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Received a sample size with my order. I finally cooked them. They are absolutely delicious! I cooked them in my rice cooker; the texture was perfect. I will be including these in my next order!
, Glen Mills, PA
October 27, 2014
received amaranth, millet buckwheat and quinoa all very tasty and service was excellent
, La Porte, Texas
May 25, 2014
Thank you SO much! You guys are a stand-out in today's market! You actually provide a high quality product in an extremely professional, yet fun and cheerful manner! I sincerely wish you ran the grocery store in town...and maybe sold cars too! You are what this great country was built on! God bless!
, Fairfield, Va
March 8, 2014
I'm so thrilled with the organic spirulina, hemp protein powder, and buckwheat that I ordered from Nuts.com. Very tasty stuff. The Turkish figs you included as a sample though? Wow! They are absolutely delicious. So thank you for the unexpected bonus. Guess I better order some figs...
, Lawrenceburg, KY
February 22, 2014
I really thought the buckwheat pancake mix was a complete mix where I would just add water but I am going to try it tomorrow and will let you know how I like it! Give me a day or so!! I am nor shy and will let you know what I think!!! Thanks Tressa (I am 81 so go slow!
, Vandalia, OH-Ohio
February 19, 2014
I received my two bags of buckwheat flour. I tried some in some pancakes and it was delicious. I need to check out more from your store.
, Port Wing, WI
January 22, 2014
I ordered a 5 pound bag of Buckwheat and it arrived by FED EX the next day. What a great website!
, Philadelphia, PA
January 15, 2014
We are raw foodists, and finding food that still has the enzymes intact can prove difficult for us, but not anymore. At Nuts.com, we found Turkish apricots, dried plums, coconut chips, buckwheat, and nuts that were all raw (and if dehydrated, dehydrated under 118!) We are so grateful and loved the next day delivery!! Will order every time we run out-and just because! And we love your personality! Thank you, nuts.com family!
, Cobleskill, NY
January 9, 2014
Hello, Just wanted to say I can't believe how fast my shipment came - 1day! That's NUTS! LOL! The products I ordered are sooooo delicious. I shared them with my co-workers and they want me to order them the Guacamole chips and corn nuts when I place my next order. I can't wait to try the buckwheat as well. Might try some coffee next order. Keep up the good work!!
, Delran, nj
October 2, 2013
Possibly the best online transaction I have ever had. The product is excellent and the turnaround from order placed to order shipped as truly exceptional. I will certainly be a very frequent repeat customer!!
, Boston, MA
September 20, 2013
Thank you do much for the fast shipping and amazing prices! I will definitely be ordering again.
, Brighton, CO
August 31, 2013
This is my second order from Nuts.com and I was just as happy with my purchase this time as I was the first go 'round. I ordered some amaranth, buckwheat, and kamut and I look forward to getting more whole grains in my diet. I made buckwheat last night and it was quick and easy, I will be ordering again. Of course, I had to get some sweets, too, so I got some chocolate covered pecans and cherry coke gummies. And of course, nuts. I ordered some pecans, walnuts and black walnuts in the shell (they are really hard to find out of season around here) and look forward to eating those out of hand. Great stuff!
, Kentucky, USA
August 29, 2013
Wow! Awesome delivery service...quick and delivered 1 day before expected date, Mahalo!!!
, Honolulu, HI
August 23, 2013
I received my first order last week and was impressed first of all, with the box! So was my shipper - it was fun to read before I even opened it up. The products are all amazing. I am thrilled each time I open my fridge and cupboard and see the (now) familiar bags of wonderful things. Thank you so much!
, Youbou, British Columbia
August 4, 2013
Super service!; Great packaging. Love everything!
, crown pt, ny
August 3, 2013
I don't usually do these testimonial things, but I gotta say, you guys rock! Whether I want to indulge my chocolate addiction, my love of things crunchy and savory, or whether I'm shopping for raw nuts and seeds, or even my gluten free flours and grains, you guys seem to always have what I need; and even with shipping, I still end up paying less than going to my local natural foods co-op. I also love not having to go to store after store to get some of the harder to find items. Fabulous! Keep up the good work, guys!
, Sacramento, California
July 29, 2013
Great products at great pricing with timely shipping and awesome packaging. What more could you ask for?
, Tempe, AZ
May 27, 2013
I just love dealing with Nuts.com. I tell everyone I know to order from you guys...
, Hillsborough, NJ
May 17, 2013
You guys are the nuttiest. I love it. Ordered yesterday. got it today. Never seen anything so fast. Will definitely be reordering.
, Rochester, Nh
April 5, 2013
Thanks so much for the sample of Organic Quinoa. I am so looking forward to Buckwheat Pancakes, which were a childhood treat. I am also anxious to try the new flours in bread recipes. Judy
, Lake Mills, WI
April 2, 2013
i thank you very much for your fast service and the two goodies included. you got me as a life customer and i will let my relations and friends know about your company. thanks
, saint albans, new york
April 1, 2013
Love everything all the products are fresh and delicious!
, phx, az
March 28, 2013
My first order, but not my last. Love your products, love your product information. I try to live right and eat right, and your products will definitely help me do that. Thank you... look forward to trying more products. Telling all my friends, and making recommendations.
, Enterprise, Alabama
March 15, 2013
Wow......as promised my order delivered!! I am so amazed and delighted with my order. I opened up my ginger right a way. It is so fresh, unlike what I have gnawed on before. AND to top that off.... a surprise from your company...WE LOVE dried mango!! You will be my #1 place to order my nutritious grains and goodies. Went above and beyond my expectations!! Thanks so much...The Anderson Family
, Aurora, Co
March 7, 2013
We're excited to have our items from you. Everything we have tried is superb. Thank you for the rapid service!
, Alsip, Illinois
March 2, 2013
I LOVE nuts.com. You are my favorite website. I know whatever I get from you will be delicious, fresh, and fast. You have such a great variety of flavored nuts and different flours that I always have to restrain myself from buying everything I see. Plus you guys are AWESOME and have the best sense of humor. I love you!
, Denton, Texas
February 28, 2013
You guys rock! Every time I order from Nuts.com (Nuts online) I am so pleased with the quality of the products. Love the new packaging!
, Waldorf, Maryland
February 14, 2013
Y'all. Seriously. Not only are the nuts delicious and roasted to perfection, but nuts.com has become our one stop shop for dried fruits, chocolate-covered snacks, and hard to find flours and other baking stuff.
, High Point, NC
February 8, 2013
Second order and everything is great, will keep on trying different things and will order soon again. Thanks again for very yummy treats.......
, Stamford, CT
February 5, 2013
I've ordered from you before, and every time it's a lot of fun to open the box full of goodies. This time I tried the chocolate-covered espresso beans, which are quite rich for just a bean-sized treat. The pecan cinnamon buns, are wonderfully spicy (in a cinnamon way, not heat). And I LOVE the powdered malted milk. We mixed it into ice cream, and it's everything I hoped for. I don't mean to go on and on, but everything was great- the raw buckwheat, the almond flour, the quinoa were fresh and tasty. Thank you! And, one last thing: the Nuts for Our Troops package is a much-appreciated thing to send loved ones overseas. Thank you for making it easy and fun.
, Aleandria, VA
November 27, 2012
Yum - raspberry tea! I joyfully opened my box from Nuts.com when I got home today - and I ordered it YESTERDAY!!! The black currant tea is fantastic, and the raspberry tea is a new favorite. Will be making pancakes with the buckwheat pancake mix on Saturday with some blueberries... I have turned my husband into a Nuts.com lover, too! Thanks for the great service and quality products :)
, Hanover, MD
November 15, 2012
Awesome Ginkgo Powder and Sprouted Wheat Flour. I finally made a bread my wife likes. Nuts.com is the best source for Matcha tea powder in the whole wide internet. I am nuts about ya!
, Temecula, CA
October 30, 2012
Amazing! I ordered millet and buckwheat flours about 12 hours ago, and here they are! You are certifiably competent and amusing. Your clever packaging will have me smiling all day.
, Dover, DE
September 28, 2012
Just received my order from Nuts.com, , I'm loving everything that I purchased.(smile). Excellent quality,(I'm extremely picky). I'm soooo,glad the pancake company stop having their buckwheat pancake mix on the grocery shelves now, or I would have neveer found Nuts.com. I'm going to tell everybody I know about your products, the excellent quality,excellent customer service I received, I will be a permanent customer. God bless you, and your business.
, Long Beach, CA
September 25, 2012
I was so anxious to get my Buckwheat pancake mix that I used it the same day I received it. It certainly met my hopes and expections. Thank you,Thank you.
, visalia, ca
September 20, 2012
I purchased the 10 grain flour and the buckwheat flour. We have enjoyed pizza dough made with the 10 grain flour. It turned out so tasty! I have used the buckwheat flour in my pancakes and they were so fluffy. I will definitely be ordering again. Shipping was fast.
, Chesapeake, VA
August 26, 2012
Cannot wait to try this. It may be my new best friend for bread making mmmmmm!
, Sleepy Hollow, NY
May 1, 2012
delivery and prices are paramount with this company not to mention hard to find items like buckwheat with the hull still intact keep up the hard work we love it!
, cincinnati, oh
March 29, 2012
Wow! That was fast! Am looking forward to cooking and sampling these items
, Tolland, Ct.
January 16, 2012
WOW? I love buckwheat pancakes and since my favorite is no longer made I thought I'd try these. It taste just the same. I will continue to order them from you. The speed with which you sent these and the nice little gift. I will be back.
, Buckwheat, Pancakes
January 12, 2012
Ordered buckwheat pancake mix, which has become invisible in grocery stores. Was afraid after ordering it that I wouldn't like it. Had it already this morning and it is wonderful. Will order the bigger package next time.
, American Canyon, CA
November 10, 2011
Fresh and delicious products and fast service, what more can you ask?
, Tracy, CA
October 15, 2011
Buckwheat pancakes...had them as a child. Only recently thought about them again. The Nuts On Line Buckwheat pancakes took me back to my childhood again. My new wife (we're both in our 60's) hadn't experienced buckwheat pancakes before. We're now stuck on buckwheat pancakes. A thousand thanks to Nuts On Line. We'll be ordering more once we've exhausted our supply of Bisquik.
, Illinois
September 14, 2011
My yummies arrived just this morning, I am already making my lunch with the wonderful nuts and grains I ordered. The packaging was absolutely wonderful, it reseals which is very useful. I am already making a list for my next order. THANK YOU!! Don't change a thing!
, Hadley, NY
July 12, 2011
I've ordered 3 times now. Selection ***** (5 stars out 5) Quality ***** Prices ***** Packaging ***** Website ***** Shipping ***** Your site is exactly what I was looking for, for nuts, grains, seeds. There is no better. You guys & gals are awesome, and the products are so tasty and NUTritious. I'm making a breakfast pilafy/grain mix that is making my whole day, and the I'm feeling great! Since I'm playing with the ingredients, I know whats in it and can tweak the multi-grain ratios to taste. and TASTY it is!! Thanks for the selection and quality. Your new & faithful customer - Jim (:
, Lombard, Illinois
July 7, 2011
Wow, I ordered this online, & it was delivered the next morning!
, Washington, DC
June 25, 2011
Thanks for the great service! I ordered my whole grains on Monday and they arrived on Tuesday. So far the recipes I've made have been a big hit at home. I will definitely be ordering more whole grains in the future.
June 19, 2011
For health reasons (I'm old) I eat high fiber, low sugar, low sodium and organic whenever possible (not as boring as it sounds). I used to love multigrain pancakes, until I developed a severe flax allergy, and seems like all the healthy multigrain mixes I could find had flax, or too much sugar, or not enough fiber, etc (and I'm way too lazy to cook from scratch). In search of a replacement, I found a great organic buckwheat mix, but it was pretty expensive, Never occurred to me to look for pancake mix on Nutsonline, until I stumbled across a listing. I was thrilled to see that they offered a suitable buckwheat mix - most of the ingredients are organic, high fiber, low sugar, no flax. I'm halfway through my first order (5 pound bag) and am happy to report it's every bit as good - maybe even better- than the stuff I was using, at pretty much a fraction of the cost per serving. Love it, and it is now a staple on my grocery list. In fact, right now eating banana blueberry pancakes, and enjoying every bite.
, Seattle, WA
June 16, 2011
wow really impressive packaging and very timely shipping. you folks have it going on!
, charlotte, nc
June 4, 2011
All of your products are wonderful.
, Tres Pinos, Ca
June 2, 2011
Dear Nuts, thank you for the great service and rapid shipping. Also, thanks for having all the hard to find items you carry, sure saves me a lot of time. I will be ordering again soon. Have a great evening and rest of year. Margaret
, Mad River, CA
May 31, 2011
I am pleased at how quickly my order was delivered,, and of course the products are great. ! The nuts and flours are outstanding. I appreciate doing business with you.
May 17, 2011
First, let me say that I really loved the way you notified me of my delivery!! Great P.R.!! My order was on time and so far I am very pleased!! I will order more in the future!! Thank you so much! Cheryl Startz
, Yuma, Az
April 15, 2011
Fantastic. Products arrived so quickly! Items are yummy and what I expected. Thank you!
, Emmaus, PA
April 13, 2011
I was so totally satisfied with dealing with your company, from the website, to the customer service woman, to the delivery, and to the product. What can I say? I spent so much money driving around Delaware trying to find Barley Flour only to find out that by ordering it from your company was the best! I ordered on a Monday and it was delivered on Tuesday...I spent more money in gas than I did in shipping! Your company will be receiving more business from me and I plan on telling my friends about the wonderful experience I had! Also, thank you for the gift of Organic Quinoa. I love Quinoa and will definitely enjoy it. Also, I love your emails...they make me laugh! Once again, Thank You!!!!
, New Castle, DE
April 13, 2011
I just love all the grains i ordered. And all the energy from the gojie berries is a God send. Love the gift of candied ginger, trying to make it last we'll see about that. slimming down and energizing up feels great!!!!
, salome
March 25, 2011
WOW is all I can say, that was fast shipping!!! I ordered my products and had them the next day! (2 day - no way) I had to open most everything I ordered and sample it all (Turkish Figs, Brazil Nuts, Buckwheat, and Raw Dulse). I snacked on some and added some Dulse to my salad last night. This is my first order and I am impressed! I will be ordering more and more!
, Culpeper, VA
March 10, 2011
Just wanted to let you know that I received my order today. I like the fact that you send an email when it arrives, and you threw in something as a gift. First rate service. As a marketer, I must say that you could teach a lot of companies about great marketing! I'll be buying from you again. Mike
, Warwick, NY
March 1, 2011
I recently ordered from NutsOnline.com because finding good organic/raw nuts is very difficult in my small town. My shipment arrived on time and the products were so yummy fresh! In fact, I've never tasted such a soft date before! I've been missing out for sure. I will definitely be ordering again. Thanks for the excellent products and service. :)
, Pocatello, Idaho
February 18, 2011
The Dark Chocolate Blueberries are great! And the Buckwheat pancakes are the best. I haven't been able to find buckwheat pancake mix anywhere until now. Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!
, Hurst, TX
February 3, 2011
Excellent, fresh and on time products! Just another nut in the family I am!
, New Milford, nj
January 7, 2011
Dear Sandy,David, Jeffrey and Kenny, Thank you SOOOO! much!!! Perfect quality, wonderful fast and on-time delivery and very friendly website. Add to you recipes: roast buckwheat before cooking. Thanks for Quinoa sample. I'll try it. Best Regards, Vlad. (Sure I'll share my impressions with my friends!)
, Zionsville, IN
December 3, 2010
I went nuts when I found nuts online!! I am trying to eat healthier and the selection of organic raw items is outstanding. My favs so far are the walnuts and white buckwheat. Yum! Much better than store bought. Just placed my second order. Thanks nutsonline!! You've won over a new customer.
, Memphis, TN
November 17, 2010
I ordered some nuts, rice and flour on Monday and it was delivered on Wednesday! The products are wonderful. I will most certainly be ordering again and telling my friends about your great company! Thanks!!
, Connersville, IN
October 6, 2010
Wonderfully fast shipping and a wide selection of products that are hard for me to find in my local grocery stores being from a small town. Will come back and order again. Thanks!
, Ware, MA
August 3, 2010
After a review of the products I ordered, I still can't believe the excellent products I received at a excellent price. You will hear from me and my family again. Keep up the good work.
, Houma, LA
July 1, 2010
I was surprised how fast my buckwheat flour got to me.I never ate this flour before,It was delicious.Will tell friends. Thank you.
, vinton, va
May 29, 2010
Thank you for the excellent products and service. With a change in my diet plan, your company has offered me more products to choose from than any I've seen before. You will hear from me again.
April 16, 2010
Once again you guys surpassed expectations with lightning swift shipping and high quality product. Thanks as always from a very satisfied repeat customer.
, Moultonboro, NH
March 1, 2010
I was thrilled to get my items only 1 day after placing the order! Everything was well packaged, and very fresh. This was my first order. Your inventory is awesome! I'll be ordering again really soon. :)
, Lagrangeville, NY
January 6, 2010
Once again, my order arrived in record time - I really can't understand how you manage to ship things out so quickly, even when they're ordered later on in the day. Great job!
, Selinsgrove, PA
December 11, 2009
Just received the order in good condition. Looking forward to dig in some of the packages. Lets you know. Thanks. Jules.
, Catoosa, OK
November 19, 2009
Thanks for your quick delivery and follow-up. You have quality goods and I appreciate your being so upbeat.....in this nutty world! Everything is fantabulous....Thanks.
November 11, 2009
My order arrived within a few short days. I like the easy-to-use brightly colored packaging. I've already cooked up a batch of buckwheat!
, Milford, PA
October 28, 2009
The raw white buckwheat can also be sprouted. One of the few grains that can be sprouted once hulled!
, San Angelo, TX
October 5, 2009
I received my order in two days after placing the order. It was packed perfectly and delivered in pristine condition! I'm looking forward to conducting business with Nuts Online in the future!
, Angola, IN
September 22, 2009
Just want to say, your food is good, your service is fast and your prices are great. Thanks Nuts Online. I'm placing my second order.
, CityDetroit, StateMi
September 13, 2009
Dear Nutsonline, You are fast. Your packaging is strong, neat, and stores well. Healthy eating can be boring with limited knowledge. The information on preparation and nutrition is very useful and negates boredom. The variety of nutritious foods on your site makes it possible for me to eat much less meat, loose weight without really trying, yet maintain stamina and endurance. Thank you for a first rate service.
, Los Angeles, Ca
September 13, 2009
Everything arrived with no problem. The dark chocolate coffee beans were sampled and tasted fine. The jelly beans were sampled and also passed the taste test but are jumbo size and we prefer the smaller ones. I recommended you to a local restaurant for the buckwheat flour and they are going to order some in bulk from you. Everything was in resealable bags and we will see -- we prefer tins for nuts.
July 31, 2009
I received my order today,July 23,2009 at 12:00 noon. I am very pleased with everything. I will order again! Thank you very much. Nancy Lynch
, Chesapeake, Va.
July 23, 2009
This was my first time buying from Nuts Online. I tried several things - Finnish Licorice, Buckwheat Pancakes, Sesame Sticks, Horehound candy and I bought Wasabi Peanuts for my husband because he likes hot foods and he had never tried these. EVERYTHING I bought was outstanding - my husband was over the moon with the Wasabi Peanuts. This will definitely not be my last time buying from Nuts Online.
, Sloansville, NY
July 23, 2009
I received the products yesterday and I tried everything already. It is great and quality products. I'll definitely buy from this place again!
, Houston, TX
July 15, 2009
Dear Nutsonline I was pleased with my order. It came quicker than expected and than any other orders I've placed elsewhere. Chia seeds, Organic Amaranth, Green Buckwheat, Organic Gummy Bears, organic Goji Berries and all kinds of organic cocoa beans and chocolate chips are great. The Amaranth was so fresh, I will order more in the future and only from you, since I had a bad experience with bulk amaranth at my local health food store. The raw organic sunflower seeds are best when I toast it in the oven 3-5 mins. Thank you guys for doing a great job.
November 25, 2008
It was the recipe that convinced me to try the buckwheat - OK, I'm hooked!!!I've also added garlic powder with the butter, salt and pepper for myself and cinnamon for my husband - everybody's happy!
, West Palm Beach, Florida
October 30, 2008
Buckwheat is very popular in Russian as many other grains too. Here is my very best recipe of tastiest buckwheat. Prepares overnight! No cooking! Take thermos. Put buckwheat and boiled water: proportions are 1 to 3 (I actually prefer 1 to 2.5). You can add a little salt, if you wish. In the morning - you have a best tasting buckwheat - just add salt and/or butter!
, Tenafly, NJ
October 7, 2008
Hello Nuts On Line. I strive to eat healthy - am pretty much a vegetarian at this point (am 51); it's wonderful! I enjoy learning about grains, seeds and their nutrients, and then I seek to purchase these items. Whole buckwheat,for example, has become an ingredient in my homemade "many-grain" cereal I cook up in large batches and freeze, but my local stores no longer carry it. I did a "Google" search and came upon Nuts On Line; am glad I did. Not only did I order several 1-lb. bags of buckwheat, but I found a number of other grains and seeds I enjoy, and for very fair prices. Your shipping rate was very reasonable, too. Before ordering I emailed Customer Service several times with questions about the products, and Nuts On Line responded promptly. And, talk about fast service! My order was placed on line around 2pm Wednesday, and it was on my front porch in Massachusetts the following afternoon. I also received an email from Nuts On Line to let me know the order had arrived. Wow! Also, quality zipper-lock packaging, and I got a kick out of the fun wording on the packaging; i.e. "Yummy 1 Pound Bag of..." Ordering from Nuts On Line has been an enjoyable experience. A+ all around. Thank You. D.M. from West Roxbury, MA
June 27, 2008

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