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Below is a sampling of some of our very satisfied customers. Most of our customers are loyal customers that continue to come back and shop at Nuts.com.

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"They're crazy, goofy and just nuts ! This is the place to find all your favorites. Hard to find and best price. I was looking for Apple/Cinnamon Jelly. I found it. I was looking for Fudge. I found it. I was looking for Red & Black Raspberries. I found them. I was looking for a place that has all of it. I found NUTS.com Rollin - Colorado"
Jun 2014 -- Rollin, Aurora, Colorado

"I've been looking for the apple cinnamon jelly for a long time in something other than individual packets. Can't wait to open in morning with breakfast toast. The chocolate covered banana slices are awesome."
May 2014 -- Ron, Grand Blanc, MI

"Yippee! The Nutty folks at nuts.com delivered tons (pounds actually) of Yum Yum's! I love the organic trail mix! And the Dark Chocolate raisins & soy beans ROCK! The Chia Chips & Moringa Powder is keeping me healthy & happy! What more? The Apple Cinnamon Jelly is a piece of heaven on toast... I have yet to try the . Cinnamon Sticks but they look great and are extremely heathy... Thanks for keeping all us NUTS OUT HERE IN ARIZONA HAPPY & NUTTY!!!"
Feb 2014 -- Randy, Buckeye, AZ

"Superb service, fun box and surprise gift. Will write more after breakfast tomorrow. Quince jelly or gooseberry jam? Decisions, decisions."
Jan 2014 -- Thomas P O'Brien, Savannah, GA

"Thank you so much for your exceptional delivery of the elderberry jelly. It is going to make my daughter very happy on Christmas morning! Merry Christmas to you and your family!"
Dec 2013 -- Karen, Chappaqua, NY

"WOW! I am so impressed. Placed an order for quince jam that seems to be impossible to get in Canada anymore and received my parcel three days later, in lots of time for Christmas. My father will be so pleased. And with the jam came a packet of candied ginger. Another favourite of my Dad's. Boy am I going to look good in his eyes. Thank you for your promptness, your cute messages and a general feeling of 'family' from your company. I am looking forward to hearing the review from my Dad! Thank you very much."
Dec 2013 -- Ruth, Cambridge, Ontario

"All arrived in perfect order, the day it was said to arrive. So glad to have found a reliable source for the red currant jelly that is mandatory for making my German "Spitzbuben" Christmas cookies."
Dec 2013 -- Barbara, La Mesa, California

"I love the mint jelly and it is soooooooo good for lamb... have a nice day , thanks"
Nov 2013 -- connie, chula vista, ca

"my package just came and I opened everybag so I could taste everything. just like last time I ordered - everything was yummy yummy yummy - now I have to find a spot to hide my snacks so the rest of the family wont eat it all like last time - tks so much for having such fresh, great snacks."
Aug 2013 -- jane, lake havasu city, az

"I have not had quince jelly in 40 years and I really enjoyed it. Also like your packing box. I will be buying candy for the holidays after the weather cools way down for shipping. It was a pleasure doing business with you. Thank you."
Aug 2013 -- Deborah, Spokane, Washington

"Last time I tasted elderberry jelly was probably about 1960. Made by my grandmother from wild elderberries I gathered near Chagrin Falls, Ohio,. The elderberry jelly I received yesterday from Nuts.com tasted just the same and brought back wonderful memories. Thanks."
Jul 2013 -- Ron, Lakeland, FL

"Thank you so much for my shipment, which I just received, along with the free goji berries!! Must tell you, the reason I ordered your elderberry jelly and dried elderberries is because the herb of the month at the Evening Herb Society of the Palm Beaches is elderberries. Trouble is, elderberries here in South Florida don't ripen for another month or so and our meeting is next Tuesday! Elderberry jelly on cream cheese on a Ritz cracker is the perfect appetizer! Haven't figured out what to do with the dried elderberries, but I'm thinking cookies of some sort. Again, thank you so much for coming to the rescue!!"
May 2013 -- Tom, West palm Beach, Fl

"Fantastic jellies and jams! Speedy and reasonably priced shipping with great care taken for the safe delivery of the contents!! Count me in as a regular customer!"
Apr 2013 -- neil, melrose, Massachusetts

"If the goodies make me as happy as the box did they came in I'll be smiling many more times. Thank you for the fast service. Nuts to us all!"
Apr 2013 -- Margit, York, ME

"Wow, I am so impressed! I buy from a lot of online stores but this is one of the few times I'm taking the time to write a review. My order arrived in three days, exactly what I was told when I placed the order. I even received email updates along the way. Order arrived well packed in the cutest yet simple product packaging. There's even a little gift of an item related to my order. I can't believe I haven't found you before now! I will be back. Thanks!"
Jan 2013 -- Erika, Chicago, IL

"I loved the coffee and jam I ordered from Nuts.com!!! I also loved the super fast shipping!!! I will definitely shop with Nuts.com again!!!"
Jan 2013 -- Ryan, Old Greenwich, Connecticut

"Thanks for the quick delivery. The mint jelly sure is good and will be having some soon with my lamb chops."
Jan 2013 -- Cass, Aurora, CO

"My elderly aunt is a jelly fan. I gave her 3 jars of your jelly for her B day last fall & she was head over heels in delight. The quince, candy apple & sassafras satisfied both her old time favorites & something new. She has a piece of toast w jelly every single morning for breakfast. Your products were well appreciated. So for a winter pick me up I just sent her some more."
Jan 2013 -- Patricia, Hamilton, OH

"My package came to me as quick as can be. The Jelly was so... good too! I give you a great big two thumbs up. Sincerely, Mrs. Rybitski"
Dec 2012 -- Roberta, Schenectadyt, NY

"LOVE the personality and the product! I will shop again I'm sure"
Dec 2012 -- Susan

"Being in the desert, it is often hard to find the ingredients to make my recreations of childhood favorites--namely, quince jelly! Thankfully, the family of nuts.com can make it wonderfully for me! Within moments of ordering (it seemed) a wonderfully, whacky box arrived at my door with nutty grafitti all over it--yea! My aunts and uncles will share this jelly over Christmas toast and remember Grandma fondly thanks to you! Thank you, again. I will be back again and again....."
Nov 2012 -- marilee, Las Vegas, NV

"My mom said I was nuts for wanting to find quince jelly. And then I remembered all of the peculiar things I once found on your site. And now I have quince jelly in my refrigerator... Nuts.com FTW!"
Oct 2012 -- Chris, baltimore, MD

"I received the jelly yesterday and could not wait to taste it. It is delicious! Thank you so much!"
Sep 2012 -- pamela, columbus, ga

"We enjoyed the jelly with some hot biscuits Thanks for the great service. patsy jones"
Sep 2012 -- Patsy Jones, Austin, Texas

"i recved my order on time and the jelly was great!! i also received chocolate covered almonds and they were great!! your service is the best. thanks tony"
Dec 2011 -- anthony a mosesso

"I must say,that was the fastest delivery,from the U.S.It was here in less than 1 week.The jelly is amazing,hard to find in Canada.Sweet.Thanks."
Nov 2011 -- Eldon, Toronto, Canada

Oct 2011 -- DIANNE, GLADE, KS


"I was pleasantly surprised by how quickly my order was delivered. The quince jelly that I ordered is very difficult to find and i was just as good as the stuff my grandmother used to make. By the way, the bonus bag of nuts in the order was very appreciated by my kids."
Jan 2011 -- Gary, Waukegan, Illinois

"Yumminess achieved! My daughter and I share elderberry jelly as our favorite. We can't find any in our stores so it was great to have found your web page. We will be ordering again when the time comes."
Dec 2010 -- Cheryl, Naples, FL

"What fast service! Not to mention how delicious everything is. Especially the quince jelly. Thank you! I will definitely order again."
Nov 2010 -- Maria Maat, La Mirada, Ca

"These were for my mom; she loves elderberry jelly; this is going to be one of her christmas presents. I am sure she will love it. Thanks so much"
Nov 2010 -- John, Cleveland, OH

"Figs and Jellies are great! We are enjoying them a lot. A big thanks for the wonderful surprise. Hillu"
Sep 2010 -- Hillu, N. Las Vegas, NV

"My Poppy seed, Hazelnuts, Currant Jelly and Figs came in today. Can't wait to cook my traditional european goodies. Speady Delivery and Great Packing. Thanks y'all Nuts! Also hoping to see Black Currant Jelly one day maybe????"
Sep 2010 -- VeraWalling, SC

"Just received my first order from you. It was delivered the day after placing my order. It was perfectly packed. I was pleasantly surprised by a complimentary package of figs which were not only delicious but tasted like they were just picked. Needless to say, you now have another returning customer. Many thanks for a very pleasant experience."
Sep 2010 -- Evelyn, Hillsdale, N.J.

"The jellys are very good. I ordered them for my friend to taste. He had never heard of Gooseberry or Elderberry jellys or jams. My parents use to make them back in the 1930's when I was a small boy living on a ranch. Your shipping was very good. Thanks for having your products available. Tommy Dice"
Aug 2010 -- Tommy, Greeley, CO

"My Grandmother looooved her elderberry jelly! Thank you so much! You are perfection and I will be ordering it again!!!"
Jul 2010 -- Barbara, Houston, Tx

"Your jams and jellies are some of the best. I have tried three of them --- Cherry, Elderberry, and Passionfruit and all of them are very delicious. When paired with your flavored nut butters it gives new tastes to a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. If you are searching for new sandwich ideas you must try them."
May 2010 -- Joyce, Rome, GA

"Thanks for your speedy delivery! It arrived just in time for Valentine's Day. It made my sweetie's day!"
Feb 2010 -- Diane, Gainesville, FL

"Just received 3 jars of Elderberry jelly this am. Have a dear friend in her 80's who loves it, so thought I would treat her with a jar. Also bought one for my husband's aunt and a jar for us to try."
Jan 2010 -- Sally, Osceola, Iowa

"So, my 80 year old Grandma LOVES old Fashion Bon Bons, but guess what? They are NOO where to be found. BUT WAIT! You can find them @ NutsOnline!! Love this place! Even ordered some really neat jellies for my Grandpa! PERFECT!"
Dec 2009 -- Keri Ann, Gray, pa

"Talk about quick delivery! Unfortunately, I can't comment on the elderberry jelly as yet since it's a Christmas gift for my son...who fell in love with this type of jelly while recently visiting Peru. Until then, based upon first impressions, I highly recommend nutsonline.com!"
Nov 2009 -- Charles

Showing 1 - 42 of 42 reviews

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