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Chocolate Covered Espresso Beans Reviews

Below is a sampling of some of our very satisfied customers. Most of our customers are loyal customers that continue to come back and shop at Nuts.com.

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"I used to get these for my wife from Caribou Coffee and was thrilled to be able to get these from you! She loved them!!!! Thanks for a great product and tremendous service. Delivery was quick!"
Oct 2014 -- Dave, Carol Stream, Ilinois

"Ordered both the milk chocolate and dark chocolate covered espresso beans. Ordered them for a gift ... but don't know if I can hold off actually eating them myself. They look wonderful!"
Oct 2014 -- Doris, Somerville, MA

"My family and I were absolutely thrilled with our order! We LOVE the dark chocolate covered espresso beans and the cinnamon imperials. They are SO delicious! We couldn't believe how quickly everything was delivered, and how beautifully everything was packaged. We even received a free gift of a generous amount of organic almonds! It is rare to find a company as good as Nuts.com. You can tell they REALLY CARE about their customers."
Oct 2014 -- Therese, Pittsburgh, PA

"'Dark Chocolate Covered Espresso Beans', the name alone sounds so deliciously good."
Sep 2014 -- Mary, Hampton, VA

"These are so good... totally recommend them."
Sep 2014 -- Laura, Cincinnati, OH

"What an incredible experience! I ordered two pounds of the NY mix of chocolate covered espresso beans which I will be taking all the way to Ireland for my upcoming wedding! My coworkers couldn't believe it when the package arrived the very next day and everyone begged to try! The espresso beans were so delicious (and sought after) that I regretted opening them! My only wish is that I had ordered more! Thanks! Christi"
Jul 2014 -- Christi, Braintree, MA

"Very speedy service! I ordered chocolate espresso beans and mint espresso beans! Both are very delicious! I am going to order again soon! Very happy!"
Jul 2014 -- Virali, New York, Ny

"We love the espresso beans. The milk chocolate, mint chocolate and coffee and cream."
Jul 2014 -- Darryl, Kermit, Texas

"I needed a source for quality sugar-free dark chocolate-covered espresso beans. You have delivered, and I'm delighted. Thank you!"
Jul 2014 -- Lisa, Indianapolis, IN

"Gees, oh, man! Nuts.com is the best. I get my seeds and grains here as well as my special treats - the choco espresso beans are heavenly. The crystalized ginger is the best I've found. Yea! Nuts.com."
Jun 2014 -- Johnye, Temple, TX

"I can't say enough good things about nuts.com. For starters the customer service is beyond GREAT ! Always delivered as stated. The box it's delivered in is adorable as well. The products are always fresh and the prices are fantastic. My children know when they see the box there is some good stuff inside it. One of my favorites is the NY Espresso Mix; its delicious ! As for the family they love it all. I am a baker and I get both my yeast and gluten as well from nuts.com. The gluten cost 1/2 price compared to the local store's price. As for the yeast the savings is substantial at nuts.com. My local store charges close to $32.00 a lb When at nuts.com it costs only $4.99 lb and a cheaper per lb price if a larger quantity is ordered. Between the quality and the price its the place to shop. I recommend it to all my friends. I am a returning customer and will always be ! Thanks for the great service !"
Jun 2014 -- DAWN, Wind Gap, Pa

"I will love you forever because i am just "Nuts" about your mocha beans and everything else I order!"
May 2014 -- Marge, Overland Park, KS

"You all rock! Speedy service and seriously tantalizing treats. I'm sending this lot to my Mother.... Nothing like getting family addicted to tasty treats. Dark Chocolate covered espresso beans are FANTABULOUS!!!!"
May 2014 -- Dana, Flint, MI

"Delivery time is always excellent, arrives usually by the next day. The Greek yogurt chips are delicious, The NY espresso mix also incredible. both will be used in cookie batter in the near future! Also, the freeze-dried pomegranate seeds are quite good, as well as the fried green peas!"
May 2014 -- Jyoti, Marstons Mills, MA

"This is one of the best companies I've ever dealt with. I rarely write reviews but because they went well and beyond my expectations, I think they really really deserve some good words! Their chocolate-covered coffee beans are my favorite. I brought some of those to my company and my co-workers went nut for them. We fought over those little balls like a whole bunch of kids! I also ordered some different stuff to try out. Definitely try their golden jumbo raisins and chocolate covered coffee bean if you're new to the site. Finally, thank you to the whole team of Nuts.com. I'm so happy I found your company!"
May 2014 -- LINH, TAMPA, FL

"Bought my mother chocolate covered coffee beans for her birthday and now she wants them for every holiday! I'm ordering her some for mother's day!"
May 2014 -- Genevieve, St. Louis, Missouri

"The chocolate covered almonds were AMAZING! Loved the surprise sample package of cashews. They will be on the order list for next time! Also really liked the milk chocolate covered coffee beans."
Apr 2014 -- Wendell and Rhonda, Kansas City, MO

"I am blown away at how fast these arrived. I ordered 80 pounds of chocolate covered espresso beans (mint chocolate, dark chocolate and cookies and cream) on Tuesday and on Thursday they arrived perfectly packaged and so delicious! Also, if I had ordered a similar product from our area bulk candy franchise (similar by name only because those ones have a totally sub-par, plastic taste), it would have been more expensive (and that's even calculating shipping, customs and taxes). I look forward to ordering again! Thank you NUTS!"
Apr 2014 -- Nat, Toronto, Ontario

"After buying overpriced, poor quality sugar-free dark chocolate-covered espresso beans from others, it was a joyous end to a crappy day when I received my nuts.com package. THEY ARE EXCELLENT!!! And there was this little lagniappe of dried persimmons. We don't get persimmons out here, so these were an extra surprise. It's good to go to bed with a smile. Tomorrow is another day, and I have treat to take with me..."
Apr 2014 -- Bill, Midland, Texas

"Your nuts range from good to outstanding so far. (Needless to say, I haven't tried them all.) I am especially impressed with your dark chocolate coating, e.g. coffee beans and almonds. It is NOT TOO SWEET. Please don't change the recipe, ever."
Apr 2014 -- Liza, Paris, KY

"Your delivery is unbelievable, less than two days! Your packaging is so nice. I ordered white and black organic chia seeds, the price is very good. And, the sugar free dark chocolate covered expresso beans are the BEST I have ever tasted. I will be a regular customer from now on."
Apr 2014 -- Joanne, Mays Landing, NJ

"You guys really made my day by helping me make a friends day she loved the espresso brand and the packaging was funny! Very satisfied with how fast it was shipped and delivered!"
Apr 2014 -- marcos, kenner, la

Mar 2014 -- jamie, yellville, ar

"I am totally "nuts" over your product. The chocolate covered espresso beans are divine. Thank you for the extra treat of chocolate covered almonds. They were off the chart good. I will order again for sure. You did a great job on this order. Terry"
Mar 2014 -- Terry, Beaverton, Oregon

"The package I ordered arrived on time, and in a really cool box. I ordered cocoa powdered espresso beans for my husband, and he loves them! I will definitely be ordering from Nuts.com in the future."
Mar 2014 -- Michelle, Pittsburgh, PA

"I started with a sample of these and just ordered two big bags. They are so good I can't stop eating them. I also tried the mixed flavored ones and they are fantastic too. Everything I have ordered from you has exceeded my expectations. Thanks for quality products. I just made my fourth order in a month. I'm addicted!"
Feb 2014 -- Pam, Chesterfield, VA

"I have not tasted all the goodies yet, but I was blown away by the delivery. I received my stuff w/in 48 hours of ordering, and when the UPS guy handed me the box he said, I don't know what's in here, but it looks like fun. We passed the box around for 20 minutes before opening it. All the cute messages and characters on the outside let me know there was greatness inside. Indeed, there was. My favorite thus far is the espresso bean mix -- opening the bag reminded me of dipping into a mixed bag of jellybeans -- who knew espresso beans could be covered in so many different varieties and textures of chocolate? They are yummy. And thanks for the samples -- I will definitely be back for more!"
Feb 2014 -- Jim, Cleveland, OH

"got my order fast and it's grate, this was the first time to get mint covered expresso beans they are to die for. will order more soon thank's"
Feb 2014 -- troy, noblesville, in

"Purchased the dark chocolate espresso beans and they are fantastic. Your company has really great products and very fast delivery. Will purchase again and tell my friends about your web site. Thanks for the super product and quick delivery."
Feb 2014 -- Billy, Grove Hill, AL

"I love nuts.com! They're the greatest quality, value, and price! Nuts.com sells items that are rare. I especially enjoy the dark chocolate coffee beans."
Feb 2014 -- michele, Marathon, fl

"the NY espresso mix is awesome!! can anything this great be legal?!"
Feb 2014 -- mark, sacramento, ca

"I just love your NY Chocolate Covered Espresso beans! I bought some as a gift for someone, and of course I had to get myself some too! I was also pleasantly surprised to receive a small bag of Dark Chocolate Covered Espresso beans as a "thank-you" in the package! I will be a repeat customer for certain!"
Feb 2014 -- Patricia, Rochester, NY

"Love chocolate covered espresso beans!"
Feb 2014 -- kali, north branch, mn

"As I sit here munching on my chocolate covered coffee beans, I am writing you to let you know I have already started spreading the word about your website…..Y'all are fabulous !"
Feb 2014 -- Andrea, Knoxville, TN

"Right on!!! Don't need coffee to keep me awake tonight.....just ate a handful of my just swiftly arrived mocha beans!!!! Glad I found you....looked all over Kansas & Missouri for these little buds. You have a customer for life with me!! Thanks for being so "nutty"...."
Jan 2014 -- Marge, Overland Park, KS

"Super Awesome, SUPER Fresh!! Loved the coffee and the dark chocolate covered espresso beans...SO Amazing!!"
Jan 2014 -- Barbara, Warren, RI

"I've been searching for chocolate covered coffee beans FOREVER, So excited to have found them at such a great price and they are DELICIOUS!! Definitely letting everyone know about this site!"
Jan 2014 -- Cassandra, North branch, Mn

"My chocolate covered espresso beans are delicious! I use them as a pick-me-up during marathon training and during the actual race. I will order again! Btw, the ship box is so cute!"
Jan 2014 -- Teresa, Manila, AR

"Yes I did receive my order today as promised! Right now I'm loving my milk chocolate covered express beans!! As for the nuts I've placed on a high protein diet and looking for a healthy alternate snake food! I just love pistachios!!"
Jan 2014 -- Jennifer, Liberty, MO

"My first order arrived and I am so happy with everything that I purchased.The NY espresso mix coffee beans are so good. I was happy to find sorghum syrup it is not something we can get up north. My order also shipped so fast!!!! you guys rock!!"
Jan 2014 -- stephanie, williston, VT

"dark chocolate covered espresso beans are SUPER! LOVE!"
Jan 2014 -- Stephanie, Mckinney, Tx

"I ordered the Dark Chocolate espresso beans and NY mix. I received them today and I love them! The first time I had them was when I lived in Hawaii and yours are 10 times better! I will definitely be reordering, among other items. You've got a return customer for sure. Thank you!"
Jan 2014 -- Sandra S Sondergeld, Sandusky, Ohio

"Ooh, ooh, ooh, got our awesome package this morning(at light speed too, I might add!), and am thrilled with everything! This time I decided to try a sample package of the famed chocolate covered espresso beans and they are out of this world good! Plans have already begun for the next order from your company that includes a whole pound of these little chocolate gems!"
Jan 2014 -- Kelsie

"You guys are great... I needed some alum for a cub scout science project and you had just what I needed. I also got some mocha beans for myself as a treat and you snuck in a little something extra. Shipping was fast and I couldn't be happier. You're on my favorites list for sure!"
Jan 2014 -- Stephanie, York, PA

"I ordered these as a gift, and they were an instant favorite. Thank you as always for the fantastic service and delicious snacks."
Dec 2013 -- Amelia, Fayetteville, GA

"The dark chocolate covered expresso beans are wonderful!!! Gonna mix some with roasted peanuts."
Dec 2013 -- Gordon, Lakeview, Arkansas

"I absolutely love the NY mix espresso beans! I received some for my birthday and am giving some bags as gifts! The packaging is nice and I love the free sample that comes with your order."
Dec 2013 -- Melissa, Knoxville, Tennessee

"My dark chocolate covered expresso beans arrived in 1 day - I was very impressed. They are delicious. Some will be used in my double chocolate and expresso cookies. I will enjoy the rest with family and friends. Great products, service and website. Thanks very much. Mike"
Dec 2013 -- Michael, Putnam, CT

"The mocha beans I ordered are just as nice as what I saw in the photos on your web site and just in time for baking a special family recipe Christmas cookie. Thank you so much!"
Dec 2013 -- Trish, Leander, TX

"The shipping is prompt and the products are amazing. I ordered the chocolate covered espresso beans for my husband and he loved them!"
Dec 2013 -- Jamie, Nutley, NJ

"Wonderful company. I will definitely order again. Good customer service on the phone. Everything came as ordered--promptly and correctly. Love the way they keep you informed step by step and tell you when the package has been delivered to your front door. That's a nice touch and different from other companies."
Dec 2013 -- Harriet, Dallas, Texas

"Received shipment really quickly, gobbled up candy bar & dove into the berries even quicker....on my way to order some more items as soon as I submit this review!!!!"
Dec 2013 -- Audrey, Morgantown

"Hey guys! Yes, you did it again! Another highly satisfactory snack experience. The sugar-free chocolate covered coffee beans exceeded expectations. As a pre-diabetic who is trying not to cross that line into full diabetic, these sugar-free delights are extremely satisfying and keep me from indulging in high sugar treats. Thanks and hugs to you all. Paula"
Nov 2013 -- Paula, Carlsbad, California

"So far so great! I got my order a day earlier than I thought I was going to get it. I tried the chocolate covered coffee beans and they are delicious! I have yet to try the beet and maca powder but I plan on trying them asap!"
Nov 2013 -- Samantha, Pennsylvania

"Great product, great service! Thank you!"
Nov 2013 -- Treva, Tallahassee, FL

"I ordered the mocha beans to garnish a Mocha Cheesecake I will be making for Thanksgiving. They were delivered this afternoon and as soon as my husband got home from work he opened them to try them and it looks as though I may need to order a second bag if I plan on garnishing my cake. They are absolutely delicious. Very fresh and flavorful."
Nov 2013 -- Catherin, Reading, Pennsylvania

"Quick fast service and exactly what I wanted. Very easy to order and item arrived in less than a week. Thank you!"
Nov 2013 -- Joyce, Glastonbury, CT

"I love your company. I recently opened a coffee shop called The Bean. I hand out your chocolate covered espresso beans with every drink. People love them and often ask where I get the beans, I always tell them Nuts.com. Thank you for being such a fun company! I look forward to ordering from you for a long time. Leah"
Oct 2013 -- Leah, Luverne, MN

"I received my package before 10am! Awesome dark chocolate covered espresso beans. I was worried I wouldn't be able to get them when I moved here from Arkansas a month ago. And then to get them in less than 24 hours of ordering - I am so thrilled! I will be a regular customer for sure. Thank You again."
Sep 2013 -- Kimberly, Flanders, NJ

"The chocolate covered Kona beans areTHE BEST! Had them sent to my sister's in Illinois as I am here right now. Both of us will order more from you great people! The service was great as the beans arrived when stated! Thanks to all of you!"
Sep 2013 -- Marcia, Oro Grande, California

"Order was perfect! I bough chocolate covered espresso beans for my wedding favors, and they shipped right on time, and came with cooling gel packs to keep them from melting. I loved the little sample that came with it! Super cute shipping box, by the way."
Aug 2013 -- Heather, Winter Garden, FL

"Thanks! You are the best! My dark chocolate-covered espresso beans are delicious, and the packaging ensured their safe arrival (which was also very prompt). I am keeping the box it came in because it made me smile."
Aug 2013 -- Jenn, Washington, DC

"MOST AMAZING ESPRESSO BEANS EVER!!!!!! I cannot say enough about how amazing the white chocolate and mint chocolate beans are. So pleased to see the heat resistant packaging, the beans did not even melt. Will definitely be ordering again."
Aug 2013 -- Melissa, Gardena, California

"Great looking candy and got here super fast. I ordered for a baby shower so I haven't tasted yet, but I'm sure it's all great. Thank you and i'll definitely order again."
Aug 2013 -- Kim, Camarillo, California

"Absolutely love your dark chocolate covered expresso beans. In fact, they have become an addiction. PLEASE don't ever stop carrying them!!!!"
Aug 2013 -- Joy, Smith River, Ca

"The chocolate covered espresso beans were delivered and were perfect!! Thanks for taking the time to put the cold packs in the boxes to insure the chocolate would not melt. They are amazing1"
Aug 2013 -- Vicki Harry, Holly Springs, NC

"Order of jumbo dates and chocolate covered espresso beans arrived. Dates are unbelievable! So delicious and everything came packed in a chilled box to prevent melting! Also got a free sample of tummy apricots. I LOVE THIS COMPANY!"
Jul 2013 -- Gail Dolphin, Swansboro, North Carolina

"I ordered the NY Espresso Mix when my husband came home from work telling me about how good they were when one of his co-workers shared some of his and they are delicious!!!! They were so good that when I shared them with his grandmother she immediately set out to buy three bags herself as gifts! I also ordered the Veggie Chips and fell in love with those too! I also received a free sample of the Berry Mix and his grandmother is a huge fan of strawberries and she says they were the best she'd ever eaten!! Would definitely buy all three products again and try some new ones as well!!!!!"
Jul 2013 -- Lauren, Lewisburg, TN

"UNREAL! These are addicting. The beans are great, and the chocolate flavors are so awesome! I love the NY mix so you are surprised every time you put your hand in the bag!"
Jul 2013 -- Dave, Evansville, IN

"Wow! I was surprised how quickly my order got to me. I placed the order late Thursday night and it was at my door by noon the next day- awesome! The products are wonderful- I love the smooth taste of the matcha and the dark chocolate covered espresso beans are so good. I will definitely order from from nuts.com again. I am in love with your business and products :)"
Jul 2013 -- Berenice, Andrews AFB, MD

"Wow, got the box super fast and it was packed well. The dark chocolate covered espresso beans are great. I appreciate the free sample of cc almonds as well. I will be back for sure and would recommend nuts.com to anyone."
Jul 2013 -- William Garthe, Peru, Illinois

"Amazing Flavor it's like a Frappe party in my mouth. I Love your products everything I have ordered is amazing and I have ordered 3 times. Thank you for being a Great Company."
Jul 2013 -- Tammy, Jacksonville, FL

"In a word.... WONDERFUL!"
Jul 2013 -- Eileen, Brick, NJ

"The dark chocolate coffee beans arrived today and we had to tear the package open and test them. THEY ARE DELICIOUS!!!!!!! Thanks for the something extra = almonds. They were delicious also. Will definitely reorder the beans when these are gone. (which should be soon)"
Jul 2013 -- Susan, Quitman, AR

"My sweet niece Apryle sent me a 5 lb bag of your Dark Chocolate Kona Beans. They arrived on a rare sunny June day here in the Pacific Northwest. They were left in the sun on the doorstep and yet when I opened them I was pleased to find they were in perfect condition, thanks to your ice-cold packaging. The beans are delicious!"
Jun 2013 -- Raynel, Battle Ground, Washington

"Fast shipping, correct up to date. The coffee beans in chocolate taste great the beans are nice and crispy not to hard just perfect. Thank you"
Jun 2013 -- Ines, Brooklyn, NY

"I had a teacher who always had these in her desk and she always gave me some. well she retired the other day and when she did I sent her a card and the reply was a letter with a pound of these and they are the most delightful thing and so much caffeine in so little amount!!!"
Jun 2013 -- William W., Cushing, Maine

"Since the army relocated my family to nowhere Kansas it's been hard to find good espresso beans covered in chocolate! We had no choice but to go online in our search... After reading a few reviews we decided to give y'all a try and: SUCCESS! Considering the heat I had my doubts but they arrived with no issues, and a few cold packs!! Now we're enjoying the yum yums! Tyty"
Jun 2013 -- Adam, Junction city, Ks

"Wow - I ordered around 7 PM yesterday and it was waiting for me when I got home from work today. Under 22 hours, order to delivery!! Thanks to Uncle Sandy, Cousin David, Dad, and Jeffery!!!"
Jun 2013 -- Tina, Pennsylvania

"All I have to say is that, they are really good. We will be ordering more in the future. Thanks, Darla"
Jun 2013 -- Darla, Whitwell, TN

"Wonderful products. I ordered the Almond flour and Chocolate covered espresso beans,mmmm, both were delicious and product arrived next day. Great service and product! I look forward to more purchases."
May 2013 -- Tracy, Elk Mills, MD

"You shipped faster than a speeding bullet. Although the beans are destined to be suspended in coffee ice cream we tasted them and they were every bit as good as we hoped they would be. And yes, you guys are truly nuts."
May 2013 -- Karen, Providence, Rhode Island

"Love, the chocolate covered espresso beans! Super fast delivery!!! I will def order again, also thanks for the sample of the dark choc."
May 2013 -- Gina, Evansville, In.

"The white chocolate covered espresso beans are amazing and the Jordan almonds are OMG oh so good!!!!"
May 2013 -- Katherine, Oak harbor, Wa

"My now Husband and I are delighted to find a unique and flavorful gift for our wedding guests. The NY Espresso Bean mixture was a hit and had the added benefit of giving our guests a little boost later in the evening. They were delicious and left people asking for more."
May 2013 -- Jes, Evansville, WI

"Are you kidding me? I ordered Sunday night and my nuts arrive the next day before 5pm???!?! You guys are nuts!!!!!! Thanks for the super dooper hyper speed delivery! Love you guys! Will recommend you to EVERYONE !!"
May 2013 -- Adele Frost, Middletown, Ct

"WOW, such fast service! The mocha beans are delicious. I have been looking for them for years. Thank you. I enjoyed the sample of the dried strawberries. . . well, who wouldn't? They are tasty. I ordered dried cantaloup, but it is sweeter than I would like. There's nothing wrong with them; they just aren't to my taste. I'll stick to mocha beans and strawberries."
May 2013 -- Barbara, Topanga, CA

"The best dark chocolate coffee beans ever!!!!! I'll be back to reorder....."
May 2013 -- James, Hobbs, NM

"Love the coffee beans and the veggie chips. I'm sure I will be ordering again soon. I saw lots of things I could buy for people that I never know what to get."
May 2013 -- Martha, Mechanicsburg, Ohio

"Ordered the sugar free chocolate covered espresso beans and they're AWESOME! Even though they're sugar free the chocolate is rich and has a deep flavor that blends perfectly with the beans which are also rich in flavor and perfectly roasted!! Well done guys!! I'll definitely be back :)"
Apr 2013 -- Shaun Buttars, Murray, Utah

"What do you give someone that has everything? You give them something that they can go 'nuts' over!!! Nuts.com is the place I went to shop for my sister-in-law. She really means a lot to me and I wanted to get her something that I thought she would really enjoy. Nuts.com is very considerate providing a link to track my gifts delivery; my product was delayed due to a train derailment but was WORTH IT. It was delivered after 5:30pm, she mentioned that the package itself was very CUTE and IMPRESSIVE. She loves coffee, dark chocolate and coconut - I sent her, to mention a few, the dark chocolate covered coconut - she text me it was 'Soooooo good...' - and then tasted the Supreme dark chocolate espresso bean and said, "She's bringing that one to work and leaving it there to keep all to herself!!!" It's been over 2 1/2 hours since she received her delivery and is still raving about the items; now she posting on Facebook! You've got someone going completely NUTS for Nuts.com! Thank you..."
Apr 2013 -- Katherine (Kat), El Sobrante, Ca

"Just received my first shipment yesterday! I ordered corn nuts, chocolate covered coffee beans, and bee pollen. Also got a bonus; veggie chips :) So far, the coffee beans and corn nuts are completely addicting, and I can't wait to try the veggie chips. I know the bee pollen will be great in my morning smoothies! Thanks nuts! Great products and unbelievable delivery time! Robin"
Apr 2013 -- Robin, Raleigh, NC

"I bought 5 pounds of the dark chocolate espresso beans so i could eat some and take the rest to work at a Chevrolet dealership for my sales staff to enjoy throughout a busy saturday of work. My 14 salespeople and 5-6 managers thoroughly enjoyed almost all of them. They couldn't put them down and thanked me over and over for bringing them in. I've definitely got nuts.com more customers, thanks for making great products."
Apr 2013 -- Mike Lincoln, York, PA

"Fantastic selection, great prices,quick delivery!!! Grandaughter will be soooooo happy I finally found chocolate covered expresso beans. Been searching for them for quite awhile. Thank you!!!!!"
Apr 2013 -- fran, Virginia Beach, Virginia

"The dark chocolate covered espresso beans far exceeded our expectations. They arrived expeditiously and looked yummy. Best of all, they tasted delicious. Thanks."
Apr 2013 -- Peggy, Hales corners, Wi

"Loved the supreme dark chocolate covered espresso nuts! Ordered other items but they were the best! Very happy will definitely order from you again :)"
Apr 2013 -- Chris, clayton, nc

"The Dark Chocolate Covered Espresso Beans are a big hit with friends with everyone saying "Those are SO good!""
Apr 2013 -- Tim, New Ulm, MN

"Chocolate espresso beans are excellent. Website, processing and delivery unsurpassed!"
Apr 2013 -- Mitzi, Elmore City, OK

"Very tasty, would order again."
Apr 2013 -- Natalie, Baltimore, Md

"These are ever so crunchy awesomeness. Better than I expected and they are a great energy boost. I was going to oder decaf but having the caffeine is my portion control. Hahah. Thanks for the free almond sample too, so yummy nuttylicious."
Apr 2013 -- GREENDOLL

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