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Below is a sampling of some of our very satisfied customers. Most of our customers are loyal customers that continue to come back and shop at Nuts.com.

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"I've been using Nuts.com for the past 6 months now. They have great products, at great prices and reliable shipping. What else can someone ask for?"
Mar 2015 -- Christian, Montréal, Quebec

"Used the gluten free flour today for the first time. It was excellent! Matter of fact, all your products are some of the best to be found anywhere. Thank you for the samples and prompt service. H. Anderson"
Sep 2014 -- Hoyt, Gardner, Ma

"The potato flour is fantastic and works great in meatloaves. I love that Nuts.com offers such quality gluten-free products. It's makes the life of someone with celiac disease a hundred times easier to have such high quality and good tasting products available! The tapioca, almond flour, and the several nuts we've ordered have all been perfect. Thanks guys!"
Sep 2014 -- Kathryn, Kansas City, KS

"I just love this flour. After finding out I needed to have no grain in my diet I was looking at different flours. I have an allergy to almonds so there are so many gluten free products with both rice and almond products. This delicate flour is wonderful on fish, crab cakes etc. Can't go wrong with using this flour"
Aug 2014 -- Michele, Coupeville, WA

"I bought "Almond Flour" from another site, and it was such a rough grind, it made my baked goods terribly lumpy. I had to regrind it! The Nuts.com Almond Flour is much finer, makes all my baked goods come out perfectly. I used the recipe on the packing slip for Almond Pancakes, and they were light and fluffy. A new family favorite!"
Aug 2014 -- MizzWilliams, Hagerstown, MD

"Your company is lightening fast! I recently started on a gluten free diet and needed various flours in order to bake. In order to get all of the flours, I could have traveled to a couple of starts, but with Nuts.com, I got them all in one place -- no travelling, no aggravation if a store didn't have Teff flour, etc. Thanks for your great service, good prices and quality packaging which allows me to reseal the flour bags. I am very satisfied and grateful for your service!"
Aug 2014 -- Carol, South Portland, ME

"Got my order of Almond flour. Quick delivery! Yummy flour! Thank you!"
Aug 2014 -- Carol, Protivin, IA

"thank you so much it was the best experience that I ever had. Was very surprised how fast order came, was expecting in 2-5 days and guess what order came right next day. and product cheaper than every where else and quality even better. Thanks again"
Aug 2014 -- maya, new york, ny

"Love every-thing I get from Nuts.com, it's prompt, personal, witty and just the best service and product all around. They have very hard-to-find organic items like this almond flour that is organic, and sliced almonds that are organic... I can go on and on. Thank you, love your company!"
Jul 2014 -- Letty, Los Altos, CA

"This is my first time ordering from Nuts.com and I'm impressed with the fast shipping and the packing is the cutest thing I've seen. I haven't been able to try all the products I ordered yet except for the Jasmine Green Tea and tonight we are having tilapia breaded with the Pecan Meal! I'm so excited the Jasmine green tea taste amazing and the fragrance is absolutely beautiful! I will be reviewing more of the products as I use them! Thank you Nuts.com you definitely gained another happy customer and will be sending all my friends here :)"
Jul 2014 -- kristine, lewisville, Texas

"The hazelnut flour is amazingly light and flavorful. For some reason, hazelnuts are one of the few nuts I can eat. I can't have any grain at all. Therefore this is a great find. I can eat cookies and bread again!"
Jul 2014 -- Dan, APO, AE

"the chickpea flour arrived quickly, in a fun personal box. I actually felt like I was receiving something from a person, for a change, instead of a machine."
Jul 2014 -- joan, hemet, Ca

"Packaging is a hoot. Great job! I still struggle to find something as appropriately light hearted. Have not used the products yet but they appear to be fresh, great color and ready to go. I bought tapioca, rice and almond flour, pectin and a few others. When I get to using them I will come back and tell more. Fast service, clean packaging and good humor. I look forward to using them."
Jun 2014 -- Cephus, Tacoma, WA

"Great service! Arrived in 2 days. Chipotle pistachios were amazing and made some awesome pancakes with the hazelnut flour."
Jun 2014 -- maureen, dana point, ca

"Thank you so much for carrying organic almond flour, AND for the ultra-speedy delivery. I'm getting ready right now to make organic, gluten-free, almond flour bread....YUM. I will order more again before I run out of these two bags. Thank you again. Herba"
Jun 2014 -- herba, moab, Utah

Jun 2014 -- Frances, Caldwell, OHIO

"I ordered your Besan flour from your company on the morning of one day and it was delivered as promised by the next business day. This is very good service and I was very delighted with your customer service representative for her assistance when I placed my order."
May 2014 -- Patricia, Cambridge, Maryland

"Thanks so much, you service and products are wonderful, have been a fan for years. Never disappointed! I love the shipping boxes theft make me giggle every time I get a shipment, then I dive in. Just received several of the baking flours, and am ready to start the 3 day process for Rye Bread! I Split most receipt for bread with ½ quinoa and ½ organic white to add protein to my breads. I should have reviewed my order as I for got to reorder the quinoa flour;( I have just enough for my Rye bread thank goodness."
May 2014 -- Page, Orlando, Florida

"I have recently found out that am gluten intolerant. I found this website via Gluten - free on a Shoestring Bakes Bread. I was very happy that am able to order a little at a time while experimenting with recipes. I ordered 1 lb packages and they are resealable (love that). I absolutely love the shipping email - it made my day and I still have it when I need a laugh. I was pleasantly surprised to get a special trial included. I will be a repeat customer!"
May 2014 -- Pamela, New Virginia, Iowa

"After finding that the local grocery store charged 3.50 for a third of a pound of panko, I decided to check online to see if I could find anything. First thing I found was nuts.com, and although a little skeptical about the comments raving about how awesome it was, I decided to give it a try. A day and a half later, I cooked up my first batch of panko chicken strips, and it was absolutely wonderful. The flavor was amazing, the packaging was cheerful and well done, and the shipping was extremely fast. I can completely understand why everyone gave such wonderful reviews, you guys absolutely deserve it!"
May 2014 -- amanda, tillamook, or

"I received my order very quickly! I'm so pleased with my gluten-free baking supplies! Finding high-quality flours is very difficult and I'm so glad I found Nuts.com - I will continue to do business with you!! My gut thanks you :)"
May 2014 -- JoAnn, Folsom, CA

"Just made these super simple yummy cookies with the coconut flour from nuts.com. totally healthy and totally delish! Thanks so much everyone. Julie"
May 2014 -- julie, glencoe, mn

"You guys are amazing! After reading all the positive reviews I finally bought some almond flour and I will never go back to buying it from my local grocery store. Your almond flour is ten times better than what I've been buying. I just made some matcha green tea macarons using the matcha green tea powder that I purchased from you guys as well and it came out perfect. I didn't even have to whip out my food processor to grind up the chunky bits of almond flour, because there were no chunky bits! Again, you guys are amazing! I will definitely come back for more. And thank you for the gift of chia seeds. I have been eating it every morning with my bowl of honey granola and milk. Love the texture. Will probably be my next buy. Keep up the awesome work, NUT Family!"
Apr 2014 -- Tanya, Boston, Massachusetts

"The almond flour is perfect.! Smooth and no grittiness or clumping when used for baking. Love the fast shipping, too!"
Apr 2014 -- Staci, Cream Ridge, NJ

"The Nuts.com family is great! Thanks for your top quality product and your cheerful and positive customer service. I love baking with your almond flour, it is much better than the almond meal I had purchased from the grocery store. I will keep coming back and am telling all my friends about Nuts.com! Thank you!"
Apr 2014 -- Karon, North Bend, WA

"I love ordering from your company! The packaging always makes me smile and the whole experience is professional. You have the BEST peanut flour that I've found. Thank you for doing such a GREAT job!"
Apr 2014 -- Nancy, Winter Haven, FL

"I wrote with a question about white flour vs all-purpose flour and the reply came back at light speed. This company puts all other online companies to shame; not only in customer service, but in all other aspects as well. The quality of the products here are unsurpassed."
Mar 2014 -- Clemente, Hillsdale, NJ

"Very pleased at recently discovering such an array of wholesome products that support my efforts to live a healthful lifestyle. Just a few pieces of the premium, moist dried fruit eaten with a handful of the dry roasted almonds makes a satisfying afternoon snack. The whole cranberries, Bing cherries, Medjool dates and Turkish figs are also delicious baked into a snack cake treat using the outstanding almond flour and walnut halves. "Step away from the bag" when it comes to the dried strawberries. I also have to be careful with the blister peanuts and dried peas. Thanks for offering such excellent products and service!"
Mar 2014 -- Pat, Dallas, TX

"Good stuff, 24 hour delivery, very happy experience"
Mar 2014 -- Wei, Syracuse, NY

"Nuts.com has the BEST Cracker Meal. Using Nabisco my entire adult life, I panicked when it was discontinued. My Fried Fish and Fried Shrimp never tasted the same again. Actually, I think the Nuts.com Cracker is even better than Nabisco. If you are concerned about a large bag staying fresh, just keep it in the freezer."

"A friend recommended you guys when I complained that I couldn't find millet flour anywhere in this town. Yours is super good, and the price is right. Ditto for the rest of my order - I was amazed how huge the bag of coconut chips was, and the free sample of chia seeds was an awesome surprise. New customer alert!"
Mar 2014 -- Heather, Gainesville, FL

"Nuts.com is the best! Quick delivery + good quality, thanks :)"
Mar 2014 -- Apollonia, Bloomfield Hills, Michigan

"I bought pistachio flour for a friend's birthday. She loves making macarons by wanted to try something other than almond flour. You guys had the best price and she loved the gift :)"
Mar 2014 -- Grace, Murray, Ut

"Hi Nutty Buddies: Shipment arrived today and must say I love, love, love the nutty shipping box. Now: to the important part - this weekend my grandson and I are going to put the almond flour and arrowroot powder to work in a bread recipe (from the Paleo Bread book). I love bread and since I'm trying to go wheat-free it's hard to find tasty bread. I'm so happy I could find both almond flour and arrowroot powder at such great prices. Looking forward to baking yummy bread and ordering from you in the future. Eleanor"
Mar 2014 -- Eleanor, Mifflinburg, pa

"Love the date treats...they are super fantastic...also could not find Peanut flour here so found your sight and was thrilled....Thank you for special gift...love the packaging...will be back soon."
Mar 2014 -- Linda, Sunset Beach, NC

"Thank you for your fast shipping and delightful packaging. I bought two almond flours, a coconut flour and 2 bags of dark chocolate covered banana chips. Wow were we surprised. The Dark chocolate banana chips are AWESOME!!! On top of that we were given a sample bag of chia seeds! Thank you so much NUTS.COM We will be ordering again. Theresa and her three D's (Dennis III, Dennis IV and Donovan)"
Mar 2014 -- Theresa, Hyden, KY

"Phenomenal products, quick delivery, family owned!!!! I recommend this website to everyone. Thank you for providing unique healthy options!"
Feb 2014 -- Joseph, coopersburg, pa

"This is the second time I've ordered Almond Flour from your company. The product is awesome! My order arrived sooner than I expected, even given the bad weather our area was experiencing at the time of the delivery. Thanks for such great customer service and such great products! I'll be ordering from you again soon..."
Feb 2014 -- Stephanie, Simpsonville, SC

"What a light, fluffy, amazing almond meal! You are now my "go to" store! THANK YOU for accomplishing the impossible! Offering an organic, blanched almond combination. You guys ROCK!"
Feb 2014 -- Tobey, Salt Lake City, UT

"Just tried the almond pancake recipe you sent with my order. One word. Scrumptious :) Thank you, thank you, thank you :)"
Feb 2014 -- Deborah, Cedar Rapids, IA

"Thanks. I received my rice flour today and want to tell you that I appreciate the fair price and will be ordering again."
Feb 2014 -- Marilyn, watertown, SD

"Speedy delivery! Fun packaging! Wondrous products. I sampled all five and loved everything. The almond flour couldn't have been fresher! The malted milk powder smelled (and tasted) like milkshakes of my youth! Can't wait to share it with the grandkids!! Thanks for the quality and speed (and smiles). We'll be back! Connie"
Feb 2014 -- Connie, Pittsburgh, PA

"Fabulous delivery. Fresh and exactly as advertised. As the mom of a celiac child the nut flours have really made a difference in our home. Thanks so much, fresh baked bread with almond and coconut flour far beats the gluten-free store bought variety."
Feb 2014 -- Mikly, St Petersburg, FL

"We loved the packaging and the quick delivery. The goji berries were delish and a great price. The organic corn flour made awesome cornbread, we used your recipe. The chia seed were a delightful surprise. Thanks."
Feb 2014 -- Lenna Cabrera, balt, md

"Amazing! We just had a foot of snow and I thought...no way would I get my delivery...wowie zowie you guys are A-MAY-ZING! I love the free sample of Quinoa too...how sweet of you! I call your delivery system 'Fast and Fun'!"
Feb 2014 -- LINDA, BLOOMSBURG, Pennsylvania

"Received my order today, that was fast. I couldn't wait to open the box. Used the pecan meal on some chicken, it was amazing. We will be ordering more very soon, especially some of that berry mix that we sampled."
Jan 2014 -- Angela, Cincinnati, Ohio

"I am a long-time Nuts.com customer and have always been pleased with their products. As a diabetic, I am always looking for ways to cut carbs so I took a chance and ordered some almond flour. I haven't had pancakes since my diagnosis and the recipe on the Nuts.com website looked easy. So I tried them tonight and I. Am. In. Heaven! The pancakes are much lighter than I expected and the taste is out of this world. Thanks, Nuts.com, for another outstanding product."
Jan 2014 -- Amy, Columbia, MO

"I received my shipment yesterday with a nice surprise included! My daughter and I were both delighted by your packaging and the quality of your products is wonderful. I am excited to use my almond flour !! Thank you:)"
Jan 2014 -- Lucy, West Covina, CA

"Love everything! Thanks so much for the free sample! The quality of your products is AWESOME and I will definitely continue to shop with you guys :)"
Jan 2014 -- Jane, Charlotte, NC

"Just got the hazelnut and pecan flours. We promptly made toll house pie. yum!"
Jan 2014 -- Ann, Corpus Christi, Texas

"I received my two bags of buckwheat flour. I tried some in some pancakes and it was delicious. I need to check out more from your store."
Jan 2014 -- Carri, Port Wing, WI

"Got my order today .... everything looks great. I made pizza for dinner tonight using the All Purpose flour for the crust. I was very surprised it came out as good as it did. Making bread tomorrow. Thanks for the great products."
Jan 2014 -- Gale

"Thank you for the prompt delivery of my order. I received everything today and was very pleased. I love your almond flour and use it almost daily. Thank you for having such a wide variety and for the free samples...I would never have tried a Turkish fig, and now I think I need to order a pound!"
Jan 2014 -- Brandi, Milwaukee, WI

"Chicago is a tough market. There's no room for error here. I never worry when I get my nuts from nuts.com. my gluten-free almond cake comes out perfect. Originally I only need it for the holidays but it's sold out so quickly I've never stopped making it. It's nice that the price is right to and it gets here so fast."
Jan 2014 -- Tammie, Chicago, Il

"This is the second time I have ordered your pea flour and spirulina. Every time I make oatmeal and waffles I add both of these to enhance the nutrition. Thanks......"
Jan 2014 -- Robert, Jamestown, CA

"Love, love, love that I started ordering my flours from you. I am always thrilled to get my shipment so I can whip up some deliciousness and see what tasty treat you have gifted me with. I tell everyone who asks where I get my stuff from to go to Nuts.com"
Jan 2014 -- Trish, Montgomery, IN

"You guys are the best! I've been ordering from nuts.com for a couple of years now and have NEVER been disappointed! I've ordered different kinds of nuts, dried fruit, candies, flours, etc. and everything has been wonderful! I love that you offer organic varieties of so many of your products, and since I've recently started the Paleo diet and can't have grains the coconut flour and almond flour have been indispensable!! I'm getting ready to order 15 pounds of your Medjool dates - what I call "grown-up candy". Thank you for providing such magnificent goodies at such reasonable prices. Nuts.com, we love you!!"
Jan 2014 -- Debbie, Mooresville, NC

"I would have to say my first purchase from Nuts.com was great. From the moment I placed my order to the time of delivery I was kept informed about my package though the email I got providing the tracking number. I even enjoyed the creative touch Nuts.com gives the box it ships in. As for the products i would have to say their coconut and almond flours beat what I've got from local grocery stores. I plan on purchasing many more products from Nuts.com"
Jan 2014 -- Michael, Omaha, Nebraska

"Oh Nuts.com, I'm in love! You make nuts safe for a gluten free gal like me to eat. Having cried in the flour aisle over the lack of or price of certified GF almond flour just last week, I am now weeping with joy over your offerings. I ordered a tiny bag of almond flour last week and have already finished it - onto the 5lb bag! THANK YOU for caring enough for us hyper-gluten-sensitive celiacs to certify some of your foods!"
Jan 2014 -- Karen, Nashville, TN

"Love it and need some more...thanks for your nice price for such a quality almond flour product."
Jan 2014 -- sabrina, lilburn, ga

"Hi Nuts.Com Family! You all are blowing my mind :-)! I just placed an ordered for 2-5lb bags of your almond flour late last night and received it today about an hour ago. Now, that's what I call service! You all have made my day! Of course, I'll be back :-)! Happy New Year!!! -TF from Maryland"
Dec 2013 -- Tee, Maryland

"Nuts.com to the rescue! I needed chestnut flour for a cake. Couldn't find it at Whole Foods or other specialty stores. Did a search on line, and there it was! Even with the holiday rush, Nuts.com processed and shipped my order that day. The website is fun and inviting. I'll remember to start there when I need things!"
Dec 2013 -- Marcia, Dexter, MI

"I had just been diagnosed with gluten intolerance 4 days before Christmas and baking is my way of showing love to friends and family (including myself!!) Impulsively, I ordered Teff flour and whole raw nuts and chocolate with no idea or expectations the purchase would arrive in time. BUT!, thanks to your family, my family had a beautiful Teff flour side dish on Christmas Eve! Thank you so MUCH!! Blessings to you at Christmas. We shall meet again in cyber space. What a great market place! Love your offerings!!"
Dec 2013 -- LANIE, Springfield, Vermont

"Love the almond flour as well as ALL the other products I purchased. Order was on time too. Love the service."
Dec 2013 -- Wanda, Tilley, NB

"Having been recently diagnosed as being allergic to all grain...I was at a loss as to what to use as a substitute. Since I was not allergic to cashews, I decided to try the cashew flour. I must say...it made the most delicious chicken gravy using the cashew flour and goats milk! The cashew flour mixed in perfectly, leaving no lumps in the gravy at all! Next I am going to try baking with it. So glad I found you website!"

"I couldn't believe it. I placed my first order on a Friday afternoon. It was delivered on Saturday afternoon in the middle of a snowstorm. I had my first loaf of almond floor bread made by dinner led than 24 hours after placing the order. I will absolutely be using nuts.com again."
Dec 2013 -- Mary, Allentown, NJ

"Love you organic almond flour! Can't find organic anywhere else. thanks for the gift of the raw almonds as well. Nuts.com is a MUST for those on a Paleo diet."
Dec 2013 -- Ginny, Pacific Grove, Ca

"yes, I received the peanut flour today as promised. It is intended for a surprise Christmas gift for my culinary daughter. thanks for getting it her in time to reship to Canada in time for Christmas."
Nov 2013 -- Adrienne, Casa Grande, AZ

"I couldn't find whole wheat pastry flour where I live, so was delighted to find it here. Delivery was fast. Thanks!"
Nov 2013 -- Carole, Waleska, GA

"The shipment was very wonderful. It arrived within the EXACT time it was suppose to and was packed beautifully as to not be damaged. Thanks to you, and I would order from you again, I would give you a 5 star rating."
Nov 2013 -- Donna, Ozark, Al

"I LOVE your products!! I appreciate that you add a little something extra just because and because of that my husband is sitting here eating your delicious veggie chips enjoying his vegetables! Your almond flour is great to cook with, I love that it is finer than the kind you get in the grocery store so baking things aren't so mealy. Keep up the good work! And I'll be coming back for sure. Thank you!!"
Nov 2013 -- Rita, Bellingham, wa

"I love Nuts.com. Greatest web site going. Everyone is so friendly and nice. Products are top quality. Keep up exactly what you are doing "Nuts". I've been with you since you were "Nuts on Line""
Nov 2013 -- Linda, Stone Harbor, NJ

"Was so excited when I received my delivery yesterday! The "Monkey Munch" is wonderful (and I don't even like chex cereals)! I love the cute packaging your products come in, and they're resealable too! I originally looked only for the semolina flour, and found so much more, and you had the best price of the many sites I explored. Can't wait to make my homemade pasta! I'm sure I'll be a returning customer! Thanks for a job well done!"
Nov 2013 -- Debbie, Titusville, Florida

"The pecan meal arrived today--just 2 days after ordering. I am going to use it to make my annual povatica bread--a Christmas tradition in our home in a few weeks. I am anxious to try it out and will let you know!"
Nov 2013 -- Kurt, St Louis, MO

"Wow, what a quick delivery. Very happy and satisfied with dealing with your company and expect to be back again with a new order, thank you."
Nov 2013 -- Louise, Medford, NJ

"You have a great range of high quality products, ordering was easy and shipping was as promised. I love the almond flour for making macarons and cakes."
Nov 2013 -- Margaret, Gainesville, FL

"Received order promptly and in perfect condition. Glad to find reliable source for chestnut flour. Will check often for more gluten free products. Also very interested in dairy free and egg free products (like chocolate!). Thanks for the Jordan almonds sample!"
Nov 2013 -- Mary, Cunningham, Ky

"I feel we've hit 'pay dirt' with this company. I've ordered black walnuts and almond flour and both are fantastic. Both high quality and delicious. I have a Missouri-born husband who l-o-v-e-s his black walnuts and has to have them in fudge, chocolate chip cookies, Waldorf salad--and anything else he dreams up. Both of us appreciate the outstand quality of the products--which influences the end product we cook/bake. Many thanks for all the work you do to keep your standards so high. V JF"
Nov 2013 -- Vivian Freund, Tucson, AZ

"I just received my package only 2 days after it was shipped...THAT is FAST!! I am also very pleased with the friendliness of your packaging, very cute! And thank you for the little extra gift, I LOVE cranberries! Now I can't wait to bake with those nice looking flours...Will most probably order again from you in the near future! Thank you! Laurie :)"
Nov 2013 -- Laurence, Montreal, Canada

"Delivery was right on time, the packaging is fun and easy to use. The sample of Quinoa is appreciated, and smart business! Stevia Powder - this is an exacting product, if you make a mistake portioning, it will add a strong aftertaste when cooking/baking with it. Quinoa Flour - Great product! Used it to make waffles, and pot-pie crusts, extremely happy with it! If you suffer sensitivity to glutens or have Celiac Disease this is the substitute you have been waiting for :)"
Nov 2013 -- Donald

"I have been using chia seeds to help control my type 2 Diabetes, I use 2 heaping tea spoons in my breakfast cereal, which also has Flax meal and another mixture called Nopalina, strawberries, and blueberries. My A1c has gone from over 13 down to 6.7 and stayed in that area for the last 3 years! I also changed my total eating regimen. My VA doctor says" eat every meal in moderation", in other words "don't PIG out, even if you love it""
Nov 2013 -- Joe, Lincoln, Ca

"I've been trying to think how to write this review so it won't sound fake, but everything about Nuts.com is just awesome! The products I've ordered are fresh and great tasting, the customer service has been top notch, and even the shipping is super fast! You just don't find companies like this anymore. Thank you so very much Nuts.com :-)"
Nov 2013 -- Sal, Phoenix, AZ

"Shipment was fast. Received the items in a very reasonable time, especially out here in Hawaii. Can't wait to try out the coconut flour and other items. Thank you for the extra little goodie in the package. The dried apricots were really yummy."
Nov 2013 -- Sally, Kailua Kona, HI

"our restaurant Joes Dining uses your GF produces on a daily basis. THe almond flour for a lemon tart and GF chocolate cake mix for divine chocolate cake which our customers say can't tell that its GF. Thanks for due diligence in creating this product line."
Nov 2013 -- karen

"Thank you Nuts team, My order was delivered on time as usual. Thank you fur the time & effort you put to keep your customers satisfied."
Nov 2013 -- Salma El Marjiya, Wellington, Florida

"We received our shipment of Chickpea Flour and was pleasantly surprised on how quick our product arrived. We also smiled so big when we saw the brightly colored packaging! The colors are outrageously fantastic!!!!!!"
Nov 2013 -- Reggie, White Hall, AR

"Love the packaging. It made me laugh..oh what fun! The items I ordered are exceptional. I have already backed scones with the almond flour and cranberries. They were yummy. Thank you for making ordering with you easy and fun!"
Nov 2013 -- Nancy, Santa Rosa, CA

"Great product!! Great service!! Great timing!! Need I say more?"
Nov 2013 -- Dominic Kuketz, miami, Florida

"I love making French macarons. Any almond flour I've used before has not been as finely ground as the flour I get from you! One of the steps in the recipe is to sift a mixture of confectioner's sugar and the almond flour. With any other flour, I have quite a bits of almond pieces that are too large to go through the sifter. Not with the almond flour I get from you!!!!!!! Thank you so much for this amazing almond flour. My macarons turn out perfect!"
Oct 2013 -- Ellen, Dover, DE

"made delicious Morning Glory Muffins with the Almond flour. Yummmm"
Oct 2013 -- Jonnie, Kirbyville, TX

"Wonderful! Love this company and the products they sell!"
Oct 2013 -- Linda, Grand Junction, CO

"I have just opened my package of flour, oats, and such from you wonderful folks. The box alone brought on a fit of merry laughter that probably nixed the stress of work today! Thanks for the surprise cacao goji treat sample; even more delicious than I suspected when I placed my order. Looking forward to baking gluten free, with your help. I have so missed oats! Blessings! Still laughing... :-D)))"
Oct 2013 -- Luanne, Kansas City, Missouri

"B. Clayton's famous bread book has a recipe for Chesnut Bread, but the flour was nowhere to be found in my area. Luckily Nuts.com had it. It arrived very quickly, well packaged in a Nuts.com bag. The flour is very fresh and I'm looking forward to baking with it. JVM"
Oct 2013 -- Janet, Lynnwood, WA

"I am so happy I no longer have to wear my fingers to the bone looking for the perfect supplies I need for baking on the internet. Your Tapioca Flour made the best Pillow Beigets, and your raisins were so fresh I no longer need to soak them prior to using them!! Many Thanks Cousins, Sandy,David, and of course, PoPo."
Oct 2013 -- PJ, Abilene, Texas

"I just got my first order from Nuts.com today and I LOVE the quality of these products! The almond flour smelled amazing as soon as I opened the box telling me it's super fresh. The organic gummy bears were 10 times better than any other gummy bears I've ever had. Even the free sample Nuts.com threw in was amazing. I might have to order that next time. :) Thank you for an excellent experience. I WILL be ordering from you again."
Oct 2013 -- Shandra, Pensacola, FL

"Love this company! Just made my first order and surprised to get my order delivered 18 hours later. The products are of the best quality. This is my supplier now for everything! Great products, personal touches, and family oriented company that appreciates your business. A winner in my book!"
Oct 2013 -- Dean, Harrisburg, PA

"I made peanut butter muffins with the almond flour, coconut flour, and the organic palm sugar I purchased I loved them they came out awesome thank you so much nuts.com"
Oct 2013 -- Dawn, Patchogue, NY

"I received my package of 10 grain flour and several other whole grains at 10:30am and was taking my 10 grain bread out of the oven at 2:00pm. It is the best. That will be my basic flour from now on. I received it as an early Christmas gift and could not be more delighted. It has delicious flavor and I can hardly wait to add my extra touch of favorite whole grains and nuts. I love your family history and the fun you seem to have working at this wonderful business. I pray for God's continued blessing on you and your family."
Oct 2013 -- Linda, Fredericksburg, VA

"I received my hazelnut flour in 2 days! Nuts.com is super fun, super fast, and super good!! The prices were very reasonable. I'm very pleased and really loved the cute email letting me know my shipment had been delivered and the packaging was fun too. I will most definitely order my nuts from nuts.com again!! I've already referred some friends."
Oct 2013 -- Sandra, Melbourne, Florida

"So happy that I found my nut family...been looking for u nuts for a long time. You guys really rock with such quick delivery and fantastic products..I'll never leave u guys and will invite my friends. The plantain chips and macadamia nuts..cracker meal..are soo good thanks see u soon..."
Oct 2013 -- Nancy, flushing, ny

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