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Hot & Spicy Dried Fruit Reviews

Below is a sampling of some of our very satisfied customers. Most of our customers are loyal customers that continue to come back and shop at Nuts.com.

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"I ordered the Chili Mango slices. I can taste the sweetness of the mango, as well as the spicy flavors added. The freshness comes through. Great products and fast delivery! Thanks, Nuts.com!"
Aug 2014 -- Persida, New York, New York (NY)

"O.M.G. I just got my package. I just tried the corn nuts, salt & vinegar kale chips, plantain chips, chili mango and the veggie chips. They are delicious!!! and I just love colorful baggies they come in. Can't wait to buy some more. :D Thank you."
Mar 2014 -- Lorena Rivera, Mission Viejo, CA

"I just can't say enough good thing my order. The chocolate cinnamon gummy bears were wonderful, and the chili mangos were beyond expectation. Can't wait to order again!"
Oct 2013 -- Amanda, Topeka, KS

"I just would like to say "WoW" my chili mangos are amazing!! I believe my favorite part of it all is the box they came in. I just would like to give props for the person who took the time out to draw and write on it. thank you so much.. From now and until whenever i will always get them from yall... Thank yall so much!!! -whitney carpenter"
Oct 2013 -- whitney, athens, al

"BEST DAY EVER!!! My captivating Nuts.com box was waiting for me as I came downstairs this morning! (Wow! on delivery time...Wow! on flavor!) Love everything in the raw sampler pack, especially the Cacao Goji Energy Squares! Going to make a green smoothie with the moringa, hemp, spirulina and hemp powders and will add some cacao nibs to it! The Chili Mangoes are delish with perfect heat! And those Spicy Fava Beans!!!....now for a nice Chianti tha tha tha and a toast to my favorite Nuts in the world!!! Love the veggie chips gift! I'll be back...gotta bolt!"
Jul 2013 -- Janet, Hickory, NC

"I love this site! I always find something new every time I visit. One of the items I ordered this time around was the Chili Mango slices. These are so amazingly yummy! They’re the perfect balance of sweet and spicy and remind me of the chili mango lollipops that I love so much. I’ll be ordering more of this yummy goodness real soon!"
Jul 2013 -- Melissa, Homestead, FL

"Chili mango was delicious thank you very much oh and the strawberries amazing I might order some soon. ;)"
Apr 2013 -- stephanie, Ontario, Ca

"I JUST tore my package open 5 minutes ago and OMG AMAZING! I've been craving for Chili Mango for EVER and the chili mango I got is so good!!!! I also got Wasabi Corn nuts, Habanero Jerky, and got a sample of dried strawberries (THANK YOU by the way); ALL AMAZING!!!!!!! I'd add more "!"s but then it'll seem obnoxious. This is my first order from Nuts.com and I'm sure there'll be many more to come :) I'm hooked!"
Apr 2013 -- Lily, New York, NY

"This is our second time ordering and both of our experiences have been great. Our order arrived the very next day! Aside from great shipping, the products are of great quality and well worth the money. The almond flour is perfect for our diet. I love the California dried apricots (worth the splurge) and the spicy mango. We had to order the ground flax seed after the sample we received with the last shipment. We used them on just about everything from smoothies to steak. Overall, we love you guys and plan on becoming part of the nuts.com family!"
Mar 2013 -- Veronica, East Greenwich, RI

"Excellent choices, excellent quality, excellent service. Thank you!"
Jan 2013 -- Nancy, Durango, Colorado

"Yep, they are soooo good. I share everything I order with my family (Dried Mango, Jackfruit, Dried Persimmons, and Dried Guava). They love them too..... But I kept the Chili Mango for my personal stash...."
Jan 2013 -- Love Guava, Suquamish, Washington

"Wow! The chili mango is full of all kinds of yummy, hot & spicy deliciousness!"
Nov 2012 -- Diane, S.A., TX

"So here's the story: one of my coworkers received a 5-lb bag of Chili mango from a relative. He shared it with the office, and I searched out the website to buy more once it was gone. Brought it into the office, and one of the other guys told me he looked up the site and ordered more too. This stuff is amazing!"
Oct 2012 -- Kat

"Not only did these get here faster than anything I have ever ordered, but they are the most delicious banana chips I've ever had. If I'd known bananas were capable of tasting like this, they would never have been on my list of "things that taste worse than soap." I'm going to share these with everybody I've ever met. Thank you!"
Oct 2012 -- Kat

"Eceptional!!! In all aspects. Fastest delivery service ever and quality and value and don't know what else to say, I'm speechless over it all. The chili mango is even better than what I bought in China town Chicago and it cost me more than twice as much there. I will be a returning customer for sure. Thank you to all my new nutty friends. Mark S Resler"
Jul 2012 -- Mark, Muncie, In

"I feel like I've found the Holy Grail! My search for quality specialty spices and dried fruits has come to an end! I opened the package of chili mango and IMMEDIATELY called two friends to let them in on my new secret. I will definitely be a repeat... repeat... repeat... repeat... customer! :-)"
Jul 2012 -- Rejeanna, AZ

"I really dont know where or how to start my testimony because the service was "AMAZING". Before I could Track my package I received it. I am TOTAL speechless. I order online very frequently and I have "NEVER " experience such complimentary service. And about my product. It's above my expectation. If i had to rate Nuts.com on a scale of 1 to 10, I would give them a 10+. I am so HAPPY I stumble across Nuts.com website. You have a customer for life. I really appreciate your professionalism. Janet"
Jul 2012 -- Janet V Simmons

"Just received my order on time!! I got the chili mango,Israeli sunflower seeds and love them haven't tried the Mixed nuts and the kids love the icee spray Candy"
Jul 2012 -- Jose, San Jose, Ca

"The best chili mangos I have ever tasted. The cherry jam and pineapple jam was delicious. I really enjoyed the chocolate covered espresso beans. I will be ordering from you guys again."
Apr 2012 -- lori, san jose, ca

"Delicious! I had been craving some chilli mangos for awhile now. I went surfing the net and read other testimonies. Now let me at mine... Truly the best chill mangos I have ever had and I am so happy I decided to order from NUTS.com"
Jan 2012 -- Joseph, Bloomington, IL

"Wow! Talk about fast delivery! I barely got my laptop turned off and my order was at my door. This was my first order, but will most certainly not be my last! I was only looking for specialty flour, but figured, while in Rome... The flour was as good as expected but the spicy mangos... fabulous! I will be buying the mangos again and in the meantime, hiding the pack I have now from my husband. NutsOnLine rocks!"
Jan 2012 -- vicki, hershey, pa

"Hello i like your seasoned mango alot.I just wanted to send some to my dad,thats why i used his addres."
Sep 2011 -- wade

"Got my order earlier this week. Fast as usual! The dry roasted edemame is so good! Crunchy and not overly salty. The Punjabi Mix is perfectly spiced. My Indian friends love it too. But I think the winner of this order is the chili mango. I've never had anything like it before. Sweet and spicy hot enough that my nose starts to run after a few pieces. I'm addicted to those. Even my sister who isn't that crazy about spicy foods loves them!"
Jul 2011 -- Claudia, MD

"always product promised for agreed price, always prompt, always a pleasure"
May 2011 -- don, fairbanks, alaska

"I am THRILLED to discover you guys! I got hooked on dried mangos dusted in chili powder at our local store. Then they stopped carrying them. I've been looking for about 3 or more years for this delicious snack. The moment the UPS guy dropped them at my door I grabbed them up and tore open a bag. YUM! They taste as good as what I remembered. Thanks for providing me with my "fix" once again. You have a new loyal customer!"
Apr 2011 -- Rebecca, Silaom Springs, Ar.

"Chili mangos are salty!"
Feb 2011 -- angela, chicago, illinois

"I never write testimonials...HOWEVER.... Nutsonline is incredible. Not only only are they fast as lightning, but they offer the most unusual items. I love the chili mangoes, dried angelino plums, wasabi peanuts, pontefract licorice coins, and have the jerky on order as I write this. I'm thinking that a gift certificate to nutsonline would be a great gift idea for the future."
Jan 2011 -- Patty, NJ

"Well I was looking for a dried fruit with a hot chili taste and that is exactly what I received. Thank you, Judy"
Jan 2011 -- Judy Bowles, Hesperia, Ca

"Wow! This was my first time purchasing from Nuts Online, and I am very impressed with your company. You a) actually had the product I was looking for b) shipped it immediately and c) sent me regular emails regarding my order status, including letting me know when it was delivered. On top of the buying experience being great, the product is wonderful. Thank you so much!"
Dec 2010 -- Shannon

"Love the Chili Mangos! I am addicted."
Nov 2010 -- Jennifer, Conway, ar

"I have been ordering from your site for a while and have recommended it to many people! I haven't been disappointed with a single order from your store. I always order the Chili Mango, which has been absolutely amazing!! Your Turkish Figs, Raw Almonds, and Wasabi Peanuts are so delicious! Thank you so much for your super fast delivery and amazing service!!!"
Jun 2010 -- Clayton, Seattle, Wa

"The last time I had chili mangos was when I lived in California and I was never able to find them, and then I stumbled across this site. I am more than pleased with my purchase! I got them the day that I was told they would arrive and they are by far the best I've ever tasted!!! Just the right spicy and sweet that I love. You MUST try these!"
May 2010 -- Lindsay, Virginia Beach, VA

"WOw!!!Wow!!!!Wow!!!! I placed my order 2 days ago & it's already here! I think I almost ran over my kids just to get to my Nutty box:) Everything was amazingly fresh & sooooo full of flavor. I was holding my breath when I opened the Chili mangos because I've ordered them before from other companies & was greatly disappointed:( But I took a bite of these and started doing my happy dance from joy that somebody finally got it right!!! Another awesome product is the Hemp & Greens Superfood Cereal, this is amazing I had to force myself to stop eating it before it was all gone. My kids love the chocolate covered sunflower seeds & I can't wait to try the cacao butter, raw cacao powder & lacuma powder in my raw chocolates & ice cream....Yum....Yum...Thank You so much guys, you're the best:) May your business continue to thrive & succeed!!"
Mar 2010 -- Lady Free, Chicago, Illinois

"You have to try the dry spicy chilli mangoes it's to die for...."
Dec 2009 -- coco, pompano beach, fl

"You should know that the package was a birthday gift for my very picky and discerning husband, who usually returns the more standard gift of the LL Bean chamois shirt or sweater. No such thing this year--he has already sampled everything, and is smiling broadly. The custom trail mix was an especially big hit--all ingredients fresh and tasty, and the chili mango is a great taste combo. Not to mention that the birthday card was a hoot! Thanks so much for your excellent products and service. I am still enjoying my first purchase of crystallized ginger, and look forward to future yummy delights. Best wishes, Deborah Heller"
Nov 2009 -- Deborah, Wilton, NH

"OMG! What can I say! So far, your chili mangos are the best I've had compared to the others I ordered from different sites! I can't wait to try your other snacks! So expect another order from me! Marjorie"
Jun 2009 -- marjorie, north hollywood, ca

"The dried Chili Mangos just arrived and WOW! they are amazing- the best I've ever had- fresh and spicy hot with out any sugar added. Your web site is excellent and I look forward to placing many more order with you."
Apr 2009 -- Eric, Los Angeles, CA

"Wow, these are amazing! They're quite spicy, but so good. Plus, my shipment came less than 24 hours after I ordered it! I will definitely be ordering more."
Apr 2009 -- Sandy, Philadelphia, PA

"I just rec'vd. my great order from NutsOnline...extremely fast shipping!!! I just ripped open the chili mangoes and they are tremendous! I can't wait to try everything else I purchased, I know it will be very good!!!"
Mar 2009 -- Audra, Suwanee, GA

"Products are wonderful! My family and I joke that the only dates I want are from Nutsonline. For those who love hot, chili mangos are great. I combine sesame sticks and Cajun corn sticks for my own yummy mix. My sister, who owned a store that sold candy, thinks your chocolates are top notch. Best personal service and response to emails anywhere."
Oct 2008 -- Janice, Michigan

"I love chili mango so much. I can't stop eating it since I got it!"
Oct 2008 -- Vorraya, Tampa, FL

"The Chili Mango is AWESOME! I usually get something like this when I visit Mexico. A little spicier than expected, but the spicier the better! LOVE IT!"
Aug 2008 -- Aileen

"Hi, It's me nutty Vernell, of course I tore into the box as soon as it came. I have to open everything and give it my OK! And everything was more than OK! Love the new fruit cocktail. I may just use Nutsonline for Christmas gifts, hope you don't mind if I take the easy way out. I love everything I have ordered, Chili mango "rocks", Japanese peanuts so so crunchy, I could go on and on. Thanks for a wonderful place to shop."
Jul 2008 -- Vernell, Benicia, CA

Showing 1 - 43 of 43 reviews

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