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Green Teas Reviews

Below is a sampling of some of our very satisfied customers. Most of our customers are loyal customers that continue to come back and shop at Nuts.com.

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"Rec'd my order yesterday, made my Green Tea Latte last night, was so good. Sampled the nuts, very fresh and ate several chia chips. Will be placing another order soon. Also told my friend at work and she is ordering today."
Jul 2014 -- Carol, Garden Grove, CA

"This is my first time ordering from Nuts.com and I'm impressed with the fast shipping and the packing is the cutest thing I've seen. I haven't been able to try all the products I ordered yet except for the Jasmine Green Tea and tonight we are having tilapia breaded with the Pecan Meal! I'm so excited the Jasmine green tea taste amazing and the fragrance is absolutely beautiful! I will be reviewing more of the products as I use them! Thank you Nuts.com you definitely gained another happy customer and will be sending all my friends here :)"
Jul 2014 -- kristine, lewisville, Texas

"Quick shipping, and we love our goodies! The sunflower seeds, soy nuts, dried fruit, and gunpowder tea are amazing. We very much appreciate the gift as well. Top notch, and the coolest, quirkiest, most appealing packaging ever!!!! :-)"
Jul 2014 -- Kim, Cincinnati, Ohio

"The wonderful pure Matcha GreenTea, this is exactly what I'd been looking for... Your logo said it all...100% Guarantee...Satisfied! Thank you so much! It is Deliciosooo Lecker yummy good!"
May 2014 -- Maria, Dickinson, ND

"You guys are amazing! After reading all the positive reviews I finally bought some almond flour and I will never go back to buying it from my local grocery store. Your almond flour is ten times better than what I've been buying. I just made some matcha green tea macarons using the matcha green tea powder that I purchased from you guys as well and it came out perfect. I didn't even have to whip out my food processor to grind up the chunky bits of almond flour, because there were no chunky bits! Again, you guys are amazing! I will definitely come back for more. And thank you for the gift of chia seeds. I have been eating it every morning with my bowl of honey granola and milk. Love the texture. Will probably be my next buy. Keep up the awesome work, NUT Family!"
Apr 2014 -- Tanya, Boston, Massachusetts

"Such interesting products nuts.com has. The service is fantastic, delivery is very quick and their products are fresh. They have so many organic treats at your finger tips. I'm so glad I found nuts.com. They even have my favorite loose leaf green tea. You gotta give them a try!!"
Apr 2014 -- Frank N. Bova, Brooklyn, NY

"Just received my first order today! I opened the bag of toasted corn, which were awesome! Tried the Dry Roasted Edamame, awesome! The Turkish Figs and Medjool Dates felt plump (through the package). Mixed up a glass of coconut water with the 100% Matcha before my workout, and off I went! Great products so far. Can't wait to have the Harmony Soup, that is soaking, for lunch tomorrow! And looking forward to the other items as well. Love the packaging and the fact that everything is resealable, added bonus!"
Mar 2014 -- Leigh, Metamora, Michigan

"Thank you Nuts.com for your awesome service! This was my first time ordering and it will not be my last! I ordered the Green Tea Matcha powder and it is amazing - then I saw the Raw Sampler Pack and decided to order that as well as I was interested in trying those products. On top of your excellent products you provided super fast shipping - it got here a day ahead of schedule! Thank you - I will be a returning customer!"
Mar 2014 -- Becky, Porter, IN

"I ordered the 100% Matcha Green Tea Powder, and it is perfect. As authentic, as good as, but way better value than the ones I buy from our local Japanese market here. As soon as I opened the bag and smelled the tea that it is the real deal. I ordered it to use more in my Green Tea Matcha macarons using the matcha in the cookies and in the matcha infused white chocolate ganache filling. Made a batch last weekend, and the macarons had the perfect matcha taste. Shared some of the matcha macarons, along with pistachio macarons made with nuts.com pistachio flour, with my french meetup group on St. Patrick's Day and they were a hit. :-) Thank you for the great products, nuts.com!!!"
Mar 2014 -- Maria, Bloomingdale, Illinois

"Wow! Why is this so good and affordable? I love it!"
Mar 2014 -- Jennifer, Hayward, Ca

"Received our shipment yesterday and immediately cracked into the walnuts. Best we've ever had - but we say that every time! Can't beat the freshness anywhere else. Always love the sencha tea - use it exclusively. This time I ordered a few extra treats and can't wait to try them and the trail mix gift!"
Feb 2014 -- Ellen, Live Oak, FL

"I'm so happy I found nuts.com. Our son got hooked on green tea smoothies and was paying almost $10 a pop for one at a smoothie place. I researched recipes and needed to find matcha green tea powder, No easy task. I found some at an Asian grocery store but it was very expensive. I took the search online and found nuts.com I've been buying a pound at a time now for much less money than I could find anywhere else. The matcha is delicious, shipping is speedy and and the customer service is awesome."
Feb 2014 -- Nancy, Plano, TX

"No one, and I mean no one, ships faster than nuts.com. I have always received my order the very next business day. Everything I've tried has been excellent quality and delicious. I especially love the Sencha Green Tea."
Feb 2014 -- Julie, Langhorne, PA

"This tea is better, more fragrant and less expensive than what I was buying in a specialty tea shop. Now I don't just have to limit myself to Jasmine green tea on weekends because of the cost. It smells wonderful!"
Feb 2014 -- Angie, Weatherford, Texas

"My review in Haiku: matcha yummy tea from nuts dot com great value will order again - This was my first order. I have been browsing the site for a while and finally gave them a try. I'm glad I did. I placed my order late on a Sunday night. The order was processed early Monday morning and I received it from UPS just as scheduled on Wednesday afternoon. I just made a cup of matcha and it's very good. I like these people at Nuts.com and I like their matcha. Their packaging is cool and I assume the company is cool in general. The whole process was easy and the other products they have to offer look great. I'm sure I'll order the matcha again (and other items) once I deplete my 8 oz supply (which was a great price!). I'm tempted to tell everyone I know about this place. On the other hand I'm also tempted to try to keep it a secret. Now I'm off to finish my tea and dream of this winter being over."
Feb 2014 -- Craig, Munster, Indiana

"Placed my order yesterday morning and just received my matcha tea. Couldn't believe it was delivered overnight, WOW! Made my first bowl of matcha and this is premium quality. Will definitely be ordering again!!! Monica"
Feb 2014 -- Monica, Philadelphia, PA

"Thank you for getting me order to me so fast. I REALLY LOVE this tea."
Jan 2014 -- Marla, Cashiers, N.C

"received my matcha green tea powder today and immediately prepared a cup. loved it!"
Jan 2014 -- Judy, Colville, WA

"I ordered my Matcha Tea last night around 5:30pm and it's arrived already. It's 9:30 the next morning. Thank you so much. Can't wait to try it."
Jan 2014 -- Elizabeth, Mountville, pa

"I just love that my Matcha powder arrived the next day and it tastes wonderful! Thank you!!"
Jan 2014 -- Shannon, Upper Marlboro, Maryland

"Couldn't believe the amazing delivery! Ordered my Matcha powder yesterday and came this afternoon! Great price and great service. Thanks nuts.com!"
Jan 2014 -- Rachel, Middletown, Maryland

"Thank you for the speedy service and quality tea and spices. I always enjoy the free samples included with the package."
Jan 2014 -- Kay, Falls church, Va

"First time order, was impressed but I had a feeling I would. Smart packaging, good tasting products and they threw in a small bag of chia seeds. I'll be back!"
Dec 2013 -- Rick, Chardon, Ohio

"WOW. So impressed by nuts.com. I am not a review-writer but really blown away. Not only is the price (matcha) phenomenal but shipped and arrived a day early AND with a fun free sample. Even received a fun email when package had been delivered. SO GREAT."
Nov 2013 -- Dom, Edmonds, WA

"Finally the PURE green matcha tea I have been searching for! I commend you on your quality, prompt delivery and overall professionalism. Thank you and be well."
Nov 2013 -- Giovanna, Los Angeles, CA

"After reading some of the incredible testimonials from other customers I was wondering if the company was writing it's own testimonials. Well, I placed my order at 9:53 am, received notice that the order shipped exactly one hour later at 10:53 am and my order was delivered to my door before 10am the following day. From internet order to my door in less than 24 hrs, this place is nuts! Great prices, great service."
Oct 2013 -- Jeff, York, Pennsylvania

"Fast service placed my order on Monday my Matcha Green Tea Powder was here by Wednesday. Having my latte now and it taste great just like Starbucks."
Oct 2013 -- Carolyn, Las Vegas, Nv

"Super fast shipping...the packaging is so cute and what's inside is amazing. The nuts are so fresh and the tea is delicious. We will definitely be ordering from this company again!"
Oct 2013 -- Tom, Ft Lauderdale, Fl

"I received my package in two days so that was incredible fast! I love how you guys contacted me through email to let me know my order arrived (I wouldn't have checked my mail that day!) I have been spending a ton of money on Starbuck's green tea fraps and decided to google "matcha powder" that's how I came across your site. I ordered both of your matcha powders and they are both wonderful!! The pure matcha one tastes just like Starbucks! Now I can enjoy my favorite smoothie at home. Thanks for the speedy service and great products! I posted my matcha mixes on Instagram and friends are already telling me they will be placing orders."
Sep 2013 -- Lana, Las Vegas, Nv

"AMAZING!! I've been obsessed with Matcha green tea lately, but so bummed about the prices. But then when I discovered Nuts.com offers an 8-ounce bag for the same price as most companies charge for a 1.5-ounce bag, I flipped! The flavor and quality are good (I've made many a smoothie), the shipping was fast, and I felt well taken care of. Shipping was a bit high, but the quality of service really lessened the sting. 2 thumbs up!"
Sep 2013 -- JoAnna, New York, NY

"I placed my first order with Nuts.com on Sept. 8th, 2013, and I must say I am very happy with what I received. The packaging is very fun, yet professional, and the products all seem to be high quality. I especially like the powdered acai and match green tea! As far as logistics are concerned, I received my order on the date it was estimated I would receive it. Overall, I am very happy and will be ordering from them again. Bryan"
Sep 2013 -- Bryan, Denver, CO

"I love the Matcha green tea mix and Matcha green tea powder...I have it everyday!!! Great quality and taste! I will be buying from y'all from now on :-))"
Sep 2013 -- Robin, San Antonio, Tx

"This matcha green tea was DELICIOUS!!!! I make myself a frap (similar to starbucks) every 4 days throughout the week!! It's taste is wonderful!! The shipping was great and they included a pack of peanuts!! I love www.NUTS.com!!!! I am definitely going to continue to buy my matcha green tea here!! *:)"
Aug 2013 -- Vanesssa, Jacksonville, FL

"Just tried the Matcha tea. It is very interesting. I liked it cold with ginger and a little agave to sweeten it. Might just be the energizer I need."
Aug 2013 -- Christie, Racine, WI

"Well...I'm sitting here on my porch, lovely summer evening and guess what...I'm drinking a tall glass of iced frothy matcha green tea from guess where! That's right! YOU GUYS!! Thank you so much for prompt delivery, great quality product. Goodbye Starbucks, Hello you Nutty Guys :)) I'll be back..."
Jul 2013 -- Rhelda, Penn Yan, NY

"Excellent!!!! !Excellent from a great company. This matcha tea is great and the follow up from purchase to arrival was awesome....Will be purchasing from you many times again....Best service I have ever had from a company."

"I ordered some matcha green tea powder on-line a less than an hour later, I got a note that my order had shipped! Today I got an e-mail saying the order had been delivered. I went to the door to check, and there stood the FedEx guy! That's what I call great service. I opened the package right away to make frozen green tea yogurt. I cheated and tasted the yogurt before putting it into the ice cream maker...this is gonna be great stuff! Thank you Nuts.com, I will be back!"
Jul 2013 -- Ralph, Kerrville, Texas

"I thought it was important to leave a review from the other side of the border. It's my second order from you (within a month :)), and both times, the packages are received 48hrs after being shipped, and shipping cost is very reasonable. That is pretty awesome! Everything i`ve ordered has arrived in perfect fresh condition, and everything tastes great! 100% Matcha is what brought me to your site, and got 5X the amount from you, for the same price as a local tea shop here, so really you do not have any competition. thank you!"
Jul 2013 -- J, Quebec, Canada

"I have been drinking Matcha tea for several years now.. So I tried Nuts.com for my Matcha and it is excellent !! and the price is amazing compared to the asian stores I was buying it from..I bought others things from here too and they were all excellent!!! Happy I found this site and recommend it to all my friends..."
Jul 2013 -- Laurie, Alexandria, LA

"Wow! I was surprised how quickly my order got to me. I placed the order late Thursday night and it was at my door by noon the next day- awesome! The products are wonderful- I love the smooth taste of the matcha and the dark chocolate covered espresso beans are so good. I will definitely order from from nuts.com again. I am in love with your business and products :)"
Jul 2013 -- Berenice, Andrews AFB, MD

"Immediately opened the matcha powder when the package got to my house. I made green tea ice cream and iced green tea lattes. The matcha is amazing compared to Teavana's matcha. It does not clump and can be mixed with cold liquids and dissolve instantly. Best matcha powder quality I have tried so far. Thank you nuts.com!"
Jul 2013 -- Briana, El Monte, CA

"5 STAR RATING WILL ORDER FROM AGAIN AND AGAIN!!!! My 100% matcha green tea powder came in two days as promised! I am extremely happy with the consistency and pureness of this powder. It tastes so fresh and yummy!! You've also made it very affordable!! I shopped all around the internet and found that you were the most reasonable price. I'm so happy I can purchase matcha from a family owned company, in the US! ps....LOVE the packaging guys!! Really great. Makes me feel like I am apart of something special. Thank you Jeffrey, Kenny, Uncle Sandy and cousin David!"
Jun 2013 -- Brandi, Hendersonville, TN

"WOW!! Amazing! I ordered the raw Turkish figs and they are amazing! And they are completely raw! Nothing added. I also ordered the Japanese Green Tea and it is great as well. I will definitely buy again. Shipping was incredibly fast also. I placed my order around 7pm and it was delivered the next day!! Amazing! Thanks nutty family!"
Jun 2013 -- Jamie, Akron, PA

"After looking over SEVERAL different sites that seem to sell pure powder Matcha, I finally came across nuts.com. I was hesitant to order at first because I wasn't sure if this was going to be genuine (and I didn't really want to spend almost $30 and it be the wrong kind!!). I had searched so many different sites and had done my research for a while, so I wanted to make sure it was just what I was looking for. Let me tell you, it IS! This is GENUINE Matcha Green Tea POWDER. I have been so excited about my Matcha, I was worried I might be disappointed if it tasted bitter. This Matcha is so smooth, and it tastes amazing. If you love the taste of Green Tea you will definitely fall in love with this! Highly recommended! Thank you nuts.com, I will be ordering from you again! <3"
Jun 2013 -- Whitney, Amarillo, Tx

"You guys are great! I previously purchased the 100% matcha green tea and the trail mix and just placed a large second order to try a bunch of new things! I even ordered several sample packs for my neighbor! Great service! Why can't more companies operate like yours! Bet its a blast to work there :)"
Jun 2013 -- Chris, Falls Church, VA

"Love my 100% matcha powder! Shipment arrived early and loved the packaging. I'll definitely be reordering! Thanks!"
May 2013 -- Molly, Minneapolis, MN

"I have been ordering this 100% matcha green tea. Delicious as ever. nuts.com has the best price of all the natural fruits and nuts..Always satisfied and you always get a free sample of all the best dried fruits or nuts. Thank you."
May 2013 -- Merilin, Avondale, Arizona

"It all started with searching for Matcha.. I wanted to try my hand at some recipes. I clicked on dozens of sites but they seemed expensive and boring. I always read through reviews to see the quality from actual customers so when I came across Nuts.com I probably read through 100 reviews on various products, customers claIming this or that their FAVORITE.. bad idea! I ordered me some matcha! And then some.. and then some more! I am BEYOND satisfied with your service. Received my cutesy box within 22 HOURS. like wow! This NEVER happens! I already whipped up a green tea frap and it is as good as Starbucks. I've been snacking on all my goodies and I'm in love! Thank you thank you thank you! I'm nuts for Nuts.com!"
May 2013 -- Talia, coeymans Hollow, ny

"YIKES!! i ordered the night before and in a blink of an eye my tea arrived home from work next day made some tea and it is delicious wonderful service and product thank you!!!! you guys ARE nuts!!!!"
May 2013 -- alison, wayland, MA

"Very happy with the Matcha green tea and fast delivery."
May 2013 -- Patty, Davenport, Ia

"We absolutely loved our experience of doing business with Nuts.com!! The products were carefully and perfectly packaged, shipped immediately (with great email communications from the company), and arrived today at our mailbox. Our family tore into the packages in expectation and finding we are DELIGHTED by the quality, freshness and flavor for everything. Wonderful to know - we think all goods they sell must be delicious. Thanks again for a perfectly pleasant online << to >> customer door experience!! Very happy!! A+++"
May 2013 -- Deborah & Mike Beggy, Tucson, AZ

"I ordered Matcha Green Tea at 7 o'clock Monday evening, and it arrived at noon the next day! Great prices, and great quality. I will definitely be ordering from Nuts.com again."
Apr 2013 -- Nicole, Lancaster, PA

"Very happy with that next day delivery. Product was tasty but disappeared too fast. Must get some more. Love the price on the matcha powder. Best I have seen."
Apr 2013 -- suzzanne, avon, ct

"Always great fast delivery--have been using this product for over a year--love that matcha green tea powder--have recommended nuts.com to many neighbors and friends! Keep up the good work!"
Apr 2013 -- Barb, Sno Pass, WA

"I received my goodies this morning , moringa powder , they are truly delicious . Also as usual my matcha and the deluxe house mix are great !!No mess nut cracker MUST HAVE !!!!thank you"
Apr 2013 -- Marisa, Dallas, Texas

"I really enjoy your Matcha. I'm on my second bag. The only question I have is should Matcha be refrigerated to preserve flavor?"
Apr 2013 -- Jean, Millersville, Pa.

"Fast delivery as usual! I love making green tea fraps with the matcha green tea. Wonderful selection and quality at nuts.com."
Apr 2013 -- Kristal, Benton, Il

"My order, under normal delivery arrived the next day!! Super fast!! I ordered 100% Matcha green tea powder and Matcha green tea powder mix. They are both taste terrific as good or better than the other big name coffee houses that I have been buying lattes at. Yummy!! Thanks Nuts.com."
Mar 2013 -- Patti, Gladstone, Oregon

"I got exactly what i wanted. The 100% matcha green tea is awesome. Blend 1T of the powder with 1cup of milk, 1/2 t of Spirulina, ice, and a piece of fruit for an incredibly healthy and delicious smoothie."
Mar 2013 -- Shaina, Fairfax, VA

"Just love the products, the friendly service, and awesome vibe that spews forth from Nuts.com. The dark chocolate almonds and green matcha powder are outstanding products that matches the hype. Looking forward to making my next purchase."
Mar 2013 -- Erik, Henderson, NV

"You guys are like a breath of fresh air. I love your package colors. You are prompt and products are great. The little extra gift is alway nice as well. Thank you very much."
Mar 2013 -- Paul, Pag, Pa

"This is my 1st of many orders from you. I was extremely pleased with EVERYTHING!!! I ordered sesame sticks, unsalted sunflower seeds, & young hyson tea (which by the way it is very good). Thank you for my gift, the cacao nibs. Look for me to order again real soon :)"
Mar 2013 -- Cynthia, chicago, il

"LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Nuts.com. Products are awesome, best quality and they arrive before you know it ... right at your door. Finding Matcha green tea locally is very inconsistent. Nuts.com gets it to me right when I need it. Thanks Nuts.com!"
Mar 2013 -- Cynthia, Jacksonville, FL

"I couldn't be more pleased with my purchase from nuts.com. The package arrived much faster than expected & the quality is exceptional " chocolate covered jellybeans and Matcha green tea powder". They also put a lovely surprise of chocolate covered sun flower seeds in with my order ; my hubby's favorite. Thanks again nuts.com Lu"
Feb 2013 -- Lu, Sun Valley, Ca

"Yay, as always your shipping service was outstanding - my package arrived in less then 48 hours from time I placed the order, right on time for Valentine's Day!!! Everything came nicely packed in zip-bags to help keep the fruit and product fresh for long time! When it comes to your product taste - everything deliciously smashes my expectations!!! Everything is delicious, fairly prices and I never got overcharged for shipping!!! Love the 100% Matcha Green Tea Powder, this is my 3 order of it, and I need to testify - this is the BEST 100% Matcha Green Tea ever!!! Always fresh and yummy, I even order it for my parents and brother who love drink teas and they agree with me that nothing beats that Matcha green tea!!! I love all the dry fruit, which came in nicely packed tray, easy for serving and storage!!! The organic quinoa couldn't taste better!!! Yummy in soups and as cold side dish for lunch/dinner. I love to make it as a cool side dish, to two cups of cooked and cool down quinoa I add chopped/cut fresh tomatoe, cucumber, red onion, handful of dried cramberies, handful of pine nuts, 2-3 tbsp of lemen juice and a little bit of olive oil (1/4 cup) to bring it all together - yummy and very healthy for my family!!! Even my kids love it!!! Nuts. com and Nuts family - I love your products & services!"
Feb 2013 -- Magdalena, Leesburg, VA

"Thank you for the fast delivery and great items. Have forwarded tea and adzuki beans to family in GA and NY. Thanks for the extra treat added. Will order again."
Feb 2013 -- Mickey, Schroon Lake, NY

"Thank you very much for fast delivery. I love quality of your products and your cute packages, they made my family smile! Green jasmine tea smells delicious."
Feb 2013 -- Alina, Middleburg, FL

"Excellent service and tea with next day delivery. Thank you so much. Will recommend to family and friends."
Feb 2013 -- Wendy

"I really like the product, but really love the company. This is my first time ordering from you, and I can assure you I will purchase from you again. The item was shipped expeditiously (I got it the very next day!!!!) without paying for the overnight delivery. In addition, the item came well packed and very fresh. I can see how this family owned business has remained opened after all these years. Previous generations would be proud. Thank you very much."
Feb 2013 -- Anh, Pacifica, CA

"My delicious package of matcha arrived today, and I am thrilled with the taste, quality and VALUE of this product. Although I chose the least expensive form of delivery, it arrived in TWO days! I even loved the box! My wife and I read all of the comments with giggles and chortles aplenty! As I write this email, I am enjoying the exquisite first cup of green tea latte. There is "nuttin" better than this."
Jan 2013 -- Doug, Sebastopol, CA

"I received my Matcha tea on time and it was exactly as everyone commented. Good quality. I commend you for an exceptional service. Please keep up the good work since just like the dinosaurs it’s going into extinction... as long as you keep your word and the quality of your products you would have loyal customers count me in. I recommend Nuts.com just try them you would not be disappointed."
Jan 2013 -- low, N. Charlesto, sc

"Thank you so much for your expedient and professional services, I was in awe when I received your email that my package was delivered. I love the Matcha tea, not to mention the other a co-worker had me try yours is amazing delicious! I can not wait to have him try mine a lot cheaper and great quality. Also thank you for your kindness and generosity of the veggie chips, they to are delicious my little doggie thinks so too :-). I will be ordering my veggie snacks!"
Jan 2013 -- Linda, Seven Valleys, PA

"You guys/gals are awesome! I can't believe my order is here already! And the matcha green tea is wonderful!"
Jan 2013 -- Charmel, Forest Grove, Oregon

"Got my shipment of matcha green tea today--always on time and always fresh--have recommended your site to 3 people in the last 6 months and now they are ordering from you--we like you, nuts.com!!"
Jan 2013 -- Barb, Snoqualmie Pass, WA

"Loved your box. My husband and I fought over who gets to keep. Package arrived quickly considering we live in Hawaii. Of course, the tea was great too. It should last me a while! You guys are my kind of people. Keep the fun in your life!"
Jan 2013 -- Leona

"Speedy delivery! Anxious to start my Matcha tomorrow."
Jan 2013 -- Jean, Millersville, PA.

"Wow, great service. I placed my order on Tuesday and received my product on Wednesday. The product was just as I had hoped for - what an awesome company. Great products, great prices, great service. I will definitely shop here again. THANK YOU!"
Jan 2013 -- Susan, Fresno, CA

"I recently found out that Mr Suzuki stopped farming his grean tea in Japan and it was my favorite grean tea powder; so it will no longer be available! I'm not kidding! So I decided to try the 100% matcha grean tea powder from you based on the outstanding reviews I read! And wow I was so glad I did! The matcha is delicious and smooth with no bitterness! For the money I was not expcecting it to be 1/2 this good! Thanks to everyone that reviewed this product because without you I wouldn't have given it a try because the price made me think it wasn't quality stuff! I will certainly purchase this again! And I don't know how it was delivered so quickly!!! Literally, under 24 hours!"
Jan 2013 -- cat

"My order arrived as scheduled, intact, and the product inside was packaged well in resealable packages. Each package has a different color and that helps me identify them on the shelf. The dried tomatoes are great, tender with a little saltiness. The matcha green tea powder is a lovely color with a pleasantly strong grassy aroma and flavor. The chorella Powder is as it should be a little musty smelling, but perfectly within its norm and so dark green it is almost navy - fresh. The organic Maca Powder is strong and may take some getting used to, so I am cutting back to half strength in drinks until I aquire a taste, but it is nice and unnoticeable in my maple oatmeal. Thanks nuts.com. You will see me again. Hunterland"
Jan 2013 -- Hunterland, Burgaw, NC

"Thank you for the great tea. Very enjoyable. Virgil"
Jan 2013 -- Virgil, Ester, Alaska

"Best price for matcha green tea powder, and it's in a ziplock pack! Wow! and my coworkers are going nuts over the creative shipping box! Can't wait to try the tea now, but already know I'll be ordering more from you guys. Call me nuts!"
Jan 2013 -- Jason, LA, CA

"Unbelievable!!! I ordered this yesterday morning and it's already here. Got the email saying it was delivered and I said yeah right decided to check the front porch and there it was. Thank you so much..you have a new customer for life...going to go try the products right now....."
Dec 2012 -- Phil, North Las Vegas, NV

"I just finished my first matcha green shake - kale, spinach, banana, strawberries, matcha and water and it was absolutely wonderful. Clean and refreshing. Can't wait to try it in the traditional way next. I keep buying more and more products from Nuts.com because the quality and service have proven to be superior to me. Thanks all you NUTS!"
Dec 2012 -- mona, Little Neck, NY

"I love your pure matcha green tea powder. It is fresh, and smooth. I use it to make hot tea using a bamboo tea whisk and Japanese tea bowl. It has a smooth and rich bitter flavor without any hint of bite. I also use it in chilled green tea lattes (add milk and honey) and other treats. Delicious and nutritious! Everything you guys sell is high quality. On top of that your service is great! Love the samples you add to each shipment :)"
Dec 2012 -- chris, Richmond, VA

"Great! I tried the Thai Ice tea during lunch and fell in love with it, so did my brother. Exactly like the one I get at the Restaurant. Yum! The 100% Matcha green tea powder is awesome, I am having it now. Now I don't have to wait until I get to the city to get some Starbucks Green Tea Latte - this is better. Thank you. Thank you. You made my day!"
Dec 2012 -- Janet, Brooklyn, New York

"Even with the Thanksgiving holiday, I received my order within two days after purchase. I ordered the 100% Matcha Green Tea as well as the Green Tea Powder Mix. I have only tried the powdered mix and it is delicious! I highly recommend Nuts.com. Not only are they fun people (I can only assume) with a fun website, but they are also very reliable. I will definitely be back with more orders, thank you Nuts.com!"
Nov 2012 -- KateCreates, Reno, NV

"My husband and I always enjoy a fresh cup of matcha green tea. It's always superb. Nuts.com have the best price. Thank you for quick delivery."
Nov 2012 -- Merilin, Avondale, Arizona

"Just got my Matcha tea today, and am sitting here enjoying a cup. I love it! It is perfect all by itself, no need for sweetener. Now I need to get me one of those nifty little shakers so I can take my tea to work with me. Thanks you so much for offering such great products!"
Nov 2012 -- Nutty Cathy, woodburn, Oregon

"I'm a very pleased woman right now! Fast shipment and delivery. Drinking my first glass of 100% Matcha Green Tea and it's delicious! Loved the packaging... so cute it made me smile wide. Will definitely buy more items in near future. Thanks Nuts.com Family!"
Nov 2012 -- Akemi, Honolulu, HI

"I recently ordered Matcha 100 % Green tea powder and Matcha Mix. Both products are delicious and both came in a very cute packaging. Love it! What amazed me is the Nuts fast shipping. I ordered Monday and came in about 2 days. It should be delivered by Friday and there you go, got them so quick. Isnt't wonderful. Will order again. Thanks to The Nuts Family!"
Oct 2012 -- Helen, LA, CA

"Good service. Order arrived quickly! The powdered green tea is wonderful and delicious. My husband loves the pistachios and so do I.. Will order again soon..........Thank You so much! Wanda Strauss Thank You so much!"
Oct 2012 -- Wanda Strauss

"my favorite place to get my teas and snacks work... matcha green tea, maca root, and dehydrated fruits taste so good, and the delivery is the best... :))"
Sep 2012 -- LAYLA, little falls, NJ

"I love Nuts.com, everything I've ordered from them has been really high quality stuff and I'm always happy with my orders. I usually get the 100% organic matcha powder and a few spoonfuls of it in some water makes me feel like I could wrestle down a bear. I just tasted their supreme roasted cashews and the taste hit me like a ton of bricks, good lord sweet Jesus there's flavors in there I've never experienced in other cashews, they're absolutely sublime. The prices are fair, the shipping is extremely fast, the site is easy to use and the products are amazing. They even give you generous samples of their other products with every order. I can't recommend Nuts.com enough."
Sep 2012 -- Axl, Manassas, Virginia

"AMAZING!!! I'm currently deployed in Afghanistan. I was craving some fresh chocolate covered nuts and green tea, I hopped online and found NUTS.COM! I placed my order on a Monday I received my order on that Thursday! OMG the nuts were packed neatly and they were o so fresh!! This is absolutely the best service I have gotten. Fast, fresh, and satisfied! Thank you guys for the great customer service and for the pride you take in the quality of your products!"
Sep 2012 -- Amy, APO, AE

"This matcha powder is fantastic! It's better quality than I've ever acquired locally (even at the tea shop), and is beautiful, vibrantly green. I mix the matcha powder 2:3 with powdered sugar, mix it in a cup of almond milk, and shake it up for bubble tea. My husband loves not having to go to Starbucks for great tea frappuccinos, too."
Sep 2012 -- Stacy, NY

"This 100% Matcha Green Tea from Japan taste wonderful and the price is very good! Next time I'm going to buy the 5lb. bag because it taste so amazingly good. I'm so happy I found this company because the products, prices, fast shipping and customer service are all excellent!"
Aug 2012 -- shane

"Received my green tea and it is exactly what I have been looking for. I am so glad that I found Nuts.com Thank you so much Nutty Cathy"
Aug 2012 -- Cathy, Sandwich, Il

"I can't believe how fast I received my order. I ordered on Thursday afternoon and on Friday afternoon my tea (and surprise free sample) were at my front door. I am impressed. I would definitely order again. P.S. I love the box!!!"
Aug 2012 -- paula, warren, ri

"I was very pleasantly surprised. I am used to buying Matcha Green Tea and receiving it in small aluminum containers (about one oz or 30 grams) from another region of Japan. Its very expensive however I decided to try yours and purchased a half pound portion which matches (no pun intended !) the other vendor I was buying from however based on what I received from you, the same high quality of product, the great pricing, excellent packaging and immediate shipping,along with the neat shipping box with all the wording on it (the other vendor had problems with timely shipping more than once in a while.) I am going to buy from you. As a matter of fact I ordered fudge for my wife which will arrive tomorrow to see that product and the only question I have is do you sell coconut oil ? I did not see it on your website but did not do a thorough search. Thanks again for your excellent product with super pricing and shipping. Very well done!"
Aug 2012 -- Jim, Point Pleasant NJ

"WOW!!! This is NUTS... I oredered my Matcha Tea on Friday and it was in my hands on Monday!!!! Excellent, love it and will order my other raw goodies and such from here also going forward. Thanks you nutty folks!!"
Jul 2012 -- Leslie, Houston, Missouri

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