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All the media that talks about our part in the fight to Save Jericho!


USA Today: Wanted: More nuts to watch CBS' 'Jericho'

Philadelphia Inquirer: Fans win the battle of Jericho

Canada Leader-Post: Bags of Nuts get Jericho Renewed

St. Louis Post-Dispatch: TV critic's pick for Friday: 'Jericho' back from the dead

North Texas Star-Telegram: The battle for Jericho

Tuesday, June 19

TV Guide: Skeet Thanks Jericho Fans

Friday, June 15

TV Guide: Jericho's Surprise Resurrection: Skeet Ulrich on the show's return and the changes ahead

Thursday, June 14

The National Enquirer: Battle of 'Jericho' (June 25 issue, on sale this weekend)

Louisville Courier-Journal: 'Jericho's' resurgence questions ratings and how we watch TV

Tuesday, June 12

Variety: Jericho returns with Friday repeats

Orlando Sentinel: "Jericho" returns to CBS lineup on July 6

Ventura County Star: A nutty strategy by series' fans helps bring 'Jericho' back

WTOP 103.5 FM: CBS Chief Calls Rather Comments 'Sexist' (end of story)

Rocky Mountain News: Fans claim rare victory

Saturday, June 9

New York Times: CBS Revives 'Jericho,' With a Plea to Fans

Entertainment Weekly: 'Jericho' Rising?

Friday, June 8

Variety: 'Jericho' gets a jolt

Philadelphia Inquirer: Thanks to fans, 'Jericho' lives on

SyFy Portal: You Win Some, You Lose Some, You Go Nuts

The Stage: Nuts to Jericho!

BlogCritics: TV News: Nuts Save Jericho

PopMatters: CBS' walls against 'Jericho' come tumbling down

Pittsburg Post-Gazette: 'Jericho' resurrected

Thursday, June 7

Mediaweek: CBS' Jericho Revived for '08

Broadcasting & Cable: CBS Goes Nuts Over Jericho

E-Gear: All It Takes is Nuts

Wednesday, June 6

CBS: BREAKING NEWS: JERICHO SAVED! A message from Nina Tassler

CNET: Deluge of peanuts brings back 'Jericho' TV show

The New York Times: CBS, Bowing to Protests, Brings Back 'Jericho'

The Washington Post: Fans' Nutty Campaign May Save 'Jericho' From Tumbling

E! Online: Jericho Fans Go Nuts for Revival

New York Magazine: All Those Nuts You Sent to CBS Paid Off: 'Jericho' Might Return

Associated Press: Nutty 'Jericho' fans' peanut protest makes CBS reconsider cancellation

Tuesday, June 5

LA Times: Resurrection?: The fans might have saved 'Jericho'

Entertainment Weekly: A Return to 'Jericho'?

TV Guide: Ausiello Report: Exclusive: Jericho on Verge of Renewal

New York Post: STARR REPORT (3rd paragraph)

Orlando Sentinel: Could all those nuts save "Jericho"? We're waiting for an answer, CBS "Jericho" Back in Action? That's Nuts!

Associated Press: Fans make CBS reconsider 'Jericho' axing

SyFy Portal: 'Jericho' To Return To CBS

Monday, June 4

KFKF 94.1 in Kansas City: Lisa, one of our many Jericho heroes, in a radio interview

Friday, June 1

Toledo Free Press: Local woman nuts for 'Jericho'

SyFy Portal: Other Networks Interested In 'Jericho'

Thursday, May 31

The National Enquirer: Shell-Shock (June 11 issue, on sale this weekend)

Lower Hudson Online: NUTS for Jericho

Elmira Star-Gazette: Help fight cancellation of a favorite TV show

Wednesday, May 30

The Wall Street Journal: Aww, Nuts. Why CBS Can't Save 'Jericho' (watch the last minute of the video, it's priceless)

The New York Times: End-of-Days Fidelity for 'Jericho'

SyFy Portal: 'Jericho' Nuts Campaign Takes On New Cause

Find The Boots: Save Jericho: A Movement with a Heart

Tuesday, May 29

AOL's Blogging Stocks: CBS Jericho fans say nuts to network

Pioneer Press: 'Jericho' fans go nuts over cancellation

The Madison, WI Capital Times: Media musings (halfway down the column)

iF Magazine: 'Jericho' Fans Put Their Nuts On the Line

Monday, May 28 Jericho May Have A Chance With Nutty Protest Angry 'Jericho' Fans Go Nuts CBS under attack for canceling 'Jericho': Protests grow

Sunday, May 27

New York Times: Fans of Canceled 'Jericho' Mobilize With a Very Literal Protest

Saturday, May 26

Michelle Malkin: Nuts for Jericho

Slashdot: "Jericho" Fans Send Over Nine Tons of Nuts to CBS Nuts, Social Media, and the Power of BlogTalkRadio Platform

Pittsburgh Leader Times: Kittanning man participates in protest of cancellation of CBS drama Jericho

Friday, May 25

The New Zealand Herald: Sideswipe: Friday

99.9 KTYD in Santa Barbara: A great interview! Going Nuts: Fans Shell CBS for Canceling 'Jericho'

E! Online: Will CBS Rebuild Jericho? Get the Scoop on the Fan Fave's Future!

CBSNews: "Jericho" Fans Go Nuts

CNN: Looking out for No. 1 (and some nuts)

Newsday: Fans literally go nuts to save axed 'Jericho'

WIBW Kansas: Nuts to CBS

Metro Canada: Viewers start mission to revive shows

Thursday, May 24

Ain't It Cool News: Now That The "Nuts" Campaign Is In Motion, What Next??

SyFy Portal: CBS Gets Personal Nut Delivery, Campaign At 7 Tons

Rocky Mountain News: Nuts to you

Buzzsugar: "Jericho" Fans are Seriously Nuts 'Jericho' fans trying to save canceled show

Wednesday, May 23

Entertainment Weekly POPWATCH: 'Jericho': One Week Later

My Luxury Place: Entrepreneur of the Month Making CBS 'Nuts'!

Jersey Blogs: Blog of the Day: NutsOnline

WCBS2 TV in New York: 'Jericho' Fans To CBS: 'Nuts!' - Over 9,200 Pounds Of Nuts Ordered To CBS In Manhattan

The Newark Jersey Star Ledger: 'Jericho' fans: 'Nuts' to CBS - Show's demise spurs protest

TV Squad: Jericho fans go 'nuts' over cancellation

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: TV Notes: 'Jericho' junkies unite (second item on page)

Tuesday, May 22 How to Kill Myopic TV Execs With Food Allergies: 'Jericho' Fans Call Down Plague Of Peanuts Upon CBS Tormentors CBS offers Jericho compromise, fans throw nuts

SyFy Portal: 'Jericho' Fans Raise Nut Profile To 7,000 Pounds

CNN Money: Angry 'Jericho' fans think CBS is nuts

Media Blvd: The Eagle Has Landed: Nuts Flowing Into CBS By The Ton in Effort to Save Jericho

Copywrite, Ink: Shipping Nuts: NutsOnline For Jericho

Monday, May 21

WebProNews: Jericho Fans Go Nuts Online

SyFy Portal: Half Ton of Nuts Heading to CBS

Ain't It Cool News: Save JERICHO Update!! Get Ready CBS - The Nut Truck Is Coming (Literally)!! Jericho Fans Go Nuts