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NUTS for Jericho - Status

Status and action items

NUTS for Jericho: Success
orders $$ weight
NY 3,687 $41,609 30,363 lbs
LA 1,104 $13,857 10,112 lbs
total 4,791 $55,466 40,475 lbs
Over 20 TONS of Peanuts to CBS!!
(that's about 8 million peanuts!!)

Jericho 1 day record:
10,000 pounds hit CBS NY on 5/29!!!
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list of contributions

Your Jericho Pride: words and photos
[fan photos]

We know you're NUTS about Jericho... we are too! This is a page where you, the fans, can share why you love it in your own words... and send in photos of how you show your pride in the real world! We love all the heartfelt messages, not to mention the photos of your signs, tee shirts, dogs and cats!

Check it out, and show your love here!

$20,672 in Donations to Greensburg, Kansas so far!
Save the real world Kansas, too!
Jericho is set in Kansas, which was hit by a series of devastating tornadoes during the same week that the season finale aired. An EF5 tornado destroyed about 95% of the town of Greensburg. For every pound of peanuts shipped in this campaign, we're donating 10 cents to the Greensburg Rebuilding Fund. Plus, fans have already given $12,224 through us and we are donating another $4,040 in proceeds from the t-shirts. If you'd like, make an extra donation here!    Full Details

Rebuild Greensburg, Kansas:

[picket signs] Your action items:
  1. Watch Jericho
  2. Tell your friends to watch
  3. Speak up about Jericho
  4. Save Greensburg, Kansas
  5. Wear your Jericho shirts