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Dark Chocolate Wafers:
The absolute best
, Graniteville, VT
July 27, 2016
Dark Chocolate Wafers:
Dark Chocolate ... need I say more. If you don't like this stuff you're prolly a zombie.
, Rougemont, NC
July 24, 2016
Milk Chocolate Wafers:
Thank you so much for saving me an hour trip to buy chocolate for my cake pops and truffles!
, Purgitsville, WV
May 24, 2016
Pink Coating Chocolate Wafers:
Perfect for fruit and pretzel coating.
, Elmhurst, NY
May 21, 2016
Dark Chocolate Wafers:
great for baking and g'nache
, Cincinnati, OH
May 11, 2016
White Coating Chocolate Wafers:
The taste was better than Ghirardelli which I have used faithfully until now. Since your white chocolate wafers are far less expensive, I will likely use them for as long as they are available. The only issue is the wafers had partially melted when I received them. This did not effect the flavor at all, just made measuring the amount I needed for the first batch of candy I made a little more difficult. I still give you 5+ stars.
, Salisbury, NC
May 10, 2016
Dark Chocolate Wafers:
Umm, quick snack.
, Bella Vista, AR
April 30, 2016
Milk Chocolate Wafers:
Addictive! OMG are these good! I bought them to use in making cookies. But the little goodies might not make it to the cookies. Great in coffee too!
, Chicago, IL
February 26, 2016
Dark Chocolate Wafers:
For my next trick I think I'll try making truffles with these....the taste and meltingly smooth texture are a great combination
, Stockbridge, VT
February 24, 2016
White Chocolate Wafers:
These make wonderful melting chocolate for dipping
, Stockbridge, VT
February 24, 2016
Dark Chocolate Wafers:
These are great with dry roasted peanuts.
, Belton, MO
February 18, 2016
Dark Chocolate Wafers:
Really tasty chocolate in a very enjoyable form. As a chocoholic myself, I rate this as the very best ever.
, State College, PA
February 12, 2016
Dark Chocolate Wafers:
Delicious chocolate! Love the thin wafers.
, Cranbury, NJ
January 14, 2016
Dark Chocolate Wafers:
, Whitmore Lake, MI
December 22, 2015
Milk Chocolate Wafers:
LOLOL!! Hubby likes watching for the mail delivery. Today, SUNDAY, he said oh I hear the mail truck. I said Um, no its Sunday! Imagine my surprise when he got up and went out to get my NUTS box! Lucky me! Already used some on my cookie bars! Will post a pic on facebook! (grammacat) Peggy
, Farmingville, NY
December 6, 2015
Dark Chocolate Wafers:
Although the chips were teenier that anticipated, they are fresh and delish!!!!!!! I'm making my clusters tomorrow. I just hope I can only sample a few! Will power!!!
, Harrisburg, PA
December 5, 2015
Dark Chocolate Wafers:
These are fantastic with dry roasted nuts. Healthy too!!!
, Belton, MO
November 24, 2015
Dark Chocolate Wafers:
Great all the way!
, Rockland, ME
November 22, 2015
Dark Chocolate Wafers:
I make a lot of candy for Christmas and this will complete the chocolate that I need. Thank you
, Brookfield, WI
November 14, 2015
White Chocolate Wafers:
If you are a white chocolate fan these are for you very good
, East Lyme, CT
October 17, 2015
Dark Chocolate Wafers:
I love dark chocolate and i always get hersheys. But after having a few of these wafers. I will never buy hersheys again. These are melt in your mouth awesome. And they are so fresh. Everything that i have ever ordered from this company has been so tasty and packaged perfectly. I am always so excited about my oeder. Great job nuts.com.
, Louisville, KY
May 28, 2015
White Coating Chocolate Wafers:
They're great
, Haverstraw, NY
April 17, 2015
White Coating Chocolate Wafers:
, Bronx, NY
April 14, 2015
White Coating Chocolate Wafers:
I love it especially the quick delivery and the free sample. I will definitely order from nuts.com again very reliable. Package also was nicely packed
, Bronx, NY
April 14, 2015
White Coating Chocolate Wafers:
I love every single candy I bought from nuts.com. I am about to get married and I was looking for a variety of white candies and they definitely exceed my expectations! The delivery came in in less than 24 h!
, Astoria, NY
April 2, 2015
Dark Chocolate Wafers:
, Staten Island, NY
March 10, 2015
Dark Chocolate Wafers:
These wafers are exactly what I was looking for. This is my 3rd time ordering from Nuts.com, and I have been more than pleased every time.
, Palos Hills, IL
February 22, 2015
Dark Chocolate Wafers:
SO smoothe! SO clean! this is definitely a favorite!
, Atlanta, GA
February 13, 2015
Milk Chocolate Wafers:
Ordered Milk Chocolate, Pink Coated Chocolate and Dark Chocolate Wafers. Only tried the Milk Chocolate so far and delicious! Easy to work with... Ready to make Valentine Candies!! YUM
, Bronx, NY
February 3, 2015
Dark Chocolate Wafers:
, Brooklyn, NY
January 31, 2015
Dark Chocolate Wafers:
These wafers were purchased for a recipe, but I keep eating them!
, Hagerstown, MD
January 14, 2015
Dark Chocolate Wafers:
What's to say...just the yummiest dark chocolate mini wafers in the world!!!
, Kapaa, HI
December 27, 2014
Dark Chocolate Wafers:
You guys are AWESOME! Every holiday, you send me extremely high quality nuts and chocolate fast and a price that lets me make more for my family. I really appreciate it, and I tell EVERYONE how great you are! Merry Christmas!
, Suffern, NY
December 21, 2014
Dark Chocolate Wafers:
Smooth Dark chocolate taste. What can I say, it's great.
, Cascade, MT
December 16, 2014
Dark Chocolate Wafers:
I buy these to bake with but end up eating them right out of the bag! They melt in your mouth...I'm drooling just thinking about them!
, Nutley, NJ
December 13, 2014
Dark Chocolate Wafers:
Thank you for the fast delivery. Did not expect so soon. It came the next day. Thank you.
, Rahway, NJ
December 11, 2014
White Chocolate Wafers:
This was an excellent transaction for me. I received a great product at a great price with speedy delivery. THANK YOU. The chocolates are for the eyes on my Cookie Monster and Elmo cookies I will be experimenting with:) LOL Wish me luck. I have a hobby of making adorable decorated cookies for all occasions. Now that I have become a grandma, I am practicing to make children s cookies. More than likely you will be hearing from me again due to your "excellence in service."
, Waukesha, WI
November 22, 2014
Dark Chocolate Wafers:
I love the taste of this dark chocolate, it is not bitter like other dark chocolates I have had.
, Cuba, MO
November 21, 2014
Milk Chocolate Wafers:
Right size, flavor and packing.
, Washington, DC
November 10, 2014
I really like the wafers. The last time I purchased them, I found the 5 lb package. For some reason I could not find it this time, I did order 5 1 lb bags and received them today.
, belleville, Illinois
October 29, 2014
Dark Chocolate Wafers:
Your product is excellent and your sense of humor is refreshing. It's great doing business with you.
, Stratford, CT
October 10, 2014
White Coating Chocolate Wafers:
Thank you for the free nuts!! They were yummy!!
, Prairieville, LA
October 10, 2014
White Coating Chocolate Wafers:
Exactly what I was expecting and speedy delivery! Thanks!
, Nashville, TN
October 9, 2014
Dark Chocolate Wafers:
Nice little wafers that melt in your mouth. Especially good paired with dried strawberries. You can control the chocolate to strawberry ratio to your liking.
, Edwardsville, IL
September 25, 2014
Dark Chocolate Wafers:
I'm addicted to these! To be honest most of the time I eat them just right out of the bag but they are great for everything from chips in cookies, making lava cakes and they are exceptional for s'mores, they have the perfect melting point......oh, did I mention they are fantastic right out of the bag?
, shipping: Nutley, NJ
August 15, 2014
Dark Chocolate Wafers:
, Kenner, LA
July 19, 2014
Dark Chocolate Wafers:
These melt nicely and add that amazing dark chocolate flavor to anything.
, Snoqualmie, WA
June 20, 2014
White Chocolate Wafers:
I love white chocolate!
, Snoqualmie, WA
June 20, 2014
Great place. I ordered the yogurt pretzels and the white chocolate wafers, and yogurt covered raisins . All delicious. Order was fast and packaging very nice . Best of all the prices!!
, San Antonio, TX
May 13, 2014
So happy with both of my orders in the past two weeks! The service was great, product was fresh, and the shipping was fast!!!:)
, Spring Hill, Florida
April 24, 2014
This is a great company! I love the communication - very funny while professional at the same time. My children loved reading the box the product came in! Most importantly, I was able to get the Navy Blue Chocolate I have been looking for for months now! (Navy is one of the school colors and I am making mints for graduation.) THANK YOU!
, West Lafayette, IN
April 3, 2014
Ladies, all I have to say is if you keep a bag of these in your freezer, PMS-induced meltdowns will become a thing of your past. A Godsend!
, Trenton, NJ
February 20, 2014
I ordered an assortment of blue candy for my candy buffet at our wedding. Our guests loved the quality and variety of candy provided. My husband and I were pleased with our order. We have recommended your company to many friends and we are still using the reusable ice packs you provide. Thank you for you dedication to quality and your customer. From the care provided you can tell this is a family business run from the heart. Thank you again for being the business you are. I look forward to ordering more products in the future.
, Linden, NJ
January 6, 2014
I'm absolutely amazed at how quickly my order arrived. Your packaging is adorable and made me laugh, the chocolate looks delicious (but alas, it's a gift so I don't get any!), and I really appreciated the email letting me know when it had arrived. I'm so pleased with my experience that I'll definitely be back - it's clear that this is a company so above and beyond the status quo of anonymous big-box retail that's everywhere nowadays. Fantastic!
, Somerville, MA
December 18, 2013
I swear you must use super-sonic shipping or something! I placed an order for the dark blue & white coating wafers late afternoon on 10/15/13. Got the email showing it would ship the next day, 10/16/13 & should arrive on 10/17/13. Imagine my surprise when the UPS truck pulled up outside the house with a box from Nuts.com!! Now I am waiting for the paw print candy molds so I can do the blue & white paw prints to top some blue & white cupcakes for a big PSU-OSU football party on 10/26/13.
, Trevose, PA
October 16, 2013
Absolutely amazing! I got my chocolate (not melted) and I immediately opened it and started making my candies. It melted wonderfully and was easy to work with. Exactly the color I was looking for!! I am so pleased with my purchase!!!
, Virginia Beach, va
September 6, 2013
This was my first time buying from y'all and everything when great ! Thank you
, appling, ga
August 28, 2013
I searched high and low for navy blue candy melts and finally found them on nuts.com. You guys are amazing, shipped out right away and I had them the next day for my cake pop bouquet. Many Many Thanks for such great service.
June 26, 2013
I loved your packaging and the extra treat in the box was great to discover. My kids wanted to break into the packages but the gift kept them at bay until our party... I will refer friends to you for sure..
, Fleming Island, Florida
April 30, 2013
Thank you so much. Each item ordered exceeded our expectation and was delivered the very next day. You have acquired another eager customer who is anxious to try many other things. I will not only regularly order but also refer many to this unique source that has so much to offer and is very reasonably priced.
, Union Beach, NJ
April 10, 2013
Our packaged arrived today. I was so surprised! I love your packaging, kept me laughing most of the day! We received a free sample of dried cranberries and I must say, I have never had such fresh dried fruit! It is outstanding. Even my son enjoyed the sample and he isn't a dried fruit fan! The chocolate wafers are outstanding! Keep up the great work guys, you' re the best!
, Manzanola, Colorado
April 10, 2013
Loved the products I ordered and the service was fantastic! I will be back to order again and have already recommended you to my friends and family.
, Los Gatos, Ca
March 14, 2013
You guys are AWESOME! I ordered Thursday, I had by Friday! I have NEVER dealt with an online company so efficient! You even added a coupon FOR me that I forgot I had gotten. LOVE LOVE LOVE! Willl definitely buy all my supplies from you!
, Edison, NJ
March 11, 2013
Very impressed! Our package arrived on time and was packaged very professionally. They even threw in an extra little treat for us as a thank you! Very happy and will order again!
, Seattle, WA
March 2, 2013
WOW!!! Talk about fast food. I placed my order one morning and received it the next evening. Everything was perfect, nothing broken. Haven't gotten to try everything yet but what I have was wonderful. Glad I found this website. Thanks, U Nuts
, Lexington, Virginia
January 26, 2013
Absolutely love nuts.com. Quality and quick delivery. So much to choose from and more. Always satisfied. A pleasure to deal with. I place an order and it's at my front door the next day.
, Southold, NY
December 18, 2012
Very happy with my shopping experience. My nuts order arrived super fast and so adorably packaged. Will shop here again. Thanks.
, baltimore, md
December 16, 2012
Thanks! I ordered my ingredients for all my holiday baking. Everything arrived as promised, and the quality is beautiful! I'll be ordering from you again! Good work.
, New York
December 17, 2011
Fast delivery,good tasting wafers. I will be ordering more.
, Chicago, Il
October 27, 2011
Truly amazing! I placed an order late Thursday afternoon and you promised a next day delivery. And it arrived as promised. I'll be placing more orders with you in the future. Your prices are great and the variety of products offered is outstanding. Thank you! Marilyn Lay Levittown, NY
, Levittown, NY
May 7, 2011
Very pleased with the product , top shelf stuff at reasonable prices . Excelent service and exeptionally fast delivery . good communication and great recipes on the site . I just became a regular .
March 22, 2011
This are delicious, different technique in tempering but it depends upon your microwave best done on the stove or double broiler.
, NY
September 10, 2010
I'm ordering dark and white chocolate again, as it is just perfect to keep on hand for dipping. When I need a special gift, I make chocolate-covered strawberries. A gift like that always makes the recipient feel special and loved, and I can make them in my own kitchen quickly and for a fraction of the cost. Chocolate dipped or covered fruit is healthy, beautiful, and always makes a special presentation!
March 10, 2010
Yes indeed, the nuts have arrived and I was so excited--just like a Christmas present when I opened 'em. Can't wait to use 'em in cookies. Ain't that the nuts? Thanks!
, Plainview, Mn.
November 19, 2009
I love these dark chocolate wafers! They are very easy to melt and then dip pretzels, bananas, or just eat wafers with raisins or graham crackers. Yummy
, New Castle, DE
November 10, 2009
My order arrived in perfect condition (even though it was extremely hot weather here) and is delicious! I will definitely be recommending others to your site and will be ordering again myself. Thank you!
July 30, 2009
I received my Dark Chocolate wafers and they are finger lickin'n good delicious.I'll be back.
, Cedar Park, Texas
January 28, 2009

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