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Pink, Yellow, and Green Candy Buffet

A color co-coordinated backdrop makes this sweet pink, yellow, and green candy buffet really come together. Buffet tip: When using flowers in your candy buffet, think about the best vase for their presentation. Here, a glass cut vase matches the light, airy theme of the candy buffet.

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Candy weights (from upper left corner): (1) 7 lbs Hot Pink Sixlets (140 oz container); (2) 3 lbs Chick-O-Stick Bites (157 oz container); (3) 10 lbs Sour Patch Fuzzy Peach (175 oz container); (4) 8 pieces each Light Green Rock Candy (Unwrapped), Light Pink Rock Candy (Unwrapped), and Yellow Rock Candy Sticks (Unwrapped); (5) 5 lbs Wintergreen Lozenges (290 oz container); (6) 20 pieces Tangerine Candy Sticks; (7) 1 lb Pear Fruit Slices (50 oz container); (8) 7 lbs Jordan Almonds (Orange) (116 oz container); (9) 2 lbs Jelly Belly Tangerine (48 oz container); (10) 5 lbs Gummy Apples (125 oz container); (11) Chocolate Covered Sunflower Seeds (Yellow); (12) Orange Gummy Bears; (13) 6 lbs Gummy Peaches (Sugar Free) (200 oz container); (14) 6 lbs Light Pink Sixlets (116 oz container); (15) 8 lbs Gummy Carrots (384 oz container); (16) 6 lbs Orange Chocolate Gummy Bears (165 oz container)