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Quinoa Reviews

Below is a sampling of some of our very satisfied customers. Most of our customers are loyal customers that continue to come back and shop at Nuts.com.

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"Your Quinoa is tastier than any I've found. Now that I have tried your Kaniwa, I am cooking them together in equal proportions for a pilaf. Both flavors come through and the texture is pleasant. I'm thinking the nutritional benefit of this blend must be quite high though I'm primarily doing it for the excellent taste."
Nov 2014 -- Pam, OP, KS

"Ive been making Bisquick pancakes for as long as I can remember. I have always prided myself with my own ideas in making cakes but I got a bag of the 7 grain pancake flour and the very first time I made them I look at my box of Bisquick and said now what. 7 grain has taken over and it only took me 30yrs. Love it!"
Oct 2014 -- Robert, Edwardsville, Kansas

"I love these! Great product and service."
Oct 2014 -- Kendra scott, Charlotte, NC

"Thank you for the excellent business! I ordered quinoa and it reached on time. Tasted, it is really very fresh."
Aug 2014 -- Souraiya, Memphis, TN

"thank you so much it was the best experience that I ever had. Was very surprised how fast order came, was expecting in 2-5 days and guess what order came right next day. and product cheaper than every where else and quality even better. Thanks again"
Aug 2014 -- maya, new york, ny

"Package arrived ASAP, which is great and I am thrilled that you have quinoa flakes as they are hard to find!"
Jun 2014 -- Lolly, Montpelier, VT

"YEA!!! My Quinoa Puffs arrived! How I missed my little puffs! Now I can eat my yogurt again with my little crunches :) Thank you for making them, I love them on everything but especially on my yogurt :)"
Jun 2014 -- Jan, Mendota Hts, MN

"Everything arrived here today intact, so far I have tried the organic Goji berries, and Organic Cacao Nibs , the Organic energy bites all of the various ones I ordered ( I ordered 4 different ones ) they are fantastic, I made a batch of the Organic Red Quinoa for dinner it was wonderful, Had some of the Organic pumpkin seeds and Organic Hemp seeds in an afternoon smoothie it is all wonderful! Thank you! I have lots more too try , and I am sure it will be wonderful too."
Jun 2014 -- Pamela, Florida, FL

"I placed order late Sunday and received it on Thursday. That is quick!!!! Can hardly wait to get some gluten free granola made. My recipe for a quick breakfast using the quinoa flakes. Microwave one cup almond milk and two tablespoons raisins or dried cranberries for one minute. Add 1/3 cup quinoa flakes and microwave an addition 30 seconds. Some times I add vanilla, shredded cocoanut or sliced almonds. Being gluten intolerant, I use the quinoa flakes in meat balls, meat loaf and crab cakes. A life saver for me."
Jun 2014 -- Wanda, Grove, Ok

"These are better than you can imagine and so much healthier then puffed rice."
May 2014 -- libby, mandeville, LA

"Thanks so much, you service and products are wonderful, have been a fan for years. Never disappointed! I love the shipping boxes theft make me giggle every time I get a shipment, then I dive in. Just received several of the baking flours, and am ready to start the 3 day process for Rye Bread! I Split most receipt for bread with ½ quinoa and ½ organic white to add protein to my breads. I should have reviewed my order as I for got to reorder the quinoa flour;( I have just enough for my Rye bread thank goodness."
May 2014 -- Page, Orlando, Florida

"second time I buy quinoa from Nuts.com and I will always buy from them! Great quality and fast shipping!! Thank you for your service!!"
May 2014 -- fabricia, somewhere, nc

"You guys ROCK!!!! SUPERIOR & hard to find products like quinoa puffs, delivered with lightening speed, a HUGE online smile, wit, and MEGA quality!! I'm definitely a hooked "lifer" customer!!"
Apr 2014 -- Dr. Estella Norwood Evans, Pittsford, NY

"The Puffed Quinoa is a dream. Brilliant nutrition, available any time, any where. And it takes good, too, especially with some of your super delicious pistachios mixed in, along with a few currants. Thank you so much for carrying this product. What would we do without you!"
Apr 2014 -- Carter, Chadds Ford, PA

"absolutely love nuts.com. haven't ordered in a long time but was searching for puffed quinoa and you carry a wonderful organic red variety. I have ordered 5 bags in the last two days. SOOO GOOD! Kale Chips are a hit at the office. Hoping I can get the office to order some of our daily stocked goods through nuts.com. Shipping was especially speedy and love the vibe you all give. hugs all around! xoxoxoxoxo forevah, keet"
Mar 2014 -- mariquit, NEW YORK, NY

"Love that you carry puffed quinoa! Also, I bought the assorted energy squares and fell in love...my husband, who is a picky eater (especially when it comes to healthy food), loves them too! Thanks for the great service and great organic products!!"
Mar 2014 -- Andrea, Pittsburgh, PA

"Since I first started buying products from Nuts.com I have been very impressed with the products and service. The free samples that are included with my orders is a great touch. I love Quinoa, it has a great taste and can be used in so many dishes. The Chia and hemp seeds are awesome too."
Feb 2014 -- Amanda, Dixon, IL

"The puffed quinoa works for breakfast--the hardest meal for me on a paleo diet. Almonds are delicious as always."
Feb 2014 -- Debbie, Fraser, Colorado

"I originally ordered organic Chia Seeds & Quinoa flakes. I like the Chia seeds. I have to practice with them and see how I like to prepare them best. You sent me a sample of the organic Quinoa. Thank you. It was really good and I am ordering more. The samples are a great idea to get more orders!!"
Feb 2014 -- Angie, SPRINGFIELD, Missouri

"Ordering from your site was simple; delivery was efficient; and your food is delicious. I was able to order quinoa flakes, which are not available where I shop. I love all the "funnies" on the shipping box. : )"
Feb 2014 -- Paula, Apple Valley, Minnesota

"I call this testimonial "How a Nuts.com sample changed my (culinary) life". In a recent order, the nutty folks at Nuts.com tucked into my box a sample of their Organic Quinoa. Having no clue as to what it was, I "googled" and decided to cook the sample in my Zojirushi rice cooker. OMG! I was in love. I immediately ordered a 5 pound bag from Nuts.com (which arrived in amazing time, as usual) Since then, I have fixed this marvelous seed for dinner every night. Even my picky husband, who is not a big rice fan, chooses it when I give him other choices. I am sure my infatuation/obsession will wane, but this lovely, tasty starch will always have permanent place in my home cooking. THANKS! for the sample, you Nutty guys."
Feb 2014 -- jacqueline, south hero, vt

"I've been ordering bulk quinoa from several different sources and I just got 25lbs of organic quinoa from nuts.com. The taste and texture is so much better than what I've been buying that it's like a completely different food. The nuts.com quinoa is like tasting gourmet chocolate as opposed to dollar store chocolate."
Jan 2014 -- Dewey Jones, Cullman, AL

"I love these! So tasty and fun to eat. Almost a peanut butter flavor, lol. That's what it reminded me of at first bite. My picky picky picky husband even liked them! Thank you for the awesome quality of everything. Can't wait to order some more!"
Jan 2014 -- Asheley, Tuscaloosa, Alabama

"Love, love, love that I started ordering my flours from you. I am always thrilled to get my shipment so I can whip up some deliciousness and see what tasty treat you have gifted me with. I tell everyone who asks where I get my stuff from to go to Nuts.com"
Jan 2014 -- Trish, Montgomery, IN

"Excellent service, fast shipping and products! I love your packaging and communication. An assortment of your products will make great gift baskets so I will be sure to order again and put together baskets for future birthdays and holidays. I ordered raw nuts, some chocolate and cocoa covered almonds, organic gummy bears, healthy pancake mix, spices and more. All are fantastic! Thank you!"
Jan 2014 -- Bridget, North Hampton, NH

"I received my 6 pounds of red and black organic quinoa today. I love that it comes pre-rinsed, makes my life in the kitchen so much easier. I've been ordering from you for a couple of years and will continue to do so. If I can't find it locally, I can always find it at Nuts.com! The FREE pecan pie looks delish! Thanks, guys!"
Nov 2013 -- Nancy, Marion, IA

"Delivery was right on time, the packaging is fun and easy to use. The sample of Quinoa is appreciated, and smart business! Stevia Powder - this is an exacting product, if you make a mistake portioning, it will add a strong aftertaste when cooking/baking with it. Quinoa Flour - Great product! Used it to make waffles, and pot-pie crusts, extremely happy with it! If you suffer sensitivity to glutens or have Celiac Disease this is the substitute you have been waiting for :)"
Nov 2013 -- Donald

"I love this company! The variety is wonderful and quality exceptional - especially the organics. Top that off with speedy service, (I ordered yesterday afternoon and it arrived this morning) There is something for everyone if you enjoy good food. I am ordering Christmas gifts- everyone eats, and you don't have another thing that sits around to collect dust! Two thumbs up and a few toes also!"
Oct 2013 -- Elaine, Bainbridge, NY

"Just want to say I am enjoying the 7 grain organic Waffles, The waffles came out perfect and they are very delicious. Thanks"
Oct 2013 -- Beatrice

"These came as a sampler with my order. I didn't even know what they were. After I looked them up, I decided to try them. (they cooked perfectly in my rice cooker) WOW! They are absolutely delicious! Thanks nuts.com for introducing me to this product."
Oct 2013 -- T. Scarlet Jory, Montreal, Quebec

"I received Quinoa Flakes as part of my order for the purpose of a hot porridge. Because quinoa is in the bean family, it has a beany taste, so I prefer to mix it with oatmeal (grain). Here is a YUMMY way to prepare a nice bowl of quinoa porridge. Cinnamon Quinoa Oatmeal Prepare like instant oatmeal. (1 serving size) Over the stove top: 1&1/4 Cup of boiling water (throw dried fruit in water before you boil, they will absorb some water) 1/4 Cup chopped small dried fruit (raisins added is tasty) 1 teaspoon of cinnamon/sugar 1/4 Cup of Quinoa Flakes 1/4 Cup of Oatmeal Flakes Bring water and fruit to a boil, add flakes and cook over medium/high heat for 1 minute, stirring constantly. *I Love to put 2 tbsp. of half-n-half, 1/4 Cup of milk and 2 tbsp. of Organic brown sugar on top of my prepared oatmeal. The cream really enhances the flavor of the quinoa and oatmeal. Enjoy :) Thank you Nuts.com for all your wholesome goodness!"
Oct 2013 -- Robina, Townsend, Massachusetts

"My order came quick and the packaging is very nice! I ordered the tri-colored quinoa and it came in these nice zip lock packaging for fresh storage! Nuts.com is the biz!"
Sep 2013 -- Sal, Tujunga, ca

"Received my package today of Quinoa, Chia Seeds, Steel Cut Oats, and Crystalized Ginger! Delivery was so fast and the packaging is both cute and convenient. I also got a free sample of Goji berries that I cannot wait to try. Thank you Nuts.com!!"
Sep 2013 -- Richelle, Elizabeth, PA

"Thank You, Thank You. Nuts.com saved me again! I have a big gig this weekend and ran out of Organic Quinoa Puffs. Your delivery came earlier than expected and I was literally jumping for joy. My small business salutes you!"
Sep 2013 -- Lois Pruitt, Frederick, Md

"I appreciate the fast delivery. Love the packaging. The Organic Adzuki Beans and Red Quinoa are absolutely delicious. Thanks for the Cacao Nibs sample."
Sep 2013 -- Doris, Ormond Beach, FL

"I Love Nuts.com! You product your service and your delivery speed is excellent and I always look forward to the free samples you provide. Thanks for being awesome! Angie"
Sep 2013 -- Angie Schuyler, Kalamazoo, MI

"You made my day. If the box it came in wasn't enough, my products arrived perfectly. Great pricing, SUPER Fast delivery and you went out of your way to make me feel good about doing business with you. Smart! You're a lesson is brilliant branding! :) Love, a new loyal customer"
Aug 2013 -- Susan, Palmyra, MO

"Just want to let you know how great you guys are! Love, love, love your chia seeds, cacao powder, nuts of course, maca powder, quinoa, and many more. Shipping is fast and the cute packaging makes my day brighter! Thanks a million for the almonds sample and I am officially a fan!"
Aug 2013 -- Jenny, Ellenton, FL

"Oh my goodness!!! I ordered my maca powder, moringa powder, goji berries and quinoa yesterday (regular shipping). They all arrived TODAY along with a delicious free sample of organic cacao nibs!!! I was so pleasantly surprised and, as luck would have it, when the order arrived I had just been thinking about what to eat. I immediately made myself a moringa, maca, banana, goji berry protein shake. Yummy! Delicious and well-packaged products, prompt delivery, good prices, along with a free sample!?! Well. nuts.com; it look's like you've just won yourself a repeat customer! Thanks!"
Aug 2013 -- tiffany, montgomery village, maryland

"Shopping at Nuts.com is great. Not only did I get products that are hard to find in my local stores, but my order, placed on Thursday, arrived on Saturday afternoon. The products are great, the packaging is fun, and the customer service is some of the best I have experienced anywhere online."
Aug 2013 -- Bill, Charlottesville, Virginia

"As usual, your delivery and quality, simply and substantially, stand head and shoulders above all the rest. I look no where else for my quinoa, flax seed, etc. Your business rocks. Thank you again!!!! And again!!!!"
Aug 2013 -- Michael, North Augusta, SC

"The variety of products at Nuts.com are simply amazing! I recently made my first purchase and I am very satisfied with the products, prices and the service. This family based company is very professional and make you feel like you're one of the family."
Aug 2013 -- Michael, Naples, Florida

"Received my first order from Nuts.com on Wednesday. LOVE the packaging and the branding! Finally got to make some quinoa last night and it was delicious! Look forward to re-ordering and trying new products soon!"
Aug 2013 -- Adam, York, PA

"Received my order today. Used one item, it is fresh! Love your website and products. Have recommended your company to family. Prices are good too. Love the colorful bags to store in."
Aug 2013 -- Donna, Temecula, CA

"yes I got my order and I am impressed with the way you do business and the box it came in. this is great and fun so Thank You nutty buddies :) Glenna"
Jul 2013 -- Glenna, Las Vegas, NV

"Fast delivery. Superior quality products EVERY time. I've been a customer for several years.. Nuts is the Best!"
Jul 2013 -- Patricia, Greenville, NC

"This is insanely healthy and delicious. Nuts.com stands for packaging, prompt delivery, good organic food to helping better farming practices, everybody needs to get on board. Very happy with all items delivered and the order."
Jul 2013 -- Ameya, New York, NY

"Just received the 25 lbs of quinoa yesterday. Very prompt service and shipping. Quality looks great. And all the writing on the box was terrific. These folks are fun to do business with!"
Jul 2013 -- Norm, Rockport, MA

"Great product, great packaging, quick service. I would order again in a heart beat. Keep up the good work."
Jul 2013 -- Hong, Ellicott City, MD

"Yes, all arrived swiftly, in terrific condition, and in your charming box! (I may have to send it to a relative when I'm recommending your products! I'm all set to search out recipes for the quinoa, almond bran, and hemp seeds. The couscous won't last long--a great favorite in this house already! Thanks so much for your warmth, super customer service, and the sample of goji berries, which I've read about but never tasted. You have a new customer for life!"
Jul 2013 -- Susan, Mountain View, CA

"You guys are the best! This was my second order from you and definitely won't be my last! The shipping was super fast and I love your logo and décor on the products and boxes. Your packaging is great and I love the little bonus free items always included in my order. Can't wait till my next order......you guys ROCK!!!!!"
Jul 2013 -- Becky, Monsey, NY

"I ordered Organic Raw White Buckwheat,Organic Quinoa and Organic Sunflower Seeds (Raw, No Shell). The package came next day and I also got a bag of Raw Almond sample! Just used the Quinoa to make my first Quinoa salad and it tastes great! I love the box and the invoice. After I got the package, I couldn't stop showing everyone in the house how cute and funny the box and the invoice are. I really love your service! Thank you so much!"
Jul 2013 -- Jessica, New Cumberland, PA

"fast reliable delivery. love the quinoa and the little perks included with my order. above all the messages always put a smile on my face."
Jun 2013 -- michelle, brooklyn, ny

"I absolutely LOVE nuts.com!!!!! Your crystallised ginger is soooo good!!! I shared some with my neighbor and she raved and raved about it!!!! My husband adores your roasted, salted cashews!! I love your quinoa, all your gluten free cereals, and the scrumptious anise bears!!!! Keep up the wonderful service and delicious goodies for all of us to enjoy. Thanks for everything!!!"
Jun 2013 -- Vivien, San Clemente, CA

"Wow! Thanks for such fast delivery. I have already opened and cooked some of your great Quinoa. It sure was good. I'll be ordering again soon. Linda"
Jun 2013 -- Linda, Black River Falls, Wisconsin

"I love their product! They ship the very next day which is so awesome! They sent me a free sample with my order which was a pleasant little treat! I would highly recommend this place!"
Jun 2013 -- Sabrina, West Chester, Pa

"This is my 2nd order and the quality is outstanding, not to mention the speedy delivery! I love that you offer several gluten-free options and take responsibility of recognizing the importance of cross-contamination. This is a big deal and want you to know how greatly appreciated it is to know your commitment to gluten-free options. I wasn't sure what to expect of the puffed Quinoa, but LOVE IT!!"
Jun 2013 -- Melissa, Coralville, IA

"I received two boxes within a week of each other and loved the boxes. I also enjoyed the bright color of the bag the product came in, but the best was inside the pkgs. Love the goji berries, best I have had so far. Enjoy the quinoa puffs in my yogurt. Thank you for the great products and the prices are excellent also. Thanks and have a blessed week. Will order again."
Jun 2013 -- Shari, West Bend, Wi

"Thanks for the gift enclosed with my order. I think I am hooked on the Quinoa Puffs; I love to add them to my veggie soup or to yougurt and cereals; whoever came up with that is a genius! All those - friends and family - who have received your packages really enjoy them. A pleasure doing biz with you."
Jun 2013 -- ALINE, Altha, florida

"Loved all the stuff I received.... Mixed raw nuts, roasted unsalted edamame, soy nuts, quinoa, veggie chips=unsalted..... everything so far has been awesome.. I have turned my friends at work onto your site, one girl has already ordered !!! I will be placing another order in the next few days.. Awesome products and quick delivery !! keep up the good work !!! You have my business !!!"
Jun 2013 -- Jeanne

"We're nearly finished with our 25lb order, and the bulk buy it has been worth it as we've eaten it everyday at supper. We've enjoyed it in place of potatoes or rice, and we've learned a wide varity of ways to prepare it to make each meal different and exciting. Better yet, staying away from carbs and eating mostly quinoa, everyone in the family has lost weight. You'll hear from us again soon for another order."
May 2013 -- Dave, Norfolk, VA

"Thank you for the fast service. I can't wait to cook up a bunch of recipes with my quinoa!"
May 2013 -- Bonnie, Weeki Wachee, FL

"I just received my first order yesterday. Thank you for the delicious figs. I have never had a fig before so it was an interesting treat. I cooked up some of the quinoa, and it was yummy and I also want to state, kudos on the fast shipping! my order got there a lot faster than I thought it would. Keep up the good work and I will be ordering again. I will also recommend your store to others..."
May 2013 -- Darlene, Pittsburgh, Pa

"I just wanted to let you know how happy happy happy I am with all of the products I have received from you. The quality is superior. I have suggested your website to everyone I know. Thanks for having such great products. I will use you forever."
May 2013 -- Susan, Acworth, Georgia

"Have placed 3 orders with this company. Orders filled accurately and shipped quickly. As far as this customer is concerned Nuts.com is a gold standard company in terms of product quality and customer service. Would that all on-line companies were as good as this one."
May 2013 -- Jim, Blue Springs, MO

"Loved the quinoa (black) I have not tried the rest yet! And the packaging was pretty and super useful. I will recommend this site all the way!"
May 2013 -- erica

"Highly satisfied with the purchase. Fast delivery. thanks!"
May 2013 -- Vivian, Argenta, il

"I am so happy to have received my first order last week. I used ground shipping and it still arrived on time in Alaska! The tin of brownies that I gave as a gift were a hit; I had one and loved it. I'm a huge fan of the roasted edamame and quinoa puffs. The cacao nibs and goji energy bars are enjoyable too! I look forward to enjoying more orders in the future. Thank you for providing nutritional information on your products and for your quick response to my email."
May 2013 -- Chris, Houston, Alaska

"Your products are wonderful and your services even better. I do not even mention your funny emails. I have ordered from your web site before and again it's more than pleasant experience. I used to order quinoa flakes from CA and now finally u, East coast, has what I need. I had a friend visiting from NJ this past weekend and I recommended your services; he lives 40min away from your location but never heard about you. Do you have a physical building/store that people can stop by and shop? Or only online. Thank u. Ewa"
May 2013 -- Ewa, Billerica, Ma

"I have worked in the vitamin and health food industry for 15 years operating 3 GNC stores. This is the First company of its Kind and I am very elated that I gave you a try !! The energy Squares are to die for and I love the Puffed Quinao cereal in my protein shake. I will order more deliciousness VERY VERY Soon ! Husband very impressed too ( with Health Food)!!! Thanks again Nuts.com"
May 2013 -- Renee Whitworth, O'Fallon, MO

"I just ordered from Nuts.com yesterday & already received my order by 1pm today! I bought a variety of about 12 different samples and also whole orders of Organic Quinoa, Quinoa Puffs, Quinoa Flour, Hot Pepper Veggie Chips, & Mocha & White Mocha Powder Mixes. My boyfriend & I tried a nibble of each sample & cooked 1 cup of quinoa & we both just love everything! This is my new favorite online store! Excellent quality foods in great packing! Everything tastes fantastic & you get it basically the next day! My best online order experience ever! I will definitely be a return customer! So happy & excited to find this store!"
May 2013 -- Elysia, Hartford, CT

"I haven't had a chance to try anything yet, hardly been home but I did get my package today and can't wait to try everything! I need to find some good recipes for my quinoa! :D And,thank you for the little package of flax seeds!"
Apr 2013 -- Mary, Gordon, Ne

"The first time I ordered from Nuts.com was on a Sunday and I received my order on Tuesday. This order was placed on Saturday and arrived Monday morning. Oh and the product is as great as the shipping. Thanks Nuts.com"
Apr 2013 -- Craig, Downey, CA

"fastest service ever, and thanks for the free sample."
Apr 2013 -- pedro, reading, pa

"Received my box today.....what a great surprise to have added the Turkish figs, they are wonderful! I am so hooked on the quinoa I had to order the five pound bag as I was using one pound a week! I also ordered the dates and am so excited to experiment with them in smoothies along with the Turkish figs. Thank you bunches!!"
Apr 2013 -- Dawn, Wichita, KS

"Love my quinoa puffs! They're great with almond-coconut milk and some bananas (I use the freeze dried bananas), I mix them in yogurt and I even made a healthy chocolate crunch bar with them! As always, yummy stuff you guys! Thanks! Oh, and thanks for the gummy bears!!!"
Apr 2013 -- patricia

"Hello Family! I, or we love your products. My husband intially ordered from you. Then, I decided since we will be a regular customers, I will also purchase these wonderful products. We use the Organic Quinoa frequently. as well as the sunflower seeds for salads and the like. Equally important , thank you for your speedy delivery. Sincerely, Barbara"
Apr 2013 -- Barbara, Bronx, New York

"We LOVE your quinoa. We just got our second 5lb bag in two weeks. My kids would eat nothing but quinoa if I let them. Oh- and your packaging is great! I did not expect to get the quinoa and amaranth- and everything else- in such heavy ziplock-type bags that can just sit in my pantry or fridge. They really are so useful! My kids love your box and read the entire thing. They also now know to look for the sample- which is labeled "One yummy sample". Your labeling is adorable! I also love how fast you ship because I was out of quinoa and it could have gotten ugly around here. Thanks for that."
Apr 2013 -- Dana, Fairmont, WV

"i thank you very much for your fast service and the two goodies included. you got me as a life customer and i will let my relations and friends know about your company. thanks"
Apr 2013 -- john, saint albans, new york

"Hello, I am writing this testimonial on my own initiative. No one asked me to write this. I ordered 25 lbs. of quinoa from nuts.com. My experience with nuts.com was an extremely pleasant one. The product was delivered even earlier than promised and in prefect condition. I am so glad that I found this store. I highly recommend this store for people interested healthy food products. Thank you nuts.com"
Apr 2013 -- M.V., Holmdel, NJ

"I can't say enough great things about Nuts.com! Every time I order, I'm amazed at how quickly my shipment arrives, and everything I've ever ordered has been delicious and fresh. And at such reasonable prices. The customer service is outstanding as well. I feel as if I'm ordering from a family not a company. Thank you! Keep doing what you do!"
Mar 2013 -- Ann Rose Greenberg, Silver Spring, MD

"everything looks great and fresh. looking forward to making my own TAHINI from the sesame seeds I bought and this will be the first time to bake bread with potato flour or Quinoa flour. first experience tasting cacao, great energy bars and I'm a big fan of granola especially hot for breakfast in milk. thanks for the quick service, next time want to try some of your coffee's! PAUL"
Mar 2013 -- paul, ar.

"Fast service, great customer service, awesome experience! I will be back again and again. I LOVE NUTS.COM"
Mar 2013 -- Shane DeGannes, St Thomas, Virgin Islands

"I ordered both black and red quinoa. I love these varieties. They're much tastier than plain white quinoa."
Mar 2013 -- June Vaughn

"I love being a part of your nutty family! I appreciate the ease of ordering and quick delivery. The zany and joyful creativeness that your company exudes is delightful! JOY"
Mar 2013 -- Joy Goodman, Atlanta, Georgia

"I have used NUTS.COM for years and have never been dissatisfied with their product or service. Highly recommend them to everyone all the time."
Mar 2013 -- Lottie, Ypsilanti, Mi

"I just received my order. That was some fast Shipping indeed! I have already made peanut Butter balls with the puffed quinoa. I would also Like to thank you for the sample you included With my order. You sent me Turkish figs. I am Going to place another order with you on pay day, I am crazy for those figs..."
Feb 2013 -- Heather, Bangor, Pa

"My experience with Nuts.com was exceptional from the start. Friday afternoon I placed the order. Friday, early evening, I was sent an email stating my order was being processed. The email was very friendly and personal. I thought the weekend would confound things and delay, but not so. Monday, early afternoon, I had my nuts and various foods. Everything looked fresh and delicious. Amazing! It is not yet 4 pm Monday afternoon and I am enjoying my new foods along with my dinner. Thank you for the A+ service... Ah Yes, the packaging make it all the more exciting and fun!"
Feb 2013 -- Jacquelyn, Ithaca, NY

"I ordered 5 pounds of Quinoa along with other things, and a free sample. It came in the mail quick. Thanks so much!!!"
Feb 2013 -- Brian

"Every experience I have with Nuts.com has been incredible. The items are fantastic and reasonably priced and shipping is flawless. I supplement "in store" grocery shopping with items from Nuts.com!"
Feb 2013 -- Sarah, APO, AE

"We love the service, the organic quinoa and chia seeds were wonderful. The shipping is reasonable. I would highly recommend people buying from Nuts.com. I recommend it to my clients whenever we talk nutrition."
Feb 2013 -- Debra, Evansville, Wi

"As usual...quick delivery. Everything is just as I expected. I received the desired, high quality product, just as I ordered. I love and have recommended your products! Thank you!"
Feb 2013 -- Sonya, Lehigh Acres, FL

"I ordered 5 pounds of Quinoa and it came in two days!! There was a little surprise in my package (a free sample of Goji berries) and I could not be happier with the service! Hands down the best internet service I've ever experienced. I will definitely be buying from you guys again! I'm in college and I sent my family some goodies for Valentine's Day and I'm really jealous of them right now because I want all of those goodies too! I LOVE NUTS.COM <3"
Feb 2013 -- Elisa, Williamsburg, VA - Virginia

"Quinoa Puffs, which I ordered and received from Nuts.com, came within a few days of ordering! And that Nuts had them at all is a wonder. They're hard to find. Thank you, Nuts. You're the best!!"
Feb 2013 -- Mary, Fairfield, IA

"YAY!! My 25 lb. shipment of organic, pre-washed quinoa (KEEN-wa) arrived today exactly as promised! Nuts.com saved me a TON of money on this delicious, healthy replacement for white rice, potatoes and noodles, all of which are much less nutritious than this delicious seed! I have 2 boys to please and they LOVE it, too!! Thank you nuts.com! I will be busy scouring the net for yummy recipes!!"
Feb 2013 -- Joan, Morgantown, West Virginia

"I love your packaging.. both the bag and the box ...what great marketing! must be some smart nutty people in this family."
Feb 2013 -- anna, oneonta, ny

"Wow! That's some beautiful quinoa! Not a single smidgen of grit, not a single stone, not a grain of sand, in the ENTIRE 25 pound bag! (Yes, I looked, as I was repackaging it.) There was one tiny blade of dried grass, on the OUTSIDE of the bag. (You wanna watch that quality control in the future. Chuckle!) And it smells a lot fresher than the batch quinoa I buy at the local grocery. I'll be enjoying this for a while. (Might need another batch soon. This stuff is gorgeous.)"
Feb 2013 -- Jules, Cypress, TX

"I paid about $2.58 per 12 Oz, whereas in the store I paid about $5 on average, so I cut my cost in half by buying from Nuts.com which was a 25 Lb bag. Ancient Harvest wanted twice as much in shipping and handling so I save there as well. What a great company. They are in my favorites and I will definitely use them again. Shipping was also extremely fast!"
Jan 2013 -- Gerald, Somerville, AL

"Excellent customer service, quick confirmations, shipped promptly, PRODUCTS AMAZING! Love the quinoa, edamame, goji fruit, first time experiencing chia seeds and now I love them! Thank you Nuts.com"
Jan 2013 -- Kelley, Gaineville, FL

"OMG everything is wonderful even the box it was shipped in. I know the Fedex guy read that box! The quinoa was delicious and I made some chocolate 'pudding' with the chia seeds!"
Jan 2013 -- Jean, Phoenix, Arizona

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