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Mochi Rice Cakes Reviews

Below is a sampling of some of our very satisfied customers. Most of our customers are loyal customers that continue to come back and shop at Nuts.com.

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"First time eating mochi. Yum!"
Sep 2014 -- Hoosier mom, Central, IN

"I am so happy to receive my mochi!! And the positivity and silliness in the messages for the delivery thingy was really lovely and made the opening of my package even better! If I ever run out of my 20lbs of mochi, I'll DEFINITELY order from here again! ^u^"
Aug 2014 -- June, Bedford, VA

"Loved your mochi so much that I ate the entire pound before I bought any yogurt to go under it, so I ordered 2 pounds of the delicious treat this time! I love everything about your company, including the free sample box of veggie chips. Will be ordering those next time, as well. What a treat to pick a co. at random and be so very pleasantly surprised!!! Thank you, Nuts.com Tammie"
Jul 2014 -- Tammie, Lake Charles, LA

"Thought I would try these for my grandkids who like gummies but i don't feel they are really all that healthy for them. These sounded like something that might be a little better for them. Surprise - they absolutely love them as do I. They really are good. A great snack for all of us."
Jul 2014 -- Mouse, Hartford, WI

"I ordered these, a little skeptical of how they would taste because of them being rice cakes, but I was right to order them. They are a sweet snack that is small enough to carry and to bring along somewhere. They are a mix of marshmallows, and gummy bears really. My package came much earlier than expected, and it was a very pleasant surprise! As soon as the box opened, I was snacking on them and I got about halfway through the bag in 2 days, and I'm saving the rest. If you are considering getting them, I suggest you do! They are a small, light, and sweet snack that will delight."
Jun 2014 -- Teresa, Antioch, Illinois

"Just as delicious as described! Arrived quick and super fresh! Now I know where to order my favorite frozen yogurt toppings!"
Jun 2014 -- Julie, Jackson Heights, NY

"The Mochi Rice Cakes are tasty soft little pillows of deliciousness. I wish I knew how many (count) make up a serving size of 1.1 oz. for only 117 calories so I don't over indulge. They are soooo good. Please let me know how many make up 1.1 oz serving. Thanks."
Jun 2014 -- NaturallyCurlie, NYC, NY

"Was so excited to receive the Nut(ty) box today....only 2 days after ordering!! (Awesome shipping people!). Love everything: the roasted Fava beans (salted and spicy), kale chips, veggie chips, dark chocolate covered almonds and most of all, the mochi rice cakes!! They're like sweet, little, adorable marshmallows....just taste MUCH better! The only thing that I did not like, at all, were the roasted chickpeas......just turned to powder in my mouth....not a pleasant taste. All in all, great products, super service, and mind blowing quick delivery! And, thank you for the free sample of dried berries.....will add those to my next order!"
May 2014 -- Karen, Traverse City, MI

"Oh wow, these tasted better than I thought! I was originally scared to try them, but after hearing about how delicious and irresistible they're supposed to be, I had to try them. I was gonna get a 1lb bag, but I decided to get a sample in case I didn't like it, but now I wish I had gotten a 1lb bag instead! I LOVE the mochi, they're soft and sweet and wow, I had not expected them to be that good. I love the size, and makes as a nice sweet snack. I ordered a few other things such as banana chips which I swear I'm addicted to, dried strawberries which were actually a little too sweet (coming from a girl who LOVES sweet things), but just having one hits the spot when I have a craving for something sugary. Nuts is the PERFECT place to get pretty much anything to satisfy my snack and sweet tooth without much guilt haha, will definitely be ordering again when able to!! Oh! I almost forgot shipping was fast, I ordering in the early morning and it arrived in the afternoon the very next day! Nuts definitely got two thumbs up from me!"
May 2014 -- Tayler, Owings Mills, Maryland

"Everything was great! My fiance loves the circus peanuts, and I LOVE the mochi! Super fast delivery as always!"
May 2014 -- Brianna, Evansville, Indiana

"Delivery was fast the packages are really cute, love the fact all the packages are releasable. And the products are great quality. I love the sample bag purchase options I got the mochi rice cakes THEY ARE AWESOME!!! I'm so getting a few pounds of that. Thank you for the free goji berry sample bag!!! Definitely purchasing from nuts.com real soon. Thanks again Melly"
Apr 2014 -- Melissa, Hialeah, Florida

"You won't believe this but the UPS driver told me it was so hard to deliver my wonderful box of nuts. Pirates are everywhere trying to steal the treasure! Got the Fried Peas and I am in love. They are absolutely delicious. Oh my goodness the Mochi Rice Cakes are like little marshmallows but aren't marshmallows; much better texture but you can eat them right out of the bag or put them on ice cream or yogurt or pretty much anything you want. The kids are going to love those colorful little mochi cakes. Thanks again for your continued excellence!! P.S. I told the UPS driver he too could have his own treasure at nuts.com. 'Arrr!'"
Apr 2014 -- Janet, Statesville, NC

"This is my second time ordering and I'm satisfied. I've told my family and friends about y'all. I will be ordering from y'all again soon. Thank you :)"
Apr 2014 -- Ainalani, Carrollton, Texas

"Tried the mochi. Great quality, fast shipping. Hilarious packaging. Bravo."
Mar 2014 -- jarad, DULUTH, MN

"Order arrived on time and everything was easy to identity. The family is enjoying the Mochi Rice Cakes (Rainbow). Will order again! Teresa"
Mar 2014 -- Teresa, Newark, CA

"I recently tried mochi at my favorite yogurt shop. I loved it so much, I went looking for it on-line, and found your site. Your mochi are so soft and fresh - yummy! I also love the funny comments printed on your shipping box, and the high-quality, resealable bag for the mochi. I just placed my second order....looks like you have a new customer!"
Mar 2014 -- Rita, Escondido, CA

"Wow I could not be happier. Everything I ordered is amazing. I will definitely be coming back often to satisfy my mochi addiction. I think my favorite thing is the hefty duty resealable bags. Very convenient and everything arrived really fast. Thank you again!"
Feb 2014 -- Courtney, Ellsworth AFB, SD

"The mochi is great, but dangerously tasty. delivery was fast it. all gravy"
Jan 2014 -- Ronald, akron, ohio

"All I can say is, "WOW!" right now. I was so surprised of how incredible the mochis are. I've had mochi before, but never this soft and fresh. We tried the sample dried stawberries too. Amazing! They remind me of my sister Shari's priceless homemade jam. I am so impressed by your products that I know I will continue to order from you. Thank you so much for great service and addictingly, savory fruit and mochi."
Jan 2014 -- Justine, Vacaville, Ca

"Love all my goodies!! Everything is so fresh and I love that they are in resealable bags....I especially like the Mochi Rice Cakes & the Gorp Energy Squares!!! I cant believe I received my order so fast! The fastest delivery I have ever received....and you even sent me a sample of your Raw Cacao Goji energy squares...delicious!!! I will definitely be back :-)"
Jan 2014 -- Pam, Parsippany, NJ

"I got everything I ordered in a short amount of time. I love the mochi..... Plus I got an extra surprise in my order, some chia seeds which I will try in my yogurt. Thanks a bunch : ) I will be making another order as soon as my stash is gone!!!"
Jan 2014 -- Christy, Youngsville, Louisiana

"Oooooh those mochi rice cakes and strawberry mochi are the best! They are so soft and extremely delicious. Also the dried veggie chips were great. Can't wait to order some more. Thank You so much!"
Dec 2013 -- Deshae, Tacoma, Wa

"Love the mochi, thanks!"
Dec 2013 -- Court, Dover, NJ

"Absolutely phenomenal! very delicious rice mochi and dates! Fantastic service!"
Oct 2013 -- Carmen, Watertown, Mass

"Wow. This was by far the most unexpectedly delightful internet transaction I have had in a while, probably ever. Yum."
Oct 2013 -- Laura, Bethesda, MD

"I ordered a sample size package of these rice cakes and found them to be so silky and smooth. They satisfied my sweet tooth without making me feel like I had cheated on a diet. These are a winner and a new treat to me, but one I will savour again."
Oct 2013 -- Janice, Port Colborne, Ontario, Canada

"I initially came across Nuts.com, because I was searching the internet for a source of mochi. I love getting mochi on my frozen yogurt when we're out, and wanted to be able to have it at home, too. I was amazed at the selection of mochi and other hard to find goodies, and had to restrain myself as I submitted my first order. I could not believe it when my order arrived at my office the NEXT morning (I ordered it late the previous afternoon)! And I was delighted with my soft, delicious mochi. It was exactly what I had been searching for, and I WILL be ordering again! Thank you, Nuts.com!"
Jul 2013 -- Rae, Philadelphia, PA

"thank you so much great delicious and fresh as always"
Jul 2013 -- lauren chabaud, deerfield beach, fl

"I am in love with Nuts.com! I can't snack with out thinking of Nuts.com first! I have gotten everyone of my friends hooked. Where should I start?! The prices are reasonable, the quality blows anything else I have tried out of the water. I have ordered about 20 different products from Nuts.com over the past month and I can't get enough. The dried mango slices, rainbow mochi, dried kiwi, barbecue corn nuts, chocolate covered sun flower seeds, dried strawberries, dried mixed berries and dried vegetables are all fantastic! I haven't ordered anything that I haven't loved and would reorder. I love the corn nuts they are my favorite non-sweet choice. The dried mango and kiwi are my favorite sweet treats. . .not too sweet and still tastes like fruit :)"
May 2013 -- Victoria, Indianapolis, IN

"My first time ordering, I knew what to expect with the box but it was still delightfully exciting to see what was drawn on the boxes. Everything was delicious, the honey roasted peanuts and honey roasted cashews were easily the BEST I've ever had. None of this "flavored" kind you buy at the store, you could feel and see the honey roast on the nuts. Amazing. The bags are so much heavier duty than I thought they would that I don't even need to re-package anything, I love that. The rainbow mochi was fun and delicious. Everything was actually quite delicious, I'm just afraid I'll run out of things before another box gets here."
May 2013 -- Amber, Coos Bay, Oregon

"Super fast delivery and packaging was very well done. Only place I have found mochi online, and it is absolutely delicious! Highly recommend to any mochi lovers!"
Apr 2013 -- Patrick, Chicago, IL

"Just added mochi to my lexicon thanks to you guys! YUM! freeze dried spinach will be a tasty topper to my red sauce dishes, and will be added to soups and sandwiches too! I'll admit, not knowing what to expect, I had imagined the spinach to be bigger and more snack sized (think chips) instead of small little pieces, but it's still awesome. freeze dried strawberries are delish obviously. I am already thinking of my next order, speaking of - I ordered on Tuesday afternoon and got my goods on Thursday morning! Fast, friendly - I have nothing bad to say!"
Apr 2013 -- nicole, north aurora, il

"Received my order within days. So enjoyed my products was everything I was hoping for."
Apr 2013 -- Rita, Hollister, Ca

"WOW!! First, the packaging is fabulously done! I love it! So far, I've tasted the veggie chips, the organic pistachios and my favorite, the mochi bites! Amazing! I'm in heaven! Thanks....don't lose the humor!"
Mar 2013 -- Terry, Annapolis, MD

"Wonderful! I love how quickly everything came. The chocolate covered mochi tastes so good! And I loved the way the shipping box had funny things written all over it. I'll definitely be shopping at Nuts.com again. Thank you!"
Mar 2013 -- Karen, Pasadena, Texas

"Oh my goodness, I placed my order on Saturday and my order was here on Tuesday. The samples I received of gummi bears, chocolate covered sunflower seeds and Mochi rice cakes was enough to make me order again and again. The freshness is unbelievable. Thank you so much. I will be ordering again real soon."
Mar 2013 -- Brenda, Washington, DC

"not only is the mochi delicious but the service/delivery is extraordinary ! love the sample veggie snacks."
Mar 2013 -- Karen, castine, me

"These were great. They had a very soft texture, and were a nice (more filling, lower calorie) substitute for some of my other snacks. I would definitely recommend. Also, a strange note: They taste better eaten with chopsticks than by fingers or metal utensils."
Mar 2013 -- Karlyn, Marlborough, CT

"I have fallen in love with your products - the mochi rice is unbelievably good and the raw mixed nuts, absolutely nutty and yummy. Keep up the good work. Can't wait to try more items. Best, Ginger"
Mar 2013 -- Virginia da Costa, Phoenixville, PA

"I couldn't wait to get out of class and get my shipment from nuts! I got a huge 5lb bag of custom mix to help me overcome candy cravings. It's so yummy, I don't think i'll have problems with candy anymore! The coconut tastes soo fresh and the pineapples aren't overly sweet, just perfect. I love my mix I just hope I don't pig out and eat it all today. I also love the mochi and I'm glad I tried it, it reminds me of marshmallows but better! I'm totally NUTS for NUTS.com! I'll definitely be back soon for veggie chips and more granola! And thanks for the sample of quinoa, I've wanted to try it for some time now"
Feb 2013 -- Alexis, Columbia, SC

"Arrived right on time, I couldn't wait to tear into every bag to sample my bounty. I love the Chia Chips and the Black Sesame Mochi. I will have to hide the sugar free toffees and fudgie rolls from my Son. Thanks again!"
Feb 2013 -- Dania, Kansas City, Mo

"You guy are so great :D and very helpful website and email notification I love you guys !!!"
Jan 2013 -- Heather callahan, West valley, Utah

"This is the first time I've ever had the mochi rice cakes, I kept hearing about them and decided to try them. Very delicious. I also have another favorite, which is the jelly filled turtles. Very fresh and tasty!"
Jan 2013 -- Lauren, baltimore, Maryland

"Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!!!!! As my email beeped to tell me that my order was just delivered, I find myself happily enjoying my wonderful goodies already! I will be trying my hand at raw cashew 'cheese sauce' very soon, but in the meantime, DO KNOW that we are MORE than thrilled with the order so far! The BEST chocolate-covered licorice since some brought over by an Aussie pal! And the Mochi Rice Cakes are just what I wanted - my new marshmallows! I know, Bad Catt for not doing this sooner!!! We're NUTS for you all down here in Texas! Have a groovy day!!!!!! >^,,^<"
Jan 2013 -- Catt, Cuero, Texas

"Best and fastest service I've ever had! Plus the only place with FANTASTIC Mochi!"
Jan 2013 -- Justin, Bloomington, Indiana

"Wow...These are way too delicious! So so yummy!! These will end up in my car again."
Jan 2013 -- Tina, Pasadena, CA

"We started eating mochi at Chill yogurt and it is fab. I am glad I found you guys. It is a Christmas present for my 12 year old daughter. Thanks a bunch!"
Dec 2012 -- Jennifer, Columbus, Ga

"Possibly the best on-line order experience I have ever had from purchase to delivery! Thank you for making it fun and personal plus incredibly responsive...all with incredible products! Keep up the good work!"
Dec 2012 -- Debra, Alexandria, Virginia

"I ordered mochi balls for a stocking stuffer gift. They are so fresh I want to break open the bag now! They arrived very quickly, and the extra sample was a welcome treat. Thank you!"
Dec 2012 -- Gina, Fort Collins, CO

"Wow, I read alot of the testimonial on your site and it's all true. Great customer service. Great products. I will definitely be back. Your samplers are great stocking stuffers. I'm going to order more. I love Nuts.com family, thanks for the free bee."
Nov 2012 -- rowena, el paso, tx

"I ordered mochi- rainbow and chocolate covered ones. They were delicious!!! Delivery schedule was right on! Will spread the word about nuts.com"
Nov 2012 -- Maria, Valencia, Ca

"all process from step one in ordering to receiving the items are A+...great service, thank you. Wife and i love everytning we ordered and all tasted great, I personally loved the mochi...again, thank you, WE'LL BE BACK. Sincerely, Tony & Betty"
Nov 2012 -- Anthony, charlestown, indiana

"Awesome mochi. Ready to order more. So hard to find here. Thanks, J"
Nov 2012 -- J, Tidewater, Ore.

"Have tried this mochi at several ice cream shops and a friend I was with finally told me how I can order them myself.....so excited, can't wait to dig in! I love mochi of any kind, so this is a real treat! Thanks so much for the sample and wonderful fast service!"
Oct 2012 -- Ellen, Clarksville, Tennessee

Oct 2012 -- Jayson, waldorf, md

"Wow!....what service and what delicious products! Everything is so fresh. The taste and quality far surpasses the run-of-the-mill grocery store brands! I had never heard of Mochi Rice Cakes, but read some reviews mentioning them, so I ordered some, along with other items. Now I am hooked! Nuts.com has such a wide variety of products that it will take me a while to try them all...but I"m working on it. Well, at least most of them anyway. Will be doing some of my holiday shopping with you also. Love your packaging, your product and most of all, your enthusiasm for your company."
Oct 2012 -- Linda, Hightstown, NJ

"I had been searching everywhere for mochi bits, I even went back home to visit because there is an Asian store near my hometown but no such luck. HOWEVER, I got an email from my college packaging center telling me to go pick up a package and inside was the very mochi bits I was looking for! My mom had ordered me these and I AM BEYOND THRILLED WITH THESE! They taste just like the ones at the yogurtland, golden spoon and tuttimelon I go to! Yay for Mochi!!!(:"
Oct 2012 -- Brittany, Rohnert Park, CA

"The veggie chips are amazing!!! Hoorah! And the mini mochi rice cakes... delicious, now I can do some recipe testing and see what develops. Thank you for your business and great products - love the one-stop shopping. You will be getting more orders from Support Your Local Chef Enterprises. Thanks again."
Sep 2012 -- Sarah, Helena, Montana

"I am overwhelmed by the overnight delivery. It was such perfect timing as my daughter had just come for a visit and opening up the goodies was FUN. Mochi was a big hit but everything was very good. Thanks guys!"
Aug 2012 -- Janice, Parsippany, NJ

"Hello nuts.com! This was my very first order and wowsers! The mochi rice cakes were yummy! Plantain chips-one of the best I've tasted...sweet potato chips were super crunchy but not too sweet. I appreciate the free treats! Will order again!"
Jul 2012 -- Margaret, Los Angeles, CA

"We received our matcha green tea powder, boba, and mochi from nuts.com yesterday. We had some DIY bubble tea, absolutely delicious! Thanks for the quick delivery and the tips and recipes on your page. The free sample was also a yummy bonus. We will be back :)"
Jul 2012 -- Arti, Princeton, NJ

"I don't normally write reviews but I made an exception this time because I was so happy with these mochi bits. I have eaten mochi since I was a small child and so I've had quite a bit over the years. However, I have never recalled having mochi this soft and fresh tasting (with the exception of homemade)! And I frequently visit many Asian bakeries in NYC to purchase mochi. I was very skeptical at first but glad that I took the chance. Needless to say I am blown away! The packaging comes in a sturdy resealable bag, shipping was fast and it was carefully packaged upon arrival."
Jul 2012 -- Diane, NYC, New York

"I love the Mochi that I order from you guys! The quick delivery is awesome and I will continue to order and tell all my friends!"
Jun 2012 -- Linda, Evans, Ga.

"A BIG WOW!! First time ordering from you. The shipment arrived very fast; it took only two days (I put the order on Tuesday morning and received everything on Thursday morning). Great service. I ordered only the regular size. The products are so delicious (dried mangos, kiwi, natural pineapple, organic apple chips, rainbow mochi, rice crackers, Veggie Chips (No Salt Added). The vegetable chips are a delight; even my husband loved them. Thank you. I will definitely recommend you to all my friends."
Jun 2012 -- Gabriela, Laval, Quebec

"We ordered a sample of these to try since I've never tried them before and we all loved them! They are soft and squishy, but chewy, and so good! Want to try the chocolate covered ones next!"
Jun 2012 -- Michelle, APO

"As always, delivery was prompt and the order was well packed. The mochi arrived in fine condition as did the rice crackers. The carob energy squares are simply delicious. The anise squares and the clove balls are just the way I remembered them. Very fresh and resealable packages very handy. From the bottom of my heart - THANK YOU!!"
Jun 2012 -- Penny, Bertrand, NE

"Need a quick and perfect gift?!!!! This is the place! They have something for everyone! I ordered one day and it was delivered the next! Dad and Mom loved their Mothers and Fathers Day assortment I picked out! Fresh, quality products!"
Jun 2012 -- Kelly, NC

"I placed an order on a Friday and received my order on Monday. What a cute box! I could not wait to try the Mochi Rice Cakes and was not disappointed they were better than the ones from a local yogurt shop. I am using the rest of the items for a candy buffet for my daughter's 8th birthday in a few weeks and I am so glad all the packages are resealable because I had to try everything (quality assurance) yummy! Thanks for the great products and for such fast service."
Jun 2012 -- Sandra

"Wow - I'm nuts for nuts.com! The shipping was incredibly quick and the products are delicious. I will definitely be back. THANK YOU for such great communication and service!"
Jun 2012 -- Laurie, Fort Worth, TX

"I've grown up around mochi, and I don't think I'll ever get bored of it. Especially since I've found Nutsonline...I mean Nuts.com :) The variety, quality, and service are the very reasons of why I keep coming back. Even my son loves your mochi!"
May 2012 -- Hoa, Berwyn, IL

"everything was awesome. Ordered Ceylon Cinnamon sticks, dried strawberries, and mochi rice snacks. It was all great. And, shipped SuperHero fast!"
Apr 2012 -- Teresa, chattanooga, Tn

"I placed my ordered on Thursday night and it was delivered by noon on Saturday...I can honestly say that this is the best rice cakes I have ever had. It looks and taste like it was just made and I was somewhat surprise because the taste was nothing like I expected. I'm use to the cardboard tasting stuffing from the local grocery store...not any more. I came upon nuts.com when I was searching for a new place to buy Quinoa and other hard to find foods because I "gourmet store I previously used took almost a week...often longer to ship the products and they often looked and tasted still and were not made with "health" on the mind. This is my new go to store for "gourmet" items. The shipping is great and the products are amazing...That is very high praise coming from someone as picky as I am."
Apr 2012 -- Tenial, Warren, RI

"I got my order in a day. So glad. The mochi is fantastic. Glad I ordered and I'll be ordering again. Thanks."
Mar 2012 -- Lizel, Melville, NY

"Lighting fast speed & everything was spot on!!! Haven't been able to find the lil Mochi anywhere & my peachy penguins since the Sweet Factory closed!!! Thanks guys! :)"
Mar 2012 -- Kimberly, atlanta, ga

"Can't say enough about how fast and professional you guys are AND how great the products that I ordered were! This was my first nuts.com order. Turnaround for shipping was almost immediate. We live in a VERY rural area. We travel as often as we can and I had tried some mochi at Marble Slab Creamery and fell in love. Needless to say, no MSC where we live so I've been hunting for the mochi online. I was thrilled when I tasted your mochi as it was EXACTLY like what I'd had on our trip. Also really liked the roasted chic peas and chia seeds. Never tried either of them before, but they sounded interesting. Glad I gave them a try! THANK YOU!"
Mar 2012 -- Jennifer, Rural, Virginia

"I have placed numerous orders with you over the years--fabulous products! They make great gifts for that hard to buy for person. And I am always finding new snacks that are delicious. (My new favorite is Mochi! It's great mixed with yogurt!) I recently had a shipping problem with an order, and you folks fixed immediately. Thank you! I couldn't be happier with you products and service!"
Mar 2012 -- Jillian, Portland, ME

"Found this company in December and here we are in March and on my third order. Have never seen a more efficient company! Kudos!"
Mar 2012 -- Margaret, Bear, Delaware

"Quick delivery...awesome tasting food! Love your Mochi."
Mar 2012 -- Diane, Austin, Texas

"My third huge order just came in! I ordered late afternoon on Sat and my order was at my door on Monday! Outstanding! Before I unpacked everything, I ripped open the Mochi Rice Cakes as a new item for me. OMGoodness! Harmony in my mouth!! You just MUST try these treats if you never have. My next treat will be the Cordials (I bought four varieties), but I must earn those after I complete my weekly workouts! I know I'm going to LOVE them too! The superfood cereals are amazing in almond or coconut milk; great as a pre-workout fuel and chockful of fiber and protein!! EXTREMELY happy with my new Nutty friends!! :) :)"
Feb 2012 -- Vernetta, Alexandria, VA

"Thank you for prompt delivery and the mochi that I bought was fantastic! I will order again and soon."
Feb 2012 -- Linda

"Ordered the 5 pound bag of mochi love this stuff. The price is reasonable and the mochi is great. thanks for the quick shipping."
Feb 2012 -- James, Michiana, Indiana

"Love my Mochi! Kids love these in place of fruit snacks too. Thank you"
Jan 2012 -- Brooke

"We absolutely love your mochi rice cakes (especially my two-year-old) and just had to order more. The black sesame mochi we tried this time is just as amazing. The raw almonds are almost creamy, which is weird because you don't think of nuts as anything but crunchy. And I love how the organic mango actually tastes like mango, instead of being overwhelmingly sweet. Everything is amazing, and we can't wait to try the chia seeds sample - thank you!"
Jan 2012 -- Heather, Platteville, WI

"Ordered on Saturday night, package was on my doorstep on Monday morning. Wow! Hats off to nuts.com!"
Jan 2012 -- Nathan Coulter, Waterford, CT

"Absolutely wonderful! Placed an order on Sunday and i already received my nutty package today (Tuesday)! Fresh, fresh, and then fresh! We are very happy and will be back again! Thanks for providing quality products and service."
Jan 2012 -- Lynne, Fairless Hills, PA

"As a teenager I go to red mango a lot and I love the mochi bites. These are just like them! I have only had them for a few days and there almost gone."
Jan 2012 -- Emily, Oswego, illinois

"Great product,fast shipping always a great place to do business. Keep up the great work!"
Dec 2011 -- Edwin, Beavercreeck, Ohio

"Wow! Ordered candied ginger and mochi rice cakes (yum) on Saturday and had my stuff, plus a nice sampler of figs on Monday! How did they get it to me so fast?? Now I'll be able to make my ginger cookies for my party next Saturday! Thanks you nutty people! :-)"
Nov 2011 -- Cathleen, Burke, VA

"LOVE THESE! I have had Mochi with ice cream in it when out to eat but never like this. so cute... my daughter thought they were little marshmallows. She has been asking for fruit snacks (we all know they aren't really fruit snacks) since my friend gave her a pack of scooby-doos last week and I of course having never given them to her was devastated... she asks for fruit snacks every day. I ordered the Mochi and dried strawberries. She has eaten them twice and I am hoping that tonight when I go home not a word is mentioned of the "Fruit Snacks" but that she will ask for her rice cakes and berries. Thank you!"
Nov 2011 -- Brooke, Joliet, il

"I <3 Nuts Online!!! The mochi is so delicious and extremely fresh! I can't wait to try the agave syrup and stevia in recipes as alternatives to sugar. Thanks again for your exceptional customer service!!"
Nov 2011 -- Michelle, Swarthmore, PA

"I bought some chocolate covered mochi for my girlfriend, and she tweeted that I was pretty much the best boyfriend ever! :Db"
Nov 2011 -- Tawfiq, Washington, DC - District of Columbia

"Love mochi..glad I found a place do buying the product. Wish you were closer."
Nov 2011 -- marcia, price, utah

"I am thoroughly wowed, yet again. I placed my order yesterday afternoon and when I got home from work today, there it was, waiting for me. :o) I love the Mochi Rice Cakes - they are absolutely delicious. The throwback candies are great, too - I bought the Bit-O-Honey candies, which I hadn't even seen in a store in years - how wonderful to find it here! I have to say - it was the first thing I opened. I'm chewing on one right now. I recommend NutsOnline to everyone. Great prices, fast shipping, and FRESH products! There really is no other retailer online that even comes close to comparing to NutsOnline."
Oct 2011 -- Jessica, Hoosick Falls, NY

"I am so happy with the raw cacao nibs. So many others were bitter or fermented, but Nuts Online's are fresh and pure tasting! I also love the mochi rice cakes. They are fresh and soft. Thanks so much!"
Oct 2011 -- Beth, Lincoln, CA

"Just received my order. I can't believe how fast it arrived. Everything is fresh and delish! It's so nice to do business with a company that takes pride in their products."
Oct 2011 -- Susan, Palm Harbor, Fl

"I got my order of pumpkin seeds.. so very, very yummy!!!! I also got Mochi Rice Cakes and they are awesome!!! Thanks Guys!!!!"
Oct 2011 -- Pamela, Tampa, Florida

"totally what i expected! super fast shipping. You guys do a great job very responsible. Great Job! Thanks!"
Oct 2011 -- Prisma, Brownsville, Texas

"As always....fast & fabulous. Ollie (aka Mom) LOVED the banana peanut butter & the Mochi Rice Cakes.....as I knew she would! Thanks for the ginger (love it!). You all ROCK!! April"
Oct 2011 -- April, Tewksbury, MA

"Received everything in fine condition. Tasted some of the products and am very satisfied. The marshmallow coconut tasties are heaven sent. The Mochi Rice cakes are great too. Thanks"
Sep 2011 -- William, Sanford, Florida

"Sometimes I don't always feel like eating japanese mochi with the filling inside. This is perfect for those times. These little things are delicious, chewy and sweet. I was worried they would melt into a big glob since the weather has been extremely hot lately, but they didn't!"
Aug 2011 -- Christina, San Marcos, CA

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Jordan Almonds (White) Jordan Almonds (White)
Organic Coconut Oil (Raw) Organic Coconut Oil (Raw)
Sour Mini Neon Worms Sour Mini Neon Worms
Mushroom Chips Mushroom Chips
Veggie Sticks Veggie Sticks
USA Gummy Bears USA Gummy Bears
Chicken Rub Chicken Rub
Toasted Natural Sliced Almonds (Unsalted) Toasted Natural Sliced Almonds (Unsalted)