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Below is a sampling of some of our very satisfied customers. Most of our customers are loyal customers that continue to come back and shop at Nuts.com.

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"Ive been making Bisquick pancakes for as long as I can remember. I have always prided myself with my own ideas in making cakes but I got a bag of the 7 grain pancake flour and the very first time I made them I look at my box of Bisquick and said now what. 7 grain has taken over and it only took me 30yrs. Love it!"
Oct 2014 -- Robert, Edwardsville, Kansas

"Thank you so much for the fast deliveries of the organic prunes, the flax seed and the brown sugar. As always better than expected. All looks so good. Thanks also for my surprise."
Jul 2014 -- Willemina, Kingston, NY

"WOW!! Super fast delivery and as always great products. We keep ordering the 6 grain cereal as it's one of our favorites. Thanks Guys!"
Jun 2014 -- Kim, Liberty Twp., Ohio

"I'm pretty sure I ordered my flax seeds on Thursday, and I received them on Saturday. So fast! The seeds are good, and I love the humorous e-mails telling me when they shipped and when they were delivered. The packaging is cool too. I ordered 5 bags for a great price, so I gave away a bag to a friend. She also commented on the cool packaging. I would order again."
Apr 2014 -- Ruth, Ocean Pines, MD

"I love your humor and your nuts (seeds). I use the flax seeds to make my pancakes, muffins and bread. I have made banana bread and I also use the ground seeds in my meat loaf. I use a coffee grinder and a flour sifter to make my meal. Thanks, you have made me go nuts again."
Feb 2014 -- gary, spring hill, fl

"This granola is addictive ... My co-worker refers to it as 'crack' granola. We are hooked and back for more."
Feb 2014 -- Denise, Boone, NC

"Excellent service, fast shipping and products! I love your packaging and communication. An assortment of your products will make great gift baskets so I will be sure to order again and put together baskets for future birthdays and holidays. I ordered raw nuts, some chocolate and cocoa covered almonds, organic gummy bears, healthy pancake mix, spices and more. All are fantastic! Thank you!"
Jan 2014 -- Bridget, North Hampton, NH

"Excellent service. Amazing lightning delivery! turnover was like 12 hrs!! I can actually finish my order for 25 loaves of my specialty wheat bread way before the deadline. The wheat germ and the golden flaxseed were the only ingredients I was waiting for! Thank you so much. Nuts.com is my sole and go to source for all my nuts grains and specialty ingredient needs from now on. Great job!!!"
Nov 2013 -- Naana, newark, NJ

"I tried ordering from another company only to find out my purchase was backordered...10 days after I ordered.... I ordered from Nuts.com and my order came in two days! Awesome service...thank you so much Nuts.com I'll definitely be back!"
Nov 2013 -- Debbie, Millstadt, IL

"Just want to say I am enjoying the 7 grain organic Waffles, The waffles came out perfect and they are very delicious. Thanks"
Oct 2013 -- Beatrice

"the quality is great. the goods arrived next day. WOW! thanks. I'm munching away right now."
Oct 2013 -- michael, yonkers ny

"This is my 2nd time ordering from nuts.com and I have never been happier with ANY company I've ordered online from, EVER. Thank you so much for bringing quality products with great prices all tied together with great customer service! You guys are amazing."
Oct 2013 -- sierra, Philadelphia, Pa

"Just reiceved the flaxseeds and Royal Mix this morning. I love the packing really cute and will keep the products fresher for a long time. I bought these products for my daughter this is her first year in College. Thanks so much for the sample of the Power Mix was very fresh tasting. Thanks again, Nuts.com"
Oct 2013 -- Bobbie Ann Lapeyre, Rancho Viejo, Texas

"I received my package of 10 grain flour and several other whole grains at 10:30am and was taking my 10 grain bread out of the oven at 2:00pm. It is the best. That will be my basic flour from now on. I received it as an early Christmas gift and could not be more delighted. It has delicious flavor and I can hardly wait to add my extra touch of favorite whole grains and nuts. I love your family history and the fun you seem to have working at this wonderful business. I pray for God's continued blessing on you and your family."
Oct 2013 -- Linda, Fredericksburg, VA

"We always save up to order your products for deployments! I ran out of food yesterday and was scrounging to make ends meet with my not so healthy options (I just ate fruit all day) when lo and behold: My Nuts.com package appeared with the mail! Hallelujah! The Organic Flax and Hemp Granola was almost too good to put down, I had to contain myself! Your customers onboard USS George Washington appreciate what you make available to us! Thank you!"
Sep 2013 -- Jasmine, Yokosuka, Japan

"Unbelievable, ordered one day received the next. Products received in fun loving packages, as fresh as can be. Absolutely Great..."
Aug 2013 -- Tina, Elizabeth, NJ

"As usual, your delivery and quality, simply and substantially, stand head and shoulders above all the rest. I look no where else for my quinoa, flax seed, etc. Your business rocks. Thank you again!!!! And again!!!!"
Aug 2013 -- Michael, North Augusta, SC

"I would like to thank you all. I like the box that had my order in it. I do know I will be ordering more items. Thank you Shelly perez"
Aug 2013 -- Shelly, denver, co

"You guys are great!!! I placed my order last night and it arrived before lunch today!!! 10-grain flour is always good....I sub out a part of the regular flour in recipes with it. Regular granola is awesome with yogurt and the sample of vanilla granola went over big time! And the best part is..no preservatives or additives."
Aug 2013 -- Hilary, Wyomissing, PA

"The variety of products at Nuts.com are simply amazing! I recently made my first purchase and I am very satisfied with the products, prices and the service. This family based company is very professional and make you feel like you're one of the family."
Aug 2013 -- Michael, Naples, Florida

"I love all the products I have ordered from you (and received as gifts)! I use them in my every day living and also blog about them! You all rock!!!!"
Jul 2013 -- Jenni, Scottsdale, Arizona

"This is my second time ordering and as always I am never disappointed! I love all the products and especially enjoyed the sample treat! Delivery was fast as well. Thanks"
Jul 2013 -- Jane, Lehigh Acres, Fl

"Just wanted to say what a great website! Ordering was super easy and delivered so fast. It was a pleasure ordering and the products I ordered are so fresh! I'll be ordering with you from now on thanks so much!"
Jul 2013 -- Kathi, Hobe Sound, Fl

"Great everything. Thank you!"
Jul 2013 -- Katya, okc, ok

"I have been buying from your company for a couple of years now. I have always been pleased with the products and overwhelmed by the speed in which you deliver orders. I tell complete strangers about your products and your website."
Jul 2013 -- Pat, Spooner, WI

"I received my seeds right on time, the packaging is awesome and the samples are great! Thank you!"
Jul 2013 -- laura, san francisco, ca

"Such a great product, with wonderful prices. The fact that shipping happens so quickly is a bonus! I plan on ordering all of my seed/nut needs from here in the future! Thanks!"
Jun 2013 -- Sean, Muncie, Indiana

"This is the second time I have ordered from nuts.com and I have super happy with both shipments. I love their website, packaging and the products I have ordered. They are fun to order from and there is a wide variety of products to order from. These guys rock!"
Jun 2013 -- Jeanne, Anthem, AZ

"I received my order yesterday. In my order, I received the Organic Hemp and Flax Granola. I am trying to eat healthier and am trying things I have never cared for in the past but this granola is amazing. My yummy sample were Goji berries another thing I have never eaten but they are also yumalicious."
Jun 2013 -- Susan, acworth, ga

"Thanks so much for the speedy delivery. What a difference in freshness compared to store brand products. Your sample of Goji berries was a hit with the family. Thanks again!"
Jun 2013 -- Julie, Sterling Heights, Mi

"You folks live up to your word. Well done."
Jun 2013 -- chuck, La Verne, CA

"1 day shipping ?? you guys are the NUTS and the BEST"
May 2013 -- DALE, AUBURN, NY

"Tried the free berry sample and it was delicious, along with the hemp seeds, granola, and antioxidant mix! Still have to try the sunflower butter and cacao beans yet but will try to savor what i opened for now :) By the way, the box caught the eye of the UPS guy and gave me a good laugh too! Thank you"
May 2013 -- Jason, Jefferson, Wisconsin

"Have placed 3 orders with this company. Orders filled accurately and shipped quickly. As far as this customer is concerned Nuts.com is a gold standard company in terms of product quality and customer service. Would that all on-line companies were as good as this one."
May 2013 -- Jim, Blue Springs, MO

"Extremely fast service, excellent info on order and delivery. Very tasty product, and thanks for the cashew sample. I will be happy to order from you again anytime."
May 2013 -- Linda, Lebanon, Pa

"OMG, just got my 1st order. I love it!!! It came when you said it would, so I was impressed by that, but when I opened it I almost passed out. Your packaging is so cute - bet no one tells you that, huh? I love the re-closeable packets, so clever. Then, I tasted my 1st treat and had to write. I haven't even tasted everything, but after writing this I'm going to order more stuff. Will you ALL marry me? Before you answer, I'd better admit that I'm 59 years old and not much to look at...lol"
May 2013 -- Teri, Starkville, Ms

"Wow Wow Wow, Man, I can not believe the speed of the arrival of my Hemp seed and the Flax seed and I Love the resealable bags you now use, also the Goji berries sample. You guys are Great and give the BEST service. Was not looking for this order for two more days. Luv ya'll, Soon."
May 2013 -- Alfred, Holly Springs, Ms

"I was looking for an on-line store that had really good gluten-free oats AND I found NUTS.COM! I saw all the great things that your customers were saying about you so I purshased some gluten free rolled oats, gluten free steel cut oats and some gluten free organic golden flaxseed meal . The Oats are so Delicious! They taste so much better than Quaker Oats which I've been eating for years! I received my Yummy Oats and my organic flaxseed meal in 2 days without any extra shipping charges. Your invoice is so cute. Thanks so much for the gluten free organic Quinoa - you must have read my mind - I was going to order some of that too. I love the fact that you are a family-owned business. I just looked at the back of my invoice and saw that there are instructions on how to cook everything even the Quinoa which I would have had to google it since it was a freebie from you guys. This has been such an enjoyable experience you have a new customer for life! Thanks for making it so easy to eat healthier. Take care and keep up the great work! Donna"
Apr 2013 -- Donna D. Satterlee, Atlanta, GA

"We just received our package from Nuts.com and we are so excited!! Ordered it on Thursday and received it first thing saturday morning. Upon opening the box, all the packages are resealable and in fun, bold colors!! Such an awesome experience and this will be only the first order of many!! Nuts.com ROCKS!!!!"
Apr 2013 -- Paula Pulver, Boyne City, MI

"As usual, you guys are the bomb! Super fast delivery and everything fresh and delicious. I'm a customer for life."
Apr 2013 -- Randy G., Durant, OK

"Hi. Yes indeed, I got my shipment of organic flax seed and just finished putting the first pound through our antique coffee grinder and it worked perfect. I'm looking forward to adding some flax seed in my hemp seed, chia seed, oatmeal breakfast mashup. paul"
Apr 2013 -- Paul, Milwaukee, WI

"Thank you for the excellent service!"
Apr 2013 -- Ellen, Glen Ellyn, IL

"So glad I received my package today. I only ordered it yesterday. Happy to join this nutty family. Eating stuff right now.Thanks for the chocolate covered sunflower seeds, they're tasty. I'll be ordering again soon. Great company."
Apr 2013 -- Frank Pistone, New Rochelle, New York

"i thank you very much for your fast service and the two goodies included. you got me as a life customer and i will let my relations and friends know about your company. thanks"
Apr 2013 -- john, saint albans, new york

"I love this company I have ordered several times everything is always fresh very happy"
Mar 2013 -- Stephen, culpeper, va.

"Excellent products, this is the second time I order with Nuts.com, and both times I was pleasantly surprised. I didn't know the nuts and seeds I ordered could be that big and fresh. Want to buy everything in the shop!"
Mar 2013 -- marit, rockville, Maryland

"You guys are hilarious...your packaging...so unique! And inside the packages...great stuff! I'll be ordering again and tell all my friends about you!"
Mar 2013 -- Cindy, Kingman, AZ

"Ok, so I was a bit skeptical to order from another internet site, but I am so glad that I did. My first purchase was for 1 lb packages of Semolina Flour, 10 Grain Flour and Vanilla Spiced Chai Tea. Everything arrived the next day (Saturday) and each was in a resealable package. Made some bread with the Semolina (turned out great) and have had a few cups of tea - good thing it is decaf. Will try the 10 Grain Flour next weekend. I am very happy with my purchase. Thanks!"
Mar 2013 -- Judee, Horsham, PA

"Oh my god, the package is so cute, and the box too, and the quality the best, thank you"
Mar 2013 -- Rosa, Dania, Fl

"You guys are AWESOME! My products were shipped promptly and the presentation was remarkable. I will recommend your site to everyone that is interested in your type of products. I'm looking forward to doing more business with your family store in the future. Thanks Again Wonderful Crew!!!"
Feb 2013 -- Jason, Waynesboro, Pa

Feb 2013 -- Dawn, Romeo, Mi

"Received your flax meal today and looks great. I make all our bread and use flax in my mixes. Great service and I will be back for more. Thanks, Larry"
Feb 2013 -- Larry

"Fantastic products --outstanding service!!!!"
Feb 2013 -- Timothy, Kewanee, Illinois

"Wow you guys are less then 24 hours I got my order that's beautiful thank you. Joseph forte"
Feb 2013 -- Joseph

"I just received my first shipment from nuts.com. Shipment was fast and easy, and I even got a free gift. Looking forward to enjoying my great new treats."
Jan 2013 -- Steve, Sarasota, Florida

"I just tried your Organic Hemp and Flax Granola. It was the best thing I've ever eaten. I'm hooked already! I have never been a granola fan so you changed my mind. Good job!"
Jan 2013 -- Sharon, Navarre, FL

"Ya baby. Just as ordered and lickity split too. Love your branding. Stay Nutty."
Jan 2013 -- Robert, Auburn, WA

"Great site, great products, SUPER fast shipping-- you guys are great!"
Jan 2013 -- Richard, Alexandria, VA

"I will never shop anywhere else again! My order arrived right on time today, and I was more than happy with EVERYTHING I ordered! I tried to find some specific products in "health food" stores and was very dissatisfied with the quality, selection, and PRICE. I will be a Nuts.com customer for life!! =)"
Jan 2013 -- Kerry, Fountain Hills, Az

"OK. I succumb. I'm nutty about nuts.com. I just wanted to order 10 bags of whole flax seeds for this crazy diet I'm on, and nuts.com sends me a bag of free goji berries and this cute packing slip with their cute nut people.... Somehow I feel like family....I'll definitely order again. The prices are cheaper than Whole Foods, even when you add in the shipping."
Jan 2013 -- Janet, Austin, Te

"Love, love, love... the goodies (yum!), the freshness (consistently!), the selection (awesome!), the speedy delivery (turbo!), the free sample (merci!), the fun packaging (rocks!). Always happy with everything I order from this buncha nuts. :)"
Jan 2013 -- Kimberly, Grand Rapids, Michigan

"Thank you again Nuts.com! You are the greatest! Fast delivery, fresh nuts and seeds. Couldn't ask for better service or quality of products. So glad to have found you!!"
Jan 2013 -- Sheila Bond

"This site is amazing! I got a nutribullet for Christmas and some of the ingredients are difficult or very expensive around my area and can only be found at health food stores..nuts.com had every ingredient nutribullet recommends at a very good price. I made my order during the holiday and it was delivered in 3 days (I'm sure the holidays slowed it down) I was amazed how fast delivery was even during the holidays! Thanks you guys for the free sample as well I will be using Nuts.com for reorders and other orders as well and highly recommend this site to anyone! Thank you for being in business!!"
Jan 2013 -- Deidre, kinston, North Carolina

"This is my second order from Nuts.com - and in every way - both orders and shipments were perfect. Quickly shipped, superb quality of ALL items, and a wonderful free sample included both times. I will be a regular customer, to be sure!"
Dec 2012 -- Karen, Bitterroot Valley, Montana

"Wow! Y'all are the fastest shippers on the planet! My wife uses your nuts, gogi berries, flax seeds, etc. in her Nutri Blasts and she loves it! Thanks!"
Dec 2012 -- Michael, Stevenson, AL

"I make wonderful bread by mixing four cups of durum flour and one cup of multigrain flour. Whole grain flour is good for my diabetic husband and healthy for me. I can't understand why durum flour isn't readily available in stores. It makes a delicious bread. I am pleased you sell it and provide such good service."
Dec 2012 -- C. Keylard, Tonasket, WA

"I had a difficult time finding flax seed in a granola, until I found nuts.com. I received my order in two days, with a free gift inside. The granola is delicious!! I also purchased the mixed nuts for my husband, and he loves them! I will be back to order more, and maybe try something a little different next time. Your packaging is the best, It makes me smile!! :) Thank you for the delicious products and the great service!"
Nov 2012 -- Patty, Newark, NY

"Your delivery is great! Both times I've ordered, the items have arrived the next day. My daughter and I are gluten-free, and the selection of nut flours is amazing. I also have grown to love a hot flax seed cereal that I make with ground flax seeds, so I just ordered a huge bag - much more economical than what I can get at the grocery store. Look forward to many more orders!"
Oct 2012 -- Jacquie, Columbia, MD

"Not only are your products of high quality (i.e. dark chocolate almonds and flaxseed) but I love the positive and upbeat spirit with which you do business. It is not often that you feel so uplifted when you spend money! I will definitely be ordering again especially when I am having a bad day. :)"
Oct 2012 -- Sharon, Wildwood, FL

"Thanks to you nut jobs I just whipped up some flaxseed wraps! Yum! My husband is making chicken piccata tonight using the almond flour (instead of white flour). A note about your customer service - one word - EXCELLENT! Very helpful staff and the shipping was so fast! Thank you, Nuts on the Island"
Aug 2012 -- Donna, Gloucester, Massachusetts

"I just finished eating my 7 grain pancakes and they were so good! Not what I expected at all. I thought the taste and texture would be like those whole wheat or grain pancakes they serve at some restaurants but there is no comparison. These are delicious!!! I will be ordering more."
Aug 2012 -- Veronica, El Paso, Texas

"I purchased the 10 grain flour and the buckwheat flour. We have enjoyed pizza dough made with the 10 grain flour. It turned out so tasty! I have used the buckwheat flour in my pancakes and they were so fluffy. I will definitely be ordering again. Shipping was fast."
Aug 2012 -- Elaine, Chesapeake, VA

"You nuts never disappoint. Delivered on time and, as always, great quality."
Aug 2012 -- Art, Hoover, AL

"Wonderful, as usual! I really needed the flax seed and those roasted chickpeas will be a great snack. Thanks"
Aug 2012 -- Kate, Fort Worth, Texas

"Fast shipping, great prices and products. You have a life long customer."
Aug 2012 -- Robert Robles, Storm Lake, IA

"Product is fresh and tasty!! Shipping was fast and I won't be shopping any where else for my nuts, seeds and all that. I have to mention your packaging is awesome, too!! Best place to shop."
Aug 2012 -- Camille, Polk City, FL

"Very pleased with the product. I ordered 2 lbs of flax seeds, very reasonable price compared to other retailers, item arrived on time and loved the notes on the package. lol Definitely would recommend Nuts.com to friends and family."
Jul 2012 -- Ana, Canton, MI

"We tried the 7 grain pancake mix and it is the best we have ever had. So easy to make and healthy too!!"
Jul 2012 -- denise, Richmond Hill, NY

""I bless the day I found you...." I truly do. I am so excited about your products and your shipping..and best of all that adorable box they come in..You wil be hearing from me again,,I promise. BIG OLD GA. HUGS from me."
Jun 2012 -- Barbara, Atlanta, Georgia

"Everything I have ever ordered from your company has been scrumptious!!! The fast delivery is great too. Keep up the good work ya'll!! Blessings, Karen P.S. Love the box!!"
Jun 2012 -- Karen, Greensboro, Georgia

"I enjoyed my experience. I purchased pancake mix to distribute as gifts and they arrived so quickly and in great shape. Thank you."
Apr 2012 -- Katherine

"I am very happy with my recent purchase!! The items were delivered when they were supposed to be. The quality is exactly what I was looking for & I will definitely order again!!!"
Apr 2012 -- Laurile, Carthage, NY

"Woo hoo! I got my shipment so fast and and am excited to try my 6-grain hot cereal! I already opened the bag of apple chips and having munching away :) Thanks! You guys are the best ;)"
Apr 2012 -- Amity, Brighton, CO

"I made a multi grain bread with 10 grain flour, this is good bread, I will be making this again, and very often. Finally a good multi grain bread that is homemade."
Mar 2012 -- John

"Very pleased with the golden flax seed which I have purchased before. Just rec'd another order in double quick time. These Nuts are certainly on top of the job"
Mar 2012 -- Peter, Satellite Beach, Florida

":) I am certainly not surprised at the great service Nuts.com has! It's not the first time I've purchased, and I'm pleased like always. I've ordered 7 items, and got a free sample of goji berries (thanks!!!). The Berry Mix tasted great, and the SALAD BOOSTER was AMAZING! I've purchased Quinoa, ground Flaxseed, Chia Seeds, Roasted Soybeans and first time every bought Organic Evaporated Cane Juice (which I hope works well as a sugar replacement in baked goods!). I'm looking forward to trying everything else! Thanks again Nuts.com for a job well done."
Mar 2012 -- Noor, Dearborn, Michigan

"I've used the ground golden flax seed and chia seeds...both were great. The sugar free chocolate chips were awesome. Can't wait to try the almond & coconut flours. I'm diabetic and the low carbs in all of these is what I've been looking for - THANK YOU for providing what I need."
Feb 2012 -- Christel, Rock Hill, SC

"The delivery was even faster than last time. Really amazing! The quality is great as always."
Feb 2012 -- JP, Nashviulle, TN

"this makes my 2nd order. of 10 grain flour, i use it in my home made bread. i plan to order more when i run out!!"
Jan 2012 -- Gregory, Missoula, Montana

"wow!extremely impressed by the delivery it was super fast! And my flax seeds are absolutely delicious thank you nuts.com you guys are awesome!"
Jan 2012 -- naida, brooklyn, New York

"The products offered by nuts.com are both unique and reasonably priced. I ordered numerous types of seeds and nuts. After sampling them, I found that they were fresh and had great flavor. Having purchased by one of your competitors for some time, I plan to order from nuts.com in the future."
Jan 2012 -- Rick, Suffolk, VA

"thanks for the great sesame seeds and flax seeds! your packaging is so cute and i loved getting the box--made my day! thanks also for the sample of chia seeds. i've never had them before and looking forward to adding them to my diet. everything made it to me on time or quicker. thanks! :)"
Jan 2012 -- karrie, niceville, fl

"Wonderful food ..!! The flax seeds are very fresh, I can tell the difference after I grinding them. I will order from you again. I can say your customer service is the best.!!"
Jan 2012 -- Enrique, Tucker, GA

"-Well, I awaited anxiously, and my order arrived on the day they were promised: raw cashews, nuts, pecans, pistachios and flax seed. I loved finding the gorgeous blue packages inside. Oh, and they all are in self-closing bags too. I proudly put them in my cabinet (where you would usually put the chips). My sons also quickly came to get a handful of nuts. Finally, I immediately enjoyed my ground flax seed in a smoothie--a perfect afternoon snack. Yum, I'm nuts about nuts.com! Oh, I forgot to say there was a special surprise too."
Jan 2012 -- Esmeralda, Garland, TX

"I love this site. I have found hard to find items, like candy corn anytime of the year. I use flaxseed and chia seeds all the time. Everything is always fresh and in resealble packages. Highly recommended by me!"
Jan 2012 -- Julie, Georgia

"Arrived quickly, beautiful product and - a thoughtful gift tucked inside. Also a great price - thanks again, Aurelia"
Jan 2012 -- aurelia, beaverton, or

"I received organic flax seeds in good condition and in a timely manner. I recommend doing business with Nuts Online. They offer a large variety of items you can get in bulk, saving money and know that what you have is not a GMO product"
Dec 2011 -- Patricia, Denton, TX

"I am first time costumer. Perfect product, perfect service. Love it. Irina K"
Nov 2011 -- Irina Kogan, Tool, TX

"This is definitely the fastest delivery I've ever had for anything that I bought. I'm so impressed! Everything looks and tastes amazing. Thank you!"
Sep 2011 -- Halina, Norwalk, CT

"I received my order today. Everything is delicious!!!! I especially like the raspberry whole wheat bars. They are sooooo good!!! Also, the Acai Blueberry Superfood Cereal is wonderful. I am going to try the Pancake mix tomorrow and will let you know about it. I definitely will be ordering again. Thanks!!!"
Sep 2011 -- Charlotte, Pisgah Forest, NC

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