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Rustic Snack Buffet

Create a rustic snack buffet loaded with good-for-your-guests treats! Can you find all of the feathered friends hiding in the decorative moss? Buffet tip: Your buffet doesn't need to be made up of sweets. Healthy fare in a gorgeous setting and with thoughtful touches, can be stunning, too!

12 oz. container

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Candy buffet tips

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Snack weights (from upper left corner): (1) 7 lbs Raw Pistachios (No Shell) (165 oz container); (2) 5 lbs Southern Heat Mix (170 oz container); (3) 5 lbs Turkish Figs (165 oz container); (4) Jumbo Raw Peanuts; (5) 5 lbs BBQ Toasted Corn Nuts (175 oz container); (6) 4 lbs Chili Mango (490 oz container); (7) 3 lbs Organic Pepitas (No Shell Pumpkin Seeds) (290 oz container); (8) 2 lbs Veggie Chips (157 oz container); (9) 3 lbs Organic Trail Mix (78 oz container); (10) 3 lbs Georgia Pecans (116 oz container); (11) 2 lbs Roasted Pumpkin Seeds (Homestyle, Salted, In Shell) (90 oz container); (12) Organic Mixed Nuts; (13) 11 lbs Wasabi Peanuts (384 oz container); (14) Power Mix