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Mustard Seeds Reviews

Below is a sampling of some of our very satisfied customers. Most of our customers are loyal customers that continue to come back and shop at Nuts.com.

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"Awesome service. I make pickles and can't believe how much money I saved ordering mustard seeds thru Nuts.com. You'd have to be nuts to buy spices in those little jars with less than an ounce in them."
Jul 2014 -- Stu Gibeau, Black mountain, NC

"Wonderful Service Fast Delivery excellent pricing and the most delightful packaging. Made my day reading it."
Oct 2013 -- Ben, Monticello, Arkansas

"How can someone in rural Vermont complain about receipt of 25 pounds of mustard seed within 24 hours of placing the order? And at the best price to be found to boot? You may be nuts but you totally rock!"
Sep 2013 -- Nan, Newfane, VT

"I was truly impressed with the quality, packaging and promptness in delivering the item that I ordered. I would strongly recommend my friends about this resource that was unknown to me till now."
Aug 2013 -- partha, Bridgewater, New Jersey

"Yes, my pkg arrived as you indicated. Seems mustard seed is difficult to find but you folks had the supply I needed for making chow-chow! Much appreciated and very fast delivery. I'd order from you again in a heartbeat!"
May 2013 -- Margie, Bronson, FL

"Wow! So much quality product for much less than others we have used. Super fast on time delivery and well packaged/protected product. Kudos to the "Nuts.com". And, the spices were so high quality."
Mar 2013 -- Jackie, Ocala, Florida

"Wow! I can't believe how fast my order arrived! You said two days and it came the very next day. From now on you're my only source for canning spices. Kudos to the whole Nuts.com team!!!!"
Aug 2012 -- Kerri, South Glens Falls, New York

"I really like your new packaging! Just as nutty as all of you! =0) I got my shipment as promised and was so pleased to see a little packet of Goji Berries had stowed away into my box. Thank you! I love the quality and price of your quinoa and now that I have started canning, getting mustard seeds in bulk is a blessing. Thanks to all of you. I can always depend on you for my organic needs. You guys rock...or is it just that you guys are NUTS!"
Aug 2012 -- Gabby, Belleview, FL

"My order was delivered as promised. My spices were of excellent quality. I am very pleased with my order. This was my first order from Nuts.com and I will order with confidence that your products are superior in quality. Great prices too!!"
Jul 2012 -- Velma, Hernando, Ms

"I just found your site, and I must say, I wish I had found you years ago. I go through a lot of spices when I can fruits and veg, and you have just saved me a tremendous amount of money. Your site is easy and concise, shipping charges are fair, and packaging efficient and effective. I am very pleased, Thank you."
Jul 2012 -- Erin, Bakersfield, California

"Those nuts did a fast and accurate job! From one nut to another Thanks!!!"
Oct 2011 -- Richard Jordan, Gastonia, NC

"Thankyou so very much for my second order received yesterday. I am very pleased with the products I have received so far, arrived on time and beautifully packaged. You will me hearing more from me and I will certainly pass your details on to my friends. Linda From Linda's Kitchen"
Oct 2011 -- Linda Joneli, Crooked River Ranch, OR

"I ordered mustard seeds...Boy did I get mustard seeds! Awesome I can continue making bread and butter pickles and zucchini relish with out running out of mustard seeds for a LONG time to come. And cost effective. Thank you so much!!!"
Sep 2011 -- Jo-Ann, Charlton, MA

"I ordered form these nutty people on Monday about 4PM. When completed, and they acknowledged my order they said it would be here, at my house, the next day. Smiling inwardly, I said " Oh sure". Know What? It was ! How do they do that??"
Aug 2011 -- Uncle Vic, Near Lake george, NewYork

"I couldn't believe how fast I received my shipment. Your prices are terrific. Thanks!!!"
Jul 2011 -- Mary, Riceville, TN

"super fast delivery, first time i had ever ordered, delivered on time and in the pressure cooker 3 hrs later ,,will order again"
Jun 2011 -- anthony, gulf shores, Alabama (AL)

"OMG.......I made homemade HOT German Style mustard and it ROCKED. Use equal amounts of cold liquid and the mustard powder; mix well and you're done. I used a flat beer but did add some garlic powder, a little cayenne and a splash of vinegar. This is mind blowing potent so be very aware. To make your mustard mild, use heated liquid; or even cook the concoction. Mustard maintains it's pungency when you use cold liquid. This goes great with smoked sausage, hot dogs, pastrami etc...! You will never want to buy commercial HOT mustard again. Try experimenting with other herbs and spices."
Feb 2011 -- Christina, Indianapolis, In

"Super quick delivery! Pleased with the quality of the products. Thanks for the good service."
Dec 2010 -- Anne, Hawkinsville, GA

"WOW! Super fast shipping and great products. Can't wait to order again. Thanks and Happy New Year!"
Jan 2010 -- Alice, Washington, NC

"As always, everything was neatly packed and delivered in no time! Thanks again. My neighbour was visiting at the time my box was delivered and is going to buy some cashews and goji berries. She was impressed with quality!"
Dec 2009 -- Natalie, Erie

"Everything arrived on time, and in good shape. I opened up one of the spice packets and the room exploded with the smell of fresh paprika. WOW. The next day I used the mustard seeds, I had ordered, to "put up a batch" of home made mustards, The same freshness and aroma from the mustard filled the room. You have a great product at a great price! Thank you, and We will be doing business again in the future."
Jun 2009 -- Scott, Fort Collins, CO

Showing 1 - 21 of 21 reviews

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