If CBS continues to ignore us, the viewers, we will (and many we know) be forced to remove it from our daily programming. Thank you for your time. -Alexis 23 year old female located in Tampa, FL, $30k/annual salary -Joseph 25 year old male located in Tampa, FL, $20k/annual salary

$5.00 -- anne, phoenix, AZ -- 5/26 4:18 AM (pooled) Bring back Jericho. NUTS.

$5.00 -- Duane, Buckley, WA -- 5/26 4:14 AM (pooled) I hadn't watched anything on CBS in quite some time before "Jericho" came out. Now that it's gone, I'll not watch your programming until it comes back. Not a two hour movie. Only Season 2 will do.

$10.00 -- Kristian, Linden, NJ -- 5/26 3:41 AM (pooled) Hi! I'm a young guy from Denmark that watches Jericho every week! You just cannot cancel it. I don't know who told you the show isn't popular, it really is! FYI: I'm 21 years old Male Studying Live in Alleroed, Denmark. Income ~80.000 DKK/year Nuts!

$20.00 -- Melanie, not app, AA -- 5/26 3:37 AM (pooled) SAVE JERICHO!!!! Melanie Fudge. UNITED KINGDOM!!!!

$5.00 -- Charles, New London, CT -- 5/26 3:29 AM (pooled) Bring back Jericho

$1.99 -- Kelly, New York, NY -- 5/26 3:27 AM (individual) "nuts" CBS Ihave been watching CBS for over 30 years Price is right,YR,and goast wispers Then Jericho. I was lead to belive sesion 2 was coming this fall.HOW CAN YOU DO THAT TO YOUR FANS!!!! And jericho fans. CBS "NUTS" from Tuson Az.

$10.00 -- Margaret, Bridgewater, MA -- 5/26 3:19 AM (pooled) Please renew Jericho!

$10.00 -- Anatoly, Falls Church, VA -- 5/26 3:15 AM (pooled) Come on! Jericho has better writing than CSI!

$10.00 -- John, Warner Robins, GA -- 5/26 3:01 AM (pooled) Age: 36 Gender: Male Location: Warner Robins, GA Profession: Teacher Favorite Character: Heather!

$5.00 -- Iain, Lindon, NJ -- 5/26 2:56 AM (pooled) NUTS to the people who canceled Jericho!

$5.00 -- Jimalee, Tampa, FL -- 5/26 2:52 AM (pooled) Please reconsider! I love this new show and now that you have me hooked you are cancelling! DON'T DO IT!!!

$100.00 -- Heather, Oxnard, CA -- 5/26 2:49 AM (pooled) SAVE JERICHO!

$20.00 -- Matthew, Melrose, MA -- 5/26 2:30 AM (pooled) NUTS to CBS. Renew Jericho! I'm a 24 year old male from Boston- Love this show- it's honestly the only CBS show I watch- you're losing a LOT of viewers by doing this. It ranked 48th on the Nielsen ratings, WHY are you cancelling it?

$5.00 -- Chris, Fort Myers, FL -- 5/26 2:26 AM (pooled) Please bring back Jericho! It was number 3 on my TiVo Season Pass! Please bring back Jericho! 25-year-old man from Fort Myers, FL loves the TV show Jericho. Please bring back Jericho!

$10.00 -- Dan, Union City, CA -- 5/26 2:19 AM (pooled) Jericho is one of the best shows that has been on in awhile. This is coming from a 24 year old, male in Union City, CA. And... oh yeah... NUTS!

$30.00 -- Laurie, Bremerton, WA -- 5/26 2:13 AM (pooled)

$20.00 -- Alex, Seattle, WA -- 5/26 2:10 AM (pooled) As a twenty-seven year old male professional in Seattle, I'm your target demographic! Bring back Jericho, it's not our fault you put it up against American Idol! (The three-month vacation didn't help either!) Please, I've never written in to save a show before, let alone sent a stranger nuts.

$10.00 -- Tom, taft, OK -- 5/26 2:02 AM (pooled) NUTS!!!!!!!!!! SAVE JERICHO!!!!!!!

$5.00 -- James, cumming, GA -- 5/26 2:02 AM (pooled) James male/32/Atlanta Georgia Bring back Jericho! Anything short of a 2nd season will not satisfy Jericho's loyal fan base!

$5.00 -- KENNETH, EDGEWATER PARK, NJ -- 5/26 2:01 AM (pooled) Jericho or Nuts

$10.00 -- Steve, Lansing, MI -- 5/26 1:54 AM (pooled) Loyal viewer, 27, $60,000 per years, male, single, Lansing, MI

$25.00 -- Elliott, Poulsbo, WA -- 5/26 1:51 AM (pooled)

$10.00 -- Kathryn, Sausalito, CA -- 5/26 1:49 AM (pooled) I am a 30 year old woman that makes $70,000 a year. I live in San Francisco. I am extremely angry that you have cancelled this stellar show. I am considering boycotting CBS shows, even though I do like CSI and love The Amazing Race. Oh wait...all I have to do is read a spoiler on who won AR and read a recap of CSI somewhere since there is hardly any emotional investment in CSI. Overall, CBS treated this show badly with the long hiatus and American Idol competition. As far as I am concern you all can go to hell! Unless of course you bring back Jericho.

$20.00 -- Paul, Sunnyvale, CA -- 5/26 1:38 AM (pooled) I really enjoyed Jericho, and would love to see another season. Paul M.

$10.00 -- Todd, Albuquerque, NM -- 5/26 1:34 AM (pooled) renew Jericho or I will NEVER watch CBS again....

$5.00 -- Mark, Urbandale, IA -- 5/26 1:20 AM (pooled) Save Jericho!

$20.00 -- Roxanne, Schererville, IN -- 5/26 1:09 AM (pooled) "BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND" SEASON 2 !!!! AMERICA ALL AGES YOUNG & OLD LOVE JERICHO USE MY GLASSES CBS!!

$10.00 -- Neil, Vancouver, BC -- 5/26 1:02 AM (pooled) NUTS!

$50.00 -- Timothy, Byron, GA -- 5/26 1:01 AM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Gary, Listowel, CA -- 5/26 12:49 AM (pooled) Save Jericho! NUTS to CBS!

$10.00 -- Randall, Bonaire, GA -- 5/26 12:37 AM (pooled) My entire family wants Jericho back. Ages, 50, 30, 18 male, female, male Warner, Georgia

$10.00 -- Laura, Export, PA -- 5/26 12:31 AM (pooled) We love Jericho! Sincerely, Laura, 27 & Etienne, 25 The Target Demographic

$5.00 -- chad, georgetown, OH -- 5/26 12:22 AM (pooled) please cbs bring jericho back!! chad -ohio

$10.00 -- roberta, tucson, AZ -- 5/26 12:15 AM (pooled) WE WANT A SECOND SEASON OF JERICHO !!

$10.00 -- Cliford, The Woodlands, TX -- 5/26 12:10 AM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Kelly, Southgate, MI -- 5/26 12:04 AM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Kathleen, Taylor, MI -- 5/26 12:01 AM (pooled) Please Save Jericho!

$10.00 -- Todd, Los Angeles, CA -- 5/25 11:55 PM (pooled) Please bring back Jericho! Quality shows like Jericho deserve to be seen, Todd 33 yrs old Male

$10.00 -- ERIC, SCHILLER PARK, IL -- 5/25 11:49 PM (pooled) -Nuts! Save "Jericho"!

$10.00 -- Debra, Birmingham, AL -- 5/25 11:49 PM (pooled) I hear Heroes is coming back... it's a shame to lose a BETTER show like Jericho, with a great cast & strong writing. Reconsider?

$5.00 -- Lisa, Taft, CA -- 5/25 11:47 PM (pooled) Lisa 28 California All of my coworkers from the ages 25-60 watch Jericho! Save Jericho!

$40.00 -- Michael, Houston, TX -- 5/25 11:45 PM (pooled)

$20.00 -- Scott, Linden, NJ -- 5/25 11:39 PM (pooled) Don't miss this opportunity! Be part of 21st Century Media! Save Jericho! Demo: 41, $50K+, M, Canada

$10.00 -- Tiffany, Lewisville, TX -- 5/25 11:36 PM (pooled) From Texas. One more box on the pile from a couple of 30 year olds.

$5.00 -- Eric, Greenbelt, MD -- 5/25 11:29 PM (pooled)

$10.00 -- Tiago, New York, NY -- 5/25 11:22 PM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Mary, Honolulu, HI -- 5/25 11:21 PM (pooled) I am 65, grew up under the threat of a Jericho happening. It is very believable to my generation. Nuts to you for cancelling.

$10.00 -- Kristen, Lubbock, TX -- 5/25 11:16 PM (pooled) Attn: Ms. Tassler. I am sending you these NUTS to let you know that I am so disappointed with your decision to cancel "Jericho." I am 19 years old and live in Lubbock, Texas. I am still in high school, but will graduate soon and plan to go on to college. "Jericho" meant so much to be, because it gave me hope and reminded me that the American spirit can survive seemingly insurmountable odds. Our colors don't run! Every time the citizens of Jericho conquered a fear or problem, I cheered--because it served as a triumph for the American people. Please reconsider your decision. It means so much to all of us Jericho Rangers, but serves as a reminder that Americans are some of the bravest people on Earth. That message is surely important enough to send to the world.

$10.00 -- Jennifer, Seattle, WA -- 5/25 11:14 PM (pooled) I'm a 32 year old research associate mom who watched Jericho and thought it was refreshingly different. Keep the fun and intrigue in TV. We're tired of the formulaic reality or cop show.

$5.00 -- Mike, New Yotk, NY -- 5/25 11:04 PM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Eric, Rapid City, SD -- 5/25 11:00 PM (pooled) Please bring back Jericho. There is a dearth of original edgy programming on network television. I'm a 29 year old male from Rapid City, South Dakota.

$5.00 -- John, Baldwin, NY -- 5/25 10:43 PM (pooled) Nuts to you, CBS! WE WANT JERICHO! John and Melanie

$10.00 -- Cara, Rancho Cucamonga, CA -- 5/25 10:42 PM (pooled) SAVE JERICHO!

$20.00 -- Jonathan, Hopedale, MA -- 5/25 10:42 PM (pooled) Save Jericho!!!!!!!!! NUTS

$10.00 -- Robin, Warren, MI -- 5/25 10:42 PM (pooled)

$5.00 -- John, Fullerton, CA -- 5/25 10:34 PM (pooled) CBS, What were you thinking???? Please bring back this great show!!!!!

$20.00 -- Richard, Richardson, TX -- 5/25 10:33 PM (pooled) I can't believe you are such a crappy business man. No wonder the "big 3" are losing market share!

$5.00 -- Matthew, Haddon Heights, NJ -- 5/25 10:28 PM (pooled) 20,000 lbs. of NUTS! OH YEA!!!

$5.00 -- Mike, Cool, CA -- 5/25 10:26 PM (pooled) NUTS!!! TO CBS

$20.00 -- Tiffani, Belle Haven, VA -- 5/25 10:24 PM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Mary, Taylorville, IL -- 5/25 10:23 PM (pooled) Please keep this show on the air. It is a show that makes us all think. We,like the characters of Jericho, are coming together to achieve our ultimate goal--a second season of Jericho.

$5.00 -- michael, maple shade, NJ -- 5/25 10:18 PM (pooled)

$10.00 -- Barbara, Huntington Beach, CA -- 5/25 10:14 PM (pooled) PLease don't let this show go. I am a middle class, middle aged female, living in Orange County, California. My whole family enjoys this show.

$10.00 -- Chad, Burnsville, NC -- 5/25 10:12 PM (pooled) Your second season nuts.

$10.00 -- Michelle, Sinking Spring, PA -- 5/25 10:11 PM (pooled) NUTS to CBS - JERICHO WILL NOT GO!!!

$20.00 -- Stuart, Miami, FL -- 5/25 10:08 PM (pooled)

$10.00 -- Brian, Woburn, MA -- 5/25 10:05 PM (pooled) DO THE SMART THING!! BRING BACK JERICHO!!!!!!!

$5.00 -- Alethea, Sugar Hill, GA -- 5/25 9:55 PM (pooled) NUTS! to cbs!

$5.00 -- Brad, Lansing, MI -- 5/25 9:55 PM (pooled) Bring Back Jericho! 33, male, from Michigan.

$20.00 -- Jo, Fairmont, WV -- 5/25 9:54 PM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Mark, Portland, OR -- 5/25 9:46 PM (pooled) All of you T.V. execs must really think that American audiences are stupid. Do you not realize that we live in a digital world and must have some sort of intelectual fortitude just to exist in modern society. Also have you overlooked the HUGE influx of Sci-Fi followers? Shouldn't CBS jump onto the bandwagon and make some real money on the growing science fiction Phenomenon. Sincerelly Mark A. Jericho Ranger

$10.00 -- Pequeno, Jacksonville, FL -- 5/25 9:46 PM (pooled) I am very disappointed to hear that Jericho has been cancelled. As a high school Latin teacher, I have watched each episode faithfully--especially the ones with the Latin titles that encapsulated the storylines, "Vox Populi", "Semper Fidelis" and "Casus Belli". These episodes let me know that there were some very well-educated minds behind this series. One of my good friends at school and I have a great time discussing our favorite TV shows the next day during the first few minutes of our planning period. At the beginning of this school year when we discussed which of the new shows we were going to include in our analysis, we both were very excited about the teasers for Jericho. As a child growing up during the end of the Cold War, I was always haunted by the thought of nuclear devastation and responded to the premise of the show on a deep level. To give you an idea of our tastes, we also watch and discuss Lost, House, Grey's Anatomy, and Survivor. Please bring Jericho back! Marie G

$5.00 -- Jodie, New York, NY -- 5/25 9:44 PM (pooled) Jericho is an interesting and original show. It is a shame when a station doesn't support its show. A 3 month hiatus and then you bring it back against American Idol? Jericho deserves another chance.

$10.00 -- Colin, Penfield, NY -- 5/25 9:42 PM (pooled) SAVE JERICHO....IT WAS A GREAT SHOW COLIN, 23, ROCHESTER NY

$10.00 -- aaron, Edmond, OK -- 5/25 9:39 PM (pooled)

$20.00 -- kathy, san Juan Capistrano, CA -- 5/25 9:36 PM (pooled) JERICHO DESERVES A SECOND SEASON NOT A TWO HOUR MOVIE. Kathy

$5.00 -- Anna, Tucson, AZ -- 5/25 9:31 PM (pooled) We are A family Of 8 Ages 65-14 All of us have stoped watching CBS. You did Jericho fans wrong Making us belive Jericho was having a second sesion only to can it. CBS-Nuts from Tucson Az.

$5.00 -- Ravin, Morgantown, PA -- 5/25 9:30 PM (pooled) assholes I will never watch a show on cbs except for the NFL. Great fall schedule, love the one about a vampire!

$5.00 -- Jeff, keizer, OR -- 5/25 9:29 PM (pooled) I will make it a point not to watch this network anymore.

$20.00 -- Douglas, Colorado Springs, CO -- 5/25 9:27 PM (pooled) NUTS from Jericho Fans in Colorado Springs, CO

$5.00 -- Holly, Burke, VA -- 5/25 9:25 PM (pooled) Dear Ms. Kahl, Please give Jericho one more chance by renewing it for a second season. I currently live in Jesup, GA, a very small town , where I moved from Washington, DC to live with and take care of my ailing grandfather. There are few things to do in Jesup, and I enjoy very few network T.V. programs. Jericho is one of the bright spots of my week. Thank you, Holly Age: 39 Jesup, Georgia

$30.00 -- James, Cocoa, FL -- 5/25 9:25 PM (pooled) Please reconsider your decision to cancel Jericho. The show was a welcome break from the song and dance of the other networks. Thank you. James P Cocoa, Florida

$5.00 -- thomas, mobile, AL -- 5/25 9:23 PM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Charline, Freeport, NY -- 5/25 9:22 PM (pooled) CBS please reconsider i loved Jericho i was a faithful watcher even after the hiatus. Please show mercy and bring the show back

$5.00 -- Andrew, Aurora, Ontario, Canada, NY -- 5/25 9:17 PM (pooled) Dear CBS, Please save Jericho from going quietly into the night. Otherwise, CBS will risk alienating many of its clients and customers. Kid nation? Are you guys nuts? Speaking of which, enjoy the nuts. Kind regards, Andrew, from Canada

$20.00 -- Nora, lexington, KY -- 5/25 9:01 PM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Mindi, Overland Park, KS -- 5/25 8:41 PM (pooled)

$20.00 -- Alexander, Rocky Hill, CT -- 5/25 8:34 PM (pooled) Jericho fans are putting our money where your mouth is (for eating the nuts that is). If you think that we are giving up you are NUTS! Please bring back Jericho!

$5.00 -- Deborah, longdale, OK -- 5/25 8:32 PM (pooled) I haven't missed an episode....What are you people thinking?

$5.00 -- Luis, Missouri City, TX -- 5/25 8:27 PM (pooled) From a 35yr old engineer that thinks its NUTS for CBS to drop Jericho! It's practically criminal to get viewers emotionally involved and identify with the cast, only to have it all end suddenly on a "cliffhanger". Why should I bother getting involved in other new CBS shows if they could easily end the same way? Please reconsider putting Jericho back on schedule. America is at war, and this is simply nuts.

$10.00 -- Anah, Hamilton, OH -- 5/25 8:19 PM (pooled) Bring back Jericho or lose another viewer! Anah 23 years old southwest ohio

$5.00 -- Nicholas, West Simsbury, CT -- 5/25 8:01 PM (pooled) NUTS... That's what you are CBS. NUTS TO YOU. As demographics go, I am one of the people you look for: an 18-year-old male. And now it's time to do my part and help make the voice of us "youngin's" heard. WE WATCH JERICHO. In our world today, Jericho is a bright light amongst television programming. Its incredible plot lines, smart acting, and near-perfect writing put it up along the likes of Lost and Heroes, an achievement none should take lightly. You created a show that did not appeal to the lowest common denominator, but instead appealed to those looking for genuine quality. As a screenwriter to be, I know good writing when I see it. You had it, CBS, and now it seems you don't want it. Pity. What you must realize is that the Nielsen Ratings are so antiquated by now, that their accuracy is skewed. The ways of the world today are Tivo and downloading, or my personal favorite: Comcast OnDemand, which is how I watch each episode. Please, Bring Jericho Back.

$20.00 -- Jonathan, Lancaster, SC -- 5/25 7:56 PM (pooled)

$20.00 -- Karie, Bradford, ID -- 5/25 7:56 PM (pooled) Jericho is a great show!!

$10.00 -- Anthony, Egg Harbor twp, NJ -- 5/25 7:55 PM (pooled) Bring back Jericho!

$20.00 -- scott, long beach, NY -- 5/25 7:49 PM (pooled) Save Jericho!

$10.00 -- Susan, Wilmington, MA -- 5/25 7:49 PM (pooled)

$20.00 -- DJ, Portland, OR -- 5/25 7:39 PM (pooled) Jericho was one of the best new shows on TV. Everyone at work is talking about it. You've made a mistake. -DJ (32yrs, $90k/yr, male, Portland OR)

$5.00 -- Mark, Anchorage, AK -- 5/25 7:32 PM (pooled) "Jericho" lost viewers after an extended hiatus. Also, I believe the show came in 2nd against "American Idol." Any show would be 2nd. Pls reconsider the cancellation. The show needs closure. Respectfully, Mark, 42, household income $150,000+, Anchorage, AK

$20.00 -- rachel, pacific Palisades, CA -- 5/25 7:26 PM (pooled) SAVE JERICHO!!!!!!

$5.00 -- John, Temple Terrace, FL -- 5/25 7:25 PM (pooled) Please renew Jericho!!!!

$5.00 -- Amy, Orland, IN -- 5/25 7:21 PM (pooled) Please bring it back!!! You already stole Surface from us! Don't repeat an injustice twice! 36 year old female from Indiana that is horribly disappointed!!!!

$20.00 -- Barbara, Kansas City, KS -- 5/25 7:19 PM (pooled) Save Jericho--A family production that allows individuals to think and expand their minds. Family 65 years, 40 years, 42 years, 20 years, 18 years Professionals, KU Diabeetes Institure Nurse, Computer Management Male, Computer Mangement Female, Student--College Prep in top 12 % of US female, Student--College Prep female. Kansas City

$10.00 -- Dustin, sandston, VA -- 5/25 7:13 PM (pooled)

$10.00 -- Espen, Ilseng, NJ -- 5/25 7:12 PM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Charles, Winte Park, FL -- 5/25 7:07 PM (pooled) Please Bring Back Jericho!

$5.00 -- Katherine, Marion, OH -- 5/25 7:07 PM (pooled) Katherine and Edward 39 and 42 years Marion, Ohio I think cancelling Jericho is a huge mistake. Not only do I think its one of the most unique shows around, but its also the only show I tune into CBS for. Nuts to cancelling Jericho.

$20.00 -- Douglas, Fullerton, CA -- 5/25 7:03 PM (pooled) BRING BACK JERICHO!!!!!!!!!!! My Age: 40 Gender: Male Ethnicity: Caucasian Occupation: City Government Income: $45+/year Location: Orange County, Ca

$5.00 -- Steven, Huntington Beach, CA -- 5/25 6:46 PM (pooled) All my friends and I love Jericho, please don't turn your back on this great show. I am a 29 year old male from Orange County Ca, with a lot of purchasing potential. Thank you for your time.

$5.00 -- Michael, Staten Island, NY -- 5/25 6:45 PM (pooled)

$15.00 -- CHRIS, EL MIRAGE, AZ -- 5/25 6:39 PM (pooled) bring back jericho!!!!!!!!!

$30.00 -- Kay, Surprise, AZ -- 5/25 6:37 PM (pooled) GIVE US JERICHO OR DEAL WITH THE NUTS!

$10.00 -- Fredric, Philadelphia, PA -- 5/25 6:18 PM (pooled) Is CBS suicidal? Bring Back "Jericho" and CONNECT with your audience again. Fred 45/W/M Philadelphia, PA

$10.00 -- Lorena, Grants Pass, OR -- 5/25 6:10 PM (pooled) Jerhico was one of the last good shows left on TV. By removing it you have disappointed a huge number of people. Please reconsider another season for Jericho

$5.00 -- Fraser, Linden, NJ -- 5/25 6:10 PM (pooled) NUTS from Scotland Save Jericho

$5.00 -- Anne, Rochester, NY -- 5/25 6:09 PM (pooled) I am a 24 year old female from Rochester, NY and I love Jericho!

$5.00 -- Sarah, San Jose, CA -- 5/25 6:07 PM (pooled) CBS...please save Jericho! Thousands upon thousands of people have grown to love Jericho and I simply cannot foresee a clear reason to take it away from us! At what point does what the people want start to matter? Bring back Jericho!!!! I'm begging you all to reconsider! Sarah, 24 San Jose, CA

$10.00 -- Tim, Sacramento, CA -- 5/25 5:59 PM (pooled) Best show on TV! Save Jericho!

$5.00 -- John, Freeport, OH -- 5/25 5:57 PM (pooled) Bring Back the best show on TV!!!! 34 yr old male, $30K, Computer Tech. 38 yr old female housewife, Ohio

$10.00 -- michelle, houma, LA -- 5/25 5:55 PM (pooled)

$10.00 -- Debra, Tooele, UT -- 5/25 5:53 PM (pooled)

$14.99 -- Joseph, Milwaukee, WI -- 5/25 5:51 PM (pooled, individual) We well send nuts until you acknowledge us! Nothing less then another season of Jericho! We well never surrender. I'm am a 46 year old male, making 90,000 a year, living in Milwaukee WI....If you'll are wondering if I matter to your advertiser's NUTS to 'u CBS Joe

$5.00 -- Garry, Austin, TX -- 5/25 5:44 PM (pooled) Jericho is an intelligent and entertaining experience and my wife and I love watching it. Please give it a chance by giving it a second season. Thank you, and enjoy the nuts! Kindest Regards, Garry and Melissa

$5.00 -- Ted, Cypress, TX -- 5/25 5:40 PM (pooled) My wife and I watch Jericho religiously. It's a lot better show (drama-wise, written, etc.) than a whole bunch of other shows not cancelled.

$5.00 -- Jayne, North Falmouth, MA -- 5/25 5:37 PM (pooled)

$20.00 -- carmine, avenel, NJ -- 5/25 5:31 PM (pooled) Who Dropped the bomb? CBS did!


$10.00 -- Leland, Paramount, CA -- 5/25 5:19 PM (pooled)

$10.00 -- Michelle, Athens, PA -- 5/25 5:13 PM (pooled) SAVE JERICHO! Age 34, female, Pennsylvania

$10.00 -- Brian, Magna, UT -- 5/25 5:08 PM (pooled)

$20.00 -- Stephen, Indianapolis, IN -- 5/25 5:05 PM (pooled) Bring Back Jericho!

$10.00 -- Adam, Albany, NY -- 5/25 5:04 PM (pooled) Ms. Kahl, I'm contributing to the Nuts campaign because "Jericho" was one of the few things that kept me amused and sane during this second year of law school. While I understand that CBS' fall schedule is already in place, please reconsider bringing back "Jericho" as a midseason replacement and giving it a fighting chance, rather than placing it against such powerhouses as "American Idol." Thanks, -Adam

$20.00 -- Susan, Tucson, AZ -- 5/25 5:02 PM (pooled) Hi! Only a second season will do! Female From Arizona! Age: 34

$20.00 -- Kari, Wichita, KS -- 5/25 4:54 PM (pooled) Bring Back Jericho!! Nuts to CBS! age:33 income: $50,000+ Gender: Female Location: Wichita, Ks

$52.96 -- William, Savannah, GA -- 5/25 4:53 PM (pooled, individual) SAVE JERICHO! 43 Y/O MALE AND 42 Y/O FEMALE 100,000+ ANNUAL INCOME FROM SAVANNAH, GA

$10.00 -- Justin, Ashburnham, MA -- 5/25 4:50 PM (pooled) Put Jericho back on the air! People are WILLING to PAY to send you NUTS! Put the show back on, please?

$20.00 -- Susan, Dover, DE -- 5/25 4:50 PM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Eric, Baroda, MI -- 5/25 4:46 PM (pooled) Kelly, please reconsider this decision and bring Jericho back for a second season! Jericho is seriously the first show in years that I have had to watch every week. I'm a college student and every penny I have counts, so I'm sending you 500 pennies in the form of these delicious NUTS. Enjoy and please bring back Jericho! ~Eric

$10.00 -- Kenneth, West Des Moines, IA -- 5/25 4:46 PM (pooled) Bring back Jericho for a 2nd Season!!!

$30.00 -- Devon, siasconset, MA -- 5/25 4:42 PM (pooled) JERICHO!!!!!!!!!!!!

$30.00 -- Jennifer, Albuquerque, NM -- 5/25 4:40 PM (pooled) NUTS to CBS! Jennifer, 39, Albuquerque, NM

$10.00 -- Joakim, Fjell, -- 5/25 4:36 PM (pooled) Get a grip CBS...

$20.00 -- Timothy, Coral Springs, FL -- 5/25 4:33 PM (pooled) Weeeere BAAAAACK!!! We're not going away...Just save Jericho already

$10.00 -- James, Stewart, MN -- 5/25 4:28 PM (pooled) Please Save Jericho!! Age 22

$5.00 -- Charles, Austin, TX -- 5/25 4:27 PM (pooled) I am 28 years old and my wife is 26 in Austin TX. This show is among the best on TV! PS. My wife was an extra in several episodes of Friday Night Lights on NBC, but we both agree that Jericho is the best!

$20.00 -- Cynthia, Alexandria, VA -- 5/25 4:25 PM (pooled) Female 39 Male 38 Virginia BE SMART CBS! Ride this wave -- Bringing back JERICHO is a FISCALLY SOUND MOVE! WIN-WIN!

$50.00 -- John, Canastota, NY -- 5/25 4:23 PM (pooled) Without question, the finest show on television today. Boggles the mind why this was cancelled. SHAME ON YOU!

$40.00 -- Diane, Vancouver, WA -- 5/25 4:23 PM (pooled) Please renew Jericho for a second season. Please admit your mistake and give Jericho a second chance. Thank you

$5.00 -- Jill, Phoenix, AZ -- 5/25 4:22 PM (pooled) Please save Jericho!!!

$5.00 -- Zac, Lakewood, CO -- 5/25 4:22 PM (pooled)

$10.00 -- Scott, Beech Grove, IL -- 5/25 4:19 PM (pooled) Please reconsider the cancellation of Jericho. Wednesdays were our family nite for television. I am 40, $40 - $50K, male, Indianapolis, IN. Wife 35, homemaker. Daughter 12 - student.

$10.00 -- Alisa, Rochester Hills, MI -- 5/25 4:15 PM (pooled) Mr. Kahl, I am sending this in memory of Zac, a fellow Jericho Ranger, who passed away last Wednesday.

$10.00 -- Chris, Townsend, MT -- 5/25 4:14 PM (pooled) My name is Chris, male age 39 and live in Montana, JERICHO is my favorite show on CBS, please re-think cancelling as it has a bigger audience than you may think. Thanks - Chris

$20.00 -- Stephen, Topeka, KS -- 5/25 4:13 PM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Yvonne, Norfolk, VA -- 5/25 4:13 PM (pooled)

$5.00 -- SuzanaLee, Ambridge, PA -- 5/25 4:10 PM (pooled) Only Season 2 Will Do A Jericho Fan

$20.00 -- Lucretia, Prescott, AZ -- 5/25 4:08 PM (pooled) Please bring back Jericho!!!!!

$20.00 -- Chris, Las Cruces, NM -- 5/25 4:08 PM (pooled)

$5.00 -- chase, denver, CO -- 5/25 4:07 PM (pooled) SAVE JERICHO ...

$20.00 -- Kimberly, Carmel, NY -- 5/25 4:03 PM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Jay, Olathe, KS -- 5/25 3:56 PM (pooled) NUTS TO CBS!

$20.00 -- Nathan, Valley Village, CA -- 5/25 3:55 PM (pooled) You are STILL not listening, CBS! If you think we're going to give up and go away quietly, you are very mistaken. Have some more of my NUTS!!

$20.00 -- Craig, Harpers Ferry, WV -- 5/25 3:48 PM (pooled) Hello, Hope your not allergic to nuts, if not, enjoy and please SAVE JERICHO!

$5.00 -- Dani, Fremont, CA -- 5/25 3:46 PM (pooled) Bring Jericho back for Season Two! This 43 year old San Francisco Bay Area accountant deserves more than a 2 hour movie!

$5.00 -- Teresa, NEW CASTLE, DE -- 5/25 3:45 PM (pooled) Jericho is the only show I have ever fought for in my 47 years of life. We love our Jericho Family and watch on TV, DVR and On Demand. This is a new world and it's time to listen to the people. We want Season 2. Teresa ~ Delaware

$10.00 -- David, Wilmington, DE -- 5/25 3:42 PM (pooled) Jericho was the only network (CBS or any other network) show I watched. Although I, like many others, couldn't always sit in front of the TV every Wednesday night, I always made sure to catch every episode, either online or on demand, and enjoyed watching the Countdown online feature as well (Cingular/AT&T should give me a discount because I've seen their online ads so many times!). When I heard the show was cancelled, I was astonished: What could you possibly have been thinking? Were the decision-makers at CBS simply not aware of the loyal fan base on line? I'm guessing you are now! Well, easy enough for me to go back to not watching TV, but I'll really miss following the show. nuts. Nuts. NUTS. NUTS! NUTS!! NUTS!!! NUTS!!!! NUTS!!!!! NUTS!!!!!! NUTS!!!!!!! NUTS!!!!!!!! NUTS!!!!!!!!! NUTS!!!!!!!!!!!!

$10.00 -- Robert, Mount Savage, MD -- 5/25 3:41 PM (pooled) Have you ever actually watched Jericho? A few people beating the odds to win the day. Welcome to your own personal Jericho, We will not give up, We will not surrender. Nuts to you CBS, Nuts for taking away what could have grown into your LOST ! Rob m/31 Heather f/26 Mount Savage, Maryland

$5.00 -- Vincent, New Castle, PA -- 5/25 3:39 PM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Christina, Long Beach, CA -- 5/25 3:36 PM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Angelo, Kansas City, MO -- 5/25 3:35 PM (pooled)

$10.00 -- Jeff, Beaverton, OR -- 5/25 3:34 PM (pooled) We're not giving up on this. Come on CBS - give the viewers what they want. Spin the story if you'd like, tell the world you were just "testing" us - I don't care. It'll be win-win at this point.

$10.00 -- Michael, Secaucus, NJ -- 5/25 3:31 PM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Donald, Highland Springs, VA -- 5/25 3:29 PM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Sam, Minneapolis, MN -- 5/25 3:26 PM (pooled) Male, 46, $150K, MSP Bring it back. It was the one show I watched. I downloaded it from iTunes and watched on iPod when I traveled.

$10.00 -- Jeffrey, Longmont, CO -- 5/25 3:21 PM (pooled)

$5.00 -- April, Great Falls, MT -- 5/25 3:16 PM (pooled)

$20.00 -- Donna, Lynchburg, VA -- 5/25 3:15 PM (pooled) 54 year old female in Virginia wants to SAVE JERICHO!!!!

$5.00 -- Monica, Glendale, AZ -- 5/25 3:15 PM (pooled) NUTS!!! Bring Jericho back! Save Jericho!!!

$5.00 -- Wayne, Edison, NJ -- 5/25 3:12 PM (pooled) Bring back Jericho, good show; in a bad timeslot.

$10.00 -- Edward, Sharon, MA -- 5/25 3:07 PM (pooled) Please save Jericho. I watched on DVR and Online so I'm one of many who was not counted in the ratings. I didn't miss an episode!

$5.00 -- Neal, Ridgefield, CT -- 5/25 3:05 PM (pooled)

$10.00 -- LC, North Platte, NE -- 5/25 3:04 PM (pooled) From LC and Kevin , K , F and S ! Gives us back Jericho at least another season !!!

$5.00 -- Conrad, Fayetteville, AR -- 5/25 3:02 PM (pooled) NUTS! No more CBS for me until Jericho is back on!! Stop ALL season breaks!! Age 42, male, lawyer.

$5.00 -- Frank, Garland, TX -- 5/25 3:00 PM (pooled)

$20.00 -- julie, norfolk, NE -- 5/25 2:59 PM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Laci, Shelton, CT -- 5/25 2:59 PM (pooled) I'm a 20 yr old female college student from CT who watched Jericho every week. Please renew Jericho!!

$10.00 -- Ted, Castorland, NY -- 5/25 2:55 PM (pooled) Hello, i am a 23 year old male from Northern New York. I am a fan of Jericho and have been since the start. I am so disappointed that you canceled this show and urge you to reconsider your decision. Give us back our series and give us another season. Ted

$5.00 -- Tammy, Weatherford, OK -- 5/25 2:50 PM (pooled) Nuts to CBS, do not cancel Jericho. It's the only show I can watch with my 2 teenage daughters. Watching Jerchio promots us talking about history and current affairs. We love the show and they have learned so much. Also my daughter's high school ENglish teacher recorded all the shows and made the class watch them when they read Alas Babalyon.

$5.00 -- roberta, tucson, AZ -- 5/25 2:47 PM (pooled) CBS !! GIVE US A SECOND SEASON OF JERICHO !!

$5.00 -- Teri, Kingston, WA -- 5/25 2:46 PM (pooled) Please don't be nuts and cancel Jericho! Age: 43 Income: 45,000.00 Gender: Female Location: WA State

$5.00 -- Susan, Pittsburgh, PA -- 5/25 2:44 PM (pooled) Age: 37 Income: $60k plus Gender: Female Location: Pittsburgh, PA

$5.00 -- Joseph, Westerville, OH -- 5/25 2:43 PM (pooled) Keep Jerico on.

$10.00 -- Judi, Pekin, IL -- 5/25 2:42 PM (pooled) These nuts were lovingly sent by Judi-43 yr old married mother of 3 boys. I am a professional secretary/admin. assistant from the state of Illinois. I am not wealthy but I live comfortably. I hope you enjoy these wonderful nuts as an appetizer of what is to come.

$5.00 -- Carla, High Ridge, MO -- 5/25 2:42 PM (pooled)

$10.00 -- Mary, Richland, WA -- 5/25 2:40 PM (pooled) 40, s/f, 50k, Washington State - Nuts to you CBS! Save Jericho!

$5.00 -- Connie, Plainfield, IL -- 5/25 2:37 PM (pooled)

$10.00 -- Richard, Frederick, MD -- 5/25 2:36 PM (pooled) Jericho should not have been pulled off of the air. You have made a mistake and should bring the show back to T.V. One more unhappy fan! Nuts! O

$5.00 -- Miri, Morrisville, NC -- 5/25 2:35 PM (pooled) Save Jericho! Jericho is one the *the best* shows on TV! So many of us are so very sick of 'reality' shows and all the rest of the junk on today. Jericho is a show that makes you think and that's a good thing! Please, please bring Jericho back!

$5.00 -- franklin, chapel hill, NC -- 5/25 2:34 PM (pooled) Hello to all at Cbs: Jericho is something rare in the modern cookie cutter era of television; a television series that is not only entertaining, but also challenges your mind to actually think. The writing and acting on this series is top notch. In a few words Jericho is: an amazing piece of art. Finally, Jericho can go down as one of the best television series in the history of the medium if you allow it to continue. You are nuts if you do nut reverse your decision! I hope you had a great holiday weekend! and GOD BLESS!!! franklin

$20.00 -- Eric, North Port, FL -- 5/25 2:33 PM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Jennifer, Elgin, IL -- 5/25 2:33 PM (pooled) This was the only show I watched on I have no reason to tune your network in unless you bring Jericho back!!!!

$5.00 -- Julie, Rancho Mirage, CA -- 5/25 2:32 PM (pooled) I am Female, age 53 and live in Ca Save Jericho Julie

$10.00 -- Stephen, Raceland, LA -- 5/25 2:29 PM (pooled) Jericho fans will never give in! Admit you made a mistake and renew Jericho, or NUTS to you.

$20.00 -- Dianne, Andover, KS -- 5/25 2:26 PM (pooled) NUTS! ! !

$10.00 -- Steve, McKinney, TX -- 5/25 2:25 PM (pooled) Nuts to CBS! Only a full 2nd season will do!

$5.00 -- Trevor, Linden, NJ -- 5/25 2:23 PM (pooled) Hello Mr. Kahl, I am a 33 year old Canadian male who watches Jericho (or did it appears). Please reconsider this cancellation and place Jericho back on for at least one full season. Somewhat more information, I tend to record the show and watch it after hours. My wife and I watch your Monday night line up and the Ghost Whisperer on Fridays as well. Please, do me a favour and renew Jericho, so I don't have to tell my wife that for some reason, CBS no longer works on our Satellite. Thank You! Trevor.

$10.00 -- J., Raleigh, NC -- 5/25 2:22 PM (pooled) Jericho fans will never GIVE UP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

$10.00 -- Barbara, San Jose, CA -- 5/25 2:22 PM (pooled) Dear CBS: I am a 40 year old professional woman who is married to a 50 year old Child Psychologist. We live in the San Francisco Bay Area. My husband and I have never missed a single episode of Jericho and found it to be a wonderfully refreshing & well written show. Please bring it back! It is the only show we have faithfully watched on CBS since JAG went off the air.

$5.00 -- NICHOLAS, Auburn, WA -- 5/25 2:18 PM (pooled)

$10.00 -- Ethan, hidden Hills, CA -- 5/25 2:17 PM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Christopher, Cary, NC -- 5/25 2:14 PM (pooled) Bring Back Jericho, or the NUTS keep coming.

$20.00 -- Debra, Fordyce, AR -- 5/25 2:10 PM (pooled) Please re-consider the cancellation of Jericho, the most original, best program on network TV. The nuts CBS is receiving represent the love and passion for Jericho. Debra (Age 56, Arkansas)

$10.00 -- Harry, Colorado Springs, CO -- 5/25 2:09 PM (pooled) Jericho was one of the few shows I watched! Harry

$10.00 -- Cynthia, Plantation, FL -- 5/25 2:07 PM (pooled)

$20.00 -- Laura, Des Plaines, IL -- 5/25 2:06 PM (pooled) NUTS to CBS SAVE JERICHO from Des Plaines, IL

$5.00 -- David, Chaska, MN -- 5/25 2:04 PM (pooled) PLEASE DON'T CANCEL JERICHO- IT'S THE ONLY NEW SHOW I AM/WAS WATCHING ON A REGULAR BASIS!!! FAMILY OF 4 (45/44/20/15), $125k, 2M/2F, MPLS., MN

$5.00 -- Kerri, Moore, OK -- 5/25 1:59 PM (pooled) I am happy to join other fans of "Jericho" in protesting the cancellation of this excellent series. Nuts to you, indeed. I see other networks at least try their series in different time slots (NOT against ratings hogs like "American Idol") to promote their success. You could certainly do the same, and to great effect. Get the message. Thanks. Kerri

$5.00 -- Ryan, Alburtis, PA -- 5/25 1:57 PM (pooled) NUTS!

$10.00 -- Natalie, Apple Valley, MN -- 5/25 1:57 PM (pooled) Only a second season will do - Renew Jericho!

$5.00 -- Bunnie, Taylor, TX -- 5/25 1:57 PM (pooled) We've spent over $30,000 in five days to save the show. Imagine delivering that audience to your advertisers!

$5.00 -- Kenneth, La Vista, NE -- 5/25 1:52 PM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Robert, MIAMI, FL -- 5/25 1:47 PM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Kam, St. Simons Island, GA -- 5/25 1:43 PM (pooled) Demographic info: age 31, $30k, male, Georgia. This was the only show on tv that I was currently following. Nice job cancelling it..

$5.00 -- James, Rancho Palos Verdes, CA -- 5/25 1:42 PM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Jeffrey, Munster, IN -- 5/25 1:38 PM (pooled) Nuts to you for cancelling Jericho

$5.00 -- Kim, Pleasantville, PA -- 5/25 1:37 PM (pooled) Jericho is one of the best shows that CBS has put out in many years, Cancelling it is a big mistake on CBS's part. Your line up is pretty crappy to begin with ... With out Jericho all you have is CSI, Criminal Minds & Two & A Half Men, and as much as I like those other shows, if you insist on cancelling Jericho, I'll no longer watch CBS ! I sincerly hope that enough others feel the same way & that they ALL quit watching CBS all together ! I'm sure that some other network will gladly take your ratings away ! Perhaps USA or SciFi ! Keep your Reality shows, lose Jericho ... lose your ratings ! Kim Pleasantville, PA.

$5.00 -- Robin, Tacoma, WA -- 5/25 1:36 PM (pooled) Please bring back Jericho!!!

$5.00 -- CHERYL, BEDFORD, TX -- 5/25 1:36 PM (pooled) At LEAST have a mini-series to clean up!

$5.00 -- paul, Gilbert, AZ -- 5/25 1:35 PM (pooled) Bring back Jericho!

$5.00 -- linda, columbus, OH -- 5/25 1:34 PM (pooled) Save Jericho!!! I dont want to have to cancel all my CBS programs off the Tivo....but i will. Linda Frederick Ohio

$50.00 -- Mark, Concord, CA -- 5/25 1:34 PM (pooled) Save Jericho... From the gang at Thrifty Moving Concord Ca. and K6FEJ

$20.00 -- Brian, Humble, TX -- 5/25 1:33 PM (pooled) Houston Texas wants to "SAVE Jericho"

$10.00 -- Elena, Springfield, VA -- 5/25 1:30 PM (pooled) Please bring this show back, it was awesome. At least don't leave us hanging, you get us involved in a show and then just cancel it with no wrap up no wonder people love cable.

$20.00 -- Marwan, Aliso Viejo, CA -- 5/25 1:30 PM (pooled) Bring back Jericho for Season 2!

$20.00 -- Joshua, Okemos, MI -- 5/25 1:28 PM (pooled) GO NUTS!!! SAVE JERICHO!!! Enough of the reality shows and give us some drama shows that we can get involved in. GO NUTS!!! SAVE JERICHO!!!

$10.00 -- Tyron, alma, AR -- 5/25 1:23 PM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Robert, DeWitt, MI -- 5/25 1:20 PM (pooled) BRING BACK JERICHO!!!Bob,40, from Michigan.

$5.00 -- Barbara, Santa Ana, CA -- 5/25 1:16 PM (pooled) There are two of us. One,(57 year old) I have watching TV for 50 years and I have never been more shocked in my whole life. Two I'm a 15 year old girl in California and I adore this show and know many who like it and we beg you to put Jericho back on. We will not be watching CBS until Jerich is back on so NUTS TO YOU!

$20.00 -- Kim, Cayucos, CA -- 5/25 1:14 PM (pooled) Dear Ms. Kahl, I am a loyal fan of Jericho. Please do not cancel the show. I am a female, 53 year old Managing Partner of a large law firm earning in excess of $250k a year living in California. I became so enraptured with Jericho I ignored my husband every Wednesday evening. I am so disappointed that it may not return that I will be hesitant to start watching future serials because I wouldn't want to be disappointed again. Please reconsider your position. Thank you for your time, and enjoy the nuts, Kim

$10.00 -- chad, sault sainte marie, MI -- 5/25 1:12 PM (pooled) Save Jericho

$5.00 -- David, West Collingswood, NJ -- 5/25 1:11 PM (pooled) JERICHO is the reason WHY WE FIGHT.

$10.00 -- Paul, San Antonio, TX -- 5/25 1:11 PM (pooled) Jericho is an excellent show. It may not make money for you now, but in the long run it will. Check the history from the last few decades to see that syndication is where you get your returns on sci fi programs. Please bring it back or let another network pick it up.

$5.00 -- Seth, Summersville, WV -- 5/25 1:09 PM (pooled)

$10.00 -- Chris, Stanberry, MO -- 5/25 1:08 PM (pooled)

$10.00 -- Cynthia, Hutto, TX -- 5/25 1:07 PM (pooled) You guys are NUTS for cancelling this though provoking show! You put it up against American Idol and expect it to out perform? Try moving it to a different time slot if you want more viewers - it is worth saving. Please bring this show back!!!!

$5.00 -- Wesley, Joshua, TX -- 5/25 1:07 PM (pooled) Male 32 Texas and enough income to be semi-retired...Thank you very much

$5.00 -- Marcos, Charlestown, MA -- 5/25 1:04 PM (pooled) Bring back Jericho!

$10.00 -- Sean, Mountain View, CA -- 5/25 1:03 PM (pooled) NUTS CBS! This was the only program I tuned in to CBS for. Sean P., 33, Male, 70k-80k, Mountain View, CA

$100.00 -- Lawrence, huntington, NY -- 5/25 1:01 PM (pooled) Please save Jericho.

$5.00 -- Eric, Laurel, MD -- 5/25 1:01 PM (pooled) Please bring back Jericho!

$5.00 -- Trevor, Vidor, TX -- 5/25 1:01 PM (pooled)

$10.00 -- Jack, hilliard, OH -- 5/25 1:00 PM (pooled) Bring back Jericho! We don't always get to watch live, but I always TIVO. we just don't always watch for a few days due to my schedule. Male 38 and Female 45 from Columbus Ohio. Household income $70k+

$5.00 -- Jason, holiday, FL -- 5/25 12:59 PM (pooled) Bring back Jericho!!!

$5.00 -- Katherine, Redondo Beach, CA -- 5/25 12:57 PM (pooled) My household is nuts for Jericho. Can't think of one other CBS show that we watch. I am dying to find out who is behind all the bombs. PLEASE reconsider for season 2..thanks !

$5.00 -- Caarmen, Beaverton, OR -- 5/25 12:53 PM (pooled) Dear CBS, I hope that this outpouring of support from Jericho fans is making you rethink your decision to cancel the show. We watch it on TV, online, and On Demand (I've done all 3), something I don't think you can say for many other shows. And just so you know who is the show's fanbase: I am a 45 year old woman; a homeowner in Beaverton, OR; I make $45,000 per year; and I work full time for the largest cable company in the US. Let me close by saying: Bring back Jericho!! Sincerely, Carmen M

$30.00 -- Vicki, Cleveland Heights, OH -- 5/25 12:51 PM (pooled) I rushed home from study sessions to watch Jericho and looked forward to seeing where the next season would take us all. CBS you ruined it with a series of bad decisions! I say - Nuts to you! You need to keep better faith with your audience. Amanda Graduate law student U.Mich class of 2007

$10.00 -- Erika, Brooklyn, NY -- 5/25 12:49 PM (pooled) A show the whole family can love? YES! Save Jericho!!!

$5.00 -- Jill, Murray, UT -- 5/25 12:49 PM (pooled) Are you NUTS?? Save "Jericho"!

$5.00 -- Joshua, Lexington, KY -- 5/25 12:45 PM (pooled)

$10.00 -- Lisa, Las Vegas, NV -- 5/25 12:39 PM (pooled) My name is Lisa I am 36 Years old Female from Las Vegas. Save Jericho!

$20.00 -- william, alston, MA -- 5/25 12:37 PM (pooled) Please renew Jericho. I live in Boston and I'm 36 years old.

$10.00 -- JEFF, SIMI VALLEY, CA -- 5/25 12:37 PM (pooled) FAMILY OF SIX - $110k income - Southern California SAVE JERICHO!!

$5.00 -- Phil, Melbourne, FL -- 5/25 12:36 PM (pooled) NUTS TO YOU KELLY

$10.00 -- Jennifer, Linden, CA -- 5/25 12:32 PM (pooled) Save Jericho!

$20.00 -- christopher, huntington, IN -- 5/25 12:32 PM (pooled) if jericho is not brought back,i will never watch another second of a cbs program!!! chris garrison,indiana

$20.00 -- Matt, Cockeysville, MD -- 5/25 12:28 PM (pooled) Please bring back Jericho for a second season, even if it is only as a mid-season replacement!

$5.00 -- chadwick, oshkosh, WI -- 5/25 12:26 PM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Jay, Olathe, KS -- 5/25 12:19 PM (pooled) NUTS TO CBS! BRING BACK JERICHO! 37M $75,000 per year, Kansas

$10.00 -- Mary, Carmel, IN -- 5/25 12:19 PM (pooled) Female age 23, my dad is 58 and also watches the show, I have a male friend age 21 and another male friend age 28 who are also fans of the show Please renew Jericho!!

$20.00 -- Lesley, Andersonville, TN -- 5/25 12:15 PM (pooled)

$10.00 -- Nathan, Myrtle Beach, SC -- 5/25 12:15 PM (pooled)

$20.00 -- Michelle, Avondale Estates, GA -- 5/25 12:14 PM (pooled) 29F and 39M, Avondale Estates, GA, Prime demographic, intensely loyal watchers.

$5.00 -- Joseph, Copperas Cove, TX -- 5/25 12:11 PM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Nancy, Springdale, AR -- 5/25 12:09 PM (pooled) NUTS!

$5.00 -- Jennifer, Cedar Hills, UT -- 5/25 12:08 PM (pooled) I just want to express my love for the show Jericho. Please renew and give it a chance. It was a wonderful show that made me laugh, cry and most of all...ponder my preparedness in a crisis. I loved the down to earth, small town feel to the show and the characters. Bring Johnston back...make it a "worst fear for Jake dream sequence" or a premonition. We don't care. So many shows bombard us with perverted crime that is is taking a toll on the good we find in humanity. This show brought out the good and highlighted our strengths and weaknesses as humans. Please reconsider your cancellation of this amazing show. We are all so invested in this town and these people. I pledge to watch it "live" and to become an avid recruiter for the show. Everyone I know will want to watch it when I get done with them!!! Thank you, Jennifer, female age 36 stay at home mother of five college educated parents with income of 80,000+ Utah

$10.00 -- Hayley, Sherman Oaks, CA -- 5/25 12:08 PM (pooled) Age - 28, Female Income - 70K Location - Los Angeles

$20.00 -- Jeremy, Chicago Rige, IL -- 5/25 12:00 PM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Russell, Indianapolis, IN -- 5/25 12:00 PM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Rob, Linden, NJ -- 5/25 11:58 AM (pooled) Some nuts from your friends on the other side of the ocean :)

$10.00 -- Georgette, Toledo, OH -- 5/25 11:56 AM (pooled)

$20.00 -- James, St. Anthony, MN -- 5/25 11:55 AM (pooled) I really enjoyed Jericho and thought that the mid-season break was the real reason for losing viewers. Bring it back and forget the 3 month break and you'll find your audience. I am a 45 year-old male.

$10.00 -- Kathleen, York, ME -- 5/25 11:46 AM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Thomas, Mebane, NC -- 5/25 11:45 AM (pooled) America deserves to see this compelling drama continue. Be sure to include a pallet of peanuts in the relief supplies! I'm a loyal viewer from NC in my mid-50s.

$10.00 -- Lauren, Morristown, NJ -- 5/25 11:45 AM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Adriana, New York, NY -- 5/25 11:41 AM (pooled) Nuts to CBS! Greetings, please renew Jericho. It is smart, captivating and even funny at times. The caracters are well developed and the story could go on for years! Show your fans that you have heart as well as smarts! Thank you, Adriana 51 year old Female fan extraordinaire Hamilton Ontario Canada PS: my husband is also a fan!

$10.00 -- A, San Leandro, CA -- 5/25 11:36 AM (pooled) BRING BACK JERICHO!!!! I am part of your precious demographic that has spending power. Do you really want to loose me?

$5.00 -- Diane, Fife Lake, MI -- 5/25 11:30 AM (pooled)

$20.00 -- Kimberly, Cape Coral, FL -- 5/25 11:24 AM (pooled) Only Season 2 will do!

$10.00 -- Martin, Stewart, MN -- 5/25 11:23 AM (pooled) Ah NUTS, CBS is screwing with the schedule again!

$9.65 -- TAMI, PITTSBURGH, PA -- 5/25 11:22 AM (individual) JERICHO LIVES!!!! Tami (39) David (46) Pittsburgh, PA

$10.00 -- Todd, Sedro Woolley, WA -- 5/25 11:22 AM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Alessandro, Linden, NJ -- 5/25 11:21 AM (pooled) Vicio - NUTS from Italy!

$20.00 -- Heather, Hillsborough, NJ -- 5/25 11:19 AM (pooled)

$20.00 -- Josh, Vancouver, WA -- 5/25 11:07 AM (pooled) Save Jericho. This is quality TV and based on the passion of the viewers I think your numbers are wrong. 28, Male, Vancouver WA

$10.00 -- Teresa, Jacsonville, FL -- 5/25 11:03 AM (pooled) SAVE JERICHO TERI

$20.00 -- Adam, pikesville, MD -- 5/25 11:00 AM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Lynda, Denver, CO -- 5/25 10:58 AM (pooled) Please bring back Jericho or sell it to a network that would appreciate a great show and its fans. Thanks, Lynda Denver, CO

$5.00 -- Jason, Colbert, GA -- 5/25 10:58 AM (pooled) From 28 year old Male, College Graduate who will never watch CBS again unless you bring Jericho back. Long Live Jericho!!

$10.00 -- Amy, Bedford, AA -- 5/25 10:58 AM (pooled) NUTS TO YOU CBS!! - bring back Jericho!

$100.00 -- Gayle, Santa Barbara, CA -- 5/25 10:56 AM (pooled) please save jericho

$5.00 -- chad, terrell, NC -- 5/25 10:54 AM (pooled) RENEW JERICHO! (And give it a fighting chance next season)

$5.00 -- Matthew, Niles, OH -- 5/25 10:49 AM (pooled) Save Jericho! Age: 28 Income: 45,000 Gender: Male Location: Cortland Ohio

$10.00 -- Albert, Davie, FL -- 5/25 10:47 AM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Cindy, Covington, WA -- 5/25 10:46 AM (pooled) NUTS TO CBS for the cancellation of Jericho. I live in Covington, WA and am a 50 m/w/f who faithfully watched this show. BRING IT BACK FOR AT LEAST A SECOND SEASON.

$30.00 -- Andrew, Toronto, ON -- 5/25 10:43 AM (pooled) Please reconsider and put Jericho back on the schedule for 2007-2008. This is a quality series, worthy of CBS's reputation.

$5.00 -- Morgan, Fort Monroe, VA -- 5/25 10:42 AM (pooled) Jericho fans will not go quietly into the night!

$5.00 -- Debra, Florence, AL -- 5/25 10:41 AM (pooled) From a 40-year-old husband and wife team in Alabama who will NOT be watching CBS in 2008 if Jericho is not renewed.

$70.00 -- Rachel, Brookline, MA -- 5/25 10:33 AM (pooled) NUTS! to CBS Bring Jericho BACK!

$10.00 -- Jeff, Las Vegas, NV -- 5/25 10:33 AM (pooled) Please bring back Jericho !!! Jeff and Jennifer Las Vegas, NV

$5.00 -- Kate, Jacksonville, FL -- 5/25 10:30 AM (pooled) I'm a 23 year old female from Florida and I would only watch 3 shows on CBS: How I met your mother, The Class, and Jericho. I would maybe miss the other two - but I never missed Jericho, whether I would watch it when it aired (unlikely) or online or on my TiVo. Now that Jericho and The Class are gone, I have just decided not to watch CBS at all. Too bad I'm not a nielson viewer, then maybe I would have made a difference because those are apparently the only people who matter.

$10.00 -- Barry, Burtonsville, MD -- 5/25 10:30 AM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Paul, Albuquerque, NM -- 5/25 10:25 AM (pooled) Please bring back Jericho!!!

$5.00 -- Cindy, Monroe, LA -- 5/25 10:23 AM (pooled) BRING BACK "JERICHO"

$20.00 -- Thomas, Ostersund, NJ -- 5/25 10:21 AM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Evelyn, Stillwater, OK -- 5/25 10:19 AM (pooled) Please prove the truth of your motto "CBS Cares." SAVE JERICHO!

$5.00 -- Tracey, Lewisville, TX -- 5/25 10:18 AM (pooled) Are you NUTS? Please save Jericho! It is the only show I even watch on CBS and once it's am I. Never will I watch anything on CBS again even if it is great. It could be pulled out from under me

$10.00 -- Patti, Scarborough, ME -- 5/25 10:13 AM (pooled) Please Save Jericho. We want at least one more season. Thank you. P.A. LaRochelle 43 year old Portland, ME

$5.00 -- Michael, Ambler, PA -- 5/25 10:10 AM (pooled) Please bring Jericho back. It is the only show you have that was any good. And in the future, don't put shows on hiatus or you risk loosing us.

$5.00 -- Rebecca, Williamsburg, VA -- 5/25 10:07 AM (pooled) CBS is NUTS, renew Jericho. We are ages 30 & 29 in Williamsburg, VA.

$5.00 -- Mel, Hoffman Estates, IL -- 5/25 10:05 AM (pooled) CHICAGO LOVES JERICHO!

$20.00 -- Cindy, Linden, NJ -- 5/25 10:05 AM (pooled) I can't believe you cancelled the only show that is even remotely good right now. I am 24, female, professional and have completely lost faith in network television. Jericho was the first series that I actually made an effort to watch. With very good reason might I add given the current and future direction of our lovely society? And Kelly Kahl just so you know - those who watched Jericho are not the least bit interested in watching CSI Miami - fire your Public Relations person for such a stupid news release comparison. Oh yeah CBS - the rest of the world exists too so why don't you do yourself a favor and let them watch the season premier on your website. The internet has no boarders, which I am sure you will soon find out when it wipes out your ratings. That might be a good (and very obvious) marketing initiative. Perhaps then you would know that no one really cares about American Idol! At least no one who matters anyway! Absolutely fecking N U T S !

$5.00 -- Richard, Firestone, CO -- 5/25 10:04 AM (pooled) NUTS to CBS... I will continue to contribute until this is resolved! Age 31, Male, Colorado - USA, approx 75K annual Income!

$10.00 -- Catherine, Schertz, TX -- 5/25 10:03 AM (pooled) Please, please, please bring back Jericho! I've never been so moved and devoted to a TV show before. Don't let us down! Catherine Age: 40 Location: Texas

$10.00 -- Lisa, Overland Park, KS -- 5/25 9:59 AM (pooled) BRING US SEASON2! NUTS TO YOU CBS!

$20.00 -- Julia, New York, NY -- 5/25 9:56 AM (pooled)

$20.00 -- Robert, Laurel, MD -- 5/25 9:55 AM (pooled) Mr. Kahl, I hope you enjoy the NUTS! But more importantly, I want to again tell you and CBS that you are NUTS for canceling Jericho! Bring back Jericho for season 2 and this time PROMOTE THE SHOW! Today "New Media" takes a stand against "Old Media." WE WILL NOT GIVE IN! Thanks, Rob

$5.00 -- Nick, Hurst, TX -- 5/25 9:52 AM (pooled) Do not cancel Jericho.

$5.00 -- Joseph, Maple Shade, NJ -- 5/25 9:51 AM (pooled) I love Jericho SAVE IT !!!!

$10.00 -- David, Seaford, DE -- 5/25 9:49 AM (pooled)

$10.00 -- Scott, Courtice, NJ -- 5/25 9:49 AM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Aaron, Seattle, WA -- 5/25 9:49 AM (pooled)

$30.00 -- Jennifer, Oceanside, CA -- 5/25 9:46 AM (pooled) Bring Back Jericho!!! Jennifer, 34, Oceanside, CA

$10.00 -- Robert, West Palm Beach, FL -- 5/25 9:46 AM (pooled) 29 years old , 40,000 a year GIVE ME MY JERICHO. Yours from Palm Beach Florida =)

$5.00 -- Bryan, Washington, DC -- 5/25 9:45 AM (pooled) Save Jericho! As the father of a nine year old there aren't a lot of shows on TV that we could watch together yet somehow, we were both drawn to Jericho! Wenesday nights at 8pm was our father daughter time. I also watched CSI, Navy NCIS and The Unit. As a result of your decision to cancel Jericho, CBS is banned in my house. I'll only come back for Jericho season 2! Thanks, Bryan

$5.00 -- Casi, Allentown, PA -- 5/25 9:44 AM (pooled) My husband and I LOVE this show. What were you thinking pitting it against the brainless Idol craze? Bring back Jericho!! (or go NUTS!!!) Casi, 36, Allentown, PA

$10.00 -- David, zimmerman, MN -- 5/25 9:44 AM (pooled) 30 year old male. Bring back Jericho. NUTS to cbs

$20.00 -- Jason, Faucett, MO -- 5/25 9:44 AM (pooled) CBS, I am NUTS about Jericho. Bring it back for a second season. PS. When you do bring back Jericho---- Please have a NUTS ONLINE delivery truck in one of the episodes!!!!

$20.00 -- Barbara, San Carlos, CA -- 5/25 9:43 AM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Matthew, Philadelphia, PA -- 5/25 9:43 AM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Nancy, Athens, GA -- 5/25 9:40 AM (pooled)

$10.00 -- Darrel, Manchester, NH -- 5/25 9:40 AM (pooled) NUTS! to CSB SAVE Jericho!! Household members who watch Jericho: Male - 45, Female 43, Female 21, Male 13 Keene , NH 03431 We have watched 25% of the series online, 25% via DVR & 50% on regular viewing night on TV! We want Jericho...bring it back!

$5.00 -- JOE, BROOMALL, PA -- 5/25 9:40 AM (pooled) NUTS TO YOU CBS!!!! WE WANT JERICHO!!!!

$5.00 -- Patricia, Bloomington, IL -- 5/25 9:39 AM (pooled) SAVE JERICHO!!! Nuts from a 33yr old female in Bloomington, IL.

$100.00 -- William, Newport News, VA -- 5/25 9:37 AM (pooled) NUTS! Save Jericho!!! 47, male 65K-75K Newport News, VA

$10.00 -- Douglas, Delanco, NJ -- 5/25 9:35 AM (pooled) Save Jericho!!! NUTS!!!

$5.00 -- Philip, Houston, TX -- 5/25 9:30 AM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Linda, Shelton, CT -- 5/25 9:28 AM (pooled) Bring back Jericho!!

$50.00 -- K., Du Bois, PA -- 5/25 9:21 AM (pooled) Season 2! Season 2! Bring back Jericho for Season 2! 47, female, Pennsylvania

$20.00 -- Jason, Ypsilanti, MI -- 5/25 9:09 AM (pooled) Why are you canceling this great show? It was my reason for being home every Wednesday night. N U T S! Jason Rubin, Age 25, M, Ann Arbor MI

$10.00 -- Marlene, Cincinnati, OH -- 5/25 9:05 AM (pooled) Jericho is the best show on television, and the only program I watch on CBS. Please don't leave us hanging.

$5.00 -- eric, sherman, TX -- 5/25 8:51 AM (pooled) 29 year old male in Dallas, Texas

$10.00 -- Anita, Semmes, AL -- 5/25 8:51 AM (pooled) NUTS from Semmes, Al. Save Jericho!

$10.00 -- Diana, Upper Saddle River, NJ -- 5/25 8:42 AM (pooled) NUTS!! I've never been more disappointed in a cancellation. I'm not sure what demographics 'count' but I'm a 30-something-year-old mom from NJ with a income level well into the 6 figures. I struggle to understand your logic in canceling this intelligent, compelling program. I had recommended this show to all my friends and family and was even going to purchase Season 1 on DVD so I could get everyone 'up to speed' over the summer. Without any TV 'executive' experience even I could tell you that putting a show up against IDOL, with a split season, spells its demise. I'm just very, very surprised that people in your position would be so short-sighted. Shouldn't you see this too?

$10.00 -- miranda, linden, NJ -- 5/25 8:38 AM (pooled) Miranda. 23, PhD student. on $25k/year Adelaide Australia. Just because we are on the other side of the world doesn't mean we wont join in the fight. this goes much further than the american soil.

$10.00 -- Pete, Portsmouth, RI -- 5/25 8:31 AM (pooled)

$5.00 -- MR, Edinburgh, MIDLOTHIAN -- 5/25 8:31 AM (pooled)

$10.00 -- Jeremy, barberton, OH -- 5/25 8:29 AM (pooled) Bring back Jericho. NUTS to cbs.

$20.00 -- RON, LOVELAND, OH -- 5/25 8:23 AM (pooled) Save Jericho... NUTS to ending the show!

$10.00 -- Charles, Laurel, MD -- 5/25 8:09 AM (pooled) CBS, please bring Jericho back for a second season! Charles and Lynn age: 36 and 34 Location: Maryland Income: Enough to send nuts to CBS!

$20.00 -- Arlene, Montclair, NJ -- 5/25 7:57 AM (pooled) NUTS to CBS! Bring back Jericho for Season 2!! age: 54, female; and my son, age: 20 Montclair, NJ

$5.00 -- HENRY, Newton, MA -- 5/25 7:51 AM (pooled) Jericho is the only show I have watched all year. I don't watch any other shows. We don't even have a television plugged in. We drag it out of the closet for Jericho, then put it away for the week.

$10.00 -- Katie, lynn, MA -- 5/25 7:44 AM (pooled) This was a quality TV, one of a very few. Please, hear what people are saying and bring it back!! Katie Lynn, MA

$5.00 -- Joseph, Milwaukee, WI -- 5/25 7:24 AM (pooled) More Jericho, Nothing less then another season. NUTS to you CBS!!

$40.00 -- Donald, Avalon, PA -- 5/25 6:56 AM (pooled) NUTS to CBS !!!

$5.00 -- Gwen, janesville, WI -- 5/25 6:35 AM (pooled) Second season is our reason! Save Jericho

$5.00 -- Karen, SEattle, WA -- 5/25 6:14 AM (pooled) Seriously, you admit it was your fault that ratings dropped. The second half far surpassed the first in plot and acting. A tv movie isn't enough. Give it one more chance.

$5.00 -- Paul, Winter Park, FL -- 5/25 5:52 AM (pooled) A SECOND SEASON FOR JERICHO!!!

$20.00 -- Ronnie, Kristiansand,NORWAY, DE -- 5/25 5:37 AM (pooled) DO NOT CANCEL JERICHO!!! BEST REGARDS RONNIE FROM NORWAY

$20.00 -- Wendy, Fremont, CA -- 5/25 4:28 AM (pooled) It's nuts to cancel one of the best shows on TV. Bring back Jericho!!!

$20.00 -- Jessica, Glen Allen, VA -- 5/25 4:04 AM (pooled) BRING BACK JERICHO!!!!

$10.00 -- Elizabeth, Mountlake Terrace, WA -- 5/25 3:49 AM (pooled)

$5.00 -- aaron, villa park, IL -- 5/25 3:20 AM (pooled) NUTS TO YOU CBS

$5.00 -- John, Plano, TX -- 5/25 3:00 AM (pooled) NUTS to you, CBS!

$5.00 -- Jason, Reno, NV -- 5/25 2:47 AM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Charles, New London, CT -- 5/25 2:43 AM (pooled)

$20.00 -- Gina, Dayton, OH -- 5/25 2:39 AM (pooled) NUTS to canceling Jericho. I really loved this show. I'm tired of networks putting out new shows. I become interested in it only to see it cancelled. This is the 4th show I have enjoyed in the last year that got cancelled. This show had great content. It wasn't a reality show or silly sitcom. It showed a community's residents sticking by each other during times of turmoil and chaos in the world around them. They care for each other, worked toward one common goal, showed a sense of community and their commitment to each other. It had alot of hope and promise. I cried when April died and cheered for Mimi and Stanley to get together. I laughed when Bonnie made fun of Mimi. I wondered how Hawkins skills would play out in the plot. I wondered if Heather and Jake would get together or would he go for the old girlfriend. You made me wonder every week. It was the only show on Wednesday I enjoyed. Every week I watched. Then you pulled the plug. PLEASE reconsider. A JERICHO FAN, Gina

$5.00 -- Lou, Rocklin, CA -- 5/25 2:22 AM (pooled) Don't take away my apocolypse porn! People watch less TV because, for one of many reasons, networks cancel shows so soon that viewers don't want to get involved in one.

$10.00 -- William, Altoona, PA -- 5/25 2:11 AM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Laura, Charlotte, NC -- 5/25 2:11 AM (pooled)

$20.00 -- Kim, Bothell, WA -- 5/25 2:01 AM (pooled) Please bring back Jericho. Its a great story.

$5.00 -- adam, wheeling, WV -- 5/25 2:00 AM (pooled) Save Jericho!!

$10.00 -- Justin, South Jordan, UT -- 5/25 1:57 AM (pooled)

$10.00 -- Patrick, Gardner, ND -- 5/25 1:46 AM (pooled) Bring back Jericho or suck my nuts

$5.00 -- tim, nesconset, NY -- 5/25 1:31 AM (pooled)

$10.00 -- Gary, Tucson, AZ -- 5/25 1:25 AM (pooled) Save Jericho! If CBS does not want it then kindly release the rights you have until 2009 so some other more responsive network may satisfy the needs and desires of the viewing public! Don't be a "Dog in the Manger!" Save Jericho!

$10.00 -- Brad, Jacksonville, FL -- 5/25 1:24 AM (pooled) RENEW JERICHO

$10.00 -- THOMAS, Menifee, CA -- 5/25 1:23 AM (pooled) Please enjoy these fine peanuts, I hope that you will reconsider RENEWING JERICHO!!! REMEMBER THAT THE CUSTOMER IS ALWAYS RIGHT! WE ARE PAYING YOUR SALARY.

$20.00 -- Dennis, Los Gatos, CA -- 5/25 1:23 AM (pooled) Our whole family looked forward to watching Jericho together on Wednesdays.

$5.00 -- Hilde, Linden, NJ -- 5/25 1:22 AM (pooled)

$10.00 -- Kevin, San Francisco, CA -- 5/25 1:18 AM (pooled)

$20.00 -- Chad, Lafayette, IN -- 5/25 12:12 AM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Dana, Seattle, WA -- 5/24 11:23 PM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Leila, AUSTRALIA, AP -- 5/24 10:45 PM (pooled) Bring back Jericho to Australia! CBS can't possibly leave us on a cliff-hanger like this, in favour of those stupid teeny-bopper shows with no substance!! Jericho is an excellent, quality show - not like the other plastic shit you put out in the form of American Idol and those stupid Crime Shows that get shoved down our throat week after week!! Looking forward to someone at CBS listening!! Regards, Leila. Melbourne, Australia.

$20.00 -- Jessica, Overland Park, KS -- 5/24 10:39 PM (pooled) The WORLD KNOWS what you have done!!!!! Come clean and stop hiding.

$20.00 -- Joe, Roswell, GA -- 5/24 10:38 PM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Jaye, Oak Harbor, WA -- 5/24 10:37 PM (pooled) Please SAVE JERICHO...this show is loved by millions throughout the country and we believe it has a chance, please give it one. SAVE JERICO!!

$20.00 -- Richard, Glendale, AZ -- 5/24 10:30 PM (pooled) Please save Jericho!!!!!!!!!!!

$20.00 -- John, Louisville, KY -- 5/24 10:24 PM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Lynda, Denver, CO -- 5/24 10:24 PM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Nursel, Marlborough, MA -- 5/24 10:17 PM (pooled) NUTS!

$50.00 -- jeff, highland, IN -- 5/24 10:17 PM (pooled) bring it back. we want it back for good!!!!!!!

$5.00 -- Jennifer, Florissant, MO -- 5/24 10:15 PM (pooled) Hello CBS. Thank you for a wonderful year, but you surrendered too soon. Jericho fans will not. Jen P.S. Please make sure the tons of nut that are being shipped end up in places where they will be useful and not just in the trash.

$5.00 -- Brian, Houston, TX -- 5/24 10:14 PM (pooled)

$50.00 -- Steven, Pensacola, FL -- 5/24 10:11 PM (pooled) CBS has a black-eye! Here's some NUTS! Save Jericho! PLEASE!

$30.00 -- Colleen, Mason, OH -- 5/24 10:09 PM (pooled) NUTS TO CBS! SAVE JERICHO!

$5.00 -- Robert, Jersey City, NJ -- 5/24 10:04 PM (pooled) "NUTS" CBS FOR JERICHO

$20.00 -- Steve, Lansing, MI -- 5/24 10:04 PM (pooled) Cause a movie just will not cut it!!!!!!!

$10.00 -- mark, fullerton, CA -- 5/24 10:01 PM (pooled) i want jericho back ......... NUTS TO CBS

$10.00 -- Yvonne, Linden, NJ -- 5/24 9:57 PM (pooled) Save Jericho!!CBS you NUTS if you don't.

$20.00 -- John, Farmingdale, NY -- 5/24 9:55 PM (pooled) Nuts!! Save Jericho!

$20.00 -- Chris, Linden, NJ -- 5/24 9:48 PM (pooled) From Terry and Chris PC-Tek Computers Toronto, Ontario, Canada Be A Man(Woman) Do The Right Thing NUTS!!! Save Jericho.

$5.00 -- Todd, Mason, OH -- 5/24 9:46 PM (pooled) Bring back Jericho!! (or at least let another network have the show.. perhaps SciFi?)

$5.00 -- Mary, Aurora, CO -- 5/24 9:42 PM (pooled) Save Jericho. Don't discount the older folks. I'm 50+ and I think the show is fantastic. Mary

$20.00 -- Renee, Hicksville, NY -- 5/24 9:42 PM (pooled) I really think that canceling Jericho was a huge error on the part of CBS television programming.Despite being busier than I have ever been before ,I never missed an episode of Jericho.I will not make the same mistake next fall. I no longer will watch CBS programming period.Without JERICHO I have no reason to.Why enjoy a program so completely only to have it canceled in such a pathetic ploy to draw viewership to your other weak ass offerings.NUTS

$20.00 -- Mark, Modesto, CA -- 5/24 9:41 PM (pooled) Bring back Jericho. At the very least rerun it during the summer without huge breaks and see if the ratings improve!

$10.00 -- Scott, Marstons Mills, MA -- 5/24 9:35 PM (pooled) Kelly, These are for your coffee table. Enjoy them as you watch Season 2 of Jericho! Bon Appetit!

$5.00 -- Justin, Hudson Falls, NY -- 5/24 9:25 PM (pooled) Don't drop the bomb on one of the best shows on TV! I looked forward to Jericho when I first heard about it and it was great...better than I expected! I rarely watch TV besides a few really great shows, like Battlestar Galactica, Deadwood, The Sopranos, and Heroes, and Jericho was one of those few that I would watch religiously. Every week I would go to my parents' house to watch it with my mom, also a big fan! Don't let Jericho die!

$20.00 -- Patrick, Maitland, FL -- 5/24 9:24 PM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Thomas, Columbus, OH -- 5/24 9:23 PM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Steve, Columbus, OH -- 5/24 9:23 PM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Jeremy, Philadelphia, PA -- 5/24 9:21 PM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Laurie, Baltimore, MD -- 5/24 9:17 PM (pooled) What is wrong with you people? Bring Jericho back in the fall.

$5.00 -- Karen, Dickson, TN -- 5/24 9:17 PM (pooled) Please bring back Jericho for season 2!!!

$20.00 -- Jeff, Austin, TX -- 5/24 9:16 PM (pooled) Nuts!


$5.00 -- Anthony, Palo Alto, CA -- 5/24 9:13 PM (pooled) Nuts to you CBS! SAVE JERICHO!

$20.00 -- Melanie, Quincy, IL -- 5/24 9:11 PM (pooled) We spent the evening watching past episodes of Jericho. How soon before your ratings don't see the light of day? I am of the 18-49 demographic that WILL NEVER watch CBS again until Jericho returns. My household also represents two other demographics as well. So long CBS. NUTS!!!

$5.00 -- Clifford, Everett, WA -- 5/24 9:09 PM (pooled) This show has inspired many hours of thought provoking conversation and is not just another mindless reality show. Please renew this quality show because the world would be a better place with less reality shows that make americans stupid and fat. Thankyou

$20.00 -- Robert, Carpentersville, IL -- 5/24 9:04 PM (pooled) UNCANCEL JERICHO!!!

$20.00 -- James, Carmichael, CA -- 5/24 8:55 PM (pooled) Nuts to you for canceling Jericho!

$5.00 -- David, Shelby, NC -- 5/24 8:48 PM (pooled)

$10.00 -- Curtis, Paradise, NL -- 5/24 8:41 PM (pooled) NUTS TO CBS FROM CANADA!!

$5.00 -- sean, joliet, IL -- 5/24 8:37 PM (pooled)

$20.00 -- kelli, parachute, CO -- 5/24 8:35 PM (pooled)

$10.00 -- Casey, Dallas, GA -- 5/24 8:34 PM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Kirk, Lawrenceville, NJ -- 5/24 8:30 PM (pooled) Nuts & Guts. You are nuts if you don't have the guts to see this winning show shine in season 2! Save Jericho. This is our family's favorite show, the only one we all watch together every week.

$20.00 -- Johnnei, Stockton, CA -- 5/24 8:22 PM (pooled) Todays Battle Cry "NUTS"! Bring Back Jericho!!!!

$5.00 -- Nichole, Bagley, WI -- 5/24 8:14 PM (pooled) Nothing Under Two Seasons!!!

$30.00 -- alex, Cincinnati, OH -- 5/24 8:13 PM (pooled) Pleeeeeeeeeez!!!!!!!!

$5.00 -- Thomas, Seneca Falls, NY -- 5/24 7:57 PM (pooled) Please bring back Jericho. We don't need more TV time for another mindless "reality" show. Jericho easily won out with me over American Idol everytime they were on at the same time. Good programing is so hard to find on any network.

$20.00 -- Jason, Lawrence, KS -- 5/24 7:50 PM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Paul, Mount Pleasant, SC -- 5/24 7:47 PM (pooled) NUTS! We want Jericho back!

$5.00 -- Leslee, Jonestown, PA -- 5/24 7:46 PM (pooled) Save Jerico....keep your CBS viewers. No Jericho....NO CBS!

$5.00 -- Chris, Corvallis, OR -- 5/24 7:46 PM (pooled)

$10.00 -- Tim, Auckland, WY -- 5/24 7:46 PM (pooled)

$20.00 -- Alan, Linden, NJ -- 5/24 7:45 PM (pooled) Hi Kelly. You know, you've made a Scotsman in a kilt care about what happens to a bunch of people in the Midwest. And then you decided not to tell me. Now we Scots don't take kindly to that kind of thing. Don't force me to show you exactly what it is we wear underneath!

$20.00 -- Ann, New YOrk, NY -- 5/24 7:41 PM (pooled) Save Jericho!

$5.00 -- Kevin, Elgin, OR -- 5/24 7:39 PM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Matthew, Hingham, MA -- 5/24 7:30 PM (pooled)

$25.00 -- Timothy, Atwater, CA -- 5/24 7:29 PM (pooled) Please accept these nuts on behalf of our friend and fallen ranger Zach. He was a huge Jericho fan and will be missed. In his honor, please bring Jericho back!

$5.00 -- Matthew, Rutland, VT -- 5/24 7:25 PM (pooled) Bring back Jericho! Season two or bust! NUTS!

$50.00 -- James, San Diego, CA -- 5/24 7:25 PM (pooled) NUTS to anyone to cancel a show as brilliant as Jericho. Bring it back and reduce the snack. Shades

$10.00 -- Chad, Gretna, LA -- 5/24 7:25 PM (pooled) Save Jericho! This show could easily end up being the next LOST. Don't let it be swept under the rug, give actual intelligent writing and well-thought out characters a chance. NUTS!

$5.00 -- antonio, Flushing, NY -- 5/24 7:21 PM (pooled) Please give jeri.cho a chance!! It is a great show- one that the whole family can watch together! That is a rarity these days!! Thank you!!

$5.00 -- Dave, Sylvania, OH -- 5/24 7:16 PM (pooled)

$10.00 -- Monique, Charlottesville, VA -- 5/24 7:16 PM (pooled) As each day goes by I want Jericho back more and more! It is more than a show. It is an inspiration now. What the people went through on the show and what all of us fans are doing to try to get you to open your eyes and look at what a great thing you had. We are all human. We all make mistakes. It isn't everyday that we get to make up for something we did wrong. You still have time to change things and do right by the show, the cast and crew etc, and the fans. If you have something good why let it go to something that you have no clue at how it is going to do. I think it would be really big to turn things around and do the right thing. Please restore my faith in tv and bring back this wonderful show! SAVE JERICHO!

$20.00 -- Ann, Hamden, CT -- 5/24 7:13 PM (pooled) Save Jericho

$5.00 -- Susan, Cabery, IL -- 5/24 7:10 PM (pooled) Jericho needs to stay on television! Do the right thing!

$10.00 -- Franklin, Firestone, CO -- 5/24 7:07 PM (pooled) Dear Mr Kahl, For cancelling Jericho - Nuts to you and your staff!!!

$10.00 -- Randy, Manchester, NH -- 5/24 7:03 PM (pooled)

$5.00 -- james, philadelphia, PA -- 5/24 6:44 PM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Shelly, Gallatin, TN -- 5/24 6:41 PM (pooled) SAVE JERICHO!!!

$5.00 -- Jeff, Ballinger, TX -- 5/24 6:34 PM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Matthew, Maple Valley, WA -- 5/24 6:31 PM (pooled) SAVE MY JERICHO!!!!

$5.00 -- Angelique, Foster, WV -- 5/24 6:31 PM (pooled) We will continue to fight until there is a season 2 of Jericho! We will NOT go away. NUTS!

$20.00 -- Edrye, Newberry, FL -- 5/24 6:29 PM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Shannon, Taylor, TX -- 5/24 6:26 PM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Joseph, Rock Hill, NY -- 5/24 6:23 PM (pooled) This is one of the best shows on TV, just as Star Trek and the West Wing were!! Please don't make the same mistake. This could be a classic!!! Dr. Joseph and Liz

$20.00 -- Christine, Linden, NJ -- 5/24 6:22 PM (pooled) As devoted Canadian viewers, we were shocked and horrified when we learned of the announcement. Jericho is a highly intelligent, well-written, witty, and fascinating show with engaging actors and fine story-telling. Breaking the show mid-season was very poor planning on the part of CBS. It is never a good idea to give viewers a chance to fall out of the habit of watching a show. It took us far more effort and attention to return to the show than it ever should have--but we did, because we love Jericho. If CBS must take action to remedy this terrible mid-season break, it is not logical to cancel a program with such a diverse and loyal fanbase. Rather, it appears that CBS management may need some tweaking. Whatever genius decided it would be a good idea to shoot the network's own show in the foot needs to find another job; if CBS continues to take such bad advice, it may soon find itself without ANY loyal viewers. Yours truly, Brian and Christine

$10.00 -- Scott, Rimrock, AZ -- 5/24 6:21 PM (pooled)

$5.00 -- David, Dallas, TX -- 5/24 6:20 PM (pooled)

$20.00 -- Kelly, Ridgewood, NY -- 5/24 6:19 PM (pooled) Save Jericho !

$5.00 -- Michael, Fairport, NY -- 5/24 6:18 PM (pooled) Please bring back Jericho!!

$40.00 -- james, fairfax, VA -- 5/24 6:15 PM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Merlene, Hanover, PA -- 5/24 6:14 PM (pooled) NUTS TO CBS!!! SAVE JERICHO!!!!

$10.00 -- Bill, Vancouver, WA -- 5/24 6:12 PM (pooled) What are you NUTS? This is a great show. I guess I can tell why CBS is not a top rated Network. You guys are always playing ketchup. You really need to follow what ABC does. You can always change your mind or just give the show over to ABC. They could make it work. Bill Hutchens Vancouver, Washington

$5.00 -- Brian, New York, NY -- 5/24 6:09 PM (pooled) Les, Kelly, and company: Get creative, get digital. Have some nuts and find a way to keep Jericho in production.

$30.00 -- Tim, Birmingham, AL -- 5/24 6:08 PM (pooled) Bring back JERICHO....How would you like to spend 20-plus hours reading an epic novel, only to discover that half of the book is blank?

$10.00 -- Sharon, Winter Park, FL -- 5/24 6:08 PM (pooled) Please have the good sense to keep Jericho on the air. I am one of the many who have turned more and more to CBS over the last few years. Removing Jericho is step in the wrong direction from my growing love for CBS.

$20.00 -- Barney, braintree, MA -- 5/24 6:07 PM (pooled) This is sent in Memory of Zach on behalf of Sgt. and his family. Jericho is at it's base a story of people looking out for one another.

$20.00 -- Tammie, ELDorado, AR -- 5/24 6:04 PM (pooled) NUTS to cbs we want JERICHO for a second season

$25.00 -- Brian, Great Falls, MT -- 5/24 6:03 PM (pooled)

$20.00 -- Lisa, Lawton, OK -- 5/24 6:02 PM (pooled) Jericho is an excellent, refreshing show. I've watched since the pilot episode via iTunes. Please do not cancel the show. Regards, Chad

$10.00 -- CableSux, Mount Morris, MI -- 5/24 6:01 PM (pooled) BRING BACK JERICHO or I will block CBS on our TVs!!!

$10.00 -- Ann-marie, Norristown, PA -- 5/24 5:55 PM (pooled) Please reconsider and renew Jericho for another season

$5.00 -- Celeste, Gray, LA -- 5/24 5:53 PM (pooled) Please Please Save Our Show!!!

$20.00 -- Kathy, San Juan Capistrano, CA -- 5/24 5:53 PM (pooled) SECOND SEASON OF JERICHO STARTING IN JANUARY 2008! Kathy Kleine

$10.00 -- mark, San Jose, CA -- 5/24 5:53 PM (pooled) Bring back jericho, it's not too late. You made a mistake now you can fix it. Just think of all this publicity. You have a hit for next fall!

$10.00 -- Jason, Pataskala, OH -- 5/24 5:51 PM (pooled) RENEW JERICHO! WILL BUY SEASON DVD/HD SETS!

$20.00 -- Chuck, hemet, CA -- 5/24 5:50 PM (pooled) If I give you some nuts will you promise not to replace the only intelligent show on network televison with another uninspired and monotonous procedural cop show? I'm sorry if that conflicts with CBS' policy of "ALL CSI, ALL THE TIME."

$5.00 -- Robert, Ayer, MA -- 5/24 5:49 PM (pooled)

$10.00 -- Sverre, Spring, TX -- 5/24 5:45 PM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Suzanne, Des Allemands, LA -- 5/24 5:45 PM (pooled) Nuts!!! to CBS Louisiana loves Jericho!!!Save Jericho

$10.00 -- David, Kansas City, MO -- 5/24 5:42 PM (pooled) great show, i'd have gladly given CBS the ten bucks. David -Missouri

$5.00 -- Gene, Mountain Home, NC -- 5/24 5:39 PM (pooled)

$10.00 -- John, Fort Lauderdale, FL -- 5/24 5:32 PM (pooled) Un-Cancel Jericho...

$5.00 -- Craig, Sherwood Park, AB -- 5/24 5:26 PM (pooled)

$30.00 -- Jonathan, West Chester, OH -- 5/24 5:24 PM (pooled) SAVE JERICHO! Some things are worth saving!

$10.00 -- Mike, Douglasville, GA -- 5/24 5:24 PM (pooled) Please reconsider your choice and bring Jericho back. Thanks

$5.00 -- Colleen, Brooklyn, NY -- 5/24 5:24 PM (pooled) Please reconsider your decision to cancel Jericho! You're NUTS to think the series isn't worth renewing!

$10.00 -- Alethea, Sugar Hill, GA -- 5/24 5:23 PM (pooled) GOT NUTS?

$5.00 -- Patrik, Linden, NJ -- 5/24 5:22 PM (pooled) Keep Jericho on the air. One of the best shows in a long time.

$20.00 -- Cindy, Portland, OR -- 5/24 5:20 PM (pooled)

$5.00 -- James, Irvine, CA -- 5/24 5:14 PM (pooled) Why nuts? In the final episode Jake Green (Skeet Ulrich) borrowed the historic phrase "NUTS" in response to a final offer of surrender from a hostile neighboring town. CBS decided to cancel the show, and fans are uprising to save Jericho by sending, you got it, NUTS to CBS executives.

$10.00 -- Jeramie, Irving, TX -- 5/24 5:12 PM (pooled)

$10.00 -- Marcus, Linden, NJ -- 5/24 5:08 PM (pooled)

$5.00 -- James, Fairlawn, OH -- 5/24 5:04 PM (pooled) NUTS to CBS! Save Jericho!

$10.00 -- Richard, Des Moines, IA -- 5/24 5:03 PM (pooled) Please save Jericho! QUALITY TV at its FINEST! Rick


$20.00 -- Scott, Linden, NJ -- 5/24 4:57 PM (pooled)

$5.00 -- roberta, tucson, AZ -- 5/24 4:57 PM (pooled) CBS BRING BACK JERICHO FOR A SECOND SEASON !!!!!

$10.00 -- Shannon, Kingwood, TX -- 5/24 4:55 PM (pooled) NUTS - Save Jericho! My family loves that show. And I sure hope you find something productive to do with all these nuts after the show is back on the air ... maybe serve them at the Season 2 viewing party.

$10.00 -- Jane, Centreville, VA -- 5/24 4:53 PM (pooled) This was one terrific tv drama. Please consider bringing Jericho back and give the people what they want to see on TV. BRING BACK JERICHO

$10.00 -- Kelly, Standish, MI -- 5/24 4:48 PM (pooled) CBS this is my second time donating for nuts b/c I want Jericho and Skeet back for a second season. I will continue to fight for good quality tv programs! Please reconsider! Michigan supports Jericho!

$5.00 -- Christopher, Dallas, TX -- 5/24 4:48 PM (pooled) A show about something besides cops and doctors, and darned fun in its own right; please keep it?

$5.00 -- Troy, Mustang, OK -- 5/24 4:47 PM (pooled)

$20.00 -- DL, Fort Myers, FL -- 5/24 4:44 PM (pooled) Please continue this wonderful series.

$10.00 -- john, Linden, NJ -- 5/24 4:43 PM (pooled) You are NUTS if you cancel JERICHO. This is a quality show with great potential. It became an integral part of our wednesday night TV time. Please don't replace it with more reality/voyeur TV garbage. A west coast Canadian. John,

$10.00 -- Dean, Allentown, NJ -- 5/24 4:41 PM (pooled) NUTS!!! Don't use old media measuring tools to rate new media viewer habits. I never watched Jericho live, but ALWAYS within 48 hours!

$5.00 -- Kelly, Montrose, CA -- 5/24 4:40 PM (pooled) Please bring back Jericho! The show was the highlight of my week - intelligent and thought-provoking with a fantastic cast. Kelly

$10.00 -- Cindy, Monroe, LA -- 5/24 4:39 PM (pooled) NUTS SAVE "JERICHO"!!!

$20.00 -- Brian, Spokane, WA -- 5/24 4:35 PM (pooled) PLEASE give us Season 2 of Jericho!!! We're NUTS about the show!

$10.00 -- Theora, Palm Coast, FL -- 5/24 4:35 PM (pooled) RENEW JERICHO!

$10.00 -- Julie, Phoenix, AZ -- 5/24 4:28 PM (pooled)

$10.00 -- Molly, Oklahoma City, OK -- 5/24 4:28 PM (pooled) Networks have to start measuring fan intensity as closely as they measure fan quantity. The Nielsens alone aren't enough! Start noticing how much people care!

$20.00 -- Chris, Omaha, NE -- 5/24 4:27 PM (pooled) PLEASE - SAVE JERICHO!

$5.00 -- Diane, Kenmore, WA -- 5/24 4:23 PM (pooled)

$10.00 -- Bernd, Munich, KS -- 5/24 4:22 PM (pooled) NUTS!

$30.00 -- Brandon, Glen Burnie, MD -- 5/24 4:21 PM (pooled) More NUTZ!

$10.00 -- Gabriel, Baton Rouge, LA -- 5/24 4:18 PM (pooled)

$10.00 -- Ray, Fairport, NY -- 5/24 4:12 PM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Steve, Chesterfield, MO -- 5/24 4:05 PM (pooled) Male 45-55 Annual income $250K All of my friends watch this show too. If you want to be my parent's network (like you were in the past) it's your choice but they don't watch the commercials because they have to go to the bathroom every 20 minutes, and they never buy anything anymore anyway. If you cancel Jericho in favor of shows like CSI and NCIS spinn-offs you are sending a clear message about the quality of your programming, and my value to you as a customer. It's your choice, but stick with this terrible decision and I vote with my feet. Steven

$5.00 -- shawn, clayton, CA -- 5/24 4:01 PM (pooled)

$50.00 -- Paul, North Shields, TYNE AND WEAR -- 5/24 3:59 PM (pooled) NUTS to CBS! Long live Jericho! Regards, UK Jericho Fan

$5.00 -- Charlene, Jackson, MS -- 5/24 3:57 PM (pooled)

$5.00 -- susan, brookline, MA -- 5/24 3:55 PM (pooled)

$10.00 -- Rhonda, The Villages, FL -- 5/24 3:54 PM (pooled) NUTS to CBS!!! We won't go until you bring back JERICHO!!!

$5.00 -- Jeremy, Linden, NJ -- 5/24 3:54 PM (pooled) Finish the show!

$10.00 -- Bart, LINDEN, NJ -- 5/24 3:53 PM (pooled)

$10.00 -- Mark, Kirkwood, MO -- 5/24 3:53 PM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Dena, Katy, TX -- 5/24 3:47 PM (pooled) NUTS TO CBS!!!

$5.00 -- Raymond, Dallas, TX -- 5/24 3:47 PM (pooled) Jericho is a very intelligent and finely written show and its one of the finest that CBS (or any other station) has to offer. This show has helped you take first place with network viewership and has brought me to other shows on your fine network. The cancellation of this program would be a mistake. Again, thank you for your time and I hope you decide to keep on "keepin on" with Jericho!

$20.00 -- Tracey, Kiln, MS -- 5/24 3:47 PM (pooled) Please, Bring Jericho Back for Another Season!

$5.00 -- Bradley, Alabaster, AL -- 5/24 3:41 PM (pooled) NUTS!

$20.00 -- Joseph, Bellevue, WA -- 5/24 3:39 PM (pooled) Time to catch up with the realities of the 21st century: Nielsen is clueless!

$10.00 -- roger, ankeny, IA -- 5/24 3:37 PM (pooled) I hope every new show you bring will fail miserably. Reality TV SUCKS!!! Jericho Rules!!

$5.00 -- Sarah, Arlington, VA -- 5/24 3:36 PM (pooled) SAVE JERICHO!!! CBS IS NUTS!!! ENJOY!!

$5.00 -- Tulita, RIO LINDA, CA -- 5/24 3:35 PM (pooled) Are you crazy or what? You didn't even give this show a chance and we all love it. SAVE JERICHO!!!!!!

$20.00 -- Andrew, Oradell, NJ -- 5/24 3:33 PM (pooled) Jericho Fan Says NUTS! to CBS

$50.00 -- Justin, Stockbridge, GA -- 5/24 3:33 PM (pooled)

$40.00 -- Natasha, Milwaukee, WI -- 5/24 3:30 PM (pooled)

$10.00 -- Cindy, Monroe, LA -- 5/24 3:29 PM (pooled) U R NUTS!!! Bring Back "Jericho"

$5.00 -- John, Chantilly, VA -- 5/24 3:28 PM (pooled) Thanks for helping me keep my programming guide simple. By cancelling the only show I watch on CBS, I can just remove CBS completely from the channels I receive.

$5.00 -- Jennifer, Hoffman Estates, IL -- 5/24 3:26 PM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Michael, Aloha, OR -- 5/24 3:26 PM (pooled) Please bring one of the best shows on TV back!

$10.00 -- Karen, Columbia, SC -- 5/24 3:25 PM (pooled) NUTS to CBS for canceling Jericho! Shame on you for taking away such a great show.

$10.00 -- Christopher, Cincinnati, OH -- 5/24 3:25 PM (pooled) This is to show that rather than a poorly made tv series that wasn't getting viewers, the marketing and TV scheduling offices of CBS are flawed in their promoting quality products. Nuts to canceling Jericho in favor of more reality TV tripe. Yours, A fan of quality television

$5.00 -- Julie, Florissant, MO -- 5/24 3:21 PM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Jill, Palmyra, PA -- 5/24 3:19 PM (pooled) Bring back our show!!!!!We love Jericho!!!

$10.00 -- james, ellenville, NY -- 5/24 3:18 PM (pooled) Please dont be a nut and go and cancel Jericho.You might think we are acting nuts,but we are just nuts for the show.

$5.00 -- Lea, Paris, AP -- 5/24 3:18 PM (pooled) Don't be stupid, and bring back Jericho!!!

$20.00 -- Laura, Fenton, MO -- 5/24 3:12 PM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Anthony, Four Roads, CO. ROSCOMMON -- 5/24 3:12 PM (pooled) At least finish out the story over another season if not more!!!!

$5.00 -- Clyde, Carmel, CA -- 5/24 3:10 PM (pooled) Cancelling Jerico is mindless considering the quality of the program. Please bring it back of lose your viewing audience... Clyde

$5.00 -- Merri-Lee, Northampton, PA -- 5/24 3:10 PM (pooled) CBS- You are NUTS! Please bring back Jericho! Thanks! Merri-Lee Northampton PA

$5.00 -- Brenda, Lawrenceville, GA -- 5/24 3:09 PM (pooled) We LOVE NUTSONLINE!!! NUTS to CBS! Bring on SEASON 2!!

$5.00 -- Nadine, Brockport, NY -- 5/24 3:06 PM (pooled)

$10.00 -- david, san diego, CA -- 5/24 3:06 PM (pooled) Hey. I dont watch any other CBS show but Jerico. First you cancel E-Ring. Now Jericho. Im not going to watch any more new shows because you will probably cancel them.

$5.00 -- Shawn, Jackson, MI -- 5/24 3:06 PM (pooled) Save Jericho!!!


$20.00 -- Michael, Floral Park, NY -- 5/24 3:01 PM (pooled)

$20.00 -- Jared, Tomball, TX -- 5/24 2:58 PM (pooled) You're NUTS if you don't bring back Jerhico. I was never factored in your raitings because of church on wednesday, but I bought every episode from itunes and dvr'ed them as well. Please bring back this wonderful show

$5.00 -- Aaron, Bernardsville, NJ -- 5/24 2:57 PM (pooled) Listen to your viewers. We want Jericho! Just because you screwed up, doesn't mean we should pay! NUTS!

$50.00 -- Kale, Fort Collins, CO -- 5/24 2:56 PM (pooled)

$10.00 -- Julia, Watertown, TN -- 5/24 2:55 PM (pooled) Only a second season will stop the nuts! You advertisers could be taking our money.

$10.00 -- Geoffrey, Toluca Lake, CA -- 5/24 2:54 PM (pooled) Don't pull a Fox Firefly! Keep Jericho and cancel ANY of your other non-performers.

$5.00 -- Jesse, Milwaukee, WI -- 5/24 2:54 PM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Christopher, Baltimore, MD -- 5/24 2:54 PM (pooled) Please Bring Jericho back for Season 2.

$5.00 -- Matthew, Morrisville, NC -- 5/24 2:53 PM (pooled)

$20.00 -- ginger, Jacksonville, FL -- 5/24 2:51 PM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Jaimey, Fairfield, CT -- 5/24 2:50 PM (pooled) The show just started to get NUTS at season's end. It would be NUTS to end it all now! Think about renewing Jericho as you enjoy the NUTS, Jaimey

$5.00 -- David, Cottage Grove, MN -- 5/24 2:49 PM (pooled) JERICHO - SURVIVOR THE ONLY TWO THINGS THAT GET ME TURNING TO CBS. JERICHO AND SURVIVOR IS DONE. GIVE ME A REASON TO TUNE BACK IN. BRING BACK JERICHO. Outstanding concept, and writing. Word of mouth was JUST STARTING to draw in everyone I know. Please reconsider your mistake.

$5.00 -- Jonathan, South Lebanon, OH -- 5/24 2:47 PM (pooled) NUTS for u CBS, from Cincinnati. Bring back Jericho!

$5.00 -- gerardo, Ijamsville, MD -- 5/24 2:46 PM (pooled) RENEW Jericho for a 2nd Season!

$10.00 -- Jeremy, Thompsons Station, TN -- 5/24 2:45 PM (pooled) Cancelling Jericho is NUTS! Please put my favorite show back on! Jeremy Thompsons Station TN

$5.00 -- Brian, Mather, CA -- 5/24 2:43 PM (pooled) Nuts!

$10.00 -- Kathy, Crestview, FL -- 5/24 2:42 PM (pooled) Constantino/CBS: Jake, you are out manned and out gunned. There are to many of us and we're to desperate to give up. You can not win this. I'm giving you one last chance to to walk away and put your guns down. Constantino/CBS: I need an answer. What's it gonna be? Jake/Jericho fans: NUTS Constantino/CBS: Sorry, I didn't get that? Jake/Jericho fans: You can go straight to he**! Only a season 2 will do! Return our Jericho!

$5.00 -- Wes, Tomball, TX -- 5/24 2:41 PM (pooled)

$10.00 -- Russell, Indianapolis, IN -- 5/24 2:39 PM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Kennith, Goldthwaite, TX -- 5/24 2:38 PM (pooled) BRING BACK JERICHO!!! NUTS TO CBS!!!

$5.00 -- Sherry, Lake City, SC -- 5/24 2:38 PM (pooled) Your All NUTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bring Back Jericho!!!!!!!!!

$5.00 -- Daniel, Erie, PA -- 5/24 2:37 PM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Tina, Campbell, CA -- 5/24 2:36 PM (pooled) Please bring Jericho back. It's one of the most original and compelling stories in recent TV history. Thank you -- David True and Tina Bird

$5.00 -- Patti, Centerville, OH -- 5/24 2:35 PM (pooled) Please reconsider and bring Jericho back. As you can see there are many, many fans out there that love this show. We will not give up this fight - we want Jericho back for many more seasons!!! Thank you!

$5.00 -- Deryck, Norman, OK -- 5/24 2:35 PM (pooled)

$10.00 -- Laurie, Madison, VA -- 5/24 2:33 PM (pooled) Bring back Jericho (and no 2 hour movie). Nuts to you!

$5.00 -- Kate, Jacksonville, FL -- 5/24 2:29 PM (pooled) From me to you, CBS -- my second round of NUTS! We will not give up the fight. ** SAVE JERICHO!! **

$30.00 -- Ragan, Mableton, GA -- 5/24 2:29 PM (pooled)

$10.00 -- Susan, Camden, DE -- 5/24 2:28 PM (pooled) We're mad as h*ll and we're not going to take it any more. Sincerely yours, Susan Daily, Jericho fan

$10.00 -- radha, linden, NJ -- 5/24 2:26 PM (pooled)

$50.00 -- Francis, North Attleboro, MA -- 5/24 2:25 PM (pooled) Dear Mr. Kahl This is in memory of my son Zac. He was 15 and was an avid viewer of Jericho. He passed away Wed. It is sad that the show was removed in exhange for more reality tv programming. Frank

$10.00 -- lori, dallas, GA -- 5/24 2:23 PM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Stephen, Tucson, AZ -- 5/24 2:22 PM (pooled) PLEASE BRING BACK JERICHO!!!

$5.00 -- Jesse, Federal Way, WA -- 5/24 2:22 PM (pooled)

$10.00 -- John, Lawrenceville, GA -- 5/24 2:21 PM (pooled) Please wake up and realize more folks are watching than the ratings show. My wife and I love the show and need it back. Thanks.

$5.00 -- Paul, Cary, NC -- 5/24 2:14 PM (pooled) Save Jericho!

$5.00 -- James, Poway, CA -- 5/24 2:12 PM (pooled) Enjoy the nuts!

$5.00 -- Jennifer, Lorton, VA -- 5/24 2:11 PM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Paul, Fort Worth, TX -- 5/24 2:11 PM (pooled) Please give us more Jericho! Paul and Rachel Fort Worth TX

$10.00 -- Arthur, Southfield, MI -- 5/24 2:08 PM (pooled)

$100.00 -- Giles, Linden, NJ -- 5/24 2:05 PM (pooled) STILL think you made the right decision?! Not too late, you know! SAVE JERICHO!!! Giles - UK

$5.00 -- Pamela, Philadelphia, PA -- 5/24 2:03 PM (pooled)

$20.00 -- CAROLYN, CINCINNATI, OH -- 5/24 2:00 PM (pooled) Jericho is the only show I truly looked forward to each week. Please reconsider and bring it back. SAVE JERICHO! NUTS!!

$5.00 -- Ethan, Los Angeles, CA -- 5/24 1:56 PM (pooled) Jericho is a great show AND it does well in the ratings! Bring it back and put it in a better timeslot, you'll see how great it does!

$20.00 -- BenJamin, Carrollton, TX -- 5/24 1:54 PM (pooled)

$10.00 -- roberta, tucson, AZ -- 5/24 1:53 PM (pooled) BRING BACK JERICHO FOR A SECOND SEASON !!!

$5.00 -- Lisa, Townsend, MT -- 5/24 1:52 PM (pooled) Please reconsider your decision to cancel Jericho. I truely enjoyed the quality acting and well written storylines.

$20.00 -- James, Marietta, GA -- 5/24 1:52 PM (pooled) Way to go CBS - cancel the ONLY show I watched on your network. Thanks for nuthin'! Sell the show to a cable channel that would appreciate 8 million loyal customers - ya ungrateful nags!

$5.00 -- Derek, Canton, GA -- 5/24 1:49 PM (pooled)

$20.00 -- Marc, Jacksonville, FL -- 5/24 1:46 PM (pooled)

$20.00 -- Michael, Wentzville, MO -- 5/24 1:41 PM (pooled) Bring Back Jericho

$10.00 -- Bill, Madison, AL -- 5/24 1:41 PM (pooled) Bring back Jericho! This was one of two shows that we made a point to watch every week. Regards, Bill & Cricket Madison, Alabama

$5.00 -- Curtis, Westminster, CO -- 5/24 1:41 PM (pooled)

$10.00 -- Robert, Minneapolis, MN -- 5/24 1:37 PM (pooled) We want Jericho back!!!!!

$20.00 -- Marc, San Diego, CA -- 5/24 1:36 PM (pooled) To all concerned: Thank you for putting a show like Jericho on the air. Please give it all due consideration for renewal. Thank you, and enjoy the nuts!

$10.00 -- Curtiss, Auburn Hills, MI -- 5/24 1:34 PM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Eric, Springfield, MO -- 5/24 1:32 PM (pooled)

$10.00 -- Scott, Ridgeway, ON -- 5/24 1:31 PM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Theodore, Culver City, CA -- 5/24 1:30 PM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Charles, Philadelphia, PA -- 5/24 1:26 PM (pooled) Save Jericho! This is the best new show in a long while. Make a stand for quality television programming!

$10.00 -- Paul, Arlington, VA -- 5/24 1:26 PM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Daniel, Tampa, FL -- 5/24 1:24 PM (pooled) BRING BACK JERICHO FOR A FULL SECOND SEASON!

$40.00 -- Terry, Gallatin, TN -- 5/24 1:22 PM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Andrew, Alpharetta, GA -- 5/24 1:22 PM (pooled)

$5.00 -- franklin, chapel hill, NC -- 5/24 1:19 PM (pooled) Cbs-i'm in a key demo for wife and i are in the 18-34 demo that your ad execs love. Plus, we are both college grads. Cbs, you are nuts not to bring back Jericho. Its one of the best shows of all time! Nuts it what i say to you, nuts to what i send to nuts, you are nuts if you keep Jericho cancelled. Nuts!!!!!!

$10.00 -- Thomas, Norfolk, MA -- 5/24 1:18 PM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Carolyn, Downingtown, PA -- 5/24 1:15 PM (pooled) Please do not drop Jericho! There are so few good shows on TV. We need shows like Jericho!

$5.00 -- Arlen, Newberg, OR -- 5/24 1:14 PM (pooled) NUTS to CBS! Save Jericho

$10.00 -- Deborah, University Place, WA -- 5/24 1:13 PM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Tammy, San Jose, CA -- 5/24 1:12 PM (pooled) The momentum the show lost will come back! I have been pushing everyone I know to watch this show! Please keep it!

$5.00 -- Robin, Des Moines, IA -- 5/24 1:11 PM (pooled) Bring back Jericho!!

$575.00 -- Lee, Manhattan Beach, CA -- 5/24 1:10 PM (individual) Mr. Moonves, CBS is 'nuts' for canceling Jericho. It's the best TV program in years. Use the huge following on the Internet to profit. I know CBS can come up with creative ways to make big money from Jericho. CBS should lead the digital media revolution. Thank you, Lee

$10.00 -- Jennie, Stoughton, MA -- 5/24 1:01 PM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Michael, Pleasanton, CA -- 5/24 1:01 PM (pooled) NUTS!!

$5.00 -- Bill, Yorbal Linda, CA -- 5/24 12:58 PM (pooled)

$10.00 -- Patricia, Mt. Laurel,, NJ -- 5/24 12:56 PM (pooled) CBS - Bring back Jericho!!!!! Pat, NJ

$10.00 -- Jason, Ardmore, PA -- 5/24 12:55 PM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Steven, Kennesaw, GA -- 5/24 12:54 PM (pooled) NUTS! Save Jericho!

$30.00 -- Paul, Oakland, CA -- 5/24 12:53 PM (pooled) We love Jericho. I can't possibly imagine why you guts would shoot yourselves in the foot twice with this show and make the viewership pay for your mistakes. You know you have the support for the show so get a pair and start taping some new eps for next season.

$5.00 -- A, Waterloo Ontario Canada, AA -- 5/24 12:52 PM (pooled) Please save Jericho. My Wednesday nights are empty without it.

$5.00 -- LORI, BROOMALL, PA -- 5/24 12:51 PM (pooled) NUTS TO YOU CBS!!!!! BRING BACK JERICHO!!!!

$5.00 -- Tammy, Natural Bridge, NY -- 5/24 12:50 PM (pooled) Save Jericho

$5.00 -- Michael, Phoenix, AZ -- 5/24 12:48 PM (pooled) NUTS!!!! Bring Back Jericho!!!

$5.00 -- Anita, Excelsior Springs, MO -- 5/24 12:48 PM (pooled) Please save Jericho. Anita from Excelsior Springs who is 48

$30.00 -- kelly, lodi, NJ -- 5/24 12:46 PM (pooled)

$10.00 -- Steve, Huntsville, AL -- 5/24 12:41 PM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Lea, Jacksonville, FL -- 5/24 12:38 PM (pooled) Save Jericho...It is the one show that my whole family watched together. Ages of household..41,38,18,15,12. Not many shows can do that! It also made us think, plan and talk as a family. Don't take that from us. You have a good thing going with this show. If you remove Jericho, then no more CBS for this house. Thanks in advance for continuing our show. Lea and Family

$10.00 -- C, Musselburgh, -- 5/24 12:38 PM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Joseph, Apex, NC -- 5/24 12:36 PM (pooled) Bring Jericho back! You are crazy for canceling it. The long break was your fault, viewers will come back.


$20.00 -- Christopher, Linden, NJ -- 5/24 12:33 PM (pooled)

$10.00 -- Dawn, Dallas, TX -- 5/24 12:33 PM (pooled) GIVE US BACK JERICHO!

$5.00 -- Kevin, Pilot, VA -- 5/24 12:29 PM (pooled) Nuts! You need to reconsider you decision to cancel Jericho!

$40.00 -- Gale, Peoria, AZ -- 5/24 12:27 PM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Brittany, Lompoc, CA -- 5/24 12:25 PM (pooled) Revive my faith in the quality television programming, renew Jericho. Only season 2 will do!!

$10.00 -- Troy, Salem, IL -- 5/24 12:24 PM (pooled) Save JERICHO from fans in IL

$10.00 -- M., Dalfsen, -- 5/24 12:24 PM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Salvador, La Mirada, CA -- 5/24 12:23 PM (pooled) Have you actually watched Jericho? If you have, then you'd know that it's a very high quality series. Quite rare in these days. The fact that it's different may account for the not so high as they should be ratings. Quite honestly the acting, writing, direction and subject matter is much better than 99% of theatrical films. I understand the importance of ratings, but I think you (the network) also has a responsibility to air quality programming. You should also know that this is the first time I have ever (im 37 yr old male) participated in one of these "save _____" campaigns.

$10.00 -- Marcus, Big Bear City, CA -- 5/24 12:23 PM (pooled) You're NUTS to cancel Jericho while renewing/adding the same mindless sit coms I'll NEVER watch!

$5.00 -- Jeremy, Holiday, FL -- 5/24 12:21 PM (pooled)

$10.00 -- MR, Horsham, WEST SUSSEX -- 5/24 12:18 PM (pooled) Please renew Jericho

$5.00 -- Richard, Firestone, CO -- 5/24 12:14 PM (pooled) BRING BACK JERICHO!! NUTS

$10.00 -- William, Jacksonville, NC -- 5/24 12:13 PM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Ronald, Inwood, WV -- 5/24 12:13 PM (pooled) Jericho is one of the best shows that has come along in a long time. But you CBS are going to discontinue it for a Kids reality show. Really wish you would reconsider discontinuing Jericho!

$20.00 -- Brandon, Midland, TX -- 5/24 12:08 PM (pooled)

$20.00 -- Seth, Washington, DC -- 5/24 12:07 PM (pooled) come on. bring it back!

$5.00 -- Robert, Howell, NJ -- 5/24 12:07 PM (pooled) Please bring back Jericho. It was one of the 2 best new shows from last season, and I know it has potential. The second half of the season really kicked it up a notch, and the season finally left me needing more. WE WANT MORE JERICHO!

$5.00 -- John, Thornton, IL -- 5/24 12:03 PM (pooled) The NUTS are truly running that asylum. Bring back Jericho! NUTS To You!

$20.00 -- Michael, Auburn, NY -- 5/24 12:02 PM (pooled) Jericho is my favorite show.

$5.00 -- Jason, San Francisco, CA -- 5/24 12:02 PM (pooled)

$20.00 -- Glenda, Ava, MO -- 5/24 11:56 AM (pooled) We're not going away! Bring back Jericho! NUTS to CBS! P.S. Just be glad Jake didn't say, "Flaming bags of dog poop!" insted of NUTS!

$5.00 -- Michael, Pottstown, PA -- 5/24 11:55 AM (pooled) NUTTS!!

$10.00 -- Douglas, Nashville, TN -- 5/24 11:53 AM (pooled)

$10.00 -- Richard, Orlando, FL -- 5/24 11:53 AM (pooled) I hope that you will reconsider the cancellation of "Jericho". It should be obvious that you have a large established fan base that will not and should not be ignored. This is one of the few selections of CBS programming that I watch. Please don't have "Jericho" receive the same fate as Fox's "Firefly". And if you do reconsider and bring "Jericho" back, don't make the mistake of putting it up against a known "killer" show that would share a similar fan base - for instance, don't schedule it during the same time slot as NBC's "Heroes" or "Monday Night Football" - True enough, the fans will still record or Tivo the show, but your ratings numbers may not accurately show what the true picture is. Thanks, and enjoy your "NUTS"! -Rich O. / Orlando FL

$5.00 -- Katrina, Lincoln, NE -- 5/24 11:52 AM (pooled)

$10.00 -- David, Kent, WA -- 5/24 11:50 AM (pooled) Please bring back Jericho, one of the very best shows you folks carried.

$10.00 -- John, Antioch, TN -- 5/24 11:50 AM (pooled) Bring back Jericho.

$10.00 -- EMILY, Arlington, VA -- 5/24 11:48 AM (pooled) SAVE JERICHO!!! EMILY

$5.00 -- Elizabeth, Linden, NJ -- 5/24 11:47 AM (pooled) NUTS TO CBS! BRING BACK JERICHO!

$5.00 -- Jennifer, Chicago, IL -- 5/24 11:46 AM (pooled) SAVE JERICHO!

$5.00 -- Lee, Nassau, DE -- 5/24 11:46 AM (pooled) Renew Jericho!!!!!! Give us Season 2 !!!!! We won't stop! More NUTS on the Way!!!!

$5.00 -- Anthony, San Marcos, CA -- 5/24 11:45 AM (pooled) X-Files was teetering on the brink of cancellation at the end of it's first season... Can you imagine where Fox would be if they'd done that? Can you imagine where Firefly as a TV series would be if it were allowed to find its legs? It would have been the next Buffy The Vampire Slayer if the network had given it a proper shot. CBS has now killed the only show it has capable of the heights of loyalty and consumer attention that a truly good science fiction show can reach. Please have to good business sense and heart to give it another chance.

$5.00 -- Pamala, Simi Valley, CA -- 5/24 11:43 AM (pooled) Jericho is the best show on TV to date and I don't understand why it's being canceled!

$15.00 -- Anthony, Kirkland, WA -- 5/24 11:38 AM (pooled) For Jericho! For Jericho! For Jericho! For Jericho! For Jericho! For Jericho! For Jericho! For Jericho! For Jericho! For Jericho! For Jericho! For Jericho! For Jericho! For Jericho! For Jericho! For Jericho! For Jericho! For Jericho! For Jericho! For Jericho! For Jericho! For Jericho! For Jericho! For Jericho! For Jericho! For Jericho! For Jericho! For Jericho! For Jericho! For Jericho! For Jericho! For Jericho! For Jericho! For Jericho! For Jericho! For Jericho! For Jericho! For Jericho! For Jericho! For Jericho! For Jericho! For Jericho! For Jericho! For Jericho! For Jericho! For Jericho! For Jericho! For Jericho! For Jericho! For Jericho! For Jericho! For Jericho! For Jericho! For Jericho! For Jericho! For Jericho!

$10.00 -- John, Pittsburgh, PA -- 5/24 11:37 AM (pooled) NUTS!

$20.00 -- Dalia, Linden, NJ -- 5/24 11:36 AM (pooled) Dear Kelly, Please give Jericho a second season. I am 27 years old and right in your demographics. Stop putting shows on hiatus, start the promotion of new shows. And if you don't want to bring it back, at least sell it to another station that wants it! Sincerely, Dalia, Munich Germany

$5.00 -- Robert, Denton, TX -- 5/24 11:36 AM (pooled) I am a big fan of Jericho, and can't believe you would cancel it. Our kids and grankids watch it, too. Give it another year to get traction!

$5.00 -- John, Lincoln, NE -- 5/24 11:35 AM (pooled) Finish the Story. Bring Jericho back. You can't end a series on a cliffhanger like that. If all the episodes were like the first 3 and the last 3 it would be awesome. NUTS!

$5.00 -- Matthew, Flower Mound, TX -- 5/24 11:34 AM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Todd, Antioch, TN -- 5/24 11:33 AM (pooled) Jericho was the ONLY TV show I have watched regularly in almost 10 years and the ONLY TV show I watched on CBS. The concept was original and the story was gripping. Please bring it back for one more season.

$10.00 -- Samuel, Houston, TX -- 5/24 11:32 AM (pooled) Please reconsider your decision to cancel Jericho. Thank you.

$20.00 -- DAVID, Nepean, ON -- 5/24 11:31 AM (pooled) NUTS! for Jericho! S.O.S. Save Our Show!

$10.00 -- mark, oak lawn, IL -- 5/24 11:30 AM (pooled) SAVE JERICHO!!!!!!!!!!!!! NUTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

$5.00 -- Victor, Beloit, WI -- 5/24 11:30 AM (pooled) I read some of the links off the original site. It doesn't look as if the "wrap-up" is in the works, much less a resurrection of the series. For me, it would have to be more than staving off the attack of the neighboring town. I want to know all the history - reasons, people, forces - behind all the schemes. (And they'd have to find a way to bring the old mayor back to life - the common man's voice of reason.)

$5.00 -- Diane, Ocala, FL -- 5/24 11:29 AM (pooled) Perhaps living and working in NY, you can understand that since 9/11 people have had an underlying tension about the future. You gave us a show that, through wonderful characters & storylines in a situation we could relate to, encouraged us to believe that we, too, could come together and get through anything that might lay ahead. RENEW JERICHO Think about it.

$5.00 -- Nathan, Lexington, OH -- 5/24 11:26 AM (pooled) NUTS! Save Jericho!

$20.00 -- Timothy, Coral Springs, FL -- 5/24 11:24 AM (pooled) CBS, Ignore Us at Your Peril!!! Save Jericho! NUTS!!!

$10.00 -- Michael, Kingsville, TX -- 5/24 11:23 AM (pooled) Save Jericho, NUTS to CBS.

$5.00 -- Andrew, Arlington, VA -- 5/24 11:23 AM (pooled) VIVA JERICHO

$5.00 -- Jenny, Hamilton, OH -- 5/24 11:19 AM (pooled) CBS, Please bring back Jericho!

$50.00 -- Leonides, Miramar, FL -- 5/24 11:19 AM (pooled) This show is great. Story, acting, thought provoking, etc. Give it a chance!!!!!!

$5.00 -- Jason, Murfreesboro, TN -- 5/24 11:16 AM (pooled)

$10.00 -- Betty, Spirit Lake, IA -- 5/24 11:14 AM (pooled) Give us a second season of Jericho!

$5.00 -- Steven, Austin, TX -- 5/24 11:14 AM (pooled) I couldn't believe CBS decided to cancel Jericho. I've watched every episode, and I've even convinced friends to watch the show as well. Please reconsider your decision to end this fine show.

$10.00 -- Janet, Washington CH, OH -- 5/24 11:14 AM (pooled) "JERICHO" is a great show. Bring it back for another season. We were hooked from the very beginning. NUTS to CBS SAVE "JERICHO" Janet & Mark Washington Court House, Ohio

$5.00 -- S, Erith, KENT -- 5/24 11:13 AM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Christian, Beacon Falls, CT -- 5/24 11:11 AM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Chris, Norton, OH -- 5/24 11:11 AM (pooled) NUTS!

$30.00 -- Michael, Sacramento, CA -- 5/24 11:10 AM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Lynda, Denver, CO -- 5/24 11:09 AM (pooled) Please bring back my favorite show - Jericho!!

$5.00 -- Antonio, Acworth, GA -- 5/24 11:03 AM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Todd, Davis, CA -- 5/24 11:02 AM (pooled) Please at LEAST make a final episode.

$5.00 -- Rebecca, Hoboken, NJ -- 5/24 11:02 AM (pooled)

$10.00 -- Lois, Artesia, CA -- 5/24 10:55 AM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Wesley, Joshua, TX -- 5/24 10:53 AM (pooled)

$5.00 -- chris, oxford, MI -- 5/24 10:52 AM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Jayne, North Falmouth, MA -- 5/24 10:51 AM (pooled) Bring back Jericho

$5.00 -- Kelley, Tonganoxie, KS -- 5/24 10:50 AM (pooled) NUTS to CBS - Bring back Jericho!

$10.00 -- Eric, Novi, MI -- 5/24 10:50 AM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Christine, Youngstown, OH -- 5/24 10:50 AM (pooled) CBS, N.U.T.S. BRING BACK JERICHO!!!

$5.00 -- Thomas, Ostersund, NJ -- 5/24 10:49 AM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Christopher, Cary, NC -- 5/24 10:48 AM (pooled)

$20.00 -- Patricia, Trinity, FL -- 5/24 10:48 AM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Luther, Saint Peters, MO -- 5/24 10:47 AM (pooled)

$10.00 -- Bonita, Margate, FL -- 5/24 10:44 AM (pooled) Pleeeeze, pleeeeze, bring back Jericho in the fall. As I watch last season's episodes online, I get so choked up. The series really struck a chord with me....and millions of others, obviously. Bonnie Winslow, Margate, FL

$5.00 -- Dan, Delano, MN -- 5/24 10:44 AM (pooled) NUTS! BRING BACK JERICHO!

$10.00 -- Olle, Honolulu, HI -- 5/24 10:43 AM (pooled) Even we in Sweden enjoyed Jericho! Please make a season 2 so that networks here will buy it from you!

$20.00 -- Isaac, denver, CO -- 5/24 10:43 AM (pooled) Please Keep the Show on the AIR!!!

$5.00 -- marci, allentown, PA -- 5/24 10:42 AM (pooled) please bring Jericho back!

$5.00 -- Brian, Maryland Heights, MO -- 5/24 10:42 AM (pooled) Don't give up on Jericho! This show can still be a success for CBS!

$10.00 -- David, O Fallon, MO -- 5/24 10:41 AM (pooled)

$10.00 -- Shane, Virginia Beach, VA -- 5/24 10:41 AM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Matthew, Foster City, CA -- 5/24 10:41 AM (pooled)

$10.00 -- Brendan, Bethpage, NY -- 5/24 10:41 AM (pooled) Have some nuts. Hand them out to your geriatric viewers as that's the only audience base your network caters to. You've lost a TON of young viewers by canceling Jericho and it will be difficult winning them back when you decide to carelessly cancel a show that people adored and enjoyed.

$10.00 -- David, Maineville, OH -- 5/24 10:39 AM (pooled)

$10.00 -- Jay, Plano, TX -- 5/24 10:39 AM (pooled) This show is one of the best in years. I actuallu got my wife to watch a drama with me and now it may be gone. Please bring Jericho back...

$5.00 -- J, Linden, NJ -- 5/24 10:36 AM (pooled) Keep Jericho! Every story deserves to be told - especially this one. We look forward to Jericho in our house even more than Lost - keep great shows and good stories alive!

$5.00 -- william, colorado springs, CO -- 5/24 10:35 AM (pooled) Nuts to CBS we are still here.

$5.00 -- Joseph, Smithsburg, MD -- 5/24 10:35 AM (pooled) Please bring back Jericho. Put it on in the Fall when one of your "new" shows fails, heck you can even put it on Saturday night instead of repeats. Thanks Joe

$20.00 -- michael, memphis, TN -- 5/24 10:35 AM (pooled) NUTS!

$10.00 -- Veronica, Colorado Springs, CO -- 5/24 10:34 AM (pooled) Save Jericho!!! NUTS to CBS!!!!!

$5.00 -- Margaret, Lexington, KY -- 5/24 10:31 AM (pooled)

$20.00 -- Gayle, Santa Barbara, CA -- 5/24 10:29 AM (pooled) Save Jericho Please!!!!!!!

$5.00 -- Len, Lansdale, PA -- 5/24 10:28 AM (pooled) There is only 1 single network, non-news show that I watch, and as you may have guessed - that show is Jericho! Please - as a personal favor to me, could you keep it on the air. Here's a story line idea, get Dan Rather and Maples to somehow implicate GW Bush in the whole nuke attack ;- )

$10.00 -- PAUL, Linden, NJ -- 5/24 10:27 AM (pooled) NUTS TO NINA!!! lARA

$5.00 -- Stacey, Glen Burnie, MD -- 5/24 10:26 AM (pooled) Save Jericho!! The show deserves more seasons!!

$5.00 -- Howard, Lake Bluff, IL -- 5/24 10:25 AM (pooled)

$10.00 -- Andy, Suwanee, GA -- 5/24 10:25 AM (pooled) CBS please reconsider. And enjoy the NUTS.

$10.00 -- Carole, Somerville, MA -- 5/24 10:24 AM (pooled) Shame on you CBS! NUTS to you! Bring back Jericho!

$5.00 -- Chris, Phenix City, AL -- 5/24 10:23 AM (pooled) We now know who dropped the bombs! CBS did! Renew for another season, give the show a fighting chance!

$30.00 -- Ethan, Encino, CA -- 5/24 10:21 AM (pooled) You've replaced Jericho with Kid Nation. Now that's NUTS!

$5.00 -- Daniel, Glencoe, AL -- 5/24 10:21 AM (pooled) Happy Nuts to you! I hope you have a Nutty Day. PayDays are totally nuts. Keep making the decisions your making and you will not have many more Paydays. Neither the candy bar nor the one where you get paid way too much!

$10.00 -- Michael, Brookline, MA -- 5/24 10:18 AM (pooled) NUTS to CBS for canceling Jericho. Bring back the show and stop these horrible reality shows. Without Jericho I'm boycotting CBS.

$10.00 -- Shannon, Tamarac, FL -- 5/24 10:18 AM (pooled)

$10.00 -- Chris, Martinsburg, WV -- 5/24 10:16 AM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Robert, Edwardsville, IL -- 5/24 10:15 AM (pooled) Cancelling Jericho is NUTS!

$5.00 -- Ryan, Brighton, MA -- 5/24 10:13 AM (pooled) Bring back Jericho!

$10.00 -- michelle, Houma, LA -- 5/24 10:12 AM (pooled)

$30.00 -- Kathy, Linden, NJ -- 5/24 10:10 AM (pooled) SAVE JERICHO!!!

$10.00 -- Vicki, Haysville, KS -- 5/24 10:04 AM (pooled) Jericho is a great show, one that I could watch with my kids without worrying. I have not missed an episode from day one, set my DVR to record every week. Please bring it back. I think the fans have proven that they are loyal, and I believe you can count on many more fans from this point on. Sincerely, Loyal CBS fan

$10.00 -- Clayton, Hamilton, OH -- 5/24 10:03 AM (pooled) Jericho and Heroes were the two best shows this season. Please give the show a second chance.

$5.00 -- Tracy, Corona, CA -- 5/24 10:01 AM (pooled) Please give Jericho another chance and put it on another day so it's not competing with American Idol! I think the ratings will definitely improve.

$10.00 -- Janeane, Indianapolis, IN -- 5/24 10:00 AM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Thomas, Columbia, SC -- 5/24 9:59 AM (pooled) NUTS to you CBS!!! From Thomas & April in Columbia, SC

$5.00 -- Jason, New Bedford, MA -- 5/24 9:59 AM (pooled) Myself and my wife have not watched network T.V. in years until Jericho. We watched religously every week. For the B.S. reason your company gave to cancel this show is why we will be turning off network T.V. again unless something is done about this show. Any good programs have already come off the air and I could really give a crap if another reality show is put on the air. They are immature wann-be actors attempting to get 15mins of fame and are wasting my valuable time from being in my recording studio.

$10.00 -- Janet, Calcium, NY -- 5/24 9:54 AM (pooled) NUTS!

$20.00 -- Dee, Inwood, WV -- 5/24 9:53 AM (pooled) NUTS TO CBS!

$5.00 -- Barbara, Chesterfield, MO -- 5/24 9:52 AM (pooled) Please please put Jericho back on tv or let it go to cable.

$20.00 -- Kristina, Huntington Beach, CA -- 5/24 9:49 AM (pooled) Jericho is one of the best shows on televisin now. It would be wrong to take it off now. We will never know what happened to Jericho. Please bring the show back - it's the only thing on TV that my husband will watch with me.

$10.00 -- Randall, Bixby, OK -- 5/24 9:48 AM (pooled)

$20.00 -- Pete, Portsmouth, RI -- 5/24 9:43 AM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Gerald, Brick, NJ -- 5/24 9:41 AM (pooled) Bring back Jericho! My Entire family is really, really unhappy about the cancellation of the show!

$5.00 -- Ellen, Mount Pleasant, SC -- 5/24 9:39 AM (pooled) Save Jericho!

$20.00 -- Andrew, Toronto, ON -- 5/24 9:39 AM (pooled) This is in support of saving Jericho and bringing the series back for a second season.

$5.00 -- Shane, Omaha, NE -- 5/24 9:37 AM (pooled) NUTS! SAVE JERICHO!

$5.00 -- Marcia, Waynesburg, PA -- 5/24 9:29 AM (pooled) NUTS to you CBS for canceling one of the best shows out there! Marcia Waynesburg, PA

$10.00 -- Amy, Granite Falls, NC -- 5/24 9:18 AM (pooled) Save Jericho!

$5.00 -- MR, Andover, HANTS -- 5/24 9:15 AM (pooled) Save Jericho please. It's an innovative idea unlike all the other drivel that comes out

$10.00 -- Chris, J, AA -- 5/24 9:15 AM (pooled) Dear CBS! I am a devoted Swedish fan of Jericho, and your decision cancel the best drama on tv today is NUTS! I urge you to reconsider and please renew Jericho for at least one more season. Best regards, Chris M?rk - J?rf?lla, Sweden

$20.00 -- Theodore, Elkton, MD -- 5/24 9:00 AM (pooled) That was a bad call about cancelling Jericho.

$10.00 -- M, Rockaway, NJ -- 5/24 8:56 AM (pooled) NUTS! To whomever gets this - lets hope Jericho gets renewed. Enjoy the nuts.

$10.00 -- Jason, Biloxi, MS -- 5/24 8:56 AM (pooled) NUTS TO CBS!

$5.00 -- Elisabeth, Kent, OH -- 5/24 8:52 AM (pooled) Please bring back "Jericho" for a second season. Thank you!

$5.00 -- Martin, linden, NJ -- 5/24 8:51 AM (pooled) NUTS!!! Jericho forever

$10.00 -- Charles, Centennial, CO -- 5/24 8:47 AM (pooled) Bring back Jericho. It was the only network program I watched

$10.00 -- John, Jacksonville, FL -- 5/24 8:40 AM (pooled)

$5.00 -- David, Pasadena, MD -- 5/24 8:37 AM (pooled) I'm an avid fan of Jericho. As far as a TV show went, it was a priority in our home. Me and my wife would sit down and watch it religiously EVERY week. We enjoyed it so much, we watched live instead of using TiVo. While a 2 hour episode to tie up loose ends is appreciated, we won't accept anything less then a second season of Jericho. In addition, we will boycott CBS shows AND sponsors until our favorite show is renewed. David Pasadena, MD

$20.00 -- George, N Las Vegas, NV -- 5/24 8:36 AM (pooled) Attn: CBS RE: Jericho Good Morning. I wanted to add my voice to the groundswell of "SAVE Jericho." I'm a 48y/o male, retired military and avid Jericho fan. I want you to know thta I and my immediate and extended family all watched this show and talked about it all the time. This show has brought our family together by having a common interest and something to talk about. I'm not a Neilson household but I watched on live TV and again on the Innertube. Please keep this show on the air. These reality shows do nothing but dumb down America and this was a quality show that made people think, not only about themselves but the country and world. Please reconsider and bring it back for another season. Thank you.

$5.00 -- Adam, Churchville, MD -- 5/24 8:31 AM (pooled)

$10.00 -- Jeffrey, Longmont, CO -- 5/24 8:31 AM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Chris, Grants Pass, OR -- 5/24 8:28 AM (pooled) Nuts to you from Oregon M 40 Married 3 kids all fans!

$5.00 -- Marcus, Columbus, OH -- 5/24 8:23 AM (pooled)

$20.00 -- John, Parsippany, NJ -- 5/24 8:19 AM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Lori, Burns, TN -- 5/24 8:13 AM (pooled) Jericho is one of the finest hours of television that I have ever had the pleasure to watch! Save Jericho! Lori, 25, TN

$5.00 -- Christopher, Little Rock, AR -- 5/24 8:13 AM (pooled) Grow some NUTS!!

$5.00 -- Jason, Keller, TX -- 5/24 8:10 AM (pooled) Bring back Jericho for another season.

$10.00 -- Jason, Faucett, MO -- 5/24 8:08 AM (pooled) Please Bring back Jericho for a second season. NUTS to CBS!!!!

$5.00 -- rob, ENGLAND, NJ -- 5/24 8:08 AM (pooled)

$10.00 -- William, Winchester, VA -- 5/24 7:57 AM (pooled) Are you guys NUTS! Just because you made a mistake and took Jericho off the air for 10 weeks just so that it could compete with American Idol you pull the show? There are other time slots in which Jericho would take the night if you think you have something better that can compete with American Idol.

$5.00 -- MARK, PORTSMOUTH, VA -- 5/24 7:55 AM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Charles, Linden, NJ -- 5/24 7:46 AM (pooled) The spirit of Johnston Green says....Nuts to CBS!!!

$10.00 -- David, stockholm, AP -- 5/24 7:44 AM (pooled) Eat my nuts =)

$5.00 -- Charles, Linden, NJ -- 5/24 7:40 AM (pooled) Nuts to CBS!!!

$5.00 -- JOHN, APO, AE -- 5/24 7:40 AM (pooled) SAVE JERICHO BRING US SEASON 2

$5.00 -- James, Pensacola, FL -- 5/24 7:39 AM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Cynthia, Hingham, MA -- 5/24 7:37 AM (pooled) Are you up to your neck in nuts yet? Enjoy!!

$5.00 -- Scott, Rockville, MD -- 5/24 7:33 AM (pooled) Please reconsider on Season 2. America is going NUTS over the cancellation!

$5.00 -- Charles, Springdale, AR -- 5/24 7:32 AM (pooled) NUTS!

$100.00 -- Deborah, Winter Springs, FL -- 5/24 7:28 AM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Michael, Haverford, PA -- 5/24 7:22 AM (pooled) Bring Jericho back for at least second season. If that is too hard to fathom, then sell your rights to the series to another network. Looks like CBS stands for "Canned Boring Shows". I guess it's hard for you to figure what to run on your network if it's not a crime scene show. One upset Jericho fan, Mike

$15.00 -- Devon, siasconset, MA -- 5/24 7:21 AM (pooled) I'll keep sending nuts till we get jericho back, i hope you like nuts :)

$5.00 -- Dmitriy, Bradenton, FL -- 5/24 7:17 AM (pooled) NUTS for CBS from Jericho Fans (Russia, Krasnoyarsk)

$20.00 -- John, Jacksonville, FL -- 5/24 7:13 AM (pooled)

$20.00 -- Michele, Pittsburgh, PA -- 5/24 7:11 AM (pooled) Wake up and smell the NUTS! We will not stand by and watch another ridiclous reality show! We want quality programming, and JERICHO is IT for us! Do the right thing, and fix this horrendous mistake you made! If you had given it half a chance you SHOULD have, this would not be happening. You've lost one very loyal viewer, so do the right thing to bring all of us back....BRING JERICHO BACK FOR SEASON 2!!!!!

$5.00 -- Ryann, Minden, NV -- 5/24 7:07 AM (pooled) More nuts for a second season of Jericho! We're still here! Female, 28, Nevada, self-employed

$20.00 -- Gaetano, Nassau, NY -- 5/24 7:03 AM (pooled) JERICHO LIVES!

$5.00 -- Klaten, Bossier City, LA -- 5/24 6:54 AM (pooled) SAVE JERICHO

$20.00 -- Nathan, Elkins, WV -- 5/24 6:49 AM (pooled)

$10.00 -- Helge, M, AA -- 5/24 6:39 AM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Andy, Munich, -- 5/24 6:31 AM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Lynn, Melrose,, MA -- 5/24 6:26 AM (pooled) Jericho is the only tv show I watched live instead of taping to work out on treadmill. Demographic - MWF - lots of discretionary income. You are losing a dedicated viewer. I've never blogged but I did with the show's site. You got me involved. Rerun the last season and then launch 2nd season, you will get more people hooked.

$10.00 -- john, roseville, MN -- 5/24 5:43 AM (pooled) NUTS to reality TV

$5.00 -- Fred, Warwick, RI -- 5/24 5:31 AM (pooled) This just about sums up my feelings about CBS's shortsighted cancellation of a great show. You're nuts to do it...

$20.00 -- Anthony, London, LONDON -- 5/24 5:09 AM (pooled)

$5.00 -- GC, Southampton, HAMPSHIRE -- 5/24 5:09 AM (pooled) NUTS FROM ENGLAND

$10.00 -- Greg, Chicago, IL -- 5/24 5:00 AM (pooled) The perceived world is the unconscious mind. Meet the "love bead racket."

$5.00 -- yonatan, Herzelia, AA -- 5/24 4:48 AM (pooled) Give us jericho back!!

$10.00 -- Jonathan, Berkeley, CA -- 5/24 4:32 AM (pooled)

$10.00 -- Dave, QLD, Australia, KS -- 5/24 4:28 AM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Jerry, Concord, NC -- 5/24 4:15 AM (pooled) Hi, I'm just gonna try to do my little part. Please renew Jericho as a series. Its a great show, and maybe it just needs a new slot without a mid season break. Thanks, Jerry Concord,NC

$5.00 -- Robert, Linden, NJ -- 5/24 4:03 AM (pooled) NUTS from Poland

$5.00 -- Marcin, Gdańsk, -- 5/24 3:58 AM (pooled) NUTS for Jericho

$20.00 -- Corey, San Antonio, TX -- 5/24 3:45 AM (pooled) NUTZ!

$50.00 -- Vidal, Indianapolis, IN -- 5/24 3:43 AM (pooled)

$60.00 -- Russell, Indianapolis, IN -- 5/24 3:38 AM (pooled) I want Season 2 of Jericho. Bring Jericho Back!!!!!

$10.00 -- Erim, Plantation, FL -- 5/24 3:09 AM (pooled) DON'T CANCEL JERICHO!

$5.00 -- Eric, West Lafayette, IN -- 5/24 2:55 AM (pooled) Save Jericho!

$5.00 -- Jari, Tacoma, WA -- 5/24 2:52 AM (pooled) "Nuts to You, CBS!". {But in the nicest of all ways, of course.} Money talks and we're putting our money where these nuts are. Please reconsider your actions in regards to 'Jericho'. Oh... and please enjoy the nuts. :} A *Brand New* ?Jericho? fan.

$10.00 -- MATTHEW, ALBUQUERQUE, NM -- 5/24 2:18 AM (pooled) Jericho is the most creative show on television. Please bring it back.

$10.00 -- James, Sligo, PA -- 5/24 2:12 AM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Jason, Auburn, ME -- 5/24 2:07 AM (pooled) Save Ferris!, I mean Save Jericho!

$10.00 -- George, San Jose, CA -- 5/24 2:03 AM (pooled)

$20.00 -- Brian, Pasadena, MD -- 5/24 2:01 AM (pooled) Please reconsider and include Jericho in your fall line-up. Brian& Kay Baltimore, MD

$10.00 -- Sheila, Boise, ID -- 5/24 1:41 AM (pooled) ?I love my town?If we have to we can fight. We can fight anybody. We can fight all enemies. But the only way that is going to happen is if we work together?.and folks, don?t you break my heart again.? Johnston Green Episode 1.1 pilot

$5.00 -- Matt, Long Grove, IA -- 5/24 1:22 AM (pooled) Don't end a great show.

$20.00 -- william, allston, MA -- 5/24 1:14 AM (pooled)

$10.00 -- Brent, Winnipeg, MB -- 5/24 1:13 AM (pooled) Bring back Jericho!

$5.00 -- Mark, Linn, MO -- 5/24 1:08 AM (pooled) NUTS!

$5.00 -- Brian, Boise, ID -- 5/24 1:07 AM (pooled) Lose Jericho, lose me as a CBS viewer.

$10.00 -- Brian, Spring Hill, FL -- 5/24 12:59 AM (pooled) PLEASE PLEASE DO NOT CANCEL JERICHO WE LOVE IT IT'S A GREAT SHOW

$5.00 -- Christian, Albuquerque, NM -- 5/24 12:58 AM (pooled)

$5.00 -- James, Rancho Palos Verdes, CA -- 5/24 12:55 AM (pooled) Had enough? I hope that you enjoy nuts! BRING BACK JERICHO

$7.99 -- Alana, Hanlontown, IA -- 5/24 12:52 AM (pooled, individual) Dear Ms. Kahl and CBS-- Thanks for giving us such a great show in Jericho. I am 25-year-old from Iowa and I adore this show. I love Jericho not only because of the characters and drama, but also because I think that it touches the heart and spirit of not only the American people, but the spirit of humankind. I watch this show with my whole family and we all enjoy it. It leaves me on the edge of my seat each week. Unfortunately I missed the middle half of episodes because of work--but I want to buy the dvd and I watched the episodes on-line. They are all fantastic! And I am so glad that Heather is back! :) Well--I could ramble on forever about Jericho. Please give us a second season. And thank you for donating the nuts to a good cause! Sincerely, Alana p.s. the gummi bears are for Lori (sp?), Ms. Nina Tassler's secretary. Thanks!

$50.00 -- Tony, Fairfax, VA -- 5/24 12:50 AM (pooled) Jericho was the only reason to watch CBS.

$40.00 -- Jessica, Burbank, CA -- 5/24 12:46 AM (pooled) NUTS to CBS! Bring back Jericho!

$5.00 -- janice, Grove City, OH -- 5/24 12:42 AM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Rust, Atlanta, GA -- 5/24 12:29 AM (pooled)

$20.00 -- Nina, Culver City, CA -- 5/24 12:29 AM (pooled)

$10.00 -- Anna, Tigard, OR -- 5/24 12:22 AM (pooled) Please save Jericho! If you do - the fans will continue to unite....spread the word and increase the fan base! You brought us a great drama with amazing characters and storylines - don't disappoint us all now.

$5.00 -- Steve, Palatine, IL -- 5/24 12:21 AM (pooled)

$26.99 -- William, Linden, NJ -- 5/24 12:18 AM (pooled, individual) NUTS to CBS! BRING BACK JERICHO! Please, renew Jericho for a new season! Brazilian fans of Jericho are sending their support for this amazing campaign. Greetings from Rio de Janeiro!

$10.00 -- Melissa, Brooklyn, NY -- 5/24 12:16 AM (pooled) Hi Kelly, Just to say Nuts to the "deciders" who decided to cancel Jericho. CBS has made a lot of bad decisions lately, first the very rude treatment of Dan Rather, a journalist who worked for you guys for 44 years, then the dismissal of Iraq veteran Gen. John Batiste for speaking his own mind, and now you are canceling the only show that comes close to realizing the serious ramifications of our very scary nuclear reality. I can only imagine it was too "hot" a topic for the wimps upstairs. Nuts to them!

$5.00 -- Gary, Sacramento, CA -- 5/24 12:03 AM (pooled) SAVE JERICHO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

$10.00 -- Daniel, Pipestone, MN -- 5/23 11:58 PM (pooled) SAVE JERICHO!!!!!

$10.00 -- Elliott, Poulsbo, WA -- 5/23 11:58 PM (pooled) CBS: Mark my words. If you do not renew Jericho, you will suffer as the result. Many people are great fans of the show, and this will show in the end, when it truly matters. People are tired of reality shows. If we want to see reality, we look out the window. Jericho fans will not now and not until you change your minds stop saying a great big "NUTS!"

$20.00 -- Jared, Linden, NJ -- 5/23 11:56 PM (pooled)

$10.00 -- Carol, Chicago, IL -- 5/23 11:51 PM (pooled) bring back jericho!!!!!

$5.00 -- NONIA, Tucson, AZ -- 5/23 11:49 PM (pooled) Please continue with Jericho!!! I love this show and it is such quality. The producers promised a second season that you put on your website. Please let your yes mean yes. I want to see who Jake ends up with Maggie, Emily or Heather. I want to know more about the guy who is looking for Hawkins. So many questions. PLease be glad you have such a loyal following!!!!!!

$20.00 -- Debra, Bettendorf, IA -- 5/23 11:48 PM (pooled) Jericho was the best thing on TV. Please bring it back.

$10.00 -- Jayne, North Falmouth, MA -- 5/23 11:48 PM (pooled) Reinstate Jericho.

$10.00 -- Reece, Matthews, NC -- 5/23 11:44 PM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Angela, Dover, PA -- 5/23 11:43 PM (pooled)

$50.00 --, Linden, NJ -- 5/23 11:35 PM (pooled) Dear Mr. Kahl, Please accept this care package as our response to your decision to cancel JERICHO. On belhalf of all the Global Moderators of, NUTS!!!!!!

$100.00 -- Linda, Middle Village, NY -- 5/23 11:35 PM (pooled) Mr. Kahl.. With all the money people are spending on trying to get Jericho back.. can you IMAGINE the amount of money these same people would spend on Jericho merchandise, or the merchandise of your advertisers? Bring Jericho back and watch what happens!!! WE LOVE JERICHO and we want it back for a Second Season. I'm a 46 year-old female that watched the show religiously every week. Please reconsider. Thanks! Linda

$10.00 -- Dave, Kitchener, NJ -- 5/23 11:33 PM (pooled) CBS just do the right thing and put Jericho back on. Tape it and they will watch. Dave Ontario, Canada

$5.00 -- Diane, San Angelo, TX -- 5/23 11:33 PM (pooled) NUTS!! BRING BACK JERICHO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Diane, San Angelo TX

$20.00 -- Laura, Fenton, MO -- 5/23 11:32 PM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Dan, Peterborough, ON -- 5/23 11:32 PM (pooled)

$10.00 -- Jason, holiday, FL -- 5/23 11:30 PM (pooled) Bring it back!!!

$5.00 -- Nicole, Albany, NY -- 5/23 11:28 PM (pooled) ONLY SEASON 2 WILL DO !!! NUTS TO CBS !!

$20.00 -- Anamari, Houston, TX -- 5/23 11:28 PM (pooled) SAVE JERICHO! NUTS TO CBS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

$20.00 -- roberta, tucson, AZ -- 5/23 11:26 PM (pooled) CBS...WE WANT ANOTHER SEASON OF JERICHO !!!

$10.00 -- Greg, Columbus, OH -- 5/23 11:22 PM (pooled)

$20.00 -- Barney, Braintree, MA -- 5/23 11:21 PM (pooled) Put Jericho back on for a Second Season

$50.00 -- Gerald, Los Angeles, CA -- 5/23 11:16 PM (pooled) Please keep JERICHO on CBS for next year. It is the best TV programming I've seen in years. Wednesday night is my TV viewing night because of Jericho. Keep the actors, actresses and staff working on producing another great year of Jericho. When I learned that it was cancelled, it was as if a knife were thrust into my heart. I wait for Wednesdays so I can witness the twists and turns that the writers and staff use to make this a great drama. The actors and actresses are superb in their roles (and I have been saddened that some have died and are no longer on the show). The production staff is doing a wonderful job. I watch for inconsistencies in movies and Jericho is essentially error-free as far as I can determine. It is a great show and it deserves another season. Thank You, Jerry

$5.00 -- Tiago, New York, NY -- 5/23 11:15 PM (pooled)

$50.00 -- Kristopher, Kansas City, MO -- 5/23 11:15 PM (pooled)

$10.00 -- Kerry, Covington, KY -- 5/23 11:14 PM (pooled) Jericho deserves a second season!!! It's a great storyline with so much potential, especially in today's world.

$10.00 -- Jessica, Stafford, VA -- 5/23 11:10 PM (pooled) This isn't likely to stop any time soon! Please bring back Jericho, and save all the fans some money!!!

$5.00 -- angela, riverside, CA -- 5/23 11:06 PM (pooled) you have to be nuts to cancel jericho.

$30.00 -- Dianne, Yaphank, NY -- 5/23 11:03 PM (pooled) Cancelling is NUTS!!!

$20.00 -- Elizabeth, Vancouver, WA -- 5/23 10:57 PM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Jack, Freeport, IL -- 5/23 10:55 PM (pooled) How do you expect people to get involved with shows when they get cancelled after less than stellar ratings? By continuing to cancel shows like this you are driving fans away from starting to watch in the first place. Kind of like a self fulfilling prophecy.

$20.00 -- lyndel, New York, NY -- 5/23 10:54 PM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Ryan, Savannah, GA -- 5/23 10:51 PM (pooled) We want Jericho season two, NUTS!!!!

$5.00 -- Yvonne, Norfolk, VA -- 5/23 10:42 PM (pooled) We want a full season of Jericho! Bring our show back!

$10.00 -- steven, baldwinsville, NY -- 5/23 10:40 PM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Travis, Wichita, KS -- 5/23 10:40 PM (pooled)

$100.00 -- jeff, highland, IN -- 5/23 10:36 PM (pooled) We won't settle for a cop-out 2 hour ending. We want more, seasons. Thats all we will settle for.

$5.00 -- W, White Plains, NY -- 5/23 10:31 PM (pooled) You can't cancel a show that was in a terrible time slot and still had this type of following. Nuts to that.

$10.00 -- clifford, windthorst, TX -- 5/23 10:31 PM (pooled) you're fraken nuts!!!

$10.00 -- Joel, Bolingbrook, IL -- 5/23 10:28 PM (pooled) PLEASE BRING THE SHOW BACK.

$5.00 -- Michael, Woodburn, OR -- 5/23 10:28 PM (pooled) Why are you trying to piss off so many loyal fans? You should listen to your customers and give us what we want. That is the return of Jericho!

$20.00 -- Doreen, Livonia, MI -- 5/23 10:27 PM (pooled) Please save our show!

$10.00 -- Alexandra, Los Angeles, CA -- 5/23 10:26 PM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Michelle, Rhine, GA -- 5/23 10:24 PM (pooled) Please reconsider your decision to cancel Jericho!

$5.00 -- JONATHON, IRVINE, CA -- 5/23 10:21 PM (pooled)

$10.00 -- mark, fullerton, CA -- 5/23 10:20 PM (pooled)

$10.00 -- Jared, Knoxville, TN -- 5/23 10:18 PM (pooled)

$20.00 -- Angela, Brentwood, CA -- 5/23 10:16 PM (pooled) I, as well as most of my friends and family, watched Jericho every Wednesday night. A lot of times I had to record it and watch it after my kids went to bed, but I watched it religiously every week. Furthermore, I don't watch much TV, but Jericho was my absolute favorite. CBS has disappointed, angered and saddened my family and friends as well as myself. About 15 years ago, I was a religious viewer of soap operas. One show turned me completely off to all soap operas. I haven't and won't ever watch another one. I felt that strongly about what happened on that particular soap opera. When it comes to Jericho, my resolve to NEVER watch CBS again runs much deeper. CBS will be blocked in my house (and everyone else I know) if Jericho does not return for Season 2. NUTS to you!

$5.00 -- Andrew, Souh Charleston, WV -- 5/23 10:12 PM (pooled) Season 2 nothing less!

$20.00 -- Samantha, Orange, CA -- 5/23 10:10 PM (pooled) Please return Jericho to CBS for this fall!!!!!!!!!! Thank You, Samantha T. Jericho Fan

$5.00 -- Shaun, Royal Oak, MI -- 5/23 10:06 PM (pooled)

$10.00 -- Christina, Linden, NJ -- 5/23 10:03 PM (pooled) NUTS!!!!! Revive Jericho or we will bury you!

$10.00 -- Carolyn, New Hartford, NY -- 5/23 9:55 PM (pooled) ONLY SEASON 2 WILL DO.

$10.00 -- Kristi, Hattiesburg, MS -- 5/23 9:55 PM (pooled) CBS, all I have to say is NUTS!

$10.00 -- Martien, Linden, NJ -- 5/23 9:55 PM (pooled) Hollands thinks CBS is nuts save jericho

$10.00 -- Melissa, Charlotte, NC -- 5/23 9:54 PM (pooled) Please Renew Jericho! Enjoy the nuts. -Melissa M.

$50.00 -- Raona, Brooklyn Center, MN -- 5/23 9:54 PM (pooled) Another Jericho fan who wants to see the program continue.

$5.00 -- Patricia, Carrollton, TX -- 5/23 9:52 PM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Joseph, Issaquah, WA -- 5/23 9:51 PM (pooled) are you guys flippin nuts? i think so. this was the only new series that actually made sense and was a relief from reality shows...get over youself and find new sponsors... Joe (age 63)

$5.00 -- Brent, New York, NY -- 5/23 9:47 PM (pooled) Im an Australian who adores this show. CBS do not be silly, we will stop watching CSI and Survivor and you will have no fans left and your network will die.

$5.00 -- Colin, Ithaca, NY -- 5/23 9:40 PM (pooled) Bring back Jericho!! Just put it on a different night where it can thrive!

$5.00 -- Marcia, Fairfield, OH -- 5/23 9:39 PM (pooled)

$10.00 -- Waqas, Mahwah, NJ -- 5/23 9:35 PM (pooled) NUTS for Jericho

$20.00 -- Greg, Plymouth, MN -- 5/23 9:34 PM (pooled) -. ..- - ... ..--. ..--.

$5.00 -- Andrew, Chesapeake, VA -- 5/23 9:32 PM (pooled) Cancel Jericho? NUTS !!! Give us another season, not just some 2 hour movie.

$5.00 -- Nancy, Maple Grove, MN -- 5/23 9:28 PM (pooled) Why put shows on the internet if you won't count the viewers?

$10.00 -- Jeffrey, Albemarle, NC -- 5/23 9:25 PM (pooled) NUTS!

$40.00 -- Robert, High Point, NC -- 5/23 9:22 PM (pooled) Nuts!

$10.00 -- Judy, Oakland, CA -- 5/23 9:21 PM (pooled) Please bring back Jericho!

$25.00 -- Keith, Lake Bridgeport, TX -- 5/23 9:19 PM (pooled)

$10.00 -- Fred, New York, NY -- 5/23 9:18 PM (pooled) I have never done anything like this around a show -- Jericho is very good programing and only one 3 things I make the time watch. I work in Advertising and understand why things happen in our business -- but I also know that there are other options then to just cancel it. Please explore those options.

$40.00 -- Keith, Hingham, MA -- 5/23 9:08 PM (pooled) CBS had gem back in 90's called Northern they have another gem in Jericho. Please reconsider and put this wonderful show back on for a second season and do not submit to the dumbing down of our country with a show like Kid Nation.

$10.00 -- Arlene, Montclair, NJ -- 5/23 9:07 PM (pooled) NUTS to CBS! Bring back Jericho!

$10.00 -- Kelly, Somerville, MA -- 5/23 9:03 PM (pooled) Nuts still to CBS!

$10.00 -- Andrew, Winchester, MA -- 5/23 8:57 PM (pooled) SAVE JERICHO!

$5.00 -- Keith, Fordoche, LA -- 5/23 8:56 PM (pooled) Please reconsider your decision to cancel Jericho. We thought it was a great show, and it deserves another chance (as well as a new time slot!) Thank you, The Sagona family

$10.00 -- edward, edwardsville, IL -- 5/23 8:55 PM (pooled)

$20.00 -- Brenda, Fairbanks, AK -- 5/23 8:54 PM (pooled) To Nuts Online: I don't care where you send the nutes LA or NY are fine with me. To CBS: I am an individual that advertisers would want watching your show. I am almost 50 and am very financially sound. Bring back the show!

$10.00 -- Susan, Dover, DE -- 5/23 8:48 PM (pooled)

$5.00 -- James, Linden, NJ -- 5/23 8:47 PM (pooled) Please Renew Jericho for a 2nd Season, Thanks, James Newman, United Kingdom. :-)

$10.00 -- Jennifer, Folsom, CA -- 5/23 8:44 PM (pooled)

$20.00 -- Jonathan, Hopedale, MA -- 5/23 8:43 PM (pooled) Save Jericho!!!!!!!! Ryan!!!!!!!!! NUTS NUTS NUTS NUTS NUTS

$10.00 -- Nathan, Boston, MA -- 5/23 8:40 PM (pooled) Bring Jericho back!!!!

$5.00 -- Edward, Costa Mesa, CA -- 5/23 8:39 PM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Karen, Dickson, TN -- 5/23 8:33 PM (pooled) Please bring back a second season of Jericho. My family has blocked cbs from our tv. We'll come back to cbs when a second season of Jericho is on. Jericho is a quality program with quality actors and actresses. We need more of this show and not more mindless reality shows. Please listen to the fans of this great show and bring it back this fall.

$20.00 -- James, Bear, DC -- 5/23 8:33 PM (pooled) Keep Jericho on. Season 2 will prove us right!

$5.00 -- Keith, Apex, NC -- 5/23 8:32 PM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Jeff, Eden Prairie, MN -- 5/23 8:32 PM (pooled)

$10.00 -- Kristin, Sterling, MA -- 5/23 8:29 PM (pooled) Bring back Jericho!!!

$20.00 -- Michael, Cary, IL -- 5/23 8:28 PM (pooled) Jericho is one of the few shows that keeps you tuning in week after week, keep it going for another season!

$10.00 -- Austin, St. John's, NL, Canada, A1G1K2, NJ -- 5/23 8:25 PM (pooled) Aid From Canada Nuts for Jericho... (when disposing consider the Canadian, American, and all the ISAF Troops in Kandihar)

$10.00 -- William, Gillett, PA -- 5/23 8:24 PM (pooled) Bring Back Jericho! Only a second season will bring justice to the series!

$20.00 -- David, St. Louis, MO -- 5/23 8:24 PM (pooled) Jericho should certainly be reconsidered for a 2nd season. Virtually no network has a show that appeal to this particular demographic of viewer. Demo St. Louis 34 year old male Graduate Student

$20.00 -- James, Lake St Louis, MO -- 5/23 8:22 PM (pooled) We want Jericho back!!!!!

$5.00 -- Sarah, Spring Arbor, MI -- 5/23 8:19 PM (pooled)

$20.00 -- Kimberly, Galt, CA -- 5/23 8:19 PM (pooled) Give us back our Jericho!

$10.00 -- Yvo, Renton, WA -- 5/23 8:14 PM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Jennifer, Caldwell, NJ -- 5/23 8:10 PM (pooled) You are NUTS to cancel JERICHO!!! At least do it right and have a "series finale" rather than leave the loyal fans hanging. CBS looks bad- I'd sure hesitate to start watching a new series on your network after this! Hopefully you will get the message and make this right.

$20.00 -- Bj, Linden, NJ -- 5/23 8:09 PM (pooled)


$5.00 -- Ryan, Savannah, GA -- 5/23 8:07 PM (pooled) Jericho Season Two or the nuts continue!!!

$5.00 -- Lucas, Butler, PA -- 5/23 8:06 PM (pooled) Save Jericho!

$5.00 -- Lesley, Andersonville, TN -- 5/23 8:01 PM (pooled)

$20.00 -- Chris, San Diego, CA -- 5/23 7:58 PM (pooled) Jericho is one of the best shows on television. Please renew it!

$5.00 -- Christine, Portland, OR -- 5/23 7:58 PM (pooled) Please bring Jericho back! My husband and I are HOOKED, it was one of the best new shows we had seen in a long time!

$5.00 -- Joseph, Milwaukee, WI -- 5/23 7:55 PM (pooled) COME BACK HERE WITH MY SHOW!!! NUTS TO YOU cbs! Joe Gaspie

$20.00 -- Gina, Stony Point, NY -- 5/23 7:54 PM (pooled) NUTS to CBS! We will not go away! Not Understand Term Surrender!! We await YOUR Surrender!

$5.00 -- Brian, Valley Stream, NY -- 5/23 7:53 PM (pooled)

$20.00 -- Pete, Portsmouth, RI -- 5/23 7:52 PM (pooled)

$20.00 -- Jenny, Wausau, WI -- 5/23 7:50 PM (pooled)

$40.00 -- mary, overland park, KS -- 5/23 7:50 PM (pooled) Do not cancel Jericho!!!!!!

$5.00 -- Luis, McAllen, TX -- 5/23 7:49 PM (pooled) Stop messing with Jericho. The people have spoken. Only a Season 2 will do! Nuts, Luis & Sophia

$10.00 -- Matthew, Maspeth, NY -- 5/23 7:46 PM (pooled)

$10.00 -- Robert, Hurst, TX -- 5/23 7:44 PM (pooled) CBS was nuts to put Jericho up against Idol. CBS was nuts to have the mid season hiatus. CBS was nuts to cancel a great show. Please stop being nuts and give the show a second chance on a new night. Thank you, R. Evans

$10.00 -- Shawn, Greenwich, CT -- 5/23 7:44 PM (pooled) Please Save Jericho

$5.00 -- Chris, Looneyville, WV -- 5/23 7:44 PM (pooled) To CBS: NUTS! To whom eats these nuts, please ask CBS to continue Jericho.

$5.00 -- Lauren, Garland, TX -- 5/23 7:39 PM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Mauro, North Arlington, NJ -- 5/23 7:38 PM (pooled) Bring back Jericho, I stayed up countless nights catching up on episodes on the web do to my work schedule... It is the best show on tv along with "24"...

$5.00 -- Amanda, Middle Island, NY -- 5/23 7:36 PM (pooled) Bring back Jericho or face becoming the laughing stock of the industry. Jericho was a steady ratings getter until you guys ruined it by doing a split season. Your replacing it with a kid reality show! Your not fox or NBC I guess CBS is really NUTS!!!!!!!!!

$10.00 -- michael, hermosa beach, CA -- 5/23 7:28 PM (pooled) You are what you eat.

$5.00 -- Michael, Tuscumbia, AL -- 5/23 7:26 PM (pooled)

$10.00 -- Christine, New York, NY -- 5/23 7:26 PM (pooled) Please save Jerico!!!

$5.00 -- Diana, North Highlands, CA -- 5/23 7:25 PM (pooled) Every Wednesday night, I would go to my Dad's house, and he, my brother, and I would watch Jericho. What an exceptional show! And you never even gave it a chance!

$10.00 -- Brian, Fairbanks, AK -- 5/23 7:25 PM (pooled) save jericho

$5.00 -- R., Albuquerque, NM -- 5/23 7:22 PM (pooled) Please Bring Back Jericho! Pretty Please With NUTS! on top!

$5.00 -- Kelly, Kapolei, HI -- 5/23 7:21 PM (pooled) SAVE JERICHO!

$5.00 -- Eve, Fullerton, CA -- 5/23 7:20 PM (pooled) When will you people learn to not mess with a successful show? If you didn't have it on such a long hiatus it would have been much higher in the ratings. You guys have to stop the practice of putting your show on such a long hiatus. Americans have a short attenion span.

$10.00 -- Frank, Ouray, CO -- 5/23 7:18 PM (pooled) The best show on TV! Bring it back and you will be pleasantly surprised when it finishes in the top 10 weekly.

$5.00 -- Adam, Pittsburgh, PA -- 5/23 7:16 PM (pooled) NUTS! Jericho was one of the most heart-warming shows I have seen on TV in years. The family dynamics were real, believable, and very touching. It was such a relief to see a show demonstrating the humanity that we all hope we would show in similar circumstances. Please bring Jericho back!

$20.00 -- Keith, Madison Heights, MI -- 5/23 7:15 PM (pooled) Nuts to CBS Bring back Jericho We will not go away

$5.00 -- Kim, Shoreline, WA -- 5/23 7:14 PM (pooled) Jericho!!!!!!!!!!

$5.00 -- Trent, Deerfield Beach, FL -- 5/23 7:13 PM (pooled) NUTS!!!!!!!!!! Bring back Jericho!!!

$5.00 -- chadwick, oshkosh, WI -- 5/23 7:12 PM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Andrew, Mount Prospect, IL -- 5/23 7:12 PM (pooled) Save Jericho!

$10.00 -- Larissa, Eden Prairie, MN -- 5/23 7:12 PM (pooled) Hi Kelly, me again. This is my second contribution toward the tons of nuts. Getting the message yet? Bring back Jericho!

$5.00 -- Sandy, Marlton, NJ -- 5/23 7:07 PM (pooled) I'm another viewer who's NUTS for Jericho. Please reconsider! Why not show reruns over the summer and give the show a chance to attract the audience it deserves? It was a really gutsy decision to put this show on the air, now please keep it on. Thanhk You!

$5.00 -- Jennifer, Washington, DC -- 5/23 7:07 PM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Peter, Longview, TX -- 5/23 7:05 PM (pooled) You can't leave us hanging! Finish the show!

$5.00 -- Jonatha, Glendale, AZ -- 5/23 7:05 PM (pooled) My 14 year old daughter was heart broken when you canceled Jericho. Please continue the story.

$10.00 -- John, Little Falls, NJ -- 5/23 7:04 PM (pooled)

$10.00 -- Sean, Hillsboro, OR -- 5/23 7:04 PM (pooled) NUTS! Bring Jericho back for a 2nd season.......

$10.00 -- Sarah, Saint Cloud, FL -- 5/23 7:02 PM (pooled) Please renew Jericho. It is a great show. Give it some time to grow. Other shows like Jericho include successes like Buffy the Vampire Slayer and X-Files. Sarah, Orlando, FL

$5.00 -- Steven, Brentwood, NY -- 5/23 7:01 PM (pooled)

$10.00 -- Marco, toronto, ON -- 5/23 7:00 PM (pooled) THINK SMART!! DON'T CANCEL THE SHOWS (THIS OR OTHER) USE PPV.

$10.00 -- Adam, Lawton, OK -- 5/23 6:59 PM (pooled)

$10.00 -- Greg, Durham, NC -- 5/23 6:59 PM (pooled) Don't get hit by the fallout! Bring back the show! We want another season, nothing less!

$10.00 -- Diane, Vancouver, WA -- 5/23 6:58 PM (pooled) WE WANT A SECOND SEASON OF JERICHO. ONLY SEASON TWO WILL DO. PLEASE.

$5.00 -- Marc, fort lee, NJ -- 5/23 6:56 PM (pooled) WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU? SAVE JERICHO

$5.00 -- Pamela, Vienna, WV -- 5/23 6:56 PM (pooled)

$10.00 -- Adam, Rochester, NY -- 5/23 6:56 PM (pooled) NUTS to CBS! Save Jericho!!!

$10.00 -- Barry, Steubenville, OH -- 5/23 6:55 PM (pooled) Nuts to you CBS! Bring back Jericho! Also, to you and other networks, enough already with the long hiatuses - you lose viewers that way unless it's a "Tivo" favorite. - Barry and Kathy Steubenville, Ohio

$30.00 -- Kathleen, Roseville, MN -- 5/23 6:53 PM (pooled) Save Jericho!

$5.00 -- Richard, Inverness, FL -- 5/23 6:53 PM (pooled) Jerico is/was one of the top five programs in CBS's lineup. Come to your senses and rescind the cancellation. Stop the CBS Executive confab about how to explain to Jerico's loyal viewers how the series would have eventually ended- we wnat to see it for ourselves.

$10.00 -- Jessica, Alton, IL -- 5/23 6:51 PM (pooled) BRING BACK JERICHO!!!!!! You CAN'T get rid of us!!!!!

$5.00 -- Penny, Edgewood, KY -- 5/23 6:51 PM (pooled) We want more "Jericho"!

$5.00 -- Melissa, Cookeville, TN -- 5/23 6:49 PM (pooled)

$10.00 -- John, Dayton, OH -- 5/23 6:48 PM (pooled) Are you (STUNned)? Remember, NUTS spelled backward is STUN.

$10.00 -- Jennifer, Los Angeles, CA -- 5/23 6:47 PM (pooled) It's not too late to save Jericho!

$20.00 -- roberta, tucson, AZ -- 5/23 6:47 PM (pooled) BRING BACK JERICHO FOR A SECOND SEASON !!!!!

$5.00 -- Jennifer, Cedar Hills, UT -- 5/23 6:47 PM (pooled) Save Jericho!!! We love it and want a season 2. It will become my personal campaign to get everyone I know to watch. Please save Jericho.

$40.00 -- Joseph, Roseville, CA -- 5/23 6:46 PM (pooled)

$10.00 -- Unknown, Green Cove, FL -- 5/23 6:46 PM (pooled) You're cancelling Jericho? You must be NUTS!

$5.00 -- Calvin, Millville, NJ -- 5/23 6:45 PM (pooled) "Save Jericho" Thanks for a great first season of Jericho. Unfortunately I will no longer be tuning into CBS. You have just "Lost" another viewer.

$10.00 -- Richard, Greenville, NC -- 5/23 6:43 PM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Denny, Pharr, TX -- 5/23 6:42 PM (pooled) A good, thoughtful, decent program, and you cancel it! So here- choke on them.

$5.00 -- Dan, Indiana, PA -- 5/23 6:41 PM (pooled) I just spent $5 for nuts. I'd have given it directly to you 5 times or more over if you'd said you needed it to keep the show on.

$10.00 -- Joshua, Rising Sun, MD -- 5/23 6:41 PM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Tricia, Massillon, OH -- 5/23 6:39 PM (pooled) Please bring Jericho back. Love the show...watched it every week and will continue to watch it every week if it comes back. Thanks for your consideration.

$10.00 -- Lee, raleigh, NC -- 5/23 6:35 PM (pooled)

$20.00 -- Russell, Indianapolis, IN -- 5/23 6:35 PM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Carrie, Oroville, CA -- 5/23 6:34 PM (pooled) Thanks to your decision to cancel Jericho, I no longer watch CBS, nor do I permit my children to watch your network either. Hope you can live with a family of 4 boycotting your network.

$20.00 -- Jeffrey, Connelly Springs, NC -- 5/23 6:30 PM (pooled)

$5.00 -- David, Phoenix, AZ -- 5/23 6:21 PM (pooled) Save Jericho! It is possible to make money and receive critical acclaim at the same time. Listen to the fans!

$5.00 -- Christopher, Woodbine, KY -- 5/23 6:21 PM (pooled) It's always about numbers and making your money... How about thinking of the public for once! Bring Jericho back!

$5.00 -- Cynthia, Jasper, GA -- 5/23 6:20 PM (pooled) Please enjoy these delicious nuts courtesy of a loyal Jericho fan from Georgia!

$5.00 -- Nathaniel, Manassas, VA -- 5/23 6:16 PM (pooled) Well Ms. Kahl I hope you enjoy your peanuts Because until Jericho is renewed you are going to be recieving more than enough to feed an army.

$20.00 -- Tony, Alexandria, VA -- 5/23 6:15 PM (pooled) Continuation not Closure. One more season of Jericho!

$5.00 -- Mark, Pittsburgh, PA -- 5/23 6:13 PM (pooled) Save Jericho, please! This is the best show to come out of CBS or any other network in years. Don't make this mistake!

$5.00 -- David, frierson, LA -- 5/23 6:10 PM (pooled) AS JAKE REPLYS NUTs....He fights for what he believes...JUST AS THIS SHOW SHOULDN'T BE CANCELED! Like the Battle of Bastogne -out numbered, out gunned and surround the 101st prevailed & so shall we be heard!!!!!

$20.00 -- Cynthia, New Hope, PA -- 5/23 6:09 PM (pooled) Save Jericho

$5.00 -- Robert, Charlotte, NC -- 5/23 6:08 PM (pooled) Instead of canceling the series, how about just demoting the individual responsible for approving the 3 month gap in new episodes, which caused the loss of viewers, down to the mail room.

$20.00 -- Andrea, Greensboro, NC -- 5/23 6:08 PM (pooled) Bring back Jericho for a full second season -- not just a two-hour wrap-up movie or mini-series or telling us "how it would have ended" -- but a full second season! Only Season 2 Will Do! NUTS!

$5.00 -- Norma, Rowlett, TX -- 5/23 6:07 PM (pooled) NUTS! to CBS for cancelling Jericho. Bring it back for another season!!!!

$5.00 -- Lisa, Lake Oswego, OR -- 5/23 6:07 PM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Lindsay, Mount Laurel, NJ -- 5/23 6:06 PM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Robert, Brownsille, TX -- 5/23 6:06 PM (pooled) DO THE RIGHT THING - SAVE JERICHO!

$1.99 -- Jane, Monaca, PA -- 5/23 6:06 PM (individual) Save Jericho!

$10.00 -- David, New York, NY -- 5/23 6:04 PM (pooled) Please bring my favorite show back!

$10.00 -- Cathal, Versailles France, AK -- 5/23 6:04 PM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Gabriel, Knoxville, TN -- 5/23 6:04 PM (pooled) Save Jericho! NUTS to CBS!

$10.00 -- Deborah, Hatboro, PA -- 5/23 6:02 PM (pooled) My granddaughter and I look forward every Wednesday to watching Jericho as does my Mother and daughter.Please keep the show on the air. It is the only show we look forward. We are looking forward to a new season

$5.00 -- Diane, North highlands, CA -- 5/23 6:01 PM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Christopher, Wichita, KS -- 5/23 5:59 PM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Susan, San Marcos, CA -- 5/23 5:59 PM (pooled) I can't believe you would cancel such a great show like Jericho. Why? So you can put on some cheap show or another reality show, both of which are without substance and character? Puhleeeeze! TV has enough of that! The Jericho story is not ended; and NO a 2 hr movie would not suffice. Jericho is one of the reasons we tune in to CBS on Wednesday nights! When you added Jericho to the other good shows you have on, you rose like cream to the top. We love Jericho....please bring it back! Thank you!

$10.00 -- JONATHAN, Somerset, NJ -- 5/23 5:57 PM (pooled) Mr. Kahl; It is rare for me to take this level of action, but I feel it is important to demonstrate my opinions about Jericho. I think CBS has enough hard data to justify the continued production based on the nuts and letters you are receiving.

$20.00 -- Roy, Springfield, VA -- 5/23 5:57 PM (pooled) Jericho is the demographic


$5.00 -- Frank, Spring Hill, TN -- 5/23 5:52 PM (pooled) For JERICHO, the only CBS program I watch.

$20.00 -- Justin, Saint Paul, MN -- 5/23 5:47 PM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Philip, Bronx, NY -- 5/23 5:46 PM (pooled)

$10.00 -- MARTIN, Raleigh, NC -- 5/23 5:45 PM (pooled) thought of going to an Ace Hardware to send something different but...why should we both make mistakes....

$5.00 -- Chad, Folsom, CA -- 5/23 5:45 PM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Diane, Hillsborough, NJ -- 5/23 5:39 PM (pooled) We want Jericho back or NUTS to CBS.

$30.00 -- Bryan, Indianapolis, IN -- 5/23 5:39 PM (pooled) nuts to cbs. order up more jericho. thx to popwatch at (Marc Vera) for telling me to support the cause here.

$20.00 -- Jerome, Tustin, CA -- 5/23 5:38 PM (pooled) Save Jericho

$20.00 -- Michael, Lubbock, TX -- 5/23 5:38 PM (pooled) NUTS! Lots and lots of nuts....for Jericho

$5.00 -- Debra, Goshen, KY -- 5/23 5:36 PM (pooled) Mr. Kahl: I have never been involved in something like this before. I care passionately about the show and hope you will consider reinstating it. I am one of those viewers that has to watch it 'on-demand' because of my work/travel schedule. Please don't count me out. Sincerely, Debbie

$10.00 -- Mrs., Newark, DE -- 5/23 5:34 PM (pooled) Jericho is the first weekly program that I've watched in years. It was the first ever for my oldest daughter, since most prime-time shows are trash that we won't allow her to watch. It has been a special family time with many opportunities for discussion, laughter & tears. Jericho cannot be replaced for us with other shows you offer. Please reconsider your decision. Sincerely, Lori

$5.00 -- Kathleen, Birmingham, AL -- 5/23 5:33 PM (pooled) I have watched Jericho since the first episode. Your cancellation will make it harder for me to commit to a show in its first season. If a lot of people adopt this attitude, where does programming end up? CBS set Jericho up to fail with first a 10 week hiatus and then coming back after that to compete with American Idol which started its season before Jericho started back. Please re-consider or find a new home for Jericho. It is a winner.

$10.00 -- Clifford, Warner Robins, GA -- 5/23 5:32 PM (pooled) NUTS to CBS! This message is from the 46 people in my community who are boycotting the Constantino Broadcasting System (CBS) and Showtime until we get a SECOND SEASON of Jericho! And NUTS! to your 2-hour finale idea...we don't want table scraps! Signed: Clifford Treend and family, Wayne Treend & Family, Dorothy Hoehl, Russ Cooke, Foster McMullen & Family, Andy & Cindy Bailey, William Caskin, Dennis Hood & Family, Larry & Linda Belding, Barbara Neal, J.L.& Rhonda Hall, Jack Taylor, Jhon & Vicky Saldana, Devon Knodishall, and Rick & Mandy well as a growing list of former CBS viewers. Also, we request that if/when CBS decides what they are going to do with all of these NUTS!, that they distribute a portion to US Veterans stationed in Iraq. Now...BRING BACK JERICHO!!!

$5.00 -- Heather, Lily, WI -- 5/23 5:32 PM (pooled) Nuts! Save Jericho!

$10.00 -- Derek, Cumberland, RI -- 5/23 5:30 PM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Jason, winston-salem, NC -- 5/23 5:28 PM (pooled) NUTS!!! SAVE JERICHO!!!!!

$5.00 -- Caleb, Rockview, WV -- 5/23 5:24 PM (pooled) CBS has gone NUTS! SAVE JERICHO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

$5.00 -- Stephen, Enumclaw, WA -- 5/23 5:22 PM (pooled) Please bring back Jericho!

$5.00 -- R, Anstruther, FIFE -- 5/23 5:21 PM (pooled) Even here is Bonnie Scotland we want more Jericho - come on say "NUTS" to the cancelling Jericho!!!!

$5.00 -- Randall, Minneapolis, MN -- 5/23 5:19 PM (pooled)

$20.00 -- Ivan, Jacksonville, FL -- 5/23 5:15 PM (pooled) SAVE JERICHO PLEASE!!! Couple more tons of nuts are on their way!!! Please dont them away!! Give them to charity or enjoy them!! NUTS!!!!NUTS!!!!NUTS!!!!NUTS!!!!NUTS!!!!NUTS!!!!NUTS!!!!NUTS!!!!NUT S!!!!NUTS!!!!NUTS!!!!NUTS!!!!NUTS!!!!NUTS!!!!NUTS!!!!NUTS!!!!NUTS!!!!NUTS!! !!NUTS!!!!NUTS!!!!NUTS!!!!NUTS!!!!NUTS!!!!NUTS!!!!NUTS!!!!NUTS!!!!NUTS!!!!N UTS!!!!NUTS!!!!NUTS!!!!NUTS!!!!NUTS!!!!NUTS!!!!NUTS!!!!NUTS!!!!NUTS!!!!NUTS !!!!NUTS!!!!NUTS!!!!NUTS!!!!NUTS!!!!NUTS!!!!NUTS!!!!NUTS!!!!NUTS!!!!NUTS!!! !NUTS!!!!NUTS!!!!NUTS!!!!NUTS!!!!NUTS!!!!NUTS!!!!NUTS!!!!NUTS!!!! Lots and lots of NUTS!!!!

$5.00 -- Phyllis, Portland, OR -- 5/23 5:15 PM (pooled) NUTS to CBS! It's one thing to cancel a show that has no real following. But to cancel a show just when it's back on the upswing? And at a cliff-hanger at that? You guys are NUTS and to you I (and so many other fans) say "NUTS!!!!!!!!!" Thank you for your attention to this matter. Ya nuts!

$20.00 -- Steve, Orland Park, IL -- 5/23 5:14 PM (pooled) Please give Jericho a 2nd full season. Thank you.

$5.00 -- Julian, Houston, TX -- 5/23 5:08 PM (pooled) C'mon guys, Jericho must live on!

$5.00 -- Jesse, Kannapolis, NC -- 5/23 5:01 PM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Kit, Alexandria, VA -- 5/23 4:59 PM (pooled) NUTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

$5.00 -- Aaron, Durham, NC -- 5/23 4:59 PM (pooled) Please bring Jericho back for good.

$10.00 -- Jackie, Rehoboth Beach, DE -- 5/23 4:59 PM (pooled) H

$5.00 -- Jared, Ann Arbor, MI -- 5/23 4:58 PM (pooled) Bring back Jericho!

$5.00 -- Kim, Dallas, TX -- 5/23 4:57 PM (pooled) You really are NUTS!!! to cancel this show. Bring it back you canceled this for a vampire detective show isn't that on another channel called Blood Ties? Faithful Jericho Viewer!!!!

$10.00 -- Kimberly, Kingston, TN -- 5/23 4:56 PM (pooled)

$20.00 -- David, Burlington, VT -- 5/23 4:54 PM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Pat, Montreal, AA -- 5/23 4:54 PM (pooled) U got to bring this show back...remember Miami Vice only took off in the summer re-run season. Trust me, I know a hit when I see it. Promote show better!

$5.00 -- Andre, Altadena, CA -- 5/23 4:54 PM (pooled) You want out of last place? Bring it back, don't be a nut :)

$5.00 -- Amy, Irving, TX -- 5/23 4:52 PM (pooled) NUTS!!!!! We love the show and demand it be returned to programming!!! Try a new night if you're worried about American Idol. 8+ million viewers can't be wrong.....

$10.00 -- Nancy, Crivitz, WI -- 5/23 4:52 PM (pooled) Please renew Jericho!!!

$10.00 -- S, Ledbury, HEREFORDSHIRE -- 5/23 4:51 PM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Liz, Norristown, PA -- 5/23 4:51 PM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Madeline, Woodside, NY -- 5/23 4:50 PM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Libby, Jacksonville, NC -- 5/23 4:49 PM (pooled) Please reconsider the Jericho cancellation! There are millions of us that love this show!

$5.00 -- Anders, Linden, NJ -- 5/23 4:47 PM (pooled) Sweden thinks CBS is nuts as well

$10.00 -- Lisa, Chapel Hill, TN -- 5/23 4:46 PM (pooled)

$10.00 -- Susan, Nashville, TN -- 5/23 4:43 PM (pooled) PLEASE RENEW JERICHO!!!

$20.00 -- Randall, Kent, WA -- 5/23 4:43 PM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Gina, Rio Linda, CA -- 5/23 4:43 PM (pooled) Please bring Jericho BACK!! Are you guys crazy?

$10.00 -- Lesley, North Huntingdon, PA -- 5/23 4:41 PM (pooled) NUTS to you CBS. I want Jericho back next season. Please, not another guts and gore crime show or mind-numbing reality show. I watch 2 TV shows, Jericho and Lost, and Jericho is the superior show. It is well written with captivating characters and thought provoking plots. Give it a chance to succeed. For your demographic information: I am a 43 year old female with a college degree, an elementary school teacher. My son, who watches with me, is 12 years old. By the way, this is one of the very few shows that I am comfortable watching with my son.

$5.00 -- John, Belchertown, MA -- 5/23 4:39 PM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Patricia, Richmond, VA -- 5/23 4:39 PM (pooled) WE WANT OUR JERICHO BACK!!!!

$10.00 -- Thomas, Chicago, IL -- 5/23 4:39 PM (pooled) Please reconsider the cancellation of Jericho. Enjoy the nuts.

$10.00 -- Jeff, Grand Junction, CO -- 5/23 4:39 PM (pooled) CBS IS NUTS!!!!

$5.00 -- Kevin, Corrales, NM -- 5/23 4:38 PM (pooled) Not a fan of the show, but anyone who can pull this off has my vote. HEHE Good luck guys. Here is hope that you get your show back on the air.

$5.00 -- CRISTESCU, Iasi, -- 5/23 4:38 PM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Ray, Wirtz, VA -- 5/23 4:36 PM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Marilyn, Walker, LA -- 5/23 4:33 PM (pooled) BRING JERICHO BACK FOR ANOTHER SEASON!!!

$10.00 -- Patricia, Castro Valley, CA -- 5/23 4:30 PM (pooled) Nuts to you CBS! Another thoughtful show cancelled.

$20.00 -- Kay, Surprise, AZ -- 5/23 4:30 PM (pooled) Save Jericho or NUTS to CBS and all of their programming.

$5.00 -- Daniel, Rutherford, NJ -- 5/23 4:30 PM (pooled) SAVE JERICHO

$5.00 -- Elizabeth, Lebanon, IN -- 5/23 4:26 PM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Shaina, Gainesville, FL -- 5/23 4:26 PM (pooled) NUTS!!!!!!!! This is the most exciting experience being apart of such a large and devoted group to SAVE JERICHO. Our fight wont stop until you really reconsider. We have the hard facts. This show really could be a hit and not to mention the 8 million of us loyal to the show have started one big media frenzy!! SAVE JERICHO

$5.00 -- Sara, Indianapolis, IN -- 5/23 4:26 PM (pooled) BRING JERICHO BACK!!!!!!!!

$5.00 -- Nick, loganville, GA -- 5/23 4:25 PM (pooled) NUTS

$10.00 -- Amy, Atlanta, GA -- 5/23 4:25 PM (pooled) Save Jericho - bring it back in the fall!

$5.00 -- Lori, Cupertino, CA -- 5/23 4:23 PM (pooled) Please bring Jericho back!!! It's a great show and we need to know more! I'm just NUTS about JERICHO!!!


$5.00 -- Sarah, Knox, ME -- 5/23 4:23 PM (pooled) CBS: "We're going to cancel Jericho! Screw the viewers!" Viewers: "We won't go down without a fight. NUTS!"

$20.00 -- Donal, Gainesville, FL -- 5/23 4:23 PM (pooled)

$10.00 -- Cindy, Kansas City, MO -- 5/23 4:22 PM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Shana, Mokelumne Hill, CA -- 5/23 4:21 PM (pooled) Nuts for (to) CBS!!

$5.00 -- Jason, Colorado Springs, CO -- 5/23 4:20 PM (pooled) NUTS!!! Bring Jericho back. It was your scheduling that lost it viewers, down 25% after a 3 month hiatus in the middle of the season and brought back against American Idol. Give it a fair chance!!!

$25.00 -- Janet, Linden, NJ -- 5/23 4:20 PM (pooled) Neilson Ratings no longer give a true picture of a viewing audience. Bring Back Jericho!!

$20.00 -- James, Camden, DE -- 5/23 4:20 PM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Paula, Advance, NC -- 5/23 4:18 PM (pooled) Save Jericho

$5.00 -- Sam, Springfield, VA -- 5/23 4:15 PM (pooled) Nuts to CBS! Bring back Jericho.

$5.00 -- Joshua, Port Jefferson, NY -- 5/23 4:11 PM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Audra, Spring Hill, FL -- 5/23 4:11 PM (pooled) NUTS to you CBS, JERICHO LIVES!!!!!!!!!!!!

$5.00 -- Jericho fan, Georgetown, KY -- 5/23 4:09 PM (pooled) NUTS from KY!

$5.00 -- Stephen, Raceland, LA -- 5/23 4:09 PM (pooled) The Jericho army will never give in to CBS.. NUTS to you!!

$5.00 -- Jared, Las Vegas, NV -- 5/23 4:09 PM (pooled) NUTS

$20.00 -- Joel, Ottawa, ON -- 5/23 4:09 PM (pooled)

$20.00 -- Matthew, Castroville, CA -- 5/23 4:09 PM (pooled) Save Jericho

$5.00 -- Greg, Trumbull, CT -- 5/23 4:09 PM (pooled) NUTS! CBS come to your senses!

$5.00 -- Christopher, Piedmont, OK -- 5/23 4:09 PM (pooled) Cancel my show and I will cancel watching your network!!! NUTS!

$20.00 -- Mark, Carmel, IN -- 5/23 4:09 PM (pooled) Cancel Jericho? NUTS!

$5.00 -- Steven, Owings Mills, MD -- 5/23 4:09 PM (pooled) PLEASE BRING BACK JERICHO.

$10.00 -- Patricia, La Harpe, IL -- 5/23 4:09 PM (pooled) Please Save Jericho!!!

$10.00 -- NICOLE, ALBANY, NY -- 5/23 4:09 PM (pooled) SAVE JERICHO !!!

$10.00 -- Brian, Oklahoma City, OK -- 5/23 4:08 PM (pooled) Jericho was one of the best shows on TV. Please, BRING BACK JERICHO!!!

$10.00 -- Susan, Washington, DC -- 5/23 4:08 PM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Shawn, Reston, VA -- 5/23 4:08 PM (pooled) There are so few good new shows on network TV these days. Why throw away something that obviously works. Give it a chance without crappy timeslots and long breaks. No retreat, no surrender!!!

$5.00 -- Chad, Car, NY -- 5/23 4:08 PM (pooled) Plaese Keep Jericho Alive. It is the the best for tv programming on the air. Sincerely, Chad Welsh

$10.00 -- Deborah, Simpsonville, SC -- 5/23 4:08 PM (pooled) NUTS to you CBS. Bring back Jericho! Mark and Debby

$5.00 -- Mike, Raymore, MO -- 5/23 4:08 PM (pooled)

$10.00 -- Albert, New York, NY -- 5/23 4:08 PM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Patrick, San Francisco, CA -- 5/23 4:08 PM (pooled) Jericho is a great show I watch it online, that shouldn't affect the rating it gets! Bring back Jericho!

$20.00 -- James, Everett, WA -- 5/23 4:08 PM (pooled) NUTS !! Give us our show back, or SELL IT to a company that likes great programming, not sure CBS deserves it.. My_2_Cents, and NUTS !!

$5.00 -- Gary, Philadelphia, PA -- 5/23 4:08 PM (pooled) To CBS on canceling Jericho: "Nuts!"

$5.00 -- Emile, Marina del Rey, CA -- 5/23 4:08 PM (pooled) Please renew Jericho!!! Or sell it to another network!!!

$10.00 -- Lars, Redwood City, CA -- 5/23 4:08 PM (pooled) you are nuts canceling Jericho! Lars, San Francisco.

$5.00 -- Jason, Garland, TX -- 5/23 4:08 PM (pooled)

$20.00 -- gwendolyn, sherwood park, AB -- 5/23 4:08 PM (pooled) shove it cbs...bring back jericho!

$20.00 -- Chris, Hamilton, ON -- 5/23 4:07 PM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Deborah, East Troy, WI -- 5/23 4:07 PM (pooled)

$20.00 -- Llaura, Artesia, CA -- 5/23 4:07 PM (pooled) Mr. Kahl, I urge you and the other executives at CBS to reconsider. Please give Jericho another chance. With the correct programming and publicity actions, Jericho will continue on to grow as a great CBS hit. You have a winner on your hands. Don't let Jericho slip away.

$5.00 -- Brad, Overland Park, KS -- 5/23 4:07 PM (pooled) Bring back Jericho!

$20.00 -- David, Roslyn Heights, NY -- 5/23 4:06 PM (pooled) NUTS TO U CBS!!! SAVE JERICHO!!!

$5.00 -- Christine, Waterbury, CT -- 5/23 4:06 PM (pooled)

$10.00 -- Mr, Colchester, ESSEX -- 5/23 4:06 PM (pooled)

$20.00 -- Carolyn, Mount Prospect, IL -- 5/23 4:06 PM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Matthew, Ankeny, IA -- 5/23 4:06 PM (pooled) NUTS! Bring back Jericho for a 2nd season, nothing less.


$5.00 -- Christopher, Emmaus, PA -- 5/23 4:05 PM (pooled) NUTS!!!

$10.00 -- Aaron, Waxahachie, TX -- 5/23 4:04 PM (pooled)

$30.00 -- Jill, Broomall, PA -- 5/23 4:04 PM (pooled)

$20.00 -- Amy, Highland, IN -- 5/23 4:04 PM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Michelle, Dexter, NY -- 5/23 4:04 PM (pooled)

$20.00 -- Kevin, Aurora, CO -- 5/23 4:03 PM (pooled) Bring back Jericho please

$5.00 -- LORI, BROOMALL, PA -- 5/23 4:01 PM (pooled) NUTS TO YOU CBS!!! WE WANT JERICHO BACK!!

$5.00 -- Steven, New Providence, NJ -- 5/23 4:00 PM (pooled) I really hope you all wake up. Why cancel a show that has evoked such a passionate response, in so short a time. Most companies would kill for this publicity. Right the wrong and order another season!

$10.00 -- Gary, Frisco, TX -- 5/23 3:59 PM (pooled) Marketing: Age 47

$5.00 -- Sharon, Carlsbad, CA -- 5/23 3:59 PM (pooled) WE WANT A FULL SEASON

$5.00 -- David, tustin, CA -- 5/23 3:57 PM (pooled) Of all the shows in your line up Jericho is the only one I watch on your network. Loose Jericho and you loose me and my family forever. Plus at every opportunity I'll ask people to tune out CBS. Also have you thought of a name change? Instead of CBS you can call it the CSI network..... Bring Back Jericho!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

$5.00 -- Karan, Tomball, TX -- 5/23 3:56 PM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Gregory, Eldersburg, MD -- 5/23 3:52 PM (pooled) Please Save Jericho!

$5.00 -- Laurie, Jacksonville, FL -- 5/23 3:52 PM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Octavio, Homestead, FL -- 5/23 3:50 PM (pooled) We can last longer than you can. Bring back Jericho!!

$10.00 -- Delana, Highlands Ranch, CO -- 5/23 3:47 PM (pooled) Please renew Jericho

$100.00 -- roberta, tucson, AZ -- 5/23 3:45 PM (pooled) CBS - Bring back Jericho for season 2 !!!!!

$5.00 -- Theresa, Kentland, IN -- 5/23 3:43 PM (pooled) Keep Jericho on the air!

$5.00 -- Brian, Springfield, MA -- 5/23 3:41 PM (pooled) For Jericho

$20.00 -- Laurie, Fitchburg, WI -- 5/23 3:40 PM (pooled) CBS executives, do you remember when ABC passed on CSI and you picked it up? You're still laughing and they're still hanging their heads in shame...or at least they were. I would think, after all this publicity, that ABC would jump at the chance to get back , through Jericho, what they lost with CSI. Better yet, maybe HBO will pick it up instead. Get the right wing conservative nay-sayers out of the room and listen to your fans. If they're saying that, in this day and age, it's just too "possible", give them this: at least Jericho gives us the opportunity to believe that we still band together in times of dire circumstances. We can band together. We did band together. We'll survive and so should Jericho.

$5.00 -- Lynzee, Wichita, KS -- 5/23 3:39 PM (pooled) Save Jericho! The NUTS won't stop until it is back!

$20.00 -- Daniel, Moore, OK -- 5/23 3:38 PM (pooled) NUTS!!!!! JERICHO LIVES!!!!! 101stRSOG Mayor Johnston Green Brigade

$5.00 -- Brandon, Loganville, GA -- 5/23 3:38 PM (pooled) 5 TONS of NUTS CBS!!! GET THE MESSAGE!!!!!!!!

$5.00 -- Edward, Springfield, IL -- 5/23 3:37 PM (pooled) Nuts to You CBS! I won't be fooled again. Bring back Jericho!

$5.00 -- Derek, Hurley, NY -- 5/23 3:37 PM (pooled) Bring it back, now!

$10.00 -- David, Fowlerville, MI -- 5/23 3:37 PM (pooled)

$10.00 -- Robert, Downingtown, PA -- 5/23 3:36 PM (pooled) Dear CBS Executives, Do you know what Star Trek and Seinfeld have in common, besides the billions of dollars in revenue they've each accounted for? They were both cancelled and then brought back. Make the right decision here and bring back Jericho. With a decent timeslot and a little promotion it could be a big hit in the vein of other serials like 'Lost' and 'Heroes'. The fan response here should speak for itself - take it to heart, this kind of passion is uncommon for television. Bring it back, give it some support, and you may find yourself pondering a spinoff which explores another town, or perhaps the plight of some displaced nomads trying to survive in such a situation. There's a lot of room to work with, creatively speaking. If CBS decides against giving it another try, at least release it to another network. -Robert , Downingtown, PA PS: Like so many other Jericho viewers in the desirable Gen X/Y demographic, I watched just about every episode "on demand".

$20.00 -- Steve, Melbourne, FL -- 5/23 3:36 PM (pooled) We want Jericho Season 2!!!

$5.00 -- Chris, Orion, MI -- 5/23 3:31 PM (pooled) Save Jericho!!!



$5.00 -- J, Nolanville, TX -- 5/23 3:29 PM (pooled) NUTS to you CBS!!! SAVE JERICHO!!! RENEW FOR SEASON 2!!!!

$5.00 -- Joseph, Montcalm, WV -- 5/23 3:28 PM (pooled) You CBS idiots ruined your radio network and now you are determined to ruin your TV network, good job! Jericho was the best show on your crap network, enjoy the nuts

$10.00 -- Brittany, Lompoc, CA -- 5/23 3:26 PM (pooled) Nothing less than Season Two Will Do!!!!!

$5.00 -- Drew, Albuquerque, NM -- 5/23 3:25 PM (pooled)

$10.00 -- Robert, Los Angeles, CA -- 5/23 3:21 PM (pooled) Jericho Season 2 - Please make it happen!

$5.00 -- Ana, Ottawa, IL -- 5/23 3:21 PM (pooled) WE WANT JERICHO !

$5.00 -- lori, dallas, GA -- 5/23 3:21 PM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Josie, Hillsboro, OR -- 5/23 3:20 PM (pooled)

$20.00 -- Robert, Danville, CA -- 5/23 3:16 PM (pooled) Bring back Jericho! Give a show a chance!

$5.00 -- Kelli, Oglesby, IL -- 5/23 3:16 PM (pooled) BRING JERICHO BACK!!!!! YOU MADE A BAD DECISION~CBS PLEASE CHANGE YOUR MINDS!!!!

$5.00 -- David, Dayton, MN -- 5/23 3:14 PM (pooled) Save Jericho! You made a big mistake in canceling such a powerful show, which was also more popular than you seem to realize. A LOT of people watched American Idol and recorded Jericho on their TiVO/DVR. Really, that's because American Idol is something you watch once - Jericho is something you want to watch carefully, maybe more than once. Jericho is one of those rare shows where you actually CARE about the characters. It was thought provoking as only the best shows are...making us think about what it means to be human and ethical in the most difficult of circumstances. You could do nothing better than to reconsider and renew Jericho. The audience will continue to grow - if you give the show a reprieve and promote it a little better.

$5.00 -- Tamara, Cypress, TX -- 5/23 3:13 PM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Sean, Leominster, MA -- 5/23 3:12 PM (pooled) when was the last time you had a show with this much buzz?

$5.00 -- Charles, Springdale, AR -- 5/23 3:11 PM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Eric, Larkspur, CO -- 5/23 3:07 PM (pooled)

$20.00 -- roberta, tucson, AZ -- 5/23 3:07 PM (pooled) CBS... Bring back the BEST SHOW ON TV !! .. JERICHO !!!

$5.00 -- Timothy, Caribou, ME -- 5/23 3:06 PM (pooled)

$10.00 -- Carlos, El Centro, CA -- 5/23 3:03 PM (pooled) Save Jericho!! Enjoy the gift of "Nuts." Hope you liked our last order we sent you. The Vela Family California

$5.00 -- Matthew, Hoboken, NJ -- 5/23 2:59 PM (pooled)

$10.00 -- Kathleen, Fredericksburg, VA -- 5/23 2:58 PM (pooled) Keep Jericho on the air! And give us Season 2!

$20.00 -- Steven, San Antonio, TX -- 5/23 2:56 PM (pooled) Save Jericho

$20.00 -- Melissa, Holt, MI -- 5/23 2:55 PM (pooled) NUTS!!! N ever U nderestimate T he S trength (of loyal fans) SAVE JERICHO

$10.00 -- Stephanie, Harrisburg, NC -- 5/23 2:51 PM (pooled) SAVE JERICHO!!!

$5.00 -- Adolf, Felton, DE -- 5/23 2:50 PM (pooled) Nuts to you...SAVE JERICHO

$5.00 -- Jennie, New York, NY -- 5/23 2:49 PM (pooled) SAVE JERICHO!!!

$20.00 -- Michael, Simpsonville, SC -- 5/23 2:47 PM (pooled)


$5.00 -- Jonathan, Helotes, TX -- 5/23 2:46 PM (pooled) Nuts! Bite 'em

$5.00 -- Brianna, Johnson City, TN -- 5/23 2:45 PM (pooled) Television networks must miss the days of die hard fans, and here's proving that day doesn't have to be over. Obviously we all care a lot about what's on our televisions, and we all want Jericho back. Please bring it back for us. Just one more season to tie up the story. Don't waste more air time on reality shows and lawyer shows. Jericho is truly a revolutionary and compelling concept, and appeals to all ages. With time and nurture its appeal will grow. Aren't the customers always right? Doesn't our opinion count for something? Also, isn't it a little sad that the only way your viewing audience feels it can get its message across to you is through massive shipments of nuts? If CBS seemed more receptive to our concerns, maybe this all could've been far less like a circus. Besides think how great the network will look when it gives into us fans. That can't hurt can it? Also, think about how few dvd sets you'll sell if everyone knows there's no true ending. BRING IT BACK!!!!

$10.00 -- Cheryl, Astoria, NY -- 5/23 2:45 PM (pooled) Please save Jericho - it's one the best shows out there!

$5.00 -- Michael, New York, NY -- 5/23 2:41 PM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Maria, Milton, MA -- 5/23 2:38 PM (pooled) Please do not cancel Jericho. Maria

$5.00 -- Dana, south st. paul, MN -- 5/23 2:37 PM (pooled) get well soon

$10.00 -- Margaret, Kent, WA -- 5/23 2:35 PM (pooled) Don't take Jericho away. I am so sick of reality programming. When you find a great show with great acting and writing it is fantastic.

$5.00 -- Sylvia, Seal Beach, CA -- 5/23 2:33 PM (pooled) Please do at least a Jericho wrap up movie. Or DVD. Or something.

$20.00 -- Keith, Jonesboro, AR -- 5/23 2:32 PM (pooled) Dear Sir, JERICHO is a training ground for how Americans should act in adversity, with selfless unity. Personal sacrifice turns an apocalyptic event into a better tomorrow. America needs this schoolmaster. Please reconsider the cancellation of this most excellent human drama. Thank you for your time, Keith

$5.00 -- Michiel, Linden, NJ -- 5/23 2:32 PM (pooled) International support from Holland! NUTS!

$5.00 -- Brandi, Sandy, UT -- 5/23 2:30 PM (pooled) Please don't cancel Jericho! We love the show. If nothing else, give us some good closure. We were robbed of that.

$5.00 -- Richard, Centennial, CO -- 5/23 2:30 PM (pooled) Canceling Jericho; now that's nuts.

$10.00 -- Peter, San Rafael, CA -- 5/23 2:30 PM (pooled) Bring Back Jericho!

$5.00 -- Angie, Portland, TN -- 5/23 2:29 PM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Lister, Lamar, MO -- 5/23 2:27 PM (pooled) LONG LIVE JERICHO!!!!!

$10.00 -- Rob, Linden, NJ -- 5/23 2:26 PM (pooled)


$20.00 -- Gale, Peoria, AZ -- 5/23 2:23 PM (pooled)

$20.00 -- Brenda, McAlpin, FL -- 5/23 2:22 PM (pooled) I love Jericho.CBS promoted this show, although not very well, and I watched. Once you had me and about 9 million other people hooked, you CANCEL it! NO! I watched as you wanted, now you should renew this show as your end of this little "deal". I kept my end! I've seen your fall line-up, trust me, you're going to NEED a show ready when some of your experiments fail! Make that show Jericho and redeem yourselves in the eyes of millions of Jericho fans! You had to know that it was An extremely bad move to do a split-season AND put it up against American Idol!! Yet, you accept no responsibility. Instead you lay the blame on this amazing show. HOW DARE YOU! We, the fans, want another season....this one done right. Then you'll see the true picture of how many viewers find this show to be amazing and deserving of our time AND MONEY! To end it this way speaks very badly for CBS. It tells us that we dare not get engaged in your programs because you can, and will, break our hearts again.

$10.00 -- Hal, Santa Rosa, CA -- 5/23 2:21 PM (pooled)

$10.00 -- CBS, New York, NY -- 5/23 2:19 PM (pooled) Please do NOT cancel Jericho!!!

$5.00 -- Tommie, Sachse, TX -- 5/23 2:18 PM (pooled) SAVE JERICHO!!!!

$5.00 -- Brandi, Sioux Falls, SD -- 5/23 2:17 PM (pooled)

$20.00 -- PHYLLIS, cape coral, FL -- 5/23 2:13 PM (pooled) Jericho is much more than merely a television show - it has become a way of life. It hasn't been coming into our homes to just entertain us, but has prompted each and every one of us to face the reality of our own possible future. It has made us question ourselves and others in a way we've never thought we would. Could we ever be that strong, that resourceful or even that ruthless? At the end of the day, Jericho is a show my family and I can watch and enjoy without having to preview beforehand to make sure it's appropriate for it's younger viewers. So I, along with countless other "Jericho Rangers" now appeal to your rationality - PLEASE BRING OUR JERICHO BACK! And if your answer happens to be no......then "NUTS" to you CBS!

$5.00 -- Samantha, Portage, IN -- 5/23 2:12 PM (pooled) Save Jericho! NUTS to you CBS!

$5.00 -- courtney, cypress, TX -- 5/23 2:11 PM (pooled) Please reconsider your cancellation of Jericho.

$10.00 -- jason, essex, MD -- 5/23 2:11 PM (pooled) NUTS about JERICHO!!!!!

$5.00 -- Adam, Port Hueneme, CA -- 5/23 2:09 PM (pooled) NUTS TO CBS! Bring Jericho back! It was the one good TV show of this year..

$9.65 -- Subrina, Glendale, NY -- 5/23 2:09 PM (individual) Renew JERICHO!!!

$5.00 -- Nadia, Linden, NY -- 5/23 2:09 PM (pooled)

$10.00 -- Michael, Pendleton, OR -- 5/23 2:07 PM (pooled) SAVE JERICHO NUTS TO CBS

$5.00 -- Margherita, Suffern, NY -- 5/23 2:07 PM (pooled) SAVE JERICHO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

$10.00 -- Subrina, GLENDALE, NY -- 5/23 2:07 PM (pooled) Renew JERICHO!!!

$20.00 -- Tom, everett, WA -- 5/23 2:06 PM (pooled) NUTS TO CBS!!!! Please bring back JERICHO , so I won't have to boycott your network. NUTS TO CBS!!!

$10.00 -- Clint, Spring, TX -- 5/23 2:04 PM (pooled) Bring Back Jericho for a 2nd Season!!!

$10.00 -- Jared, Marion, IL -- 5/23 2:03 PM (pooled) Save our show!!! NUTS!

$5.00 -- Marissa, Charleston, SC -- 5/23 2:03 PM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Bobbi, Red Wing, MN -- 5/23 2:01 PM (pooled) NUTS NUTS and more NUTS!!

$10.00 -- James, New Castle, DE -- 5/23 2:00 PM (pooled) By canceling Jericho, CBS has nuked itself! Hope you enjoy the "nuts!"

$5.00 -- Wesley, Joshua, TX -- 5/23 1:59 PM (pooled) NUTS!!!!

$5.00 -- Joseph, Pequannock, NJ -- 5/23 1:58 PM (pooled) Jericho is the show that brought me back to CBS!

$26.37 -- Laura, Fenton, MO -- 5/23 1:57 PM (individual) SAVE JERICHO WE WILL NOT GIVE UP THE FIGHT. NO TO KIDNATION. SAVE JERICHO

$10.00 -- Nancy, Greenville, SC -- 5/23 1:56 PM (pooled) We want Jericho back!

$5.00 -- Michael, Bel Air, MD -- 5/23 1:55 PM (pooled)

$20.00 -- Nathan, Valley Village, CA -- 5/23 1:54 PM (pooled) Dear Kelly, Thanks so much for canceling the best new show to come out of the 2006-2007 TV season. You and CBS are indeed NUTS!! "Jericho," in fact, was the only prime time show left on CBS that I followed. Now I won't be watching your network at all, and I certainly won't take my time to invest in one of your new shows, especially now that you've shown how you reward your viewers for their loyalty. And I'm in your coveted 18-49 demographic (I'm 31 - and SINGLE - and I have disposable income!! I hope your advertisers are wetting themselves!). So, on behalf of the time and patience I wasted this year following "Jericho", you can happily eat my NUTS. Have a nice day! And good luck with that "kiddies rebuild the ghost town" show that will be taking "Jericho's" time slot. It sounds like a real winner. Hahahahahahahahaaha.

$5.00 -- Melissa, Dallas, TX -- 5/23 1:54 PM (pooled) BRING BACK JERICHO!!! Chance 29 Dallas TX

$10.00 -- Laura, Fenton, MO -- 5/23 1:53 PM (pooled)

$20.00 -- Sherri, Parkton, MD -- 5/23 1:53 PM (pooled) NUTS TO CBS!

$10.00 -- David, Wallington, NJ -- 5/23 1:51 PM (pooled) NUTS!!!!!

$5.00 -- Melissa, Dallas, TX -- 5/23 1:51 PM (pooled) Please bring back Jericho!!!! It was one of the few shows on TV worth watching....I haven't missed an episode yet! Loyal View- Melissa I also fit into your primary demographic (18-49)!!!


$20.00 -- David, Tacoma, WA -- 5/23 1:51 PM (pooled) BRING BACK JERICHO!

$10.00 -- Christopher, lakevlle, MN -- 5/23 1:50 PM (pooled) Please Save Our Show!!!! Chris Lakeville, MN

$5.00 -- Julia, Watertown, SD -- 5/23 1:46 PM (pooled) I am a 32 year old female... I am in the 18-49 year old age group!

$5.00 -- Eric, Modesto, CA -- 5/23 1:45 PM (pooled)

$10.00 -- Michael, Oswego, IL -- 5/23 1:44 PM (pooled) Please reconsider and bring back Jericho. The news this is generating will bring even more fans to the show.

$10.00 -- Jana, Linden, NJ -- 5/23 1:42 PM (pooled) PLEASE SAVE JERICHO ! Its not just the American fans who have to suffer, but also millions worldwide, who absolutely hate it when a quality television show like Jericho (which is quite unique compared to so much other cr** that always gets renewed, but that nobody wants to watch again and again over here) ends just like that after only one season, with no good reason from our perspective. So take this chance and add some variety to your lineup ! And what gives you the guarantee that all your new shows will do so much better ? It's just risky ! But here you have a devoted fan base(as you can clearly see!)and there were quite a few more people who watched Jericho before mid season. All the opinions I read indicated that the story lines got even more interesting and better in the second half of the season - so did all those other viewers just vanish ? I don't think so! Figure out what you might have done wrong to lose them and the ratings WILL get back to a much better level !

$5.00 -- John, West Lawn, PA -- 5/23 1:37 PM (pooled) J-E-R-I-C-H-O!!!!!!!!!! What will you do?

$5.00 -- John, Sparta, NJ -- 5/23 1:34 PM (pooled) Jericho is the best show! I have no idea why you are canceling the show but please reconsider!

$10.00 -- Anthony, Waterbury, VT -- 5/23 1:34 PM (pooled) Nuts!!

$5.00 -- SCOTT, CROFTON, MD -- 5/23 1:32 PM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Alana, Hanlontown, IA -- 5/23 1:30 PM (pooled) Dear Ms. Kahl and CBS-- HI! Thank you for giving us Jericho--but we want more. Please. Sincerely, Alana from Iowa

$5.00 -- Caarin, West Henrietta, NY -- 5/23 1:26 PM (pooled)

$5.00 -- David, Portland, OR -- 5/23 1:25 PM (pooled) SAVE JERICHO!

$10.00 -- marty, holland, OH -- 5/23 1:25 PM (pooled) You are crazy to stop the show we in Toledo love it so much

$5.00 -- William, North Augusta, SC -- 5/23 1:21 PM (pooled) NUTS To You CBS, Save Jericho

$5.00 -- Elizabeth, Washougal, WA -- 5/23 1:20 PM (pooled) NUTS!!!

$5.00 -- Lawrence, Canton, MA -- 5/23 1:20 PM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Douglas, Lafayette, NJ -- 5/23 1:19 PM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Veronica, Spotsylvania, VA -- 5/23 1:17 PM (pooled)

$10.00 -- Mark, Morgantown, WV -- 5/23 1:16 PM (pooled)

$10.00 -- Jedidiah, Wamego, KS -- 5/23 1:12 PM (pooled) The Bomb Stops Here!

$10.00 -- Cary, Sherman Oaks, CA -- 5/23 1:06 PM (pooled) Save Jericho!

$10.00 -- Kurt, Fulshear, TX -- 5/23 1:05 PM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Laura, Houston, TX -- 5/23 1:03 PM (pooled) Nuts! Bring back Jericho!

$5.00 -- Darrell, Richlands, VA -- 5/23 1:00 PM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Jaimie, Midway, UT -- 5/23 1:00 PM (pooled) Save Jericho!!!!

$5.00 -- Julie, Hudson, WI -- 5/23 12:59 PM (pooled) CBS -- don't drop Jericho -- it's Star Trek all over again!

$10.00 -- Debra, Columbia, MD -- 5/23 12:59 PM (pooled)

$10.00 -- Debbie, Huntington Beach, CA -- 5/23 12:57 PM (pooled)

$20.00 -- REBECCA, Stanwood, WA -- 5/23 12:56 PM (pooled) CBS routinely RUINS great shows by putting them on ice for weeks on end while running other programs in their place (Joan of Arcadia comes to mind here as a recent example). Jericho was building a viewership when it went on hiatus, and CBS ruined its momentum as a result. I've used Jericho episodes as teaching tools for those of my neighbors who haven't got their earthquake three-day packs ready, much less the recommended three week disaster packs (we've been told by our local emergency services that all services go to the nearest big city in the first days of a major disaster like an earthquake. Us ruralites won't see help for at least three weeks in such an event. In the event of a bird flu outbreak, we've been told it could be six weeks). BRING BACK JERICHO!!! It's a great story, and it's also a great teaching tool. It deserves a place in the fall schedule. -Sincerely, Rebecca Stanwood, WA

$10.00 -- Gemma, Linden, NJ -- 5/23 12:56 PM (pooled) Jericho was the most refreshingly enjoyable new shows to start in a long time. We eagerly awaited the pilot, based on the original commercials, and have stayed glued to our sets the entire season. To cancel it, especially at this junction in the story, is just not good enough. Why would I decide to commit myself to any new CBS show knowing this could occur again and that fans truly aren't rewarded for their loyalty? Please reconsider the cancellation of this stellar show.

$20.00 -- Shannon, Prospect, CT -- 5/23 12:56 PM (pooled)

$10.00 -- Mark, Surprise, AZ -- 5/23 12:55 PM (pooled) WAKE UP AND SMELL THE NUTS!!!

$5.00 -- Steven, Simi Valley, CA -- 5/23 12:54 PM (pooled) You cancel Jericho, I cancel CBS.

$5.00 -- Mandy, St. Louis, MO -- 5/23 12:54 PM (pooled) Why are my my husband and I, both twenty-eight year old professionals who watched every episode online, being punished for enjoying a quality, innovative drama? Bring back Jericho or we boycott CBS for good. Sincerely, Mandy and Todd , St. Louis, Missouri

$10.00 -- Lewanna, Clovis, CA -- 5/23 12:51 PM (pooled) WE WANT JERICHO BACK! NUTS TO YOU CBS!

$5.00 -- Stephen, Cookeville, TN -- 5/23 12:51 PM (pooled) I am sick of the networks killing shows by buying 1/2 seasons at a time. Make a decision and stick with it like the old days...

$20.00 -- Steve, Sylvania, OH -- 5/23 12:51 PM (pooled) We don't want "closure", we want a full twenty episodes for season 2.

$5.00 -- Sheri, Darien, IL -- 5/23 12:50 PM (pooled)

$5.00 -- The, Plainfield, IL -- 5/23 12:44 PM (pooled)

$10.00 -- Jay, Staten Island, NY -- 5/23 12:44 PM (pooled) Save Jericho!!!!

$15.00 -- Tom, Jamaica Plain, MA -- 5/23 12:43 PM (pooled) Please SAVE Jericho!!! I enjoy the show and want it to continue!! Thank you!

$10.00 -- Tina, Cherry Hill, NJ -- 5/23 12:41 PM (pooled) Please bring back Jericho!

$20.00 -- Kevin, Milford, PA -- 5/23 12:38 PM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Richard, Moreno Valley, CA -- 5/23 12:37 PM (pooled) Jericho is one of the best shows on tv right now, please don't cancel it!

$5.00 -- Diana, vancouver, WA -- 5/23 12:37 PM (pooled) Dear CBS executives. I'm one of those people in your coveted 18-49 demographics (25). I'm also a non-traditional viewer, meaning I watch via on demand or through digital recording. Perhaps you don't quite realize how large that audience is. I don't know many people who aren't huge fans of Jericho. Don't cancel a show because of a flawed tracking format for ratings!

$5.00 -- Brent, Glen Allen, VA -- 5/23 12:37 PM (pooled) Nuts!!!! to you CBS

$5.00 -- Laurie, Pleasant Valley, CT -- 5/23 12:36 PM (pooled) CBS Is Nuts!

$10.00 -- Garett, Regina, SK -- 5/23 12:36 PM (pooled)

$10.00 -- Jennifer, Austin, TX -- 5/23 12:35 PM (pooled) Dear CBS, Please reinstate Jericho as one of your TV shows for next fall. This was one of the best drama's on TV this last season which had my family glued to the TV every week. Not only was it a great show, but it also has great selling potential. Please reconsider the choice to remove Jericho from your Fall 2007 lineup.

$5.00 -- Robert, St. Charles, MO -- 5/23 12:34 PM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Edward, Corona, CA -- 5/23 12:33 PM (pooled) Give Jericho a chance!

$5.00 -- James, Bella Vista, AR -- 5/23 12:31 PM (pooled)

$20.00 -- Dawn, lansdowne, PA -- 5/23 12:29 PM (pooled) NUTS TO CBS! SAVE JERICHO!!!

$20.00 -- Andrew, Norman, OK -- 5/23 12:29 PM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Brian, Phelan, CA -- 5/23 12:29 PM (pooled) Dear Mr. Kahl, Thank you for a year of Jericho. Let's do another!

$5.00 -- Greg, Trumbull, CT -- 5/23 12:27 PM (pooled) Open your eyes - look at the support. Go NUTS and give Jericho another season.

$5.00 -- Robert, Brewster, NY -- 5/23 12:26 PM (pooled) Don't Cancel Jericho

$5.00 -- Terri, Drumright, OK -- 5/23 12:26 PM (pooled) Please save Jericho!!

$5.00 -- Peter, San Antonio, TX -- 5/23 12:25 PM (pooled)

$20.00 -- Diann, Lubbock, TX -- 5/23 12:24 PM (pooled) I absolutely LOVE Jericho. I have not watched network television in years until I saw the first episode of Jericho online. I was immediately hooked and could hardly wait for Wednesdays to get here to watch it again. During the long mid season hiatus, I felt as if I were missing old friends. I HAVE to know what happens between Jake, Emily, and Heather, as well as what happens in the lives of the other characters. Their stories are not finished yet. Please do not leave them untold. And I asking for more than just closure. Please reconsider your decision to cancel Jericho. Jericho captured my whole imagination and a bit of my heart.

$5.00 -- robert, indiana, PA -- 5/23 12:23 PM (pooled)

$20.00 -- Dorian, 07036, NJ -- 5/23 12:22 PM (pooled)

$5.00 -- James, Gainesville, FL -- 5/23 12:20 PM (pooled)

$10.00 -- William, Jacksonville, NC -- 5/23 12:19 PM (pooled)

$5.00 -- stephanie, lehi, UT -- 5/23 12:19 PM (pooled) Pull your head out CBS

$5.00 -- bryan, Reseda, CA -- 5/23 12:19 PM (pooled) I've never written in when any of my favorite shows were canceled, but this just seemed like the wrong decision. I strongly hope you reconsider. Thanks for listening!

$20.00 -- Kathleen, Manchester, NH -- 5/23 12:19 PM (pooled) Save Jericho!!!

$10.00 -- Holly, Oak Grove, MO -- 5/23 12:18 PM (pooled) CBS NUTS!

$20.00 -- Todd, Wood River, IL -- 5/23 12:18 PM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Jenny, Alexandria, VA -- 5/23 12:18 PM (pooled)

$10.00 -- Dennis, Dedham, MA -- 5/23 12:17 PM (pooled) SAVE JERICHO!!!!!!!!!!! THE ONLY SHOW I WATCH AND THE BEST SHOW ON TV!!!!!!!!!!!!!

$5.00 -- Doreen, Mt Union, PA -- 5/23 12:17 PM (pooled)

$10.00 -- Francis, Brookline, NH -- 5/23 12:15 PM (pooled) Save Jericho

$20.00 -- Wendy, Wofford Heights, CA -- 5/23 12:15 PM (pooled) This was not just a TV show. This cast and crew was a family, the likes of which comes along once in a career. We spend more time with our co-workers than our "real" families, and when a group like this is assembled, great things are bound to happen. Jericho is one of the few original, smart shows on tv and it is unfathomable that it is being dumped for more of the same inane brainless garbage that we're already drowning in. Given some time to develop (an assuming CBS stops forcing the ridiculous and much loathed "sexy" subplots), Jericho will be everything we all know it can be.

$10.00 -- Tyler, Valley Center, KS -- 5/23 12:11 PM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Jeremy, Evansville, IN -- 5/23 12:09 PM (pooled) Please don't let Jericho go! NUTS!

$10.00 -- Alex, Montrose, CO -- 5/23 12:09 PM (pooled) Please Save JERICHO!

$20.00 -- A, bellevue, WA -- 5/23 12:09 PM (pooled) Too much quality entertainment has fallen to the wayside. Don't let Jericho be one of them.

$10.00 -- CINDY, VENICE, FL -- 5/23 12:08 PM (pooled) Save Jericho!!!!!!

$10.00 -- M., Muncie, IN -- 5/23 12:08 PM (pooled) We believe in great programming!! SAVE JERICHO!!!!!

$5.00 -- Aaron, Houston, TX -- 5/23 12:05 PM (pooled) We won't stop until we get Season 2! Aaron H. (36) Houston, TX

$10.00 -- Eric, Los Angeles, CA -- 5/23 12:05 PM (pooled) I am not going to watch CSI or Numbers if Jericho is not renewed!

$5.00 -- John, Rochester, NH -- 5/23 12:03 PM (pooled) Please Bring Back Jericho! N.U.T.S.

$10.00 -- Jennifer, Maple Shade, NJ -- 5/23 12:02 PM (pooled)

$10.00 -- Bryan, Flowery Branch, GA -- 5/23 12:02 PM (pooled) You have to have SOMETHING go head to head against "American Idol". It might as well be "Jericho".

$5.00 -- Jeff, Orange, CA -- 5/23 12:01 PM (pooled) You're nuts to cancel Jericho!

$10.00 -- Shannon, Powder Springs, GA -- 5/23 12:00 PM (pooled) Kelly: You are just plain NUTS to cancel Jericho.

$5.00 -- Anita, Semmes, AL -- 5/23 12:00 PM (pooled) Save Jericho!

$5.00 -- Paul, Pennsauken, NJ -- 5/23 11:59 AM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Sharon, Baltimore, MD -- 5/23 11:59 AM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Bonnie, Hammond, IN -- 5/23 11:58 AM (pooled) Save Jericho!!!

$10.00 -- Kenji, Palm Bay, FL -- 5/23 11:56 AM (pooled) You want faithful viewers?Then please listen to your audience. Bring back Jericho!

$20.00 -- Cynthia, Madison, AL -- 5/23 11:54 AM (pooled) Lots o' honey roasteds coming your way! Please do CBS some good and renew Jericho for a second season!

$5.00 -- Sarah, Ann Arbor, MI -- 5/23 11:50 AM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Michelle, Linden, NJ -- 5/23 11:48 AM (pooled)

$20.00 -- Keith, Greenwood, AR -- 5/23 11:47 AM (pooled) Hey Kelly, Bring back Jericho! NUTS!

$10.00 -- Ian, Hoboken, NJ -- 5/23 11:44 AM (pooled)

$10.00 -- Eva, Wilmington, CA -- 5/23 11:43 AM (pooled) NUTS!!!!BRING BACK JERICHO EVERY WEEK!!!

$10.00 -- Casey, Conway, AR -- 5/23 11:43 AM (pooled)

$10.00 -- Tracey, San Antonio, TX -- 5/23 11:42 AM (pooled) Mr. Kahl ? I hope you guys at CBS are realizing that we won't give up! Please bring back Jericho!!!

$10.00 -- Beverly, Alexandria, VA -- 5/23 11:42 AM (pooled) It is Nuts for you to cancel Jericho...You must remember that their competition at the time was American Idol and Dancing with the Stars which are not full season shows. Please reconsider your decision. Jericho is the first show to ever look at this prospective and what are lives would be like to have to "start over". It was and is a wonderful show...please, please reconsider. Joan

$5.00 -- Jason, San Francisco, CA -- 5/23 11:41 AM (pooled) SAVE JERICHO!!! BEST SHOW ON TV!!!

$5.00 -- Mark, albany, NY -- 5/23 11:39 AM (pooled) The internet has made the TV market a different place. No longer are Neilsen numbers the only game in town. For CBS to finally be the first major network to realize that would gain you the respect of many. And hey, if you're still concerned about those numbers, just imagine how much buzz for a second season this campaign will generate!

$10.00 -- Mathias, Ostersund, AA -- 5/23 11:38 AM (pooled) Save Jericho! Save the World! Please make another season!!! It's the best show ever on CBS! greetings from Sweden!

$5.00 -- Vidya, Brooklyn, NY -- 5/23 11:37 AM (pooled) the first time i commit to a show, watch it religiously...just to have it canceled. if executives did not screw up the jericho haitus it would be right up there with your other highly rated shows Vivian Singh

$10.00 -- Rachel, Fremont, CA -- 5/23 11:35 AM (pooled) SAVE JERICHO!! I LOVE THIS SHOW!

$20.00 -- William, Longmont, CO -- 5/23 11:33 AM (pooled) NUTS! From Longmont, Colorado

$50.00 -- roberta, tucson, AZ -- 5/23 11:33 AM (pooled) CBS..BRING BACK JERICHO FOR A SECOND SEASON !!!!

$10.00 -- Robert, Atlanta, GA -- 5/23 11:33 AM (pooled) Don't act NUTS, save this show!!!!

$5.00 -- Laura, La Mirada, CA -- 5/23 11:31 AM (pooled) NUTS!!!!!!!!

$20.00 -- Tim, Cincinnati, OH -- 5/23 11:28 AM (pooled) NUTS

$5.00 -- Israel, Dunkirk, NY -- 5/23 11:27 AM (pooled) The People of Dunkirk,NY want CBS to do the Right Thing. That is Save Jericho!!!

$10.00 -- Peter, Big Rapids, MI -- 5/23 11:27 AM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Carly, Linden, NJ -- 5/23 11:25 AM (pooled) NUTS TO YOU CBS - BRING BACK JERICHO!

$30.00 -- Brian, hamilton, NJ -- 5/23 11:25 AM (pooled)

$20.00 -- John, Colorado Springs, CO -- 5/23 11:18 AM (pooled) Bring back Jericho!!! You were wrong to cancel!!

$5.00 -- Gene, Mountain Home, NC -- 5/23 11:14 AM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Darla, Cincinnati, OH -- 5/23 11:11 AM (pooled) Nuts to CBS! Bring Jericho Back!

$10.00 -- Paul, Rosemount, MN -- 5/23 11:10 AM (pooled) I implore you to reconsider your decision to cancel Jericho. Unless you are actively monitoring web viewing, you cannot have any idea the number of viewers you actually have. You have something great with this show. Buck the television trend and actually keep it!

$10.00 -- Amanda, Glendale, CA -- 5/23 11:09 AM (pooled) Bring Jericho back. You're making a huge mistake by canceling it!

$10.00 -- Brittany, Lompoc, CA -- 5/23 11:05 AM (pooled) CBS you are nuts for canceling such a great show! Only season 2 will do!!!

$5.00 -- Nickole, Milford, OH -- 5/23 11:01 AM (pooled)

$20.00 -- Vincent, Pasadena, MD -- 5/23 10:59 AM (pooled)

$10.00 -- Kate, Denver, CO -- 5/23 10:54 AM (pooled)

$50.00 -- The, Marina del Rey, CA -- 5/23 10:54 AM (pooled)

$20.00 -- Casey, Kettering, OH -- 5/23 10:54 AM (pooled) NUTS!!!! We want Jericho back for good!!!

$5.00 -- Scott, Rockville, MD -- 5/23 10:49 AM (pooled) NUTS to CBS! The Ellinwood family will no longer watch any programming on WUSA in Washington, D.C. until Jericho is back on the air.

$5.00 -- David, Fairway, KS -- 5/23 10:46 AM (pooled) Save Jericho!

$5.00 -- Linda, Waltham,, MA -- 5/23 10:46 AM (pooled) Are you NUTS!!! canceling Jericho!

$50.00 -- Mr, Abingdon, OXFORDSHIRE -- 5/23 10:46 AM (pooled) Dear Mr Kahl Please resurrect Jericho, I watch in the UK and am completely addicted to this excellent show. DVD sales alone would cover production costs I'm sure. Please, please please reconsider. Thanks Mark

$30.00 -- TAMI, PITTSBURGH, PA -- 5/23 10:46 AM (pooled) JERICHO! JERICHO! JERICHO!

$20.00 -- Brian, Spokane, WA -- 5/23 10:46 AM (pooled) NUTS to you CBS! SAVE JERICHO!

$5.00 -- Deryck, Norman, OK -- 5/23 10:45 AM (pooled) We will continue this effort for as long as it takes. You can't remain quiet. You need to tell the fans something soon!! SAVE JERICHO!!!!

$10.00 -- Richard, wood dale, IL -- 5/23 10:45 AM (pooled) Bring Back Jericho!

$10.00 -- Bruce, Centennial, CO -- 5/23 10:43 AM (pooled) Save Jericho! NUTS to more CSI/Law & Order clones, NUTS to more amateur singing and dancing contests and NUTS to more silly game shows. Give us back Jericho or NUTS to CBS!

$20.00 -- Cynthia, Hingham, MA -- 5/23 10:42 AM (pooled) Give up? NEVER!!! Nuts to YOU CBS!

$5.00 -- Sean, Rochester, NY -- 5/23 10:42 AM (pooled) Do the right thing. You see the outpouring of support for the show. Your advertisers see the outpouring of support for the show. Seldom is there such a poignant show for the turbulent times in which we live. Bring the show back for another season, and for goodness sake, don?t shoot it in the foot with a mid season hiatus! Respectfully A Fan!

$5.00 -- Joseph, Bellmore, NY -- 5/23 10:42 AM (pooled)

$20.00 -- Laura, Des Plaines, IL -- 5/23 10:41 AM (pooled) What are you Nuts-Bring Jericho back-this is the only show for me and my family worth watching on your network.

$20.00 -- Scott, Linden, NJ -- 5/23 10:41 AM (pooled) bring back Jericho

$5.00 -- Michael, Eau Claire, WI -- 5/23 10:40 AM (pooled) Save Jericho!

$10.00 -- Steve, McKinney, TX -- 5/23 10:38 AM (pooled) I appreciate your acknowledgment of our displeasure. And while a "closure" is infinitely better than what you left us with, make no mistake...we don't want closure, but continuation and won't be satisfied with anything less! Nuts to CBS! Steve , McKinney, TX

$10.00 -- Kody, Jefferson City, MO -- 5/23 10:35 AM (pooled) To the executives at CBS: Never have I been so motivated to take a stand for a television series, but Jericho is worth fighting for. You have made a terrible decision in canceling this series. We will not surrender. NUTS!

$5.00 -- Brian, Amherst, MA -- 5/23 10:33 AM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Chad, Deane, KY -- 5/23 10:31 AM (pooled)

$100.00 -- Lawrence, Atlanta, GA -- 5/23 10:27 AM (pooled)

$10.00 -- cecilia, greenville, SC -- 5/23 10:25 AM (pooled) save Jericho Save Johnston

$10.00 -- Tim, Lomita, CA -- 5/23 10:24 AM (pooled) NUTS!! Long Live Jericho! Tim Torrance Ca

$5.00 -- Jennifer, Fairfield, CT -- 5/23 10:23 AM (pooled) Save Jericho!

$5.00 -- Kenneth, Miramar, FL -- 5/23 10:22 AM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Steven, Beacon, NY -- 5/23 10:21 AM (pooled) C'mon, ya gotta bring back Jericho!

$5.00 -- Lynda, Denver, CO -- 5/23 10:21 AM (pooled) Save Jericho - please sell it to another network that will appreciate the show and its fans.

$5.00 -- Jason, Channelview, TX -- 5/23 10:17 AM (pooled) SAVE JERICHO! NUTS TO CBS!!!

$5.00 -- Mark, Brookyln Park, MN -- 5/23 10:12 AM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Jennifer, Wichita, KS -- 5/23 10:11 AM (pooled) Bring back Jericho, one of the best shows on television!

$5.00 -- Ryan, Savannah, GA -- 5/23 10:10 AM (pooled) I am a huge fan of Jericho and would really like to see a second season!!! Simply running a 2 hour special to close out the show is not enough. This show has a very strong and loyal fan base, My family and myself have been loyal viewers since day one. We watch Jericho live, via DVR and online. NUTS! - Ryan Savannah, GA

$20.00 -- Justin, east lansing, MI -- 5/23 10:09 AM (pooled)

$5.00 -- john, freehold, NY -- 5/23 10:09 AM (pooled) Save Jericho

$5.00 -- Samantha, Hillside, NJ -- 5/23 10:08 AM (pooled)

$20.00 -- Kimberly, Carmel, NY -- 5/23 10:08 AM (pooled) Save Jericho! Jericho is a great series and I'm saddened that you guys do not see how wonderful of a show it truly is. You go by an outdated rating system. You want that precious 18-49 demo. I'm 31. I am not a Nielsen family but I bet you 80% of us contacting you are in that 18-49 range and look at all the money we are spending on Jericho. Sadly, I'm sure your advertisers wish it was spent on their products and services. Give us a season 2!! I'm sure your advertisers would thank you for it.

$5.00 -- Aaron, Huntingdon Valley, PA -- 5/23 10:07 AM (pooled)

$20.00 -- Jeremy, Lexignton, KY -- 5/23 10:07 AM (pooled) We want Jericho back. STOP WITH THE REALITY TV ALREADY!

$10.00 -- Margaret, Red Hook, NY -- 5/23 10:06 AM (pooled) We recorded EVERY episode and the whole family watched. I will not watch any new shows on CBS. Why waste time getting involved? Know that you're making a mistake if you don't bring it back. Think.

$20.00 -- Carlos, Belleville, NJ -- 5/23 10:03 AM (pooled)

$10.00 -- Rob, Lansdale, PA -- 5/23 10:01 AM (pooled) Bring Back Jericho for a Second Season!!! "Nuts" to CBS!!!

$10.00 -- Laura, Dallas, TX -- 5/23 10:01 AM (pooled) PLEASE SAVE THE FAMILY FRIENDLY QUALITY TV PROGRAM JERICHO!!! Laura Dallas, Texas

$20.00 -- Jon, Upper Marlboro, MD -- 5/23 9:59 AM (pooled) From a loyal fan of Jericho!

$5.00 -- William, Catonsville, MD -- 5/23 9:58 AM (pooled) NUTS!! TO YOU CBS!

$5.00 -- Robert, Boulder, CO -- 5/23 9:57 AM (pooled) Bring back Jericho! One of the best shows ever!

$5.00 -- Latisha, Lafayette, IN -- 5/23 9:56 AM (pooled) Save Jericho!

$5.00 -- Richard, New York, NY -- 5/23 9:53 AM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Rose, Allen Park, MI -- 5/23 9:52 AM (pooled) NUTS to you CBS, give us Jericho back as Season 2 not just a closing movie. Jericho is a great show, How can you blame the viewers for not watching when it was you that messed up and put it up against American Idol sooooo NUTS TO YOU!

$5.00 -- Evan, Tallahassee, FL -- 5/23 9:50 AM (pooled) BRING BACK JERICHO

$20.00 -- Kelly, Ridgewood, NY -- 5/23 9:50 AM (pooled) SAVE JERICHO

$20.00 -- Barbara, Las Vegas, NV -- 5/23 9:50 AM (pooled) Jericho is the one CBS show we made sure to watch each Wed. night. This show needs a real chance to make it. CBS did not give it that with the programming you gave it with a break. A good show is canceled by YOUR bad decision to split the season in half. Make it right. Bring back Jericho! Colleen and Chuck Las Vegas NV

$20.00 -- Anna, Rockville Centre, NY -- 5/23 9:49 AM (pooled)

$30.00 -- Elaine, Waco, KY -- 5/23 9:49 AM (pooled) Bring Jericho back! Elaine

$5.00 -- Joseph, Fort Worth, TX -- 5/23 9:48 AM (pooled) Dear Kelly, Enjoy the nuts! SAVE JERICHO!!! Joe and Dori Saltow

$10.00 -- Richard, White Lake, MI -- 5/23 9:46 AM (pooled) Kelly, Bring back the show, you killed it by taking a 3 month break in it's first year and putting it against ratings giant American Idol!!! Bring back Jericho!!!

$20.00 -- Erica, Sharon Center, OH -- 5/23 9:44 AM (pooled) Nuts to CBS Save Jericho

$5.00 -- Melodie, Merritt Island, FL -- 5/23 9:44 AM (pooled) Dear Kelly & CBS, Please renew JERICHO!!! Faithful Fans, Melodie and Charles Merritt Island, FL

$5.00 -- Steve, Wilmington, NC -- 5/23 9:38 AM (pooled) Bring Back Jericho! And dump Katie.

$5.00 -- Stephen, Salem, VA -- 5/23 9:37 AM (pooled) Whose bright idea was it to cancel the only good new show from your network? Let me guess, you're planning yet another CSI variation.

$5.00 -- Craig, linden, NJ -- 5/23 9:34 AM (pooled) Please don't nuke Jericho

$5.00 -- Simon, Linden, NJ -- 5/23 9:34 AM (pooled) Bring back Jericho!

$5.00 -- james, cana, VA -- 5/23 9:33 AM (pooled) Please bring back Jericho...

$5.00 -- Sheryl, Columbia, TN -- 5/23 9:32 AM (pooled) You are NUTS to cancel Jericho - we want the show back!

$5.00 -- Richard, South Yarmouth, MA -- 5/23 9:30 AM (pooled) NUTS!!!Bring Back JERICHO....

$5.00 -- Lisa, Dedham, MA -- 5/23 9:29 AM (pooled) Jericho is my favorite show. Please bring it back!

$5.00 -- Lynn, Tucker, GA -- 5/23 9:27 AM (pooled) Nina Tassler should be fired from an otherwise stellar CBS exec group. She made a hasty, flippant decision based on an antiquated ratings system and now CBS looks bad. Cancel Nina! Renew Jericho! Thank you!

$5.00 -- Richard, Firestone, CO -- 5/23 9:26 AM (pooled) You guys are NUTS .. Please bring back Jericho!!

$5.00 -- Dane, Fairfield, CT -- 5/23 9:18 AM (pooled) CBS is NUTS not to renew Jericho - bring back the show for a second season!

$5.00 -- Michael, Auburn, IN -- 5/23 9:15 AM (pooled) Are you nuts!! Bring back Jericho!!!!

$10.00 -- Jennifer, Plainsboro, NJ -- 5/23 9:14 AM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Russell, Indianapolis, IN -- 5/23 9:13 AM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Larry, Bangor, ME -- 5/23 9:09 AM (pooled)

$20.00 -- Julia, New York, NY -- 5/23 9:06 AM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Sophia, McAllen, TX -- 5/23 9:05 AM (pooled) canceling "Jericho"? Well, NUTS to you! We love this show and have been loyal viewers from the very first episode. TV needs more good shows like this. It was entertaining, original, and kept us in suspense. Maybe if there hadn't been so many long hiatuses between episodes, viewership wouldn't have dropped off. CBS really needs to reconsider how it treats its shows, because good shows are suffering. NUTS, Luis & Sophia

$10.00 -- James, New Iberia, LA -- 5/23 9:04 AM (pooled) NUTS! I hope your not only hearing but understanding this plea to save our show. James D.New Iberia, Louisiana

$10.00 -- Erik, Bloomfield, NJ -- 5/23 9:04 AM (pooled) Hope you enjoy my nuts

$5.00 -- Lee, Richfield, OH -- 5/23 9:00 AM (pooled) Nuts

$5.00 -- Debbie, titusville, FL -- 5/23 8:59 AM (pooled) NUTS to CBS. Don't cancel Jericho!

$5.00 -- Rick, Verona, WI -- 5/23 8:53 AM (pooled) Bring Back Jericho.


$10.00 -- Matt, Cockeysville, MD -- 5/23 8:45 AM (pooled) As a 25 year old male with plenty of disposable income... BRING BACK JERICHO!!!

$5.00 -- Eric, Tampa, FL -- 5/23 8:41 AM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Jennifer, Hershey, PA -- 5/23 8:41 AM (pooled) I love Jericho!

$10.00 -- Daivd, Middletown, NY -- 5/23 8:40 AM (pooled) NUTS! Save Jericho!!

$10.00 -- Charles, Centennial, CO -- 5/23 8:40 AM (pooled) Nuts to CBS, The Internet should be your Nielson rating, because you guys just don't get it. enjoy the peanuts, What you can't eat please forward to our troops in Iraq

$20.00 -- Mary, Los Angeles, CA -- 5/23 8:34 AM (pooled) Save Jericho!

$5.00 -- John, Hattiesburg, MS -- 5/23 8:32 AM (pooled) You must be nuts, Jericho is a great show.

$5.00 -- Sylvia, Hartsville, SC -- 5/23 8:27 AM (pooled) Save Jericho!! We will not give up!!! CBS is NUTS!!!!

$20.00 -- LORIANNE, BROOMALL, PA -- 5/23 8:20 AM (pooled) NUTS TO YOU!!!!! BRING BACK JERICHO!!!!

$5.00 -- Richard, Chelmsford, NJ -- 5/23 8:18 AM (pooled) canceling Jericho was nuts! UK viewers have been captivated by this show. Amongst a sea of crime drama it was refreshingly new. Please reconsider canceling Jericho. Many Thanks! Richard Neal

$10.00 -- Dawn, Kennesaw, GA -- 5/23 8:11 AM (pooled)

$10.00 -- Sue, Box Hill, VIC -- 5/23 8:09 AM (pooled) Save Jericho - Nuts to CBS!

$5.00 -- Jason, Keller, TX -- 5/23 8:03 AM (pooled) Please bring Jericho back for another season.

$10.00 -- Christopher, Schwenksville, PA -- 5/23 7:55 AM (pooled)

$10.00 -- Audrey, Linden, NJ -- 5/23 7:36 AM (pooled) Jericho was one of the best, refreshing new show I've seen in a very long time...please bring it back! From Canada!

$10.00 -- Lisa, Montgomery, AL -- 5/23 7:36 AM (pooled)

$10.00 -- Alberta, Severna Park, MD -- 5/23 7:21 AM (pooled) How can you people leave us all hanging. Who, what , where and why. It shows you really don't care about the public. And to put a reality kid show on instead. YOU ALL GOTTA BE NUTS.....

$10.00 -- Leonard, Randolph, NJ -- 5/23 7:20 AM (pooled) NUTS to CBS

$5.00 -- Melissa, Oak Ridge, TN -- 5/23 7:19 AM (pooled) Nuts! You made my son cry when you canceled Jericho. BRING IT BACK!!! Missy Kirby

$10.00 -- Devon, siasconset, MA -- 5/23 7:05 AM (pooled) I WANT JERICHO BACK.

$5.00 -- William, APO, AE -- 5/23 6:50 AM (pooled) Save Jericho!

$10.00 -- Susan, Camden-Wyoming, DE -- 5/23 6:23 AM (pooled) Jericho fans are committed and powerful. Be a hero and renew or lose face and dollars. Susan

$30.00 -- Teresa, Nicholasville, KY -- 5/23 6:15 AM (pooled)

$20.00 -- roberta, tucson, AZ -- 5/23 6:04 AM (pooled) Bring back Jericho !!!

$20.00 -- Deborah, Winter Springs, FL -- 5/23 5:52 AM (pooled)

$10.00 -- Mary, Las Vegas, NV -- 5/23 5:34 AM (pooled) Save Jericho!!!

$15.00 -- Raymond, Greenfield, MO -- 5/23 4:44 AM (pooled) In response to your cancellation of Jericho and taking away an hour of great TV, I only have one word for you: NUTS!

$5.00 -- Ann, Linden, NJ -- 5/23 4:32 AM (pooled) Australia wants Jericho back on tv! Please bring back this quality show for a 2nd season.. we're bored with the mindless dribble that is reality tv and formulaic doctor/cop shows! jericho rules!!jericho rules!!jericho rules!!jericho rules!!jericho rules!!jericho rules!!jericho rules!!jericho rules!!jericho rules!!jericho rules!!jericho rules!!jericho rules!!jericho rules!!jericho rules!!jericho rules!!jericho rules!!jericho rules!!jericho rules!!jericho rules!!jericho rules!!jericho rules!!jericho rules!!jericho rules!!jericho rules!!jericho rules!!jericho rules!!jericho rules!!

$10.00 -- Doug, Peculiar, MO -- 5/23 4:30 AM (pooled) SAVE JERICHO!!!

$10.00 -- Patrick, San Marcos, CA -- 5/23 4:27 AM (pooled) Dear Mr. Kahl, I hope that these nuts can in some small (and maybe not so small) way let you know that there are more than just "ratings" and "shares" involved in producing and airing a show. As you can see... there are millions of PEOPLE that the show was actually created for. Jericho is a fantastic example of the magic that can happen when you pair a great cast and a great story. You certainly understand that Jericho was handicapped by the long hiatus, and was not allowed to reach it's true potential. I mean no offense... but the world does not need another reality based replacement. Reality TV has become nothing but noise. Jericho was special, and it had a heart. Please give it a chance. I have already emailed Jericho's sponsors to thank them for supporting Jericho, and a few million of my friends feel the same way. Everyone can win here. Please don't be afraid to change your mind. Jericho is worth saving. Thank you for your time, and enjoy the nuts!

$5.00 -- Russell, Indianapolis, IN -- 5/23 4:21 AM (pooled) Give me Season 2 of Jericho or else lose me as a viewer.

$10.00 -- John, San Diego, CA -- 5/23 4:08 AM (pooled)

$50.00 -- David, Snoqualmie, WA -- 5/23 3:58 AM (pooled) Eat this, buttplugs!

$5.00 -- Unknown, Linden, NJ -- 5/23 3:57 AM (pooled)

$20.00 -- Hank, edmond, OK -- 5/23 3:48 AM (pooled) Hope you reconsider, Jericho was a great show! All of us in the dorms at the University of Oklahoma were hooked! You all really messed up on this one. I just hope everyone just sends nuts and not a bomb. NUTS!!!!

$5.00 -- Rebecca, Williamsburg, VA -- 5/23 3:43 AM (pooled) My husband and I (30 & 29), love this show and we think you are NUTS to cancel such a promising show. We watched it every week live, even though we have TiVo. We don't want any small act to help with "closure", we want the show to come back for AT LEAST half a season. We will not be watching any of the new programming that you are offering this fall!

$10.00 -- Timothy, Coral Springs, FL -- 5/23 3:42 AM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Mina, Astoria, NY -- 5/23 3:27 AM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Alana, Hanlontown, IA -- 5/23 3:27 AM (pooled) Dear Ms. Kahl and CBS, HI! My name is Alana from Hanlontown, Iowa, and I just want to thank you for giving us one season of Jericho. Please give us more. I absolutely LOVE this show. Jericho is a wonderful show with an amazing cast and producers. I was devastated to hear of its cancellation and I beg you to bring it back. This show and the Amazing Race are the only two shows my whole family watches together. Jericho really touched my heart. Thank you very much and enjoy the nuts!! Sincerely, Alana

$5.00 -- mehdi, doha, NY -- 5/23 3:24 AM (pooled)

$5.00 -- John, Ozark, MO -- 5/23 3:24 AM (pooled) The only way to make a fan happy is to bring the great shows back. I have no idea what you are thinking! Jericho must live on for at least a second season... "NUTS"

$5.00 -- Andrea, Grand Rapids, MI -- 5/23 3:14 AM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Mark, Linden, NJ -- 5/23 3:11 AM (pooled) Dear Mr. Kahl, after hearing of the cancellation of my favorite show of the year -Jericho - I was very saddened. A great thought-provoking show with amazing actors and an extremely interesting story was cut off right in the middle. In order to show support of the show and also for you to realize that Jericho-fans are not only devoted but have the money to spent not only on this campaign but also on the products of the advertisers, I send you this little gift. I hope you realize that not bringing Jericho back at least as a mid-season replacement would be "NUTS!" Mark H.

$10.00 -- Matthias, Linden, NJ -- 5/23 3:07 AM (pooled) greetings from Germany...bring Jericho back!!

$5.00 -- Heather, Indianapolis, IN -- 5/23 2:55 AM (pooled) Bring back Jericho for a 2nd full season! Nuts.

$5.00 -- Brenda, Ventura, CA -- 5/23 2:53 AM (pooled) I love Jericho...CBS took it off from Nov thru Feb while I waited anxiously-Lived for this show Wed. to Wed. AND NOW it is CANCELLED--Someone up there at CBS is NUTS!! The thought of no Jericho next fall is making me NUTS!!Please let it go back into production I LOVE THIS SHOW!! Enjoy your NUTS!!! And think of us NUTS who watch CB(nut)S! Thank you for your time.

$6.99 -- Michelle, Irving, TX -- 5/23 2:47 AM (pooled, individual) NUTS to CBS! Bring back Jericho!

$5.00 -- Crookie, Carver, MA -- 5/23 2:38 AM (pooled)

$1.99 -- Michael, Blaine, WA -- 5/23 2:37 AM (individual) Jericho and Heroes were the first network shows to catch my interest in quite some time, and I'm extremely disappointed that you feel my age group in irrelevant. My wife and myself watched Jericho (live as broadcast) every week together, and my 4 daughters watched it on tivo the next day..we're both 37 and my daughters are (twins)16, 15 and 14..future consumers that will remember that CBS took their favorite show after the word "...Now!" I'll personally never invest my time in a first run network TV drama again - I'll wait a few seasons and make sure it's got legs before buying DVD boxsets... As that's the only way to make sure my investment isn't misplaced.. I implore you to please give Jericho another season to develop without a huge hiatus (see "the 4400" for how to keep a serial drama on the straight and narrow). Or, barring that, release it to CW or Fox or USA network to produce..I'm sure with a kind network at the helm it'll provide wonderful returns! Best regards,

$5.00 -- Chris, Gig Harbor, WA -- 5/23 2:35 AM (pooled) We learn from our past and we learn from others mistakes. Please, start learning.

$50.00 -- Bryan, Studio City, CA -- 5/23 2:33 AM (pooled)

$10.00 -- Michael, Kent, WA -- 5/23 2:25 AM (pooled) CBS, Please be a hero and save one of the most consistently well written and performed shows on your network, JERICHO. Please renew it for a second season! Mike Kent, WA

$10.00 -- Michael, Blaine, WA -- 5/23 2:20 AM (pooled) Jericho and Heroes were the first network shows to catch my interest in quite some time, and I'm extremely disappointed that you feel my age group in irrelevant. My wife and myself watched Jericho (live as broadcast) every week together, and my 4 daughters watched it on tivo the next day..we're both 37 and my daughters are (twins)16, 15 and 14..future consumers that will remember that CBS took their favorite show after the word "...Now!" I'll personally never invest my time in a first run network TV drama again - I'll wait a few seasons and make sure it's got legs before buying DVD boxsets... As that's the only way to make sure my investment isn't misplaced.. I implore you to please give Jericho another season to develop without a huge hiatus (see "the 4400" for how to keep a serial drama on the straight and narrow). Or, barring that, release it to CW or Fox or USA network to produce..I'm sure with a kind network at the helm it'll provide wonderful returns! Best regards,

$5.00 -- Gregory, Oconomowoc, WI -- 5/23 2:17 AM (pooled) Renew the show!

$5.00 -- james, west jordan, UT -- 5/23 2:10 AM (pooled)

$18.90 -- James, Rancho Palos Verdes, CA -- 5/23 2:07 AM (individual) NUTS to CBS Bring Back Jericho!!!!!

$20.00 -- Richard, Studio City, CA -- 5/23 2:05 AM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Andrew, Pittsburgh, PA -- 5/23 2:00 AM (pooled) Put Jericho back in a new 24 episode season please, and here are some nuts to chew on until then!!!

$10.00 -- Michael, Hollywood, CA -- 5/23 1:58 AM (pooled) PLEASE reconsider Jericho, or at least let it go to another network, Let this show live on. Thank You

$5.00 -- Erim, Plantation, FL -- 5/23 1:55 AM (pooled) Please do not cancel Jericho... The show has united my friends together and touched our hearts. To cancel it now would not separate us, but break our hearts. Our families (approx. 62 people) will boycott your network until the end of time.

$20.00 -- Sarah, LINDEN, NJ -- 5/23 1:51 AM (pooled) CBS has finally found their own '24' but unlike FOX they can't see a hit when it smacks them in the face. Give this excellent drama another season amongst the dross on the networks. Otherwise expect to lose viewers in their millions and end up cancelling other shows too.

$5.00 -- Robert, Lake forest, CA -- 5/23 1:45 AM (pooled)

$10.00 -- Amy, Granger, IN -- 5/23 1:44 AM (pooled) We are tired of networks not caring if they leave us with a cliffhanger. If you plan a cliffhanger and cancel the show, give some closure to the fans who are still dedicated to it.

$5.00 -- Jacqueline, Lake forest, CA -- 5/23 1:42 AM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Tim, Newbury Park, CA -- 5/23 1:38 AM (pooled) NUTS!!!

$10.00 -- David, Lincoln, CA -- 5/23 1:36 AM (pooled) Please bring back Jericho. Not a ending to season one. A second season. Thank you.

$10.00 -- Jordan, Taos, NM -- 5/23 1:34 AM (pooled) Hi, my name is Jordan . I am 17 years old and I am a HUGE fan of Jericho. Although I have obligations to be somewhere on Wednesday nights when Jericho normally aired, I made it a point to watch every single episode online. More people appreciate Jericho than the Nielsen ratings suggest! Please bring this show back!

$20.00 -- Christopher, Frankfort, KY -- 5/23 1:32 AM (pooled) Please Bring Back Jericho!!!!!! Save Jericho!!!!!!

$5.00 -- Nadine, Merrimack, NH -- 5/23 1:29 AM (pooled) Please stop taking off intelligent, well written shows with good characters. Listen to your audience for once. I WILL boycott all CBS programming next season if Jericho is not back.

$30.00 -- Chris, Philadelphia, PA -- 5/23 1:27 AM (pooled, individual) Let another station pick up Jericho or give us another season in a time slot it has a chance to do well in not against American idol. NUTS TO YOU CBS...!!!

$10.00 -- Kelley, O Fallon, MO -- 5/23 1:24 AM (pooled) We are a family of two teens, 36 year old mom and 46 year old dad..... in Missouri...and we say "SAVE JERICHO" please.... The Wolff Family

$5.00 -- Ralph, Islip Terrace, NY -- 5/23 1:20 AM (pooled) SLOW DOWN??? GIVE UP??? NUTS!!!!!!!! SAVE JERICHO!!!!

$35.80 -- Susan, El Cajon, CA -- 5/23 1:16 AM (individual) Didn't want you to feel left out of the NUTS campaign to renew "JERICHO" for season 2. Please help us. It is an exceedingly GREAT show. Susan /El Cajon

$5.00 -- marlene, calgary, AB -- 5/23 1:11 AM (pooled) We love Jericho

$10.00 -- Bruce, Albany, NY -- 5/23 1:05 AM (pooled)

$5.00 -- James, Houston, TX -- 5/23 1:01 AM (pooled) SAVE JERICHO!

$50.00 -- roberta, tucson, AZ -- 5/23 12:58 AM (pooled) Nuts to you CBS for canceling Jericho. Please reconsider this terrible decision and renew the best show on TV for a second season.

$5.00 -- Glenn, Linden, NJ -- 5/23 12:52 AM (pooled) To err is human

$5.00 -- William, summerville, SC -- 5/23 12:44 AM (pooled) You let a show completely disappear for three months and then wonder where the ratings went?? Jericho is exploring a unique plot line. Modern technology has brought a disaster which has caused the return of the dark ages and the city/state feudal system. It's original and exciting.

$5.00 -- Diane, Ocala, FL -- 5/23 12:44 AM (pooled) Can you hear us, now?

$5.00 -- Heather, Lowell, OR -- 5/23 12:42 AM (pooled) Please do not cancel Jericho.

$5.00 -- Kim, Snoqualmie, WA -- 5/23 12:37 AM (pooled) Don't you think you would be NUTS not to bring Jericho back?

$5.00 -- Doug, Solon, OH -- 5/23 12:35 AM (pooled) Please know that the Jericho fan base is not just made up of a few whack jobs with nothing better to do than post message after message on internet message boards. We are part of the 18-49 demographic that is apparently so important to CBS and its advertisers. In fact, in our early 30's we are actually the part of that demographic that has actual disposable income to spend on those advertisers. We cannot begin to express our disappointment in CBS. Jericho was a thought provoking, smart show that was killed before it was given a fair chance. Thanks for wasting our time don't even bother from the start. Stick to your recycled reality shows and CSI(insert city here). We'll stick to cable. Doug and Lisa, Solon Ohio

$5.00 -- Doug, New Orleans, LA -- 5/23 12:33 AM (pooled)

$10.00 -- Chris, Beaverton, OR -- 5/23 12:29 AM (pooled) Jericho Rules! Nuts to CBS. Bring back my favorite show.

$5.00 -- Zibi, Linden, NY -- 5/23 12:21 AM (pooled) You must deal with the monster you created - bring back Jericho!! Zibi

$5.00 -- Kelly, Maysville, OK -- 5/23 12:21 AM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Char-Lez, Bradenton, FL -- 5/23 12:18 AM (pooled) Keep Jericho on the air!

$10.00 -- joshua, brooklyn, NY -- 5/23 12:09 AM (pooled) NUTS to you CBS!!! Bring Back Jericho!

$10.00 -- miranda, gulfview heights, WA -- 5/23 12:06 AM (pooled) get off your high horses. tv networks need to relearn how to do their jobs, and frankly, if you are EVER going to cancel a show, then you should have the decency to make some sort of wrap up, even if it's delayed. maybe then you wont get inundated by nuts. who knows what will be next.

$5.00 -- james, shreveport, LA -- 5/22 11:58 PM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Marie, Commerce City, CO -- 5/22 11:57 PM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Patricia, Laughlin, NV -- 5/22 11:56 PM (pooled) Enough of the reality show crap! Keep intelligent TV on the air. If the people in double-wides want entertainment they can look around the trailer park instead of watching reality TV. Put Jericho back on for those of us with intelligence and education.

$5.00 -- Weston, Niantic, CT -- 5/22 11:56 PM (pooled) Please renew Jericho.

$10.00 -- Tom, Kooskia, ID -- 5/22 11:55 PM (pooled) I am in the 18-49 demographic and this is the only show I watch on network TV. If you cancel this show, I have no reason watch your network. Good luck with another reality/game show/sitcom, because my friends and I will not be watching and we are telling your sponsors that.

$5.00 -- Mark, Portland, OR -- 5/22 11:55 PM (pooled) Sell the show if you don't want it. No one will watch the stupid Kid Nation. That is a stupid show idea.

$20.00 -- Matthew, Raleigh, NC -- 5/22 11:49 PM (pooled) SAVE JERICHO!!!

$10.00 -- Donald, Wichita, KS -- 5/22 11:42 PM (pooled) Bring back Jericho! You got us hooked - don't leave us dangling out here!

$10.00 -- Michael, Herndon, VA -- 5/22 11:38 PM (pooled) Jericho was one of the best new shows on CBS this past season - PLEASE, bring it back for more great episodes!

$5.00 -- Alex, Columbus, OH -- 5/22 11:32 PM (pooled) Don't Nuke Jericho. Family ages are 29 and 31 with a household income of 100K+. We are what you are looking for in viewers.

$10.00 -- Michael, Madison, WI -- 5/22 11:30 PM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Jeff, Algona, IA -- 5/22 11:26 PM (pooled)

$20.00 -- Tara, Houston, TX -- 5/22 11:25 PM (pooled) Eight million fans cannot be wrong. The drama of Jericho and the situations faced by the characters were (sadly) realistic in our current climate. Each week characters were forced to reevaluate and change with their circumstances. Please reconsider and bring the show back to wrap up the loose story threads and give the folks of Jericho some closure. Tara , Jason , and Gina

$5.00 -- Dustin, Syracuse, NY -- 5/22 11:25 PM (pooled) N.U.T.S!!! Put Jericho back on the air!!!!

$10.00 -- Wendy, Norristown, PA -- 5/22 11:25 PM (pooled) NUTS to CBS!!!! Bring Back Jericho!!!

$100.00 -- Brian, Old Bridge, NJ -- 5/22 11:22 PM (pooled) How many CSI clones and reality shows does it take to make CBS unoriginal? Do you really like the variety of your new lineup? Are you gonna gamble on your ratings on the merrily brainless entertainment? Quite honestly, CBS has gotten boring and Jericho was the only thing I considered watching because of it originality. All of this will just gain more attention/publicity for Jericho/CBS. We, the fans, like the fans of Firefly, and La Femme Nikita, will not stop to ask for another season. America needs a show like this, it is amongst the best dramas(IMHO) on television that inspires and makes one think, and it has not yet realized its potential. It needs more advertising, a little more of a push. If you are going to cancel Jericho, another great/hope giving show with a ton of potential, I say to you, YOU ARE NUTS!!!

$30.00 -- Denise, Pompano Beach, FL -- 5/22 11:15 PM (pooled) Please reconsider a second season. You took a GREAT show off the air. Save Jericho! Nuts!

$5.00 -- Justin, Philadelphia, PA -- 5/22 11:13 PM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Derick, Springfield, MO -- 5/22 11:12 PM (pooled) Please reconsider the cancellation of Jericho. Thanks. Enjoy the nuts.

$5.00 -- Arturo, Kansas City, MO -- 5/22 11:07 PM (pooled) BRING BACK JERICHO!

$5.00 -- Jennifer, Linden, NJ -- 5/22 11:06 PM (pooled) Hello, Ms. Kahl. I hope you and your colleagues decide to do the right thing and renew Jericho. Until then, please enjoy the enclosed NUTS. Regards, Jennifer

$10.00 -- Patrick, Topeka, KS -- 5/22 11:06 PM (pooled) Of all the worthless shows you could cancel(CSI Miami, CSI New York, Navy NCIS, Without a Trace, Ghost Whisperer, Survivor) you have to cancel Jericho the only show on your network I can stand. Nice, Real Nice.

$20.00 -- Jason, Anthem, AZ -- 5/22 11:05 PM (pooled) Jericho is the only show that my wife and I both enjoy enough to watch together and we both watch very little TV. This show is exactly what TV has needed for the longest time; don't let it die! We aren't able to watch it in the time slot, but we record ALL of them on Tivo and used the online ones to catch up (we didn't start watching it until about the 4th episode). Keep Jericho going! It's not too late to put it on the fall schedule. NUTS! -Jason & Jeanne Ages 31 and 32 from Phoenix, AZ

$10.00 -- Brian, West Dover, VT -- 5/22 11:04 PM (pooled) Kelly Kahl, Please give the millions of Jericho viewers closure to a great show with a second season or at the very least a mini series event. Thanks BC Krupa

$5.00 -- Jennifer, Cedar Hills, UT -- 5/22 11:01 PM (pooled) We love Jericho. Please listen to your viewers and save the show. Renew, renew, renew!!!!

$50.00 -- Joanna, Shorewood, MN -- 5/22 10:57 PM (pooled)

$10.00 -- William, Daleville, VA -- 5/22 10:56 PM (pooled) RENEW JERICHO!!!!!

$10.00 -- Nicholas, Concord, CA -- 5/22 10:56 PM (pooled) Please give Jericho a 2nd season! Give it a chance and return it mid season (not opposite American Idol).

$10.00 -- Sam, Dayton, TX -- 5/22 10:54 PM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Brian, Stafford, VA -- 5/22 10:54 PM (pooled) Please bring back Jericho. Don't let this be in vain. Brian , Stafford, VA.

$15.00 -- Michael, Pleasant Valley, NY -- 5/22 10:53 PM (pooled) Please bring Jericho back.

$5.00 -- Joseph, Newark, DE -- 5/22 10:50 PM (pooled)

$20.00 -- Matt, Long Beach, CA -- 5/22 10:49 PM (pooled) "Nuts, You can go straight to hell." This is my opinion of what CBS can do for canceling Jericho, the best show on television. I am currently living in Hong Kong and watched Jericho by downloading it on iTunes, all my friends out here did too. Was that taken into account when calculating the ratings? Please bring Jericho back. Enjoy these nuts.

$10.00 -- Dennis, Bedford, TX -- 5/22 10:48 PM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Lisa, Mohegan Lake, NY -- 5/22 10:48 PM (pooled) Finally an interesting, different show is developed and actually makes it to tv and you cancel it after the first season. How many series have taken off after a second season - Friends comes to mind - I am disappointed and disgusted with the programming decisions on the major stations. Please rethink your scheduling decision.

$5.00 -- Neille, Getzville, NY -- 5/22 10:47 PM (pooled) Please save Jericho!!!

$5.00 -- Michelle, Houston, TX -- 5/22 10:44 PM (pooled) I am tired of the networks canceling something without a proper ending, you have done this too often. I am thinking of boycotting your network. Treat your viewers better than this! If you have to cancel something, which I understand has to be done...wrap it up properly or have a special tv movie or something so people aren't left hanging. We devote our time and get invested...treat us better or over time you will lose viewers. Other companies would not dare treat their customers this way.

$5.00 -- Yvonne, Norfolk, VA -- 5/22 10:44 PM (pooled) NUTS for JERICHO!

$20.00 -- Jeff, Auburn, WA -- 5/22 10:43 PM (pooled) NUTS!

$10.00 -- Jason, port saint lucie, FL -- 5/22 10:40 PM (pooled)

$20.00 -- Matthew, Haddon Heights, NJ -- 5/22 10:40 PM (pooled) Hi, it's me again! I would like to say please enjoy another large conglomeration of nuts. I have a feeling this next batch is going to be quite a bit bigger!

$10.00 -- Carlena, Rio Rancho, NM -- 5/22 10:38 PM (pooled) Good ratings = Take a huge brake mid season = cancel because ratings drop then wine because you can't keep viewers= CBS IQ -60 DUH

$5.00 -- Julia, Huntsville, AL -- 5/22 10:32 PM (pooled) Please bring back Jericho!

$10.00 -- Tiago, New York, NY -- 5/22 10:30 PM (pooled) Thank you for your consideration.

$10.00 -- Kathleen, York, PA -- 5/22 10:28 PM (pooled)

$50.00 -- jeff, highland, IN -- 5/22 10:20 PM (pooled) Please bring this show back for good. For once, do what the people want and not what you want. Jeff , Indiana

$10.00 -- FRANCES, OJAI, CA -- 5/22 10:20 PM (pooled) Kelly, Please don't bury Jericho or stick your head in the bin. Just renew JERICHO

$5.00 -- Stephanie, Cameron, NC -- 5/22 10:19 PM (pooled) Renew Jericho! We love it! If this doesn't show CBS how much the fans are behind the show than nothing can. We want it back.

$5.00 -- Jonathan, Berkeley, CA -- 5/22 10:19 PM (pooled) Don't cancel the best show on T.V. if you do your NUTS

$5.00 -- Sara, Austin, TX -- 5/22 10:18 PM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Joshua, Lexington, KY -- 5/22 10:10 PM (pooled) Don't start a fight you can't finish CBS...NUTS

$10.00 -- Aaron, Wyoming, MI -- 5/22 10:05 PM (pooled) SAVE JERICHO! Jericho was one of the hottest new shows in the first half of the season. Of course ratings are going to drop with American Idol, Medium, Lost, CSI, and Criminal Minds all airing on the same night! What did you expect?!? No show you replace it with will get better ratings on that night. Give Jericho a new night! We're sick of all these serial dramas with perfectly acceptable ratings that we've invested countless hours in being canceled for no reason but to throw on some mindless reality nonsense that is an insult to our intelligence! You'll be losing us as viewers if you go through with this cancellation. Jericho was one of the few good serial dramas on the air and one of the few shows we watched on CBS. Stop insulting viewers with all this garbage reality drivel and give good dramas like Jericho a chance to succeed. We want you to know we are EXTREMELY disappointed with this cancellation and will not stop until we get a second season of Jericho. NUTS!

$10.00 -- Christopher, Chamblee, GA -- 5/22 10:02 PM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Shari, San Jose, CA -- 5/22 10:01 PM (pooled) I'd be NUTS to let Jericho disappear without a fight! ;) Please consider renewing the series, and/or filming a 2-hour special wrap-up, and/or releasing a DVD continuation. Please don't be NUTS! Thanks, Shari in California.

$30.00 -- Adam, London, AE -- 5/22 9:58 PM (pooled) Bring back Jericho for as many series as the story needs! Nuts to a miniseries or a movie - we want the full story! Adam

$5.00 -- Scott, Sandwich, IL -- 5/22 9:58 PM (pooled) This is for killing Johnston Green to save money and cancel the show anyway!!!!

$5.00 -- Christian, Baton Rouge, LA -- 5/22 9:57 PM (pooled) NUTS

$5.00 -- Linda, Watseka, IL -- 5/22 9:56 PM (pooled) NUTS!!!!!!!

$20.00 -- Elliott, Fort Worth, TX -- 5/22 9:56 PM (pooled) I believe that Jericho is a great show. I record each episode and it is the first thing I watch when I catch up on my TV watching. I love this show! Elliott

$5.00 -- Jennifer, Lawrenceville, GA -- 5/22 9:53 PM (pooled) Quality over Reality!

$5.00 -- Jonathan, Pittsburgh, PA -- 5/22 9:53 PM (pooled) Bring back Jericho!

$20.00 -- Steven, Horseheads, NY -- 5/22 9:52 PM (pooled) Bring Back Jericho

$10.00 -- Jesse, Williamstown, KY -- 5/22 9:47 PM (pooled) Why Would You Cancel Jericho!!! NUTS!!!!!!!!!!!

$10.00 -- Currie, Tucson, AZ -- 5/22 9:46 PM (pooled) I think you are "NUTS" for canceling "Jericho"! I will be blocking out ALL CBS programs on my cable service. Sincerely, C.B. Clement Tucson, AZ

$5.00 -- Merrill, East Aurora, NY -- 5/22 9:45 PM (pooled) You are NUTS to cancel Jericho!

$5.00 -- Richard, Hornell, NY -- 5/22 9:44 PM (pooled) NUTS - Not Understanding Termination Stupid! How much money do you make anyway? Whatever amount it is, it is wasted. Richard & Jeanette Hornell, NY

$20.00 -- James, Miami Beach, FL -- 5/22 9:43 PM (pooled) Bring back Jericho. It is a great TV show, you guys are NUTS!

$5.00 -- Sharon, Greensburg, PA -- 5/22 9:36 PM (pooled) On a network composed of mainly mediocre shows, it was a mistake to cancel one of the few shining stars, "Jericho." Bring it back, or lose viewers!

$5.00 -- Kathryn, Bel Air, MD -- 5/22 9:33 PM (pooled) Do the right thing!

$10.00 -- Jennifer, Harrisburg, PA -- 5/22 9:33 PM (pooled) Don't be NUTS CBS-give us more seasons of Jericho!!!!

$5.00 -- Ross, Essex Jct, VT -- 5/22 9:31 PM (pooled) Bring Jericho back!! I loved that show!! It is the only good show I watched every week!!

$10.00 -- Andrea, Watertown, MA -- 5/22 9:29 PM (pooled) Please bring back Jericho!

$10.00 -- Sudsuay, Omaha, NE -- 5/22 9:26 PM (pooled) My husband and I were very upset to hear that you canceled Jericho. Please bring Jericho back. Enjoy these nuts on us.

$10.00 -- Sonya, Manning, SC -- 5/22 9:23 PM (pooled) I have not watched CBS in almost a week now. I miss some shows but none more than Jericho.

$20.00 -- Linda, Haverford, PA -- 5/22 9:21 PM (pooled) Bring Back Jericho!!!

$5.00 -- Sara, Petaluma, CA -- 5/22 9:20 PM (pooled) Save Jericho!!!! Best show on TV!!

$5.00 -- Charles, Ventura, CA -- 5/22 9:10 PM (pooled) Do not let Jericho die!!! Best program ever!!!

$10.00 -- Jennifer, Brick, NJ -- 5/22 9:08 PM (pooled) Viva Jericho!

$5.00 -- MICHAEL, BIRMINGHAM, AL -- 5/22 9:04 PM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Charles, Knoxville, TN -- 5/22 9:03 PM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Devin, Dayton, OH -- 5/22 9:03 PM (pooled) Bring back Jericho!

$5.00 -- Samuel, Scottsdale, AZ -- 5/22 9:02 PM (pooled) Jericho needs to come back!

$5.00 -- Charles, Laurel, MD -- 5/22 8:59 PM (pooled)

$50.00 -- Lawrence, Huntington, NY -- 5/22 8:56 PM (pooled) Please save Jericho . For Franks son.

$20.00 -- Desmond, Briarwood, NY -- 5/22 8:54 PM (pooled) Your NUTS if you don't renew JERICHO for a LONG time. The fans are calling, its your time to respond! Please save Jericho!

$5.00 -- Adam, Franklin, PA -- 5/22 8:42 PM (pooled)

$5.00 -- BRIAN, suffern, NY -- 5/22 8:42 PM (pooled) Nuts to you, CBS! You're all nuts! Jericho rocked, and you rolled...over. The plot was well on its way and you bailed. So no cashews for you. - Brian and Randi, Pomona, NY

$5.00 -- Diana, Newark, NJ -- 5/22 8:41 PM (pooled) BRING JERICHO BACK!!!

$5.00 -- Theresa, Barre, VT -- 5/22 8:40 PM (pooled) Please bring back Jericho!!

$10.00 -- Christianne, Bremerton, WA -- 5/22 8:34 PM (pooled) Please bring Jericho back, it is by far the best show on television!!

$5.00 -- Jeremy, Indianapolis, IN -- 5/22 8:30 PM (pooled) Please give us more! This is one of the few shows my fiance and I enjoy!

$20.00 -- Twyla, Tucson, AZ -- 5/22 8:24 PM (pooled) Bring Jericho back for a Second Season!!!

$50.00 -- Eric, North Port, FL -- 5/22 8:24 PM (pooled) Nuts to Heart bring Jericho Back! It was your best show!

$5.00 -- Spencer, Ann Arbor, MI -- 5/22 8:23 PM (pooled)

$20.00 -- Kenneth, Santa Rosa, CA -- 5/22 8:22 PM (pooled) We're gonna nut all over you - CBS!!!! Ken and Tracy

$5.00 -- Albert, New York, NY -- 5/22 8:20 PM (pooled)

$5.00 -- CHRIS, EL MIRAGE, AZ -- 5/22 8:19 PM (pooled) THE FINEST SHOW ON TV WILL BE BACK!!!!!!!!!!!

$10.00 -- Joseph, Milwaukee, WI -- 5/22 8:18 PM (pooled) Your going to lets us know how the show would of turned out, you know what I say to that ...NUTS to you CBS!! Nothing less then another season or more. Joe Milwaukee, WI

$19.65 -- Patricia, New York, NY -- 5/22 8:11 PM (pooled, individual) RENEW JERICHO! NUTS!!!!!!!

$10.00 -- Richard, Lincoln, NE -- 5/22 8:10 PM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Thomas, Fayetteville, AR -- 5/22 8:07 PM (pooled) I want a second season of Jericho not a brief two hour movie to sum a great story like season one got started. Cancel Jericho. Cancel CBS

$5.00 -- Mark, Massillon, OH -- 5/22 8:03 PM (pooled) A gift from two former viewers!!!

$10.00 -- David, El Paso, TX -- 5/22 8:00 PM (pooled) Nuts to you guys at CBS for canceling Jericho!! You guys have nuts for brains !!

$10.00 -- James, Mentor on the Lake, OH -- 5/22 8:00 PM (pooled) SAVE JERICHO!

$5.00 -- Tara, Brandon, MS -- 5/22 7:59 PM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Lara, O'Fallon, MO -- 5/22 7:57 PM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Pamela, San Diego, CA -- 5/22 7:56 PM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Stephen, Raceland, LA -- 5/22 7:55 PM (pooled) Jericho must live on!

$5.00 -- DANIEL, BALTIMORE, MD -- 5/22 7:54 PM (pooled) Your ratings figures need to be reviewed again... "JERICHO" has an enormous number of fans in the Baltimore, Md. region..!!!

$10.00 -- Nicholas, Linden, NJ -- 5/22 7:52 PM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Amber, Ventura, CA -- 5/22 7:50 PM (pooled)

$10.00 -- Melissa, Columbia, MD -- 5/22 7:50 PM (pooled) Bring back Jericho!!

$5.00 -- Austin, St. John's, Nl, Canada, NJ -- 5/22 7:45 PM (pooled) Aid from Canada Nuts for Jericho

$20.00 -- Peggy, Las Vegas, NV -- 5/22 7:43 PM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Peggy, Norfolk, VA -- 5/22 7:43 PM (pooled)

$10.00 -- David, Charlottesville, VA -- 5/22 7:41 PM (pooled)

$10.00 -- Lauren, Downingtown, PA -- 5/22 7:41 PM (pooled) Canceling Jericho, one of the most original series on television, is NUTS! Please don't get rid of one of my favorite shows, I would be thoroughly disappointed to see it go.

$10.00 -- jennifer, virginia beach, VA -- 5/22 7:39 PM (pooled) This is the only show I watch!! Please bring it back!!

$5.00 -- Jennifer, South Berwick, ME -- 5/22 7:37 PM (pooled) Dear CBS, Since my first 2 emails seemed to are some NUTS. Now bring back JERICHO!

$10.00 -- Golden, Indianapolis, IN -- 5/22 7:35 PM (pooled) Please bring Jericho back!

$5.00 -- Jessica, Morgan Hill, CA -- 5/22 7:35 PM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Michael, Bozeman, MT -- 5/22 7:34 PM (pooled) Please renew Jericho, the show was fantastic, and doesn't deserve to be tossed aside as so many other shows are these days. Sure your "KID NATION" reality show may be cheaper to make, but it is bottom of the barrel, low iq, dumbest segments of the population programming. Come to your senses CBS and renew one of the best shows on your network.

$20.00 -- Michael, Pottstown, PA -- 5/22 7:31 PM (pooled) NUTS!!

$5.00 -- Alan, Enumclaw, WA -- 5/22 7:31 PM (pooled)

$10.00 -- LaNelle, Rochester, NY -- 5/22 7:29 PM (pooled)

$10.00 -- James, Hamden, CT -- 5/22 7:29 PM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Glenn, Spring, TX -- 5/22 7:28 PM (pooled) I want Jericho back not some 2 hour rap up but a season 2. The Fischer Family Houston Texas No Jericho No CBS

$5.00 -- James, Linden, NJ -- 5/22 7:27 PM (pooled) Hi Kelly, I'm 24 years old and I've never been much of a TV viewer but Jericho was the one show I really got myself into, I only missed one episode. It's a fantastic series and was getting better and better by the day. A quick wrap-up won't do this series any justice, nor will it appease the fans, so I strongly urge you to rethink your decision to cancel it. Enjoy the nuts. James

$5.00 -- Lisa, Orlando, FL -- 5/22 7:27 PM (pooled) Save Jericho

$10.00 -- Monique, Charlottesville, VA -- 5/22 7:23 PM (pooled) Please bring back Jericho! It was one of the only shows I would watch. I had it set to record on my DVR so I could watch it on my time on my TV. The story, plot, characters, actors and writer are wonderful. It was the only show I watched on CBS. Without Jericho I don't have much desire to even watch TV now, except to see any coverage on these nuts. I think it would be a wonderful idea to bring this show back and give it a chance based on real numbers. This show hit close to home for me. The show really makes me think about what could happen in the world today. I think the show gives hope to others that if something like this did happen that there still would be good in the world. Please don't take our hope away. Monique Charlottesville, VA Age: 24 Watch every show! Let there be a season 2!!!

$20.00 -- Joseph, Fairview, OR -- 5/22 7:21 PM (pooled)

$20.00 -- Adam, Orlando, FL -- 5/22 7:16 PM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Charles, Centennial, CO -- 5/22 7:13 PM (pooled) Nielson ratings are in error 50% */- and maybe the the only "currency" for your decisions, but history will show canceling Jericho was one of the worst decisions made. Look at the Star Trek franchise and the buck made. Good Luck, reconsider your decision

$5.00 -- joseph, argyle, TX -- 5/22 7:12 PM (pooled) give Jericho a second season

$5.00 -- Clay, Sacramento, CA -- 5/22 7:04 PM (pooled)

$20.00 -- edward, edwardsville, IL -- 5/22 7:04 PM (pooled) Cancel Jericho? Nuts!!!!!! Ed 45 ST Louis Area

$5.00 -- Ross, Muncie, IN -- 5/22 7:01 PM (pooled) Bring back Jericho for Season 2! NUTS to CBS!

$10.00 -- Patrick, Oxford, NJ -- 5/22 6:58 PM (pooled)

$10.00 -- Nathan, New cumberland, WV -- 5/22 6:56 PM (pooled) Bring back JERICHO! It's the ONLY show on TV worth watching and the only show that I would even consider doing this for! Please bring back JERICHO!

$10.00 -- Josh, Stevenson Ranch, CA -- 5/22 6:56 PM (pooled) Jericho is the best thing you guys had going, and it was the only reason for me to watch CBS. NFL football? Nuts to that. Bring back Jericho!

$10.00 -- Rory, Sacramento, CA -- 5/22 6:52 PM (pooled) Please keep Jericho! It is one of the best shows on television.

$5.00 -- Chad, Lake In The Hills, IL -- 5/22 6:47 PM (pooled) NUTS TO CBS! BRING BACK JERICHO!

$5.00 -- Sam, Ramsey, NJ -- 5/22 6:44 PM (pooled)

$20.00 -- Robert, Danville, CA -- 5/22 6:39 PM (pooled) Are you nuts? Bring back Jericho!!!

$10.00 -- David, Colorado Springs, CO -- 5/22 6:38 PM (pooled)

$5.00 -- erin, plainfield, IN -- 5/22 6:35 PM (pooled)

$10.00 -- Thomas, Spring Hill, FL -- 5/22 6:34 PM (pooled) Mr. Kahl, We want a FULL 2nd season of Jericho. If we don't get it we say.... NUTS! to CBS

$10.00 -- David, Houston, TX -- 5/22 6:32 PM (pooled) Bring Jericho Back! Seriously!

$10.00 -- Timothy, Coral Springs, FL -- 5/22 6:30 PM (pooled) canceled Jericho??? CBS, are you NUTS? We've only just begun!

$10.00 -- Steven, Somerville, MA -- 5/22 6:30 PM (pooled) Go nut yourself.

$5.00 -- Tommy, Little Rock, AR -- 5/22 6:27 PM (pooled)

$5.00 -- John, Fort Lauderdale, FL -- 5/22 6:27 PM (pooled) Bring back the show, can one of the other awful ones you have.

$30.00 -- Brian, Menlo Park, CA -- 5/22 6:25 PM (pooled) Save Jericho!!! It's the right thing to do.

$5.00 -- Deborah, Kokomo, IN -- 5/22 6:25 PM (pooled) Please bring back Jericho!

$20.00 -- Stephen, Duvall, WA -- 5/22 6:21 PM (pooled) Dear Kelly, Here's what I think of you guys killing smart TV like Jericho so you can put on more reality shows. Nuts!

$20.00 -- Leeann, Fremont, CA -- 5/22 6:19 PM (pooled) Bring Jericho Back or Sell it to some other network or I and every one we know will vow to never watch CBS or any of its affiliates again NUTS TO CBS!!

$5.00 -- Kellen, East Wenatchee, WA -- 5/22 6:15 PM (pooled)

$10.00 -- Lynda, Denver, CO -- 5/22 6:14 PM (pooled) Please, please save Jericho, or at least sell it to another network. Thanks, Lynda

$5.00 -- Melanie, Vista, CA -- 5/22 6:12 PM (pooled) "Jericho" was the only show on your network that wasn't a reality show, a "CSI," or a crime/who-dunnit/law show. It was pure escapist television, and with the other crap that is on TV right now, it was the only thing I set my TIVO every week. In your ratings, you don't count downloads, people who TIVO shows, and people who just aren't Nielson families. What about the average person like myself who is not part of a Nielson family? Don't our viewing habits count? Don't sacrifice good television for some new reality show or ANOTHER "CSI." Look at NBC: "Friday Night Lights" did crappy in the ratings, and they have enough faith in THAT show to renew it. Please, we all beg of you, do not cancel this show! Bring it back! We want it! Please don't make me boycott all the is CBS, Showtime, etc. Please bring back "Jericho."

$5.00 -- Lasse, Linden, NJ -- 5/22 6:12 PM (pooled) From Copenhagen, Denmark.

$20.00 -- Denise, White House, TN -- 5/22 6:12 PM (pooled) I'm saying NUTS to CBS on behalf of myself and several co-workers, the ages of which are all in your targeted demographic. I watched Jericho, faithfully, every Wednesday night. I also watched it ON DEMAND and recorded EVERY episode. I love this show and only a second season is going to satisfy me. Wake up! Look at the internet traffic and realize this is just a small sampling of Jericho's fans. There are many, many more who watched, but don't get online or stand up to voice their opinions!

$50.00 -- Sharon, Dacono, CO -- 5/22 6:11 PM (pooled) NUTS TO YOU CBS FROM THE TOMLINSON FAMILY - WE ARE NUTS FOR JERICHO SAVE JERICHO!!!!!!

$15.00 -- Matthew, Chicago, IL -- 5/22 6:02 PM (pooled) Save Jericho!!! NUTS TO CBS!!

$10.00 -- Monica, Claymont, DE -- 5/22 6:00 PM (pooled) SAVE JERICHO!

$5.00 -- Tiffany, Abilene, TX -- 5/22 5:45 PM (pooled) We LOVE Jericho Tiffany Abilene, Texas

$5.00 -- Holly, Portland, OR -- 5/22 5:43 PM (pooled) Please don't cancel Jericho. It is my family's favorite show. We are die hard fans.

$20.00 -- William, Naperville, IL -- 5/22 5:39 PM (pooled) With this package of "NUTS" I urge you Mr. Kahl that you take this piece of symbolism as a reminder of how are mission to SAVE JERICHO will not stop until it is placed back onto the air. Have a great week and enjoy the NUTS! -BKJ

$5.00 -- Zachery, Sherman Oaks, CA -- 5/22 5:39 PM (pooled) Kelly, Do right by the fans and either keep Jericho alive, pass it to another network, or at least give us a true ending. Thanks!

$5.00 -- Matt, Kissimmee, FL -- 5/22 5:38 PM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Shawn, Endicott, NY -- 5/22 5:37 PM (pooled) Bring Jericho Back

$5.00 -- Donna, Totowa, NJ -- 5/22 5:37 PM (pooled) BRING "JERICHO" BACK FOR TWO SEASONS!! WE WILL NOT GO AWAY!!!

$5.00 -- Michael, Dallas, TX -- 5/22 5:37 PM (pooled) Please reconsider this decision. Allow Jericho to continue either in your halls or another. Fans spending money is not trivial. We have NEVER done this sort of thing for any other show. - The Walsh Family

$5.00 -- Lisa, Highlands, NJ -- 5/22 5:34 PM (pooled) Please give Jericho a chance!

$5.00 -- Martin, Laval, NY -- 5/22 5:32 PM (pooled) Hello Mr Kahl. I hope that the message is clear, we love Jericho and we want it back! I hope you will revive Jericho and bring it back in a time slot where it can shine. Martin

$5.00 -- Vince, Garden Grove, CA -- 5/22 5:31 PM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Keith, Silver Spring, MD -- 5/22 5:30 PM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Suzanne, Ferndale, MI -- 5/22 5:21 PM (pooled) Are you guys getting the idea that canceling Jericho was a BAD idea??

$5.00 -- RENEE, AURORA, IL -- 5/22 5:21 PM (pooled) PLEASE SAVE JERICHO. NUTS

$10.00 -- Jeffrey, West Des Moines, IA -- 5/22 5:16 PM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Alex, Novato, CA -- 5/22 5:16 PM (pooled) Save Jericho!

$50.00 -- Barry, virginia beach, VA -- 5/22 5:16 PM (pooled) Bring JERICHO BACK!!

$5.00 -- Brenda, Edgewood, MD -- 5/22 5:15 PM (pooled) BRING BACK JERICHO

$5.00 -- Irene, Plymouth Meeting, PA -- 5/22 5:15 PM (pooled) If you won't renew, at least give it to another network that will continue the series. I also hope that if you are unable to consume these yourself, please donate them to your local food bank. Thank you, Irene

$5.00 -- Darren, Lexington, KY -- 5/22 5:09 PM (pooled) Save Jericho!

$5.00 -- Tomissa, Salt Lake City, UT -- 5/22 5:03 PM (pooled)

$10.00 -- Rachel, Mountain View, CA -- 5/22 5:01 PM (pooled)

$30.00 -- Craig, Dewitt, MI -- 5/22 5:00 PM (pooled) Give Jericho a 2nd Season! Bring back Jericho!

$10.00 -- Daniel, Collegeville, PA -- 5/22 4:58 PM (pooled) Please bring Jericho back! Maybe now you have some idea of how many people like the show!

$5.00 -- Eric, Palatine, IL -- 5/22 4:57 PM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Jay, Olathe, KS -- 5/22 4:56 PM (pooled) Nuts to CBS from a Jericho Fan

$30.00 -- Fran, Knoxville, TN -- 5/22 4:52 PM (pooled) Save Jericho! My whole family loved this show!!! Please reconsider. We watched it online and live on TV. Nielsen ratings don't give the whole picture. If I need to buy "The Marine" on DVD or Allstate Insurance to convince you, we will!!!

$200.00 -- MediaBlvd, Colorado Springs, CO -- 5/22 4:50 PM (pooled) Roswell fans from support our brothers and sisters from Jericho in the fight to bring back this show! Go Rangers! Hope this puts us over 2 tons!

$5.00 -- Jeffrey, Longmont, CO -- 5/22 4:50 PM (pooled) When will you learn that you don't have a clue what your viewers want.

$5.00 -- Stephen, Altamonte Springs, FL -- 5/22 4:46 PM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Hans, Elva, TARTUMAA -- 5/22 4:42 PM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Randall, Minneapolis, MN -- 5/22 4:41 PM (pooled) Bring back Jericho!!!!!

$5.00 -- Russell, Indianapolis, IN -- 5/22 4:35 PM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Stephen, Gresham, OR -- 5/22 4:34 PM (pooled) Another season.

$20.00 -- Russell, Indianapolis, IN -- 5/22 4:34 PM (pooled) I want Season 2 of Jericho!!!

$10.00 -- Kay, Akron, OH -- 5/22 4:31 PM (pooled) Please enjoy these delicious peanuts courtesy of more than 8 million polite, but persistent "Jericho" fans. Mr. Moonves, Ms. Tassler, and Mr. Kahl: you have a chance to reverse the cancellation of "Jericho"-bring back this show and illustrate to other networks how antiquated programming policies need to change. You MUST factor in DVR, On-line viewers and episodes downloaded-you can no longer rely only on Nielsen ratings. A wrap-up episode is not acceptable-either a full uninterrupted season, or sell the rights to a network who will appreciate the millions of viewers you are willing to lose. Sincerely, The Staudt Family Akron OH

$10.00 -- Bonita, Margate, FL -- 5/22 4:26 PM (pooled) CBS is NUTS for being so shortsighted.

$5.00 -- Roger, Port Huron, MI -- 5/22 4:23 PM (pooled) Mr. Kahl...NUTS TO CBS!!!! We won't settle for 'closure' we want the show back for a second season. CBS was NUTS to cancel such a wonderful show with quality and story and character development. Save Jericho!!!!!!or NUTS TO CBS!!!!!!!!

$10.00 -- Karen, Mountain City, TN -- 5/22 4:22 PM (pooled)

$10.00 -- James, Stewart, MN -- 5/22 4:21 PM (pooled) Please Renew Jericho for a 2nd Season!

$5.00 -- Justin, San Antonio, TX -- 5/22 4:20 PM (pooled)

$10.00 -- Julia, New York, NY -- 5/22 4:20 PM (pooled)

$10.00 -- Benjamin, Salem, OR -- 5/22 4:20 PM (pooled) Caution: May contain Peanuts.

$5.00 -- Hans, Elva, TARTUMAA -- 5/22 4:20 PM (pooled) Hello from Estonia!

$10.00 -- lydia, raleigh, NC -- 5/22 4:19 PM (pooled)

$20.00 -- David, Churubusco, IN -- 5/22 4:16 PM (pooled) Bring back JERICHO! I want RENEWAL, not closure!

$5.00 -- Bradford, Waukesha, WI -- 5/22 4:15 PM (pooled) Save Jericho

$5.00 -- Jeremy, Deerfield, IL -- 5/22 4:15 PM (pooled) CBS is NUTS for canceling Jericho! BRING JERICHO BACK!! NUTS!

$5.00 -- Charles, New London, CT -- 5/22 4:15 PM (pooled) Please bring back Jericho

$5.00 -- Wendy, Bolton, CT -- 5/22 4:15 PM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Lonnie, Goreville, IL -- 5/22 4:14 PM (pooled) BRING BACK JERICHO

$20.00 -- Adam, Lyndhurst, NJ -- 5/22 4:13 PM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Elisabeth, Kent, OH -- 5/22 4:13 PM (pooled) Please reconsider your decision to cancel "Jericho." Fans would like a second season. Enjoy the nuts!

$5.00 -- David, Linden, NJ -- 5/22 4:13 PM (pooled) Hi!! Please don't cancel Jericho - you made a mistake doing that to this one! Think of all this extra publicity to bring in ratings! Enjoy the nuts!! Dave

$20.00 -- Jessica, Overland Park, KS -- 5/22 4:11 PM (pooled) You are nuts for ever thinking the Jericho fans would just give up!!!

$10.00 -- Mary, Mesa, AZ -- 5/22 4:10 PM (pooled)

$10.00 -- Michael, Lenoir, NC -- 5/22 4:08 PM (pooled) Jericho! Jericho! Jericho! "Never, Never, Never give in!" Enjoy the nuts CBS....

$5.00 -- Jennifer, Cincinnati, OH -- 5/22 4:06 PM (pooled) NUTS to CBS for canceling the most creative new show of the year! Bring back Jericho... and in the meantime, enjoy these tasty nuts! - Jennifer in Cincinnati

$5.00 -- Scot, Toronto, AP -- 5/22 4:04 PM (pooled) Nina Tassler: Jericho is canceled. Jericho Fans: NUTS!!!!!

$5.00 -- Edmund, Bryn Mawr, PA -- 5/22 4:02 PM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Scott, Fremont, CA -- 5/22 4:02 PM (pooled) Save Jericho!

$10.00 -- Chris, West Des Moines, IA -- 5/22 4:02 PM (pooled)

$10.00 -- Maciej, Police, POLAND, AK -- 5/22 4:01 PM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Melissa, Jacksonville, FL -- 5/22 4:00 PM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Hillary, Knoxville, TN -- 5/22 3:56 PM (pooled)

$10.00 -- David, Mesa, AZ -- 5/22 3:55 PM (pooled) Please accept these nuts in the spirit that they are intended, Jericho style :)

$5.00 -- Christian, Clinton, NY -- 5/22 3:54 PM (pooled) You guys got it as wrong as those NBC execs who cancelled STAR TREK four decades ago. But you can still do the right thing. Give us our show back. If you really need to cancel a low-rated show, what about The CBS Evening News with Katie Couric? Just a thought.

$5.00 -- james, rochester, MN -- 5/22 3:52 PM (pooled) Bring back Jericho!

$20.00 -- Kimberly, Carmel, NY -- 5/22 3:52 PM (pooled)

$5.00 -- JEFF, SIMI VALLEY, CA -- 5/22 3:51 PM (pooled) SAVE JERICHO! WE WON'T QUIT!!

$10.00 -- Mercedes, Fairfax, VA -- 5/22 3:50 PM (pooled) BRING BACK JERICHO!!!!!

$5.00 -- Alethea, Edgewood, MD -- 5/22 3:50 PM (pooled)

$10.00 -- Jeff, Gautier, MS -- 5/22 3:46 PM (pooled) Nuts to you for canceling Jericho. Bring it back.

$10.00 -- Andrew, Hudson, MA -- 5/22 3:46 PM (pooled) Please reconsider removing Jericho from your fall lineup of shows. Jericho was canceled due to poor decisions in scheduling and marketing by CBS. A decline in viewership was inevitable after so many missteps made by the network. It will be a shame to have to miss CSI from now on, because I won't watch CBS until Jericho is given a fair chance to succeed as a program. I won't even watch the local news broadcasts until this happens.

$10.00 -- Scott, Poulsbo, WA -- 5/22 3:46 PM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Barbara, Chgo, IL -- 5/22 3:45 PM (pooled) Please give Jericho a chance!!!! It is uniquely fulfilling as well as exciting on so very many levels; the more it delivers, the more it promises. And there are so many promises left to fulfill, a process which will be as rewarding to CBS & its sponsors as it will be to existing and future viewers. I did not start watching the show until the mid season summary, which I discovered "on demand" and became almost instantly hooked. Assuming I had a choice, that is; it *is* amazingly compelling. ;) But first people must be able to find and watch it, so someone needs to keep making it!! Please do not break my heart and thereby add to my ever growing DVD collection of sci-fi series cut tragically short in early infancy, before ANY chance to fulfill their potential. Remember the X-Files? I beg of you to reconsider. Thanks in advance for your careful attention to this critical matter. Very Truly Yours, Barbara

$10.00 -- Kathleen, Grand Junction, CO -- 5/22 3:43 PM (pooled)

$20.00 -- Tracy, Marshall, NC -- 5/22 3:38 PM (pooled) We NEED a 2nd season, please !!!

$10.00 -- Craig, Fallbrook, CA -- 5/22 3:36 PM (pooled) CBS: You're Nuts for canceling Jericho! Save Jericho!!!!

$5.00 -- Therese, hull, MA -- 5/22 3:36 PM (pooled) IN MEMORY OF SARGS SON! BRING BACK JERICO

$10.00 -- Kim, Linden, NJ -- 5/22 3:35 PM (pooled) BRING BACK JERICHO!!

$10.00 -- Frank, Medina, OH -- 5/22 3:34 PM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Bobbi, Red Wing, MN -- 5/22 3:32 PM (pooled) Save Jericho!

$5.00 -- Rob, Buckley, FLINTSHIRE -- 5/22 3:31 PM (pooled) Bring Jericho Back. IN SERIES FORM!

$10.00 -- Siroth, St. Charles, MO -- 5/22 3:25 PM (pooled) JERICHO NEEDS A SEASON 2!

$5.00 -- Jodi, Arlington, WA -- 5/22 3:22 PM (pooled) KEEP JERICHO!!

$20.00 -- Spiros, Montgomery, IL -- 5/22 3:22 PM (pooled) I want season 2!!

$5.00 -- Shawndalyn, Merkel, TX -- 5/22 3:16 PM (pooled) I am so disappointed in your decision to cancel Jericho. This was the best family program that has been on prime time in a very long time. Why take it away? As you can see there is a very large fan base and we want to be heard. I have watched Survivor and Amazing Race since the first episode but I am willing to give up both of these shows with a boycott of CBS if Jericho does not come back for a second season. Thank you in advance for your prompt attention to this matter. NUTS to CBS Shawndalyn Abilene, TX

$5.00 -- Guanyao, San Francisco, CA -- 5/22 3:16 PM (pooled) Save Jericho! As a 27 year old male viewer, Jericho was one of my favorite new shows this past season, and the only show I watched on CBS.

$10.00 -- Jennifer, Leesburg, GA -- 5/22 3:15 PM (pooled) Seriously? All the crap on TV and you braniacs decide to cancel this show? Can I please have your job? I'd actually be good at it and listen to what my viewers are saying.

$5.00 -- Christopher, Topeka, KS -- 5/22 3:14 PM (pooled)

$20.00 -- Shawn, Salina, KS -- 5/22 3:13 PM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Daniel, Cupertino, CA -- 5/22 3:12 PM (pooled) Dear Mr. Kahl: Please don't cancel Jericho!! Sincerely, Daniel

$5.00 -- Glen, Aurora, CO -- 5/22 3:12 PM (pooled) I'm tired of reality crap permeating the airwaves. Please bring back quality TV by reconsidering your decision on Jericho

$10.00 -- Scott, Humble, TX -- 5/22 3:10 PM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Jared, Lima, OH -- 5/22 3:07 PM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Kristy, Madison, SD -- 5/22 3:06 PM (pooled) Jericho deserves a 2nd season!

$20.00 -- Kathy, San Juan Capistrano, CA -- 5/22 3:03 PM (pooled) JERICHO DESERVES A SECOND SEASON!!! Kathy , San Juan Capistrano, CA

$10.00 -- Jeff, Pflugerville, TX -- 5/22 3:01 PM (pooled) Jericho is one of the first truly original shows in years. Everything else is re-hashed criminal investigation, sappy medical, faux-reality, or similiar crap. Keep Jericho, do it right this time, don't take a several month hiatus off. Get rid of the other crap. Does the world really need to hear David Caruso's canned horrible acting anymore???

$5.00 -- John, Urbana, IL -- 5/22 2:56 PM (pooled) I know this is crazy, but I guess somethings are worth fighting for. Like good TV. I hope you decide to fight for it too. John in Illinois

$5.00 -- Dustin, Lexington, KY -- 5/22 2:54 PM (pooled) This is NUTS.

$5.00 -- Sharon, Greensburg, PA -- 5/22 2:54 PM (pooled)

$20.00 -- Pete, Portsmouth, RI -- 5/22 2:53 PM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Richard, New York, NY -- 5/22 2:52 PM (pooled)

$10.00 -- Landy, Villahermosa, Tabasco, Mexico, NM -- 5/22 2:49 PM (pooled) The problem with networks is that you only think in money and the loyalty of fans not matter. I hope now you realize that we are humans, that we feel, and that you need look us, not only the money. bring Jericho Back!!

$20.00 -- Jason, San Francisco, CA -- 5/22 2:46 PM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Amber, Terre Haute, IN -- 5/22 2:37 PM (pooled) How dare you cancel you get the message yet?

$5.00 -- Vance, Centralia, IL -- 5/22 2:36 PM (pooled) This one's for Jericho.

$20.00 -- Kurt, Crownsville, MD -- 5/22 2:35 PM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Rob, Linden, NJ -- 5/22 2:34 PM (pooled)

$10.00 -- Timothy, Dacula, GA -- 5/22 2:27 PM (pooled)


$10.00 -- Michael, Linden, NJ -- 5/22 2:25 PM (pooled) Best wishes from Germany! Bring the show back. :)

$10.00 -- chad, sault sainte marie, MI -- 5/22 2:23 PM (pooled) NUTZ! Don't cancel Jericho!

$5.00 -- Naomi, Belfair, WA -- 5/22 2:22 PM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Christopher, Warren, MI -- 5/22 2:22 PM (pooled) Please renew Jericho for another season. Our entire family watches it every single episode and we watch it again on Comcast On Demand. Thank You for your consideration.

$20.00 -- Kenneth, Hixson, TN -- 5/22 2:21 PM (pooled) My wife and I enjoyed the television show "Jericho" very much (we are both in our late 30's by the way, not a bad demographic to be in, or so I am told). Since CBS has decided to cancel "Jericho", we say "Nuts" to you and we will take our disposable income elswhere. Honestly, the quality of television shows that are being aired today are deplorable with the exception of a few excellent shows, one of which was "Jericho". But please, do throw another "reality" show onto the airways. It's not like I LIVE in reality every hour of the day, why would I possible want anything different to entertain me? Thank you for your time and enjoy the nuts, Ken and Trish Chattanooga, Tennessee

$5.00 -- Jaime, Othello, WA -- 5/22 2:21 PM (pooled) Please bring back Jericho!

$5.00 -- Kyle, college park, MD -- 5/22 2:20 PM (pooled) This will not just blow over, nuts to you until Jericho is renewed.

$5.00 -- Robert, Kulpmont, PA -- 5/22 2:19 PM (pooled) CBS - look at my nuts!!!

$5.00 -- Jason, Indianapolis, IN -- 5/22 2:18 PM (pooled) It's plain NUTS that CBS is canceling Jericho. It was one of the two or three BEST shows on television last season. It made you think, it made you uncomfortable. It made you look at issues today through the prism of this sort of disaster. It was a masterful drama. Just some sort of one off wrap-up is not enough and not what a story of this caliber (and acting, writing and direction of this caliber) is worth. I will buy any Jericho seasons on DVD and speak with my wallet. In fact, I will watch LESS of other CBS shows now that Jericho is gone. It got me into Criminal Minds following it so I will now stop watching that show. Please bring it back!

$5.00 -- LaLani, LaGrange, GA -- 5/22 2:17 PM (pooled) Save Jericho!

$5.00 -- Susan, Washington, DC -- 5/22 2:15 PM (pooled)

$5.00 -- April, Albany, NY -- 5/22 2:15 PM (pooled) Please bring back Jericho, PRETTY PLEASE!!!

$10.00 -- Justin, West Chester, PA -- 5/22 2:14 PM (pooled) CBS, Jericho is the best show on TV! It's needs to be saved...give the show a chance or please shop it around to someone who will! When badly written shows can manage to last for years with lower ratings than Jericho I don't understand why you would drop the show after only one season and no ending ?!?! You took the show on and off the air without showing repeats and fans didn't know when to find the show. Give the show a good time slot this won't be disappointed! Justin West Chester PA

$5.00 -- John, Springville, UT -- 5/22 2:14 PM (pooled) Bring back Jericho!!!

$30.00 -- Angelique, Foster, WV -- 5/22 2:12 PM (pooled) Bring back Jericho! No closure! ... Nothing less than a full second season! Viewership of CBS will resume, in my home, when Jericho returns! Thank you.

$100.00 -- Ed, Shady Side, MD -- 5/22 2:11 PM (pooled) Please bring back Jericho.

$20.00 -- Gregory, Tucson, AZ -- 5/22 2:11 PM (pooled) Bring Jericho back!!! Sincerely, The Thompson Family (5 loyal viewers)

$10.00 -- Mark, Rouses Point, NY -- 5/22 2:00 PM (pooled) Thank you for canceling the show Jericho! It would be appreciated if you would renew it now. And I hope that you donate the nuts to a good cause! Mark 45 Rouses Point, NY

$5.00 -- Thomas, Ostersund, AA -- 5/22 1:58 PM (pooled) They will keep coming til Jericho is brought back! All the viewers in Europe stand behind our US brothers and sisters in this. NUTS to you CBS!! Bring Jericho back or let another network buy the rights! Thomas SWEDEN

$5.00 -- Josh, Lake Forest Park, WA -- 5/22 1:57 PM (pooled) Jericho deserves another season!

$5.00 -- Carl, Dacula, GA -- 5/22 1:54 PM (pooled) NUTS to CBS for canceling Jericho

$20.00 -- John, San Jose, CA -- 5/22 1:52 PM (pooled)

$10.00 -- Gail, Eden, NY -- 5/22 1:51 PM (pooled) SAVE JERICHO! You are losing your key audience! Gail, Age: 28 William, Age: 29 Buffalo NY

$5.00 -- Derek, Burnsville, MN -- 5/22 1:50 PM (pooled) This is the first time I have ever fought for a TV show... Bring Back Jericho!

$10.00 -- Michael, Grand Rapids, MI -- 5/22 1:47 PM (pooled) Please bring back Jericho...if you don't we all have one word for you at CBS.......NUTS!

$40.00 -- Lori, Linden, NJ -- 5/22 1:47 PM (pooled) NUTS!!! From a very disappointed Canadian JERICHO fan

$5.00 -- thomas, mobile, AL -- 5/22 1:45 PM (pooled) I want "JERICHO" back for a full season. Nothing else will do.

$17.98 -- Rebecca, Smyrna, TN -- 5/22 1:44 PM (pooled, individual) I am part of your Golden Demographic, as were three other people who watched Jericho with me every Wednesday night. Neilsen is an unreliable indicator of your total audience. Just ask David Polcheck. Down with Neilsen! Nuts to CBS! Included in my order you will find circus peanuts. This is to remind you that an elephant never forgets, nor will this audience. What we remember at the end of this campaign will be up to you. Also included in my order you will find corn nuts. These are in honor of a particularly beloved character in this show that you said failed, Stanley Richmond.

$10.00 -- Kimberly, Carmel, NY -- 5/22 1:44 PM (pooled) Thank you for at least acknowledging us proud Jericho fans by promising us closure. However, that's not good enough. I want a season 2. The show deserves a season 2 after you ruined season 1 by the long hiatus in the middle and expecting it to kill in the ratings versus American Idol. Lost was chased from their time slot by AI. How could you expect Jericho to do any better? That's utterly nuts!! We want a Season 2!!! Sincerely, Kimberly B.

$10.00 -- Michael, Gilbertsville, PA -- 5/22 1:41 PM (pooled) PLEASE KEEP JERICHO ON THE AIR!!!

$5.00 -- Anthony, Palo Alto, CA -- 5/22 1:38 PM (pooled) Nuts!

$5.00 -- Jason, Franklin, MA -- 5/22 1:38 PM (pooled) Are you dumb. 2.5 million viewers watch less TV today than last year (as per AP). You should be happy w/Jericho's numbers b/c they are only getting worse for all shows - even American Idol.

$5.00 -- timothy, cartersville, GA -- 5/22 1:38 PM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Thomas, Shelby Township, MI -- 5/22 1:34 PM (pooled) Dear Kelly, I am a 34 year old parent raising two teenage boys. Jericho was one of very few tv shows we could sit down and watch together. I should say, a serious program to watch together. It was a very touching tv series. Please bring Jericho back for Season 2. I am so taken back by your decision to cancel Jericho that A. I am sending you "NUTS" and B. I have blocked all CBS channels from my household TV's (thank you technology!). If you choose to bring Jericho back, I will once again tune into CBS programs. Thank you, Tom , Shelby Township, Michigan

$20.00 -- Gregory, Mokena, IL -- 5/22 1:32 PM (pooled) Save Jericho! Why couldn't you try moving the show to a different night, instead of just canceling the show? You had a good thing going, and I am terribly disappointed. I haven't followed a show so closely since Seinfeld. I truly hope you'll reconsider. Along with CSI, Jericho was one of the best original shows that I've seen come out of CBS. If you are truly determined to nuke Jericho, I hope CBS will consider selling the rights to another network. What a shame.....

$5.00 -- Ted, Ellensburg, WA -- 5/22 1:29 PM (pooled) With so much mindless shows on TV you finally have one which has a plot and makes you think about what is happening...You then put it up against the most watched show on television, stop the show mid-season, resume the show against the same powerhouse then cancel the show. Not only did you not give the show a fair chance, you doomed it to fail from the start. How can you take a series with a continuing story line and start and stop it? This alone cost you viewers and AD money. You then cancel the show at at the most defining moment of the series, leaving your loyal viewers hanging. This is like spending days reading a novel only to find the last chapter is missing and no one has the missing chapter. We are very disappointed in CBS and will never watch another CBS show with a continuing story line again. Ted

$5.00 -- Colleen, Madisonville, LA -- 5/22 1:28 PM (pooled) WE WANT A SEASON TWO OF JERICHO! OTHERWISE, NUTS TO CBS!

$20.00 -- Jennifer, Dayton, OH -- 5/22 1:28 PM (pooled) Cancelling JERICHO is NUTS!! Bring it back for another season! Please!!!

$30.00 -- Quinn, Milwaukee, WI -- 5/22 1:28 PM (pooled) NUTS!!!!!!!

$5.00 -- Richard, Rancho Mirage, CA -- 5/22 1:25 PM (pooled) Bring back Jericho!

$10.00 -- Tara, Delmar, NY -- 5/22 1:25 PM (pooled) Please bring Jericho back - it is an excellent show!

$5.00 -- DAVID, Saratoga, CA -- 5/22 1:21 PM (pooled) Bring back Jericho!

$20.00 -- Tustin, Denver, CO -- 5/22 1:19 PM (pooled)

$20.00 -- Javan, Lithonia, GA -- 5/22 1:18 PM (pooled) This is only the beginning. I watched Jericho LIVE no tivo like i do my other shows. trust me its a hot product.

$5.00 -- Stacy, Littleton, CO -- 5/22 1:14 PM (pooled) Save Jericho!

$10.00 -- Carolyn, New Hartford, NY -- 5/22 1:13 PM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Kristi, Saint Albans, WV -- 5/22 1:10 PM (pooled)

$5.00 -- christine, hanford, CA -- 5/22 1:10 PM (pooled) Please consider to renew Jericho for another season. Both my husband and I are within your 'demographic' that you were aiming for. Not to mention it takes a lot for us to watch something live, of which Jericho was it! Most stuff is TIVO'd and watched after the younger kids are in bed. Jericho was not that way, we watched it live! If CBS can not give time for us for a second season, then please, consider having another station pick it up. I would hate to have to drop CBS from my tv if it looks like you all really don't care what the rest of fans feel. Thank you and enjoy your NUTS! Christine Hanford, CA Ages: 33, 42, and 12. Income: $50,000

$5.00 -- Jonathan, Kansas City, MO -- 5/22 1:09 PM (pooled) Ms. Kahl, Please accept these nuts as a token of my dissatisfaction with CBS's recent decision to cancel "Jericho." I do not generally watch network television programs, but the quality of writing, plot-creation, and acting in "Jericho" was enough to bring me back to watching CBS. I do not enjoy your other programs, such as the much-hyped "CSI" group of programs. Generally, I find them overly simplistic and intellectually unsatisfying. "Jericho", however, was different. Thus, I am afraid that your decision to cancel "Jericho" has lost CBS this television viewer permanently. My friends and family all feel the same as I. If you can find it in your power to do so, please seriously reconsider your decision and renew "Jericho" for another season. If its ratings did not perform as well as CBS had hoped, it is CBS's fault for placing the show in the time slot it did and allowing for a two-month hiatus. Sincerely, Jonathan Kansas City, Missouri

$5.00 -- Bill, Tucker, GA -- 5/22 1:04 PM (pooled)

$10.00 -- Scott, Duluth, GA -- 5/22 1:03 PM (pooled) NUTS!!!! Bring Jericho back!!!

$5.00 -- James, Taylor, TX -- 5/22 1:00 PM (pooled) My response to the CBS cancellation of "Jericho"? NUTS!!! Please reconsider that decision and bring "Jericho" back as a midseason replacement, because you'll certainly need one when that lame-brain show selected as the replacement folds. It won't last....

$20.00 -- Lisa, Pasadena, CA -- 5/22 1:00 PM (pooled) With television being taken over by reality programs and remakes of twenty-year-old adventure shows, it is hard to find quality writing and acting. You have it with "Jericho." Don't let it go without giving it some time to get established.

$20.00 -- Jonathan, Odenton, MD -- 5/22 12:53 PM (pooled) BRING BACK JERICHO!!!!!

$20.00 -- jeffrey, El Cajon, CA -- 5/22 12:48 PM (pooled) This is one of the best shows on and we want it renewed. If not by CBS then on another network.

$20.00 -- Gale, Peoria, AZ -- 5/22 12:42 PM (pooled)

$10.00 -- Chad, Erie, CO -- 5/22 12:35 PM (pooled) NUTS!

$5.00 -- Michelle, Genoa City, WI -- 5/22 12:33 PM (pooled) Please give Jericho another season!!! Enjoy your NUTS!

$10.00 -- Chris, Islip, NY -- 5/22 12:31 PM (pooled) NUTS!

$5.00 -- Richard, Firestone, CO -- 5/22 12:31 PM (pooled) YOU ARE NUTS!!! FOR CANCELLING JERICHO!

$5.00 -- Corey, Linden, NJ -- 5/22 12:29 PM (pooled) Please bring back Jericho! This was the first show in years that I've really gotten into, and I absolutely loved it. I daresay Jericho is my favorite TV series EVER. I watched it faithfully EVERY week at 8, and needless to say I was devastated to hear that it wouldn't be coming back for another season. Especially leaving us on that cliffhanger? Come on CBS... PLEASE... BRING BACK JERICHO!!

$10.00 -- Arlene, Montclair, NJ -- 5/22 12:26 PM (pooled) NUTS to CBS! Please bring back Jericho next season!

$10.00 -- Alan, Casa Grande, AZ -- 5/22 12:19 PM (pooled) This ones for Johnston Green

$5.00 -- Jeff, Foothill Ranch, CA -- 5/22 12:17 PM (pooled) Hi Kelly, We really do appreciate your bringing back Jericho. Or at least release them so the show can go elsewhere.

$10.00 -- Freddy, Clintwood, VA -- 5/22 12:17 PM (pooled) As a fan of the show, format, and quality television in general, I am requesting that you take action to provide the show a chance to survive. The format of shows of late has hurt many a good show. Everybody wanted to create the next Lost, but even it struggled with airing issues. In reading a good book, you don't stop after chapter 8 and ignore the book for months, come back and feel like you picked up right where you left off. Give the show a chance. Bring it back for a second season or option it to another network if you will not. Keep your options , you know that at least a few new shows will not work. Challenge the fans, by waiting to see how it sells. It helps your bottom line and the fans and shows that you do respect your fans.

$5.00 -- Travis, College Station, TX -- 5/22 12:17 PM (pooled) Bring Back JERICHO

$5.00 -- Derek, Haysville, KS -- 5/22 12:16 PM (pooled) You're NUTS for canceling. Bring Back JERICHO!!!!


$5.00 -- Klaten, Bossier City, LA -- 5/22 12:14 PM (pooled) SAVE JERICHO.

$10.00 -- Ricky, sprakers, NY -- 5/22 12:10 PM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Tammy, Cincinnati, OH -- 5/22 12:10 PM (pooled) NUTS! Bring back Jericho!!!

$5.00 -- ronald, milton, FL -- 5/22 12:07 PM (pooled) We hope you see the importance of this show to us. We hope you enjoy the nuts and the free press. Thank you, Ronnie

$10.00 -- Pamela, Scottsdale, AZ -- 5/22 12:06 PM (pooled) NCIS, The UNIT, JERICHO, all my favorite shows. But you blew it! Why should we watch new CBS shows if you are going to cut them without reason? Put Jericho back on your schedule! It is one of this year's BEST!!!!!!

$5.00 -- Dennis, Fremont, CA -- 5/22 12:05 PM (pooled) Please don't drop the Bomb on Jericho. My family and I enjoy it - a rare opportunity for us to all sit down together and equally enjoy the experience.

$20.00 -- Cynthia, Plantation, FL -- 5/22 12:04 PM (pooled)

$10.00 -- Stacey, Toronto, ON -- 5/22 12:04 PM (pooled) Viewers in Canada want a 2nd season of Jericho too!

$10.00 -- Michael, Brooklyn, NY -- 5/22 12:03 PM (pooled) Hi Kelly. Don't cancel Jericho. It's one of the best programs CBS has ever had. At the very least, do CBS and your fans a favor and tie up the loose ends with a mini-series or something. Best, Michael Lane New York, NY

$20.00 -- Mike, Oneonta, AL -- 5/22 12:02 PM (pooled) Please reconsider the cancellation of Jericho. Jericho is my family's favorite show, placing it above 24, CSI, Lost and several other top programs. If CBS is dead set on not producing the show, please consider bidding it out to SciFi or some other outlet. Thanks, and NUTS!!! Mike , Oneonta Alabama

$5.00 -- Michael, Worcester, MA -- 5/22 12:01 PM (pooled) Please do not cancel the only CBS show my family watches. It is well thought out, the acting quality is great. It is only justifiable to cancel if you truly believe every new show next year will earn better ratings that Jericho, which I can hardly believe. Please renew for a second season! Let it become the next MASH, CHEERS or Family Guy with success after near (or actual) cancellation!

$10.00 -- Sarah, San Diego, CA -- 5/22 12:00 PM (pooled) Please reconsider your decision to cancel Jericho - it is truly a great show, and we will not give up the fight! I am a 28 year old female with a Master's degree. Tell me that is not your target demographic! Please, please bring back Jericho!

$5.00 -- Joseph, Philadelphia, PA -- 5/22 11:56 AM (pooled) NUTS TO CBS SAVE JERICHO!

$5.00 -- Anthony, Linden, NJ -- 5/22 11:54 AM (pooled) Remember Star Trek in the 60's. Give Jericho it's chance at making History.

$5.00 -- Anthony, Patchogue, NY -- 5/22 11:53 AM (pooled) DONT CANCEL THIS SHOW , GIVE US ANOTHER SEASON!!! WE DEMAND IT!!

$5.00 -- Kells, Atlanta, GA -- 5/22 11:52 AM (pooled)

$10.00 -- Kelly, Wilkes-Barre, PA -- 5/22 11:48 AM (pooled) Save Jericho. This is (was) the best show on TV. Please do not put a reality show in its place. Jericho is too good to be canceled. Give it a chance. Thank you.

$5.00 -- Kevin, Fort Smith, AR -- 5/22 11:48 AM (pooled) SAVE JERICHO! RENEW THE SHOW OR SELL TO ANOTHER NETWORK SUCH AS TNT!


$5.00 -- Kathleen, Manchester, NH -- 5/22 11:48 AM (pooled) Save Jericho!

$5.00 -- Keith, Johnson City, TN -- 5/22 11:46 AM (pooled) Come on Kelly Bring it back Don't be such a ratings slut, Hay remember the day when everything on the tube had writers and actors. Nope, you probably don't. Keith

$20.00 -- John, Corona, CA -- 5/22 11:46 AM (pooled) Bring back Jericho!!! CBS is Nuts!

$5.00 -- Jesse, Redmond, WA -- 5/22 11:44 AM (pooled) What a ridiculous decision.

$10.00 -- Kathleen, York, ME -- 5/22 11:44 AM (pooled)

$5.00 -- James, Arlington, VA -- 5/22 11:43 AM (pooled) I love Jericho. Please bring it back. Sincerely, James P.

$20.00 -- Aaron, Chicago, IL -- 5/22 11:42 AM (pooled)

$10.00 -- Roumayne, San Diego, CA -- 5/22 11:41 AM (pooled) My dad and I are boycotting CBS due to you killing Jericho! Shame on you!!! No More CBS in this household!!! Roumayne and Richard

$50.00 -- Sean, Los Angeles, CA -- 5/22 11:41 AM (pooled) SAVE JERICHO!

$5.00 -- Robert, Milford, PA -- 5/22 11:39 AM (pooled) Jericho is a great show. I think it wakes people up to the horrors that exist just over the horizon. Its important and entertaining.

$5.00 -- Courtney, Irvine, CA -- 5/22 11:39 AM (pooled) I am NUTS for Jericho. I hope you will take our fan campaign seriously. We are putting our money where our mouths are! We love Jericho and want a 2nd season! Thanks for giving us a great 1st season of quality writing and acting.

$10.00 -- Alexander, Narberth, PA -- 5/22 11:39 AM (pooled) Dear Mr. Kahl- NUTS!!! Please bring back Jericho. It is the best new drama on TV in a very long time. I need intelligent TV for a change, not another crappy reality show or game show. Thank you. Alex S. Philadelphia, PA

$5.00 -- Joshua, Hoffman Estates, IL -- 5/22 11:39 AM (pooled) We support quality programming on television! Please bring Jericho back, as it's the only drama that has been worth anything on network television in years!

$5.00 -- elizabeth, rock hill, SC -- 5/22 11:37 AM (pooled) "Jericho" was the only show on CBS that my household watched. Without it, there will be no CBS for us!! SAVE JERICHO!

$10.00 -- Chad, Lafayette, IN -- 5/22 11:36 AM (pooled) BRING BACK JERICHO

$5.00 -- Charlene, Jackson, MS -- 5/22 11:28 AM (pooled) Bring back Jericho!

$10.00 -- Ryan, Houston, TX -- 5/22 11:27 AM (pooled) NUTS!

$5.00 -- Quimbie, Springfield, MO -- 5/22 11:24 AM (pooled) NUTS to you! We want Jericho back!

$5.00 -- Dan, Coram, NY -- 5/22 11:22 AM (pooled) Please save this program. Jericho was intelligent programming, thought provoking television. Give it the time and support that it deserves and you will not be disappointed. Save it while you still can. Dan M

$5.00 -- Jesse, Lacey, WA -- 5/22 11:19 AM (pooled) Only a full 2nd season of Jericho will redeem CBS!

$5.00 -- Todd, Arlington, VA -- 5/22 11:13 AM (pooled) Bring back the show. The two month break killed it. Revive it and do what Fox's 24 does...NO BREAKS!


$5.00 -- Frederik, Linden, NJ -- 5/22 11:09 AM (pooled) Ok, so you're nuts to cancel a show like Jericho. Let's see if you at least got the balls to rethink your decision...

$10.00 -- Ashley, Austin, TX -- 5/22 11:05 AM (pooled) When I first heard about Jericho at the 2006 upfronts, it reminded me of my favorite book of all time, "Alas, Babylon". I highly anticipated the show and it did not dissapoint. I have been and will continue to be a loyal viewer should you decide to renew the show. I feel that CBS was too quick to cancel a show that could have been a success with the right scheduling. Just run an uninterrupted season in the fall. By doing this, the show would be given the chance to attract "Lost" fans waiting for the midseason premiere as well as avoid the huge distraction that is "American Idol". "Jericho" is a show that works and one that will certainly garner more success than most of the new fall shows, an enormous percentage of which will fail. Give it chance, plenty of shows have gone on to become successful after being given a reprieve (i.e. "The Office).

$5.00 -- William, Castle Hayne, NC -- 5/22 11:05 AM (pooled) This show was enjoyed by my wife and I every Wednesday. Please don't let it end!

$20.00 -- Matthew, Haddon Heights, NJ -- 5/22 11:04 AM (pooled) Hello CBS, I would've paid a healthy amount to watch this show online but you gave it to us for free! So instead of handing you money, here's my money well spent on sending nuts to your studio to protest the canceling of my favorite show thus far on television. The talent of the cast, the creative and original writers, and the great camera work and editors all made this a show to last. The decision of CBS to place the show on a hiatus and at the same time as American Idol were the real decisions that helped destroy the show. I hope you realize you helped create and destroy a good thing. You have great care for your employees and fans. ~Matt, a once loyal viewer

$5.00 -- Stephenie, Clarksburg, MD -- 5/22 11:03 AM (pooled) Jericho was the only show that I watched on CBS, so therefore now that you have unceremoniously canceled it, I will no longer bother switching the channel to your station. It is time that all television networks realize that the American people are not all utter morons who want to watch brainless reality shows or stupid game shows. Enjoy the peanuts!

$5.00 -- Margaret, Somerset, NJ -- 5/22 11:02 AM (pooled) Requesting Jericho Season 2 to be added to the Fall 2007 line up. One question, why did you drop the show without any warning to the fans ahead of time? You didn't think about Jericho's fans when you made such a terrible decision.

$5.00 -- Carol, Houston, TX -- 5/22 11:00 AM (pooled) NUTS! Save Jericho.

$20.00 -- jose, bellflower, CA -- 5/22 10:55 AM (pooled) NUTS!!!

$20.00 -- Deborah, Moreno Valley, CA -- 5/22 10:54 AM (pooled) Save Jericho!

$5.00 -- Corbin, Hoover, AL -- 5/22 10:53 AM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Christopher, Revere, MA -- 5/22 10:50 AM (pooled)

$50.00 -- Charles, Poolesville, MD -- 5/22 10:45 AM (pooled) Surrender Bastogne? "To the German Commander, 'Nuts!' The American Commander." General Anthony C. McAuliffe, December 22, 1944. Cancel Jericho? "To the Sr. Executive VP/Programming Kelly Kahl, 'Nuts!' The Jericho faithful." Charles D. Fisher, May 22, 2007. It will be a sad state of affairs when the day comes that the almighty dollar decides the fate of everything. Powerful writing and strong character development in a completely unique storyline need to be rewarded by your support. Please do not make this mistake.

$5.00 -- Christopher, Kennedale, TX -- 5/22 10:44 AM (pooled) BRING JERICHO BACK. Look at this fricking pile of nuts; if people are willing to spend money like this, imagine how you can pitch this show to advertisers!

$20.00 -- Casey, Kettering, OH -- 5/22 10:43 AM (pooled) BRING BACK JERICHO!!! We love our show, and you are NUTS for canceling it!! We won't settle for a "wrap up" of the story, WE WANT OUR JERICHO BACK!!

$5.00 -- Allison, Millbury, MA -- 5/22 10:42 AM (pooled) Hi Kelly, Now have do you think Jericho should be brought back for season 2? It's one of CBS's few good shows! Thank you! Allison U.

$5.00 -- Jennifer, Hoffman Estates, IL -- 5/22 10:40 AM (pooled) It's nuts for CBS to cancel Jericho! CBS has disappointed millions of viewers. Please renew Jericho.

$10.00 -- Michael, Miami, FL -- 5/22 10:39 AM (pooled) NUTS! SAVE JERICHO!

$5.00 -- Paul, Trumansburg, NY -- 5/22 10:37 AM (pooled) Nuts! Please save Jericho Sincerely, P. Mikowski Ithaca, NY

$40.00 -- Julia, Watertown, TN -- 5/22 10:35 AM (pooled) Please save Jericho. This is a show is fantastic. I have disposable income and ready to spend it while watching Jericho.

$20.00 -- Tiago, New York, NY -- 5/22 10:33 AM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Sharon, Linden, NJ -- 5/22 10:33 AM (pooled) Hello From CANADA!!!! Jericho was my favourite show! It was intelligent, got people thinking about what would we do if money and cars were useless. The cast was fantastic and the show made my laugh and cry. I think it's pretty clear that canceling the show was a big mistake. I WANT A SECOND SEASON! Sharon from Ontario, Canada

$10.00 -- grady, seminole, AL -- 5/22 10:29 AM (pooled) Jericho is the best damn show on tv ....... If it is not renewed I will not watch CBS anymore for any program. Grady in Pensacola Florida

$5.00 -- Justin, Annandale, VA -- 5/22 10:23 AM (pooled) Please save Jericho, this was the best show on TV, let alone CBS. If this show is not picked up I don't think I can watch your station ever again.

$5.00 -- Wendy, East Wenatchee, WA -- 5/22 10:23 AM (pooled) Nuts to you, CBS! Bring back Jericho!

$5.00 -- Robert, Penfield, NY -- 5/22 10:21 AM (pooled) You are a moron for canceling Jericho. Do the right thing and sell the rights to another network. CBS is no longer viewed in my household!

$5.00 -- William, Longmont, CO -- 5/22 10:20 AM (pooled) NUTS NUTS NUTS

$5.00 -- Richard, Woodbridge, VA -- 5/22 10:15 AM (pooled) Please save Jericho. I know reality TV may be more profitable at times but quality programming goes a long way too.

$5.00 -- Leesa, Frederick, MD -- 5/22 10:14 AM (pooled) SAVE JERICHO - BRING BACK OUR SHOW!!

$5.00 -- Kate, Jacksonville, FL -- 5/22 10:13 AM (pooled) To you people responsible for the cancellation of Jericho at CBS (Cancels Best Shows) -- you're all NUTS!!! My television has been blocked so as not to show the CBS channel until you renew Jericho.

$10.00 -- James, Linden, NJ -- 5/22 10:09 AM (pooled) NUTS to CBS - bring back Jericho! From Jim, in the UK

$5.00 -- John, Glen Burnie, MD -- 5/22 10:06 AM (pooled) Dear CBS - Jericho was the best drama series I have seen in a long time. Please un-cancel this terrific show. We're nuts for Jericho, so "NUTS!" to CBS. Enjoy!

$5.00 -- Mary, Macon, GA -- 5/22 10:05 AM (pooled) NUTS to CBS! Bring back "Jericho" for Season 2!


$5.00 -- John, Indianapolis, IN -- 5/22 10:04 AM (pooled) Please don't let Jericho die -- this is one of the best shows I've seen on network TV in a long time, and it would be a shame to see CBS abandon it. The show is rich with possibilities, and I think that the mid-season break was damaging to the show -- had it not been for the long gap between the first and second halves of the season, I think Jericho would have emerged as a true runaway hit for CBS. I say NUTS to the idea of giving up on Jericho -- and I hope you reconsider cancellation. -- John

$5.00 -- Elizabeth, Washougal, WA -- 5/22 10:01 AM (pooled) I watch 3 shows - Jericho, Lost and Grey's Anatomy. Now I watch 2. Please reconsider. Thank you

$5.00 -- Donna, Hackettstown, NJ -- 5/22 9:58 AM (pooled) PLEASE SAVE JERICHO!!!!

$5.00 -- Ryan, Alburtis, PA -- 5/22 9:57 AM (pooled) NUTS!

$5.00 -- Amanda, Linden, NJ -- 5/22 9:57 AM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Chistopher, Warrensburg, MO -- 5/22 9:56 AM (pooled) Despite respectable numbers, you have not even given Jericho a chance. The viewers are no longer at the mercy of network executives who have lost touch with the public. Replacing quality television with quick-fix reality shows or run-of-the-mill mind numbing comedies will not increase profits or ratings--I pray you see this sooner than later. Jericho is a good show. It deserves to be on the air. If you air it, we will watch. But what we will not do, is blindly follow networks from show to show, especially good ones, if they will only be canceled because the PERCEPTION is that no one watches (and I would not call 8 million + people no one). This is not just a half-baked campaign for the return of a quality show. This is a basic rejection of the current state of television in general. Stop the hiatuses. Revise the ratings system. Listen to the viewers. And show us-as well as the advertisers-that you are still a quality network. SAVE JERICHO!

$20.00 -- Sherry, Goshen, OH -- 5/22 9:55 AM (pooled) You're "NUTS" if you think this is gonna stop! BRING BACK JERICHO! The Daughertys

$5.00 -- Anthony, Omaha, NE -- 5/22 9:54 AM (pooled) "NUTS" to you CBS

$20.00 -- Kevin, Milford, PA -- 5/22 9:54 AM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Melissa, Jonesboro, LA -- 5/22 9:51 AM (pooled) Jericho was the only show that my family and I made a point to sit down every week and watch. When I say family, I include my husband, son, aunt, uncle, brother, and mother. We had a weekly Jericho night. Please reconsider taking this show off of the air and make a commitment to quality family programming. Thank you, Melissa Jonesboro, LA

$10.00 -- Christina, Olean, MO -- 5/22 9:42 AM (pooled) BRING BACK JERICHO!

$5.00 -- Stacey, Glen Burnie, MD -- 5/22 9:40 AM (pooled) PLEASE!!! Give us back the ONLY show on your network that we watch!! Please give us more Jericho!!!! THANKS!

$5.00 -- Brenda, Lawrenceville, GA -- 5/22 9:39 AM (pooled) ENJOY! please bring back JERICHO for a FULL SEASON or sell it to another network that will. Thanks!

$30.00 -- Ingo, Marietta, OK -- 5/22 9:39 AM (pooled) NUTS!

$5.00 -- Jacqueline, Milford, NH -- 5/22 9:39 AM (pooled)

$20.00 -- David, New York, NY -- 5/22 9:38 AM (pooled) I am 34, white, live in NYC, I'm an attorney, and make between $100 and 150k. I watch Jericho when it airs, I read the boards, I talk about it with friends and co-workers. When is the last time you had a group this dedicated to a show? Star Trek?? Give in. Bring Jericho back. David

$10.00 -- Paul, Lorton, VA -- 5/22 9:37 AM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Nancy, Houston, TX -- 5/22 9:35 AM (pooled) Jericho is a terrific series and it appeal to a large variety of gender and age groups - PLEASE DO NOT CANCEL

$10.00 -- Diane, Bronx, NY -- 5/22 9:34 AM (pooled) NUTS to you CBS, Save Jericho!

$10.00 -- thomas, Chester, PA -- 5/22 9:32 AM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Wesley, Joshua, TX -- 5/22 9:29 AM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Bettina, Atlanta, GA -- 5/22 9:25 AM (pooled) I am in the 18-49 demographic. Give Jericho another season to prove itself. TV executives seem to have NO patience these days.... please reconsider.

$10.00 -- Lisa, Nashua, NH -- 5/22 9:22 AM (pooled) NUTS to CBS! SAVE JERICHO

$10.00 -- Heather, Plymouth, IN -- 5/22 9:20 AM (pooled) Bring Back Jericho!! Only Season Two Will Do! NUTS!!!!

$5.00 -- Joshua, Wyoming, MI -- 5/22 9:17 AM (pooled) I absolutely love Jericho and was heartbroken when you canceled it. Jericho has the best writing of any show on TV. If you don't think the public will watch season 2, I issue you a challenge: release season 1 on dvd and watch the sales numbers. I assure you that thousands of people will buy the dvds, proving that the show is popular and has a strong fan base. As a showing of my commitment, I donated $5 to the Nuts to CBS cause. This is my way of telling you and CBS that you made a huge error by canceling the show. I hope this nuts shipment will encourage you to reconsider. Regards, Josh , Grand Rapids MI, lifelong Jericho fan.

$5.00 -- Tim, Fair Oaks, CA -- 5/22 9:15 AM (pooled) Mr. Kahl, I'm sure many of the notes you're getting with these nuts are emotional and more than a little irate. I just wanted to lend a calm voice to the storm and let you know how much I enjoyed Jericho and was looking forward to the show maturing next season. I understand that if the ratings aren't there, there is much to do, but I hope this response to the cancellation shows that the ratings might not be completely accurate. Anything that would continue the show or at least provide some form of closure would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for taking the time to read this and enjoy the nuts! :) Tim

$5.00 -- Christopher, Greensboro, NC -- 5/22 9:11 AM (pooled) Please bring back Jericho! Your hiatus in the middle of the season caused more harm than good. There are many fans of the show. It was one show I never missed.

$10.00 -- William, Jacksonville, NC -- 5/22 9:11 AM (pooled) Please bring back Jericho. It was the BEST show on television this year!

$5.00 -- Dan, Danville, CA -- 5/22 9:11 AM (pooled) Are you "nuts" bring Jericho back!

$20.00 -- JAMES, MIDLOTHIAN, TX -- 5/22 9:09 AM (pooled) I thought for once that a major network had come up with a winning show "that was not a reality island based theme" and would run with it. CBS did. You introduced us to Jericho. It is wholesome family show that my family looked forward to sitting down and having some together time every Wednesday night.You got us hooked and let us get intertwined for over 20 weeks. Then with absolutely no regard for your supporters you took it upon yourself to cancel the show in favor of some pointless crappy show no one has ever heard of. I am informing you that as of now my family, all 53 of them (includes cousins, aunts, uncles get the point?) are officially boycotting CBS. WE WANT A SECOND SEASON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

$5.00 -- Deborah, University Place, WA -- 5/22 9:09 AM (pooled) I'm one of the customers that weren't counted.

$20.00 -- Justin, Saint Clair Shores, MI -- 5/22 8:56 AM (pooled) Please save Jericho! I loved this show!!NUTS!

$5.00 -- William, Montgomery, AL -- 5/22 8:49 AM (pooled) Finish what you started. Please bring back Jericho.

$5.00 -- Rob, New York, NY -- 5/22 8:44 AM (pooled) The Netherlands say

$5.00 -- Tammy, Cumberland, MD -- 5/22 8:42 AM (pooled) When you canceled Jericho, you canceled my viewership of your network. NUTS to you CBS. I know better than you what I want to watch. Stop thinking you know the public when you live in a world that thrives on money, not people.

$5.00 -- Cynthia, Hutto, TX -- 5/22 8:42 AM (pooled) Jericho is a great show w/a great cast! Please do not cancel it ... I know so many people who watch this I can't believe you don't have enough viewers to continuing running this series! To Please accept these NUTS as a small token of our appreciation of this show! Cindi, Chris, Crystal, Clayton, Lori, Morgan, Larry, Danny, Hailee, Brianna, Kathleen, Liz, Glen, Greg, Damia, Rick, Karen, Mary Jane, Cathy, Teresa, Tim, Bonnie, Steve, Jill, Mike, Lee Anne, Jesse, Jeannie, Dan, Roger, Linda G., Linda M., Linda C., David, Jerry Elizabeth, Jennifer, Stephanie, Christine, Mark, Angela, Monica A., Monica M., Joscelyn, Murray, Mike Y., Tim ... and many more in Texas! Please do not cancel this show!

$5.00 -- Lynn, Tucker, GA -- 5/22 8:41 AM (pooled) Only a collection of NUTS would cancel a show with a true fan base like Jericho, so I thought it would be appropriate to send you a collection of NUTS from me. BRING BACK JERICHO!!

$5.00 -- Hadass, Albany, NY -- 5/22 8:40 AM (pooled) Save Jericho!

$5.00 -- Daniel, Sterling Heights, MI -- 5/22 8:38 AM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Raymonde, Bloomfield Hills, MI -- 5/22 8:36 AM (pooled) NUTS!

$20.00 -- Jennifer, Matthews, NC -- 5/22 8:34 AM (pooled) Please bring back Jericho!

$5.00 -- MICHAEL, AUGUSTA, GA -- 5/22 8:33 AM (pooled) BRING BACK JERICHO!

$5.00 -- MICHAEL, SUMMERVILLE, SC -- 5/22 8:31 AM (pooled)

$10.00 -- Ellen, Mount Pleasant, SC -- 5/22 8:28 AM (pooled) PLease reconsider renewing Jericho or sell it to a nework that would appreciate both the show and the fans. Thank you, Ellen

$20.00 -- Sherri, Parkton, MD -- 5/22 8:27 AM (pooled) BRING JERICHO BACK FOR SEASON 2!!!!!!!!

$20.00 -- Luke, Cambridge, MA -- 5/22 8:23 AM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Robert, Allston, MA -- 5/22 8:17 AM (pooled) Dear Mr. Kahl, Please rethink your decision to cancel Jericho. Enjoy these nuts while you ponder this idea. -One of MANY adoring fans.

$5.00 -- Glenn, Staunton, IL -- 5/22 8:15 AM (pooled) I am a loyal male viewer in your key demographic. I watched religiously, but since I travel a lot for business I often used Innertube. I should count in ratings,also-even though I was a non traditional viewer.This is a new era in television!

$40.00 -- John, Parsippany, NJ -- 5/22 8:11 AM (pooled) Please bring Jericho back. It is a very good and interesting show. Thank you.

$5.00 -- Diane, Kansas City, MO -- 5/22 8:04 AM (pooled) You have to be seriously nuts to cancel Jericho. It's time to step up and do the right thing by bringing back Jericho for a full season two.

$5.00 -- Elina, Mahopac, NY -- 5/22 8:01 AM (pooled) CBS - Bring Jericho Back NOW!

$50.00 -- Calvin, Jacksonville, FL -- 5/22 8:01 AM (pooled) Our family really enjoys Jericho, the story of a town finding it's place in a world gone mad, our world, has been very compelling. Please keep this show going!

$5.00 -- Jason, Keller, TX -- 5/22 8:00 AM (pooled) Please bring back Jericho for a second season. This show was a great pick-up last year, and I believe that it will be again if you give it a chance without a hiatus, and in a different time slot.

$10.00 -- Jennifer, Brooklyn Park, MD -- 5/22 7:55 AM (pooled) Nuts to CBS for developing such a great show and online community, then not advertising the show, then putting it on hiatus and canceling it! This show deserves a second chance, and its ratings were not the show's fault. Nine million viewers don't think so either!

$5.00 -- Shane, Virginia Beach, VA -- 5/22 7:54 AM (pooled)

$10.00 -- Suzanne, Derry, NH -- 5/22 7:52 AM (pooled) SAVE JERICHO! Your fans are watching on more than just their televisions. It's a new age of DVR and On Demand and internet viewing. JERICHO WILL BE THE FIRST EXAMPLE of the Nielsen flaws and CBS error in judgement bring Jericho back!

$20.00 -- Cindy, Monroe, LA -- 5/22 7:40 AM (pooled) CBS = NUTS

$5.00 -- Cindy, Monroe, LA -- 5/22 7:37 AM (pooled) "Jericho" Lives... You Are NUTS!!!

$5.00 -- Daniel, Kent, OH -- 5/22 7:36 AM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Nora, Washington, MO -- 5/22 7:32 AM (pooled) I just started watching Jericho at the insistence of my son. I can't believe once again a series of this quality is being canceled after only one season. I implore you to listen to the fans and at least give it another season to see if it can build up a bigger fan base. I think you will be pleasantly surprised. Thank you!

$10.00 -- Giles, Linden, NJ -- 5/22 7:15 AM (pooled) SAVE JERICHO! Kadi and Giles (London, England)

$5.00 -- JAMES, MINNEAPOLIS, MN -- 5/22 7:10 AM (pooled) This is one of the best shows on tv ever. You are completely nuts for canceling it. Second season or sell it to another network!

$15.00 -- Darren, Sanford, FL -- 5/22 6:54 AM (pooled) We will not go away quietly. This will not be our last good night. Enjoy! Jericho must be saved. Yours truly, Darren

$10.00 -- Michael, Haslett, MI -- 5/22 6:46 AM (pooled)

$10.00 -- Kimberley, Marlboro, NJ -- 5/22 6:00 AM (pooled) You've made an error canceling Jericho.

$5.00 -- Chip, Bruce, MS -- 5/22 5:38 AM (pooled) Jericho is one of my favorite shows. Please let it continue and let the fans have closure. It is my favorite show on CBS!

$5.00 -- cira, oneonta, NY -- 5/22 5:25 AM (pooled) BRING BACK JERICHO! I can't live without my Stanley or Mimi! Please!!!!

$7.99 -- Mike, Seattle, WA -- 5/22 5:07 AM (individual) Dear Ms. Tassler, Please enjoy these nuts and reconsider the recent decision to cancel Jericho. It was the best show in this year's CBS lineup but suffered from poor positioning vs American Idol and the long midseason break. With better program management it could be a success for CBS in 2008. I hope that you enjoy the roasted cashews! Regards, Mike A former CBS viewer

$1.99 -- Mike, Seattle, WA -- 5/22 4:49 AM (individual) Dear Mr Moonves, Please enjoy these nuts and reconsider the recent decision to cancel Jericho. It was the best show in this year's CBS lineup but suffered from poor positioning vs American Idol and the long midseason break. With better program management it could be a success for CBS in 2008. Regards, Mike A former CBS viewer

$5.00 -- Darrin, LaFollette, TN -- 5/22 4:40 AM (pooled) Jericho is a great show with lots of promise. Please reconsider your decision in canceling it. I, for one, am sick of cop, lawyer, mindless sit-coms and reality shows. If CBS doesn't see the potential of this show, I hope another network will see there is an audience for it and picks it up. As for now, CBS is blocked on my TV and letters will be sent to your current advertisers expressing the concern of CBS programing decisions and advertising. Whomever is responsible for the long break in the season and the decision to cancel the series, should be fired. Why would anyone cancel a series with a huge fan base? Did anyone consult the advertisers of the show before making the decision to remove it? So I am sending you this pack of NUTS to show that not only have you lost a fan of the show, but a viewer of your network. If I am willing to spend my money sending you nuts, how much would I have spent with your advertisers? Reconsider your decision!!!!

$20.00 -- Brenda, Wichita, KS -- 5/22 4:33 AM (pooled) Save Jericho!

$5.00 -- Meridith, Livermore, CA -- 5/22 4:32 AM (pooled) I really loved Jericho. Please either bring us season 2, of let it be picked up by another network (CW, TNT, etc.) Meridith Livermore, CA

$10.00 -- Marcus, Grevenbroich, AA -- 5/22 4:14 AM (pooled) I downloaded Jericho and will watch it on Pro7 in some days when it starts here in Germany. Jericho is such an great Series please keep it up!

$10.00 -- Elisabeth, Lynden, WA -- 5/22 4:07 AM (pooled) NUTS!!! Please bring back the only show I watch on CBS!! If you do we will be saying that CBS ROCKS!! And talk about THAT publicity!! NUTS TO CBS!!! Beth Brown

$10.00 -- Scott, Bend, OR -- 5/22 3:54 AM (pooled)

$10.00 -- Lynn, Colorado Springs, CO -- 5/22 3:30 AM (pooled) Hi Kelly, please renew Jericho, at least as a mid season 13 episodes pickup. The show is the only thing which brought me back to CBS after years of watching other networks. Please don't loose me as a viewer for a second time!

$5.00 -- Tracey, San Bernardino, CA -- 5/22 3:10 AM (pooled) BRING BACK JERICHO!!

$5.00 -- Jennifer, Tucson, AZ -- 5/22 2:59 AM (pooled)

$50.00 -- Pete, West Wickham, NY -- 5/22 2:58 AM (pooled) From an angry English Jericho fan. Please accept this small token of my disdain. Give me our show back! I've only got one thing to say to you CBS .... NUTS!

$5.00 -- Michael, Seattle, WA -- 5/22 2:53 AM (pooled) I watch very little television these days... I find the vast majority of it to be an inane waste of time. Jericho was one of the few shows with the writing and acting strength necessary to keep it interesting, and I would tape it if I wasn't going to be home during the broadcast. If Jericho remains canceled, I'll be one of the many viewers who has no more reason to tune into your network. I hope you enjoy the nuts :)

$5.00 -- Justin, South Jordan, UT -- 5/22 2:46 AM (pooled) Hello, I am a big fan of "Jericho" and was very disappointed when it was canceled. Please bring it back for a second season of at least 13 and preferably 22 episodes. It's the show that brought me back to network TV with its compelling story of how Americans would react if the worst happened. If you bring Jericho back for a second season I will strongly consider watching other CBS shows as well. Regards, Justin

$10.00 -- Irene, Eagle River, AK -- 5/22 2:40 AM (pooled) Kelly, ALASKA WANTS JERICHO BACK!

$10.00 -- Charles, Lubbock, TX -- 5/22 2:36 AM (pooled) I am through investing anymore time on CBS dramas, as you don't truly care about your viewers. Please bring back Jericho or sell the rights to another network.

$30.00 -- Paul, Union CIty, CA -- 5/22 2:35 AM (pooled) It's NUTS to cancel Jericho, give me back my favorite show!

$5.00 -- Chad, Toms River, NJ -- 5/22 2:32 AM (pooled) SAVE JERICHO! NUTS!!

$5.00 -- Janine, Auckland, AP -- 5/22 2:28 AM (pooled)

$10.00 -- Carole, Boothwyn, PA -- 5/22 2:22 AM (pooled)

$10.00 -- James, Boring, OR -- 5/22 2:20 AM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Gary, Listowel, CA -- 5/22 2:18 AM (pooled) Bring back Jericho!!!

$5.00 -- Virginia, Pequot Lakes, MN -- 5/22 2:18 AM (pooled) From David and Virginia - Breezy Point, MN - NUTS TO YOU CBS! BRING JERICHO BACK FOR ANOTHER SEASON!

$10.00 -- Kevin, Rye, NY -- 5/22 2:16 AM (pooled) To Whom It May Concern, It would be really, really super-nice of you to bring Jericho back in any way that you can. Thank you, and have a great day! - Kevin

$10.00 -- Dorothy, Tewksbury, MA -- 5/22 2:10 AM (pooled) Please correct CBS past scheduling mistakes (hiatus and Idol) and final decision (cancellation). Save Jericho for us fans. Please bring us season 2. Remember MASH, Happy Days, Forever Knight, Silk Stalkings, Seinfeld and JAG all got a 2nd chance that paid off big as we all know Jericho can.

$20.00 -- Greg, Chicago, IL -- 5/22 1:51 AM (pooled) "La garde meurt, mais il ne se rend pas!"

$20.00 -- Joshua, Cheyenne, WY -- 5/22 1:51 AM (pooled)

$10.00 -- Susan, Shalimar, FL -- 5/22 1:51 AM (pooled) Jericho is too unique and wonderful a show to be treated this way. SAVE JERICHO!!

$50.00 -- roberta, tucson, AZ -- 5/22 1:42 AM (pooled) The decision to cancel Jericho was nuts. Please accept this gift in the hope that Jericho will be renewed for a second season.

$5.00 -- Joshua, Warrensburg, MO -- 5/22 1:41 AM (pooled)

$5.00 -- Jonathan, Smithfield, NC -- 5/22 1:36 AM (pooled) SAVE JERICHO!

$20.00 -- Karen, Topeka, KS -- 5/22 1:27 AM (pooled) Nuts to closure. My family wants a second season of Jericho!

$5.00 -- Pete, Menasha, WI -- 5/22 1:24 AM (pooled) NUTS TO CBS BRING BACK JERICHO

$20.00 -- william, allston, MA -- 5/22 1:15 AM (pooled) Please renew Jericho

$5.00 -- Kelly, Spokane, WA -- 5/22 1:03 AM (pooled) CBS - You are NUTS to even think of canceling Jericho!

$5.00 -- Eilda, Coeur d Alene, ID -- 5/22 12:55 AM (pooled) Hope you enjoy the "Nuts" CBS! We cant believe you canceled one of the BEST shows on TV only to replace it with some lame "reality" show. Brink Jericho back!! The Benjamins

$5.00 -- David, Washington, DC -- 5/22 12:53 AM (pooled) Please save this show. I love it. --David

$5.00 -- Christopher, Temecula, CA -- 5/22 12:49 AM (pooled) I love Jericho.

$10.00 -- jackie, trabuco canyon, CA -- 5/22 12:49 AM (pooled) To quote Storm of the Century - "Give me what I want and I'll go away" Bring back Jericho!

$10.00 -- Jeff, Beaverton, OR -- 5/22 12:46 AM (pooled) NUTs to you CBS! Bring Jericho back - the best show ever!

$5.00 -- Roland, Lysterfield, VT -- 5/22 12:43 AM (pooled) Hi Kelly, Best wishes from Down Under, where we enjoy Jericho as much as everywhere else! Kind regards Roland Weber ph. +61 401 714 607

$5.00 -- Brian, Shoreline, WA -- 5/22 12:41 AM (pooled) Are you NUTS for not renewing Jericho! Do you really think I'm going to watch Kid Nation instead? Brian Shoreline, WA

$10.00 -- Adam, Massillon, OH -- 5/22 12:39 AM (pooled) Please bring back Jericho for another season! We love Jericho! We want closure in the forms of more seasons.

$5.00 -- alex, east brunswick, NJ -- 5/22 12:28 AM (pooled) Nuts to you CBS... Save Jericho!!

$25.00 -- Joanna, Shorewood, MN -- 5/22 12:24 AM (individual) NUTS Save Jericho! Stop taking your viewers for granted!

$5.00 -- Tara, Corbin, KY -- 5/22 12:21 AM (pooled) "NUTS" BRING BACK JERICHO

$10.00 -- Eric, West Lafayette, IN -- 5/22 12:16 AM (pooled) Save Jericho... Don't drop the bomb again!

$5.00 -- Elizabeth, Maynard, MN -- 5/22 12:16 AM (pooled) NUTS TO YOU!

$5.00 -- Darren, Brockton, MA -- 5/22 12:15 AM (pooled) Bring Jericho back. It's the only show I've cared about in 10 years. Darren , MA.

$10.00 -- Kristina, Olympia, WA -- 5/22 12:14 AM (pooled) Dear CBS, I am sending you these nuts in response to your cancellation of your hit drama tv series, "Jericho". The symbolism rests in the final episode of the first season of the show, if you have been paying any attention, I need not say more. It seems however, that you have not been paying attention. Jericho has been a huge success, you have neglected the fact that many millions chose to watch Jericho online. You also crippled the show by putting a huge break in the middle of the season, which you now claim to have "learned your lesson" from, yet you refuse to give Jericho another chance. You are not listening to your viewers, so we will stop watching, no longer will we support you and your pocketbooks no longer will we sit back while you make up our minds for us, we are going to fight back, we make your network a success, and without us you are nothing. Nuts to you CBS, we wont be watching any longer.

$5.00 -- Doreen, Livonia, MI -- 5/22 12:12 AM (pooled) Please bring back Jericho!!!!

$20.00 -- William, San Carlos, CA -- 5/22 12:12 AM (pooled) I am squarely in the 18-49 age demographic that you would like to reach and never watched a single episode excep