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Below is a sampling of some of our very satisfied customers. Most of our customers are loyal customers that continue to come back and shop at Nuts.com.

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"I bought the small 4 oz bag to try. I polished it off in 2 days. Very good! I will definitely order again."
Jul 2014 -- Joanne, Montreal, QC

"I was so happy to see Jerky on this site. Ordered 2 different types, Black Pepper and Western Style. This Western Style was a HUGE hit in my household (lasted an entire 1 hour) - had this nice soy flavoring (made my mouth water) and the jerky itself was not too chewy nor too dry. I loved the freebie of Goji Berries, thought that was cool! Order went out on a Monday and I received it the next day - earlier than expected, yay! This Jerky lasted about 3 hours in my household... next time I'm getting a bigger package!"
Jul 2014 -- Sarah, Mission Viejo, Ca

"I was so happy to see Jerky on this site. Ordered 2 different types, Black Pepper and Western Style. Personally, I was in love with the Black Pepper - has beautiful flavoring and the jerky itself was not too plumpy/chewy nor too dry. I loved the freebie of Goji Berries, thought that was cool! Order went out on a Monday and I received it the next day - earlier than expected, yay! This Jerky lasted about 3 hours in my household... next time I'm getting a bigger package!"
Jul 2014 -- Sarah, Mission Viejo, Ca

"Nice texture not too dry or soft. Not too sweet either, I'll be getting this again."
Jul 2014 -- Ms Allegra Thayer, Baltimore, MD

"Nuts.com is the best place to get any of your favorite snacks foods. Their habanero beef jerky and habanero pistachios are the best. Can't wait to order again and try something new so many things to choose from, love them."
Jun 2014 -- Kesha, corona, CA

"I am nuts for nuts.com! Thank you for your amazing quality and fast delivery. The packaging is wonderful and always brings a smile when it arrives. We look forward to many more delicious orders. 5 Stars (out of 5) for the Teriyaki Beef Jerky. None better!"
May 2014 -- Carin, Ukiah, CA

"Super quick shipping, absolutely adorable packaging, and everything was delicious. The dried apples were not leathery or too dry; they were plump and perfectly sweet. The banana chips are flavorful. The jalapeno cheddar sticks are almost gone...I got the package two hours ago...yeah, they're awesome. The habanero jerky is moist and perfectly spicy. I bought a bunch of other stuff that I didn't open yet but if it's as yummy as the rest, I will be a happy camper. I will definitely be a repeat customer!"
Apr 2014 -- kristin, freeport, ny

"Thank you Nuts.com family for all my wonderful goodies! I Love the box-makes me smile. The almonds and walnuts are awesome! My husband Loves the Cacao Nibs and bars! He also Loves the hickory jerky! We are So excited to be able to try so many different things; that we never had before- like the Goji Berries- which I can't stop eating! Thanks for the extra goodie- finally got to get Chia Seeds! Love them and exactly what I wanted to try- so much I already ordered them! Only problem- can't stop ordering things to try!"
Apr 2014 -- Cathy, Martinsburg, WV

"Placed an order around 4:00 on Monday afternoon and I'm enjoying some moist jerky and delicious buffalo peanuts at 11:30 Tuesday morning. Well done, Nuts.com. Well done."
Apr 2014 -- Kieran, Cambridge, MA

"My husband and I are addicted to the jerky! This is my husbands favorite mine is the Sweet & Spicy!!!! I'm so glad you have the bigger sizes available so that I don't have to order 10 bags anymore! haha! LOVE THIS SITE!!!"
Apr 2014 -- Amber, Jackson, MS

"I stumbled upon this site after searching for okra chips last year. So glad that I did! I get my hubby goodies from here for every special occasion now. We love the pistachios, cashews, western beef jerky, gummy bears, okra chips and dried strawberries. This is by far the vest company from which I have EVER ordered."
Mar 2014 -- Kelly, Washington, MO

"The Teriyaki beef jerky is the best jerky I've ever had. Soft and flavorful, the 4 oz. were gone in flash! I'll order the pound next time. :)"
Mar 2014 -- Jennifer, Montclair, NJ

"Just received my first shipment from nuts.com today and I couldn't be happier! The habanero beef jerky is my favorite item so far. I will definitely be shopping here again! Thanks!"
Mar 2014 -- David, Fulton, NY

"I cannot get enough of your guys' products! I find myself on your site all the time, drooling over your products and plotting my next order. My husband absolutely loves your Death by Jerky and I have loved everything else I have tried, my favorites being the freeze dried fruit. We love adding the freeze dried strawberries and pomegranate seeds to our cereal and granola. You guys are wonderful and have made us a customer for life!"
Feb 2014 -- Samantha, Fort Drum, NY

"Just got my teriyaki beef jerky and chocolate covered gummy bears. Mmm mmm good!!!"
Jan 2014 -- Abigail Renee White, Boone, Nc

"Wow! Your the best ever. I didn't expect this till after Christmas. Two of my Grandchildren were here Christmas Eve and a knock came on the door. There was my Nuts.com order. They were so excited to open it and get all the nice goodies. I have placed a few orders for this Holiday sent to family in the Service, and the love your Choc. sunflower seed as well as the Death by David Jerky, Yum Yum. I sent a box of goodies to Calif and they loved all the goodies, You have me for Life!"
Dec 2013 -- lori

"The order was a gift and it arrived on time at the recipient's house. They liked the jerky. Said that it was fresh and tasty. I really like the delayed shipping option. Allows a person to get shopping out of the way with deliveries near Christmas."
Dec 2013 -- John T. Huffman, Shawnee, KS

"You guys are great!! I needed a VERY last minute Christmas gift for my dad who LOVES spicy foods. Of course with Christmas and the weekend being so close - I was able to order the nuts and beef jerky less than 24 hours ago and I have it in my hand now!! I tried the Cajun peanuts and fell in love! I'm already looking around to see what I can purchase next. Thank you so so much for the yumminess and for saving the day!! :)"
Dec 2013 -- Ashley, CT

"The second I received my order, and especially when I opened it, I knew I needed to write an amazing review in appreciation. After all, the reviews I read were a big decision factor for me. I will try to make this short and sweet. I rarely order online, but once I saw the inventory and reviews for this site I gave it a go. Could not be happier! We aren't lying when we say the shipping is FAST and the product is quality! Packaging is cool, yes, definitely make you smile after coming home from a long day. But the big picture is this company gets it right and guarantees it. Try to beat that. Astronaut ice cream, chocolate rocks, guacamole bites, beef Jerky, dried strawberries. Not one item can you find cheaper, better, or receive faster. Nuts.com will make your life crazy better!!!! Actually, now I'm not quite sure what I did without them......."
Dec 2013 -- jane, new port richey, fl

"As always speedy delivery. I just love the chamomile and peppermint tea. It is just divine!! I love all things spicy and your habanero beef jerky did not disappoint. Just yummy. I love the little surprises with every order. Love you guys and everything I purchase. You rock!!! I am a lifetime customer."
Nov 2013 -- sandy, oshkosh, wi

"Help! How do you make these Teriyaki Beef Jerky Last?!?! Everything from Nuts.com seriously is so yummy that it's hard for me to make them all last longer than I'd like. I think I'll just have a bit...and then I reach for more hehe. so yummy~ Definitely stopped snacking and craving processed things such as oreos, crackers, chips, etc ever since I've been ordering from this website!"
Nov 2013 -- Sarah, Babson Park, Massachusetts

"Received my first order yesterday and dug into some of the items today. Everything is so perfect. I can't get over how delicious the beef jerky is...best I've ever had. I will no doubt be a regular customer from this day forward. Thank you."
Oct 2013 -- heetman2001, Amherst, NY

"I ordered the milk choc covered expresso beans which are delicious, the tomato jam is great as well. I also got fried green peas and bbq beef jerky which I liked a lot too. Although, the dried jackfruit wasn't my fav. It has a lovely sweet flavor when eaten fresh but dried it tastes funny. Probably won't order that again. Sorry.... But the dark choc expresso beans I got as a sample was great. Nice size too. Liked the box the packs came in and the packs themselves are so colorful."
Oct 2013 -- ann, queens, ny

"Just got my order. Teriyaki jerky very good. Moist, tender. Dried fruit rocks. Will definitely order more!"
Aug 2013 -- barry, Noble, OK

"Love the black pepper jerky. The freeze-dried lemon slice in brewed tea then poured over ice makes some tasty iced tea. I haven't gotten into the other items yet but I love the packaging. BTW, the shipment arrived exactly when promised. I ordered late Sunday and received today (Thursday).."
Aug 2013 -- Debbie, Houston, TX

"Delicious and inexpensive when compared against the prices of others on the internet. Thanks."
Jul 2013 -- Winston, Sabana Grande, Puerto Rico

"I absolutely adore nuts.com. I have been buying tasty treats from you for a year or so now and I am continually recommending this amazing website to friends and family. Everything is extremely fresh, nicely packaged, and delicious, and there is such a wide variety of products. The dried strawberries, habanero beef jerky, and chocolate covered pretzels are some of my favorites. I am certainly a lifetime customer."
Jul 2013 -- Dhanya, Phoenix, AZ

"Where to begin! First, the box. What a joy to see such a fun box waiting for you when you arrive home. A box from Nuts.com is like Christmas....the pistachio nuts were outstanding...the beef jerky was also awesome....everything was fresh and delicious. There is such a difference between 'store bought' nuts and nuts purchased from Nuts.com. Everything comes wrapped wonderfully and is shipped so quickly! I adopt soldiers and will be putting in an order for my newest adopted soldier who asked for cashews! Thank you Nuts.com!"
Jul 2013 -- Michele, Pittsburgh, PA

"I order from Nuts.com on a regular basis for my snacks. I just ordered black licorice, which I love, and it's so delicious and soft. Brings back childhood memories. I also ordered the organic dark chocolate almonds. I always order the dark chocolate covered almonds. They speak for themselves! :) I ordered black pepper beef jerky which has a lovely, spicy flavor. I also ordered black walnuts. I've never had black walnuts and heard they were better for you than regular walnuts. The taste and texture are different than regular walnuts. This one...I wish I would have ordered the regular walnuts. Not a fan of black walnuts, but that's just me and I've thoroughly enjoyed everything else I've ordered over the years from Nuts.com! Great family business! <3"
Jun 2013 -- Amy, Auburn, GA

"One tiny bag is not enough!! It's chewy and juicy with just the right amount of sweetness and heat. Once you start, it will take the will of steel not to finish the bag all at once. Maybe they should have 1lb bag version for sharing?"
Jun 2013 -- Sunny, Woodbridge, VA

"I've ordered from nuts.com for about 8-9 years and I have never been disappointed!!!! You and your company are a solid 10! I pass on the website to others all the time! Love your products and service!!!! And sense of humor!!!!"
Jun 2013 -- amy, Grand Blanc, Mi

"This is my second order with you. Everything that I've ordered from you has been fresh and delicious. The Goji Berries, Natural Papaya, and Rainier Cherries are all wonderful! I'm in love with the flavor of your Habanero Beef Jerky. The Buffalo Peanuts are incredibly addictive. Thank you so much for showing such wonderful customer service. Delivery was on time and packaging was spot on. I will be ordering many more times in the future!"
May 2013 -- Emily Drew, Pittsburgh, PA

"I love both this and the habanero jerky, some of the best I've had. I even like that the small 4-ounce bags are sealable. My only minor gripe is that there isn't an intermediate size between the 4-Oz and 5-LB sizes. I think a 1-2 pound size would be perfect."
May 2013 -- Karl, Dover, NH

"As usual a quick response and quick delivery"
Apr 2013 -- Patti, Denver, CO

"This was my first time ordering something like this online. Shipping was quick and the products did not disappoint me. We'd love to order from this shop again. The wasabi veggie chips are just great. The sweet and spicy jerky did not disappoint. Thank you for such great products. The freeze dried cranberries and grapes were a great lifesaver!"
Apr 2013 -- Lily, west covina, ca

"My first time getting any of the jerky from here, and oh my god - the BEST flavor I have ever tasted in a jerky! So rich & smoky! Absolutely delicious!"
Apr 2013 -- Seth, Morgantown, WV

"I JUST tore my package open 5 minutes ago and OMG AMAZING! I've been craving for Chili Mango for EVER and the chili mango I got is so good!!!! I also got Wasabi Corn nuts, Habanero Jerky, and got a sample of dried strawberries (THANK YOU by the way); ALL AMAZING!!!!!!! I'd add more "!"s but then it'll seem obnoxious. This is my first order from Nuts.com and I'm sure there'll be many more to come :) I'm hooked!"
Apr 2013 -- Lily, New York, NY

"I love everything! I will be ordering again."
Apr 2013 -- Emily, Pittsburgh, PA

"I would like to say how thankful I am to have received my shipment so quickly and considering I am on deployment right now. I love you all so much and the taste of everything is OUT OF THIS WORLD. God bless you all and I will be ordering more in the future."
Apr 2013 -- Amanda, Norfolk, VA

"This is my second time to order and of course once again, everything is so great! I received everything so quickly! I love, love the death by jerky! I also love the dark chocolate almonds and the gummy bears! There hasn't been anything so far that I haven't enjoyed!! Thanks for all the delicious items!"
Mar 2013 -- Lory, Odessa, TX

"I place an order and it ships a few hours later! WOW! My husband has quit smoking and the Western Beef Jerky has helped him stay on track. I was purchasing numerous bags. We've now graduated to the economical 5# box. Next challenge is to get both sons to quit smoking. Discovered this website during the Christmas season and glad I did! You've got EVERYTHNG!"
Mar 2013 -- Christine, Orange, California

"I sent an array of goods to my family in Sacramento and they are loving it! My little brother said the jerky was FANTASTIC and my parents raved about the salt water taffy, chocolate espresso beans, and almonds, roasted corn, and sunflower seeds! Overall completely satisfied! Thank you!!"
Mar 2013 -- Caitlin, Santa cruz, Ca

"Great products...great prices.... super fast shipping.. can't wait to order more great stuff!!!!"
Mar 2013 -- amy, Bethlehem, pa

"Awesome! This is my second order and will not be the last. Until next time. Thank you:-)"
Mar 2013 -- Gloria, Winter Springs, Florida

"Death By Jerky might be the best beef jerky I've ever had. After like 5 pieces I was in tears it was so spicy it was perfect. I haven't opened my habanero jerky yet but I assume it will be just as good."
Mar 2013 -- Patrick, Rochester Hills, MI

"All I can say is I LOVE YOU GUYS! Everyone I have shared your products with is as in love with them as I am. Thank you for making great products at a reasonable price. Keep up the good work! Lori"
Feb 2013 -- Lori, commerce city, co

"I've LOVED everything I got this time. My favorites are the rye bagel chips. They are much better than the ones that I buy in the grocery store. I'm so excited to have these. After opening and testing everything I received today, I probably won't have dinner -- just a glass of wine, "Death by Jerky," and more rye bagel chips!! Yum!"
Jan 2013 -- Paulette, Dallas, Texas

"Wow!!! This is soo much better than the stuff at the grocery store. You can taste a little bit of sweet and the more you chew the more peppery it gets. Awesome stuff...I wish I bought a bigger bag :("
Jan 2013 -- Karen

"Wow! Just received my nuts.com order and I'm thrilled. Everything came just as promised and I'm already enjoying my beef jerky and other items. The super-fast shipping is an added bonus!"
Jan 2013 -- Laura, Rome, NY

"Oh my gosh, they aren't kidding when they say "death" by jerky! This is by far the most delicious and spicy jerky I've had the pleasure of tasting! I believe it has become my new fav jerky of all time! Way to go nuts.com!"
Jan 2013 -- Stephanie, Charlotte, NC

"Just received my first order from Nuts.com and I'm impressed how quickly it arrived and the items were still very cool for freshness. I just opened the Teriyaki Beef Jerkey, Wow, the best I've ever tasted. Can't wait to to use the rest of my order...Thank you"
Jan 2013 -- Renee, Willows, Ca

"I just moved from MA to GA. As I sorted through my kitchen boxes to put everything away in my new cupboards, I was amazed to see how many products were from nuts.com. There are staples like Chipotle pistachios and coconut oil, and treats like no-sugar-added dark chocolate chips. My cupboard looks like a small nuts.com warehouse. I am always impressed by the speed of delivery and the quality of products. Just placed my first order to GA - needed to restock and also try some new things!"
Jan 2013 -- Adrienne, Smyrna, GA

"I just received my order today and could not wait to dive it. OMG these are so wonderful. We switched it up this time with some Jerky, pecans, pistachios, and walnuts. Love everything in the box. Thanks"
Jan 2013 -- Paula, Poolesville, MD

"Like OMG I order after 5 pm and my order was at my door when I got home. I think they drove it here themselves. It started with the box. I just loved the print on the outside. I laughed. The order was complete and I am trying everything a little at a time and so far all good! Most definitely will order again! And will tell my friends!"
Jan 2013 -- Kathryn, Ct

"I cannot survive without death by Jerky from nuts.com"
Jan 2013 -- my death by jerky

"I ordered the dried fruit rolls variety pack, beef jerky, and spiced chai tea mix. I ordered them on Tuesday night, and received them Thursday! A day earlier than expected! The items I bought are delicious and I will continue to buy from nuts.com! Awesome. I would highly recommend them! Oh and I also got a free sample of the berry mix! :)"
Jan 2013 -- Erika, raleigh, NC

"Nuts.com Always delivers! To here in Iraq to anywhere I have sent them in the states.. Always great products! I Thank you Nuts.com... You are the Best!!"
Dec 2012 -- Eric, Taji, Iraq

"I've ordered several times and have not been disappointed yet and don't believe I will ever be disappointed with the products being sold by Nuts.com. Simply fantastic. Yummy delicious. I love you Nuts.com"
Dec 2012 -- Beverly, Wilkes-Barre, PA

"A guy out here on the FOB I'm currently at let me try some nuts.com "Death by Jerky" jerky and I absolutely loved it. Decided to try out some of the other flavors so ordered some. The Hickory Beef Jerky is absolutely amazing! Despite being in Afghanistan my order was received pretty quickly (took one week) and the quality of the product was second to none! I placed another order today of just the Hickory Beef Jerky--the others are definitely good, but there's just no comparison to the Hickory!"
Nov 2012 -- Joseph, Camp Marmal, Afghanistan

"Well, suffice I had mixed expectations for delivery dates, though due to the recent storm I expected about a day delay, which is fine. Received it mid afternoon, shared with room mates, and was pleasantly surprised by the over all quality. Having came cross the site completely by accident, I was promptly curious at the amazing variety and went for a bit of this, a bit of that. The beef jerky though...wow. Immediate favorite, and will never be buying from the store again. Down right yummy and even with my tongue weeping at the heat I was loving every moment of it! As for the rest of it? Still in process, though I do not expect it to lat the night with three others making rounds and gong " what is that? * taste test!* which tells me it is definitely good. Bad food lingers, good food disspears!"
Nov 2012 -- Eric, Hampton, VA

"What a fun company! Order arrived promptly and everything is very good. Purchased dark chocolate covered blueberries and teriyaki jerky. Got a surprise bonus and such a creative packing box."
Nov 2012 -- Pete, Spokane, WA

"We received our package today and really like your new colors/designs on all the packages. We opened and sampled each item ordered. Simply Amazing!! The Expresso Malted Milk Balls are huge and extremely yummy. The Root Beer Drops are like something from the old fashion candy store & are full of flavor. You were not kidding when you described the Death by Jerky as hot and spicy, my husband loves it. Once again we are very pleased with our order. Thank you, we love you guys!!"
Sep 2012 -- Patti, Modesto, CA

"I just got my box from Nuts.com today. I order the energy squares and got a little sample pack with a different flavor square,,,,,,crazy excited to try them out tomorrow. I also ordered their western flavor beef jerky,,,,DELICIOUS! I have to hide it from the hubby so I will have some to snack on through out the week. As usual, Nuts.com has blown me away!! Can't wait to run out of goodies so I can order some more! Nutty for Nuts! Holly"
Aug 2012 -- Holly, Lehi, UT

"I've been a long time customer, and sadly this is my first testimonial. I have sample so many good things, and yes I do have a few favorites like the raw cacao almonds & raisins, sweet and spicy jerky, organic wild apricot kernels and sugar free peanut butter bars. Everything is always so fresh and well packaged , Oh and try the custom mix trail mix"
Aug 2012 -- Keisha, Philadelphia, Pa

"I just received my order today even though I placed my order yesterday evening! As far as expedite shipping goes Nuts.com gets an A from me. Although I do live in New York and the product shipped from New Jersey, but even with that I literally received my order a few hours short of 24 hours which is amazing! When I received the package I was surprised to see the box covered in the Nuts.com logo, at least I didn't have to open the box to know what it was! I haven't tried everything I ordered yet but the dried mango and the beef jerky I tried so far are good, the beef jerky is exceptional actually. The last thing that stood out to me was the packaging of the individual products. I was pleasantly surprised to see custom product packaging with the nuts online logo on everything. I love the high quality resalable packages and their stand out colors. I'm happy with the quality of the product, but the packaging really stands out by itself. The personalized packaging is an excellent way to stand out from competitors and it does what it's suppose to do, which is to make me think about Nuts.com. Overall I'm happy and will be a returning customer."
Aug 2012 -- paul, NY

"OH YAH! Great peanuts & awesome beef jerky. Love the nutty box, ships quickly & the nutty email confirmation...awesome! You guys are doing it RIGHT! Thanks!"
Jun 2012 -- Jill, San Antonio, Texas

"This is my third order in as many months. LOVE the yummy snacks, and the values are unbeatable! My hubby raved about the Berry mix, and the wasabi peanuts and beef jerky are my favs. Not to mention the super fast shipping for faster gratification. You have a lifetime customer here!"
Jun 2012 -- Sandra, Covington, Washington

"Best Jerky ever. Can't stop eating it."
May 2012 -- Franklin, San Francisco, Ca

"This Death by Jerky is one of the finest and hottest Jerky's I have ever had. It starts out sweet and then the temp rises to a remarkable level. For those who like hot, this is the one for you. Not for the timid."
May 2012 -- William, Orlando, Florida

"I am absolutely obsessed with nuts.com! I love the chia seeds and my boyfriend is a huge fan of the beef jerky. If we are craving some and do not have any in the house from our last order i know i can pretty much order them at that minute and get them delivered to us in record time!"
May 2012 -- Loren, Somerville, Ma

"Absolutely wonderful company! I got the butter mints and they are yummy! The Jordan almonds delicious! Popcorn jelly beans everyone loves! Japanese peanuts are really really good as I shared them with my coworkers who have not tried them and they say they taste soo good! So fresh! And the teriyaki beef jerky is so tender and full of flavor. Definitely the best beef jerky that I have ever tatsted! Plan to order more different products butim so gladi found you guys. Thank you so much for your wonderful products. My fiancé and I are looking forward to ordering our wedding favors as well as stock out pantry with stoles from your store. Thanks again!"
Apr 2012 -- Andrew, Osage, Ia

"The BEST beef jerky, the BEST variety of dried/freeze dried fruits, the BEST variety of ANYTHING!!!!!!!!! LOVE the freeze dried strawberries, my kids eat them in one sitting! I have to hide my stuff!! Thanks for your amazing choices and delivery!!!!!!"
Mar 2012 -- Christine, West Newton, Pennsylvania

"It came right on time as you said, and boy I was excited to open the box, so I sampled each bag and the fudge right away and I have to say WOW! Your Death By Jerky is a perfect name for that jerky, lol it made my eyes water which is a good thing, very tasty, and the pepper jerky was fabulous as well. The Chocolate walnut was so fresh and yummy, so I had to give my testimony right away. I will be ordering again and telling my friends :) Thank you for living up to your name. Teresa, Houston TX"
Mar 2012 -- Teresa, Houston, TX

"Fastest shipping I have ever experienced! Seriously ordered sunday and had monday afternoon unreal! I have already placed another order for the Death by Jerky it is fantastic. I know i'll be ordering often, Thank you very much!"
Mar 2012 -- Gary, Torrington, CT

"Love you guys as you never disappoint, im hooked on ur chai tea and Death by jerky. Looking forward to my next order"
Mar 2012 -- Yewande, Raleigh, NC

"I bought the dried kiwi and fruit rolls for my kids. Both of my kids LOVE the beef jerky! I LOVE the energy squares. I have a nutty crush on nuts.com!"
Mar 2012 -- hannah, Hermitage, Tennessee

"Indeed, shipping was fast even to Canada only 3 days, but more importantly, products are good! I ate all the beef jerky in one go, whoops! will look forward to a wheatgrass shot tomorrow am. berry mix tasty too, defintely going to order again!"
Feb 2012 -- Dave, Montreal, PQ

"Great Tasting Jerky! Great Bargain. Just in time for the Super Bowl!"
Jan 2012 -- Darren, Amherst, VA

"Awesome website!! Great nuts & fried fruits & beef jerky (really spicy though, which I like!) Super fast shipping, definitely will buy again!"
Jan 2012 -- Keri, TERRE HAUTE, Indiana

"FANTASTIC!!!! DELICIOUS!!! and right on time!!! We'll be back! Thanks, my nutty friends!"
Jan 2012 -- Anne, Missouri

"WOW! What great service! More companies could take a lesson from you guys! Great product. Repeat business on the way!"
Jan 2012 -- Dave, NORTH TONAWANDA, New York

"i just tried your sweet and spicy beef jerky.. wow.. so tender.. great quality.. i love it.. can't wait to try all the other flavors .. im hooked on nuts.com for life!!! thank you for all your hard work !!!!"
Jan 2012 -- Jonathan, Palm Harbor, Florida

"By far the best jerky I have had yet, really love it. It has a punch that some may think is too intense....like my wife. The hotter the better I say!"
Jan 2012 -- John, Texas

"First time ordered from the company. I must say, great free item and probably the best jerky ever (death by jerky), very spicy and great tasting. My wife loved the pomegranates and kids loved the dried strawberries and kiwi. I will be ordering again in the future, I am sure of it!"
Jan 2012 -- John, Texas

"The sweet and spicy beef jerky is very yummy. It isn't too sweet and has the perfect amount of spice. And, there are so many tender pieces compared to the packages of beef jerky that you find at the supermarket."
Nov 2011 -- Jennifer, Montclair, NJ

"I am munching on my BBQ Beef Jerky right now; it's so amazing! Awesomely fast delivery and VERY yummy! This is the 2nd time I've ordered and it will not be the last!"
Nov 2011 -- April, Greenville, SC

"Being deployed, let's face it the food is a luxury but not the greatest. Also my schedule out here keeps me pretty busy. My wife has started sending me samples of stuff from nutsonline as an alternative so I can have healthy food with me at all times. We both love the death by jerky! I really enjoy the dried fruit and dried veggies. She also sent me the Active lifestyle mix. The sample bags are ideal for my back pack and give me a nice serving amount. Thanks nutsonline for a better deployment!"
Oct 2011 -- Cody, Kandahar, Afghanistan

"Amazing customer service and speedy delivery. Death by Jerky is amazing. The bag is gone and my co-workers will be visiting this site and ordering as well."
Oct 2011 -- Carrie, Sanford, Florida

"So, I got my order about two hours ago and have to say my plan for dinner has failed miserably. I opened the Hickory Beef Jerky to taste it and it's now gone... Holy Cow, that was the best jerky I've had in years. I must go and order more! Dessert consisted of a handful of the yummy Dark Chocolate Covered Soy Beans. I'm hooked - Nuts Online is the best! Thanks!"
Oct 2011 -- Gina, Orlando, FL

"You guys ROCK when it comes to Customer Service!!!! And your products are great too! Thank you!"
Oct 2011 -- Ginger, Emerald, WI

"received my order in 2 days !! products were fantastic. jerky was tender and were good pieces of meat. candy was fresh in resealable pouches. the sour cherry cola bottles are fantastic. this company gives you great value for your money."
Oct 2011 -- thomas, hagerstown, md

"I love the variety that you all offer and am so happy with my order!! Great prices and I appreciate the care you put into shipping your products! Thank you!"
Oct 2011 -- Kim, Charlotte, NC

"A friend of mine ordered some of this and it is awesome. Yes it is HOT (and I love hot stuff). It certainly stays hot till the end. I highly recommend it if you love hot and spicy food. It's fresh and chewy too (not stale)."
Sep 2011 -- Mike, Al Asad, Iraq

"Once again, I am very pleased with NutsOnline's delivery. I ordered the Sweet and Spicy Beef Jerky, along with Cherry Sours and Sour Cherry Cola Bottles. All of which are The jerky is, quite honestly, some of the most tender beef jerky that I have ever eaten. It's not like your other packaged jerky where you might have a few tender pieces along with others that are as tough as leather. Simply 100% deliciousness, which is probably why the bag is about 50% eaten already."
Sep 2011 -- Mike, Zephyrhills, FL

"Loved how our order was handled! The Habenero Jerky was GREAT! We are re-ordering. The same goes for the Thai Cashews. My children are enjoying the nuts! I have now have a reliable "nut house" ;). Thank you"
Jul 2011 -- Gina, Columbus, GA

"Nuts Online's coconut (Holiday) dates are delicious and the Western Style Beef Jerky is very tasty. I will most definitely place an order in the future. Thank you for the free sample of Turkish Figs. They were delicious as well."
Jul 2011 -- Ray, Little Neck, New York

"Great products, great service, fast delivery. A+."
Jul 2011 -- Matt, PA

"Whats more than exceeded expectations? Maybe "BLEW THEM AWAY!" High quality product and service! First time customer, now a lifetime customer. My grocery list just got shorter!"
Jul 2011 -- Michael, Charlotte, United States

"Without a doubt the best jerky I have ever had. Soft, very flavorful and unfortunate gone. Time to order MORE."
Jul 2011 -- Bill, Juneau, AK

"Package arrived in perfect condition. All items tasted and were absolutely delicious!!! We can not stay away from the goodies, so I know they will not last long. We will be ordering again very soon."
Jul 2011 -- Donald, Enid, OK

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